Devious Dyke’s “Naked Mrs. Trump” Ad Backfires

MELANIE TRUMP SCHWIIINGPhoto used in the Anti-Trump campaign. I put in a better high-res version here with overlay type (I freely admit I’m a horn dog), since the one used in the ad was too blurry.† Her anti-Trump ad is below the “continue reading” button. Hell, the lesbian probably picked out the shot for the same reasons I did. LOL. (INCOG)


Dyke "republican strategist" Liz Mair on MSNBC.

Devious dyke “republican strategist” Liz Mair seen here on lefty MSNBC cable news.

An anti-Trump advertisement set up by a pro-homo activist within the Republican Party and which features a seventeen-year-old glamor shot of, has completely backfired and boosted Donald Trump once again.

The campaign, set up by Republican Party “strategist” Liz Mair, uses a picture taken in 1999 of Melania Knauss before she married Donald, posing in her soon-to-be husband’s private jet.

The pictures, which first appeared in GQ magazine in January 2000, have long been known about, but Liz Mari—who used to work for the pro-homosexual Republican Party “GOProud” organization—has now employed them in an attempt to undermine Trump support amongst voters in Mormon-dominated Utah ahead of the primaries in that state being held today.

Mair set up the advertisement campaign to be distributed in Utah. Using one of the pictures—the raciest they could find—the picture has been captioned, “Meet Melania Trump. Your next First Lady. Or, you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday.”  It was meant to be circulated on social media to harm Trump—but has instead become viral in support of the Republican front runner.

Mair has engaged in the most outrageous hypocrisy in spreading the image.

As a staunch advocate for homo rights—in any sane society she would be the last person to try and lecture Christians on grounds of “morality” given the Bible’s stance on homosexuality.

The Zero Hedge blog (a financial news aggregator whose news section is written by a group of editors who collectively write under the pseudonym “Tyler Durden,” a character from the novel and film Fight Club), was the first to point out that the advertisement was backfiring.

In a post titled “Whose Bright Idea Was It to Show a Naked Melania Trump in an Attack Ad?,”  Zero Hedge wrote that “when a conservative, anti-Trump group decided to run Facebook ads which showcased naked photos of Melania Trump, we wonder: what were they thinking?”

Zero Hedge goes on to explain why the campaign is a flop:

It is also the one that makes us wonder just what Mair et al were thinking: imagine if someone were to show naked photos of one of the other potential first ladies (or of Bill Clinton for that matter)—the media response would be loud, instant, and piercing.

But the real question is just how badly will this approach backfire: it may come as a surprise to the organizers, but showing a naked Melania Trump, a successful, multi-lingual supermodel and undoubtedly the most attractive first lady America would ever have, is not exactly an attack ad, the moment men end up seeing the ad.

If anything, this ad could lead to a surprising last minute surge for Trump. And yes, if the democrats (and non-Trump republicans) want to desperately lose the national election, they should certainly show more naked photos of Melania Trump on social networks and/or TV.

* Melania Trump is a Slovenian-born super model, who studied art and architecture, speaks four languages (English, Slovenian, French, and German) has her own personally designed line of jewelry and watches, and is the mother of nine-year-old Barron Trump, a remarkable Donald lookalike.

Melania-Trump Liz Mair failed attack ad
Almost certainly the lezbo or the ones behind her had it purposefully blurred and speckled inside photoshop so it would look more crude and amateurish. They also “cloned out” the GQ logo in the lower left hand corner like I did on the one at the top. Note the “MEME” style typeface and the “Make America Awesome” credit line. So phony. This is really political trickery targeting the White proletariat in the guise of social media. The devious dyke is certainly affiliated with a big money/Jewy organization somewhere. And note the business with a homosexual like herself pushing Evangelist-darling Ted Cruz — that should tell you something about the forces desperate to stop Trump’s appeal to regular decent White folks. (INCOG)



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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27 Responses to Devious Dyke’s “Naked Mrs. Trump” Ad Backfires

  1. Denys Picard says:

    At three O’Clock one Morning in 2017, when the Red phone rings at the White House, because there is an World Emergency, The Donald could be snoring right through but I feel secured to know Melania will answer. I just wonder if we will be allowed to call the White House at 3 in the morning when we need a bit of moral support…

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’ll be honest with you InCog and I always am. I tend to like the girl next door American Woman not the exotic starving her self to death model type. Not that they aren’t smart either. Trump went after megan Kelley because she was bleeding from places we don’t want to know about. C’mon man we are all adults here let’s not stoop to that level. I never wanted a trophy wife and of course never had one. But I had some hottie girlfriends somewhere along the way. Just like I said 100 times before stepdad Jim had 2 ships sunk out from under him by the slant eyed japs. Stepdad Jim beat a lot of common sense into me when I was a kid but when I brought home one of my bestest girlfriends he said remember Son, and I use that term loosely, They all look the same and feel the same in the dark. Stepdad Jim RIP was trying to tell me to go for the brains and not the beauty.

  3. Feric Jagger says:

    Would you rather see Hillary Clinton named?

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    jews always get stirred up like wasps or hornets nests around Passover and Easter. Did you see that video of the mall Easter bunny and a brawl broke out? Turns out the Easter bunny was a nigger with a warrant. Can you believe this shit?

  5. Rory says:

    These anti-Trumpsters are really annoying anymore.
    And pathetic in their actions.

    As for Mrs. Trump, she’s a hell of a lot more attractive than that Amazon monkey critter with those big chompers that’s squatting in the White House now!

    Melania will make a charming First Lady this time ’round.
    As was Jackie-O.

  6. Recon Ranger says:

    Whether one wants a trophy wife or not it still will prevail as the ” Looker” of the century when our Donald is in the once white house…The whole world will listen to him when he stands on a podium with his ” Trophy ” wife… It is plain human nature, both man and woman will be looking at the Donald’s wife…Why not… do we want to see Michelle’s balls hangin’ instead ? Or hillarys saggers hangin to her knees? Looks wins.. it’s just human nature and I will be looking no doubt… and the dykes will be killing each other to get in to the white house for interviews… Thank GOD for heterosexuals…. stay WHITE and remain HETERO… and yes make sure we all lock and load…

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    I want to amend a previous statement that I never wanted a trophy wife and of course never had one. I want to add that they were trophy wives to me. Smart AND beautiful. All 7 of them. Maybe it’s me when you get divorced 7 times. Just kidding.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    recon ranger go back to my 9:28 when I said jews always get stirred up like wasps and hornets around Passover and Easter. My stepdad Jim RIP served on both of those ships sunk by the slant eyed japs during jew war 2. Can you believe that shit? He survived to be the greatest stepdad you could ever have. Even though we didn’t know it at the time.

  9. Whitepride says:

    Damm effing kikes at it again!

  10. S O G says:

    sure as hell anything even a dogs ass would better thsan looking at the hideous trogg tranny haye monger michelle ..and boy does this uglky nigger hate whites isnt our fault she was born so dam ugly or insane ..i think she and orca winfrey nigger skank were separated at birth just becaue of the danger of these two being attatched woiyuld cause critical mass …communist niqqer as wipes …orca hag says all white people in the south should just die …hell most of em in the 17-1800’s were just working and raising families …didnt have any political recourse or influence ..just hoped for the best and went to the fields or work every day for god and couyntry …seldom does a populational entity have any plug in to the political machine …
    the north and the jews had just as many slaves aka servants ,bond slaves ,indentured slaves servants etc . . . but the deal is that the north and the south also had equal number of freed bond servants living freely in the southern and northern colonies and this was approx 370,000 niggers living as ex-slaves freely in the south and the same amount living in the north ……the reason the north caught any flak is because of jews writing history and future …like they hide the fact of their genocide in russia of 80 million non jew russians and hide the fact that they have been front runners and controllers of shipping and slave shipments for 2000 years and alot of times in co existence with muslim slave shipments …muslims operated slave ships as well and were co efficient in shipping 12 million slaves to south america back in the trans slave shipment days ..where is the bad press for the muslims or the jews for this activity ..the fact that mostly just jew families owned 1/2 slave servants in colonies as opposed to christian families who declined to own slaves at all made plantaion ownwer jews the foremost owners of slaves till niggers became large numbers of freed slaves and of course bought their own so that at the end of the businerss life of slave trade ,blacks in the sout acounted for half of the slave owners ….the other half were always the jews and not euro whites …..
    slavery has been and still is opraticed in africa for the last thousands of years …nigger tribal lords have slaughtered millions of other niggers in just the last 100 years …
    apartheid the alleged bs about it even if it was true wasnt the realk problem or rather wouldnt have even measured upo to the ferocity of niggr on nigger violence in africa ..

  11. S O G says:

    its purim with delusional arab mixed dna desert kooks pretending to be chosen 12 tribe of dickhead israelites …they are having gentile blood as a bond between them ..even bar mitzvahs are in a language verse kids dont understand but it is tantamount to inviting sataninc spirits into their lives ….never forget the true blood libel of jews and the countless confessions and weird goins on around this subject for centuries ..julius streicher was eventually executed by kikes post ww2 for just writing about this shit in the sturmer during germanies rennaiscance ..he never was a member of the nazi poarty and never was involved in any alledged murder of shitkikes but they offed him anyway ..
    the blood libel is real and true as certain sects of judeaism practice this shit …
    kidnapping gentile children and bloodletting them so thgey bleed out slowly into a bucket but i think the kosher method of killing animals which is the cruelest and most inhuman way to slaughter an animal is sometimes used on humans to …
    they got away with it more in the pre electronic info days ..many countries expelled them specifically for this crime in ancient times ….purim sacrifice in belgium ,brussels jews were hurt in this obvious false flag and jewiosh purim ceremony …
    why would isis oir isil do this wvwn tho they are sensless killers there isnt a killer so remorseless as the jews and their methods …which are recognizable even from a distance ……its obviuos and redundant ..its the jews and its purim what the fuck else is new ….

  12. S O G says:

    hmmm yeah trump has good taste …….
    women do look and i mean any woman is gonna look sexy with little or no clothes on so even the woman next door is gonna be hot unless its a michelle or orca look alike …
    help m m m m mr. wizzzzard … .. .. .. .. .. .

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    Stepdad Jim RIP could certainly beat some good sense into you. Have you ever had kids? What’s the hardest thing you try to teach them how to do besides go potty? Ride a bike push the pedals and go forward and how to swim. One of the best things you can ever teach a kid is how to swim and not be afraid of water.

  14. KiteFlyer says:

    The cockpit picture was the best.

  15. Ronnie Waters says:

    Holy Toledo! It’s the return of Jane Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies.

  16. Red Pill says:

    the end is near, why put it off and suffer longer when we can hasten the inevitable.
    with a vote for Hillary we can fast track the demise of America.
    let’s all get on the band wagon and show our support for the police state that is slowly choking the life from our hearts and minds.
    this glorious opportunity should be seized upon to show support for what really counts in life. GREED AND DESTRUCTION.

    there is no other way to show your support for the system we all love, and bask in
    it’s warm and caring family of like minded Americans.

    Americans must unite to save our country, our country of impeachable purity.
    to take up the flag proudly and triumphantly support our way of life.

    now repeat after me,
    i pledge the allegiance to the flag (fag) of “the United States of America” (a corporation) and to the Republic (demonocracy) for which it stands,
    one nation under god? (which one?) indivisible, (no civil war) with liberty and justice for all.”,(i just love this part) for all, for all, justice for all, what a profound statement. make chilly wigglers run up my spine.

    yes , we can do our part to keep America strong and proud in the eyes of the “world”.
    got to go now and take my morning shit.
    any body that thinks America can be fixed needs to join me in expelling that idea.
    empires are never fixed, they just slowly disintegrate from the inside and leave the people with there hand cupped under there ass waiting for what’s next.

    Sure, Your Vote Matters… Just Keep Telling Yourself That

  17. Red Pill says:

    is this what you want to save America for?
    i say let them figure it out. zombies united for destruction.

  18. Red Pill says:

    is this what you want to save America for?
    i say let them figure it out. zombies united for destruction.

  19. Ivan Ruzic says:

    Hey INCOGMAN what is your opinion on braindead cheerleaders on Colbert show who were clapping when that kike Colbert mocked the destruction of our race.
    This crazy kike has been eating American taxpayers while he and his tribe were ravaging our lands and people of their wealth. To the ovens!

  20. Frederick says:

    Red Pill says:
    March 23, 2016 at 9:25 am


    Your complete post makes much since, as voting for Trump likely will give relieve of the BS, but for how long?

    But to remain optimistic, I would vote for him, if I could (yeah I change my mind), and not have any regrets! There’s no harm done supporting him, its already all craped out!

    Trump could fix some things but America has been too far down the road of perdition to be saved. If Trump is elected it could mean that Elites, NWO, the bastard Pharisees are fully prepared to take total control, it will be a slow death.

    I understand they want to implement a form of Saudi Wahhabisim to rule North America, this is also inspired by the Pharisees, as they only can conspire to kill the goyim according to the Talmud and the muslim volunteered to being used.
    By or about this time all Christians will be, the followers of Jesus Christ will be removed, delivered.
    The Pharisees don’t care how this is completed, this is demanded by their god, even if it kills off lower level jews, but most of these will return to Israel and North America will likely be devastated by then as this will be the great tribulation period and the anti-Christ will rule the world a 7 year period. Judgement and God’s wrath will certainly fall on North America and the greater judgement will be on Israel and the jews. And in the end only a handful will escape and have Salvation.
    This late fall / 2016 will give so many very significant, signs to what will be! -This is a Christian Arab view.
    The beginning of this could be a few more years away as the Elites / NWO are not fully ready yet, some technologies for mass control are still not effective for world domination, starting with America.
    So this election is I think of great significant to give America another chance, a short time of mercy /grace that again is extended by a Holy God?

    “any body that thinks America can be fixed needs to join me in expelling that idea.
    empires are never fixed, they just slowly disintegrate from the inside and leave the people with there hand cupped under there ass waiting for what’s next.” – Red Pill

    Yeah truly know one can truly fix this, immorality / corruption is increasing and reining there is no return to decency. But again there can be hope even in this, not waiting around for the end, there so much to do.
    The pharisees and followers can have their aliens, planet of the apes (evolution) witchcraft, pagan gods. As they knew some day their gig would be up, so it’s based on survival, to hold out as long as possible having to invent thousands of religions and fairy tales to throw any one off there tracks. I really don’t give a crap about them, cause its all a clever deception of distraction.
    So I’m gonna some kick some butt when possible, keep straight ahead, remain optimistic even in a slow death and serve my Master and the Holy God of the Bible will deal later with them with wrath!

    “Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and grieves which we endure help us in our marching onward.”

    Henry Ford

    “When we looked the other way, they stole our future and we let them!”

    Would be great to contact you Red Pill, thx bro!


  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    Them Navy people have a good way of naming their ships. Stepdad Jim served on both the wasp and the Hornet. Both were aircraft carriers now do you go along poking sticks into wasps or hornets nests? It pisses them off.

  22. S O G says:

    trumps real speech to aipac on jimstone ..
    trump likes de babes ..
    he is also a lover of shitzrael….
    does anyone who isnt caught up in the fervor of the emotion and activities around te fuckin election not see that it is all theatre …like a false school shooting or a fake ass boston bombing where the full weight of the corrupt kike controlled american govt imprisons watertown and murders the 4th amendment and chases 2 innocent rubes for the fake bombing …this whole thing with trump dont matter for shit one way or the other …jews want us to think they arent powerful or insidious or infiltrated to 100% in enough of the worlds affairs to actually control an election or assasinate another presidential candidate like rfk or jfk jr….they want us to think that there is false hope and anyone who puts their future in te hands of men has plenty of false hope ..better to put your hope in smith and wesson or hekler ond koch or you know,, , , , GOD..
    a people free enough to go out and clean up the streets by exterminating worthless shitbags would be far more effective that the plague ..
    although trumps squeeze would make a nice first lady ..
    trump running on the chump ticket
    hiullary ho bag running on the satanic jew ticket
    bernie sukkemdry sanders running on the unabashed and admittedly communist ticket ..
    nice choices ..but the choics do reflect the level of sickness and corruption and decay america is in …
    no amount of trumps will fix humptey fuckin dumpty is up to us all to take out the trash ..then maybe something can happen ….shit ..does anyone know where they keep those 5 billion ammo rounds and metal clikkity clak toys that go with it ..
    we got american gulags ..we will have economic catostrophic failur like before in 1929 and 1986 and wall street kikes bail out and the S/L scandal reagan signed americans up for …then america will burn like 4th o july …streets will run with rivers of blood …just make sure it is the bad guys blood ..
    and then there is some past examples of jewiosh economic meddling in the past with all the jew owned las vegas casinos 100% jew owned that were all built with jew orchestrated junk bonds back then ..michael milkin kike was instrumental and the keating guy of illinois i think s and l was sellin junk bonds to old people and he went to prison for it so did milkin ,,,club jew fed ..its where jews go do time …dean witter investments was one of the bastards calling around to put their clients trust into shit bond investments ..even mexico got a bail out prior to american bail job ..mexico stole americans money was it the 70’s ? after they lured alot of american peoples savings into accounts in mexico with high interst paid out on accounts ..then one day the money became jewmexicos pesos ..hmm there was alot of money lost on this end ..filthy thieving cocksuckers ..mexico has been run by jews forcenturies ..secretly only i have no doubts about it since it is a shit hole and it is rampant with violence and danger ..but they got plenty of gated jew communities and temples there ……
    hillaries changing her party to the dyke transgender transspecie freak alliance ..she is definitely waiting to get her freak on …she wants to show her dick to america and out freak everyone else …
    its all mcabre theatre ,like a reality show …
    watching jets chem spray my skies today and i realize this shit is global ..they do it ALL OVER the world …????who has this kind of power …j e w s
    the jet came by real looooow man ..and did a nice U turn on the sky horizon to make some artistic expression of a loop de loop with a twist cross over ..who they hirin to fly the jets ,effin rembrandt …they are doing it lower and lower all the time and no one gives a fuck or looks up …it aint a theory its a conspiracy of global shitkikes to poison us …the shit in the sprays are harmful …i like to breathe clean air ..anybody with half a brain knows the differnce between cloud types vs. con trails vs. chemtrails….. chemtrails just kind o stick out there and slowly spread and spread etc until the whole horizon is overcast with the spray …i never heard of any effin con trail doing this ….the jew is attacking people with every sinister secret and not so secret method they can muster ..wouldnt it be nice if they were all dead …people are getting well past peeved these days ..fuckin wackamoles

  23. S O G says:

    Apple smart phone psy op also deception here …

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