We All Need To Get Behind Trump

TRUMP ART MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAINTrump is merely saying what all of us Whites are now thinking — especially in light of what’s happened recently in Paris and San Bernardino. It makes total, complete sense to stop letting these murderous Muzzies and Mestizos into our lands to commit acts of mayhem — to say nothing about them taking full advantage of our wonderful White civilization. But hypocrite Jews can’t allow this kind of talk — not when they’ve come this far in turning White people powerless and less of a threat to the self-absorbed creeps.


Plenty of White people are coming out for Trump, including British columnist Katie Hopkins (who leftys hate like crazy over there), who tweeted she would move to the US if Trump wins. Good for her!

Plenty of Whites are stoked about Trump — in other White countries, too. British columnist Katie Hopkins (hated with a passion by pro-immigration, multicult liberal idiots over there), tweeted yesterday she would move to the US if Trump wins. Good for her!

OK, I know some of you will probably say I caved. Look, I wish I was omniscient and knew for certain Trump is a “set-up” to waylay patriotic White Americans with a phony candidate, getting us all jacked up for nothing.

This question of a giant, behind the scenes, massive conspiracy — Illuminati, Roscrucians, whatever — has been with us since… hell, since the days of Joseph Stalin, the murderous Commie dictator who kicked out the murderous Bolshevik Jew, Trotsky, and probably had assassinated in Mexico city (his NKVD killer buried an ice pick deep into his fat “Jew Fro” noggin from behind).

And sure, Trump has always been a big vocal Israel supporter (like a lot of good that’s done him). Unfortunately, no one can get anywhere these days without sucking up to the Zionist power nexus, at least publicly. Everyone in DC will know exactly what I’m saying here, but would never breathe a word of it to the wrong people, if they want to keep their cushy, well-paid careers (this one fact has long protected the lousy creeps from exposure). Same kinds of unsaid BS exists in corporate offices everywhere.

They all simply have to kiss big fat stinky Jew butt. I know, I know, it sucks big time — just like so much of what the GD Jews have done to the USA and other White countries in general. But we need to go on the offensive, and take advantage of the smallest fissures in the PC mindset. That’s the gag order truly keeping so many Whites from speaking out on a whole host of issues so near and dear the black heart of satanic Jewry.

Recently, Trump bravely told Republican Jews they didn’t own his ass. He was pretty nice about how he said it, but that’s not enough for these psycho Jews, who the slightest word nuance gives them holohoax/fascist conniption fits. Hell, the crazy SOB’s didn’t even like Trump flattering them, by saying many in the audience were big deal makers like himself. He was only saying Jews are smart money people, which is what they say all the time to each other, anyway. But these Jews sure as hell can’t let any Goy dare suggest a greedy image. Oh no.

Plus, Trump cancelled visiting Israel and Netanyahu until after his election, since Bibi boy condemned Trump’s call to stop Muslims from immigrating to America. That’s just so, so rich!

Here’s a Jew calling illegal Africans who somehow make it into Israel, “INFILTRATORS,” and throws them into concentration camps in the Negev desert until he can ship them back to any African country possible, or a stupid, PC-screwed European nation like Sweden. Hell, Israel even has the Egyptian army in the Sinai shooting dead any African illegals trying to cross the border into Israel, or his own IDF troops should they miss (about 20 get shot down like dogs in the desert every year but you hear nothing about all this in the US media).

How about Netanyahu slaughtering Palestinian Muzzies and even Palestinian Christians with American bombs every other year or so, after the least provocation from puny, primitive garage-built rockets that have no explosive warheads?

Hell, the Israeli government officially aids the Third World hordes coming into Europe from Turkey (many are not even Syrian refugees). Just think a minute about the publicly stated “Jewish country” promoting the non-White, Muslim invasion of our White lands! Are you pissed yet? You should be.

The sheer racist ultra hypocrisy of Netanyahu and Jewry everywhere is just so incredible, it defies belief. Us Jew-aware Whites constantly get shocked by cojenes of these lousy Jews. Israel bars Muslims from all over the Mideast from entering Israel, even if married to Israelis. They sure as hell can’t move there permanently. Hell, the Jews in Israel are totally un-PC when it comes to non-Jews!

And the multicult Jew hypocrites in the US, like the ADL and SPLC, are also all up in arms about Trump’s Muslim comments, saying it goes against “our deepest values.”

What a giant, GIANT load of horse manure!

JONAH GOLDBERG SILONow do you know why I’ve had enough of the BS? The bastards get away with it all because no one would dare to say a thing on TV.

Trump canceling his trip to Israel has got the über-Zionist Jew crowd in the US suspicious. On Thursday, that embedded Jew rat in the supposedly conservative operation, National Review and FOX news pundit, Jonah Goldberg (right), backhandedly slimed Trump every chance he could get away with on FOX’s lunch time women brainwashing show.

Coming out against Trump’s Muslim immigration comments, Goldberg tried hard to tip-toe the line between your typical liberal multicult Jew BS and his so-called “conservative” persona. Goldberg knows exactly the deal and how to fool the Goyim. It’s in the creep’s DNA!

Oh God, how I can’t stand that smug little Jew rat, Jonah Goldberg!

And Trump certainly knows that all lefty Jews are against him. These Jews fear him setting back their long-running White genocide program before it becomes too late for us Whites to do anything about it. That, by itself, is plenty enough for me to support Trump’s candidacy. Getting lefty Jews bunged up is always a good thing! Fun, too.

And maybe, just maybe, Trump might spur more Whites to become pro-White.

Jews and leftys are acting like Trump is another Adolf GD Hitler, like this magazine cover with the cute header and shot of Trump raising his right arm. What a filthy joke!

Jews and leftys are acting like Trump is another Adolf Hitler, like this magazine cover with the cute play on words “führer” header and shot of Trump raising his right arm like he was doing a fascist salute. The lefty media idiocy is ridiculous!

At the last minute, I came out for John McCain in the 2008 election. I simply could not bear to see Obongo boy become president. I know most would say it was because he was black (or touted as black, even though his mother was White). Yet I’d would have easily voted for him if he was openly against the Zionists (like that could happen). Obongo has been a creature of the NWO Globalist Jews from the get-go and knows well not to screw the Jew.

Basically, there really isn’t much choice. Look at all the other candidates, retardican or democrap. Everyone of them are much worse than Trump. Some, like Marco Rubio, are totally embarrassing in their Israel ass-kissing.

Personally, I believe we’re not going to get out of all this except through force of arms at some point, sooner or later. In the meantime, Trump might shake things up enough for us to get our message out to more White people.

Could it be orchestrated politics to install Hillary, making things even worse for White people? Brainwashed liberals are quite anxious to get a lefty president with a vagina, after having a lefty with non-White skin. White men have now been turned into an evil anathema class by Jewish media and Marxist university professors. We all know it.

Yes, I suppose it all could be a big hidden plan to get Shillery in office. If that’s the case, then so be it. Maybe by then Whites will get it. One of the things I’m certain is that leftist Clinton will do is try to disarm the White race with gun control. The second amendment is something Jewry needs to remove to go on to the next stage of the Noahide Marxist NWO, turning Whites into a spat-upon minority and Jesus Christ worship outlawed. These filthy Jew rats have literally been using America to fulfill their own long-running crazy GD Jew supremacist agenda!

One thing really scares me, however. Us non-liberal, racially-aware Whites may not have the demographics enough to put Trump in office. With the defeat of Mitt Romney in 2012, Globalist Jewry might be thinking it’s too late for us to do anything about it. Should Trump really become a threat to them or Israel (actually one in the same), the “ends justify the means” devious rats just might pull another “Dealey Plaza” on this nation. Get my drift?

LEFTY JEW WRITERS MONTAGEJews are becoming seriously unhinged over Trump — like Salon.com writer Elias Isquith and The Nation’s Max Berger (must read embedded link). Subversive Jew rats like these two, let liberal Whites merely assume they are other “good guy” Whites like themselves, while pushing their nation-wrecking brainwashing programs (pretty much all Jews know how to use this trick). Read the two White-hating headlines above — you can easily see how excited these filthy, lousy Jews are over White minority status! Just stop and think about all the White males who died defending America. Like I say here on my site all the time: These Jews are total backstabbing rats!

Look, we all know it’s long past time for us Whites to get loud and proud. We need to get up in the creep’s faces at every turn, at every chance we get — maybe just to psyche them out more, which apparently takes so little. Trump will be sure to provide us ample opportunities to stick it to Jewry.

And sure, maybe Trump is not going to say everything we want — at least for now. But down the road, things might get real different, real fast. In fact, the paranoid Jews might even be right about Trump in the end.

We can hope, can’t we?

— Phillip Marlowe




100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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140 Responses to We All Need To Get Behind Trump

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    The lady in the above video didn’t say anything anti-Semitic that I can tell. It starts with her saying something about the Palestinians got screwed over. See, you cannot even dare try and have a fair and balanced conversation or debate with these people they will automatically label you an anti-Semite racist white supremacist Nazi and try to get you fired and destroy your life and livelihood.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    “They Dare to Speak Out” . Published over thirty years ago. Start with chapter 7 but the whole thing is a warning unheeded. Just like Henry Ford’s International jew the worlds most dangerous problem series.


  3. bubba says:

    Donald Trump says he should be president because he can ‘feel’ terrorism coming and predicted Osama Bin Laden would attack the US

    –Republican says he ‘predicted terrorism’ because he ‘can feel it’
    –Trump compared stopping terrorist attacks to buying land for buildings
    —Candidate said he would also consider closing some American mosques


    Case closed.
    Nothing but a Kosher Shill.

  4. bubba says:

    Ah yes…the main agenda is hidden yet built from sum total of the red herring ones.

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    International jew the worlds foremost problem. Dearborn independent compiled into 4 volumes of which I have all 4 now. Hard to find. This is an abridged version. Look at detroilet now. Oh how the jews have used their pet niggers and turned a great city into a great shitty. But that’s what happens everywhere that more than 1/4th the population is niggers.


    That’s why the jews pretend to like niggers so much. Because jews know that niggers are stupid but can vote for whomever promises them the most free shit. But guess what stupid niggers? The jews are only using you now to destroy white people and nation wreck Christian Nations. After the jews are done using you for that purpose and end the jews will have no more use for you either, and you will be replaced by the Hispanics as is already happening. So go on thinking the jews will keep giving you free shit if the money has to come out of a jews pocket you stupid fucking niggers. Just because you were stupid and ignorant yesterday and this morning does not mean that you have to choose to remain stupid and ignorant today unless you want to. You do have the right to remain stupid and ignorant if you want to. Don’t fuck with MY first, second, or fourth amendment rights either though you dumb asses.

  6. bubba says:

    Re Detroit…

    Moi’s understanding….

    Given the Kike Jews ran the slave trade….insofar as buying African blacks from other African blacks and shipping them to JewSA.

    It should be beyond obvious that what has unfolded is an ancient Kike Jew tactic…bring in foreigners into a nation under whatever means possible.

    Now you have seeded what can be a politically malleable “sleeper cell”.

    Detroit was once the most prosperous middle class City in the US, based on its manufacturing capacity.

    However, Jews create Unions as part of the Hegelian Dialectic(control both sides)

    During the (2) World Wars, many White Goyim were either conscripted or manipulated to join the war effort and kill off their DNA brethren in Europe.

    This created a huge shortage of manpower in Detroit, which was then filled by black sharecroppers from the South who were out of their element..

    The rest is..
    …Jew know.

  7. Hoff says:

    The jew stir shit up. What’s new!


    Since the video was released, protesters have taken to the streets, demanding “Rahm Resign” and the mayor became publicly weepy, telling us once again that he wanted to be a Rahm reborn, a better version of himself.


  8. Hoff says:

    100 books about the jews in full text. Many rare hard to find.


  9. Olives 4 Sale says:

    Get behind Donald Trump, who is bound hand and foot to Israel and the jews???? I don’t think so!!!!!!!!

  10. Ruth House says:

    Something of interest . . .
    Plagiarized from:
    Posted By: Watchman
    Date: Sunday, 13-Dec-2015 21:28:27
    Authored by Karl Denninger via The Market Ticker blog,

    Do You Fully Understand The Ugly Truth Donald Trump Has Exposed?

    The fear in both the GOP and Democratic party is visible at the surface when it comes to Trump, and it’s not that he’s any of what they’ve accused him of. No, it’s really much simpler than that, and both Republican and Democrat parties, along with the mainstream media, are utterly terrified that you, the average American, is going to figure out what underlies all of these institutions in America.

    No, it’s not that they’re evil.

    It’s worse, for evil frequently is recognized and fought back yet for decades America has not awakened to what has been going on in the political and media establishment. It was evident during the Vietnam war and has only gotten worse since.

    For those who don’t recall the Tet Offensive was an attack launched by the NVA and VietCong by some 70,000 troops in a coordinated series of attacks across more than 100 targets. It was an attempt to foment rebellion among the South’s population.

    Tet failed in its military objective, in that there were too few troops spread too thinly, and once the US and South Vietnamese figured out what was going on they literally slaughtered a huge number of the attackers. To put perspective on this at the Battle of Hue roughly 500 US Marines and South Vietnamese were killed but over 5,000 NVA and VietCong died in that one battle alone.

    The story was repeated through the country; while the North managed to attack they lost virtually the entire attacking force, while not managing to take one mile of territory. They also failed to incite rebellion, which was the primary goal of the offensive in the first place.

    Our media, however, reported that we lost. They were present and they lied, including Walter Cronkite. Cronkite reported in February of 1968 that the war “was a stalemate and probably unwinnable” despite knowing that the NVA had virtually been rendered soldierless in the Tet offensive as their casualty rate ran ten times the South’s.

    Tet was a desperation move; the North was in serious trouble. They were failing to take territory and losing men and material at an ridiculous rate compared to the Americans and South. Simply put we were the better fighting force and it wasn’t a close call. In the first few days of their “offensive” they lost ten thousand men against about 750 on the other side and it just got worse from there with total losses on their side being close to 50,000, or virtually all of their remaining fighting-age force.

    Cronkite didn’t care about the truth. He wasn’t evil, he was indifferent. He didn’t give a damn about the fact that a totalitarian government was being handed a victory over millions of citizens, he simply wanted to make a further name for himself and push his political agenda.

    Likewise there are those who claim that Obama and similar are evil in their view of Muslims and terrorism and of course they wish to draw a distinction between left and right sides of the aisle.
    Wrong. They’re all indifferent.

    The political goal is more power for them and their friends, mostly economic power. More ability to extract from you by force and threaten you with jail or worse if you try to resist.
    More power over your daily life.
    More power to tell you that you must bake a cake for gays (because your religious convictions don’t matter) but if your religious convictions are Muslim then they do matter and must be protected because that’s where one of the big reservoirs of oil and undeveloped people that can be exploited in the future reside.

    They literally don’t care if you get blown up or shot and it doesn’t matter if they’re Democrat or Republican.
    They don’t care if you live under a freeway overpass because your health “insurance” that you are forced to buy covers so little that you have to spend $6,000 before one dime is covered, and you don’t have $6,000.
    They don’t care that a Christmas Party was shot up by a couple of Islamic Nutjobs who they could have identified if they did care and in fact they shut down an investigation on “civil rights” grounds that probably would have identified the shooters years before.

    Jeb Bush has never apologized for giving Driver Licenses to the majority of the 9/11 hijackers in Florida because he doesn’t care.
    What he cared about was making sure that illegal immigrants could roof houses during the housing bubble so his buddies could make money. That 3,000 Americans died as a plausibly direct consequence doesn’t matter to him.

    Marco Rubio supports allowing the illegal invaders to remain here because he doesn’t care if it screws you out of a job. Like Bush, what he cares about is his corporate patrons that want cheap labor. He cites all these Fortune 500 companies that were started by immigrants but I’ll bet that not one of them was an illegal invader. Ditto for his Nobel Prize winner claims. Oh sure, they’ve been immigrants — the legal variety. The illegal ones are the roofers working under the table or the gang members. That there is immense criminal and economic collateral damage doesn’t matter to him; he’s not evil, he’s indifferent.

    Ben Carson refuses, despite being a surgeon, to speak against the medical monopolies. He knows exactly what’s wrong in that regard both in the hospital and drug field. He’s not evil, he’s indifferent to the damage that his own profession has done to you over the last 30 years.

    Hillary Clinton knows damn well that during the Benghazi attacks there were military resources available to interdict them. But she has famously said “what difference does it make” and, in her view, she’s right. She’s not evil, she’s indifferent — to the lives lost there and to any other collateral damage including the arming of what has turned into Daesh! Her goal is globalism, socialism and statism, all for her own personal aggrandizement. That you are harmed or even killed doesn’t matter to her.

    Folks, this is where Trump is really freaking the establishment out. See, Trump already has anything material that he wants, and if something pops up he wants and doesn’t have he can simply stroke a check. He has no need to play the indifference game; there is no amount of money he can gain or lose in his lifetime that will change his lifestyle. He has his own security and doesn’t need yours, he has his own money and also doesn’t need yours.

    The visceral reaction you’re seeing in the media isn’t about Trump’s policies. It’s fear that’s motivating them.

    They fear that you might come to realize that you can’t demonize the “other side” for being evil; rather, they are both equally guilty almost to a single man and woman at being simply indifferent as to how much you get screwed and by whom, up to and including your death and the death of your children, so long as their desire for more power and control, either for them or their friends, is realized.

    If that happens — if you quit the left/right, republican/democrat, liberal/conservative game and instead demand the indictment of all of them for their treasonous and outrageously unlawful behavior along with their removal from office and are willing to back that up with action up to and including a general strike until they are all gone and in chains then they are all screwed.

    That is what is driving the animus toward Trump.

    Wake up America.

  11. Dave says:

    What’s to lose? Donald Drumpf can’t be any worse than the actor Ronald Reagan (once head of the screen actors guild ‘union’).

    Ol’ Ronald wasn’t a career guy either. Turned out to be one of the best yet.

    The best indicator is the hate from the the establishment. As always, you can find out the intentions of the “powers that be” (yeah, the kike jew) by watching what they try to erase or eliminate.

    They definitely don’t want Trump. Thus a vote for Trump is a vote against them. If nothing else, it’s worth the trip to the polling station for that alone.

    Anyway, AGREED!

  12. Sam J. says:

    Incogman. You’re right. I don’t know if Trump is some kind of dark horse but so far he’s saying the right things and I can’t see what the Jews would have on him to make him a traitor. Lots of things about him bother me but the alternative is…well we don’t have one.

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    That guy Ben Carson the brain surgeon is something else also. He cant make it through a 2 minute interview without shutting his eyes and going to sleep. It’s like how in the fuck did you make it through college let alone a brain surgery if you can’t stay awake for 2 minutes at a time? I can understand the sleeping through college stuff the professors come out and start blathering something that don’t mean nutthing. I was in the military at a young age as young as you can legally be they get us up at 4 in the morning by the time the sun comes up we’ve been up 3 hours hey we have a very important briefing coming up we want you to listen to what this girl in a short skirt has to say about your pay and benefits. Okay we’ll try. If you feel like falling asleep you need to stand up in the back of the room otherwise I’ll punch you in the head. So even the guys that stood dorm guard or watch the last night as the navy and marines call it are standing in the back leaning against the wall I’ll try not to fall asleep even though this woman looks good in a uniform. That was back in the days when men were supposed to like women. What did she say? I have no fucking clue something about money. So if I can make it through basic without falling asleep how did this guy get through college listening to jew professors? Would I trust him as commander in chief? Hell I’m not sure I would trust him as my brain surgeon if he cant stay awake for more than 2 minutes. Not that I have much left to work on. This patient is DEAD!! Hey I just got here into the emergency room don’t declare me dead yet!

  14. soandso says:

    If Trump doesn’t realize how much danger his youngest child is in, being the only nonjew youngster in the family and having an evangelical base as his primary support, I don’t see how Trump will be the one to take us through the fire and fulfill the simple loving 14 words. “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” I support him because he’s the only candidate that I feel doesn’t rape and sodomize little white foster children with the misfortune of being absorbed by CPS.

  15. squarepegroundhole says:

    Facebook owner not moving too fast on threats…

    Filthy Jew on Twitter w/screen name @jrwolleon threatens to assassinate Donald Trump on behalf of Americans:

    “I will personally assassinate Donald Trump on behalf of the American populace” 12-09-15 posted by Jessee @jrwolleon



  16. Harold says:

    Trump takes the kosher seal

  17. Flanders says:

    “I’m in the final phase of completing “The Enemies Within,” a game-changing movie based on my best-selling book. I reveal the names, connect the dots, expose the treason and show you what the Mainstream Media won’t allow you to see. My movie hits hard against those who want to steal your country and its freedoms—indeed, the freedom and prosperity of the free world.” – Trevor Loudon


  18. squarepegroundhole says:

    The Jews aim to destroy us goys plain and simple.

    “It isn’t left versus right, it has ALWAYS been Jew versus gentile.”

    White people ARE an endangered species.


  19. squarepegroundhole says:

    Dr. Paul attacks Trump.

    Paul was correct on the FED but awful on illegal immigration, trade deals, compounded with support for fags and Niggers…


    “It isn’t left versus right, it has ALWAYS been Jew versus gentile.”

  20. squarepegroundhole says:

    Trump is exposed to – Jews did 9-11

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