Samuel L. Jackson Loves Seeing White People Killed

Samuel L Jackson

By Phillip Marlowe

I was watching the PBS TV talk show “Charlie Rose” just the other night when he had on Samuel “L.” Jackson plugging his oh-so-exciting new Quentin Tarantino movie “The Hateful Eight.” Jackson happily said he didn’t care if his post civil war movie character was in the Union or the Confederacy, just as long as the script had him killing lots of Whites (as racial payback for slavery, of course).*

Charlie-Rose SiloCharlie Rose† didn’t care one bit — it meant nothing to the spineless libtard having a black right in front of him positively gleeful about Whites getting killed at the hands of blacks. Nor did it mean JACK as the two tip-toed around the part where Jackson’s character orally rapes a White man at gunpoint and then kills him — both SOBs laughed uproariously right then over what they knew the scene portrayed. How brilliant of Tarantino the two gushed!

White people: You just don’t get it, now do you? We’re the ones getting effed. And they fully expect you not to say one GD thing about it. That’s what “PC” is all about.

Look, I can’t blame you entirely. The media works hard to confuse and keep you in the dark. In fact, the media tries to make you think as a White person you belong to the one race that’s the big baddie of the ages. Since you’re White, you must feel guilt about all kinds of history — especially anything dealing with the poor little blacks — even though 95% of you had zero ancestry with any slave owning. You know that’s the drill, don’t you?

Let’s face facts: Blacks kill innocent White people all the time. Every single day White people somewhere get brutally slaughtered by these violent animals. The media hides it all, or simply calls it “garden variety crime” due to economic circumstances (blacks are always getting “so oppressed” by us evil White “stealth racists” secretly working to keep the poor brother man down; no matter all the special race perks the spoiled rotten brats constantly receive).

Blacks have been so hopelessly bunged-up in the head over White racism and slavery because of all the movies Jew Hollywood puts out constantly…every…GD…year. Hating Whitey is a huge business with the media Jews and blacks eat it all up!

It’s little wonder this ugly race feel zero empathy when it comes to murdering us White people or the idiot Mudsharks in whatever God-awful way that strikes their sadistic fancy at the time. Hell, the bastards kill each other all the time over chicken bones.

This whole “gestalt” (Jews so love that word) now ensnaring America is geared towards keeping the White race weak and powerless while they steal our countries right out from under us, while gradually whittling away at our numbers over time (which they’ve been up to for the last 50 years in a multitude of socially destructive ways).

Weinstein_Brothers_TarantinoTarantino (center) with the Jew Weinstein brothers — who love financing all kinds of Whites-being-evil-and-deserve-getting-killed movies. Just look at those satanic mugs! Had enough of these filthy Jew creeps yet?

Now this black bastard, Samuel L. Jackson, quite openly loves playing characters in movies where he gets to kill Whites. The director he most works with is Quentin Tarantino, a prime example of a psycho White liberal given lots of dough to do his thing on the big screen. The producers of his movies are a couple of totally vile Jew creeps — the Weinstein brothers — who love financing White-hating, White-killing movies.

If things were truly fair to the White race and the hypocrites were really against “racism,” Mr. Samuel L. Jackson would lose his cushy career due to the uproar in the media over his anti-White, racist comments. He would be publicly shunned. The sorry Charlie Rose, too.

Jamie Foxx yuks it up about getting to kill White people on SNL.

Jamie Foxx laughed about getting to kill lots of White people in the movies while hosting SNL back in December of 2012 and none of the race hypocrites said one GD thing. He continues his big fat cushy career raking in millions.

All of these Sacks of Fecal matter are going to have to be imprisoned in concentration camps one day. Without a doubt! That Charlie Rose SOB needs to be thrown into a cell with Jackson so he can be his little bitch boy. He asked for it, Toyota.

Should I go down early while leading our combat forces to take back our lands, I expect someone out there to remember my words here and carry this out once all these creeps are located and apprehended. If they resist, you know what to do.

You might think I’m overly dramatic, but the fact remains they have carefully orchestrated the situation where my race is getting corralled so they can turn us into a victimized, spat-upon minority in a trashy Third World, non-White America. And I am definitely not going to go along with the crap, even if it means being inciteful enough to call for all out civil war.

Call it “conspiracy theory” or whatever, but this is truly what they are up to. The writing is on the wall for our race. You see what is happening to White lands in Europe, haven’t you? White women are beaten and raped in the GD streets by laughing non-White Third Worlders — getting a free ride living there with tax dollars from the government!

Whether Trump gets anywhere or is a big secret plant (we’ll see what happens), we just may have to use all those terrible guns you know the filthy White-hating bastards would love to confiscate from us White Americans, sooner or later.

This is where it’s all going. You know that deep down don’t you?


*The youtube video for the entire interview was edited way down on Charlie Rose’s Youtube site to only show the part where Jackson says Tarantino is not racist. The whole video may be seen on his site HERE, but I’m not sure if any editing was done.

†I once saw a video of liberal hypocrite Charlie Rose interviewing Israel’s president, Shimon Peres, when he was visiting a synagogue in New York. Rose was so sycophantic it was truly vomit-inducing to behold. This Rose guy is one huge GD Jew suck-up!



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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