Much Ado About “Nothing Burgers”

By Phillip Marlowe

I believe it was an ancient Chinese Confucian guy who once said: “May you live in interesting times.” My ass, Chinaman. I’d like to go back in time to jap slap the living tar out of that slanty-eyed fat bastard!

Here’s the libtard media STILL insane over Donald Trump’s election. When will these creeps ever STFU? Never a word about the Clinton’s dealings with Russians or all the other BS she’s responsible for. Hell, everyone knows her stupid little server was just waiting to get hacked by some hacker punk somewhere — and probably just for sheer troublemaking giggles more than anything else. Her suspected pedophile campaign chairman, John Podesta, refused to turn over the server to the FBI so they could look for the digital fingerprints of whoever did it — if any.

Why can’t Hillary, Obongo boy and that old commie Jew, Bernie Sanders, just slink off somewhere and retire? Enjoy life, go fishing, do needlepoint, golfing, whatever. Hell, they got enough dineros, I imagine. I would say write their idiot memoirs, excepting nobody would buy them but other idiot liberal morons living in Manhattan. Just imagine all the waste of paper made from cut-down trees to print libtard idiocies over the years? And these creeps think they are such big environmentalists!

And “nothing burgers”? That’s the big new cool phrase du jour, trying to sound “down to earth.” Hell, everybody out in the real world has used that one since kindergarten. I added a little Shakespearean wordage to my headline so you think I’m all smart and crap. I still had to run my spell checker to make sure I got “Shakespearean” right. But I’ll tell you something that’s a very, very real burger, alright. Or perhaps I should spell that one BERG-er. Capiche, comrades? Continue reading.

Let me first just point out something that you should understand once you think about it. I may not be able to accurately describe it since I’m no expert writer, but bear with me.

There’s a “flatness” to our world view because of the media lens. A two-dimensional sameness. This is because the media never talks about certain very big things, because they know if they did then they would get into dangerous ground and fired. This distorts reality in profound ways. It confines it to a narrow “accepted” world view — hence a flattening out of how we perceive matters.

I noticed the flatness of the MSM even before the Internet. I didn’t exactly know why, but I could sense there was a great deal kept from regular people’s knowledge.

This is also why you have liberals in the media going on and on and on about the littlest bull crap. One stupid story blathered over for about 2 weeks. For how much they pay them, the talking heads got to talk about something for chrissakes.

This is how “nothing burgers” get turned into brain-numbing fodder for days upon days of the so-called news cycle until something else inane comes out; or at least until another bunch of innocent Whites in the West get run down by Kamikaze Muzzie immigrants driving 10 ton rental trucks, jumping out with big butcher knives from “Bed, Bath and Beyond” to stick us in the gut — up close and personal.

All because of our unlimited support of Israel against the Palis. Hell, us Whites get screwed over big time from both ends!

I’m sure by now you’ve suspected this BS is due to “PC” or political correctness. You cannot overestimate the extent and pervasiveness of PC across our lands. This has been a carefully nurtured socio-political taboo to intimidate and silence White people as the Globalist Jews engineer his long-wished for globalist NWO, while still protecting their stinking little Mideast Jew-racist headquarters (Israel).

But what about the Ukrainian/Putin business? This is where the Ashkenazi Jews really came from way back in the day. Like Israel, they’d like to have NWO control of this place once again. Plus, they want to break up, weaken or bribe with US taxpayer money any potential enemies to Israel in the Mideast. That’s why we got so much BS in that particular area of the world. They don’t care about hundreds of thousands of dead goyim in Syria or anywhere else. What? Are you kidding me?

The never-ending anti-fascism/holocaust brainwashing and incessant “PC” crap is “the why” you won’t have anyone — even the powerful on Capitol Hill — say squat about Israel and the Jews in front of the cameras. Hell, they are so scared of the topic their voices drop to a mere whisper even when brought up at cocktail parties among close friends.

This is what’s really behind all the crap going down in the world; thanks to an insane belief system among Jews that they are the “conscious” of the planet. Say what? Yep, these mocking, arrogant creeps actually think as “God’s Chosen” they are charged with telling the rest of us what to do all the time. It’s ridiculous!

Jews are actually the planet’s biggest hypocrites. Jews are the most racist people on the planet. But because of Jewry’s influence on regular people’s thinking (they really are quite talented in mass media); this is why we have so many Whites running around spouting liberal BS all the time. In fact, this Jew bunch is driving America quite insane.

These subversive people have been “gaslighting” America from day-one.

Once we started letting in Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia back in the late 1800’s, they’ve been undermining the European White race and subverting America ever since. Rich Jew financial families from Britain and Germany paved the way. That’s why we got so many problems across the board. It’s the culmination of decades of subversion and immorality out of these rats.

People used to always say they ran shark stories during the summer time because things were slow. Total BS. No, things are never really “slow” news-wise, except for maybe in Mayberry RFD. There really is a place called Mount Airy in North Carolina that gave Andy Griffith the idea for his TV show (my paternal grandparents were from around that part of the country).

This Jew business is clearly anything but a “nothing burger,” sorry to say.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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31 Responses to Much Ado About “Nothing Burgers”

  1. Dave Szabo says:

    Let’s be honest Incogman, love your site by the way. Our elections are a complete farce and from the top to the bottom of our government is a complete sham. It’s called Brownstoning, the act of the deep state placing the most corruptible person they can find. More often than not, the person that has the most and the worst pile of skeletons overflowing from their closet. I hate Hillary Clinton but why isn’t she in jail as Trump promised? The pictures of Trump with Jeffery Epstein tells the real story. He owes the Jews billions of dollars. He has been to Epsteins pedo island on more than one occasion. Is it surprising that he has surrounded himself with Zionist Jews that are pulling his strings? His closet is overflowing with felonies and extreme debt to the International Jew bankers, the original niggers by the way. Trump and Clinton were merely just part of the Zionists scripted bullshit play, just like they do every four years, butterfly before selected, fat dumpy caterpillar after selected. As usual they are duping most people into believing that they made the right “choice” by voting for Trump. While we are distracted its business as usual at the Shite House. A veil of lies and controlled opposition still rule the day. Nothing will ever change, no good will happen and no peace will be had as long as the Fed feeds its felony filled selection. I can imagine the backstage at the debates being much like an episode of Total Divas where they go behind the curtain and laugh at how the sheep ate up their performance then go out to dinner together and molest a few trafficked children on some remote beach owned by a Jew. Just saying……Brownstoning

  2. Ray says:

    With more and more White people waking up to the jew menace thanks to sites like Incogman’s, it’s going to be big trouble for jew rats and liberals. Indeed, Boris.

  3. Jews are supremely neurotic. They truly do see themselves as the eternal victim. To them, Hitler was absolute evil because he dared to stand up to their fucking bullshit. The same goes for anyone who names and shames the jew. This is why the ultimate outcome of everything we are currently going through as a species can only end in the total extermination of jewry, otherwise the world will end in ruin.

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    I can’t even jerk off and cum on that skank ugly jew bitch whores face. Her jew husband? fucking adamgreenspan. Greenspan allright just keep printing money and digits paying the niggers and jews and we will nation wreck this place too.

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    Pure fucking evil. You can see it in their eyes and no matter what deception and lies they use to suck you in to their webs of lies and deception. You will be stung. Whether you stay in that web of bloodsucking or you take the pain and break free and come the better of the learning the truth about jews and niggers, just let it go and move on. And try to warn others don’t go there. There are jews and their stupid ass pet niggers army there just waiting to destroy you at any chance they get.

  6. Johnny Draco says:

    In his inaugural address, Adolf Hitler said, “I come to you knowing that I was not your first choice, nor your second, but your very last choice, for after me, there could only be chaos!” The Weimar Germans tried everything but National Socialism, every conceivable combination of parties and leaders, without success. They had no one to try, but Hitler. There is an old boxer’s expression that “you never learn anything until you get tired.” This is the situation Whites are now in: Weimar, North American-style.

  7. Johnny Taurus says:

    Israel is the greatest enemy of the West…..yet all Western countries suck up to Israel and turn over control of their governments to these Satan’s demons. Israel has destroyed every Western country with Brainwashing the citizens to believe “DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH”….”WE ARE ALL EQUAL IN INTELLIGENCE AND ABILITY”…..”BLACKS ARE OUR EQUAL”…..yet, we don’t see Israel bringing in refugees or Roids. Their country is reserved for them while our countries are for everyone. The Demon Jews have pounded into the non-Whites heads that all Whites are racist while all non-Whites are victims of White racism. Everything the Black man invented, the EVIL WHITE MAN stole as their own. The problem with Russia is it is a White country and being friends with Whites is forbidden. Damn the Jews and Israel. The Jews bring death, misery, and suffering to whomever befriends them.

  8. Right on Johnny Taurus! I second that. You didn’t hear Obongo starting shit in Africa. No it was Ukraine that had a problem (at the behest of Jews) with Russians (white people). We need to get control of at least one TV network. Justin Trudeau says “diversity is our strength” well then why is it so that Canadians born in Canada who’s parents fought in the Jews WW2 can’t get social assistance yet Syrian refugees get anything they want. Oh and by the way did you hear how Omar Kadr got $10,000,000 and an apology from that Commie Trudeau after killing a U.S. soldier? That’s another story for Incogman. Love your site incogman. The one place where I can get the truth. Oh ya and Brintle’s truck stop on the highway in Mt. Airy is real nice. I recommend it to anyone needing a room for the night and a good meal.

  9. Notice how that fat racist slut Oprah didn’t use a dime of the millions of $ the jew tv network owners gave her to help white people? She donated a few of her millions to build a school for South African black girls.

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    That is one ugly jew bitch you have to admit that alan greenspan must of had at least one ball can you imagine waking up in the morning alongside that thing when you first open your eyes? Does anybody ever really fuck these jew bitches or is it like those twice in a lifetime rituals to procreate and then you die like other creatures do. Oh yes and I believe it MUST be true if andrea Mitchell said so. If I was going to create a poster child for lying jew bitch fake news media she would be in the forefront.

    Early life, education and early career[edit]

    Mitchell was raised in a Jewish family,[3] in New Rochelle, New York, the daughter of Cecile and Sydney Mitchell. Her father was the chief executive officer and partial owner of a furniture manufacturing company in Manhattan; he was also the president of Beth El Synagogue in New Rochelle for 40 years. Her mother was an administrator at the New York Institute of Technology in Manhattan.[4] Her brother Arthur moved to Canada in the 1970s, in order to dodge the draft in the US, becoming a member of the Legislative Assembly of Yukon and the leader of the Yukon Liberal Party in the 2000s.[5]

  11. Red Pill says:

    MEIN SIDE OF THE STORY 145 page PDF w/illustrations M. S. King

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    So I was out on a business trip I go to the bar lounge in the hotel for a cold beer and I see this lady in a tight dress so I go up to her because I was horny and wanted to fuck a woman and she turned around and looked like that andrea Mitchell jew whore bitch up there so I froze up completely no words could come from my mouth. Not even stupid pick up lines. I was like you must not be from around here. Mars or some other distant alien planet? Would you like to take me back to your room and hottub? I think not and don’t you dare stick that snake tongue down my throat ether I seen that alien movie.

  13. Cindy says:

    Lol ” map slap that fat China man”
    Sometimes I wonder if you’re actually my boyfriend, Incogman. You sure have the same sense of humor.

  14. Erik Snohdin says:

    At its core, all I really see going on here with these slimy kike cocksuckers is this . . .
    “We are the world’s greatest criminals. We are going to thieve from, genocide, and rape anyone from any country anytime we want, and YOU, the rest of the world, will DO NOTHING. YOU, the sweet Jesus-loving Goyim, will shut your fucking mouths while we plunder this planet. Got it ? If you so much as utter a single word against us, God’s Chosen Criminals, you will meet your end.” And that is what I see. Veil it with religion, subvert the world with propaganda to dilute out the individual voice, cross breed all humans into one giant brown controllable race, and it still all comes out the same. Jews must be completely and utterly exterminated from this Earth in order for the rest of us to live in peace, it’s that goddamn simple. There will be no second chances. They’ve got us all backed against the cliffs, a 1000ft drop to the water and death, so what are we gonna do ? I don’t think anyone gives a shit. Cause if we did, we would unite, and I just don’t see it happenin’, even with Trump, who is putting his life on the line for us [at least that’s how it looks, god only knows]. Hate to repeat cliche expressions, but “for evil to triumph, all that is required is for good men to do nothing.”

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    If you put a wig on that chucky jewmer from jew York that slithering snake in the grass it would look just like that lady above. No seriously look at it. That’s his evil twin shister.

  16. Johnny Draco says:

    Judahvision destroys social relationships when people would otherwise be sociable, that is, relate to one another, rather than become zombie-like, passive spectators. I believe one sociologist claimed that Judahvision was good for anti-social people, for it allows dysfunctional families to remain physically together, without conflicts which would normally occur without the device which focuses their attention away from one another. Of course, they would likely fight about the choice of programs. I really have no time nor interest in Judahvision, and I neither have one, nor watch much if someone turns it on at my lunchroom. The world of Judahvision is composed of lies, disinformation, folly and irrelevancy. That is why I avoid viewing it at home or at my workplace.

  17. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Some Real Media Reporting, And Not The Crap From The American Jew Spew Media: Russia Today’s Crosstalk Show On The Israeli Attack On The USS Liberty!

    Northern Truthseeker says Ken O’Keefe is on fire in this video. He sure is! The video is 24 minutes long.

  18. Joe Btfsplk says:

    RT show about USS Liberty attack by israel fifty years ago. Very rare criticism of jews- this is hard hitting. Spread everywhere.

  19. Ronnie Waters says:

    What a sick cover up and conspiracy. ZOG has no right to govern us….never has.

  20. Dafydd says:

    Freemasonry : a Jewish Luciferian Cult

  21. Karen says:

    “May you live in interesting times” was a curse.

  22. Karen says:

    Read the comments on MS stories. Whether it’s Black Lives Matter, third world immigration, billboards in Canada telling Whites that they’re racists in cities where Native crime is off the map and Whites, like Swedes, huddle in their homes, or an old and once esteemed British University that plans to tear down the busts and portraits of their founders and replace them with Coloreds who contributed nothing, and you will be pleasantly surprised. NORMAL people are FED UP.

  23. Karen says:

    ‘Normal’ people is not complimentary. It means a pod, a brainwashee, an unquestioning sponge, someone proud to be one of the mass. Which makes it all the better.

  24. Frank Fredenburg says:

    The War On Whites Is real

    Good video from Red Ice showing the Jewish war being waged on White Europeans.

    This video is four minutes long.

  25. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Hidden History – USS Liberty: ‘Operation Cyanide’: Russians To The Rescue

    It looks like the Russians might have stopped the Israelis and traitors in our government from sinking the Liberty and killing the entire crew.

  26. Johnny Draco says:

    ***The question is, can Whitey become pro-White by renouncing his anti-White past, or as Dr. Goebbels asked, “Can he leap over his own shadow?” And can he do it in time?***

  27. Sen10L says:

    J. Fetzer’s take on the “nothingbergers” and Trump Jr. collusion with
    Gall stones and pricks.. the whole lot of those saboteur Juden.

  28. Karen says:

    I think, and I may be wrong, that only a total collapse will either bring us to our senses and restore the Natural Order, or we, during collapse will succumb, having been weakened mentally(cultural marxism), spiritually (jew media) and physically (junk food & additives etc.) in which case, the ‘winners’ will not be able to maintain civilization , but on the bright side the kali yuga will eventually end….but I’ll be dead by then…. pffft

  29. Johnny Draco says:

    In America, Whites are THE MINORITY, so where is our White Caucus, our United Race Party, our White Student Movement &c.? Will we have a White History Month? Once we realize our real minority status, will we become as militant as the non-Whites, who presently claim to be deserving of ‘minority privileges’ such as ‘affirmative action’? Will the jews support our minority merits? No, because that would prejudice the interests of the non-White majority, and that would be ‘racist’! But Whitey does not understand that jew-rule means heads they win, tails we lose. Only stupidity and cowardice can explain our response or lack thereof to the Old Jew-Screw.

  30. putnamvt says:

    Trump supporters crash “White Privilege” seminar.

  31. protocolsRtrue says:

    Can you believe the jews are still going over the same shit still? They live.

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