Jews Fanning Feminism To Destroy Our Race

Mercedes Reichstein wants Germany Bombed againTrigger Warning: Fanning the Flames of Feminism to Take Focus From Jewish Culpability


Almost no one likes radical feminists. You know the caricature – they are aggressive, loud, often fat, with garishly colored hair, and always blaming men for all of their problems. Yet how many of you actually know some of these women in real life? Perhaps if you are on a college campus, you will be seeing more of this than the average person, but I still doubt it is nearly the problem we are led to believe.jew feminist cartoon inset

While many women (and men) have internalized some of the feminist agenda, I contend that the “in your face” feminism is largely a jewish construct, intended to further drive a wedge between the sexes so that we can be easily divided and conquered. While we are busy blaming each other for petty issues, claiming the patriarchy is responsible for this, or feminism ruined that, our enemies rub their hands and count their shekels.

Due to the manufactured gender war, in addition to welfare that rewards minorities and single moms, White birth rates have been decreasing. This would not be such an alarming concern if the third world, particularly Africa, was not exploding in numbers due to our tax money being used for aid and intervention. Still, this would not be so bad if these massive populations were not being shipped and welcomed into our countries by “our” governments, with this ramping up drastically in the United States and Europe over the past few years.


If we could properly identify the criminal cabal responsible, we would actually be able to solve the issues at hand, reverse the trends, and set ourselves back on course to a fruitful future. However, there is an active and elaborate campaign to shift the blame to anyone but the true culprits, with feminism (and by extension females in general) now taking the heat for the unfolding travesty. Many people, including women, are now advocating to repeal women’s right to vote, since their participation in the democratic process is what got us to this sorry state.

Here’s how the narrative goes:

  • Women wanted the “empowerment” of becoming part of the work force (aka wage slaves) so they could neglect motherhood and engage in promiscuousity.
  • Women have a nurturing instinct (like cat ladies) so they forced us to pay for all the blacks and browns in our countries and around the world.
  • Women have emasculated our men, but now seek to be raped by the virile invader, who they have invited into our countries through their control. Angela Merkel is always used as the proof.
  • Women have no in-group loyalty and are actively seeking the destruction of the White race.

RABBI JEW REFUGEES INSETConveniently missing from this narrative is the role that jews played at every step. It has already been well-established the jewish involvement in 20th century feminism, continuing right up until the present day with George Soros and others, but this fact is almost never mentioned in the videos and articles that point out feminist absurdity.

Let’s go through a few recent examples to show how feminist agitation has been used to shift the attention away from the incriminating words of jewish supremacists like Gregor Gysi, Barbara Lerner Spectre, and Noel Ignatiev. Paul Joseph Watson loves to harp on those fat, ugly feminists, and recently released a video titled Top Feminist Says Put Men in Concentration Camps, but don’t expect him to mention jews any time soon. Elegon, a youtube user that sounds like a young girl, is neglecting how jews caused the wars in the Middle East, advocated for the “refugees” and literally opened the borders of Europe, and instead claims feminists caused the crisis in her new video titled How Feminists Supported Rape by Causing the Migrant Crisis, which has a lot of thumbs up. And of course there is the notorious Black Pigeon Speaks video titled Why Women Destroy Civilizations, which went viral and was shared by many of the activists within our own ranks.

As much as I don’t like aggressive feminists, it is absolutely ridiculous to claim that they have the power to send trillions of dollars around the globe in foreign aid, to initiate the movement of tens of millions of Africans and Arabs from their home countries to Europe, and then throw the gates wide open and roll out the red carpet with lots of great incentives. Sure, there were some women out on the streets advocating for refugees (not knowing any better), but most of the pictures we are shown to prove how much women hate their own people have been recycled over and over, while some others have been photoshopped to make them even more damning. In other cases, groups such as Femen and Pussy Riot are paid for their agitation.

While there are legitimately some European women who are acting against the interests of their own people, almost all of them are doing so because they have been brainwashed by jewish poison, just like our men have been. We hear all about the role feminists have played in the invasion of Europe, but why has there been almost no mention of the role of “anti-fascist” (anti-White) men? Unlike the feminists, they are actually out on the streets trying to cause severe bodily harm to those of us who advocate for our ethnic interests.

Or maybe we should just blame all of our problems on the faggy beta males who go out and hold up signs?

This is the problem of focusing on the machinations of jewish power instead of confronting it head-on, since we will always be able to find new symptoms to chase after. It is like chopping off the head of a hydra, with two new heads growing back in the place of one. In the old Greek legend Heracles certainly had to sever the heads that were attacking him, but he knew he needed to cut down the one immortal head to kill the monster.

Additionally, only dealing with the machinations will force us to continue blaming and fighting our own people in a losing battle. Left vs. Right, Men vs. Women, Young vs. Old, etc. Hopefully you can see that fueling these conflicts will get us nowhere, especially with regards to men and women fighting each other, since harmonious relations between the sexes is the only thing that will keep our people moving into the future. We cannot fall into the jewish tra, where a small minority of White men is pitted against the rest of the entire world, including our very own women. Without any understanding and support from and for our women, we are bound to lose.

Our governments are acting against our best interests, our countries are being invaded, our women are being raped, and instead of doing something about it, many of our people are just watching Trump rallies and blaming women for the collapse of our world. WAKE UP!

Jews own and run our media, banks, politicians, academia, and top corporations. They are committing genocide against us.

It’s really that simple.

"I call on you to submit to raping for World Jewry!"

I call upon all Goy women to submit to raping by immigrants for Jewish anti-Fascism

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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83 Responses to Jews Fanning Feminism To Destroy Our Race

  1. Hoff says:

    The homosuckingbabypenis faggot crap got Tel Aviv jew false flag op all over it.

  2. Hoff says:

    The homosuckingbabypenis faggot massacre crap got Tel Aviv jew false flag op puked all over it.

  3. Red Pill says:

    (jew idiot says)
    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”
    Fill in the blank to whom you identify with and for the sake of love.

    Red Pill
    then they came for me and my shotgun spoke for me

  4. Tom says:

    @alloverthe place
    RE: White Man’s Burden

    Those are a fine lot of “Abbos”–primitive negroids endemic to the Indo-Pacific region. A tourist from NZ told me that a long time ago (as late as the 1930s) Aussies used to go on Abb0 hunts in the bush. Now the Australian Government grovels to them and Hollywood makes laudatory movies about them. In New Guinea, these fine negroids preserve their traditions such as cannibalism. Bug eating is a favorite pastime of these natives, who are sometimes given an all-expenses-paid trip to white farms in NZ. The negroids cannot believe the stupidity of the whites, who pay them to eat their favorite snacks–large bugs.

    India was once home to millions of these specimens. Then the whites came with their huge herds of cattle and enslaved them. The population grew and, gradually, miscegenation took place. Finally they achieved the “dream of Obama”–total mixing and elimination of whites–and their entire civilization collapsed. It was resurrected toi a degree by the Hindu caste system in which the lightest skinned were “Brahmans” and ran the country and the darkest were the “shudras” or “untouchables” and did the lowest forms of work. That sort of worked until they were conquered by the Muslims and, then, the British.

  5. Bailey says:

    The biggest massacre of lgbt people since the holocaust ?

    ISIL claims resposibility for dead queer spics , likened to the holohoax and Trump is still a racist .


  6. squarepegroundhole says:

    Land of the Free? Governor Signs Executive Order to Punish People Who Criticize Israel

  7. Red Pill says:

    i thought i might look into that, so i looked up the ancestral home of my surname.
    it was a pleasant town nestled in the mountains of central Italy.
    and it was everything i could have dreamed of, a community based on agriculture and craftsmanship.
    there were home gardens, orchards and quaint homes built to last 500 years.
    upon closer examination i became alarmed.
    it seemed that they became overrun by black Africans.
    i tried to seek out this la raza cockroach and give him a piece of my mind.
    but the alarm clock went off and was awake .

    now i am awake, waiting for a la raza cockroach to crawl into this town.
    i told my Hispanic friends of my mission to confront this scum.
    they laughed at my assessment and then they told me
    Red, we run them bastards off years ago.
    you will never see a mexican flag or a la raza man in this town.
    that’s our job they declared. yours is to discern the hearts of any new
    Anglo’s that come here.

    well that does it for me moving to some where where i don’t understand the language or the costumes especially at this late stage of life.

    also that beats the shit out of moving to “Europe” which is being turned into a large
    multicultural cesspool. I will defend the land we live on.

  8. mondo says:

    Ironic synchronicity as Canadian Right Winger Lauren Southern recently covered these anti-white commie agitators who are trying to extinguish all Germans and regularly call for Bomber Harris to “do it again”.

  9. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Rabbi Lerner: Chutzpah At The Muhammad Ali Funeral

    It figures the jews would try to use the funeral to incite blacks. I didn’t have the stomach to watch the video of the rabbi.

  10. S O G says:

    we dont and wont see any “””””””refeugees””””aka rape ugees being welcomed in jewrewsalem …they just got rid of all the fake black israelites…how can an ancient israelite diort bag be many different races and colors when the old testament is non negotioable on this ..but of course the religious fanatical perverted modern jews have rejected the old testament but they still call the talmud the torah to confuse idiot christians …seriously ,the question of todays jews decendency calls for serious rational discussion ..yet they parade around like they are chosen and original gang membbers of ancient israelites ..they were a failed race and a failed religion as well ..they cle3aved to fake gods and idols and killed all their prophets …there is no question that these are just opportunistic freaks taking advantage of the global jewish family fucked up disfuntional evil inbred family and mixed from dozens of dna donors …todays 100% of jews are not considered by god to be israelites and gave up that right when they rejected jeseus for 1 ..but hey this is religious discourse is doctrine but doctrine has rules to ..
    all those smiling kids on the picture holdiong the stupid banner welcoming islamic crypto soldiers to come into their country to rape and murder will be victims soon ..
    just like constantinopl that was started to defend from moslems ,the moslems continued to attack it till it felll and the barbaric murder and rape began while cnstantine fled to moscow etc …
    people are welcoming rthe jews foot soldiers into their homkes and countries ..they like the controlling jew has no interst in white survival like russias holdomors 1922 and 193o ish …nor did the bolsheviks under ulinov nee lenin fare well after he made a speech and a mandate to anhilate 80 million russians …
    how did it go for germany ..or other sattelite euro countries in the 1900’s never mind middle ages meddling of kingdomes by nasty little kikes ..making sure their lecherous slaave trade and child sellin g and drug oif the week pusshing and loans and pandering women etc etc outright murder and theft making sure it would all be legitamized by the powers in those countries by using blackmail and bribes ..nothing has changed has been the SAME war for the samew reasons and the same outcopmes all through history just beginning and and going to a new place over and over again ..
    the bottom line about wars and what jews want could be done with bribes but jews likes to start wars and loan money to lords and princes for military gear ..jews could by the outcomes they desired with all their global pull but they want gentile bodies so they foment the war …to cretae body counts to lessen resistance to their encrachment ..
    like the russians losing 5 milllion troops in ww1 in the first 6 months of trench madness chaos and suiciddal warfare …over a pathetic terminally ill kike names gavril princip who the news called a serb but he waqs a jew and he shot the archduke of austria …so why did everyone go to war and why was important communiques lost or buried to never reach mobilizing commanders of this country and that …ww1 was rediculous and devastating to britain as well …they lost a whole generation of battle age young men like russia did in ww1 …but that loss of that many soldiers ensured the overthrow of russia by the bolshvik shitkikes in 1917 ….not even king haakon the 7 csar nicholas’s cousin would come to his aid against the jewish communist revolutionaries and he had new ships and military shit ..etc ….now these countries are going to shit from jews and crypto moslem soldiers being imported on the ground in our once monolithic white cultures ……imagine the surpries these idiots will have when their daughters are takien by gangs of moslem pimps and rapists or murderers …jews are the power allowing this madness which is why jews need to be exterminated or we will be ..the moslems wherever you find them shopuld all be exterminated summarily ..every last moslem should be exterminayted and especially the white hating america nigger moslems …worthless parasites who advocate white genocide …and these groups are noT the “hate” groups bernie the worm sanders is talking about when he advocates in code for more white genocide ..he wants to go after hate groups ,just not mexican or nigger or moslem hate groups…these are the real hate groups ..what ever happened to the muslim scare and the enctment of bullshit patriot act which is treanoness and the homolaNd security all based on fear mongeriong of muslems and terror which the jews and muslems perform together through their crypto nexus …jews have always co-opted islam and islam has always been a murderous and rape organization ..leathal forcde is the only real answer to this invasion everywhere ..i mean what are you gonna do send em to deprogramming sessions or make their felonies legal in the name of anti racism and religious tolerance ..god doesnt have a goddamned fuckingh thing to do with jews or muslims the truth on that…these dangerously unbalanced bs religion spewing fucktards are controlling the outcomes of our sealed fates and our fates are sealed if we dont act ….this time its a war dressed up as a genocide …internationally …
    50 fags got shot up by muslems …oops …it was a busy nite and so the place was crowded and the stools turned upside down to seat 4 people and make more room ..
    i could see the fag army retalliating against the sworthless turd smelling fly ridden asshole muslims and it would be good fun to watch ..participating would be illegal ..heh heh …….the queers in america better take heed the moslem jew army is coming to get all of you ..get armed and just you know take out all the robed mother fuckers you can find …..i think retalliation will be forth coming and it should …who is next ..what group will the muslim army the jews brought into america via lax borders and other jew drivel shit will be scheduled for a visit by fly ridden muslims …did i ever tell you how a muslim woman concieves ..120 robed morons circle jerk into a bucket and the flies take care of the rest …amen

  11. S O G says:

    the rapefugee agenda is a firtherance of the anti white genocide …hatred of white no jews ..
    use of many words to convey deceptionn like the word jeww is a misnomer ..all jews are not racially decended from levitical mosaic law era israelites the 12 tribes ..nor is the word torah really a jew talking about the bible is a misnomer also ..torah maens the blasphemous talmud that emigrated to words and was formerly known as the oral traditions of the elder kikes of babylon ..the izzi kikes once spent a time in babylonian captivity ..why would they even want these assholes you wonder ..considering the damage that the old izzies could do to surrounding nations they parasited off as a vassal nation it is not too much to figure it was about controlling thier soverignty and cultures and peoles from the izzjews ..much later in venice kikes were mixed joos and not kosher according to where it all started from in the old testament blah etc ..but the venetians kept the slithering kikes in quarantine and curfew and identifiable color to wear out in the world when they were inexcorably plotting and stealing and loansharking etc …
    so shortlye after the babbys took the shitkikes into captivity king nebuchadnezzer kicked the bearder criminals out and bacjk to palestine where it all gets weirder by the day ..blah blah ..point is the many kikes that were ther from earlier assyrian captivity and just plain old migration to sin city etc were already practicing a caballah majic and making up fables about themselves to make them selves high and mighty ..what jews then couldnt produce as evidence or truths or fair deals would be enforced with thuggery …jews have never played fair or honest …
    everything that is wrong in the world tpoday ids the org world kikes fault ..they control everything and corrupt everything ..
    when a shit head like wise talks about white privelidge it is simple to cover up jew supremecy and jewish control can non joo whites be in any position to fuck things up when there are no non jews in that kind of positions …or that he says reason is a white construct so we should all be just as unreasonable as niggers jews and muslims …
    the jew sets the miscreaanjt maSSes against the benvolent whites ..look at scandinavia today or britain ,or russia or anywhere …jew spreads his hate white theme by blaming all shit on whiotes when its the jew who makes himself supreme elite and ant everybody but jews ..but by ancient bilical standards todays jew is no more a israelite than any other mixed race middle,eastern sob….
    yet they spread the virus of anti white hatred and yet they are not seen or labeled as racists or stirring up murder and rape of white people …
    thanks for the links frank ……
    i would really like to see fags and moslems kill each other off like cockroaches …if the slimy fuckin jew wantds to grab any gun they should grab it by the barrel so when it goes off it will make the world a much better place ..

  12. S O G says:

    smitherines you a-hole could you stop your fuckin retarded commenting shit with karen maybe does annoy the fuck out of normal people ..just sayin i think you feel a need to drive people away and if thats your agenda you need to be bounced ….you know just dont start your fuckin every 3 comments about karen again …actually it dont matter fuckall to me ,i dont read your shit anyway but for the good of other people maybe who do ..just sayin ……
    good comment american born ..
    no one should forget the ESTONIA ferry as well the asshole kikes blew up one nite ..1000 people died none of which had any god dammned thing to do with what the fiilthy jews assumed or alleged the ferry was doing ..the rumor was the filthy jews thot it was transporting wepons to people who need to kill jews and should be killing jews but etc anyway the jews blew the sea doors on the front loader bow …and then thjey passed fucking laws in all the countries surrounding the wreck at the bottom of the ocean banning anykind of dive on the wreck just like diving on the lusitania or was it another on the irish coastline that got bvlown up to help start ww1…
    it is rumored to have been blown up from the inside so diving on it was forbidden i think for decades …till now ..alleged party line info ..
    When RMS Lusitania left New York for Britain on 1 May 1915, German submarine warfare was intensifying in the Atlantic. Germany had declared the seas around the United Kingdom a war zone, and the German embassy in the United States had placed a newspaper advertisement warning people of the dangers of sailing on the Lusitania… On the afternoon of 7 May, Lusitania was allegedly torpedoed by a German U-Boat, 11 mi. off the southern coast of Ireland and inside the declared “zone of war”. A second, unexplained, internal explosion sent her to the bottom in 18 minutes, causing the deaths of 1,198 passengers and crew….so iot was carrying explosives under cover and or it was used as another maritime bait for war with deceptive info on the blast ..
    like the gulf of tonkin incident they used to start southeast asian conflict
    S? ki?n V?nh B?c B?), also known as the USS Maddox incident, involved what were originally claimed to be two separate confrontations involving North Vietnam and the United States in the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. The original American report blamed North Vietnam for both incidents…ah soo fuckin back bo ho mof o ..jibberish ….lol
    The outcome of these two incidents was the passage by Congress of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which granted President Lyndon B. Johnson the authority to assist any Southeast Asian country whose government was considered to be jeopardized by “communist aggression”. The resolution served as Johnson’s legal justification for deploying US conventional forces and the commencement of open warfare against North Vietnam….paper rattling / the pen and paper are mighty weapons ..
    The Mayaguez incident took place between the Democratic Kampuchea and the United States from May 12–15, 1975, less than a month after the Khmer Rouge took control of the capital Phnom Penh ousting the U.S. backed Khmer Republic. It was the last official battle of the Vietnam War. The names of the Americans killed, as well as those of three U.S. Marines who were left behind on the island of Koh Tang after the battle and were subsequently executed by the Khmer Rouge……The crisis began on the afternoon of May 12, 1975 …
    uhmm hmm we got taken to a private demarcation point in isolation to be dispatched to this situ ..but it was rescinded …look that shit up on kikepedia and see it was another statistical logistical human loss snafu fubar hell like the fuckin cdomplete fucked up resue attempt of the hostages in iran during fuckin carter presidency …so maybe lettin all the fags and dykes join the miltary is good so they can all get blowd to hell and gone ..its a fuckin mad mad mad mad jew world ..
    never mind the fuckin kikes blew the god damed airport barracks in beirut in 83

    or how about the 1983 Beirut barracks bombings where jew terrorist attacks occurred on October 23, 1983….filthy jews all but admitted it ..since the usa went over there to stop all the killing of peole in lebanon by jewish assholes who had already exterminated 10’s of thousands of lebz …so american gollum went to the rescue and the kikes blew shit up killing 241 marines ….just like they were doing in iraq ..its a pretty sure bet thet juba the sniper who was well documented and known was a jew idf or merc etc working for shit kikes …the whole thing was another lets kill off white non jews and caucasion iraqis …i did post a complete allegedly body count and cause of death over in the first wave …and second wave …there was so many ied attacks ..anyway all this war is the desire of jews ..when people say the military industrial complexx and try to indict white elites it is really all joos in charge of this demeented shit ..

  13. S O G says:

    red pill you tell that shit colored mexican excrement thaT mexiacans are an invented race ..all along the rio grande on north side from calif to texas and beyond was indigenous ancestral apache land for living and hunting ..wernt no spix ..america contained hundreds of indian tribes dozens in each state est to be at 125 millionn in numbers back befire the jews came to yucatan in 1542 ..others came right ..spanish and franciscan monks friars etc who named all the shit in califuckyu in spanish ..spanish jibberish came from spain and so diod all the spainish explorers etc ..there wernt mexicans yet then there were southern south of rio grande apaches and other yucatan peninsula indians not mexicans ..mexicans came to be from massive interbreeding and then they tried to keep attacking the apaches all the time above the rio ..geronimo got his name from killing so many spix after thay raided his camp and killed his mamma and wife and kids ..geronimao hated mexicans and the dying mexicans would call out to jerome their patron saint so somehow the name stuck ..on his death bed golethway (geronimo) said his only regret in life was thet he wished he had killed more mexicans ..true that …
    thaqt bulls hit about aztlan is a commie jew organized propaganda mind control over southern miscreant cockroach savages to go against whites …same ol jew shit ..
    california alone had 77 indian tribes here and go figure ,none of em spoke spanish ..
    the alleged “mexican race is rife with fake joo dna ..they are racially related to spaniards and jews so maybe they could all go there or and they are related to yucatan indiaN tribes …general monetenegro a spaniard sold the fuckin california area to the colonies fair and sqaure …so the la raza assholes arent racist or dont anything for free at all right ..more free shit etc and hatred of whites ….some border gaurd got asskicked by a degenerate illegal alien trying to sneak into usa so ha can make us more multiculturally enriched the miscreant cockroach also tries rto grab the cops gun so the cop teaches him a valuable lesson …these border gaurds lives are in danger cus the jews in wash dc says to be nice to the wetbaks and dont use force so the cop has no choice and shoots him dead ..lofl ….this is new news from joogle…so they dont tell the mexcicans to be nice to ? ..white people are on their own in american distopia …
    now the worthless jew controlled mexican hell hole govt is protesting the shooting ..why dont we just invade mexico and exterminate the useless assholes down there ..
    remember barney told us on here that it is even illegal to defend yourself in england is getting like thet herre ‘s why they wanna take our rightful 2nd amendment tools from law abiding folks …what goes on in washing dc doesnt stay there ..its like a huge leaking cesspool over our land and lives …
    oh and speaking of utter useless incompetence the sentry at the barracks in leb didnt even have live ammo for his useless 16 right so the little truck scoots past him and at which point anyone would shoot to kill he cant and the building goes boom ..tragic fucking shit …

  14. warriorhun says:


    This is an eye-opening piece. Really got me thinking.

    I used to call myself an anti-Feminist, but really, our women are NOT our enemies. To counter Feminist propaganda, all we White men have to do is to act like MEN and our women will be more than happy to stand by our side.

    Respect to you, Sir!

  15. S O G says:
    compilation of of things that led to ww1 …anti german sentiment in britain was a real kristal nacht against germans …in england
    Creating War: Events Leading to the War
    The cards were being stacked for ww1….. All that was needed was an excuse which would be palatable (the jews wanted a war for many sinister reasons ..)
    to the public. After various machinations and intrigues, a pretext finally emerged when the heir apparent to the throne of Austria-Hungary was murdered in cold blood by a nationalist Serb…gavrilo princip was a kike who had what may have been advanced stage tuberculosis …………………….. In response, Austria- Hungary declared war on Serbia on July 8, 1914.
    There were estimated to be 60,000 Austro-Hungarians, Germans and Turks in the british country as well as 8,000 other citizens of “enemy birth”. Inflamed by the intense propaganda, Germanophobia swept across Britain like a firestorm and mobs attacked German shops, homes and churches. 57 German civilians were killed during anti-German riots in Peterborough, London, Keighley, Newcastle,Liverpool, Manchester and elsewhere and the riots continued until the nation-wide riots in May,1915. Rioting in London actually resulted in a local shortage of bread after so many German bakeries
    were vandalized, with bags of flour dumped and loaves of bread smashed. In some cities, naturalized Germans were pressured into signing statements stating their desire to see “Britain win and Germany crushed”. Some newspapers called for the government to deport all German or Austrian citizens and
    many faced internment………. The hate even extended to names which simply sounded German. One mob
    smashed all of the windows of a pub because they thought the Scottish landlord’s name “Strachan”
    might be German. It was likewise in Britain’s crown dominions. Germans were stripped of their civil
    rights, fired from their jobs, jailed as spies or deported. Their churches and schools were closed
    down and they were cheated out of their real estate and businesses ( had thier properties seized unlawfully)………………i just
    read this shit tonite ..wasnt aware of the german ethnics in england getting fucked over ..there is also the site called expelledgermans …millions of germans who lived in other countries had never even been to germany were treated the same ..murdered beaten robbed and property stolen …expulsions we on the menu before ww2 even ..these ethinic cleansings and taking of property occurred all the time by jews and their muslim sevants ..people think muslims are good and thet a few jews or bad muslims are creating the bad image ..that is far and away from true …muslims slauightered armenians in turkey by jewish ziofanantical bolshevik intstigation ..millions of armenians …muslims slaughtered 9 million euro christians hundreds of years gone by and 5 million more in n.afrika …islam has always been about evil and entitlement to commit atrocities because the koran says so like the talmud tells fuxckin jews ..
    post ww2 many ethnic germans were deported from non german countries into germany to suffer there at the hands of brutal american pow camps for germans …during ww2 all german civilian innocent cities and civilians and towns and villages were labeled “enemy strongholds ” or of “strategic neccessity ” so they could drop bombs onn cultural germany ..they did really try to wipe germany off the map ..
    what is odd id that even japan was not allied with germany but against in ww1 and so waS ITALY against germany in ww1 …germany and russia had been at peace and close up to ww1 ..russia was aksed not to mobilise by an ally ..
    even after ww1 brits were making comments in the house of commons that germans had gassed jews during ww1 ..but later had retracted this non sense and admitted they lied ..the loss of life still gives me cause for thought …the numbers are monumental ..russia losing 5 millionn loyaist csarist troops in the first 6 months ..
    america had no business in ww1 but we know the filthy reprobate ashkanazzi neanderthALIc kikes were seminal in this event …and the outbreak of the spanish flu was really stupid americans getting vaccinated and then getting sick mostly …usa lost 200,000 troops and half from the flu …
    ww1 …Mr. Lloyd George, speaking at the Queen’s Hall on September 21, 1914, said: “If any Servians were mixed up with the
    murder of the Archduke, they ought to be punished for it. Servia admits that. The Servian Government had nothing to do
    with it, not even Austria claimed that. The Servian Prime Minister is one of the most capable and honoured men in
    Europe. Servia was willing to punish any of her subjects who had been proved to have any complicity in that
    assassination. What more could you expect ?
    it was a jew terrorist group and all shitkikes in serbia should have been exterminated instead of going to a full dumb shit war mode ..gentiles killing gentiles and jews making billions off the war ….
    the real stupid thing is that germans ands brits and french are extremely close in dna if not many clusters of folks from the same dna family …

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