Twitter Purges Conservatives on Stalin’s Birthday

By Phillip Marlowe

Looks like the Jews and the leftys are continuing the big censorship efforts to silence White conservatives. Twitter, the big social media platform for people to make brief statements to the world just brought the hammer down on anyone guilty of wrong think on the 150th anniversary of Stalin’s birth. How apropos.

I never belonged to Twitter or Facebook. After getting my accounts suspended at Youtube and many other video hosting sites, as well as my original WordPress blogosphere account shut down, I pretty much didn’t bother. Ef ’em if they can’t take a joke.

Twitter also banned many Trump supporters. Yep, sure did. Any inkling of pro-White sentiments and they get axed. Britain First was censored. Also banned was American Renaissance — a fairly innocuous pro-White site. Folks: We got a full-on Marxist effort against White people.

Funny, all your anti-Trumpers, ANTIFA type leftys and openly White-hating Negroes are having ZERO problems with their Twitter accounts. The owner of Twitter is said to be a big financial supporter of BLM. I’ve also read that Nation of Islam black bastard, Louis Farrakhan, is still up and running. Can’t be pissing off the homies!

But all this censorship of rapidly awakening Whites has been happening like crazy since Charlottesville. Daily Stormer was taken down over a dozen times from hosts all across the planet. Various other sites had to scramble to find new hosts shortly after the Jew-instigated leftist attacks on awakened Whites after Charlottesville. I find myself under constant DDOS attacks and service providers blocking me.

Youtube has been censoring videos whenever they can get away with it. Regular joe videos are most vulnerable since they think less people will notice. You won’t see CNN or even FOX news talk about such things, because they are all part of the power structure that knows they are screwing the White race. Big time.

You can look around my site and see this image everywhere. This is the “blank” placeholder image for a Youtube video removed since I put the link code in here. Since Charlottesville they’ve been going crazy deleting videos –especially any that name the Jew or expose anything about the Holocaust. Ask yourself: Why would a video on the something that happened over 70 years ago be important? Well, the so-called Holocaust is the underpinning to the whole Jew mess.

I used to drop in a self-created graphic (right) from my media library whenever they did this. I don’t have time anymore.

Youtube also is tweaking their algorithms to suppress videos from going “viral.” Any conspiracy videos that strike too close to home or are too polished get slowed down, should too many people start watching.

The really good videos on exposing the Holocaust have always been a big target for Jews. Like DENIERBUD’S groundbreaking “One Third of the Holocaust.” This series of videos is constantly getting deleted from Youtube. Looks like you can see it in full HERE for now.

They fully realize if too many of us start having doubts, their little scam gig of the Western world might have some big difficulties, to say the least. They don’t want us Whites to know we’ve been lied to for years.

The more you know about how these filthy Jews operate, the more you realize just how underhanded these creeps can get.

I joined back at the end of August and haven’t had any problems — so far. Jews stay away from me as much as possible because I make them look like idiots so fast! Plus, I got some great graphics already from my site to quickly use.

Just go to @INCOGMAN and make me your follower. I’m not sure what that does for either one of us, however. Maybe some social media expert could fill me in.

We need to tell everyone we know in the “real world” what these dirty backstabbing Jews are doing. Anybody gives you crap about it, just tell them INCOG MAN sent you!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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32 Responses to Twitter Purges Conservatives on Stalin’s Birthday

  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Chicago Commissioner Wants UN Peacekeeping Troops!

  2. Nationalist says:

    The Jews are really heaping it on – they want Whitey dead and out of the way. At the place where I work there is actually a White replacement program going on and most of the stupid brainwashed liberal White workers are going along with it and even endorsing it. We should at this point in time be able to get White Republicans to join our cause – if they would just take the time to think things out more carefully.

  3. Paul says:

    Where can one find out, by state, which pastors have become “Clergy Response Team” members, who will be used by FEMA to help it round up church members? I have heard that pastors may lie if asked.

  4. vorlos says:

    Republicans are too scared. The rest are sell outs. Everyone’s hoping they get eaten last.

  5. Luna says:

    Filthy kikes and their Kalergi Plan to wipe out Whites! Wake up Whitey!!!

  6. carnac123 says:

    If you take a look at the very beginnings of German plan to get Jews out of the country you can see that the same plan is used against White Americans. The Jewish press outlets (that means 90% of the news) and their goy helpers have blamed every problem on the white males and every war on us too. They make fun of us in their sitcoms. We play the fools or the dumb ones. All of our plays and movies are being done all over again to put a couple of blacks in them. Obviously our old classic plays and films are now much better with the adding of blacks. Almost every commercial features white women with a black boy friend. Watch the closely and see. Every now and then they will throw a black girl in with a white boyfriend. They are pushing race mixing. A lot of the shows themselves feature the same thing like it is natural. Movies always show a white girl paired with a black on some detective saga. This crap is getting very old and movies, television, and Madison avenue will pay for this with no viewers soon. Let us review so far. We are portrayed as stupid, mean, our women want to leave us (according to tv), blacks supposedly are better actors, and they seem to be pushing us out of the way on television. Every criminal on TV is white when statistics say the opposite. The law of the land will go through hoops to not blame a black for a crime when it is clear he did it. The Law even gerrymandered districts for blacks just to get more blacks in the legislature. What a farce. The black politicians they do have are complete idiots as far as I am concerned. They even begin in elementary school making little white boys feel like they are monsters with their black based teaching efforts. I have said enough here to make it clear the whites have plenty of Ammunition and reasons to go to war.
    Next we will see posters with caricatures of whites on them warning the country about us. Will they pass laws against us working? Will they take what we own? I for one will not wait for things to get that bad before I take action and you must also. They will not make us a pariah in out own nation when it is they who do not belong here.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      Carnac123 –

      You voice the very same frustrations that bother me, too! What little I can do about it is personally BOYCOTT anything promoting any of this. (I don’t participate in social media, either). People need to get over being intimidated for non-participation. (I have to go so far as disdaining most ill-bred, trashy Whites I encounter, too!) (Unfortunately, there are plenty…)
      None of us can influence all of us to act in unison. We need individual resolve. Sometimes, it’s lonely.
      My morning “computer ritual” includes checking into Breitbart, Drudge, and a couple of partisan sites like this one. What I AVOID is “online” shopping or donations. Then, I usually get-the-hell off and go about my business. I avoid empowering the likes of Amazon or any other online-dependant entity. Never patronize advertisers on TV programs that promote misogyny, either.
      We, as a society, have become too cyber-inclined. Avoid online banking, and use cash as much as possible. We are being trapped by our proclivities to conveniences like I-Phones and social media…

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        Today in history:

        American Revolution
        Thomas Paine publishes American Crisis

        These are the times that try men’s souls; the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

        When these phrases appeared in the pages of the Pennsylvania Journal for the first time, General George Washington’s troops were encamped at McKonkey’s Ferry on the Delaware River opposite Trenton, New Jersey. In August, they had suffered humiliating defeats and lost New York City to British troops. Between September and December, 11,000 American volunteers gave up the fight and returned to their families. General Washington could foresee the destiny of a rebellion without an army if the rest of his men returned home when their service contracts expired on December 31. He knew that without an upswing in morale and a significant victory, the American Revolution would come to a swift and humiliating end.

        Thomas Paine was similarly astute. His Common Sense was the clarion call that began the revolution. As Washington’s troops retreated from New York through New Jersey, Paine again rose to the challenge of literary warfare. With American Crisis, he delivered the words that would salvage the revolution.

        Washington commanded that the freshly printed pamphlet be read aloud to his dispirited men; the rousing prose had its intended effect. Reciting Paine’s impassioned words, the beleaguered troops mustered their remaining hopes for victory and crossed the icy Delaware River to defeat hung-over Hessians on Christmas night and on January 2, the British army’s best general, Earl Cornwallis, at the Battle of Princeton. With victory in New Jersey, Washington won not only two battles, but also the love and thanks of man and woman.

  7. Aitch. says:

    Last night I noticed four TV commercials in just a short space of time promoting race mixing, and decided to start keeping a list of who our enemies are. First four on the list are Santander Bank, Lloyds Bank (which also promotes homosexuality), Debenhams department stores, and Butlins holiday camps.

    • Axis Sally says:

      Rather than keeping lists of advertisers, you need to turn the damn thing off, unplug it, and throw it out the window! (An eight pound sledgehammer can be very satisfying, too.)

      • Johnny Draco says:

        WHAT…………live without my 144 in. TV????
        I’ll rather kill myself.
        I have 666 channels to keep my mindless self in the land of OZ
        And all those male to female trannies to lust over.
        While drinking the jew gut rot.
        Just living the fable “American Dream”.

  8. Johnny Draco says:

    John Maclean, who opposed World War I.

    John Maclean was a schoolteacher from Glasgow.

    The bosses and the judges united as one man,
    For Johnny was a menace to their ’14 — ’18 plan,

    They wanted men for slaughter in the fields of Armentières,
    John called upon the people to smash the profiteers

    They brought him to the courtroom in Edinburgh town,
    But still he did not cower, he firmly held his ground,

    And stoutly he defended, his every word and deed,
    Five years it was his sentence in the jail at Peterhead.

    – Matt McGinn, Ballad of John Maclean, 1965.

    How vicious are the ruling elite?

    “In 1919 Glasgow’s engineering unions called for a general strike starting on 27 January in support of the demand for a 40-hour working week…

    “The Government sent English troops to Glasgow…

    “Six tanks and 100 motor lorries accompanied the troops, and they were sent to strategic points across the city on 1 February in a calculated show of force.”

    “Soldiers armed with machine guns, tanks and a howitzer arrived on the Friday night and Saturday to occupy Glasgow’s streets.

    “A 4.5 inch Howitzer was positioned at the City Chambers, the cattle market was transformed into a tank depot, Lewis Guns were posted on the top of the North British Hotel and the General Post Office, armed troops stood sentry outside power stations, docks and patrolled the streets.”

    “The seriousness of the government’s intent can be gauged from Regulation 965 about how to deal with ‘civil unrest’: ‘It is undesirable that firing should take place over the heads of the rioters or that blank ammunition should be used.'”

  9. Karen says:

    Joseph Stalin, philistine grumph that he may have been ( not my type) succeeded in purging Jews from his government, no easy take considering that he rode in on their coattails. This gross lumpen proletariat had more fire and spirit and balls than any of our ‘representatives’.

    • ICU says:

      There’s a theory that Stalin’s jew doctors killed him because they were all verklempt over him flushing down their fellow tribesmen.
      Look at photos taken at Malta; Rosenveld and Churchill look like they’re both at Death’s door. Stalin, that tough old Georgian murdering bastard, looks like a healthy bull. His death was a big surprise, except to the Khazar rats that very likely killed him.
      The lesson here is; that even a Communist dictator can come to the realization that “those that call themselves jews, but are not” are a Clear And Present Danger that must be dealt with, definitively and terminally…a lesson for us all.

    • Morris Deeds says:

      Yes, then Mao in hindsight, threw the Zionist Jew provocateurs out
      of China, their media called it”purging the Intelligentsia.”Which is Jew
      code: Mao saw Stalin’s Jewess doctor, most likely poison him,
      and realized they would eventually TURN on him too!

      He took their Talmudic MONEY to finance his RED Revolution, then
      threw their agents out!

      • ICU says:

        Khazar jew scum were at the very forefront of the Communist movement in China; a couple of the rats even wound up sitting in their Politburo.
        I’m reminded that the Khazar jew scum Communist bastard nation wrecker, Joe Slovo, was instrumental in the rise of The BLAK Oogah Boogah Crowd that had South Africa handed to The Beasts of The Field by delusional Kumbaya Kriss-Chun, We-Are-All-One IDIOTS…that were programmed and manipulated by the Commies behind the curtain.
        Their nation wrecking scumbaggery is ON full force now in Western Europe, and to a slightly lesser degree in North America, where the same IDIOT Kriss-Chun Zionist dumbasses have no idea how they’re being used and how much rotten jews like Benny Netanyahu, ex-furniture salesman from New Jersey, and that vile, chicken neck Noo Yawk jew bitch Barbara Lerner Spectre in Stockholm HATE the slobbering fools that actually believe that Turko-Russian Khazar nomadic predators are the direct descendants of the ancient Israelites.
        Beyond pathetic and disgusting.

  10. Gene says:

    8 Violent Niggers Busted at One Time!

    FBI: 8 East Bay gang members arrested in crime bust

    If authorities keep up this pace they could jail a large part of the violent Negroes soon! Speaking of killing Whites, etc., these Negroes were reportedly terrorizing the streets with violent crimes. At least they will be off the streets for some time.

  11. Gene says:

    38 Arrested In ‘Vermont Corridor’ Gang Bust

    38 more were arrested here. Don’t the Negroes know how to do anything except terrorize people? Some of these face life in prison, effectively like shipping them out to sea.

  12. Gene says:

    9 More Arrested Here, The Gett Money Gang Terrorizing Indianapolis

    15 People charged, some with violent crimes.

    Mayor says “We will not go quietly into the night”, etc., says not going to let these gunslingers push them around. I imagine these people also face life or near life terms. If authorities keep up this good work a lot of the attractiveness of joining gangs will disappear for sure!


  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another day in the life with subhuman nigger animals. You know, the wonderfulness of diversity stuff we are forced to believe instead of what we see with our own eyes. I don’t know who mounted this tv to the wall but it was almost nigger-proofed.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    Speaking of sub-human nigger animals.. check out these two prime examples of the wonderfulness of diversity. Ho Hum every day everywhere in America PRT what’s so different about this case? Well, what really is not so different but should be noted is that nigger#2 rodderius was convicted of robbery in 2015 and given a 5 years in the cage where he belongs sentence. Now I aint the most gifted mathematician on the planet but something just don’t add up right. Who let this sub-human nigger animal out of it’s cage and roaming free amongst civilized humans and why? WAH WAH WAH our niggerhoods aint safe!! Yeah no kidding your niggerhoods aint safe and do you want to know WHY your niggerhoods aint safe? Huh? Because there are too many niggers in the niggerhoods that’s why. So quit blaming me niggers clean up your acts and start acting like civilized humans for a fucking change. Or at least give it a try to get this civilized human behavior thing figured out. Ten million years behind on the civilized human evolutionary scale and going in reverse fast.

  15. Morris Deeds says:

    The IDF’s No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Week
    It hasn’t been a good week for the IDF. First, an IDF sniper executed a Gaza double-amputee protester at the fence during a protest against the Trump administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The protester, whose legs had been amputated after an Israeli missile attack in 2008, was sitting in a wheelchair waving a Palestinian flag when a bullet …

    The Palestinian teen arrested and most like beaten for protesting, the IDF
    and Jerusalem decision:

    More @ URL below:

  16. Morris Deeds says:

    The vote was 128-9 in favor of a resolution that demands decision be rescinded

    (Newser) – “The US will be taking names,” Nikki Haley warned Wednesday ahead of the UN General Assembly’s Thursday vote on whether to reject President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It has a lot of names to take: The vote was 128-9 in favor of the nonbinding resolution that demands the US walk back its Dec. 6 declaration. The vote “amount[s] to a collective act of defiance toward Washington,” the New York Times reports. The AP reports Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reacted by tweeting, “We expect the Trump administration to rescind without further delay its unfortunate decision, whose illegality has been clearly established.”

    How the vote went: There were 35 abstentions and 21 no-shows; one of the abstentions was Canada, which the Guardian reports had been thought to be a vote on the US side. Voting along with the US and Israel were Togo, Micronesia, Guatemala, Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands, and Honduras, reports the Times of Israel. The Jerusalem Post sees the final tally as demonstrating Israel “has made inroads in Latin America”; it points out both Argentina and Mexico abstained.

    More below:

  17. Karen says:

    Off topic, but there definitely seems to be a BIG picture at play. Everyone of any account, the ‘alternative media’ as well as ‘alternative’ internet sites, seem to be playing their role in this BIG picture. But is it…a Black Mirror or a Foxfire end game?

  18. fred woodard says:

    Yes sir just say the N word and your facebook jail time starts, and mention the jews role in the n erizing of America. I have now use hymee, buckwheat, [he was my favorite in spankie and the gang], as the narrative, they seem to be getting by for now. sorry about not spelling out the n word, but yes your fine honest, truthfilled site just seems to have many glitchs when I try to load. Must just be the computer, hymee would never prohibit free speech, let alone the truth. from a former trump supporter who has now kissed ass so much I puke.

  19. Erik Snohdin says:

    Do you see how the SCUM are prepping America for the 2020 election then ?
    By taking over the internet and silencing us now [worse things to come], the internet will be completely leftist by the time Trump runs again, and he will have little to NO support from all of us who helped him win in 2016 BECAUSE of the internet.

    Orwell’s boot is a little closer to our faces, Lads. Soon we will start really feeling the stamp of that boot.

    What we need are some Mark Wahlberg-style vigilante shooters to start killing Jews, some big name Jews right in their fucking homes or at their places of business. This will put the fear of Jesus Christ into these arrogant fucking PIGS.

    • ICU says:

      …making a list, and checking it twice.
      Gonna find out who’s naughty…
      and blow their fukkin Khazar jew scum brains out.
      Sanity Clause is comin’ to town.
      tah tah dah dah Dum Dum…
      Remember, Boys and Girls…
      Dum Dums work just fine in the emptying of jew skulls.
      Messy, but that’s their problem.
      They also work wonderfully well on BLAK Eggplants.
      Gnome sane ?

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