80 Responses to FAKE NEWS: Mixing Up Race Crime To Mess Us Up

  1. Daniel says:

    Anon, isn’t it better to be laying on your death bed with only hours to live that JUST believing in Jesus you can have everlasting life in a paradise for you ?? Or is it better to just die full of a hatred with no belief in nothing being a mean cruel a-hole. Not calling you an a-hole but some non believers would go to their death not believing shit or asking forgiveness one , rather quite content they just raped a woman last week, or committed adultery all their life up until the time the mrs found out and put a bullet in your now dieing un-believing head. Your basically thumbing your nose at everlasting life in paradise exchanging it for a front row fast trip to the gates of Hell. That doesn’t sound to smart at all, and it sure don’t make one weak or a queer, rather pretty intelligent loving and strong man inside and out.

  2. Johnny Taurus says:

    They found Molly the mudshark
    by the road dead…
    She had two bullet holes
    in her head
    Her Black boyfriend
    Said she had dissed him
    and wouldn’t give up that trim.
    To even the score
    of that mudshark whore
    He shot her two times
    and threw out of his car door!

  3. anon says:

    You are falling for the oldest trick in the jew playbook. Besides that, for at least the past ten years incogman’s site has always focused on the jew in the woodpile causing all the grief, death, and destruction. That includes bringing the savage niggers over here on their boats and at their auctions to be sold to other jews! He/she has been focusing on niggers and faggots a lot lately I’ve noticed.

    Wake the hell up out of your jew created mental prison and don’t fall for all their lies.
    The true nature of reality is much more fascinating and inspiring than some outdated mid-eastern fairy tales made up by jew for their goyim (slaves, cattle). Try learning about the Electric Universe if you want to know something true and good.

  4. Daniel says:

    there are less than 75,000 pure bloodline jews in the entire world. But there are close 250,000,000,00 who are canaanites disguised as jews but are from the synagogue of Satan from the blood of Satan loving every moment hearing you talk shit and hate the Actual pure blood Christian jew. Its like calling the Amish the real problems of the world and putting all of the worlds problem on an Amish community. Your sadly wrong, they love stealing confused souls from the pure jew Jesus and hearing you call Jesus a fake. And you allow them to win.

  5. anon says:

    Sorry, but jeebus was a jew-if he actually existed.
    Now I’ve been through that theory of ‘innocent’ jew and yes I think 5 percent are semitic jew and all the rest known as “so-called jews” until you get tired of saying it a hundred times, are turk-mongols from kazaaria, like huns and the mongol hordes under genghis khan or was it genghis kohen? Mark Twain called them so-called jews. So you have a point, worthless, but still a point. How do you apply your formula? Do you go by degree of nose hook? How can you tell the jew from the line that caused the plagues in egypt and poisoned wells for centuries, from the 95 percent ‘jews’ now doing the same thing?
    I don’t see any advantage in your distinction, myself.

  6. anon says:

    “hate the Actual pure blood Christian jew”. Did you say christian jew? WHAT IN THE FUCK IS A CHRISTIAN JEW???

  7. Daniel says:

    Amish are white like you and me, but they are less than 1 % of the world. Now if you heard a nigger tell an Amish ” you white people take advantage of all your glorious functions white people get to enjoy like your cars, your air conditioning, your grocery stores, oh and by the way you white people are murderers, rapist, you white pepole buy your drugs from black dope dealers all the time, there is an opiat crises with you white people, you guys start wars, and you have your white privileged to boot ” Now if that didn’t make you laugh and shake your head like WTF is this nigger talking about, your not even human.

    Point is everyone with common sense ( with the exception of that nigger making that stupid backwards brainwashed comments to that humble amish man ) knows that Amish don’t have cars, Amish don’t use electricity, Amish grow their food, Amish don’t murder, rape, and I never heard of an Amish who is a crack head leaving their farms on horse back going to the hood in search of dope, And if anything Amish prove that they can live totally without ” white privledge” in a comfortable environment making money from fools like that nigger and others who think like him.

    Now if I’m Amish, i’m thinking to myself what a brainwashed idiot putting me in the same piss pot with people like antifa, BLM, blac bloc, spoiled rich white college liberal snowflakes, dope heads. But how did this nigger get to this conclusion to begin with is the million dollar question ? Welp, Amish look like you and me, minus the beard, hell, my dad, granddad, uncles all have beards but not Amish, but just the same they talk american, look American, and 99.99% are all white. That nigger and those who think like him ( which happens to be 95% of the nigger population ) are duped, lied to, and brainwashed into FALSE propaganda they listen to. Yes by the CANAANITES that pretend they are jewish but spit out pure lies that ALL whites are the same Amish be damned.

    I feel sorry for those stupid lost niggers that falsley accuse the less than 1% of Amish of this atrocities . The CANAANITES love to trick and lie and stir hatred and confusion. So what makes you any different than that nigger who also accuses and are brainwashed by ALL Jews when true pure blood Christian jews are less than 1% of this world and Fake Jews represent about 35 %.

    A Christian pure Jew are those born jew by blood and BELIEVE in Christ Jesus and his resurrection from his death on the cross whom he died for man’s sin so all man has to do is BELEIVE and repent to earn full salvation and the experience of eternal everlasting life after death…. Jesus was a testimony that man can live after death because God made man to me mortal, not immortal. Man makes the choice, isn’t freedom great !! CHRISTIAN JEWS make up less than 1% of that. While the fake antichrist Jews worship JUDAISM/TALMUD in their synagogue of Satan. But anyone can claiming to be a jew can do so…like transgenders , those don’t have to worship in a synagogue, just the non-believing of Christ and the cross and hijacking the name jew are more likely than not to be CANAANITES from the blood of Satan. Some jew haters boarderline CANAANITES…. be careful anon. You have been warned. END OF DEBATE.

  8. Red Pill says:

    there is two seeds on this earth
    one is what we know as humans.
    the other is from….. (i will leave that to debate).
    i call it serpent seed. you could call it alien.
    the two seeds have mixed within the white race blood lines.
    so it’s all a matter whom YOU serve……the dark or the light.
    the black race is very infected and a nigger would fuck a snake.
    the Oriental race is in the same boat.
    you can’t kill them all on the account of color.
    that would be racist.
    you kill them for their crime against against the innocent,
    our planet, and humanity.
    and a whole lot of ALIENS need to die.

    i hate the “BIBLICAL BASTARDS”
    start talking in code.

  9. Red Pill says:

    THE FAKE JEWS are the Canaanites,
    the Canaanites are from the seed of the giants.

    the giants are the seed of the ““mighty ones”, the “Men of renown”,
    “mighty ones”, the “Men of renown” (the little”g” gods mention in the bible)

    these little gods were the result of the “fallen ones” cohabitation
    with the daughters of man mentions in Genesis 6.

    these bastards want this planet to them selfies and a few “select” slaves.
    they need you and i dead, and will stop at nothing to achieve such.

    what else do we need to know?
    well here goes.
    our enemy can be any color, understand?.

    we could call them all CANAANITES
    because that’s who’s blood runs in their veins.

  10. Red Pill says:

    anon says:
    July 13, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    how about that fat bastard John Hagee ???
    surly he would be qualified.

  11. Daniel says:

    Red Pill, also these Men of ” RENOWN” were worshiped and praised and talked highly about. Bible says that there would be these men of ” RENOWN ” befoe AND after the floods of Noah….meaning modern day. These are the niggers TODAY being highly praised worshiped and braged about in sports, on T.V in the media, building museums for them in EVERY SINGLE CITY, naming streets after MLK IN EVERY SINGLE CITY, praised in Hollywood, porn, the praising of white women with the nigger, and commercials seem to have more of them than whites per population ratio…have you noticed.

    These men of ‘ RENOWN ” where very vile, unclean, evil, and they devoured not just themselves, but mankind. Sounding more like modern day niggers ? It was so nasty and evil, and barbaric God destroyed this generation of ‘ RENOWN ” saving one PURE race being Noah and his family whom did not mate and become hybrids like 95% of the population whom became mixed hybrids. So when God instructed Noah to build his ship/arc he then after the rains instructed Noah to go out AND re-populate the earth…this would be the pure seedline Jesus would be born from.

    There was war in the heavens and Lucifer battled God and the other saints ( ,most probably whites ) Lucifer ALSO had his army of angels ( wicked ones/fallen angels..not good angels ) The confusion most have problems with is that God named them the sons of God ( Lucifers army of angels/wicked angels/fallen ones) but ALL men are considered ” Sons of God ” even the niggers who God made, once the those wicked angels/sons of God rebelled along with Lucifer they were no longer in the family of God. long story short Lucifer and his wicked angels/niggers LOST ( imagine that right ) Lucifer was kicked out the heavely abodes and cased down to earth where he would be allowed out to deceive the world based on faith alone ( faith in Jesus, God ) ( God wants BELEIVERS BY FAITH, NOT FAKERS , STRONG MEN, NOT COWARDS, WISE MEN, NOT DUMMIES )

    But, Revelation tells us once God kicked Satan out from the heavenly abodes, Satan swooped 1/3 of his wicked army of fighters to inhabit earth with him…the rest were locked in chains until judgment day where they would receive the gift of the ” LAKE OF FIRE ” Book of Jude explains this in depth as does Gen ch 6, revelations touches on this subject as well.

    Now, once Lucifer and his wicked fallen ones ( no longer considered the sons of God ) inhabited the earth there were already a semi wicked race of canaanites upon earth, BUT NOT ALL , some were from the Daughters of man. STOP HERE.

    ADAM = man made in the image of GOD….ruddy, to show red in the face, to blush ( they call us white rednecks ) niggers/blacks do not fit this description at all. In fact God made blacks the Beasts of the earth and called it good, man gave the word beast a bad name and directed it towards wild animals ( like man always confuses things )

    To continue, Gen 6 tells us that Lucifer and the wicked angels/ the fallen ones made a deal to rape, mate, and make wives of the ” FAIR ” skinned daughters of men ( ADAMITES ) to populate the earth with hybrid mixed breed of sub-humans.. later know as the ” NEPHILIMS ” OR ALSO known as the men of ” RENOWN ” who where celebrated, praised, talked and bragged about. Sounding like modern day niggers yet.

    Since there was already a breed of mixed hybrids running in evil, sin and corruption on earth ( those where the canaanites, the serpent beast at the tree who mated with Eve to make little CAINS ) they figured they could further the hybridnation and evilnes about the earth….they where right, they did coalburners went a running to them like modern day times. After a few generations of this mix and mingling, evilness submerged in almost the entire population on earth. You might say God had his say with diversity and wiped it out AMEN!!! God then warned Noah’s generation to NEVER EVER mix and mingle again or to make covenant with a different breed of men/women or sub-humans.

    Moral of the story is …why do you think the fallen ones/wicked angels of Lucifers army and their commander Lucifer himself wanted to mix and mingle with the daughters of ADAM/men ?? EASY, they knew that would STOP THE coming of Jesus through a PURE blood-line, rather a hybrid canaanite or NEPHILIMS ” MEN OF RENOWN ” both hybrids by the way. Welp, God beat the Satan then, and latter through pure blood mary, and again at the cross to die for man’s wicked sins so we all have a shot at paradise. Each man/woman decision.

    WE DO HAVE MEN OF RENOWN TODAY AS GOD STATED WE WOULD. You know whom they are, lets be for real shall we.

    RENOWN= praised, talked about, glorified, etc..

  12. Daniel says:

    Also, to further the notion that niggers are corrupt, evil, the fallen ones/wicked agents for Lucifer consider; they lost the battle in the heavens against the SAINTS/the ALMIGHTY, there whole goal since they know they have a one way ticket to hell is to further the battles with the SAINTS on earth, once Lucifer got cast down and swooped 1/3 of his agents God and the angels of heaven stated ……. WOE TO THE SAINTS UPON THE EARTH. HELLO !!!! Read revelation ch 9: 12

    This is why niggers sell drugs and push it upon saints, this is why there is so much mudsharking, this is why niggers commit vile, barbaric crimes against whites…NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. This is why niggers devour themselves like they did in Noahs days ” men of RENOWN ” Nephilims.

    So all the canaanites do is assist there brothers/daughters of corruption to deceive and destroy Gods children…both are wicked AND NOT PURE And they take as many souls with them as possible. God put the men of ” RENOWN ” of modern day behind white men for a reason, they receive the plagues of Africa, and low IQ so they could not advance beyond the white man ( ADAMITES ) We were not suppose to make coventent and share our land with them because God knew they would try to take over like planet of the apes so to speak. When the civil war ended, Lincoln declared several times that the black slaves were to return back to Africa. Welp, Lincoln got assassinated as you know and the rest is history. Ever since the civil rights movement in the late 60’s when man decided to call niggers men and they were just like us….the coddling and lies ( brought on by the canaanites ) never really ended. And neither has the niggers battle with white saints. REPENT…THE END IS VERY NEAR

  13. Daniel says:

    For those searching for the truth and wisom here it goes

    Revelation 13:18 this calls for WISDOM, let he who has understanding CALCULATE the number of the BEAST/false prophet.antichrist, for it is a number given to a man.

    1) when obama took his oath of office as president first day the Illinois state lottery pick three was 666
    2) that lottery number was drawn on the district of chicago where obama lived and was the senator, zipcode 60606 ( take a look at chicago where he left his tenticals, the barbaric beasts )
    3) 6+6+6 = 18 there are exactly 18 letters in Barack Hussein Obama
    4) 6x6x6 = 216 Obama’s birthday is Aug 4th the 216th day of the year
    5) Obama’s first tax return as president was 66,666,66 ( the canaanites of the media deleted this one on the internet…hmmm
    6) find out the year Obama was born add all the months together all the way up until last month in office you will see it comes to 666 months
    7) obama took a trip to India in 2010 coasting tax payers an outrageous bill of 200 million a day with a support team of 3,000 total…. do the math 200 million divided by 3,000 comes to exactly 66666.6666 here is the web page for evidence

    Many more 666 relations to obama, to many to list. Point is what have we been doing? Thats right CALCULATING as instructed, but ONLY the WISE will see this.

    DANIEL 11 : 37 the antichrist/false prophet/ the BEAST will show no regard for God of the saints, AND show no regard for women, AND will exalt himself above all.

    No regard for God of the saints because he is muslim for allah/Muhammad. No regard for women because Michelle Obama is a man in disguise ( the biggest deception test on man kind ever to test our knowledge and wisdom ) Obama feverishly pushed for ALL things transgender..duh, his wife is a transgender, many youtube video on this one too. And as everyone should know obama exalts himself above the world as he has many worshipers that praise and worship the ground he walk on ( mainly the black community as they call him the messiah )

    When Obama was about to leave office he said he might return to a third term ( this would be his revealment of the false prophet/antichrist/THE BEAST. He also informed his liberal canaanites that he would NOT go away and he would be present in his voice ( of coarse, satan won’t dissapear ) Obama is making speeches everyday to keep his name ready and known….. first president in the history of America to do this.

    Obama moved ONLY three miles from the white house ready to make his return for revealment to the world. First AND ONLY president to ever do this.

    Revelations states that the Antichrist/ false one/ THE BEAST will be of an Assyrian decent…no brainier here.

    The bible clearly states that negros are the BEAST of the earth…I provided a couple of websites earlier to this thread regarding negro’s as the BEASTs of the earth.

    OBAMA is the ONLY one who has ever had so many relations to who the antichrist/false one/ THE BEAST to 666 and relations to biblical scripture. He already has his canaanites whorshiping regime in place ready to force people to take the mark of the beast IN their foreheads…NOT a tattoo, IN their foreheads ( KJV bible) means THE KNOWLEDGE and support of his ABOMINATIONS he will once again cut loose in more ways than ever before, thats taking the image of the BEAST.

  14. Red Pill says:

    Daniel says:
    July 14, 2017 at 11:24 am
    Dan, don’t wear your beliefs on your sleeves,
    meaning don’t express them in a direct manner
    put your beliefs in your heart and express them in your actions.
    never at this point in time do the direct frontal assault,
    your words will fall to the ground and be trampled in the mire.
    Jesus told stories that according to your intelligence and life experiences .
    you could apply them in the manner of your understanding to receive
    the message intended
    one can use a metaphor to convey meaning,
    or a life experience, and common usage of terms
    Jesus did not preach, he laid out the path. so light the path.
    other wise you will not be heard and will be hurt,
    and most likely stop posting here and we would loose you before you develop
    the skills necessary to to community to a group that is not easily lead.

    anon didn’t kill you yet, you will be challenged, wear it, survive .

  15. anon says:

    Quite a pantload.
    Here’s something you can relate to, well maybe not but it is well written whole truth and not the crap you’re trolling out.

    “It is important to bear in mind that these creatures, along with an often high IQ and sociopathic tendencies, are well adept at concealing their true nature. It is for this very reason, after all, that they’ve achieved such immense success as a collective. And with that being the case, they have an uncanny ability to fool unsuspecting and uninformed Gentiles into believing they are just like the rest of us. Do not be fooled. Avoid these “people” if at all possible, and if not possible to remain at all times separated from them, treat them as you would any criminal who you fear presents a danger to your well-being in any way. Be alert and be vigilant…
    Now to briefly return to the matter of the “awake truther”, or whatever you choose to call him or her. It is an undeniable fact that once a seeker of truth in a world full of lies and disinformation reaches a certain point in their absorption of knowledge, the Jewish Question will ALWAYS enter the equation. Not only will it enter the picture, it will become the focal point to which all roads eventually lead, providing answers and piecing together puzzles one could not previously make use of in any sort of profound way. If you’ve spent years digging and discovering hard truths most are completely oblivious to, and you’ve done outstanding work exposing misdeeds and the people behind them, only to ultimately arrive at the JQ, the noble and honest path to pursue has to incorporate the relevance of the JQ going forward — vehemently highlighting its role as the driving force behind everything you’ve been working towards unraveling — as it undoubtedly is and will be…”

    What Makes a Jew, The Myth of the Good Jew, and Cowardly Truthers

  16. anon says:

    “If you’re being held back by what you perceive as a “good Jew” here and there, that’s about as weak and impotent excuse as I can think of. Not only because 1) there are none, and 2) you’re declaring loudly that a handful of alleged good Jews are more important, well-being more valuable, than the other billions of people on the planet. Or — and this is the ONLY other possibility — you’re nothing more than a small-time gatekeeper yourself.” – ibid.

  17. Daniel says:

    Thanks Red Pill. your right maybe I’m just getting to ahead of myself but somehow feel compelled to get as much knowledge out there to as many willing to listen in these dire end times that it seems the whole world is missing out on. God has instructed his servants to plant seeds, ( which is to say instruct others who search knowledge but can’t see. ) and allow God to let it sprout if that’s what he allows per individual.

    Not to get on anon, but anon is one of hudreds it seems latley that attack me and others that even mention the word God as if they are afraid of truth for the sins they are willing to keep doing.

    John 15 : 18–27 ” If the world hates you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you 19..if ye were of the world, the world love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out o the world, therefore the world hateth you– 20… Remember the world that I said unto you, The servnt is not greater than his Lord. if they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you, if they have kept my saying they will keep yours too. 21… But all these things they will do unto you for my name sake, because they know not him ( GOD) that has sent me. 21… If I had not come and spoken unto them they had not sin, but they have no cloak for their sin. 23… He that hateth me, hateth my Father also. jumping to verse 27….And ye also shall bear witness because ye have been with me from the begginning. AMEN AND AMEN !!

    I relate so much to this… seems like me being a white christian heterosexual male.. everyone is against me, I nsee this on t.v on the internet, people i talk to ( not all ) I feel consumed with hate all around. And now being a Trump supporter its even worse.

    I’m a military Afghanistan veteran having served two combat tours, and I feel like the hero, the villian, and the victim all in one. It’s an awful feeling sometimes because I just don’t know how to look at how people think of me. I get afraid of crowds not because I’m a coward but because of the looks and i get the feeling people want me to apologize for me being me.

    But again I think your right and will heed to the advise and at lesat slow down for now.

    To anon, I love you man, not like that I am a married man to a sexy little lady, I feel like your on the edge of wanting knowledge of Christ, but afraid or don’t quit know how to ask for it..maybe because I felt that , that’s why I jumped into this deep from the begining up until now. But remember anon how I drew that conclusion was because you first jumped into my comment and inserted the jew conversation i wasn’t even looking for from the beginning, I felt compelled to give my thought because me Lord Savior was being attacked. God loves you so much anon, he wants your soul bad enough to have sent his son to die for it and to beat the devil at his own plan to steal your soul/mind. You must be one important person anon. Thanks for your thoughts.

  18. Daniel says:

    I’m looking at the immediate problem at hand, allow God to handle those FAKERS, because if yo do a quick google search ( although the canaanites control the internet as well, so actually the internet can be a blessing or a curse depending on where you go to look it up and the WISDOM one is armed with, ) you will see now that with, in recent times hundreds maybe millions of niggers with a twisted mindset believe they are the real jews.. its a massive movement and growing fast. Yours truely Obama actually told them first hand. Will make a believer out you yet anon.


    This is just more proof there are canaanites, and fallen ones/ men of Renown hijacking the name jew and applying it for status…and his other canaanites are right there with him hoping white humble Christians in love with the real jewish Jesus will admire them and fall into their clutches/paws as to not offend God. Its worked for several decades, maybe even generations so they stick to their corrupted plans, now inviting blacks at the feast of fakes and lies.

    90% or more blacks vote/support the majority of hollywood canaanites stars, 90% or more blacks vote/support and donate to that trash, 90% or more blacks vote/support the killings of babies ( abortion ) even into the ninth month, 90% or more blacks vote/support the DemocRAT liberal agendas, 90% or more blacks vote /support the party against the cross/bible, 90% or more of blacks vote/support the God given rights to the party who wants to end those rights ie.. 1st and 2nd Amend, 90% or more blacks vote/support transgender bathrooms even in elementary schools, 90% or more of blacks vote/support gay pride/rainbow push led by the fake rev jackson/sharpton, 90% or more blacks vote/support sharia laws, 90%or more blacks vote/support Islam and more likely to even be islam, 90% or more blacks vote/support open boarders forveeven more diversity starting a white genocide, 90% or more blacks vote/support sanctuary cities even states to house criminals, 90% or more blcks vote/support discriminating white men in the name of affirmative action for jobs, schooling, contracts etc..etc.., 90% or more blacks vote/support ABOMINATIONS to this country and this planet, the list of liberal abominations go on and on and on.

    Did I forget to mention, 90% or more blacks think Obama’s the Messiah, 90% or more blacks voted/supported this treasonous American hater not once but twice and would do it again, and again. 90% or more blacks just got through voting for clinton because she was gong to continue obamas ABOMINATIONS. I see a problem with the black community whom support niggers and their vile behavior an blame whites and the police for niggers atrocities. We need to focus on those niggers who 90% are racist, yet say whites are. HOW CAN A SPECIES LIKE THAT BE GODS CHOSEN. lol

  19. Cindy says:

    Keith Morrison is one creepy dude. He looks like the Cryptkeeper mated with the Mummy.

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