Commie Jew Rat Blames Whites For Terror Attacks

YVES GOLDSTEIN COMMIE RAT JEWYves Goldstein, chief-of-staff of the Minister-President of Brussels, says that white people are to blame to nonwhite terrorist attacks.

Top “Belgium” Jewish Socialist Politician Says Whites to Blame for Muslim Terrorist attacks.


White “racism” and white peoples’ “failure to integrate” with nonwhites is the cause of Islamic terrorism in Belgium, Yves Goldstein, the Jewish chief of staff for the minister-president of the Brussels Capital Region has said.

Speaking in an interview with the New York Times, Goldstein, who is described as a “militant” on his Socialist Party webpage, said the “problem is not Islam,” but “negligence” on the part of the Belgian government.

Goldstein also said that teachers in the nonwhite colonized Brussels districts of Molenbeek and Schaerbeek had told him that “90 percent of their students, 17, 18 years old, called them [the Muslim terrorists] heroes.”

Goldstein, who apart from being chief-of-staff for the minister president of Brussels, is also a councilor  and group leader of the Socialist Party in Schaerbeek council, then went on to claim that the real reason  why the nonwhites engage in terrorist violence is because white people have not “integrated” with them.

“Our cities are facing a huge problem, maybe the largest since World War II,” Goldstein said. “How is it that people who were born here in Brussels, in Paris, can call heroes the people who commit violence and terror? That is the real question we’re facing.”

As the New York Times pointed out, Schaerbeek is almost as infamous these days as Molenbeek, two districts where Paris terrorist Salah Abdeslam and “his group of Islamic State adherents had the space and time to live, hide, and manufacture their weapons.”

Schaerbeek is adjacent to Molenbeek, and is equally overrun with nonwhite invaders—who all, of course, vote for the barely-disguised communists masquerading as Goldstein’s Belgian “Socialist Party.”

It was in a townhouse in Schaerbeek where the nonwhite invaders and refugee-terrorists made their preparations for the attacks in Paris, and, where, afterward, Abdeslam hid in what is called the “Turkish area.”

According to Goldstein, Belgium’s “integration has been somewhere between the French model, which put new immigrants in suburban ghettos, and the British and American one, which created communities like Chinatown or Little Italy.”

“In Brussels, everyone lives in the city, and we chose a model of diversity through mixing of populations in the same neighborhoods.”

But, he said, “we failed. We failed in Molenbeek and Schaerbeek, too, to ensure the mixing of populations.

“We have neighborhoods where people only see the same people, go to school with the same people,” he said.

“What connection do they have with the whole society, what connection do they have with real diversity? It’s the establishment of the ghetto, and it’s the thing in our urban development that we have to tackle.”

The reason for this “lack of real diversity” is, of course, Goldstein said, white people and their alleged racism.

“We have to fight racism and discrimination with the same force as radicalization,” Goldstein said, because “our society gives to these young people a bad idea of who and what they are.”

Almost as a footnote, the New York Times added that all the Jews have left Schaerbeek, and the last two synagogues are being sold off.

*Goldstein is also a member of the “Comité directeur du Comité de Coordination des Organisations Juives de Belgique” (Steering Committee of Jewish Organizations Coordinating Committee of Belgium), which of course supports Israel and its racially-exclusionary laws which prohibit Muslims and any non-Jews from entering or “integrating” with Jews in that country.


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24 Responses to Commie Jew Rat Blames Whites For Terror Attacks

  1. Gary says:

    Sick. Anyone who believes that Jew boy is suicidally retarded.

  2. Bob says:

    filthy satanic jews

  3. guiltfreewhite says:

    What brings me down, is the vast number of whites out there, who buy into this type of BS guilt.Even those who took their lumps from the blacks in the inner city schools.

  4. brian boru says:

    As always, jews like this vermin will continue to work their genocidal plans for us as long as we, the white race, continue to allow them to do it. Since most whites are afraid to even discuss the matter, never mind actually do anything about it, our on going dispossession and not-so-gradual extinction will not stop, and indeed will accelerate. Waiting for the mass of the white population to wake up and take action is going to be a waste of time anyway. It’s always going to be a handful of inveterate men who will decide the outcome and the masses will follow. Or, in our case, not. It remains to be seen. In the meantime the kike filth above goes happily about his business without a care in the world secure in the knowledge that his tribe is behind him all the way.

  5. Hoff says:

    I’m pretty sure there is no Goldstein behind this. Congratulations Canada.


    The Métis and non-status Indians are “Indians” within the meaning of Canada’s 1867 Constitution, the Supreme Court of Canada has said in a unanimous decision that sets the stage for potentially costly negotiations around land claims and enhanced social benefits for nearly 700,000 people.

    The ruling states unequivocally that the term “Indians,” as it was written into law at the time of Confederation, includes all aboriginal people, not just those who hold status as members of a First Nation.

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    And on a completely unrelated topic. I was just watching the news following the 60 billion dollar bailout for Puerto rico Bankrupt and all fucked up heps me heps me. Nancy pilozi comes on and says voting for this bill will not cost American taxpayers a single dime. Now where have we heard that statement before? No nancy. It wont cost us a single dime. It’s going to cost us 60 billion dollars which is 600 billion dimes. I cant believe these people why do they even call it a bill ? Because they know it is going to cost us money.

  7. carnac123 says:

    The problem in Belgium is Jews and other politicians who allowed these Muslims into the country in the first place. White people are not going to sell all out to any other race or religion no matter what their politicians want. It is not up to us to conform and mix with the Muslim invaders. It is up to them to try and meld into the host country and of course,…..they do not want to do that. We must stop and even destroy these social engineers among us who try and push their agenda against us an nature. They need to be jailed or worse. No more social engineering. Europe for white people!

  8. daniel says:

    the blacks need to stop trying to culturally appropriate egypt.

    they built huts out of shit not pyramids.

  9. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    All of this is can be truthfully blamed on the anti-White, multicultural agenda of International Jewry.

    The feral negroidal affleets were offended that fraternity members showed support for Trump.

    Didn’t these frat members know that they do not have the right to express political views which the monkey men don’t agree with?

    As I watched the affleets in action, I was thinking just how wunderbar it would have been if these frat guys had just one or two attack trained dobermans or German Shepherds.

    Nigs are as terrified of bad ass dogs as they are snakes.

    “Dog is mans best friend.”

    That is why most dogs get very agitated when negroids show up.

  10. Hoff says:

    ”The New York Times covered the issue extensively — 145 articles in 1915 alone by one count — with headlines like “Appeal to Turkey to Stop Massacres.” The Times described the actions against the Armenians as “systematic,” “authorized, and “organized by the government.”

    The American ambassador, Henry Morganthau Sr., was also outspoken. In his memoirs, the ambassador would write: “When the Turkish authorities gave the orders for these deportations, they were merely giving the death warrant to a whole race; they understood this well, and in their conversations with me, they made no particular attempt to conceal the fact.””

  11. Hoff says:

    The Greek genocide, part of which is known as the Pontic genocide, was the systematic ethnic cleansing of the Christian Ottoman Greek population from its historic homeland in Anatolia during World War I and its aftermath (1914–22).

    [1] It was instigated by the government of the Ottoman Empire against the Greek population of the Empire and it included massacres, forced deportations involving death marches, summary expulsions, arbitrary execution, and the destruction of Christian Orthodox cultural, historical, and religious monuments.[2]

    According to various sources, several hundred thousand Ottoman Greeks died during this period.[3”

  12. Rory says:

    Someone forward this comment to that socialist jewboy…
    “Go fuck yourself” 🙂

    Oh, and send a copy to Hillary too. 🙂

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    So another completely different story. Affects me kind of. The people in North Carolina pass a law through their elected representatives and senators and signed by the governor. People must use the gender bathroom of what they were at birth when the jew doctor spanked them on the ass and said this is another white racist supremacist anti-Semite Nazi kid. So they said you have to use the bathrooms that match your genitilia at birth you fucking homo faggot transgender queer mixed up asshole. So bruce springsteen another jew name changer changes the spelling of his last name to hide from the fact that he is jewish and goes to jewlywood to make a record born to run no shit you asshole scumbag jews born to run because all you do is steal shit and cause problems and people kick you the fuck out whenever they figure out your schemes and scams and lies and cheats. So he cancels his concert in North Carolina oh boo hoo we are going to miss you just make sure I get my money back you fucking jew boy punk going to pay a nigger 50 dollars to come beat me up for you? Let me know when he’s going to get here so I can take the lid off of my trash can ahead of time. Bruce jewstien cancels concerts because he is standing up for faggot transgender lives matter. Hey jewboy. Let’s get something straight and figured out. How long would humanity survive if men did not like women and women did not like men? Not very long right? Men are supposed to like women and women are supposed to like men you dumb ass faggot fucking jewboy. Now take your jew brain and guitar and fucked up jew York values back to jewland jew York or jew jersey or jewlywood and get the jew fuck out of here. Get the fuck out of here you jewboy punk and take your worthless ass fucking niggers with you.

  14. Joe Btfsplk says:

    Thanks jews great video

  15. Bailey says:

    Reporting on jew wars is a hazardous occupation.

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    two stupid stories about the sand niggers back in the first war for israili occupation. Besides the gas masks and other scud missile bullshit. I’m going into a gas station petrol station in the middle of the desert putting petrol what we call gasoline to our truck this sand nigger comes out and yelling at me I have to pay money and his daughter is back there afraid of men in sandnigger uniforms. I say we are going to pay you a fair price for this gasoline petrol and the sand nigger starts arguing with me about what is the fair price. I go through money conversions and quarts to gallons to litres and sand nigger money in my head Oly from upper Pinninsula of Michigan says just fuck this shit and shoot that sand nigger in the head. I ask Charlie the black guy in the army he says I don’t know those conversion rules either maybe we should just shoot the sand nigger in the head or leave. So I ask Glen from Pennsylavinia the smartest guy from all of us supposedly can you convert liters to gallons and quarts and us dollars Saudi Arabia sand nigger dollars? He says no. I look behind the gas station petrol station some more fucking sand nigger kids are running up here and I say take this money and we are leaving. Before things get out of hand and sand niggers start getting shot. And by getting shot I mean the damage is permanent.

  17. Hoff says:

    This is the worst gang rape in the history of Scandinavia. It got 14 seconds at National “news”. Every statement in the video is correct.

    Sweden: Muslims Gang Rape Young Swedish Mother ——- 5 min in English.

  18. Rory says:

    And yet another SICKENING JEW “political announcement”…
    That fuckin’ bernie sanders nigger coddling asshole’s political “I approve this message” of the famous nigger eric garner that died selling loose cigs in NYC.
    The spot almost praises the fat dead nigger, of course ignoring the illegal circumstances leading to his demise. (just like the mike brown fergie fiasco – denial of facts)
    instead, it focuses on how black niggers matter.
    And bernie at the end…. sickening.
    I’m so sick of this shit, and sick of the nigger coddling.
    I’d give you all the link to it, but it would make you sick.

  19. Hoff says:

    Colonel-Gunter.Brumm April 15, 2016

    Our ancestors fought these monsters for centuries. And now we airlift them into our lands.

  20. What is insurance? Since you asked, motherfucker, it is something you would pay less for if there weren’t niggers around. That’s your lesson for today.

  21. brian boru says:

    The destruction of the Scandinavian people is an object lesson to the rest of us white people of the effectiveness of jew mind poison. Even as they are physically being attacked and abused and while watching their society and traditions being destroyed this branch of the white race seems to be incapable of any resistance at all. They are actually embracing their extermination. None of the monstrous creatures engaged in it are even being called out. That this state could be imposed on the descendants of the Vikings is really extraordinary and demonstrates the truly malevolent influence of the kike life-form. Unless our race evolves and develops resistance to the spiritual AIDS that the kike has infected us with the outlook is going to get very grim. I think we will though because as they destroy the infrastructure we created and that they depend on their influence will decline and more of us will begin to awaken and react. When it is not just individual kikes who are identified as the enemy but the whole tribe there will be no place that they can escape to.

  22. Hoff says:

    Why did you do it?

    Because we can.

    Volvo Trucks – Volvo Trucks vs 750 Tonnes: An extreme heavy haulage challenge —-6min

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    I made a stupid comment earlier about the first gulf war. We are in the middle of nowhere desert the truck needs gas (petrol) I pull into the gas station in Saudi Arabia not like they’re really hard up for oil or gasoline and this sand nigger comes out I think that’s what the main problem was in the first place. Not converting ounces and gallons and quarts to the litre system and then converting American dollars and cents into sand nigger money. The thing I usually forget in this story is that I don’t even understand what this sand nigger is talking about in the first place. I don’t speak sand nigger Ahab rughead and he don’t speak English either. All I’m trying to do is go by his hand gestures and coughing and hocking and spitting and I ascertain that this sand nigger is trying to tell me something. Forget all the money conversion rates and American to metric liquid stuff. I was so unprepared for this situation. I was prepared with a rifle and bullets and a gas mask but I was totally unprepared for buying gas (petrol) from a gas (petrol) station.

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