Libtards Going Hysterical Over Trump’s Election

hillary-people-crying-over-the-resultsThe crowd at Hillary’s big celebration at the Jacob Javits Convention Center soon turned into a giant liberal cry-fest as it finally dawned on them she was losing to Trump — our new evil White Führer! Cowardly Hillary couldn’t bring herself to come onstage to hug it out with her social justice cadres, turning over the job to John Podesta.

Post Election Commentary by Phillip Marlowe

CNN's Van Jones cries about the election being a "WHITE-lash" like all us evil Whites are responsible. Media hypocrites said not a thing about how anti-White racist that comment is.

CNN’s Van Jones cries about the election results being a “WHITE-lash” like all us evil Whites are responsible, even though plenty of Whites voted for Obongo boy in both of his campaigns. No one on CNN said a thing. Racist hypocrites!

The leftys are going totally bonkers trying to figure out how the Trumpster beat their gal pal Hillary in the election. The butt hurt levels are now reaching historical proportions, with PC freak cases becoming absolutely insane — near suicidal for some. Not that I would really care if they did, naturally.

So I’m watching that MSNBC bull dyke, Rachel Maddow, last night going off about Trump getting INTEL BRIEFINGS on par with her POC hero, Obongo, like it’s so terrible. She went into this rambling monologue about evil Putin being in cahoots with Trump’s campaign, even though they also had contacts with Hillary’s people, which Maddow ignored. Russian officials and media like “Russia Today” (RT) have plenty of good, understandable reasons to want such contacts, just like we do over their elections. Means JACK.

Basically, she was saying the Rooskies manipulated the elections (they were using this line against Trump ever since Wikileaks exposed Shillary as a big rat). In her efforts to explain away Hillary’s disastrous defeat, Maddow was telling us Trump was a big security risk, because he’s getting INTEL BRIEFINGS. Ridiculous. This is totally disrespectful to the president-elect. Yeah, like I’m so sure Trump is going to spy for Evil White Russia. Maddow looked so creepy trying to lay down this line of phony patriotism, I broke out my cell phone and videotaped her twitchy facial expressions for later laughs, no lie.

I was watching the stupid show because I wanted to see what Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren had to say when Maddow interviewed her about Trump’s election. Trump always laughingly called her Pocahontas since Warren used to claim to be part Cherokee to advance her PC Marxist university career until some researcher found out her supposed ancestry was total BS. If I had a dollar for everyone who told me they were part Injun or descended from Southern gentleman general, Robert E. Lee, I’d be rich as hell right now and tooling around in a Rolls Royce with Negro rap stars — who will always look stupid as crap showing off with big ticket White-invented stuff.

leftys-protesting-trumps-election-3Round up and arrest the stinking anarchist punks! “Millenials” in Portland, Oregon, got a bit too violent and anti-American in the streets demonstrating Trump’s election last night. This area is now so totally crazed with libtard thinking, a Jew-produced comedy TV show called “Portlandia” milked the idiocy for cheap laughs. The show was indeed funny — and sickening at the same time if you understand the purposeful brainwashing of White people. Dirty, subversive Jewry totally profits off both ends of the stick!


Idiot libtard tweets after Trump won were so hilarious I couldn't stop laughing. Go here to read more.

“I’m so scared!” Libtard tweets after Trump won were so hilarious and stupid I couldn’t stop laughing. For a hearty chuckle, please go HERE to read more.

Libtards are also going off about the popular vote being for Hillary. This is supposedly around 300,000, which spread out among major cities, or simply liberal White areas like those left in Commiefornia and the Pacific Northwest is hardly much (Hillary won the electoral votes there, OK). I also suspect voter shennanigans might be going on.

Sure, I bet most of these excess Hillary voters are black welfare cheats getting carted around by sneaky dem operations like Robert Creamer’s “Democracy Partners” to vote several times apiece for money, illegal aliens voting illegally and liberal urban “millenials” living in areas mostly unexposed to black street behavior like in Oregon and Seattle, Washington. Gore/Lieberman lost the 2000 election with 800,000 popular votes — not that I’m any kind of Bushy Boy fan even though I once had a “Sore Loserman” tee shirt given to me as a present by relatives who erroneously think I’m a big Retardican (explaining such subtle political matters is often an exercise in frustration).

Blacks apparently didn’t get off on any White candidate and failed to materialize at the polls for Shillary like they did for Obongo boy. This by itself should show to libtards what racists blacks truly are, or simply too spoiled to take the time away from their crack pipes to vote. But none of that will register in liberal’s cottage cheese brains.

I never could stand this stuck-up liberal creep one bit!

I never could stand this stuck-up liberal creep one bit!

That skinny MSNBC talking head with the thin-lipped smile and know-it-all mein, Lawrence O’Donnell (left) came on right after Maddow’s propaganda hour. God, how I hate this libtard bastard! He soon launched into a big, boring dissertation on how bad the electoral college business is (because it ruined the hopes and dreams of liberal rats like him).

But I can bet you my massive Billy Carter beer can collection (just kidding) the lousy hypocrite would be all for the system should Hillary had won the most electoral votes and now be prez-elect. These spineless liberal types just can’t fathom the anger of regular Americans, simply because they get paid enormously with hardly any work spouting the company line. Total hacks!

Trump’s team totally outfoxed Hillary’s team on the map, helped greatly by all us regular people in flyover country coming out in droves to vote for the guy. I helped myself in a small way by working door-to-door and writing my hateful screeds here.

It was indeed a legitimate election. And the business with college-educated versus uneducated Whites is total BS. Plenty of smart, educated Whites were and are for Trump (I’m a college graduate with honors). This accusation has always been a huge liberal line of BS — portraying conservatives as dumb Hillbillies or ignoramuses. Real world Mountain folk are smart as hell, plus are pretty much a good natured, live and let live lot — unless you try to steal their favorite Gingsing hunting spot, of course. I’ve partied plenty of times with real Virginia Hillbillies, believe me.

Libtard Senator Harry Reid went haywire with his hate for Trump, but fortunately for America he's leaving office.

Loser liberal Senator Harry Reid became totally unhinged over Trump’s victory, calling him racist, sexist, blah, blah, blah. Fortunately for America he’s leaving office for good. Yaay!

The libtards were crying like crazy over this election. It was hilarious looking at all the photos of the crybabies taken at the Jacob Javits (a long dead Jew Senator) Convention Center where Hillary was going to “break the glass ceiling.” In the run-up to expected victory celebrations, Jew media went on and on about how the place had a real glass ceiling as if that would be so historic since Shillary was a woman. Susan B. Anthony’s grave stone was soon covered in “I voted” stickers by solemn feminists standing in line after getting back from polling sites.

Need I remind these women empowerment liberals that Trump’s competant campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway is a good-looking blond Irish babe? Can’t they ever see past their never-ending liberal BS for one lousy GD minute?

Funny how none of them reported a thing about Hillary cancelling early that afternoon a big expensive fireworks display over the Hudson river (likely because she was getting info about voting patterns). The mostly traitorous FOX News only briefly mentioned it later that night when it was apparent she very well might lose (FOX News has always had Jews onscreen everywhere and are now ramping up having black talking head “experts” and homos just like CNN and MSNBC).

The urban hippie and spoiled militant blacks now protesting in the streets about Trump’s election is getting touted as a good thing by the subversive, liberal media. Can you believe they are promoting that? The PC brainwashing and jacking up the homies goes on and on and on with the liberal creeps. The Globalist Jew power structure obviously must be trying to spark a race war in the USA.

If it was me, I’d round them all up at the point of bayonets and electric-powered Gatling guns, march them out to the nearest city park or sporting arena and run rolls of concertina razor wire around them all (they can do this surprisingly fast). Let them live out in damp muddy open fields for a week or so to cool their jets.

Folks, we still got ourselves some major league dangerous traitors in the news. We desperately need to put them into reeducation camps or at least remove them from the TV screens and make them work regular people jobs like in construction for a change.

These morons need the fresh air something fierce!

nytimes-trump-forces-black-family-to-leaveHateful I tell you, just hateful.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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66 Responses to Libtards Going Hysterical Over Trump’s Election

  1. The opinion you trust says:

    What is the most important in missiles? Nope, not security. The most important in missiles is that they need to be launched as soon as possible. But not secured forever till the day of the half-decay all kind security out there getting pay checks for ever.

    What we need now is less security, but more missions accomplished! The word security is repeated by the Jews in jewish media so many time during past 17 years makes people vomit. Security for whom? Obviously for rich, jews, and niggers. Security form whom? Obviously from us white honest laid-back people who do not give a shit about anything.

  2. The opinion you trust says:

    All kind and all types of these fucking sadistic “security” will cut your neck for pay check. We do not need security because we are very insecure with that much “security monsters” around. Instead we need the good white people who will launch the shit to clean them – all the enemies toghether with all types of “security”.

    That is your fucking security!

  3. The opinion you trust says:

    Before all that BS about security floaded the world, we were insecure. Now, 17 years later we still are. There is job insecurity, nigger insecurity, jewish financial slavery insecurity, invasion of personal property insecurity, electronic surveillance insecurity, white families insecurity.

    Security will come! But it will come not with the hiring more of God damned conniving scum “security”. Our real security will come by exposing all BAD in this life and making it insecure first, then smashing it with a tank, and then securing us.

  4. Whitepride says:

    I am glad Trump got in! Now we will hopefully feel safer when be deports the illegals! I doubt if the niggers would go back to Apefrica. The black bastards have it too good here in the US!

  5. The opinion you trust says:

    Yes, sure they have it “too good”. But it is not good for the rest of the people here to be with niggers in the US!

  6. Bob says:

    I filled my chalice with 6 million jew tears and quaffed them down with gusto. So refreshing! Then I peed on Khizr Khan’s ugly, brown, greasy, Paki face and gave it a long overdue power wash. Then I went over to the seizure bitch’s house and dumped a massive Cleveland steamer on her saggy tits. Trump rules!

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