Swiss Tunnel Opens with NWO Satanic Ceremony


By Phillip Marlowe

Man, when I saw the video clips of this event held in Switzerland this past week, I could not believe what kind of NWO bull caca I was watching. Tell me I’m crazy not to suspect this crap is Satanic? The “Illuminati” crowd are going to have a field day with this one!

gotthard_base_tunnelSeems they dug a 35.4 mile tunnel deep under some huge ass Alpine mountains in Switzerland to connect up with the train system going into Germany. This thing is the longest and deepest train tunnel on the planet (that we know about). They did it with those giant round boring machines like they used for building the “Chunnel” between France and Britain and God knows what else. Underground Alien complexes in Arizona or even down to Hell itself?

Anyways, they had a big ceremony marking the completion of this tunnel in Switzerland where Germany’s Angela Merkel, the socialist PM of France, Hollande and I suppose the chief honcho of Switzerland, whoever the hell that dude is, attended (photos below).

The videos show what looks to be two ceremonies (one outside and one down inside the tunnel complex). Both are full of apparently in-your-face Satanic symbology (video embedded below the “continue” button). You have to see it to believe it! They even have some dancer guy wearing something that looks like a Baphomet horned mask (OK, I know it might be an Alpine mountain goat but still). This figure is whirling like a dervish, surrounded by dancing tribal witch doctors.

How about the freaky baby-headed winged creature thingy with black eyes and her breasts exposed? All sorts of crazy half-naked ALL WHITE dancers are doing spooky as hell moves, tossing white powder, dirt or some such crap over themselves, while they whirl around in manic fury.

Like zombies, worker drones in orange tunnel jumpsuits march in formation. Maybe that’s how they like seeing us hoi-polloi?

I won’t try to analyze exactly what it all means, since I’m not some kind of occult expert guy, but I know evil when I see it and this crap is more than just some raving imaginations of a faggot Jew dance choreographer on acid.

Call me nutty: My guess is that we got ourselves some serious crap coming down the pike.

WAS IN ALLER WELT!? Satansverehrung bei der Gotthard-Tunnel Eröffnung 01.06.2016

600 people at the ceremony on 6/1/16 (666!). Check out the eyeball image on the big screen behind the dancers at 6:00 in. Methinks this crap is definitely some kind of Satanic ritual. Watch it yourself and you tell me.


GOTTHARD CEREMONY PHOTO 6 The boring machine breaks through to the tunnel coming from the other direction. White man engineering has got this so it hits right on the money.
Germany’s Chancellor, the crypto-Jewess Angela Merkel and her fellow European Union elites after taking the first train trip through tunnel. So how come none of this was reported in the US media? Perhaps they don’t want the fooled Christian Zionists to put two-and-two together?
GOTTHARD CEREMONY PHOTO 1Baphomet dancing in front of some people who look like Christians supplicating before his highness, the devil.
GOTTHARD CEREMONY PHOTO 5Looks like assorted religious representatives giving out benedictions. I see a Muzzie at the podium, a Jew guy and an Anglican chick. That might be a catholic priest over on the far left, patiently waiting his turn.

GOTTHARD CEREMONY PHOTO 8Worker drones march out in formation in a zombie-like daze. These are almost certainly dancers or actors and not real tunnel construction employees.

GOTTHARD CEREMONY PHOTO 2The dancers looked like all Whites — stripped down to skivvies — purposefully dirty. What’s that about?

GOTTHARD CEREMONY PHOTO 7Worker drones push train with White dancers in underwear doing wild contortions. Us messed-up in the head Whites fighting with each other on the way to hell?

GOTTHARD CEREMONY PHOTO 3Some kind of screaming White man and floating Egyptian Pharoah beetles. Crazy.

GOTTHARD CEREMONY PHOTO 4A freaky big head thingy floats above fearful worker drones. Looks like it’s a female demon with exposed breasts. Like I said: WTF?!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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83 Responses to Swiss Tunnel Opens with NWO Satanic Ceremony

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    If only I was the commander…… Hey Sarge there are guys with machine guns up there. O.K. Then france is for faggots anyway lets turn these boats around and go home.

  2. Smitherines says:

    Ahhh Bailey gonna LOVE” dizs Shitzzz” Chimpouts and Black Narrative all
    to The Monkeys 1960’s classic “Hey Hey With The Monkeys!”

    The Simian Theme Song (it’s halarius Incog man!)

  3. Hoff says:


    I got the whole crap figured out. Watch it again and what don’t you see?

    No nigger, no nigglets, no darkskinned whatsoever – ONLY WHITE SKIN.

    Everything is EXTREMELY white. Watch it again.

    The comment section at incogland is a TOTALLY JEWISH fuckup right now.

    Shitload after shitload of Jewish hasbara copy and past Jewish crap.

    History Channel – Barbarians Rising

    Ooooops no nigger, no nigglets, no anything but all white madness.

    White man = bad

    And that is what the whole swiss tunnel bullshit “event” is all about. Portraying the WHITE MALE as an insane idiot.

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    Hastings. OverLord. I will type this for my last time. A special kind of sacrificial heroism was demanded by the DD crews that morning when, by a serious error of judgement, 32 were launched 6,000 yards from the beach . Each one , as it dropped off the ramp of the landing craft, plunged like a stone to the bottom of the sea, leaving pitiful few survivors struggling in the swell. Yet the following crews drove on into the water undeterred by ghastly example. This book is good read bad bad in a real perspective. Hastings. Overlord. German soldiers burned to a complete crisp and begging somebody to please just shoot me. The first American that tried to cross between those gates was shot straight through his brain. All the rest were stopped saying I aint going to even try. British Commander tells it like it is.

  5. Frederick says:

    what else but a insane idiots?

    I regret that that is possible to say such. But the facts state what Incog has featured!

    But how do we justify the immoral behaviour? I feel there is no hope for us white folk after seeing this bizarre behaviour. Those that practise this crap have been influenced by the deceptive practices of the Talmud is stronger then any white god, even yourself!!

    If you wanna think you are more intelligent and clever in your own righteousness, then you suck just as these atheist pagans worshipping a defeated god (satan).

    These perverted modern rabbis are winning and all these white folk just got sucked into their deception.

    You can also go suck up to your pagan self god, but try name calling out true followers of Christ with your so-called intelligence degree from the many useless books and writing you claim are truth. Then go screw yourself, you are under self condemnation by your own words!

    “As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly.” – Proverbs


  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another shout out to Stepdad Jim. Among other things he told me when I was a kid was that you can feel when the guns are firing . You can feel it and you can even hear it down in the bowelells fourth below deck. This is some serious shit we are under attack now this aint no drill, The Wasp and the Hornet. Just keep doing your job boys and make sure you have your life jacket close by. This is some serious Japanese attack I order everyone on this sinking boat to put your life jackets on and abandoned this ship.

  7. Slim says:

    To: Arch Stanton
    From Slim,

    “It’s their book so why should I deny them, especially considering the grotesquely twisted stories found in these book. The gospels are an unwelcome addition to the original followers of the Old Testament texts and should be a completely separate grouping of books identified as holding direct opposition to Old Testament stories and laws.”

    You are so wrong about the new testament. The New Testament doen’t hold direct opposition to anything…except the total destruction and genocide of the White Race. The entire book (the so called bible) is nothing more than their guide book, their playbook- by them, for them and most of all: against YOU.

    Here’s how it works: with the filthy parasite, EVERYTHING has double, triple, quadrouple meanings or more…or should I say”hidden” meanings that only mean something to the parasite. Watch this:

    If you buy into Jesus was a jew, then the lesson to the jew: “hey fellow jews, this is what and how we deal with one of our own if he should go against us.”

    If you buy into Jesus was a NOT jew and was here to save us and tell us the truth, then the lesson to the jew is: “hey fellow jews, this is what and how we deal with some motherf#$*er if he should go against us.”

    More lessons: He didn’t decend or ascend anywhere. Fifty bucks says he didn’t walk on water either. Another fifty says, like the holohoax, absolutely none of it ever even happened at all. They put that shit in there to make us follow him, to believe in him with all yur heart and all our soul so that we, like him, will turn the other cheek and gladly, meekly allow ourselves to be crucified. It was all the dawn of psychological warfare by none other than St Paul aka Saul the tent maker jew who had an epiphany on the way to kill some fellow parasites for believing in this new “religion”. He figured that if it worked that good on them, well then, it might work twice as good on the goyim. And so far, he’s been right for several thousand years. And it’s very effective too, I say. Look at Rome- thats my ancestry BTW- you think the wonderful ruins of Rome are a testament to how great Rome was? Multiple meanings again my friend. The ruins of Rome are The REAL New Testament of how destructive and how powerful the psychological warfare known today as Christianity is. Look at Rome. Look what the so called belief system professed in the bible did. The Ceasars were totally unprepared for that kind of warfare. And by the time they figured it out it was too late.

    The New Testament is a good read if you want to know how they work, what they teach their own. But nothing more

  8. Karen says:

    Just popped in, and glad I did. That video of the performance is incredible, revelation of the method, and Arch Stantons’ analysis is dead on.

  9. Red Pill says:

    yea, look what just slithered out of the tunnel!

  10. art says:

    I watched the whole thing…twice! Definitely demonic and occultic. I agree with one poster that certain elites probably were spanking their monkeys watching the proceedings. I also wondered why the lack of porch monkeys, since the jews flood everything else with negro worship BS for out benefit. I also wonder why our MSM here did not seen to carry much news on this. If they did I’m sure the lobotomzed
    you would all cheer “keewwwlllll”

    In my 70 years living on this rock, in a saner time the celebration would have been dignitaries, people who worked on the project, speeches ribbon cutting etc……..with none of the soft core porn and devil worship.

  11. ICU says:

    Arch Stanton’s interpretation of the featured unclean jew ceremony is spot on, insightful and well done.
    After witnessing it and pondering over it, no more lessons need to be learned about what Der Erwige Jude is, always was and what it has in store for us and The World…
    unless the vile scum are stopped, and stopped hard.

    Small cadres, Lone Wolves, double agents, infiltrators, Squadrao do Morte, PATRIOTS…
    What the Hell are we waiting for, Christmas ?

  12. Smitherines says:

    Arch and Slim are Karen’s fake monikers, I knew shed show if your drilled “it”
    enough: multiple personality disorder having a field day on here!

  13. Paul Henry says:

    Who calls, then do not complain

  14. silvernickel says:

    Freaky stuff!

    The globalist elite and their NWO is luciferian, and jewish (Anti-Christian and anti-White European)

  15. Crawling Critter says:

    Looks like the B’aal priesthood is being snarky.

  16. S O G says:

    the basic bottom line is tunnels like this cost countrie3s billions they dont have keeping working european whites in a slave tax class all their lives …this tunnel will mostl likely have a stiff toll to use and i seriously doubt many will use it…it will never pay for itself or profit in this century …so why do they build this shit ..
    P>S> no one relly gives a fuck about all the moaning and whinbing concerning karen …get a fuckin life and quit fer fuck sake makin every 3rd fuckin comment about karen ……
    liberty and freedom is the right to criticise anyone for any reason as long as it is 110% truth and neccessary …but enough is enough …ignore her ..lets see if you can …it will show your mettle …stop boring the fuck outta people with this drivel …ok …

  17. Barney says:

    Good point SOG. I wouldn’t have worded it quite that strongly, but you’re right. Who cares if someone’s playing silly buggers?

    IncogMan himself is better placed than any of us to sniff out sock puppets, so I’d rather leave it to him.

    Religion’s the other thing that should be left to the individual to decide. Some people are religious, some aren’t, some – like me – know there’s more to life than this short visit to the devil’s world, but we don’t pretend to know the unknowable.

    On sites like this, it doesn’t matter what each one of us believes as long as we all share the common belief that the White Race is worth saving, and that we’ll soon be history if we don’t stop squabbling among ourselves and unite against the jew and it’s pets.

  18. Karen says:

    Barney, yes!

  19. S O G says:

    it is good to see you still at it barney …posting when one can is still a luxury ..we caqll it freedom but the jews could litterally shut down the net any second …thier tricks dont go unnoticed however and they do tend to live in concentrated communities …it iosnt hard to find a bilderberg communist nwo asshole jew ..and as the man posted all the companies owned by jews shows it wouldnt be hard to find all heads of industry are also happenstance as it is to be shitkikes …..and pretty much all college staff and chancellors and legal representation are all barfbag jews ..
    i would recommend a spot of grapefruit pectin for removal of sludge in the lower vascular regions…also serrapeptase and proteolytic enzyme bromelaine for cardiac health ..use as much flax seed oil as you can ..grind it from raw seed and use 2 tablespoons a day with a spot of cottage cheese …proteain and organic sulfur and amino acid wealth in this shit ..esential fatty acid in flax is a major healer ….most heart attacks are caused by dvt or vulnerable plaques popping loose …people with healthy ev erything can die from a broken plack rogue clot ….i know someone who recently had a semi severe chest pain and the mule wouldnt go to hospital so i made him down a lot of tobasco sauce …cayenne and hot water breaks clots as fast as the shit kinase in er deoes without side effects ..ha ha ..not true burns the fuxk outta yer moht but the pain went away in an hour …lupus can thrrow clots..thick blood syndrome ,lack of proper fatty essential acid like flax makes cholesterol much more dangerous in the vascular hiways ..get more oxygen in your body with a countertop ozonator for a cuppa water in the am …or use 95/5 oxygen tanks for breathingt 5 minutes a day …the planet earth used to have 30% oxygen quantatative content onnce …it is now in a good area 18-20 % and on airplanes they dope you with low oxygen dose so as not to set off spontaneous oxygen fires …it is very low i think it is 8-10 % …most diseases are diseases of opportunity in that they take root and flourish under low oxy settings ….dr. linus pauling proved that vit c in moderate high dose and lysine together coyuld reverse plaque …..people are dropping like flies and are relativley healthy from heart problems …ubiquitous multi hybridizing super heterodyning radio microwave freakquency commnunictaion waves are the culprit in that the dynamic of these waves from smart meters and cell towers and wifi waves pummel the body and break cells and cause micronuclei proliferation ..they cause body cells with stored calcium to releas said calcium into the blood when rthe heart needs this shit to beat ..unbalancing a cell like that can cause instability and the loss of mineral balance ..sodium can rush in and potassium and magnesium rushes out …..ita a long boring story but taking swqualene can help …it exists in raw pure olive oil and in shark liver oil but some of the tests done on liver oils is not good …ocean is a cess pool ..
    anyway cheers and good health ..check out naturalnews dot com …
    the left and right ventricles can hypertophe from chronic moderate high blood pressure…this is a bad diagnosis as a thickened area on the heart will respond differetnly than normal as the cells are changed ..they can cause the heaert to fibrillate out of the blue …not good ..als another bugger is A fib ..alot of people are experincing this shit in unpredictable bouts of vertigo ..this is another realm away from dizziness ..or a flutter in the chest can cause blood clots as well as cancer undiagnosed can ..there a few more things that toss clots but i dont recall at this time …go with the flax ..if someone cant have cottage cheese they can substitute with MSM tabs and amino acid supplements with the flax ..the healing power of flax is huge …
    and the very problem with religion is that it causes instant arguments and rebellions ..
    the usa has the laws and the foundational document in place already and it respects no religion nor forbids it but just doesnt want it to be a factor in peoples govt..
    in the usa you have the freedom from religion …in germany hitler made a speech and said that make no mistake that the third reich was a christian movement ..he was fighting from inside a jewish created funhouse from hell trying to unite the people ..he sent the brownshirts to the wheremacht for reasons too long for here and he sent ethnic germans to the newly built prisons to cleanse them from communism as communism was banned in 1933 which is why shitkike devils fled from germany …8 million german ethnics wre registerd with communism party in germany in the late 20;s ….
    communist jew queers werew rtying to dxestabilize germany and fill people with jew propaganda and hokum so they would help steer germany right in to ussr comintern sattelite nation …this was well known and so was the mass murder of germanics and other gentiles in post revolution russia 1917 ..and thisw was jews doing ..bolshevik,menshevik ,social party ,the jewish bund etc all worked to overthrow the czar of russia as the jews killed about 5 more czars befoer nicky 2 …they spoke french in the russian aristocracy …french anf germans are practically the same dna well actually are the same dna from the persecution of the french hugenots in 1500 at the hands of the king of france and 50,000 french fled to berlin …so it goes …germans did not inherit the lame french handshake . the only think limper than a frogs handshake is a wet dishtowel …so hitler made the churches all come rtogether and find a common area of belief and so created the unified german christian church which the catholic church would not join since they were controolled by jews and were the political trump card to unfold and use its influence to diminish the good works of the people working to make the conferderated tgerritories of the rhine more symbiotic and soverign …the french controlled german states in 1800;s ..hitler conjoined all the confederated territiories to gether as one country …united germany under god …churchil said it dint make fuckall who ran germany as long as it stayed under oppression of versaile treaty ..he said it was the mission of the jew to destroy germans like it was the mission to destroy south african whites ..once the whites became disenfranchised in SA this is when africa began to have famine and civil war ..germany knew what russia was up to in that lenin was keeping a documented verbal promise that he was going to anhilate 80 million russians could they not know with the mobile bolshevik death sqauds killng ethnic germans in poland and former german territoiry on eastern border of germany taken in versaille treaty ..or german sknowing of other former soldoires ww1 post coming home and getting shot by snipers not much different than what the jews did to gfermans during the war and after in the def concentration death camps for germans ..i am glossing over some i know …suffice to say that not only did germans get totrtured under nuremburg kangaroo trial they were ahuled into former concentration camps and tortured and killed like russia was still doing to non jews …sachsenhausen was one where reserved for minor german males ..the jewish bolshevik finds killed 60,000 there and buried 20,000 on the grounds ..findable corpses unlike the holohaox bodies that must have got up and ran all the way to russia in barefeet in winter ..jews made soap out of russian priests during revolution and made lampshdaes out of french and germanics ever wonder how they came up with such outrageous claims against the germans that they did this shit was the jews superimposing their crimes onto innocent people so their crimes like katyn and latvia and russia camps and gulags etc ..many german troops wrote to home on op barbarossa and told of what they saw of jewish tortuer of gentiles in prisons and such after liberation …many russian kike commies reinvented thenmselves after ww2 as victims of holohoax and got reparations and book deals etc ..same ol shit with the kikes ….anyway im wandering here …connecting the dots .. .. .. .. .. . . …….
    kikes destroyed 40,000 christian churches and 200,000 priests in russia 1917- on ..
    same in spanish civil war ..all kike monkeyshines with rebels and counter rebels etc ..all bs ..the jews killed 3 million spanish and blamed franco …the first victims of jewoish fiendish attacks there were women children and they just use vaccines ..

  20. Liberty Anne Justice says:


    Swedish Report: Only 34% Of Refugees Can Support Themselves After 15 Years (THAT MEANS 66% CAN’T SUPPORT THEMSELVES without welfare EVEN AFTER 15 years -AND who knows what the REAL percentage actually is? Likely much higher?)

  21. Liberty Anne Justice says:

    “To achieve (Jewish) world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.”

    . . . If it cannot be done gently, it may have to be done roughly or even violently.”

    G. Brock Chisholm, “The Re-Establishment of Peacetime Society,” Psychiatry, February 1946. Later published by Alger Hiss.

  22. Liberty Anne Justice says:

    “The (anti-Christ) Messiah will come only when European Christianity has totally fallen.

    So I ask you is it good news that Muslims are invading Europe?

    It’s excellent news! It means the coming of the (anti-Christ) Messiah.”
    – Jewish French Rabbi Rav Touitou

    In his teaching uploaded to Youtube
    on November 20, 2013. (I think this is it)
    Mashiah ou es tu ?

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