Will This Finally Be The End for Madame Bitch Face?

Big If True: WaPo Says Hillary and DNC Funded #Pissgate Dossier!


The Washington Post is revealing from “sources” that Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele, producers of the #Pissgate anti-Trump file, were hired first by someone in the GOP, then by Hillary and the DNC and then finally by the FBI itself.

I’m not moved by any “sources say” articles produced by any of the major fake news outlets at this point. We know for a fact that WaPo, NYT, CNN and all of these mainline Jew media publications will simply fake confidential sources or print statements from sources they know are lying.

We also know that they will withhold information that they think will hurt their agenda. As Marco Rubio of all people pointed out at the Comey hearing, the only thing that did not get leaked by the press was that Trump was not under investigation.

Most likely, this is getting printed now because the Jews knew this was going to be revealed by the government – something which President Trump has been calling for – and viewed getting out in front of this as an opportunity to give the public the impression that they are something other than Jewish terrorists pushing a subversive anti-American agenda, as well as to sell a narrative before a narrative is formed by President Trump. Any real sources they have would have told them this information when the document was released. I suspect that “Hillary paid for #Pissgate” is an open secret in the intelligence community.

For those who don’t recall, this is a document which claimed that Russia had video of Trump doing “golden shower” piss sex in a hotel room with hookers in Moscow – that he did it on the bed where Obama slept as a way to humiliate him somehow.

Washington Post:

The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund research that resulted in a now-famous dossier containing allegations about President Trump’s connections to Russia and possible coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin, people familiar with the matter said.

Marc E. Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC, retained Fusion GPS, a Washington firm, to conduct the research.

After that, Fusion GPS hired dossier author Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer with ties to the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community, according to those people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Elias and his law firm, Perkins Coie, retained the company in April 2016 on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Before that agreement, Fusion GPS’s research into Trump was funded by an unknown Republican client during the GOP primary.

If I had to guess, I’d say it was Ted Cruz’ people.

He was the real weasel of that contest.

Did you guys know his dad killed Kennedy and that he is the Zodiac killer?

John Kasich would have done it too, but he’s the only other guy I can see doing it.

The Clinton campaign and the DNC, through the law firm, continued to fund Fusion GPS’s research through the end of October 2016, days before Election Day.

Fusion GPS gave Steele’s reports and other research documents to Elias, the people familiar with the matter said. It is unclear how or how much of that information was shared with the campaign and the DNC and who in those organizations was aware of the roles of Fusion GPS and Steele. One person close to the matter said the campaign and the DNC were not informed by the law firm of Fusion GPS’s role.

The dossier has become a lightning rod amid the intensifying investigations into the Trump campaign’s possible connections to Russia. Some congressional Republican leaders have spent months trying to discredit Fusion GPS and Steele and tried to determine the identity of the Democrat or organization that paid for the dossier.

Trump tweeted as recently as Saturday that the Justice Department and FBI should “immediately release who paid for it.”

Elias and Fusion GPS declined to comment on the arrangement. Spokesmen for the Clinton campaign and the DNC had no immediate comment.

Some of the details are included in a Tuesday letter sent by Perkins Coie to a lawyer representing Fusion GPS, telling the research firm that it was released from a ­client-confidentiality obligation. The letter was prompted by a legal fight over a subpoena for Fusion GPS’s bank records.

People involved in the matter said that they would not disclose the dollar amounts paid to Fusion GPS but that the campaign and the DNC shared the cost.

Steele previously worked in Russia for British intelligence. The dossier is a compilation of reports he prepared for Fusion GPS. The dossier alleged that the Russian government collected compromising information about Trump and that the Kremlin was engaged in an effort to assist his campaign for president.

U.S. intelligence agencies later released a public assessment asserting that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to aid Trump. The FBI has been investigating whether Trump associates helped the Russians in that effort.

Trump has adamantly denied the allegations in the dossier and has dismissed the FBI probe as a witch hunt.

Officials have said that the FBI has confirmed some of the information in the dossier. Other details, including the most sensational accusations, have not been verified and may never be.

They don’t mention that those “most sensational accusations” are “getting pissed on by hookers,” because it sounds too goofy. They haven’t been mentioning it since this was released – by Buzzfeed, of all people – a year ago.

Full document (pdf) is here.

They also don’t mention basic spelling mistakes in the document, like spelling “Alfa Bank” as “Alpha Bank.”

Fusion GPS’s work researching Trump began during the Republican presidential primaries, when the GOP donor paid for the firm to investigate the real estate magnate’s background.

Fusion GPS did not start off looking at Trump’s Russia ties but quickly realized that those relationships were extensive, according to the people familiar with the matter.

When the Republican donor stopped paying for the research, Elias, acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC, agreed to pay for the work to continue. The Democrats paid for research, including by Fusion GPS, because of concerns that little was known about Trump and his business interests, according to the people familiar with the matter.

Those people said that it is standard practice for political campaigns to use law firms to hire outside researchers to ensure their work is protected by attorney-client and work-product privileges.

The Clinton campaign paid Perkins Coie $5.6 million in legal fees from June 2015 to December 2016, according to campaign finance records, and the DNC paid the firm $3.6 million in “legal and compliance consulting’’ since November 2015 — though it’s impossible to tell from the filings how much of that work was for other legal matters and how much of it related to Fusion GPS.

At no point, the people said, did the Clinton campaign or the DNC direct Steele’s activities. They described him as a Fusion GPS subcontractor.

Yeah, see.

They’re trying to solidify the narrative that the DNC didn’t know he was going to do golden showers. They didn’t know this was going to be used to try and disrupt US intelligence operations.

Some of Steele’s allegations began circulating in Washington in the summer of 2016 as the FBI launched its counterintelligence investigation into possible connections between Trump associates and the Kremlin. Around that time, Steele shared some of his findings with the FBI.

After the election, the FBI agreed to pay Steele to continue gathering intelligence about Trump and Russia, but the bureau pulled out of the arrangement after Steele was publicly identified in news reports.

Right there – that’s almost a bigger bombshell than the fact that Clinton funded him. The WaPo had previously reported, back in February, that the FBI had considered paying Steele, but I think this is the first time it’s been admitted that they admitted went through with that.

What this shows is the GOP, then the DNC, then the FBI all funding blatantly fake, perverted opposition research against President Trump. The FBI knew that the DNC had funded this guy and the DNC knew that the GOP had funded him. That means that all three of these groups are working together against Trump.

This is what the President is up against: a unified “two party” system, operating in concert with intelligence and law enforcement, all of it intent on destroying him.

Which is why I tell you people: when he does something you don’t like, try to cut him some slack and understand where he is coming from.

As far as I’m concerned, the FBI hiring a guy that they knew to be compiling fake intelligence to continue to compile fake intelligence in order to attempt to take down an elected President with weird pervert sex allegations was a criminal act. And this happened under James Comey’s watch.

The traitor James Comey is caught up in so much, what with being an admitted leaker, lying under oath at least twice, and all of the stuff he did during the campaign, that he is an easy guy to pinch. Arresting and prosecuting him would lead to an unraveling of this entire conspiracy which exists to undermine and destroy the President.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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38 Responses to Will This Finally Be The End for Madame Bitch Face?

  1. Erik Snohdin says:

    All of this, the whole thing, because of Israel and the Jews and their need for world domination and Jewish Talmudic Supremacy.

    Those miserable rotten psychotic kikes need to be obliterated from this Earth !!

  2. RINOs Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are poster boy/bathhouse boys of cucked neocon slimeballs.
    You have to be the most controlled, blackmailed degenerate pervert to be in the club.

  3. I'm Hiding says:

    My old friend, who might or might not be reading this, says that the wheel is turning over very slowly on purpose. The attempt is to make Clinton look worse than Donald Trump, as part of an effort to make the United States a more right-wing country so they can be in a more “warlike” mentality for World War III. If this is very public knowledge, then I can only imagine it’s part of a scheme of that sort. Consider we had 13 Hours about Benghazi, directed by Michael Bay (Jew), and now we have American Made, about Barry Seal, with nods to Clinton and an evidently excluded Clinton lap dance scene, directed by Doug Liman (Jew). If this continues to escalate more and more, this is a point of consideration.

  4. Red Pill says:

    I’m Hiding says: (and he said it correctly)
    October 25, 2017 at 8:22 pm
    “The attempt is to make Clinton look worse than Donald Trump, as part of an effort to make the United States a more right-wing country so they can be in a more “warlike” mentality for World War III”
    the Illuminati require a sacrifice, an offering to there god, Lucifer
    so they send him Harvey Weinstein and Hillary Clinton.
    all the rest operate below the radar (dark state operatives)
    remember, they control both sides of the narrative.
    i am sure Satan approves, he already owns there souls.
    by the way, they are heavy on recruitment (antifa/BLM)
    bought by George Soros’ blood money.

    Weinstein and Clinton will be tried by the media,
    and will “float”any repercussions, they are “paid actors”
    the scum of the earth, along with hollyweird “stars”
    the “fallen” stars that fell to earth, and mated with the daughters of man.
    are you ready for Nov. 4th ?

  5. Red Pill says:

    gee wiz, golly damn, gosh. yeah right, give me a break, where is the toilet paper?

    Unbelievable/Main Stream Turns Against Hillary/WTH.

  6. BWV says:

    I’d guess that since McCain was involved in getting the dossier delivered to DC… the Republican source of funding was whichever candidate he supported most. Not saying for sure who that was – because I really don’t remember – but if I’m right it seems more likely he’d support Kasich than Cruz.

  7. Barney says:

    I could understand some teenaged boy, overloaded with testosterone and still curious about the finer details of female anatomy, going for “golden showers”, but I can’t imagine many experienced adults wanting to be pissed on.

    Perhaps I’m mistaken. There does seem to be a market for it, so there must be quite a few weird people “out there”.

    What does it matter though? What consenting adults get up to in private is their own business as long as nobody is harmed.

    So Trump (may have) paid some woman, or women, to piss on him. Who fkn cares? Presumably he’d also have paid the laundry bill for the fouled bedding, so what harm would it do? Nobody died. Nobody was harmed. Presumably everyone concerned was happy with the arrangement – assuming it happened at all – so what’s the big story?

    Given the chance, we all do strange things when we’re young. Had my upbringing been other than what it was, I may well have tried a golden shower or two during my younger days but I never had the opportunity then, and I wouldn’t want to do it now, but would it have been a crime if I had?

    Politicians all over the world are committing real crimes every day, buggering and murdering young boys, ordering the bombing of entire countries back to the stone age, murdering millions in the process, and all (((they))) can find (or invent) about Trump is that (perhaps) he enjoys being pissed on?

    I repeat, who fkn cares? He’ll grow out of it eventually – or perhaps not – but even if it’s true, what harm is he doing?

  8. American born says:

    Don’t get your hopes up. This bitch is untouchable and a member of the ruling elite. Her husband is on par with Jew Weinstein and has never seen a day behind bars.

    I’d like to see them both behind bars, but not going to happen.

  9. American born says:

    Trump just gave a very good speech on the opioid epidemic, and it is a very serious problem. Nationalism in real time. We need to fix our nation. He brought up the Wall a few times. I think he is strategically making the case for the Wall. I want the Wall. I also want mass deportations.

    We’ll see. But I think Mr. Trump might actually be on our side in this fight. Mexicans have to go back. I’m okay with a work visas, but they should never be allowed to vote or play a political role, for obvious reasons.

  10. Gene says:

    The FBI, Like The IRS & CIA, Should Be Abolished As Un-Constitutional

    The FBI is a criminal enterprise masquerading as a do-good federal bunch. They protect the rich and to hell with the poor. It should be simply abolished.

    The IRS didn’t even have their own federal employee numbers for a long time and were using Office of Management and Budget numbers! They should be abolished in view of the recent settlements with the Tea Party.

    The CIA is also a criminal operation that should be abolished. Drain the swamp!

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    I wish you could get rid of or kill this hildabitch. I made an analogy a while back relating the hilarious clintoris with that kid Damien in the omen movies. He/She was surrounded by protectors demon dogs and other satans spawns to protect him from every attack. The Teflon Clintons can go on national tv and say I never had sex with that bitch monica jewlipski. Nothing sticks to them . Dead bodies including the guy that really leaked the info to wikileaks from the dnc itself? Man you couldn’t craft an omen movie series worse than the Clintons. So the old priest says cut off his hair you will see the sign of 666 somewhere and he does but still don’t want to believe it until they dig up the kids graves and sees his kids coffin holds a dead dog. So the priest that knows because he was there in the hospital at birth says you have to stab this kid 9 times with these specific set of daggers in order to kill it. Nothing else will kill it. You are out of your mind the man says no no no I am not you must stab it 9 times with these daggers!! Otherwise the spawn of satan will not die! So goes the Teflon Clintons and all their jew money masters and their stupid ass pet niggers you cant even trust the bureau of fidelity bravery and integrity anymore. If it has the word federal attached to it it means jewish world order.

  12. American born says:


    She is filth. Her husband is dirt. They hide behind a false power. Disgusting people. I will drink a nice bottles of wine when the two die.

  13. American born says:

    I’ve lost friends to violence. At my age I am hardened. The only reason these people continue to fleece us and actively ruin our homelands is they tap into compassion
    Hate to say it, but I don’t have any compassion left. It becomes very clear when that emotion is gone.

    Just down the street a guy killed 58 people. Who knows why, who cares. These leaders we have are leading us to destruction.

    Time to clean up shit.

    Let’s take a look at Hilary Clinton. She is corrupt, made millions on deals that undermines MY nation, husband, whom she is still married to is a rapist. Are these people we should honor?


    I’m getting fucking angry. These traitors need to marched out.

  14. American born says:

    I drove past the memorial next to Vegas sign. Very fucked up. The concert goers were corralled in that field opposite of the Luxor. The Mandalay is further back.

    Tourists swarm the area. My daughter, in high school knows a teacher who lost someone that night. I had to explain to her about death and crazy people. Didn’t want to have that conversation with my 14 year old girl, but had to.

    He supposedly shot himself. If he didn’t and the conspiracy theories are valid, then someone shot him in the mouth with what looks like a 38. That would be up close.

    Unfortunately we will never know what happened. This was not a random killing. This stinks. Of it was just some strange person that was old and wanted to kill a bunch of people, the powers that be would report on him.

    The non stop stories, and they would throw in some White Supremacy stuff as well.

    No, 58 people got seriously fucked up in what was a kill box . And not a word about it.


  15. American born says:

    I watched a video of the scene. Bad shit. Dead people everywhere. People who were shot the fuck up. Cops were slapping people on the head to get response.

    Total chaos in my city. Good news is I’m bringing my out to the Madalay for some drinks next week. I’ll blow about a 5 6 hundred. And get a room.

    When I was watching the news that night I thought the shooter was inside. I was thinking about people I know that work there and if they were killed. Information was all over the place.

    Ducking under a table to look up to a killer and lights go out. Spooky thoughts.

    Fuck. I didnt know anyone who was killed that day, thank God . Bit many families are dealing with the grief.

    I sens my regards and will do my best to figure this out.

  16. American born says:

    Evil is real. Understand that, my friends,

  17. American born says:

    It is spooky looking at the Mamdalay. I will go here this weekend and have drinks. My lovely wife likes to play the slots. So we will and I’ll hover around with a drink in hand. I’ll I try to ignore the 58 people.

    It won’t be easy though.

    Who knows? I think I’m ignoring it. But it was a very bad stuff
    Pure killing. God be with the families.

  18. American born says:

    On a the plus side I have people working for me and logistically speaking I do well. Organization is a strong point. Must be the German side. Wife got a new award, for something. Another certificate. She is aboit to get awarded tenure. Very hard achievement and I am extremely proud of her. She worked very hard and she deserves it.

    Life goes on.

  19. American born says:

    I have a family member that did some real damage in Iraq. Ever sat with a person who has killed many many people? LOL

    He’s not even that tough, but can use a 240 bravo with the best of them, and kick in doors with buddies and sweep dwellings with the utmost force. Zip tie Arabs and deliver them to bases. Wild stuff.

    He spooks me out. Seriously spooks me out.

    Now this guy is hard to explain to my daughters. But he rolls hard, so it’s not that hard to explain.

    He’s doing contract work in the southeast, making a killing. It is what it is. The world is trending toward chaos. In about fifty years I can see a wars they will brutal and ugly. Arm up, hit the gym and get ready

  20. Johnny Draco says:

    @ American born,
    Who are you?
    And who do you work for??
    ***Did you know that…………….
    “At the Mandalay Bay hotel, “Prostitutes were everywhere, and security were standing by and did nothing.”
    Be very careful inside Mandalay Bay’s spa.
    “There are old men taking photos with their cell phones while you bath in the hot tubs.

    Some of the workers there are in on this as well…

    “Caught guys having sex inside the steam room… One guy there reported it to management and management did nothing really about it.”

    ***A military surgeon says that the videos of the Las Vegas gunshot victims are fake .
    ***CRI, the Israeli-led Counter Terrorism Training School, is based in Las Vegas,
    “They have been providing expert services for over 17 years in the United States and have trained thousands of U.S. personnel and first responders in counter-terrorism techniques.
    “Their offerings extend to civilians, law enforcement and military personnel.”


  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    put ten bucks on the ravens to win tonight American born. Then shut your mouth. Keep the winnings. vegas slug and where did the hard drive go? And the security guard went to mexico for a few days. This sorry story just keeps getting worse and more unfuckingbelieveable every day. Yeah I guess there was some bad security issues here. At a fucking casino? In Vegas? I cant snot my nose in a casino without 14 camera angles on it me wiping it on my shorts. This guy in the service elevator just forgetteddabbouutttitt your kidding me right? YES I WOULD SAY WE DO HAVE A SECURITY MALFUNCTION HERE THIS MUCH IS OBVIOUS!! And this mufer gets to go to mexico and then the missing hard drive from the dead shooters computer? This story just gets stupider and stupider every day also.

  22. American born says:

    Prot, are you picking a fight?

    Not sure what happened.

  23. American born says:

    Prot, it stinks.

    I frequent the Mandaly. Cameras are everywhere.

  24. Erik Snohdin says:

    It’s the Jews. It’s ALWAYS the Jews !! Because they are totally DERANGED and malignantly jealous of everyone and everything.

  25. American born says:


    I have zero fear when I walk in the Mandalay. Good drinks and rude bartenders. I like rude. Doesn’t bother me in the least. I like my drinks strong though.

    So if we ever cross paths be prepared. Or if you’re in Vegas we can have a nice time with cocktail waitress that are top notch. They are top notch. and love tips and powerful men.

  26. American born says:

    Draco. Let me know if your in my area, name the restaurant.

  27. Red Pill says:

    i first hit Lav Vegas in 1967
    worked there for 2 years
    got caught with a joint, a major felony at the time,
    i bought the weed from a justice of the peace so they let me go.
    i worked for some jews in the salvage business, they were well connected.
    i saw things happen, i saw into the jew mentality
    have been back a few times to visit.

    it was a whore house in the desert, as it is today.
    the only difference is it’s a much bigger shit hole than it was.
    you got to live in decadence, which is just behind the glitter.
    if you love the jewish way of life, it’s a great place.
    thanks American born, you jew patronizer for bringing us up to date
    on the reality of sin city

  28. Joe Btfsplk says:

    I may well have tried a golden shower or two during my younger days

    As the giver or receiver?

  29. American born says:

    Aside from a very poorly written comment, I guess there are a few issues with your tripe. If I cared I’d present a well written argument, but I don’t.

    Carry on. Punching down is a waste of time and effort.

  30. J.R. says:

    crooked Hillary has the biblical “whore’s forehead”… a broad’s forehead that’s wider than it should be and a hair-line too far back. Doubtless as a judgment from God on her female ancestors who’ve been particularly nasty fornicators…

    God repays the sinner who hates him “to their face”, which is why blacks look like apes and gooks and other Asians look like aliens… the ancestors of blacks offended God by fornicating with apes and the ancestors of Asians were a remnant of the genetic pool of extra-terrestrial angels who’d fornicated, when the sons of God came down and had sex with the daughters of men in the biblical record, just before the Noachian flood.

    According to a california state police report, Hillary was found naked in bed with a black woman; and she and Bill have been ‘fornicating’ with the Jews for wealth and power… notwithstanding the fact that Bill literally fornicated with the Jewess Monica lewd insky.

    Hillary is already a demented granny suffering from seizures and soon death from God will seize on her, like the grim reaper’s bite to the neck from behind.

    God is the real Lord of the flies… he made them, controls them, and plagued the Egyptians with them before the Exodus of the Israelites.

    God sent a fly to settle on crooked Hillary’s whore’s forehead… as sign of his disapproval of her family’s fornication and her wicked campaign against his choice of Donald J Trump…

    Bill and Hillary are two crooks on ‘death row’ in more ways than one… we’re all ‘on death row’, but the second death is the lake of fire for unrepentant sinners after death and Judgment Day…

  31. Johnny Draco says:

    @ American born says:
    October 26, 2017 at 8:23 pm

    1. “…if you’re in Vegas…” Why would I want to live or visit a cesspool full of trannies and kikes?
    2. “…I have zero fear when I walk in the Mandalay…” What agency do you work for??
    3. “… have a nice time with cocktail waitress that are top notch…” Top notch trannies with fake plastic boobs.
    4. “… name the restaurant…” I’m not a pig. I don’t eat pig food.
    5. “…So if we ever cross paths be prepared…” Be prepared for what?? For some alcoholic drunk spook to slobber all over me??

    P.S. You gave yourself away when you attacked the messenger and not the message.
    Back to spook 101.

  32. protocolsRtrue says:

    Why talk when a bullet will do. Ever try to argue with a jew? I have. Completely perfect sense and logic . And a complete waste of time while we could be accomplishing something. But the jew twisted and fucked it all up backwards and upside down and inside out. Its in their Talmud. Always fuck up their plans and programs. Military has 2 separate chains of command also. One for grunts that do the grunt work and the others jews and their pet niggers sit behind desks at the pentagram and tell the president about non existant weapons of mass destruction. So we can spend billions of gallons of blood for oil and make isrial safe and build the israili empire. The merchants of death and destruction war profiteers jews love this shit. Even a Marine General Smedley Butler could figure this shit out the military industrial banking complex merchants of death and destruction war is for profit. American Born if you are real and not just another jewboy or jewpig bitch in your mommies basement I’m not goin to feed the jew pigs anymore. Been to vegas been there done that. When I go to a casino I walk out a winner every time. Because I know when to quit. They say this shooter was a professional video poker player. And he won 15 million over his career. Yeah right. In the long term you will walk out a loser. Especially against a programmed computer. These chips are not programmed for the house to lose asshole idiot. You may win on this slot but pull it 3 more times and you will end up going home a loser goyim. Maybe with a disease that cant stay in vegas either. A tattoo or married to some hooker whore bitch from the elvis chapel of love and drunkenness. Trump pick a wall that you can see through the bottom side what’s over there non graspable is a kids life safety code with the top thirty feet non graspable also. So the bottom half has to be able for national guard members to shoot through and see their targets and the top half un climbable.

  33. protocolsRtrue says:

    There has been some pretty effective defensive forts and walls built in the past we have a whole division of smart engineers that know how to build walls and bridges. And blow up walls and bridges too. so what? Ask a marine how many sandbags have you filled in your career? A whole bunch.

  34. Gene says:

    Trump Withholds Evidence in JFK Murder


    Trump must be protecting the murderers that killed JFK. It says:

    Trump Withholds Evidence

    President Trump Withholds Vital JFK Papers, Protects Deep State Assassins

    October 27, 2017

    President Trump has withheld some JFK papers which were scheduled by law to be released. Whether they have been released with redactions by now or whether some are continued withheld, it amounts to a continuing coverup of the JFK Assassination, this time assisted by Donald Trump.

    Unless the papers reveal that the government was instrumental in the murder of President Kennedy the papers would have been released by now. It is disappointing to learn that a president who said he was dedicated to making America great again has finally dropped the ball in his first year in office and the Make America Great Again has come to a screeching halt!

    It has been stated and is public knowledge by now that the papers are under a six month review. Making America great again involves disclosure and a cleansing of our government of all the murderous scum which infects it. The government doesn’t get cleansed by protecting murderers and their various alphabet agencies which assist murder. What else could be the reason for doing, “harm” to our government? President Trump is actually protecting the Deep State and the Deep State assassins by not releasing all the papers UNREDACTED. If the papers reveal that the F.B.I. or F.B.I. Division 5 is implicated in the JFK Murder then let the chips fall where they may – HE SHOULD RELEASE THE INFORMATION!

    If the papers that were withheld show or indicate that the F.B.I. was keeping teams of riflemen secretly in Mexico, ostensibly for the purpose of assassination, then let it be known!

    Is there someone still living, some old fart that just won’t die who needs the ongoing coverup for protection. Well, yes. Anyone not sitting on their brains knows who he is. I guess it will take a few hundred years for that old bastard to die and meanwhile with all their money (our money, actually) they will continue to sit piously atop us, issuing edicts as law and not following the laws themselves.

    Quit hiding the murderers, Trump – you have an opportunity to expose them!

    I have changed my mind about Donald Trump. He is another instrument of The Deep State and I don’t like him!


  35. American born says:

    Thanks for the reply, Draco. You are not cut out for this, son, But you are on our side so I won’t unleash on you.

    Use that rage against the enemy.

    Have a good weekend.


  36. Nazda Pokmov says:

    If they are really going to throw her under the bus don’t they realize she’ll be taking a LOT of democommies with her? I don’t think they’re THAT DUMB….or are they? She definitely has outlived her usefulness to the party and then some…..

  37. Denys Picard says:


  38. kin says:

    the bitch was gone for a while now I see that witch face again, somehow the benign universe will give this whore what she needs and all her cking followers. Vote for me cause I have a pussy and you do too, what a way to vote. These people the left are scum of the universe and I am surprised their is no cosmic justice to erase these kinds from the face of the earth.

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