Rat-faced Lisa Bloom Says Whites Are The Problem

Jewess Lisa Bloom Falsely Claims She’s White and Claims White People are the Problem


Wow! Another Jew claiming they’re White while blaming White people for being the problem. How many times has this happened?

Lisa Bloom is the Jewish lawyer that represented Kathy Griffin after her bloody head stunt. She’s also opposed to Donald Trump, blaming him for promoting White supremacy and other nonsense. [She’s also the evil spawn of creepy Jew media hound and anti-conservative slut brigade leader, Gloria Allred. Lisa Bloom was also pushing big time the Trayvon Martin victimhood crap all over the TV not so long ago. — INCOG]

Is it any wonder why these kikes keep getting kicked out of countries?


May we remember the innocent victim of White racism, Trayvon Martin AKA NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, forever!

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30 Responses to Rat-faced Lisa Bloom Says Whites Are The Problem

  1. Gene says:

    I Feel Sorry For Those Black Persons Trying To Do Right

    Can you imagine being black and trying to be the right kind of person?! With all those blacks out there assaulting people, robbing and killing people, and you’re trying to work at an honest job and simply survive.
    They are giving each other hell and giving each other a bad name. It looks like at some point they would start caring about one another. Ya know?

  2. Gene says:

    Exclusion Is The Key To Solving The Black Violence Problem

    Creation of NO-BLACK zones is a key to solving the black violence problem. Due to all the black violence there should be a law that neighborhoods and communities can create NO-BLACK zones where blacks are simply not allowed to go.

    I know it would create a lot of moaning and groaning, but it should be federally mandated and a complete reversal of the current gimmee-free-stuff government.

    Yeah, NO-BLACK zones would go a long way toward stopping those 50 plus mobs who rob BART riders if it was suddenly declared off-limits to blacks because of black violence.

    And shopping centers would enjoy a comeback if they have experienced black violence when they declare NO-BLACK zones. It could be announced that due to the level of black violence it is being institutionalized.

    We would have to have an honest media that reports ALL black crime before people have had enough and decide to create NO-BLACK zones.

    People who don’t commit violence to others should be rewarded, not punished with more black violence, but what do you see? It simply is not fair to the public to expose them to more black violence. Our government is wrong. Instead of creating legislation to seize more of your assets it should create something that strikes right at the heart of the problem.


  3. Gene says:

    Round Up The Jews The Same Way Hitler Did

    The Jews will simply have to be rounded up to curb their super left handed activity. They are out of control. It could be done at the stroke of a pen. Just give the order.

  4. Red Pill says:

    YES, the WHITE people are a problem,
    for the jew, that is.
    no peace without total elimination. (think cockroaches)

  5. Gman says:

    GD kikes!! Forever playing the “my fellow whites” card all the time knowing it’s total BS!! No wonder the topic of race has been socially forbidden for years. You want to see a bunch of whites get uncomfortable real quick? Bring up some racial topic in a social setting and just watch them start to squirm and say retarded things like, ” well yeah, but there are bad whites too” or, “we all bleed red on the inside” or, “they might look different but Jesus died to save everyone so we are all equal” or countless other insane statements… It’s pretty clear to me why my white sheeple friends no longer invite me to their parties, LOL!! My favorite question to a white man or woman is to ask him or her if they would be OK with some knuckle dragging negro showing up at their front door to take their young daughter out for a date. That never fails to get a white man or woman all worked up. I am convinced most white women would have sex with a negro just to prove that they are not “racist”. Clearly, the current age is completely insane. Jews are the cause of all of this insanity! The two pics of those jew females just shows their demonic origins. You can observe the evil in their eyes. They are indeed the children of the evil one! Their forefathers were the killers of Christ and they are the genetic continuation. The world will never be right as long as a single one of them is allowed to live.

  6. Blacks and whites aren’t meant to live together. Thats why there is the sahara desert and the mediterranean sea between white and black homelands. Israel won’t live with the “Goys” so why should we whites live with others? The subversive Jews work day and night creating immigration and trouble in “Goy” lands. George Soros and company are the engineers of the current European and American problems. Blacks were brought to America as guest workers. It’s time they went home. They’ve proved they won’t live peaceably among us.

  7. Barney says:

    Breed like rabbis, these jew devils.

    I hope this link works.


    A bit of levity for a change.

  8. Morris Deeds says:

    New post on The Occidental Observer
    by Zula B Law
    As a woman in the South, it’s not often that I am threatened with being beaten up. But, it happened last night, and the person who threatened me was a White guy.

    After finishing up business late in the day, I stopped at a coffee shop to use the wifi.

    The place was busy; I took the last available seat in a large chair. Customers came and went. One woman was wearing light flowery layers of fabric from her head to the floor, her face mostly visible. Her husband tended to their drinks as she stood looking away from everyone. It was an unusual sight and got quietly noticed by the customers.

    “What do you think about that?” I asked a big White guy down the row from me. “We don’t go for that. I don’t like it,” he said.

    The younger guy next to him, also White, was quite talkative, offering opinions on various topics. He veered into immigration, so, I asked him to explain his stance on the immigration issue. “I don’t have a problem with them,” he said, “it’s the system. They need to change the H1 visa system.”

    “Can you define the system that is bringing in millions of undocumented and illegal aliens? Who is in charge of that system?” I asked.

    He repeated that he didn’t have a problem with any immigrants himself, but that the system needs to be better.

    I said, “Millions of illegals don’t care about visas and paperwork; they just walk right in. We have no documentation on them. Millions of undocumented aliens are being forced in on us.”

    He emitted a panicked laugh but increased the ante, “You don’t know your history. You need to read some history.’

    I do know about Mohammed, though. I didn’t think this guy did. He had said he has a 9-year-old daughter, the same marrying age of Aisha. So, I asked him, “What if a Muslim guy wanted to marry your daughter?”

    “I’m fine with that. I’m not racist!” he grinned.

    More below:

  9. Morris Deeds says:

    ‘No time for shallow diplomacy Christians’ in the religious war on churches in the Holy Land :

    By Stuart Littlewood on August 2, 2017


    Religious war on churches in the Holy Land !

    A month ago, after reading a desperate cry for help from the National Coalition of Christian Organisations in Palestine (NCCOP) addressed to the World Council of Churches, I emailed eight churches in my locality asking whether that heart-rending appeal had trickled down to them at parish level.

    If not, I hoped to find out where the break in communications occurred, as this wasn’t the first time churches in the Holy Land had sought support from Western Christendom. Previous appeals were largely ignored and left to civil society for action.

    Now, say the Palestinians, the situation is “beyond urgent”. So had the NCCOP’s latest plea actually arrived on the desks of parish priests in my neighbourhood? And if so, how were grass-roots Christians responding?

    I included a link to the actual crisis document, which should have made every churchman sit up, and a gentle reminder that their faith and their job of work are rooted in the Holy Land. “So what are the chances, I wonder, of seeing concerted action from Western churches before it’s too late? And what part can local parishes play?”

    The key point was this: it’s beyond urgent. So are our spiritual leaders, those upstanding ‘men of the cloth’, mobilising their troops?

    More below:

  10. Morris Deeds says:

    Zion Declares War on British Jazz

    By Gilad Atzmon on August 1, 2017
    The remaking Britain into their banana republic-

    by Gilad Atzmon

    Back in the day, my detractors at least attempted to encounter my arguments and debate me. They didn’t get too far. Since the publication of my new book Being in Time: a Post-Political Manifesto, they have changed their tactics: they insist on obliterating my international jazz career.

    Earlier today, a book shop in Oxford that regularly hosts my concerts posted the attached letter (see below) to my Facebook page. The Oxford venue received the letter from the ultra-Zionist Campaign Against Antisemitsm (CAA). The CAA letter is blatantly and intentionally defamatory and duplicitous.

    The CAA and other Zionist institutions have been busy subjecting every British jazz venue that features my music to intense harassment. It is no secret that Zionism has been destroying Palestine, its people and its culture for decades. However, eradicating British culture and British jazz in particular may be taking this carnage one step too far.

    A number of the British promoters, venues and festivals who received a copy of this defamatory letter against me attempted to investigate the CAA’s accusations and have found the allegations to be baseless, delusional and duplicitous. By way of illustration, the band I am touring with at the moment is led by a NY Jewish musician and the bass player is an ex- Israeli: not exactly a ‘Neo-Nazi’ quartet.

    My best selling book, The Wandering Who, which has been translated into 14 languages and was endorsed by a huge list of academics and humanists worldwide, is denounced in the CAA’s letter as “probably the most anti-Semitic book published in this country in recent years.” But the CAA possesses the legal means to stop the distribution of ‘antisemitic literature.’ In my case they face a real problem; my writings may be controversial, but they are ethically driven, call for a humanist introspective examination, and are well within the boundaries of the law in every country including Israel.

    More below:

  11. Morris Deeds says:

    “I have explained to Trump that Israel did 9/11…”

    http://www.veteranstodaylive.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/1-noble-640×336.jpg TRUTH JIHAD
    By Kevin Barrett on July 31, 2017

    David Noble is an attorney – and a retired architect who belongs to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. He is also a notable member of the Republican Party of Orange County, California.

    In this interview, David Noble discusses his series of letters to President Donald Trump concerning the events of September 11th, 2001. In those letters, Noble lays out the evidence that 9/11 was a neocon-Zionist coup d’etat executed primarily on behalf of the state of Israel. (In his most recent letter, David Noble urges Trump to open a real 9/11 investigation, pointing out that this would quickly lead to criminal charges against former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who is currently leading an investigation of Trump.)

    Is Trump reading Noble’s letters? Perhaps not…but people around the President definitely are…and taking them seriously. (Noble campaigned for Trump and has connections close to the White House.)

    Some of the architects, engineers, and lawyers in the professional associations Noble works with have urged Noble to back off from the Israel-did-9/11 approach, and instead focus on the evidence for controlled demolition (and other evidence disproving the official story but not implicating any particular suspects). Noble disagrees, arguing that the “who did it” and “why they did it” are every bit as important as “how we know the official story is a lie.”

    So who’s right? Listen to the interview and decide for yourself.

    Podcast @ URL below:

  12. Morris Deeds says:

    Mark Collett — Spider Man Homecoming: Enforced Diversity & Political Correctness

    This is a review of Spider-Man Homecoming and a frank discussion on the way political correctness and diversity is forced into the film to push an insidious anti-European agenda. But have Marvel and Sony pushed the envelope too far and will audiences finally have enough of enforced diversity and liberal narratives being shoe horned into franchises they used to love?

    More below:

  13. Philadelphian says:

    There would be no blacks in the western hemisphere without the jewish slaver fleets and auction houses. Jew owned 100% of slave auctions in the whole of the western hemisphere. zthey also started and fund the NAACP to control blacks as they lead them from hiding into destruction. Look what they have done to black families since 1950.

  14. Erik Snohdin says:

    Adolf Hitler, greatest man who ever lived, was right ; he was ALWAYS right.
    There is only ONE FINAL SOLUTION.
    Complete and utter extermination of every last breathing kike shithead.

  15. INCOG MAN says:

    Sorry Gman, your comment went into my SPAMblinka que for some reason. I found it and released it.

    Note to everyone: Little crap sometimes happens like this. Don’t get all bunged up.

  16. Red Pill says:

    The Protocols of Zion are a “Forgery” of What Exactly?

    “no man, or men, could have thought up the protocols, only Satan him self could have done so and then telepathically ‘dictated’ them to his synagogue.”


  17. Red Pill says:

    thank God that Canada is a long way from Texas,
    or you got to be fucking kidding me.

    Insanity: Canadian man charged with attempted murder after wrestling away gun, shooting suspect.

    The precise charges he faces are “attempted murder, intent to discharge a firearm, intent to discharge a firearm when being reckless, careless use of a firearm, improper storage of a firearm, pointing a firearm, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm knowing that possession is unauthorized, and possession for the purpose of trafficking.”.


  18. Morris Deeds says:

    Friday – August 4, 2017
    “In crafting the platform in Cleveland on which Donald Trump would run, America Firsters inflicted a major defeat on the War Party.

    The platform committee rejected a plank to pull us deeper into Ukraine, by successfully opposing new U.S. arms transfers to Kiev.

    Improved relations with Russia were what candidate Trump had promised, and what Americans would vote for in November.

    Yet, this week, The Wall Street Journal reports:

    “The U.S. Pentagon and State Department have devised plans to supply Ukraine with antitank missiles and other weaponry and are seeking White House approval … as Kiev battles Russia-backed separatists … Defense Secretary Mattis has endorsed the plan.”

    As pro-Russia rebels in East Ukraine have armored vehicles, Kiev wants U.S. tank-killing Javelin missiles, as well as antiaircraft weapons.
    Is Trump’s Russia Policy Being Hijacked?
    By Patrick J. Buchanan
    State and Defense want Trump to send the lethal weapons.

    This is a formula for a renewed war, with far higher casualties in Ukraine than the 10,000 dead already suffered on both sides.

    And it is a war Vladimir Putin will not likely allow Kiev to win.” Extracted from Pat’s piece, so instead, we once again, get what Israel wants instead of what the American people want!

    Read More At: http://buchanan.org/blog/trumps-russia-policy-hijacked-127432

  19. Morris Deeds says:

    Is Trump’s Russia Policy Being Hijacked?
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Is Trump’s Russia Policy Being Hijacked?

    Friday – August 4, 2017

    Pat’s new post: Read More At: http://buchanan.org/blog/trumps-russia-policy-hijacked-127432

  20. Morris Deeds says:

    Only U.S. Deep State Oligarchs Want World War III

    By GPD on August 3, 2017

    As long as the Deep State Oligarchs can continue to use the Citizens United supreme court case to bribe the entire U.S. Congress and Senate 100% and shut out completely the American citizen voter with hundreds of billions of dollars to one, President Donald Trump will never be able to accomplish anything for the American People.


  21. Morris Deeds says:

    The Holocaust Establishment Is Attacking Richard Wagner for Illegitimate Reasons
    By Jonas E. Alexis on August 3, 2017

    Fredrick Toben: “If you wish to begin to doubt the Holocaust-Shoah narrative, you must be prepared for personal sacrifice, must be prepared for marriage and family break-up, loss of career, and go to prison. This is because Revisionists are, among other things, dismantling a massive multi-billion dollar industry that the Holocaust-Shoah enforcers are defending, as well as the survival of Zionist-racist Israel.”

    More below:

  22. Gene says:

    ADL Ruins YouTube With Unfair Policing

    What with the ADL now in collusion with YouTube it makes us wonder if the truth will ever be heard. It’s okay for the Jews to lie and say there were 6 Million Jews killed in the holocaust, but what we really have is a modern day holocaust of epic proportions.

    Big Brother is watching and the thought police runs deep! YouTube has sold out to the Jews and is now Jew-dominated! This is another example of how they control the media and is all the more reason I am anti-Jew! I literally hate these stinking motherfuckers now!

    I wonder how much they paid YouTube to buy the influence. Their influence peddling stinks and reeks to high heaven. It’s okay for the Jews to kill thousands of Americans at the World Trade Center, just don’t criticize them for it. If you can’t call a spade a spade then you may as well crash the whole system and burn it.

  23. Red Pill says:


    Oskar Groening, 96-Year-old ‘Bookkeeper Of Auschwitz,’ Deemed Fit For Prison
    German prosecutors said Groening, an ex-Nazi death camp guard, was medically fit to serve the four-year sentence he received for his role in the Holocaust.

    The nonagenarian was convicted in 2015 for his role in the massacre of 300,000 Jews at Auschwitz concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland, where as a guard he’d been tasked with sorting through the banknotes and other belongings taken from arriving


  24. Morris Deeds says:

    Are People Really That Stupid? (Zionism 102)


  25. Morris Deeds says:

    The hidden, massive racial discrimination that goes on in America against White people!
    A U.S. Government study offers proof that European Americans face massive institutional racial discrimination that affects millions of the most talented and educated of our people

    The Hidden Massive Racial Discrimination in America against Whites

    As most of you know, the term “white supremacist” has become literally a prefix in the news. It is the media’s way to condition readers not to pay attention to what I say because I am a “white supremacist.” The truth is I am not a White supremacist, and I seek no supremacy or control over any people, but I do demand that the rights and heritage of people of European descent be respected as much as any other people’s rights.

    The fact is that in the United States of America, Canada, the UK and in many other areas of Europe Whites face a powerful state-sanctioned, and often mandated, racial discrimination against White people who are better-qualified than their non-White counterparts. It may be surprising to some reading this, but millions of the discriminated against Whites are often poorer and face more difficult social situations than many of their non-White counterparts who are being given preference over them.
    It also affects the most talented of our people. Many Whites are under the mistaken impression that the White victims of racial discrimination are mostly from the low income and low IQ sectors of the population. Nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, the percentages of Whites who are victims of racial discrimination are much higher in the sectors of the White population with the highest intelligence and greatest abilities. The facts are shocking, but true.
    Most people know that most universities have programs of admittance that give less-qualified minorities preference over better-qualified Whites. Almost all of the Fortune 500 largest corporations have affirmative action and diversity programs that discriminate against White people, both male and female, in hiring. They also have programs of discrimination that favor non-Whites in promotions and advancement. This is true in the academic area as well.

    You can look at almost any academic department of any American university and you will see in place a strong racial bias for “minorities” in preference over Whites in hiring and advancement.
    Whether you are talking about a university History, English or Math department in almost any university, these policies are in place and powerful. These racial discriminatory policies are real, and they can be easily proven to exist. But now, thanks to a government study, there is even a more powerful way to show their real impact on tens of millions of White Americans.
    The brilliant economist and author, whose pen name is Yggdrasil, has compiled the data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) (beginning 1979,and continuing) which was a massive study conducted for the U.S. Department of Labor, which contacted 155,000 families to obtain a representative sample by race, IQ, income, education and other factors, to see how remedial efforts for minorities were doing. 12,686 survey participants were to be interviewed each year, of which 11,914 took the AQFT test – an IQ test with a very high “g” loading. The income, education and net worth charts deal only with the group which completed the test and then were tracked over time. The charts use the AQFT89 percentile scores, considered by experts to be the most psychometrically accurate.
    It was done after the installation of so called “affirmative action” programs which gave preference to non-White groups over whites. The NLSY study is meant to follow this huge sampling for their entire lives to see how diversity is working out for America. The data from this ongoing study is tangible proof of the horrendous level of racial discrimination going on against White people. I will link you to Yggdrasil’s fine paper in a moment, but let me first give you a couple of snippets from his work that proves the existence of massive racial discrimination going on against our people.
    Here is a chart showing the ethnic breakdown of the most prestigious university in the United States of America: Harvard. America’s premier university is extremely expensive (unless you receive special grants and scholarships) and a degree from it just about guarantees its graduates the best paid and prestigious jobs America has to offer.
    Affirmative action advocates have long said the companies or institutions that don’t reflect the actual racial population percentages are de facto racist and discriminatory. So what is the situation at Harvard, where non-Jewish Whites who are about 70 percent of the highest performing students in America but are now only about 20 percent of the Harvard student body.

    Also read The Myth of American Meritocracy by Ron Unz.
    One should first consider the fact that Whites are represented in the top two percentile level on college admission tests on an average that is a 5 times higher rate than non-White groups. If one then factors in the fact that Whites are also 70 percent of the population, there should be at least 25 times more Whites who would be better qualified than the non-White students currently at Harvard. But even though these Whites are the best and brightest America has to offer, they are limited to only 20 percent of Harvard students! Such is nothing more than blatant, racial discrimination.
    Jews use Affirmative Action to Discriminate Against Whites at the Elite Universities and to favor of less qualified Jews!

  26. Morris Deeds says:

    We Thought They Were White: An African-American Apologizes for Misattributed Perceptions of White Racism Against Blacks Perpetrated by Jews

  27. anon says:

    The kikes are still blocking your site so only the TOR browser works to get here. Even that gets blocked if part of the circuit goes through the U.K. I have to start a new circuit once or twice to get one that works. Yes, jews are filthy disgusting abominations to put a 96 year old man in prison based on kike lies, but we already knew that.

    There are a lot of people just waiting for the jew killing to begin. I’d settle for full-blown jew Expulsion. I don’t know what everyone is waiting for. Let’s get these filthy creatures the fuck out of our country. I see it getting a lot worse and quickly if we don’t get this fucking scum out.

  28. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Morris Deeds –

    That is an excellent link (from Dontel Jackson). If that link were more widespread, we’d gain some traction in the contest! Thanks for posting it!

  29. Bob says:

    I first discovered the link to Dontell Jackson’s wonderful website a few years ago on a post on Incogman. At the time, it was http://www.wethoughttheywerewhite.weebly.com. I never finished reading the entire website but it went into scholarly detail about how the joo owned and controlled the slave trade and also what a jew puppet fraud Martin Luther King was; a plagiarist, wife beater, whoremonger, Marxist, etc. I constantly posted the link on the Fox News comment section whenever appropriate with click bait such as “what a black man really thinks about slavery”, “blacks are really angry about slavery and this is why”, “the truth about slavery from a black man”, etc etc. I must have angered many jooz because recently I went to the website and it is gone. I got a 404 error. I guess the jooz “Rick Sanchezed” the website. Glad to see it has resurfaced elsewhere. I will copy the link and continue to post it and urge everyone else to do the same. I also often post the URL to Incogman too in comment sections. Maybe this is why you have to complete a fucking job application to post a comment in most websites anymore.

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