Of Course it’s an Effin’ JEW CONSPIRACY!

EVIL JEW ON TVLook closely and you’ll see arrogant Jews like Aaron David Miller (above) all over the TV channels pushing the Jewish “Agenda.” But it’s not only things involving sacred Zionist Israel, the Mideast and Terrorism (tons of Zio Jews involved in this huge “schtick”) — Jew creeps are also everywhere pushing radical left-winger social issues long destructive to the White race. Unfortunately, most White people have never realized this pertinent fact and only think of them as fellow Whites. In a nutshell: This is “the why” you have America where it is today.


by Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

WHITE PEOPLE: Play close attention to those you see on TV or read on lefty websites like Huffington Post or Salon.com, when the guy or gal says something along the lines of “us Whites need to stop being “racist” and “xenophobic” about immigration of poor refugees from war, blah, blah, blah. Or promote insane ideas like “stealth racism” where us Whites supposedly have this built-in racist behavior where we put down the blacks subconsciously, or however the flock they say we do.*

Well, nine times out of ten such a person is a stinking Jew. They know quite well how to come off as a plain jane White to spread their total Jew BS out there. Sure, you got White liberals parroting the Jew line for money and attention or simply because they’ve been so brainwashed by Jew BS they are basically Jews themselves for all intents and purposes.

You know how they always try to portray us evil Whites who expose the destruction of our White lands as crazy? Well, let me point out a few things going on, that should make you suspicious something really is going on — if not totally ticked off like moi.

Just try to bear with me for a few minutes.

Back when I was a cute little freckled-faced, tow-headed kid, my brothers and I were brought up to believe the evil Soviet Union propagandized it’s own people, had commie bureaucrats controlling the media and hiding things, but that our media was always totally free, separate from government control and willing to report anything going against the concept of a “free” America.

Guess what? That was BULL CRAP!

Our media is just as bad, only much more clever, polished and insidious (for reasons we’ll get into). Some might say it’s the nature of the beast, but that’s only half of the story — the “polite” way of being a “free thinker,” unencumbered with a belief system forced-fed upon us (LOL, funny once you remember many of these bozos are also big “PC” adherents).

Jews are very clever painting the whole idea as nonsense, even resorting to strawman arguments.

Media-savvy Jews are very clever portraying anything bad involving them as nonsense, having no problems using strawman arguments whenever they like (stuff nothing to do with the matter at hand). In fact, history and legal jurisprudence is replete with big and little conspiracies.

Let’s take minute to look at how it breaks down: You know they have certain pigeonholes they want us to fit in — surely you’ve noticed this part of the equation? And should we stray from such pigeonholes, “THEY” have ready names created for us — right along with social taboos and MEMES expressly designed for use in attacking any straying members.

Now I will readily admit using such terms as “LIBTARD” myself. Basically, I’m forced into being a meanie, since the ones really behind it all have already brainwashed members of my race to commit racial suicide and it’s difficult to point out matters quickly without resorting to the game.

Same crap going on with the other side. They want you to think guys like me are big hater boys — Nazis and KKK Klansman and the like. The difference? These people literally have BILLIONS in broadcasting assets and tens of thousands of media people to work all this BS on our White heads (the MSM).

What have I got? A lowly website in the middle of the Internet nowhere and maybe $50 a month in donations (thanks, those who do). Hell, I know I’d do better running porn shots of some kind of bizarre sexual niche perversion — the filthy media would probably dig it and maybe even put me on TV during some happy-time morning show!

So you know I’m doing all this to alert you White people, and hopefully motivate you to get the word out in whatever way possible.

Yes, indeed we can see “THEY” just want to keep us sick, nasty, immoral “consumers.” Why? Because it distracts us from “THEM” and inhibits so many of us from having natural, healthy families and reproducing. They surely don’t give a rat’s ass if we’re decent, upstanding people — hell, such folk are profitless to the bottom line of fellow members in their Tribe, to say nothing about decreasing our political demographics.

Just step out of the box and look at the big picture, for crying out loud.

Basically, you have two things going on. One, a long-running program in the West, to slowly turn our countries into a globalist, Marxist NWO empire and two, a bunch of holier-than-thou, yet still immoral little Jew creeps who instinctively understand the over-all “AGENDA” and work as enablers and “agents provocateurs” (old Commie term meaning embedded secret elements working to undermine “Goyim” organizations and politics). These tricky-dick Jews are all over the Internet, too, whom I call HasbaRATS (they hate me for my non-stop work exposing the lousy bastards).


NIGGER THREATENING ITALIAN WOMANThis is “the why” you have mostly male non-White Third Worlders allowed to invade White lands (like the African “immigrant” above threatening a frightened native Italian woman). Destructive Jewish social engineering and perversions have so impacted White families and our reproduction, the Globalist elites need new slave labor to “self-import.” “War refugees” is merely the media sugar-coating designed to fool nice White liberals who can’t seem to foresee what kind of nasty, crime-filled world they’ll soon live out their “golden years” and what they will bequeath their spat-upon, victimized and now minority status White children.


While writing my latest “hateful” screed, the “History” (what a laugh) Channel had on the “Ancient Aliens” show and for some reason brought on a couple of “experts” to seriously discuss the possibility of “zombies” (OMG!). One was a punky little Jew boy named Max Brooks (profiteering off the zombie idiocy to the max) and another was a majorly Jew-ugly voodoo “high priestess” Jewess named Sallie Ann Glassman (where do they find these Jew wackjobs?) to give it a patina of New Ager religiousity.

The real deal is we have Jews everywhere on TV making money not only with total idiot nonsense like “zombies” (a biological impossibility), but all sorts of “PC” social change activism, trotted out all on the other channels.

Social change “activism” BS is one of the Jew’s favorite career paths. Jews will do anything, come up with any old BS, all just so they don’t have to do manual labor like the rest of us chumps. Real work is only for “GOYIM,” while they chill out and enjoy the fruits of our lands, dream up more social insanities and slap themselves on the back for being “a light upon nations” (they actually believe that crap).

Pay close attention and you’ll notice the creeps really are everywhere — spouting anti-White liberal or pro-Israel BS. For example: During the media coverage after Obama’s State of the Union address, CNN’s Dana Bash (rich brat JEW from LA) interviewed Bernie Sanders (Commie JEW politician from lefty state), then anchor Wolf Blitzer (big AIPAC propaganda Zionist JEW) and Jake Tapper (even that nice Goy-looking guy is a JEW, too!) gushed lovingly over Obongo’s speech. Virtually all of your TV people are Jews, blacks, faggots or extremely well-paid liberal Whites who happily push PC (the traitors know what side their bread is buttered on). Often a combination of several of these things in the same talking head.

It’s all a huge JEW circus!

Let’s break it down to “connecting the dots” so we can readily see the Jew’s efforts. These naturally subversive people have been behind pretty much everything that has kept us distracted and at each other’s throats for decades.

  • Lefty politics (republicans too) leading to complete socialism and eventually outright police state Marxist Communism, where the SOBs come after you in the night to throw you into a Gulag after you’ve finally figured it out.
  • Globalism, where we ship our precious nation’s jobs overseas and turn our country into a mere cog in the NWO, forcing people to work for even much worse slave wages (basically the case already).
  • The erasure of national borders is a good thing — means nothing at all the great things America has done for the backstabbers.
  • We all have to be for immigration (legal or otherwise) of non-White Third Worlders into our lands. No matter what it costs the taxpayer, or Whites falling victim to daily street crime and drug smuggling.
  • We have to accept to our bosoms the foulest of homosexuals, trannys or confused kids who have been brainwashed so bad by PC bull they want everyone to believe they were born in the wrong bodies.
  • Rejecting Christianity and embracing immoral, “live for the moment” behavior. This goes for utter dirtbags who treat the other sex like meat, caring nothing about people’s feelings. Little wonder so many Jews are in the porn business.
  • Act like it’s oh-so-great to be multicultural, where we fully accept living among those not of our race — regardless of crime or nationhood.
  • Race-mixing, where we mate our White race away into the morass of darker races of the planet (you can easily see them promoting this in the media).
  • White straight males are now open targets for slander and public ridicule since we’re relegated the planet’s most evil or designated butt of the media jokes.
  • Feminism and pitting the sexes against each other. Imagine all the confusion and heartaches caused to White couples over the years?
  • Self-hating, where we feel guilt over practically anything the White race may or may not have done in the long distant past.
  • Gun control, leading to the end of the second amendment and confiscation. What they really want is a disarmed White populace that can’t threaten NWO Globalist Jewry, once things become too obvious.
  • Whatever crazy BS the Jews say about the “Holocaust” must be accepted no matter any contrary evidence (the “industrial gassing” part has been a huge lying Jew “PSYOPS” on the West). Evil White Fascists will never again be permitted to arise and threaten the always-so-innocent Jews!

Yep, it doesn’t take much of a genius to put two-and-two together about these stinking rotten creeps. Subversive Jewry has had a major hard for screwing the White race — well, since effin’ going back to the days of Christian Russia well over a hundred years ago.

TROTSKY SILOAnd these urbane “rootless cosmopolitans” surely don’t care one whit about apple pie, mom and national patriotism. Never have. Oh, sure, they use that crap all the time to get us “GOYIM” living out here in “flyover country” to go along with their Zionist Geopolitical BS — like with Israel and various nations in the Mideast (any place that might threaten sacred Israel).

So, what you have going on is millions of little commie Jews living in the White, Western world, each working towards a common goal and a few filthy rich, powerful Jews quietly at work behind the curtains to create the NWO globalist empire by using our lands and our labors (they’ve been ripping us off for over one hundred years with the Federal Reserve money making scam).

Then why is it our media is so much more polished and insidious than that of the Soviet Union, INCOG MAN (you promised to tell us)?

Because of the so many lousy, stinking Jews at the helm, that’s why. Jews are mostly on the same page with each other without any “secret instructions from Jew headquarters,” plus are indeed quite talented at brainwashing and media things. Plus, all the PC crap is fully enforced by the creeps since they all greatly fear us goose-stepping around wearing cool-ass matching clothing. They hate seeing that look on us non-Jew “Goyim” Whites.

But it’s not only all that. This is “the why” behind all the crap you see going down:

  • This is “the why” the media just keeps getting nastier and sicker by the minute and Christianity is freely slimed, without the least real career problems for the “entertainer.”
  • This is “the why” behind flooding our lands with ANY non-White Third Worlder flotsam and jetsam of the planet.
  • This is “the why” we have 19 trillion dollars in debt, yet no one is supposed to know who they are we owe so much money to.
  • This is “the why” behind our dollars becoming so worthless (it’s a hidden tax on us little people called inflation).
  • This is “the why” Jew financial “experts” on TV like seeing inflation increase (the devaluation of the US dollar makes it more like a Third Worlder peso — helping further the Jew NWO global ambition).
  • This is “the why” you see blacks shown everywhere in the media as great heroes and the smarties (everywhere on TV these days); along with having to listen to stupid as hell rap music when the crap clearly sucks big time.
  • This is “the why” behind all the jacking up of the homies to hate the White race and parading any police brutality story they can dig up.
  • This is “the why” we have all this never-ending Mideast trouble. Much of the Muslim world hates our guts for acting like Israel’s big mean dummy in the schoolyard.
  • This is “the why” they constantly have WWII and anti-Nazi documentaries on TV all the time and why they especially love to show Hitler defeated and gory dead German corpses (this thrills Jews).
  • This is “the why” you never see “History” Channel documentaries on who really financed the 1917 Bolshevik Coup D’Etat in Russia (Wall Street Jews).
  • This is “the why” the media does whatever it can to obfuscate black criminal behavior (especially against Whites) and play up any White crime story “du jour.”
  • This is “the why” you never, ever have people running for president who are against Israel publicly. All these people know they would get destroyed — maybe even meet a unfortunate “accident.”
  • This is “the why” you always have mediocre and self-serving ambitious candidates promoted like Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.
  • This is “the why” Israel pretty much gets away with murder in the Mideast, making the US media huge hypocrites because they ignore things Israel does but make a big deal about such things over here.ANDREA MITCHELL STAR OF SATAN

These arrogant backroom Jews will never stop in their efforts to change our lands to how they want it. NEVER. They really don’t give a damn what the rest of us think since they’ve been raised to believe they’re so smart and are “the Chosen Ones” — here to fix a “broken world.” Funny, most of the breakage is due to long-term Jewish meddling and globalist, Zionist scheming!

This is “the why” Jews always end up getting tossed — or worse — from every country they have ever lived in, sooner or later.

So it is indeed a massive conspiracy on many levels. And we sure as hell do have a race of conspirators behind it all — the Jewish race.

You need to start spreading the news to your fellow Whites. The more of us who are awakened to what the lousy Jews are doing to our race, the easy it will be to put a stop to them. They know this, too. You think “gun control” is really for altruistic reasons because they care so much about us? No, they could care less about dead “Goyims.” They just want to eventually get to the position where they can disarm the White race so we can’t threaten them with an armed insurrection at some point in the future when we finally wake up.

White folks: It’s all hands on deck to get the word out. The lousy Jews and liberals own the mainstream media and will do anything to keep our race stupid. Each one of us Whites can make a difference.

Thank you.

— Phillip Marlowe

Super Jew combating "White privilege!"

David Sirota: Super Jew good guy fighting evil “White privilege!”

*Whenever I think about these filthy Jews who say they are Whites but are really Jews pushing nonsense about “White privilege,” I always picture this one guy named David Sirota, who they often bring on MSNBC, CNN and all the other Jew channels. Sirota is actually a big Zionist Jew who once worked as a writer at AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee), churning out Zionist propaganda in support of America’s “little ally” Israel — no matter what they ever do to the Palestinians. You see this hypocrite brought on TV to make cute comments over various anti-White social BS in America, while at the same time also writing brainwashing articles for operations like Salon.com and TIME magazine. It really is a MASSIVE Jew head job going on!

LARRY SUMMERS Larry Summers, who’s real birth name was Samuelson, is a big time Jew money thinker for the Zionist power nexus, pretty much in control over the US Central Banking debt scam. You would never see them run this Jewy-looking shot of him in the media these days because editors now know many of us regular Whites are fast waking up to the Jewish/Zionist manipulations of our lands!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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166 Responses to Of Course it’s an Effin’ JEW CONSPIRACY!

  1. sog says:

    many religious peopels went to different locations to be free to do their religious thing //jews thing is much more inflammatory and criminal ..in germany they outlawed communism and career criminal persons ..they rounded them up, as they had already had the benfit of lax jewish courts who wanted crims on the streets and of course much more lenient to their own cabal ,and had been released time and time agin to prey on germany corpse post ww1 versaille era …
    belaruss and pale had over a thousand shetyls
    “…..were small towns with large Jewish populations which existed in Central and Eastern Europe before the Holocaust. Shtetlech(yiddish) were mainly found in the areas which constituted the 19th century Pale of Settlement in the Russian Empire, the Congress Kingdom of Poland, Galicia and Romania. In Yiddish, a larger city, like Lwów (Lviv) or Czernowice (Chernivtsi), was called a shtot …jews always concentraste themslves into shetyls in ol days ..which is why they had a chronic history of disease and typhuis type outbreaks all the figgin time which is why i always say that the jews brough the lice in to the clean german work camps when these vermin were rounded up for criminal behaviour ..it wasnt anything aqbout jews and their religion ,it was about their over all loyalties and german had been clearly stabbed in the back for all of ww1 by the collective multi race jew population ..like they became members of bolshevik torturers when jews took over latvia in 41 for awhile ..riga and all that nonsense only cus it never really happened like the jew says ..the people of latvia went out after their killers and torturers after the germans came in and lioberated them ,so the kikeroaches split town only to be brouight back for swift justice for their crimes aginst latvians as it should be …even if 30,000 kikes were shot by germans they would have been guilty of practicing genocide against free people of latvia under jewish communism ..cus all jews are corporately guilty …i mean when they engineer the fre money for kike reparations all jews are invbited to wet their beaks ,right ? …
    germans sitting under a canopy having refreshemnts while communist shitbag kikes the likes of bela kohen and helena brus wolinski and yagoda being shot while pleading and whimpering sounds like a fucking good time …but its pure lampshade and jew soap propaganda type nonsense …
    there were a HANDful of shitkikes commies killed in retaliation for the crimes they committed in latvia …good riddance ,then the fucking russians came in a took dominanace and the shit started all over again with jews telling on the lats who fingered the other jews earlier ..who wouldnt hate jews when they kill yout family and steal your property and assets ..just ask armenians and russians and palestinians and spanish civil war activity ..never mind all the jewish genocides of many other nations we will never know about because much of history is wiped off the face of earth …
    so rolling off of hoffs comments ,the germans were deporting saboteurs and communist supporters to occupied russia thru trblinka town at the train station stops for clean up and sobobor and belzec …i remember picturs of either belsec or soby where there is nothing but anciant woods there …so its obviuos that there never was a camp there at all ! .
    eli weasel said there were no death camps in germany ..i’ll take that for the truth ..so the jews say that now there were hundreds of smaller places blah blah ..oy vei…
    now some blowhard rabbi says there was only 1 millionn jews killed ..
    germany had only 6-7 hundred thousand kikes to begin with and as soon as germany started to clean the moral filth out of the cities it was like turning a lite on the rats and they fled for more lucrative places like new york and hollywood and palestine ..
    so are wee to understand that germany just let these people go ..blood thirsty killing machine nazis …oy vay ..someone is got a load of shit in the jewish drawers ..
    hitler even made room for jews in checkos at therreisenstadt …and so the jews now claim 800,000 russian pows wer ekilled there or 70,000 jews whichwevre idiot you talk to ..to cover the deed of humanity up and make it into a jew story ..
    so how many jews left in germany after the mass immigration ..arbitrary ..but 100,000 or 2 maybe at the most ..
    worldchanger is a multitasker ..he can feed on syphlitic nigger dick while gets fucked in the ass and still type stupid shit here all at the same time ….lol …..fucking asshat moron …cockroach sob …yer so effin stupid i couldnt quit laffing for 10 minutes….

  2. Hoff says:

    sog, sog:

    there were a HANDful of shitkikes commies killed in retaliation for the crimes they committed in latvia …good riddance ,then the fucking russians came in a took dominanace and the shit started all over again with jews telling on the lats who fingered the other jews earlier ..who wouldnt hate jews when they kill yout famil


    SOVIET, not Russian. Soviet = Jews doings. Soviet had nothing to do with Russia or the Russian people.


    eli weasel said there were no death camps in germany ..i’ll take that for the truth ..so the jews say that now there were hundreds of smaller places blah blah ..oy vei…


    Wiesenthal Re-Confirms: ‘No Extermination Camps on German Soil’


  3. Flanders says:

    Another 6,000,000 votes for Trump – if those anti-mites such as myself get this message.

    “An obituary for a Jewish chiropractor asked those who mourn his death not to vote for Donald Trump in lieu of flowers.”

    He wasn’t just another run of the mill hooked-nose jew. He must also have been bow-legged. He “took pride in being the only Jewish cowboy that he knew of.”


  4. Hoff says:

    Hail Barney. My mate 😉

  5. Flanders says:

    Let’s settle back and have a toke.

    “The stupidest thing about the whole ‘legalise it‘ lobby is that they seem completely oblivious to the fact that if it was legal, then the other ‘pigs’ in the government and the tax office would be taking their slice of the pie:

    “Do you really want the astronomical price hikes, maaaaaaan?”

    Their brains must be too slow and dopey from years of smoking “da ‘erb” to realise this! They should be seriously looking at what has happened over the years with alcohol and cigarette prices. The government regulation and taxation on these two avenues of pleasure has officially reached ridiculous proportions (in Australia anyway). This is something for the ‘legalise it‘ crew to mull over anyway….”.
    “Having marijuana designated as ‘illegal’ clearly does nothing to stop people using it. Anyone should be able to see that. What it does do though, is keep the prices down, and ensures that the dealers can keep their lucrative careers! If I was a stoner I’d definitely want it to remain illegal, otherwise the new dealer is the government approved outlet!”


  6. Hoff says:

    Hail Barney. My mate 😉

    Mandatory video. A real leader who got a really good working brain. 4 min.

    Refugee Crisis an “Organised Invasion”: President of the Czech Republic during his Christmas Speech


  7. HH! You know what that means.

    Thanks Incog. Many, many, thanks.

    We’ll get there. Because we have to, Like I’ve always said… See you in the victory column, brothers!

    There can be no other outcome, because Whites are AWESOME!

    We may be cringing now but – oh boy! – wait till we turn the CORNER!

    Coming up soon…without a doubt!

  8. Hoff says:

    “Rootless Cosmopolitan” – look at the year 1949 and it’s in Russian and made by the jews who ruled Soviet.

    Late 40s up to Stalin was killed by the jews in 1953, the expression “Rootless Cosmopolitan” was used by the communist jews to describe the zionist jews.

    Commi/marxistjew or zionistjew = Jew gang war.


  9. Hoff says:

    the deeply offensive Hebrew word “yehudon” – which translates as “little Jew boy” – to disparage the ambassador. The term is used by rightwing Israelis against other Jews – particularly those in the diaspora – whom they regard as not being sufficiently Jewish or pro-Israel.


    Above = Jew gang war.

    Now we got a new curse word – Yehudon, little jew boiiiiiy.

  10. Bailey says:

    Good read on the weed Flanders.

    What’s more interesting is that Marijuana smoking had nothing to do with the illegalization of hemp.

    It all had to do with jew profit and turning America into a labor camp,


    It’s also good for anger management but don’t ask how I know that.

  11. manoflove says:

    Candidate Trump retweets ‘White Genocide’ account, drawing outrage
    NEW YORK | By Anjali Athavaley

    Republican U.S. presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump gestures as he speaks at the Fox Business Network Republican presidential candidates debate in North Charleston, South Carolina January 14, 2016.
    Reuters/Chris Keane . SAP is the sponsor of this coverage which is independently produced by the staff of Reuters News Agency.

    Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump retweeted an account called “@WhiteGenocideTM” on Friday, prompting a backlash on social media over the real estate billionaire’s sharing of an apparent neo-Nazi’s depiction of rival candidate Jeb Bush.

    Trump, who is campaigning for the first contests on Feb. 1 in Iowa and Feb. 9 in New Hampshire, is known for attacking other candidates competing for the party’s nomination to run for the White House in November’s general election.

    Trump retweeted Donald Trumpovitz, who uses the handle “@WhiteGenocideTM,” gives the location of the account as “Jewmerica” and features an image that references George Lincoln Rockwell, a prominent figure in the neo-Nazi movement in the United States.

    The tweet read, “@realDonaldTrump Poor Jeb. I could’ve sworn I saw him outside Trump Tower the other day!” and included a photoshopped image of Bush holding a “Vote Trump” sign.

    Tim Miller, communications director for Bush, tweeted in response on @Timodc: “The Godwin’s Double: Trump’s anti-Jeb retweets now include one from a Nazi’s account and another calling Jeb a Nazi.”

    The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    In November, Trump retweeted and then deleted a collage attacking former Florida governor Bush that featured a swastika.

    Some on Twitter were appalled and perplexed by Friday’s retweet by Trump, who has not sought the backing of white supremacist groups but several say his success has helped them win new supporters.

    Kris Hammond (@KrisHammond), who identifies himself as a civil rights attorney on Twitter, said: “#Trump retweets account with the words “white genocide” in the handle. Plays to #whitenationalism base.”

    Natalie Borden (@Natalie_Borden) tweeted: “Guy, who likely will be a POTUS, retweeting a Twitter user named “White Genocide” who says he lives in “Jewmerica.” What a day…”

    A week ago, a white supremacist group said it had placed thousands of automated phone calls in Iowa urging voters to support Trump’s bid for the Republican nomination because “we don’t need Muslims.”

    The telephone campaign is led by the American Freedom Party, which on its website says it “shares the customs and heritage of the European American people.”

  12. Bailey says:

    Industrial Hemp , The Good Lord and Henry Ford,

  13. sog says:

    george sorass says china is going to be the leader in the nwo ..why ..maybe its because the jews own it lox stok and ahole ..and they have these mystery cities there ..state of the art and all modern ..millions of places and roads and coolies and rickshaws for all i know but google this shit and the thing is they are all empty …could it be that our promised chosenites lite of the world people will be haling nose and ass to china after they wipe out the usa …take yer pick ..chinese invasion of chineses waiters :ie chinese waiter torture ..rut rill ruo hrav fo uh drinner ahr uh amerrrikran drevil marruh frukkuh …dog cat spik nigger exotic rackoon …who the fuck knows …so george asshole kike mother fucker soros says americans are going to be ruled by yellow toothed fish breath smellin chinks ,well that is the ones that are stiill alive ……ominous diahreeeeeeah coming from the over lord of jewish diahreeah himself ..this one kike can ruin a whole nation with his money just by fiddlin with the currency trading bs …all insider trading for a fact ….
    so when jews ruin this place they always have left potential options open to where all the shitkikes could move and become critical mass upon humanity ..israle isnt enuff for these poons orcs submonkey people they do have exit strategies and they would be completely safe in china …ok sc` uze duh fuk outta me ..they are ghost cities …i dont that any ghosts actually live there yet either …
    http://www.citymetric.com/skylines/enough-empty-floor-space-cover-madrid-so-why-are-chinas-ghost-cities-still-unoccupied-1180 etc
    they have a lot of diff reasons for building but anally speaking and its jews im speaking about ,they would produce something akin to what they are used to living in .and so office buildings and stores and other shit and maybe colloseums for the gladiator shows they will put on with all the excess chinks layin about …dog eatin crooked yellow tooth mongrels …they binvade the usa ,well ,lets put it this way if the dinks started to just walk like ants into the water from china an kept marching to the commie jew beat cadence of brainwashed anti soul propaganda etc on and on well they could after a while create a human bridge of submerged chinese murruh faawkuhs ..point ..they got hundred millions in theoir army ..and chinese soldiers are focused and dedicated ..no faggots and pink hat troops ..even their women could kick my ass ..i remember the ROK ..doin the jobs no one else was allowed ..these guys got promotions based onn martial art skill levels ..real nice guys tho ..someone cares ..lol…
    are we to belive a kike billionaire whio says china will rule the world but the kikes will be at the helm ..chinese jews who look just like chinese ..go figure ..do they have any pygmie jews how about north american indian jews or vietmese jews maybe indonesian jews too ..i know they got black jews all over africa ..true hebrews ,,lol ..i coyuldnt care less who considers who and or what a true hebrew mainly cus hebrew was a language and not a person but i doint give a fuck abourt who was is or might be sometime now or later a real jew ..gee whiz ..right ..help mr. wixxerd ..pass the jenkem ..
    truth is there are no true israelites anymore …gone to antiquity aND ignominy and they wernt too great any way as the story goes ,god kicked their sorry asses out of jew-rasulem ..72 ish ad or what is it now common era ..
    lookin at the assyrian captivity in 722 before common era aka bce the northern 10 tribes inn the n. kingdom were nothing but a vassal state of most likely assyria and probably owed them a whole lot of shekels and expalantions about missing children and cows ahhye goats …talmud says a good rabbi can fuck a goat and marry it to ,and rabbis can suck baby weener …in 6 more years the kikes 70,000 strong will assemble again at new jersey and graduate from talmud dogma hokum propaganda brainwwash indoc ….these idiots forake the old testament ..blah blah ..but they read one filthy page a day of the pharisitical parchment ..i would wipe my ass with it but its too costly and rough …just like faggots in america are now protesting that straight white men are mean and not nice to the gimpy fuckin queers …its the queers who kill each other with annally injected death sentence ….but they are doin shit like wipin their asses with the pages of the bible ..im sure the jews get a laugh on thet one ..
    this country is lost ..time to refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants ..im all for what patton said ..make the other sob die for hius country ..make the enemy die ..
    more nonsense from jews and moslems and niggers and mexicaans to come ..id lay odds on it ..of course youd be better off layin up self defense strtaegies instead ..
    will the jews engineer another tsunami for east coast or lefty coast jewifornia ….many people have had dreams about the big wave ,not specifically stunamis either ..http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3299425/Amazing-pictures-one-world-s-best-surfers-planet-s-biggest-wave-daredevil-Portuguese-festival.html
    ..will it be a dirty bomb ..a wave of nigger violence to exceed all other nigger activities to date ..or will they drop yellow dust from the skies out of the evergreen air airjalopies like they did over the gulf and onto houses with corexit making 40,000,000’s poisoned ..
    they will control food and water like they have to other countries in the past …
    the skies the limit …enjoy the scenery in portugal on the surf site ..


  14. Olives 4 Sale says:

    Some 18-year-old wanting to join the Marines is DQ’ed because he has a tattoo of a confederate flag that says “Southern Pride”. That’s really a fuckin’ jolly-good break for this kid, though. Now he doesn’t have to go fight for IsaHell. Every white boy down there in the South should start rockin’ one of these tats.


  15. Bailey says:

    Good ole’ JewSA !

  16. Smitherines says:

    Putin to New World Order Agents: Think!
    By Jonas E. Alexis on January 22, 2016

    “The EU needs a Putin, and not a Merkel, and by that I do not mean a sex change operation for her. They need someone who is not a graduate of Fantasyland University, and who can deal with real geopolitics and be straight with their constituency, rather than acting like an occupational force mandarin, totally disconnected from the people.”

    URL here:

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    I see what your saying about the tattoos Olives and Bailey. But I’m not quite sure I like the idea of a Marine Corps composed only of blacks and lgbts and women either. No offense to women I like women. I thought I was supposed to. We may need some tough white guys some day.

  18. Matt says:

    The way I see it, is things will happen the way God said they will. Here’s what he says for the Jews.

    The book of revelations in chapter 17 tells us there’s a great prostitute who sits over peoples, languages and nations. She’s a murderer who’s drunk with the blood of those who follow God.

    She enormously wealthy. In the end her allies turn on her, strip her naked, burn her with fire and kill her. Then the world has a 1,000 years of peace. This can be seen in Revelations 17 and Ezekiel 16.

    In the meantime this filthy Jew whore is carrying on her plans to make a paper sack brown mongrelized society. Which will not work.

    In the book of Daniel there is a statue that has a head of Gold, chest and arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, legs of iron and feet of iron and clay. This statue represented man’s kingdoms through time.

    The last and worst kingdom is the clay and iron kingdom.

    Septuagint Daniel 2:43 “As you saw the iron admixed with the clay ware, they will be commixed in races of humans, but will not be in agreement or well disposed to one another, even as iron is NOT able to be blended with earthenware.”

    God has made us different people, some blessed, some cursed and we’re NOT able to blend. Another Jew plan destined for the junk pile. Revelations calls the Jews the corruptors of the earth.

    In the end a stone cut from a mountain, without human hands, will crush this kingdom to powder like chaff on a threshing floor. The wind will blow it away so nothing remains.

    The stone will become a great kingdom and fill the whole earth.

    This is how man’s rule ends, the worst kingdom in man’s existence of iron and clay, with the Christ killing children of the devil, the corrupting Jews at the top trying to create a mongrelized cesspool, that is NOT able to blend.

    As they say, it’s always darkest before the dawn. The stone, Jesus Christ is coming.

  19. manoflove says:

    Traditional Maori (native people of New Zealand wedding dance):

  20. bubba says:

    LGQBT in military…

    IMHO…..simply to weaken any possible internal resistance as the UN forces will become the global military…as well as part of the demoralization process Bezmenov noted.

  21. Matt says:


    I wouldn’t want anything to do with marrying into that people. The whole thing is weird and so much different from “normal” white people. I like my people my Northern European white people, that know the truth.

  22. manoflove says:

    I hear you Matt and quite frankly I’ve never seen anything like this. They call that a wedding dance??

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    Great video mol I’d love to see those guys square off with a pack of niggers in oakland or detroilet.

  24. bubba says:

    People from different races that are at least “westernized” are not too bad.

    However once they come over in waves and never integrate is like living amongst alien creatures. They look and act like freaks

  25. Must I say it..


    There, I said it….

    Anyways, another spot on article, Incogman old buddy…. It should make everyone stop and think the next time they ever deal with these slithering psychotic freaks…..

    Never, ever, ever, trust a Jew… For that creature has only one goal in mind, which is to see every single Gentile, or as they call us …”subhuman” destroyed or subjugated….

  26. Smitherines says:

    The Netanyahu Gang–They Never Get Tired of Rubbing America’s Nose in the Dirt
    By Richard Edmondson on January 23, 2016

    Netanyahu former aid calls US ambassador a ‘little Jew boy’


    Last Thursday, in Davos, Switzerland, Benjamin Netanyahu issued what essentially amounted to a demand that America increase the amount of its annual assistance to the Jewish state, this in a statement he made at the World Economic Forum.

    The Israeli prime minister said the increase is necessary because of the Iran deal.

    “We’re talking about a bigger package”–necessary, he said, in order to “resist Iranian aggression in the region.”

    Netanyahu’s comments came just one day after a former aid of his offered up a scathing remark about U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro. It would seem that no criticism of Israel can ever be tolerated from any US official, apparently even if the official is Jewish.

    “Too many attacks on Palestinians lack a vigorous investigation or response by Israeli authorities, too much vigilantism goes unchecked,” Shapiro had remarked earlier in the week. “As Israel’s devoted friend and its most stalwart partner, we believe that Israel must develop stronger and more credible responses to questions about the rule of law in the West Bank.”

    But Shapiro, for his trouble, promptly had his nose rubbed in the dirt. In an appearance on Israeli TV on Wednesday, Aviv Bushinsky, a former political aid to Netanyahu, by way of response called Shapiro a “little Jew boy.”

    This of course is not the first time prominent Israelis have insulted US officials. There have been other instances (see here and here ). Nevertheless, it seems that a US delegation will travel to Israel next week to discuss the new aid package.

    Is the relationship between Israel and the US comparable to that between a parasite and its host? Some have drawn that analogy, and my own personal view is that it’s probably a valid one. If we look at the “special relationship” from that perspective, however, we might stretch the metaphor a bit further by saying that not only is the parasite feeding off the host’s blood, but is hurling insults at it as it does so.

    The longer Americans go on putting up with insults and affronts of this type–from what is supposedly a “client state”–the more we become the laughing stocks of the world.


  27. Flanders says:

    I’m not sure how well this will post, but it’s difficult to copy, and I’ll start . I’ll leave the link, if I can find it, but I’ve had it for a while and can’t find the link info, but this is extremely detailed information on the jew populations of the world, and broken down into useable formats. It would be an excellent source for study and research.
    Does anyone know how to get the direct link to this from a PDF which has been copied?

    Exerpts Are From:

    American Jewish Year Book (1920 – 1921)
    (Prepared by The Bureau of Jewish Social Research)


    GERMANY.—The German Census of 1910 gives the Jewish
    population of Germany as 615,021. By the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany through cession and by plebiscite loses the following territories:

    Jewish population
    (Census 1910)

    Silesia (regency of Opole) 18,217
    Posen 26,512
    West Prussia 13,954
    East Prussia (Allenstein) 2,587
    Alsace-Lorraine 30,483
    Schleswig 20,000 (estimated)
    Total 111,753


    This leaves for the republic of Germany as at present consti-
    tuted a Jewish population of 503,268.

  28. Flanders says:


    Total, 504,923 [Footnote] 1

    United Kingdom 286,000
    Cyprus, Gibraltar,Malta 1,445

    Union of South Africa 47,000
    Egypt 50,000
    East African Protecto-rate 120

    Canada 75,681 [Footnote] 2
    Jamaica 1,200

    Australia 17,287
    New Zealand 2,128

    Aden 3,747
    India 20,980
    Hong Kong and Straits Settlement 535
    English Jewish Year Book, 1920. The total population of the British empire is given as 439,959,000, the Jews thus forming 00.11 per cent of the total.
    See Note 1, on p. 363

  29. Flanders says:


    The Government of the United States, in making its various
    censuses, takes no account of religious affiliations. There are, therefore, no official, authoritative statistics of the Jewish population of the United States. All figures concerning the number of Jews in this country are based entirely upon estimates. Following is a table giving the number of Jews in the United States as estimated by various authorities at different times.

    [See Flanders files – Capture – Jews in US (1818-1918) American Jewish Yearbook 1920 – 1921 [page 368] – for chart].

    The latest estimate, that for 1918, was made by the Bureau of
    Jewish Statistics and Research of the American Jewish Committee, under the direction of Doctor Samson D. Oppenheim. A complete statement of the methods of computation which resulted in the figure presented is contained in the AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK 5679, pp. 31-74.
    The last previous estimate, that made by the editor of the
    AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK in 1910, was based on the increase in the population of fifty cities during the years 1907-1910. For these fifty cities, the total population in 1910, as estimated by the Industrial Removal Office, was 15 per cent greater than that estimated by the editor of the AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK 5668. It was assumed that there had been a similar increase in the Jewish population throughout the country, and that the total Jewish population for 1907, given as 1,777,185, had by 1910 become 2,043,762.

  30. Flanders says:

    [On page 362 – Flanders]

    North America 3,379,668
    South America 116,557
    Europe 11,435,968
    Asia 433,332
    Africa 359,722
    Australia 19,415

    Total 15,744,662

    The above was from Table 1. There are many more in the book, the next one being, NUMBER OF JEWS AND PER CENT OF TOTAL POPULATION BY COUNTRIES, which is too lengthy to straighten into useable form.

  31. Flanders says:

    Below are countries showing a counted presence of jews according to the 1920 – 1921 Year Book. The other info is too difficult to print.


    United States

    Argentine Republic
    Dutch Guiana (Surinam)

    Cyprus, Gibraltar, Malta
    Russia in Europe:
    Soviet Kussia
    Latvia •
    Serb-Croat-Slovene State (Jugo-Slavia)
    Turkey in Europe
    United Kingdom

    Afghanistan and Turkestan ,
    Dutch East Indies (Java, Madura, etc.)
    Hong Eong and Straits Settlement
    Russia in Asia
    Turkey in Asia (other than Palestine).

    East African Protectorate
    Union of South Africa

    AUSTRALASIA [This is how it is spelled in the book – Flanders]
    New Zealand

  32. Flanders says:

    A few random notes from the discussion of various countries in reference to jew populations. There are notes for EACH country listed earlier in the book.

    GERMANY.—The German Census of 1910 gives the Jewish
    population of Germany as 615,021. By the terms of the Treaty ofVersailles, Germany through cession and by plebiscite loses the following territories: [The chart matches with the info shown in my first posted comment above – Flanders]. [It then continues]:

    This leaves for the republic of Germany as at present consti-
    tuted a Jewish population of 503,268.

    PALESTINE.—No revised population figures for the whole of
    Palestine are at present available. Dr. A. Ruppin has stated that
    the Jewish population of Palestine has not increased during thewar period. A census taken, by the Jaffe-Palestine Office in 1916-1917, of one section of the country, Judea, gave the Jewish population of this particular section as 41,704, of whom 26,605 were residents of Jerusalem. The Jewish population of the Holy City in 1913 numbered 58,390. Lord Sydenham in a statement made in Parliament on June 29, 1920, gave these figures for Palestine:

    Muslims 515,000, Christians 62,500, Jews 65,300, others 5,050; theJews number about 10 per cent.

    RUSSIA IN ASIA.—The distribution of the Jewish population
    in Asiatic Russia in 1913 was:
    Siberia 58,730
    Central Asia 17,532
    Total 76,262
    Since 1913 the Jewish population in these regions was consid-
    erably increased by immigration from the former “Pale of Set-


    In the article on the Jewish Population of the United States,
    in AMERICAN JEWISH YEAB BOOK 5679, attention was called to
    the interesting fact that nine-tenths of all Jews in the coun-
    try live in the following twelve states of the union: New York,
    Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey, Mis-
    souri, Connecticut, California, Maryland,* Michigan, and Indiana
    (see Table VII). It will be noted that seventy-five per cent of
    the total are residents of the five states ranking first in manu-
    factures, according to the United States census of 1910, namely,
    New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Ohio.


    Another point of interest developed by the inquiry of the Bu-
    reau of Jewish Statistics and Research is that approximately
    three-quarters of the Jewish population of the United States are concentrated in only ten cities which hold only about 14 per cent of the total general population of the United States. This brings out graphically the industrial and commercial tendencies of the Jewish population of the United States.

    [Not printed]

    Approximately half the Jews in the United States reside in
    the city of New York, where they constitute about twenty-five percent of the total population.

    It is interesting to note that, while New York contains such a
    large quota of the Jews of the United States, it is not proportion-
    ately the most Jewish city. Chelsea, Mass., has a Jewish popula-
    tion of 13,000, or twenty-eight per cent of the general population.
    The three Jewish agricultural colonies which make up the bulk of
    the populations of Rosenhayn, Carmel, and Woodbine, all in New
    Jersey, constitute, respectively, fifty per cent, sixty per cent, and one hundred per cent of the general population of those places.

    The complete statistics of immigration to the United States, aa
    shown by the Commissioner-General’s reports, are given below
    for the period 1899-1919. It will be seen that for this period of twenty-one years Jewish immigration has been 1,551,315, amounting to 10.43 per cent of the total immigration.

    The Jewish immigration since 1881 is approximately 2,150,000.
    On the basis of the percentage leaving the United States since
    1908, the total number departed during this period would be 149,000, leaving a net increase through immigration of 2,001,000.

    During a period of twenty-one years, the number of Jews re-
    jected on application for landing was 20,953, or approximately
    7.41 per cent of the total number of immigrants debarred. This is
    considerably less than the proportion which Jews form of the
    total immigration for the same period, 10.43 per cent.

    End for now.

  33. Flanders says:

    I have one final word on that jew Year Book of 1920, and my thoughts on the purpose behind it and behind the slew of other similar books by jewry.

    One thing is certain. That is that jews track each and everyone of the jews (as far as reasonably possible). It’s obvious that to the jew leadership cadres, knowing and analyzing the statistical movement and assets of jews is of primary importance. I suspect that is because the jew leaders want to know the strengths and assets of each jew, and know how to utilize each individual jew, and manage them into useable forces in order to obtain desired levels of monopoly status.

    The communal kehillah nature of the jews, grouping into large geographic areas together, allows jew networking to extend into whichever geographic areas that those individual jews move into while interacting among the White populations. Those jews spread among the formerly White populations to spread the desired philosophical and social changing messages desired by the jew leadership into the American population. The tracking of those jew members serves in maximizing the ability of jew leaders to use the combined networks, using them to acheive the jew leadershp’s goals of overcoming the ineffectively cohesive, and individualistic, White populations.

    Those jew leaders are now attempting to impose that communal and trackered jew communism onto the American public. It’s the JWO that is their goal, and it is the JWO supremecy of jews, over all White Americans, and over the other people whom the jews have imported to live here in our country.

  34. Flanders says:

    The major intellectual achievements of jews have always been in the field of Theft.

    The Great Patents Heist

    “Although the Americans were the initiators of the intellectual plundering of Germany, it was practiced by all the victors – the United Kingdom, France and the Soviet Union.

    When World War II came to an end, the experts of the French, the Soviets and the British were just as ready as the Office of Technical Services in Washington (OTS). The London office of the British Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee said proudly, “The production secrets we take away from Germany are a bigger blow than the loss of East Prussia.” Even the prime minister of Australia, Joseph B. Chifley, admitted in a radio address in September 1949 that “the booty of 6,000 German industrial reports and of 46 German scientists given to Australia” possessed a value that could not be calculated in money and now enabled Australian producers to also play a prominent role in industrial world production.”


  35. sog says:

    the jews used expendable russian men and boys as cannon fodder ..
    like they use our usa boys as fodder …or like they used poles to wipe out ethnic germans in bromberg and occupied versaille treaty ex german eastern border land ..and persecutions of ethnic germans being killed by non jew co conspirators like armenia 1915..jewish leaders of turkey dressed as fly incubator moslems incited turks to do much of the killing …or the 60,000 armenians in the turkish army who were stripped of arms and executed ..most of this was done by willing non jew pro murder muslims ..
    or the slaughter at shatilla and sabra in lebanon who the jews sicked the militia ,,Lebanese Christian militia in collaboration with the Israeli s ..but in all fairness who really knows the intent of the devil ..jews are happy to kill anyone ..mayube lebanon was being played on and preyed on and maybe there was dis information and paranoia everywhere ..the jews bombed the marine barracks tho …as the pm or pres menakum baygun i think as i dont follow kike politix ,but he said the americans got what they deserved for sticking their nose into the genocide of lebanese by jews
    who had in essence killed 30,000 civilians by the time americans got there ..so then reagan deceds to help in the genocide after all etc on and on ..

  36. sog says:

    herr hoff ….the jews used expendable russian men and boys as cannon fodder ..
    like they use our usa boys as fodder …or like they used poles to wipe out ethnic germans in bromberg and occupied versaille treaty ex german eastern border land ..and persecutions of ethnic germans being killed by non jew co conspirators like armenia 1915..jewish leaders of turkey dressed as fly incubator moslems incited turks to do much of the killing …or the 60,000 armenians in the turkish army who were stripped of arms and executed ..most of this was done by willing non jew pro murder muslims ..
    or the slaughter at shatilla and sabra in lebanon who the jews sicked the militia ,,Lebanese Christian militia in collaboration with the Israeli s ..but in all fairness who really knows the intent of the devil ..jews are happy to kill anyone ..mayube lebanon was being played on and preyed on and maybe there was dis information and paranoia everywhere ..the jews bombed the marine barracks tho …as the pm or pres menakum baygun i think as i dont follow kike politix ,but he said the americans got what they deserved for sticking their nose into the genocide of lebanese by jews
    who had in essence killed 30,000 civilians by the time americans got there ..so then reagan deceds to help in the genocide after all etc on and on ..
    the jews bolsheviks in nrussia also used a draft aka conscripts and gulag inmates to fight ..the jews relinquished strict repression on religion in former russia ussr in hopes of swaying others to enjoin the ww2 fray …
    my 2 cents . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . … .

  37. protocolsRtrue says:

    Yes the Bolshevik commie jews conscripted these guys at gunpoint. With an offer they cant refuse. Best jewlywood scene was the opening of Enemy at the Gates. Sent these poor bastards into battle against machine guns and only one in ten had a rifle. Outright slaughter. And the Bolshevik jew commisars were behind them during the charge to machine gun them in the back or in their front if they tried to turn back. So the commie Bolshevik jews win either way from a kill the goyim standpoint. Not just jewlywood. Reality. Truth. Many times on the Eastern front. Millions slaughtered on both sides before it was all said and done. And those captured only 1 in ten was lucky to ever make it home alive either. Devolved into no quarter asked or given fight to the death. The jews and their father satan smiled all the while. The soviets Bolshevik jews just had too many people to pull from. Grabbed them Asian and Siberian fuckers too and conscripted them.
    Germany could have still won except for the economic and material and weapons support from America. And then the 666 operation OverLord opening the western front getting Americans killed and wounded to joining in on the fun. People need to remember that Hitler did not start war with Britain and France. France and Britain declared war on Germany over a stupid pact to go to war for Poland a country they knew they had NO chance of trying to help or save anyway. Then they got their asses kicked off the continent at Dunkirk. Little known but Lord Churchill was also a key player in triggering the great depression while he was Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1925 when he returned to the gold standard setting the English pound back to pre jew war 1 rate. Among his other gaffes. His fat fingers are involved in so many fuck-ups leading to massive death and destruction and suffering it’s unbelievable they call him a hero. Hitler wanted peace with England but Churchill wanted no part of it. Just goes to show you that only a few key people at the top listening to their puppetmasters and their own self-interests can make tragic decisions that benefit a small few yet cause so much death and destruction and suffering to the masses. That’s protocol #1 paragraph 3.

    3. It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorisation, and not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare.

  38. sog says:

    good stuff proto ..yes the french invaded germany in 1939 and were stifled quickly and accepted germany to occupy them the upper half of france only and the jews lie on and on about the holocaust in france ..there were 350,000 kikes in the lower half of france who never saw a german ..but the french communists were busy killing the french nationalists down there ..england started merciless civilian target city bombing of germany in march of 1940…….http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?t=199639
    all in all it was a very efficient way to cull more non jew russian/ussr men ..even conscripting or as they say offering a cjoice to go fight or die in a gulag aint much of a choice aqnd if you survived you had to go back to the gulag ..so it makes me think that is why these young men didnt fear death as much as they feared life under jewish communism ..they probably also feared fore their back home families and the thought of putting a nice hot piece o lead thru the kommisukker kike head would have been tempered with that thought or not ..personally they should have killed as many kommisars aka political officers and taken their guns and joila many russians must have defected anyway ..but after being in a gulag i think that they would have preferred the freedom and relief of death to going back ..
    america has always had somethging similar ..often a judge will give a person the choice of jail or miltary service still today but in reality they are both very much the same ..

  39. Dr. Doom says:

    Take heart, the jew is losing. It doubles down because its losing. If it was winning it would be business as usual. They have had a good time, but now its over. When the cats away the rats will play, but the cat came back he never went away, he just wanted the rats to come out and play.

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