Filthy Rich Globalist Joos Are All For Crooked Hillary

goldman-sachs-owns-hillary-clintonJew Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein Personally Endorses Hillary Clinton


These corporate Kikes are truly rotten creatures that should eventually be arrested, tried, and hanged for treason against the United States of America.

Their support of Globalism, free trade, unlimited immigration from the darkest parts of the Third World, and squashing of the White Race should be punished with the harshest measures available to the State.

And I want to see Hillary Clinton, their political darling, sitting in the defendant’s dock beside these soulless vermin.

From Bloomberg:

Lloyd Blankfein, chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., has shied away from publicly backing a presidential candidate this year, saying his support could harm that person’s chances.

Yet in an interview that will air Sunday on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Blankfein, asked if he personally supports and admires Democrat Hillary Clinton, said that he did.

“I’m supportive of Hillary Clinton,” Blankfein said, according to a transcript provided by the network. “Yes, so flat out, yes, I do. That doesn’t say that I agree with all of her policies. I don’t. And that doesn’t say that I adopt everything that she’s done in her political career or has suggested that she might do going forward.”

Clinton, 68, has been criticized, both in the primary fight against Senator Bernie Sanders and in the general election campaign against Republican Donald Trump, for her ties to Goldman Sachs. She was paid some $675,000 for three speeches to the New York-based bank in 2013, months after she had stepped down as secretary of state.


On November 8th, you’re going to be given the option of choosing between two candidates with two diametrically-opposing ideologies.

Will you stand with The Don, and defend your family, your nation, and your race?

Or will you dance to the tune of Hillary Clinton, and watch as your civilization crumbles, your economy crashes and travels away to far-distant lands, and your grandchildren wind up looking like mocha-colored half castes?

Your choice, Brothers and Sisters.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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41 Responses to Filthy Rich Globalist Joos Are All For Crooked Hillary

  1. Karen says:

    @Smitherines…hope you like it…

  2. ICU says:

    The Goldman Sachs jews are high up on The List.
    Tick Tock, Kikes
    Tick Tock
    It’s coming, and you will not enjoy it.

  3. Joe Btfsplk says:

    time has come today

  4. BuelahMan says:

    Will you stand with The Don, and defend your family, your nation, and your race?

    You’ll be standing behind a bunch of goddamned jews if you do.


  5. Johnny Draco says:
    [As corporations only exist on paper, they are both defined and bound by the law of contracts – more words on paper. In other words, corporations do not exist in the ‘real world’ and cannot nod their heads, shake hands or utter any words of affirmation.]

  6. John Taurus says:

    The Jews are the Devil’s spawn, his Demons. Wherever they go, death, destruction, mayhem, and looting by Jews follows. They are pure evil. They use non-Jews like cattle. They slaughter us and they make us their slaves. Exactly that has happened in the United States with the destruction of the middle class and the flooding of our country with illegals and immigrants. Whites have been removed from power because they were too good at organizing…..but not too smart when it comes to the Jews whom they were foolish enough to trust. Whites one weakness is their empathy and the Jews played on that and it has cost them their country and has cost many Whites their lives. Jews are the “Grim Reaper”. Every person whose life the take is a sacrifice to their father, Satan. Jews should not be allowed in the country. Whites must move en masse to the old Southern States, take those governments over through sheer numbers, and vote to secede from the Jewnited States and set up our own all White country……with NO JEWS ALLOWED.

  7. ElmerFuddGopherCreekHollow says:

    oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… drumpf has alot of money joos have alot of money so drumpf is a joo boo hoo hoo hoo…. drumpf is not a southerner oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo i don’t like his hair-do boo hoo hoo hoo hoo….drumpf is not hitler oh boo hoo hoo hoo he’s not even mussolini boo hoo hoo hoo hoo he’s from joo jerk shitty he’s not a dirt poor cotton pickin’ hardscrabble chicken farmer from alabama with a 6th grade edjumacation and a moonshine mill in the woods down past the lower 40 oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo he’s not even into hebrew kanev bosem 420 his wife is a spy for the KGB she has an exotic mysterious and sinister foreign accent boo hoo hoo hoo hoo little known fact the joos are hiding from you his yankee forebears were carpet-baggers during reconstruction he knows too many cathyolics his drumpf tower in new yawk shitty is right next to a babylonian abomination of desolation kathy cathedral catlicks are jesuits you know and jesuits are joos boo hoo hoo his noo yawk accent is grating on the nerves it’s not a kindly genteel way of speaking boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo he wants to disband our southern knights of the golden circle church oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo, he is the epitome of a North of The Mason Dixon type tyrant like Sherman and his yankee march to the sea, oh NO, he just won’t do!

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    Fair and balanced reporting. That’s my job. Trump wants to put a jew in charge of the treasury department. Now that makes about as much sense as putting jews in charge of the federal reserve and internal revenue theft service. Putting a jew in charge of the treasury department??? Cmon’man.

    Donald Trump, the political outsider running a renegade campaign for president, has a fresh idea about who should head the Treasury Department: an ex-Goldman Sachs executive.

    Fortune’s Dan Primack reports that Anthony Scaramucci, a Trump fundraiser and hedge fund salesman, says Trump has told potential donors that if he is elected he wants to nominate Steve Mnuchin, his campaign’s finance chairman, to be Treasury secretary.

    Mnuchin is the co-CEO and co-founder of Dune Capital Management, a hedge fund. He worked at Goldman Sachs for 17 years and left in 2002. Mnuchin’s father, Robert, was a partner at Goldman Sachs before retiring to run an art gallery. In 2004, Steve started Dune Capital with funding from George Soros, the progressive trader, philanthropist and boogeyman to conservative conspiracy theorists everywhere.

    If hiring a former Goldman Sachs executive to run fundraising efforts was an odd choice for Trump, who’d bragged that self-funding his campaign made him immune to special interests, then daydreaming about appointing the same person Treasury secretary ? presumably to woo donors ? only amplifies the absurdity. In truth, Trump was never fully self-funding his presidential bid, and his campaign staff is increasingly stocked with lobbyists.

    Were Mnuchin appointed secretary of the Treasury, he’d be the third Goldman alum to hold the post. Robert Rubin served as secretary for four years during the Clinton administration, and Hank Paulson spent the last two and a half years of George W. Bush’s presidency in the position.

  9. YankeeJoe says:

    Better a jew who identifies as a jew [ a trump jew ] than a jew pretending to be a “muslim” [ a hillary jew ]. Many of the jews surrounding Hillary are jews pretending to be “Muslims”. The average American has no way, really, of knowing the “muslims” around Hillary are really jews. Same with the “Muslims” who surround Obama, the “Muslims” surrounding Obama are really jews [ for the most part the “muslims” surrounding Obama are really jews]..

    This is our choice, unfortunately. Don’t like the choice? Go tell the Freemasons in your city, town, rural area, or wherever you live, to renounce their Freemasonry “religion” and tell them it’s time they burn their fuckin’ dirty putrid Freemasonry halls down to the ground.

    It’s Freemasons, many of them are NON jews, who enable the jews and advance the jew’s agenda. It was Freemasons who supported the jew’s Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The NON-jew NON-Freemason White Christian lawmakers in Washington tried to stop the Federal Resevrve Act of 1913 from passing, but the Freemasons, MANY of them NON jews, MANY were NON jews, took the side of the jews of course, as Freemasons ALWAYS DO. So we lost to the jews in 1913, because so many of our kind were/are Freemasons. And we keep losing because so many of our own kind are Freemasons. Whites have to leave Freemasonry EN-MASSE or we’re doomed and we’ll never win anything, not a thing, we’ll always lose.

    Now this our choice : Trump’s jews or Hillary’s jews. Don’t like it? Work to get rid of Freemasonry. Freemasonry is owned by jews, by the most satanic type jews, and the satanist jew owners of Freemasonry require an Oath to Islam. That’s very telling. It says alot. I won’t get into it, not now, the subject matter is very involved and would require an extremely long post to just begin to do the subject matter justice.

    As long as we have so many, so many, NON jews who are Freemasons, the situation will stay the same. Having to choose from two candidates, both the candidates surrounded by jews.

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    I just opened the ultimate pandoras box of paradoxis. The guy says he will put a jew in charge of the treasury department right off the top of my head if I was a General sitting at the table I would spout out that that is a bad idea. A really really bad sucky idea and then I would get fired. If a Gentile puts a jew in charge of his treasury the Gentile should not be surprised when he opens his safe and checks his bank account there is nothing in there and his accounts are EXTREMELY OVERDRAFTED. But on the other hand… If you can make a jew think that 1 percent of the money in that account belongs to him and his retirement fund then you can rest assured every night that not one cent would come up missing anywhere even if a security guard drops a penny HE will be fired.

  11. YankeeJoe says:

    The situation is such that the United States now might very well be flooded with tens of millions of muslims, they will go on Islamic Jihad here in the United States. Our own leaders in Washington are encouraging the Muslims to go on Jihad in the Middle East, in Europe, AND in the United States, and are bankrolling the Jihadists and giving them weapons and guns so they can go on Jihad.

    We’re in this horrible situation exactly because there’s so many NON jew Whites who are Freemasons. Again, Freemasons take an Oath to Islam. The oath they take to Islam is taken in secret, in the dark, in the shadows, in stealth, in private. By day, the Freemasons claim to be “Christians”, or at least many of them claim to be “Christians” ; Many of them are actually ministers and pastors and priests in the Christian churches, but their hearts are with Islam, for they take an Oath to Islam.

    The Republican leadership ardently supports Hillary, Hillary whose plan is to flood the USA with tens of millions of Muslims, while she supplies the Muslims with weapons and guns [ via the mobsters she’s hooked-up with.] But, it’s just not Hillary who wants this, or Jew Commies who want this :

    The Senior Big Shot Republicans also want the same thing for the United States ; Tens of Millions of Muslims, radicalized, intently Jihadist, and the Republcan leadership fully well knows the mobsters hooked up to Hillary and to the shadow government are giving the Muslim immigrants coming into the USA weapons and guns and will continue to do so if Hillary becomes the presidrnt. The Republican leadership wants this, for the most part, the Republicans want what Hillary wants. To turn the United States into a Muslim country. Most of the high-level Republicans are Freemasons, as most of the low level Republicans. Many Democrats are also Freemasons.

    If Islam is so wonderful as they claim, they would take their Oaths to Islam in public , outside in the Light , in public for everyone to see and to know, not in private, in the dark, in shadows away from the eyes of the public.

    Many NON whites, many blacks, many Muslims who are NOT White, are also Freemasons. Many jews are Freemasons [ plus the most satanic type jews own Freemasonry ]. The Whites who are Freemasons share the the same “religion” as our Racial Enemies. There’s so many NON jew White Freemasons, of course we always lose, always.

    The ONLY chance we have to save the United States from being overrun with Muslims and Jihad and Sharia and dhimmitude is if Trump wins. NOTE : I say “chance”. Trump, if he wins Tuesday, will be going up against a tremendeous power aligned against him. We are in this horrible situation EXACTLY becuse so many, so many, of our fellow Whites are Freemasons , and they take an Oath to Islam.

    Trump himself is NOT a Freemason. He has no choice but to surround himself with jews. That’s because we live in a country with so many NON jew WHITES who are Freemasons and they have basically handed the USA over to jews for the sake of their Freemasonry “religion”, for their Freemason beliefs. Go blame your local NON jew White Freemasons for the fact we’re in this horrible situation, go curse them for they DO deserve to be cursed, for they have brought a curse upon this country, and their Freemasonry halls DO deserve to be burned to the ground. They’re just as culpable as the jews for this horrible situation us White Americans find ourselves in, stuck between the jews and the muslims and no matter what side we align ourselves with, we lose.

    Trump is the only one around opposed to turning the USA Muslim and Jihadist and a country in dhimmitude. If Trump doesn’t win Tuesday, the USA will be a Muslim third world country very soon. If he wins, we have some kind of chance to save what good remains in the USA, after 53 years of being ruled by a jew-ISLAMO-FREEMASON Cabal who asassinated JFK in 1963 and took over power in the United States.

    When I say Hillary wants to flood this country “with tens of millions of Muslims” that is NOT HYPERBOLE, that is NOT EXAGGERATION. She has been very clear about the numbers of Muslims she wants for the USA. at least 70% if not more of the Muslims she’s planning to bring here will be from Sub Sahara Africa, the most violent and the most savage type Muslims. She is not interested in any Muslim who is NOT intent on violence, not intent on Jihad, not intent in making Islamic law the law of the USA, not intent on RAPING, not intent on going on ARSON riots, not intent in destroying the USA. The Republican Party FREEMASONS ardently support Hillary and her Muslim agenda for the USA.

  12. Johnny Draco says:

    Question everything and share this REALITY with all of your friends, neighbors and family.

  13. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    November 3, 2016 at 8:59 pm

    @Smitherines…hope you like it…

    This is SCIENCE not religon or other Jew/Heretic witch propaganda you post
    some kook, do you want me to post L. Ron Hubbard’s NONSENSE about life from space where his elk has conned dopes just like Zionist Christians you posted
    showing your nothing but Jewess imposter: like Bailey has said for years on here!

    I hope you like it Karen (Joo Slave Imposter)
    Cloth proving through “FORENSIC SCIENCE”their carbon dating: was smoke
    carbon contaminated from fire it went through, and then Zionist cabal of media
    liars in 1976: proclaiming it just another”Catholic hoax?????


    Our Lady of Zion (1968) The apparitions were also witnessed by President Gamal Abdel Nasser,[5] An avid socialist/ atheist Karen. there goes “mass hysteria forcing the kooks to all see the same thing” (more Jew-heretic propaganda) he was an
    atheist ,not only did he see it, they fuckin photographed it too, you see it???? Take
    that SCIENCE to your brethren Holocaust sites, see if you aren’t arrested
    trying to prove that SO CALLED HISTORICAL REALITY???

    Our Lady of Zion (1968)

  14. Smitherines says:

    @ Karen

    What’s that last sentence read Karen?
    “Having been unable to produce an alternative explanation for the luminous sightings, the Egyptian government accepted the apparitions as true.[6]”

    “The apparitions were also witnessed by President Gamal Abdel Nasser,[5] and captured by newspaper photographers and Egyptian television. Investigations performed by the police could find no explanation for the phenomenon. No device was found within a radius of fifteen miles capable of projecting the image, while the sheer number of photographs from independent sources suggests that no photographic manipulation was involved. Having been unable to produce an alternative explanation for the luminous sightings, the Egyptian government accepted the apparitions as true.[6]”

  15. Smitherines says:

    See JPG:×245.jpg

    Hillary’s High Crimes & Misdemeanors
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Hillary’s High Crimes & Misdemeanors

    Share Pat’s Columns:
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    Friday – November 4, 2016

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    If Hillary Clinton is elected president on Tuesday, and if what Bret Baier is reporting from FBI sources on Fox News is true, America is headed for a constitutional crisis.

    Indeed, it would seem imperative that FBI Director James Comey, even if it violates protocol and costs him his job, should state publicly whether what Baier’s FBI sources are telling him is false or true.

    The people have a right to know — before Tuesday.

    For, if true, Clinton could face charges in 2017 and impeachment and removal from office in 2018.

    According to Baier, FBI agents have found new emails, believed to have originated on Clinton’s server, on the computer jointly used by close aide Huma Abedin and her disgraced husband, Anthony Weiner.

    Abedin’s failure to turn this computer over to the State Department on leaving State appears to be a violation of U.S. law.

    Read More At:

  16. Smitherines says:

    The Occidental Observer:

    America’s Inglorious Tradition of Election Fraud: Any End in Sight? Part 2
    by L. Scott Smith

    Political “Nobility” in South Texas. Truman was not the first, nor would he be the last, beneficiary of a corrupt election, propelling him to the supreme prize in American politics. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas followed closely behind him.

    The man from the hill country was elected to Congress in 1937,[1] a few years after Truman’s Senatorial debut. The young Texan, driven by overweening ambition, ruthlessly vied for a Senate seat in 1941.

    More @ URL below:

  17. Smitherines says:

    The Occidental Observer:

    America’s Inglorious Tradition of Election Fraud: Any End in Sight? Part 2
    by L. Scott Smith

    Political “Nobility” in South Texas. Truman was not the first, nor would he be the last, beneficiary of a corrupt election, propelling him to the supreme prize in American politics. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas followed closely behind him.

    More @ URL below:

  18. Smitherines says:

    The Occidental Observer:

    Jews Are Leading the Legal Fight Against Brexit
    by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

    As I showed in an earlier article on Jews and Brexit, Jewish attitudes are complex and nuanced because Jewish interests on Brexit are not entirely clear. (Needless to say, the interests of Britain as a whole, much less White Britain, are not relevant to this internal Jewish debate.) Nevertheless, there can be little doubt that the recent push to have Parliament vote on Brexit is very much a Jewish project. Much ink has recently been spilled on the efforts:

    More @ link below:

  19. YankeeJoe says:

    The jews, the jew Commies, the jew Commies AND the NON jew White Freemasons
    [ many of them pretending to be “conservatives”, many of them Republicans] they want to turn the United States into a Muslim country. They don’t even want the United States to be a civilized Muslim country, like Syria used to be before they flooded Syria with their Islamic Jihadist mercenary criminals and cold-blooded murderers. They want a Muslim country like the Muslim countries in SUB SAHARA AFRICA, full of the most savage and barbaric BLACK AFRICANS, AND SAVAGE VIOLENT SUB SAHARAN BLACK AFRICANS ON JIHADS, ALL KINDS OF VIOLENT JIHADS.

    The NON jew White Freemasons who ALWAYS WORK TO ADVANCE THE INTERESTS AND THE GOALS OF THE JEWS, now the jew NWO goal is to turn the USA into a Muslim country , and into a SUB SAHARAN AFRICAN MUSLIM COUNTRY NO LESS : The big shot NON jew Freemasons, many of them, they live in gated communities and they are very smug in their gated communities.

    I don’t know if they realize this or not : But the gates of their gated communities are not very sturdy, not very strong, not formidable, not at all. It’s real easy for a gang of hoodlums who want to get into a gated community to break the gates and get in. It’s going to be real easy for gangs of black african muslims on Jihad to get into their gated communities. Perhaps the NON jew White Freemasons think they’re safe in their smug gated communities, but the gates are NOT going to protect them. Plus, the VIPS in this country will give the police “stand down” orders vis-a-vis the Muslim Jihadists, just like in Europe the cops have “stand down” orders. Cops with orders from The Top to let the Jihadists do what they want and real flimsy gates.

    And the black african Muslims on Jihad don’t even have to do any work to open the gates of the gated communities if they don’t want to go thru the work of breaking the gates, all the african muslim jihadists have to do to get in is to simply ask the Mexican gardeners and lawn guys and leaf blowers the code(s) to get into the gated communities. ALL the Mexican lawn guys have the codes to get into all the gated communities in America. I don’t know if the VIPs in America realize it or not.

    They’re just as vulnerable as us White American working-class are to the hordes of sub saharan black muslim Jihadist animals. Their gates on their gated communities are NO obstacle at all. Their gates, if you look at them closely, are actually very flimsy. Plus, all the Mexican Aztlan mexican lawn guys have all the codes to get into all the gated communities in America, and the Freemasons are also encouraging and goading-on the Mexicans in the USA to go on Aztlan-Aztec type jihads of their own, and under the radar, via the mobsters the Freemasons love so much, are supplying the mexican aztlans with weapons and guns. But the Mexican lawn guys have ALL the codes to ALL the gated communities the NON jew Freemasons live in and are so smug in their gated communities.

  20. Red Pill says:

    never forget Israel is always the WILD card in every election.
    for instance like triggering a war with Iran?
    all bets would be off.
    look for the wild card to be played.

    don’t let these tricky bastards catch us off guard.
    ALL events are staged events, ever last one of them.
    nothing happens unless it happens the way TPTB want it to be.
    every thing is scripted no matter who wins.
    all is just smoke and mirrors.
    the swamp is to big to drain.
    there is no hazardous waste site that will accept the sludge.
    nukes will be needed, hello MR. Putin.

    history repeats it’s self,
    are we the new pre world war II Germany?
    where the German people were set up with a leader that was destroyed along
    with Germany and her PEOPLE ?
    is Donald J trump being set up?
    “all options are on the table” as they say, expect the unsuspected.

  21. YankeeJoe says:

    the joo weiner and his moozlum [ ex ] wife huma are now co-operating with authorities and now the joo and the moozlum are under protection, under Federal Witness Protection, LOL, the joo and the moozlum are being protected by the Feds while the joo and the moozlum back stab the methodist do-gooder hillary, LOL. Before the methodist could back-stab the joo and the moozlum, I guess, lol.

    the joo and the moozlum knew what the f*ck they were doing to make sure to keep the methodist’s e-mails, a little insurance just in case something were to go wrong, lol, the cunning joo and the calculating moozlum out-smarted the naïve methodist, LOL. The methodist thought her e-mails were totally gone and totally lost forever, LOL, but abracadabra!! the joo and the moozlum made the disappeared e-mails appear again!

    This is what I mean when I say when Whites put themselves between joos and moozlums the Whites will NEVER win, LOL, the White will ALWAYS LOSE, the sagiz habirus will ALWAYS win!

    Once again, I’m VINDICATED!!

  22. Joe Btfsplk says:

    >>>it’s self <<< thank you government schools

    ITSELF [one word]

    it's is a contraction of it is
    its is the possessive



  23. Red Pill says:

    1953 World Series
    In a classic rematch of the previous year’s classic, “The Bronx Bombers” and “The Bums from Brooklyn” returned for yet another “Subway Series”. The Yankees were poised for their fifth consecutive championship title and the Dodgers were ready for revenge. Brooklyn had given their cross-town rivals a run for their money, but had come up short in Game 7

    so i was 9 yrs old. every one was tuned into the world series. we listened from my
    4th grade classroom every day. every one knew the score, every thing stopped.

    today i caught a glance that the cubs won theworld series for the time in 108 years
    and i thought, as the world burns who gives a fuck?

  24. protocolsRtrue says:

    I said before on an earlier thread that the hidabitches security clearances should have been yanked years ago for obvious reasons with that private servers in her basement stuff while SECRETARY OF FUCKING STATE!!!! So when she says that she cannot recall ever receiving training on the proper handling of classified information her clearance should have been pulled on the spot again. So I said what if we DO have a first female president who’s husband lost the nuclear launch codes for three months while getting blowjobs from monica jewlipski and didn’t bother mentioning it to anybody because it was no big deal and what difference does it make now? So she don’t have a security clearance either for more than 650,000 good reasons I say give the launch codes to me and me and Buster Brown and Lucky and my ruger will take better care and safe handling of them than this hildabitch could do. On one condition…. Do not call it a biscuit otherwise Buster Brown will eat it. Sure enough the guy from the pentagram comes over to update the codes and asks me for the biscuit and Buster Brown jumps up and swallows it. The officer from the pentagram calls back to the General and says you are not going to believe this shit.. The dog ate the biscuit. Now I have heard of dogs eating my homework excuses shit but the dog ate the nuclear biscuit??? I swear to Gosh chief I seen it with my own 2 eyes.

  25. Karen says:

    Smitherines, you’re ranting senselessly again. Roy Buchanan was the worlds greatest guitarist not a kook. My posts showing talented White men would be distasteful only to the ever envious jew because the jew lacks talent, insight, taste and discrimination which is one of the several reasons that the jew is attempting to genocide us. That I laugh off their silly book of self congratulatory fairy tales and odes to mass murder of the innocent offends you, leaving me in doubt as where your alliances lie, mine are obvious. Trust nothing that has the stench of Jew on it!

  26. brian boru says:

    It’s starting to look like the psychobitch might not make it after all. The stench is becoming so great from the corruption of the Clintons and their backers, which includes the monkey’s administration, and the whole system in Washington that hands are being forced to take action. The corrupt FBI has been forced to do its job. I don’t buy that the FBI are suddenly the good guys for reopening the case against one of the most obvious criminals in US history. Remember, this is the outfit involved in the murder of women and children in Waco, the gunning down of Cathy Weaver and her son, the framing of Edgar Steele and, lately, the cold blooded murder of LaVoy Finicum. It appears that the NYPD has forced their hand in their investigation of the Weiner pedophile. The nigger in charge of the ‘Justice’ Department has been outed as another corrupt, lying sack of shit and the monkey who has despoiled the White House for so many years has been clearly shown to have flat out lied about his knowledge of what was going on with Clinton.
    Perhaps these kikes who support all this corruption and who are trying to push the most obviously criminal scumbag ever as the new President aren’t as smart as they think they are. Their whole filthy scam is coming undone and they are beginning to scramble. This includes the media rats. They would be crazy to steal the election now. Trump should win 90+% of the vote in a fair contest. Of course it isn’t remotely fair but it seems that they can’t accept that all their media bias and the billions they have put behind this vile bitch just haven’t worked. The internet has exposed all their dirty tricks for a fraction of the cost. Worse, their control has slipped and millions of white, and even non-white, Americans now completely despise the jew media and the political hacks in Washington. Many are actually starting to investigate the system to find out who is behind all this filth. This must be making God’s special pets very nervous.
    One thing is definite, if they defraud Trump and the American people next week and give the win to Clinton then millions of people are perfectly entitled to take their guns out of their closets and start shooting, which is the main reason for having the Second Amendment. Any cops or soldiers who get in their way trying to protect the criminal elites deserve no mercy either. The situation is that bad. If these bastards aren’t punished for what they have done and are allowed to take the country into the totalitarian system they have planned then the American people can expect no mercy, and indeed will deserve none.

  27. Smitherines says:

    @ All

    Red Pill says:
    November 4, 2016 at 3:05 pm

    1953 World Series
    In a classic rematch of the previous year’s classic, “The Bronx Bombers” and “The Bums from Brooklyn” returned for yet another “Subway Series”. The Yankees were poised for their fifth consecutive championship title and the Dodgers were ready for revenge. Brooklyn had given their cross-town rivals a run for their money, but had come up short in Game 7

    so i was 9 yrs old. every one was tuned into the world series. we listened from my
    4th grade classroom every day. every one knew the score, every thing stopped.

    today i caught a glance that the cubs won theworld series for the time in 108 years
    and i thought, as the world burns who gives a fuck?

    This is all part of Zionist’s 20th Century facade to get Goy’s minds distracted
    from reality, them taking over every aspects of their lives, getting them
    ready to be enslaved, by having them care about NOTHING except their
    favorite sports teams and heroes!

    It’s kinds like the Time Machine (H.G. Wells) it obvious he’s showing you a
    metapho:r with the “Eloi” the “CATTLE” that are being fatten up and kept
    content. They are Kwans (Christians idiots and atheist secular idiots, basically
    Gentiles) and the Murlochs are the Zionist Oligarch Jews. Disgusting looking
    creatures, operating from DARKNESS: backing when the light (Jesus
    the light of TRUTH, the light of the world) is confronting them! Science
    fiction writer have done it for years, come on you can’t tell The Ferengi
    on Star Trek are suppose to be “intergalactic Jews???”

  28. Smitherines says:

    Smitherines, you’re ranting senselessly again. Roy Buchanan was the worlds greatest guitarist not a kook,

    First Jimi Hendrix was the World’s greatest guitarist: and the Jew Media makes
    you think he was all Black, Not, he was half Native American, where he got his zits
    from, and his TALENT, Negroes usually don’t get acne especially in their 20s and
    they can’t think of lyrics like his!

    And you posted some kook saying a “Messiah was coming” and let make this
    clear every religion on earth has a messianic figure preached that will come
    and not just the Abrhamic faiths of Judaism (not Talmud version), Christianity,
    Islam and even Buddhist and Hindu’s have versions of this.

    Remember Karen their Hindu Veda or “Holy Scripture” predates the Israelite by
    maybe 7 or 8 centuries:

    Come on Karen just these two who do the point to, give me F-in break:

    7. The sacrificed animal’s bones should not be broken

    In Itareya Brahmana 2.6 it is stated that the sacrificer separates the twenty-six ribs of the animal without breaking them

    8. The sacrificed Purusha should return to life

    Vedic requirements for the Sacrificial Purusha

    The Rig Veda specifies ten important requirements for the sacrificial Purusha.

    1. Should be without a blemish (Nishikalanga Purusha)

    Kaatyaayana Srautasootram describes in chapter six, that the water and fire were to be used for the purification of the animals, since blameless (defect less) animals are not available in this world.

    2. The Purusha has to be separated from others

    While sacrificing the horse, the sacrificial horse is always separated from other horses. A bush of thorns is usually placed on the head of the horse to inform the people that this horse is separated from the sacrifice.

    Also the head of the horse is considered to represent the Purusha (Sathapatha Brahmana 13th kanda, 6.22).

    3. The Purusha has to be rejected by his own people

    In Itareya Brahmana it is written that the sacrificial animal should be rejected by its father, mother, brother, sister and friends (2.16).

    4. The Yagna Purusha has to suffer silently

    Rig Veda 5.46.1 says, “Like a horse I have yoked myself, well knowing to the pole. I seek neither release nor turning back”.
    5. The Purusha has to be tied to a post

    In Satapata Brahmana it is written, never do they immolate an animal without tying it to a pole. “Na varute yapaat pasum alabhate kadachana (III -7.3.1)”. It is important to tie the animal to a sacrificial pillar before it is sacrificed.

    This pillar is called “Yupastampa (sacrificial pillar)”, which has now become a flag mast.

    6. The blood of the sacrificial man should be shed

    Bruhad Aranyaka Upanishad ( says, “Tvacha evasya rudhiram, prasyandi tvacha utpatah, Tasmaattadarunnaat praiti, raso vrukshadi vahataat”,

    As the sap comes out of the cut tree, blood comes out of the Purusha who is cut.

    7. The sacrificed animal’s bones should not be broken

    In Itareya Brahmana 2.6 it is stated that the sacrificer separates the twenty-six ribs of the animal without breaking them

    8. The sacrificed Purusha should return to life

    The Bruhad Aranyaka Upanishad says,

    “Yad Vruksho vrukshano rohati, mulannavatharah punah, martyah svinmrutyuna vruknah, kasmaanmulaat prarohati, Retasa iti maavocata, jivatastat praja yate, dhanaruh a iva vai crau vruksho, anjasaa pretya sammbhavha”,

    which means, if the tree is cut, it will grow again from its root. But after the man (martyah) was cut off by death, from which root does he come forth? Do not say that has is from the ratas (seed or semen) because ratas comes from the one who lives. Remember this man is dead. But this man (Purusha) comes alive, on his own.

  29. Smitherines says:

    Here is one URL you find 20 or 30 saying the same, what you think cuz you weren’t
    taught this “DIVERSITY” in Canadian schools it’s not TRUE???

    If Jesus is fake Karen, why do Zionist hate him ,and spend so much time and money
    mocking him, trying to convince you (which they have) he’s fake???

    And if he’s the reason why Jews control Christians why the more SECULAR and
    atheist we become, their power gets GREATER??

    You don’t face logic and reason right in your face 2+ 2 = 5, cuz their brainwashing
    is still embedded firmly in your brain!

  30. Smitherines says:

    This TOTAL BULLSHIT below Jewess Attorney Lisa Bloom (Gloria Allred’s Jew daughter) announces the cancellation of a press conference for Trump accuser ‘Jane Doe’ in Woodland Hills, California, November 2, 2016.×357.jpg
    Trump rape accuser skips press conference, citing threats

    *** What I bet the Trump people told Bloom,” you do this and we will bring
    Hillary’s teenage sex trafficking victim from sicko PERVERT Jeffrey Epstein’s
    (Bill RAPED ONE TOO) Scumbag Express forward, to tell her little tale!”

    These fuckin Jews are so HYPOCRITICAL THEY MAKE MY SKIN CRAWL!

    By Ian Greenhalgh on November 4, 2016

    Woman known only as ‘Jane Doe’ alleges Republican presidential nominee sexually assaulted her when she was 13

  31. Sen10L says:

    Beware of the Zionist!

    [beu-lah] as a girls’ name is pronounced BYOO-lah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Beulah is “bride”. Biblical: a name symbolic of the heavenly Zion. Used to refer to Israel, and in John Bunyan’s “The Pilgrim’s Progress”, Beulah is the promised land. First became used as a girl’s name in the late 16th century. References to “Beulah land” appear in American spirituals. The name was made famous by Mae West’s instruction to her maidservant: “Beulah, peel me a grape”.

  32. Red Pill says:

    i don’t care who’s talking, it what he’s saying, you decide
    US Takeover May Be Near

  33. Howard Sprag says:

    The devil dog, an evil bitch,
    Having sown the seeds of Satan deep,
    Shall be thrown to Hell, black and pitch
    And all her deeds on earth will reap.

  34. Bailey says:


    Suspicion confirmed, thanks for that.
    We stil need to do that camping trip.

    Brian, excellent post !

  35. Sen10L says:

    Not trying to out anyone, but I would certainly entertain the notion of changing name to something different than Bibi or Buelah, etc. Ditch all things related to the disease called Jew.

    Next trip I take will be to outer bank of NC. Would be cool to have a Beer Hall event scheduled during trip.

    Best wishes Bailey.

  36. Matt w says:

    Red pill, piecenik is a jew. Sorry. When a jew pats you on the head with the left hand and tells you everything is OK, don’t believe it. It’s called stroking, while he brings a knife to your throat with his right hand. This man stroking the dumb goys. Every thing is ok, we stopped the (((globalist))) from robbing the election, everything will be good, until you wake up in a jew fema camp.

  37. putnamvt says:

    Hansel & Gretel knew what to do with the likes of Hillary.

  38. protocolsRtrue says:

    Allright this one is going to take some doing also. But if you stick with me for a few minutes you might learn something. First I’ll go back in my mental time machine and tell you things I was taught 40 years ago when I was literally and legally still a kid in the military about the proper handling of classified information. Stuff that I CAN still recall even though I am well past retirement age now. O.K. There are different levels of classified information we all know that confidential secret top secret top secret sci special compartmented and even higher than that stuff. But way down at the bottom is what we call for official use only. This is information that is just routine and not classified but for lack of a better term is “loose lips sink ships” back from jew war 2 slogan. I’ll get to the best explanation of for official use only that you could be the base dog catcher but if you start talking about where you been and who’s house and all this other routine bullshit the enemy IS listening. The enemy DOES want to know who you are and what you do and when you do it and why you do it and everything else about the bases mission. So to today’s modern day kids with sailfones and facefucks and tweeters and shit I will tell you this. You would not have to even tell me who you are or where you live. All that has to be done is give me access to all of your communications for a year and I guarantee you that by the time the year was over listening to you yap your fucking mouth I will be able to tell you who you are and who your parents are and all your family members are and where you live and what kind of car you drive and where you work and your bosses name and what kind of enterprise the business is and whether you are in a happy marriage or both of you cheating on each other and probably your favorite sexual position doggy style or missionary. Give me one year of for official information only not classified information I can still gain a whole lot of information. And like I said before the enemy DOES want to know who we are what is our mission and when do we do it and why do we do it and where we do it because that gives them an advantage of our vulnerabilities. Just like any smart armored car delivery trucks would not want to follow the same route and the same destination at the same time schedule every day because thieves will pick up on those habits we don’t talk about what we do when the subs leaving the harbor and where it is going and when it’s scheduled to come back loose lips sink ships stuff. So the 650,000 emails the democraps talking we don’t know yet if any one of them was classified it don’t fucking matter. She should have known better than that having a stupid fucking private email server in her basement and a toilet in Colorado in the first place! I remember this shit from 40 years ago being trained and this bitch wants to be president cannot recall being trained on the proper handling of classified information? C’mon man (woman). I have 50 years of experience in zog !! I can handle the information and the nuclear launch code authorization!! Screeching bitch I wouldn’t trust you with the key to my lawnmower.

  39. Pingback: US Elections: Sudden Turn of Attitude of the Main Stream Media for Trunp. Here Is the Satanic Background – aladdinsmiraclelamp

  40. putnamvt says:

    Think about every good thing you would want for your son and daughter. Then realize that jews are against every single one of them.

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