Jew Grinch Mom Ruins Little Kid’s Christmas Trip



Jews are ridiculous individuals. Here we have a Jewish mother complaining about a Christmas-themed field trip due to hurt feelings. She did not want her child participating in the field trip because of her Jewishness. This led to the cancellation of the entire trip.

Jews really hate Christmas and they are the main individuals who continue to demonize it.

What gets me is that if Christmas causes them so many hurt feelings, it is not very difficult for them to jump on a plane and live in Israel. But no, instead they have to complain about intolerance and other nonsense and ruin the fun for everyone.

This is just reason number 6,000,006 as to why Jews need to be removed from our societies and cultures. They are incapable of integrating and just cause all sorts of chaos and problems. It is no wonder our ancestors forced these demonic creatures to live inside ghettos.

From Algemeiner [Israel media]:

Public school parents in San Jose, Calif. are sounding off on a Jewish mother after a complaint she lodged led to the cancellation of a Christmas-themed field trip, NBC reported on Wednesday.

As it has done for the past 10 years, the Sartorette Elementary School organized a trip for its kindergarten class to a local coffee shop — Big E Café –where the kids would drink hot chocolate and sit on Santa’s lap to ask for presents.

But Talia (last name withheld at her request), a Jewish teacher with a daughter in the class, did not want her 5-year-old to participate.

Talia told NBC that she is unhappy that Christianity is the focus of most of the school’s curriculum throughout December, giving the example of her daughter’s class writing letters to the North Pole and dressing up like reindeer.

Talia’s daughter is the only Jew in the kindergarten, but other kids in the class hail from different cultures, as well, Talia said.

“This is not a Jewish issue for me,” she said. “It’s an inclusion issue. We can’t spend five days on just one culture. That’s fostering intolerance. When Christmas is given the same time, or less time, than American holidays, like Veterans Day, then kids don’t feel as American.”

palestinian_santaYou’re a mean one, Mr. Jew


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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108 Responses to Jew Grinch Mom Ruins Little Kid’s Christmas Trip

  1. Bailey says:

    Here’s a new spin on an old favorite around Christmas time.

  2. Smitherines says:

    Bailey says:
    December 21, 2015 at 8:41 am

    Here’s a new spin on an old favorite around Christmas time.

    That’s good, you do find the gems Bailey! “Violent Mike” will
    be a carol i add to , don’t worry Karen , I will not say Christ ‘s name,

  3. Smitherines says:

    Littleberry says:
    December 21, 2015 at 5:09 am

    Thanks Karen like we can’t see through the charade?

  4. Smitherines says:

    This Canook kikesss is really something I’ll give her that: she has their
    “relentless subversion deception” gene 100%

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    Good one Bailey. I went on a rant again yesterday. I just get fired up every time I see a hoard (mob) of these niggers marching up and down the streets smashing windows throwing rocks demanding this and demanding that. There is almost always some jewboy or jewgirl agent provocateur with a bullhorn leading the parade fucking shit up and causing problems for the rest of us civilized humans. Nation wrecking jews pretending to like niggers so they can use their pet niggers to destroy another Christian nation and bring on full-blown commie Marxist Bolshevik jew takeover. The fundamental changing of America into a third world shithole.

  6. Karen says:

    They weren’t FORCED to live in ghettoes, they chose to because they didn’t want to mingle with the Goyim

  7. bubba says:

    Len House says:
    December 20, 2015 at 11:06 pm

    I understand your point.. re: cannabilism

    I was just submitting my take on the video as a distasteful shock and awe psy-opp, much like those fake beheadings.

  8. Karen says:

    And they weren’t ghettos’ in the modern sense, but enclaves presided over by their rabbis’ where they were free to practice their backwards, dark, pseudo-religious rituals and plan revenge on the hated goy.

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    Have you seen the joke of the day yet? I didn’t watch it live of course but apparently this nigger comedian steve harvey either don’t know how to read or has some type of dyslexia fucked up brain problem he’s announcing the winner of the miss Universe contest from a q-card and he get’s the winner and the runner up backwards they put the crown on the one ladies head then take it off and put it on the other ladies head. That’s why we have q-cards and jewprompters man but what are you gonna’ do with these niggers that can’t read anyway? And I just love how these school systems and jews keep coming up with newer and more creative diseases to explain why these chimps and niggers can’t read or write or do arithmetic. It’s because they are niggers stupid! They aint raised right. My dog buster knows how to count and speak English also. Everything comes up to the number 1 with him. If I put down 2 bowls of food one for him and one for lucky he only sees 1. And the word MINE. If Lucky don’t get there quick she’s out of luck. But that’s why we call her Lucky.

  10. Karen says:

    White trash are almost as stupid as niggers that’s why they always reference them, it makes a person feel better about their bottom-feeder status to kick the person on the rung below them. Fucking monkeys. Meanwhile the conniving jew is standing on the top rung laughing his ass off while the monkeys kick each other in the face.

  11. Karen says:

    Merry Christmas to Everyone…enemies and friends both, I’ve a train to catch to spend the holidays with relatives I can’t stand, hubby is smart enough to was his hands of the ordeal and stay home, but women, forever sentimental, even if it means a National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

  12. bubba says:

    I am…….speechless

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    Have you heard about las vegas last night yet? Apparently the niggers have a hard time telling the difference between a sidewalk with pedestrians and a road with cars. Remember that obamas kid from last week raped and murdered his teacher? The whole thing reminds me of when I tried a career as a mental health professional for the judicial system. They brought me in as an expert witness and asked me what was the particular mental malfunction that this one had. I said well… this one did not take that long to evaluate and therefore saves the working taxpayers some money. Please give us your expert opinion. This individual suffers from a mental disorder called N.I.G.G.E.R. The courtroom erupted it was bedlam and needless to say I was fired from that job on my first day again.

  14. Bailey says:

    Did i really just waste five and a half minutes watching that stupid niggers fuck up ?

  15. bubba says:

    Karen says:
    December 21, 2015 at 1:24 pm
    Merry Christmas to Everyone…enemies and friends both, I’ve a train to catch to spend the holidays with relatives I can’t stand,
    Well..its torture for us too….

    NO (Matzoh Ball) SOUP FOR YOU !!!…….you knish head

  16. Karen says:

    Trains running late, so happy Hanukkah to you Bubba

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    At least the Germans could keep the trains running on time. Until we started bombing them in jew war 2.

  18. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    December 21, 2015 at 3:09 pm

    Trains running late, so happy Hanukkah to you Bubba

    And you too Karen, PS where is the “Happy Holidays” your type has
    striven for up there?? Don’t you know “Christmas” is Christ’s birth,
    something you don’t even believe in?

  19. Smitherines says:

    Hakubby Hakhubby, it’s Hanukkah time. Here’s another lie too, she’ supposedly
    Russian Orthodox, they don’t celebrate Christmas until like Jan 12th or something?

  20. bubba says:

    Karen says:
    December 21, 2015 at 3:09 pm

    Trains running late, so happy Hanukkah to you Bubba

    All the best……
    ……….send me a postcard darlin’

  21. Flanders says:

    The Jewish War on? ?Christmas

    “Jewish hatred of Christ and Christianity can be seen in a never-ending parade of vicious Jewish attacks on Jesus and Christianity in the media. It is illustrated by Larry David’s HBO television program “Curb Your Enthusiasm” where this Jew urinates on a picture of Jesus. Two pious Christian women are then mocked and ridiculed for thinking that the liquid on the face of Jesus is a tear.”

    “The Jewish organization that erects the Menorah in front of the White House as well as thousands more across America and around the world is Chabad Lubavitch. Chabad is a Jewish extremist organization that even permitted to hold parties in the White House.

    As the Jewish Talmud commands, Chabad hates and condemns Jesus Christ and Christians as “idolaters,” and it proclaims that Jews have a divine right to rule over Gentiles. The purpose of all Gentiles on earth, they say, is to “serve Jews.”

    A leading Chabad rabbi, Yitzhak Ginsburg wrote in America’s largest Jewish newspaper, Jewish Week, April 26, 1996, that Jews even had the moral right to seize a gentile on the street and “take the liver of an innocent non-Jew,” if a Jew needed it”

    “American Atheists Celebrate 50 Years of Attacking Christianity”

  22. Israhell on Earth says:

    Bailey says December 21, 2015 at 2:16 pm:

    5 grand bail ?


    Sheriff ‘Not Comfortable Disclosing’ Reason Las Vegas Rampage Driver Gave Him

    According to Fox News National Correspondent Will Carr, the Clark County sheriff appears to know why 24 year-old Lakeisha Holloway intentionally drove onto a crowded Las Vegas Boulevard sidewalk to intentionally mow down dozens of pedestrians, but is “not comfortable disclosing what” she told him.

    read more:

    At least this white guy wasn’t charged with a crime for bodyslamming that dindu on his head, i could’t find any evidence.
    You never know nowadays with that injustice system…

  23. Littleberry says:

    To Smitherines:

    You made a post implying that my earlier post (in response to World Changer’s earlier post) was made by Karen. I am flabbergasted. Why would you think that? I have made posts in the past, going back several years, and, nobody has ever confused me with anyone else – I think I have even made a post earlier to one of your own posts (I don’t recall for sure). Nobody has ever confused me with any other poster before, so, just wondering, what was it about my question to World Changer that got you so confused?

    World Changer made a post where he referenced a write-up about the historical accounts of the earliest known transcripts of what became known as the “New Testament”.

    Here is the link”

    If you are a truth seeker, and, are interested in research, take a half hour and read that article about how the early roman church, that became the Holy Roman Church, came about by the forceful direction of Emperor Constantine. It is a fascinating read, and, if one bothers to check out all the references, has the air of being a truthful historical account.

    I repeat – I am not Karen, I am not female. I am a retired computer guy who, in my old age, has taken an interest in trying to get the bottom of things, without fanfare and without blind faith in things – truth carries its own value, even when it goes counter to our pet beliefs.

    World Changer sounded to me like a kindred spirit, and, I just wanted to email him directly since finding souls willing to step outside the teachings of our youth are few and far between. I too was raised christian (protestant), but, I also learned the hard way, working with computers, that what you *believe* is practically worthless when it goes counter to what actually is true at the bit and byte level – one must dispense with whatever hunches or faiths he carries when he really wants to know facts, as best can be derived from serious study.

    I don’t expect an apology, Smitherines, but, I can assure you, I am nobody but me, Littleberry (a family nickname going back many generations).

  24. RedPill says:

    Pope Says This May Be Our Last Christmas.

    In a grim speech, the Pope said that the current chaotic state of the world marks the beginning of the “end times”, and that this time next year the world is likely to be unrecognizable.
    doesn’t leave any hope.

    it’s what i and many others have said, the pope don’t give a rat’s ass about
    Christianity. the church is dead, 501c3 corporate whores,
    the catholic church being the mother of all whores
    the truth goes off to the wilderness (not accessible freely)

    what was translated by the king james bunch as ”church”
    was actually the “ELECT”. meaning the called out ones.
    called out of what is the question.
    so here it is.
    Revelation 18:4
    And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    what that says is to quit your association with false beliefs and the reality’s
    they create in ones mind.

    like pulling your dick out of an infested whore,
    you have been corrupted by her charms .
    you are part of the lie and have been seduced.

    ask any one if they ever have been duped, total and wholly deceived.
    if they answer never, you have a deceived person.
    every one has been deceived, EVERYONE.
    a truth every one needs to come to.

    Mark Twain: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

    say duh…pay your karmic debt at the cashier.
    (receive not of her plagues)
    stupid and deceived has a price to pay.
    we are all living in a fiction created by our own thoughts and desires.
    we have been molded by the master of deception.

    you were given the KEY to get out. did you misplace it
    not knowing you would need it later?

  25. Bailey says:

    The bitch must have said something like this , ” I just wanted to run down the white motherfuckin’ crackers – pig ! ”

    That nigger got the pile drive , out cold. Nice one.

  26. RedPill says:

    Female Killer In Las Vegas Shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ As She Ran Over 40 Innocent People Last Night

  27. protocolsRtrue says:

    I hear the head nigger in charge say that certain people are racist and will not like anything I do anyway because I am black. No you stupid fucking nigger I don’t like you because I don’t like your left wing Marxist commie bolhevik jew libtard policies that are fundamentally fucking up this country. And I didn’t like what a only a stupid nigger jew puppet could repeat over and over again from a jewprompter the lies that even the jew gruber who wrote the law says getting this passed will depend on the stupidity of the American voters. Remember that?
    We will give free health care (Medicaid) to thirty million more able bodied niggers who don’t work and wont work and never plan on working.
    If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.
    College boys and girls can stay on mommy and daddy’s health care plan until age 26.
    If you have pre-existing conditions like aids or cancer you cannot be denied.
    If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan.
    We will pay for women’s birth control and abortions.
    Everybody’s health care will be better.
    AND…… This is the kicker. And NOBODY WILL PAY A SINGLE DIME MORE!!!! Now only a stupid ass well trained nigger jew puppet could look straight into his jewprompter and repeat those lies over and over and over again without bursting out laughing.

    Oh yeah. So if 99.9% of niggers vote for you only because you are black and going to give them obammaphones and pay their rent that’s NOT racist right? But any White working taxpayer person that does not vote for you it must be because they are evil white racist Nazi supremacists OK I see how this stuff works.

  28. Bailey says:

    #Blacklivesfecalmatter video of the day – Yo!

  29. protocolsRtrue says:

    The dude must have told them the ebt card swiper stopped working.

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    If I don’t vote for Hilary it must be because I am waging a war on women I hate women they should be barefoot and naked seen but not heard right?
    If I don’t vote for Bernie sanders it must be because I am an evil white Nazi supremacist who hates jews right? I see how this shit works.
    The reason I don’t vote for you is because I hate lying bitches and commie Marxist Bolshevik jew left wing libtard socialists fundamentally fucking up and destroying my country and turning it into a third world shithole.

  31. Hoff says:

    Largest Menorah in the World Right Here in Philly

    NBC10 • Dec 4, 2015

    The largest menorah in the world is 40-feet tall and right on Independence Mall! Hundreds of cars topped with menorahs will participate in a parade Friday in anticipation of the Hanukkah season.

  32. Hoff says:

    Bailey, niggers behave like … niggers. That’s a new one 😉

    Merry Christmas at all good ladies and gentlemen out there.

  33. Hoff says:

    And jew booooooy

    tick tock tick tock tick tock …. Whatyougonnadowhenwecomeforyou ..!

    The Forbidden Knot- How To Tie A Real Hangman’s Noose Knot —One minute.

  34. Hoff says:

    The jew is the cancer of the white man’s world.

    The Jew Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev on how terrible white people are —One minute.

  35. Over Jews says:

    Bottom line:

    Jews HATE Christmas, and everything having to do with it. The only reason a Jew will sing you a Christmas carol is to fatten you up for the slaughter, later.

  36. Bailey says:

    I thought it was for the shekels.

  37. Bailey says:

    A 40 foot menorah in the shitty of brotherly love ?
    Got the one in DC beat by 10 feet.

    Where I live the menorah on the green is closer to the church than the nativity scene is and that’s surrounded by chicken wire to keep the niggers out.

    On the bright side , the yeshiva jews who ruined the Hillside district have to look at this when they look east every effin’ day . this bad boy is 57′ high x 26′ wide.

  38. sog says:

    another clear violation of the separation of church and state ..
    had a lot more to do with the gaurantee of a secular state …freedom of religion has been under fire like freedom of speech ..
    frather christmas ,st.nick ,santa claus ,happy holidays are the theme of these times on the 25th …buying presents from kike retail giants ..well yeah …since the kikes own all now in clear violation of anti trust laws in the jew sa …the sale of safeway to the jew nitemare cerberus corp who killed GM and chrysler among many others..jews also own all krogers albertsons as well totaling some 5000 supermarket stores …this is a dangerous pattern of the senior members of cerberus is also owner of bank leumi in israel the stolen land where jews have murdered 3-4 million palestinians so they could illegally occupy the land and since jews are not racially decended from “true” israelite semite then they are a hodge podge ad hoc paramilitary religious nutter organization woith global network ties …dont we all know this alwready ..
    the kike bitch all she had to do was keep her worthless shitkike spawn home for the day instead of inflicting her communism bolshevik jew crap on a whole class thet wanted to go ….clear and unarguable is the fact that our current regime allows for favoritism for islam and talmud judiesm..talmud judiesm is what rabbis graduate from ..talmud …when the talmud was translated it caused expulsions from many lands of the no semite jews …im sure many mysteries were cleared up and many pices of the puzzle fell into place when people had an insight into the racist talmud ..jews although made up of no less than a dozen nationalites all axcept semite isrealite dna claim racial superiority …lol….
    santa claus is not even related to a religion as it has trans-evolved to a mythical gift giving fat man in a red suit …
    either way the whining jew cunt should not have been given complete partiality over any non jew secular christmas side show ..
    its time for karen and smitherines to cut the fuckin crap ………….new years resolution ..
    here is what Thomas Jefferson said …with a background in arrticles of confederation and they all the fore fathers that is knew that a religious state would be no different than a corrupt monarchy or feudal lord etc ..
    Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.

    its down to equal rights in the religion game ..the kikes can put up the trojan menorah on the lawn of the white house ….so where is the cross …
    so the jews also sued to get rid of the memorial crosses for columbine victims on the hillside near the school wonder when you think that it was jew kikds who shot up the place but there were black op jew bastartds there to shooting it up like port arthur and aurora and sandy hook and eslewhere …so now they step up their let the muslims do damage agenda …be armed and ready to protect yourself in theis fucked up land …

    “…..Jefferson was describing to the Baptists that the United States Bill of Rights prevents the establishment of a national church, and in so doing they did not have to fear government interference in their manner of worship. The Bill of Rights was one of the earliest examples in the world of complete religious freedom (adopted in 1791, only preceded by the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in 1789)……”

    there are some states now that fine homeowners for having bible studies and they cant get permits for them but they can have a yahoo woopTdoo party for niggerball fans on the bigscreen telly….

    there is no doubt that the jews have made america a jew state and the state religion is holohoaxism and false history and anti christ removal of crosses etc … a cross on a wall anywhere is a challenge to all jews in that they will find all kinds of subtrfuge methids tom remove the symbols of christianity till we are immersed in moooooozlim anarchy and jewish statism and all that that entails …
    the rule of law is constantly under attack and the niggers think they are immune from prosecution because there was a nigger slave somewhere ..before niggers came to american colonies irish slaves were here and the indies ..and austrailia …there have been neger slaves in africa doe millenium ..even lately a law was passed in mauritania a few years ago to ban slavery …repatrited slaves in liberia and sierra leone practices slavery on each other ..
    half the slave owners in america were blacks and the other half were jews ..theese slave owners represnted lwss than 2% of the population …14 million slaves were broughb to brazil by jews and muslims ….on and on ….
    hey i have a great idea ,,,,dont buy any presents this year or next from jew businesess …hit em where it hurts

  39. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    News from Texico:

    “I just got called to a meeting where the federal government told us what they were going to do,” said David Sweet, a judge in Rockwall. “They said, ‘We are going to build this in your backyard.’”

  40. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:


    “With a reptilian brain, no moral center, unstoppable urges to rape and kill, an African will make a fine addition to any community seeking to return to the stone age.”

    Be sure and watch the video of Russians taking out the trash in the first comment.

  41. Bailey says:

    Good stuff Elder.

  42. Bailey says:

    WTF ?

    “Experts say the children are largely driven by violence in the so-called Northern Triangle – El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras – and have more in common with refugees fleeing war than with immigrant workers. Each of those countries suffered civil wars during the 1980s, and never recovered from the legacy of violence; they now make up the most homicidal region in the world. Children – mostly boys – are often targeted for forced gang initiation.”

    Yea, so welcome the little gang bangers to amerikwa.

  43. ihateki*es says:

    @ Len, I was being sarcastic about mike smiths blog. Hes an A grade arsehole kike supporter. Reread that sentence with sarcaism then you would get it.

    I dont know if you remeber a blod zasucks, there too you could pick on anyone and everyone but kikes. I like to think that I was responsible for the last days of that shitty kike supporting blog.

    Also Adriana Stuijt or something like that, kike lover too. When one tries to bring up how kikes actually ruled South Africa they would shut you down.

    Heres an amazing fact, Mooslims ruled Spain for 800 years, but when it came time to kick them out can you believe it that overnight they where removed? If they really had that country by the balls the Spaniards would not have been able to do that.

    Now on tge other hand these kikes ruled our countries for less than that time but they got a grip on the economy and media.

    Amazing, and people still think the Mooselim aaayrabs are gonna git us.

    sheeeeeiiiiittttttt. Wish i could insert tyrones jpeg here.

  44. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Israel: Jew Leader Calls For Ban On Christmas, Calls Christians “Vampires”

  45. sog says:

    howdy bailey …new year an all …honduras is where a friend o mine got shot in a bar ..the projecile was meant for someone next to them and etc ..heh heh ..honduras civil war under the jew war machine profit dowry for global kike wealth on and on …civil wars exist where there is no civility ,where nationalit environs are removed by the sedcutive whores of jewry …
    lioke the usa …the constitution wont save the country ..and people cant save the constitutionn unless the constitution lives in them ..
    or you can take a nigger out of afrikka but you cant take the nigger out of africans er you cant take the african out of the nigger or is it you cant take the nigger out of africans …..voodoo cannibalism tribsalism repressive slavery niggers killin niggers to the tune of millions …dark planet …nigers get rich off jew lawyers for their inability to assimilate into european civilization ..both come naturally to both very separatetly and articulatedly ..white religious eurpeans outlawed slavery in 1805
    Although slavery is now de jure illegal in all countries, de facto practices akin to it continue today in many places throughout the world…jewish democracy …corporatism ..
    never mind that white slaves were first to go down and die off especially in america and the west indies etc ..
    american colonies used irish slaves as expendable units …
    muslims still export slaves for sex purposes to many nations as they have for millenia ..jews also saw the profit in this business ..etc ..since it was kikes who brought african dipshits to america im sure they were up to their hairy palms in white slave trade .oh wait they are immersed in this trade still in israel and russia ..too much info for here to write ..
    so with this little tidbit its obvious that slavery wasnt for life and you got free and niggers chose to stay in america ..go figure freeniggers rose to the ranks of slave owners themselves and were as much as 50% of total slave owners and jews were the other 50 % ..many nigz have jew surnames ..
    and nigz have white blood in them and it was from consensual sex between whites and niggers especially more and more in te last 100 years who does a 50/50 nigger white hate ..dark niggers hate lighter niggers lol ..this country would have been better off if the kikes were run out and the niggers let in ..and now we got mooozlims n shit ..
    sorry for the monolog …anyway honduras is the most violent country in the world so they say with murder rate .etc.
    probably be higher if they learned hoew to aiim properly like the gheddo niguz in duh troit and chukongo and b-more murduh land …..muh d’mokracy…caution “jews at work”
    and african tribalism at work ….muslems should just be exterminated …

  46. sog says:

    “….so with this little tidbit its obvious that slavery wasnt for life and you got free and niggers chose to stay in america ..go figure…”
    was sposed to include this link ..1865, December: US abolishes slavery with the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution; about 40,000 remaining slaves are affected.
    by the time of the civil war 400,000 niggeros lived in the south and 400,000 in the north …so why attack the south for slavery when “servant help” existed i wealthy jew estates ..
    only 400,000 were brought here on jew ships and so on and etc …

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