Racist Israel to Dump African “Swartzes” on US

What more proof do you need that Jews are total backstabbers?

By Phillip Marlowe

The UN has now approved a plan for Israel to transport their illegal black Africans into the US and Canada. Can you believe this crap? After all the Jews in our countries do pushing for immigration of shitholers from everywhere, the hypocrite Jews over in the now openly proclaimed Jewish Ethnostate (imagine that) are going to send us theirs?

Besides Jew racism, practically all Americans are clueless about blacks being in Israel in the first place (where Jews call them “Swartzes”). White Americans simply can’t visualize shucking and jiving homies living in Israel — only “terrorist” Palestinian Muzzies, who they want us to hate. Plus, the hypocrite US media never reports on this; even though liberal Israeli Jews over there have held massive protests against deportation plans. Not a word in US FAKE NEWS, who are always so lovey-dovey when it comes to poor blacks. But I guess that’s all moot when it comes to real bosses, huh?

Yep, around 50,000 Africans have managed to sneak into Israel over the Egyptian border or were brought in over the decades (the Ethiopian Queen of Bathsheba biblical nonsense). They’ve been trying to get rid of them by dropping them off in various African countries as part of gun-running weapon sale deals Israel has made with corrupt African tin-pots; handing the poor, unwanted darkies wads of US cash as they get off the plane. Apparently, not enough are going along with the deal. They’ve also put quite a few into actual concentration camps in the Negev desert, near where they keep their never-discussed Zionist nukes.

Canada is due to get some too, with Fidel Castro’s little bastard son, PM Justin Trudeau, being about the biggest Jew tool ever known in Canadian history. No problem there.

Not only does the US support Israel financially and militarily, we now have to be their dumping ground for filthy black apes? It’s simply unbelievable the sheer gall of these stinking Jews.

You’re not going to hear one word about this in the US media, including FOX, because they don’t want us Whites to get it about the backstabbing Jews and how they treat America. No one is going to say a thing. All your leftys won’t say anything because we’re all supposed to love homies — even when they stick you in the gut with a butcher knife.

Basically, the Jews have been using the good graces of us White people to gradually destroy our race. We let these creeps move over here from Czarist Russia in the 19th century and what do we get? Us White Americans continuously stabbed in the back and everything normal and decent turned upside down in our society.

Whites are fortunately now getting it and are waking up in droves.

Jews have always been the planet’s biggest backstabbers. Now do you know why Hitler wanted them gone?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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29 Responses to Racist Israel to Dump African “Swartzes” on US

  1. Banjo_Billy says:

    It’s actually worse than just exporting the nignogs from Israel to the USA and Canada because most of those kicky-haired turds are actually black Jews!!!!!!! The Biggest Lie Ever Told (the Hebrew Bible, a.k.a. the Old Testament) convinced the Ethiopian Negroes that they, too, are Jews. So, when the Ashkenazi Communist kikes who hijacked Palestine wanted to tell the world how much they love their fellow Jews and want them all to immigrate to Israel, they air-lifted those potential TV thieves and liquor store burglars into Israel and educated them as Jews — even having them study the Talmud-demon-literature. AND some of them were trained by the Mossad to be spies for their “fellow Jews”.

    So, when those Israeli nignogs enter the USA, they will be infiltrating the American Negro Communities and spreading Communist lies, Jewish lies and anti-American and anti-white propaganda among our Negroes who have already been incited by the American Jews in the Media to riot and kill white people.

    There needs to be a vermin bounty placed on all Jews with no bag limit. And these black rascals are definitely big trouble — even more trouble than the Negroes that are already here.

    So, contact your treasonous Congress-Critter today, put your hands around his/her neck and squeeze tightly until their choking lies stop.

  2. Matt says:


    I am a Christian and use God’s word as a level and string line.

    The bible says in the later times the Jews will be destroyed, and that it is the same Jews who killed the prophets.

    In reference to the destroyed great prostitute/Babylon.

    Rev. 18:24 In her was found the blood of prophets and of God’s holy people,
    of all who have been slaughtered on the earth.”

    It doesn’t say the people who replaced the Jews who killed the prophets will be destroyed.

    David Duke, I think wisely reconsidered his position on the Khazars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUNmgaUAcms

    Br. Nathaniel, who’s a Jew who’s accepted Christ also has some common sense words on it.

    I read parts of the Preston James VT link, and it seemed to be heavy on storytelling and speculation, but light on historical data to support to his assertions. Maybe he has some data, but I didn’t see he cited it.

    Needless to say, God’s Word trumps everything, and that’s what I’m going with.

    The Christ killing kikes are still alive, and God the father of Jesus has them on his hit list and will destroy them.

    Blessed be the name of the Lord!!

  3. Karen says:

    This is the single thing that Israel has done that I applaud. Chinese and Africans are colonizing White countries, and though one can say that we Whites had previously colonized their countries and it’s karma come back to bite us on the ass, it’s different, not counting the opium brought into China which devastated their people but that was 100% Jews with weak and greedy White vermin backing them. The difference is that Whites raised their living standards whereas they are lowering ours. .. they’re feeding off of us.

  4. Billy Badass says:

    If AH was able to overcome the embedded jew structure in Germany…. and finally rounded up and jailed or throw them out of the country… Why can’t Trump do the same here???? EO still works with the garbage we have in DC…Nationalize the gestapo goon cops and fix the sorry assed country… Obamacoon exercised it a number of time against whitey..(EO). The supposed majority of white voters got Trump in, think they would or could tolerate a nigger ape, spic and jew free country??? One can only imagine… Only then will it be known how deep jew programming has penetrated the European ID… I think Montana with 100K acres out in the middle of nowhere, far away from any white community would be willing to donate it for a really nice corral or detention camp for the niggers, spics and jews who are so intent on destroying what the white european race has built… and or monies no longer required to feed n’ breed these parasites could be donated to Montana for their sacrifice… JMO
    AH had it right… He understood… NO JEWS!!!
    Didn’t the US of Amerikwa do that to the japanese in the 1940’s? Or did the winners already rewrite history and obliterate that fact…BTW, did I mention I am a racist wanting to be with my own kind and have absolutely no desire or need to be directed by jews to be a multicultural subserviant taxpaying slave to sub specie races?
    AH had it right… NO JEWS!

  5. Erik Snohdin says:

    HEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, love that pic of Spectre there in the Star of David. Look at that lazy-eyed quack Jew bitch, her gloating giggling eyes.
    I’d personally love to stick a fucken shotgun up her cunt and pull the fucken trigger.
    Maybe that would wipe that slimy Jew grin off her ugly fucken face.

  6. vorlos says:

    Trump’s whole family are Jews. Don’t look for support from him.

  7. Nationalist says:

    That’s all we need, more woolly headed, thick lipped Baboons to increase our already sky high crime rate.

  8. I for one am shocked.. But this makes sense..

    The Canadian knuckleheads are being kept unaware of this travesty as the Jew spew media here has put out ZERO reports about these escapees from that African shithole coming into this country to plague our nation…

    This will never end until every single goddamn Jew prick is wiped off the face of this planet…

  9. Luke says:

    Not to sound like I am downplaying the seriousness of this issue, but since when does the U.N. have the supreme authority to dictate to any nation – or to the USA in this case, that they be forced to let these African savages into their nations?

    All across the White Western world, we are seeing the rise of very stiff resistance to these jew globalist issued mandates – whether they have originated from the jew infested EU or the jew and shit skin infested United Nations.

    Trump has already clamped down on the number of ‘refugees’ that he is allowing to come in, and he slapped a ban on accepting any more Haitians – although he did cuck out and agree to honor some deal that Obummer cut with Australia to let the Aussies dump a couple thousand African savages into the USA that the jews had somehow managed to import into Australia.

    This attempt by Israel to dump their black African invaders on the USA needs to be watched carefully, because I do not think the UN has the authority to force this on Trump’s America.

    • ICU says:

      Trump, being TOTALLY jewed to the hilt, will do ANYTHING his Best Bud Benny Netanyahu, the ex-furniture salesman from New Jersey, wants…
      including the dumping of hordes of yet more useless niggers upon these shores.
      One shore where they won’t be dumped is the jew haven of Lakeshore Drive in Chitcago, home of the jew demons, like Penny Pritzker, responsible for the grooming of the nigger faggot cokehead Obama/Dunham/Soetoro/Marshal-Davis/Whatever….the ex-Weiss Haus Swartze.

  10. ICU says:

    A filthy, ugly, systemically violent and dysfunctional, STD diseased nigger shot and killed two White cops today in Westerville, Ohio…a suburb of Columbus.
    They were responding, AGAIN, to the critter’s crib on a “domestic” matter.
    The local (((Managed Nooz))) can’t seem to find the Killer Ape’s prior mugshot ( I found it but don’t know how to hotlink it here) and CERTAINLY aren’t including “Black” or the ridiculous euphemism “African American” in the description of Quentin Lamar Smith, age 30 in human years, abusive warm dildo transporter for and threatener with death to his female, Candace and her female offspring, and not likely one of the Hollyweird Smiths…as in Will, the fantasy film superhero that didn’t get to be silly in the nigger epic, “Black Panther”…coming to a Multi-Plex riot near you soon.
    The cops were informed by the female In late November last year that Ape Boi had a gun and kept it on him or nearby all the time.
    If the vile nigger lump had it on him when out and around in the mostly populated by humans town of Westerville WITH the gun and WITHOUT a carry permit, I wonder why there was no probable cause for the cops to check the BLAK walking turd’s status.
    Could it have been The Ferguson Effect that has cops all over this nigger smeared nation walking on eggshells when dealing with the sub-human beasts ?
    Maybe it was because we’re into BLAK Hysterical Mumf ?
    Perhaps it has to do with the big budget, ridiculous nigger extravaganza of …
    “Black Panther” a deranged Boog Centric action adventure comedy/horror show featuring lots of BLAX lost in a drug soaked dream of grandeur that never was and will never be…
    brought to…I guess more Blax, especially skoo chirrins, that’ll get “free” tickets paid for by “Charitable Foundations” and dumbass Whites that’ll get real masochistic and guilt ridden and actually pay money to see that shit…
    piled up high by Hollyweird JEWS…
    you know, the demonic scum working unrelentingly to destroy this nation and White Western Civilization in general.
    The USA Tipping Point and The Long Day of The Rope CANNOT get here soon enough.
    A Westerville Tipping Point may have already happened.
    I hope so.
    I haven’t been practicing tying that special knot for nothing.
    The Instinctive Shooting Practice is also coming along pretty well.
    I can hardly wait.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Great post. Rest in Peace I stand with Police. Who better than the nigger control officers to have no choice but admit the truth? Despite all their training that niggers are a good thing diversity is good, human relations (don’t they have to be civilized humans first for that to work because they sure don’t act like it) Don’t believe what you see with your own eyes and have to deal with every day believe what they tell you on the jew nightly jews and coming out of jewlywood and Sunday morning meet the jews and their stupid ass pet niggers programs instead. assfirmative actions, minority set-asides diversity hire and promote more blacks lower the standards and test score requirements. Fine with me send the niggers to try and keep order and some semblance of civilized human society in the niggerhoods see that don’t work either and even sends it spiraling further down the third world shithole. No matter what the facts are they are only going to blame the cops on the nightly jews anyway especially if he is white. Dead end job for white men (literally) forget about making it to chief you have to be a lesbian female or minority in the big shitties for that now. The war on white men is full on right now.

  11. Billy Badass says:

    AH had it right.. He knew and understood … No JEWS!…

  12. Billy Badass says:

    A possible solution for whitey???
    A local tv channel was hyping a story about the successful cloning of a dog..
    Damn… now where did they hide some of AH’s DNA??? I see a chance here…
    after all… for the jew problem! (Might take a few more years…)
    AH had figured it out… No JEWS!!!

  13. Morris Deeds says:

    Just got one thing to say about this thread JPG below:


  14. Billy Badass says:

    HHHmmm… what is dat’ niglet try’in to say???…
    It’s difficult to lower my intelligence to the level that Ah’ kin’ unnerstand it…
    Sounds like some mufer done ripped that yummy white taxpayer banana outta’ his mouth…an… dem’ guvment’ welfare teeth didnt hold in too good either…
    but da’ price iz right.. Me thinks an ass whuppin is called for… or a noose!!!
    His ebonic tongue sounds like it was edjamacated in a home school enviroment…
    All of dem’needs to be put on a short leash and led back to their cagesl…

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    This guy gets my vote.


  16. Morris Deeds says:


    Who Was George Lincoln Rockwell?
    by Robert S. Griffin, Ph.D.
    George Lincoln Rockwell

    “His thesis tonight, Rockwell said, is that you can’t have an educated opinion or manage a democracy unless you are given all the facts about things. Most liberals are sincere and dedicated people, he acknowledged, but the reason they are liberals is that the facts they are provided leave them no room to make any other choice than to be a liberal.
    Rockwell started to read a London newspaper clipping from 1920 by Winston Churchill. Someone in the audience hooted, and Rockwell remarked that is the first time he had heard Winston Churchill get that kind of reaction. Rockwell said he would send copies of any of the material he would refer to in his speech to anyone who wanted it, and that if any of it proved to be phony he would “go to work for Harry Golden and the NAACP.” The Churchill article said that the Russian revolution in 1917 was by and large a takeover of that country by Jews. Of the 383 commissars after the revolution, over three hundred were Jews, Rockwell noted. “Why haven’t you been told this?”

    “In Russia,” Rockwell went on, “you can criticize anybody you want—except the communists, that is. And the same thing holds true in China. You can criticize anybody but the communists. In Cuba, same thing—anybody but Castro. In the United States, you can criticize Irishmen, Italians, the French, people from Brown and Pembroke, anybody but the Jews. You can’t criticize them. If you think you can, try it tomorrow. You’ll be called an anti-Semite. Nobody dares say anything critical against Jews.”
    “Jews don’t burn books to keep you from reading them. They are more sophisticated than that. They don’t burn them because then you’d know about it. They just quietly say to booksellers, ‘If you sell any book we don’t like, you won’t get any more books,’ and since they control the publishing industry they can make good on their threat. The result is you can’t buy books they don’t like.”

    Rockwell then went into how “Jews’ business genius” has gotten them in control of television, “an industry that controls the minds of America.”

    More @ the URL below:

  17. Morris Deeds says:

    Israel Places Bounty on Heads of African Refugees
    January 28, 2018 By Richard Silverstein 13 Comments

  18. ICU says:

    Now watching live coverage of a procession bearing the bodies of the two White Westerville cops that were ambushed and murdered by a nigger that should have never been free to walk among humans.
    It’s traveling from The Franklin County Coroners office to Westerville funeral homes.
    Huge crowds lining the course of the procession…
    and not a Black face in sight.
    This is appropriate because once the grief phase passes somewhat, the anger phase will kick in.
    Niggers Beware.
    The Time Of Your Time draws ever closer.
    I can hardly wait.

  19. dick fuld says:

    “silence like a cancer grows” get rid of these kikes

  20. Stan Hansen says:

    It’s way past time for all blacks/negroes to accept who they are, according to the Scriptures. Not by what they think, not by what they want, by the Scriptures. No political correctness here. It’s time for weakling Christians to get off of the milk and start consuming meat. This all has to come to and end. Now you will learn that color and race absolutely do make a difference! It’s past time to stop hiding and start revealing the true identity of the negroes. The negroes are the physical seed line of the devil called pre-Adamites. Let me show you how. On the 6th day of creation, in Genesis 1:24-27 The Alpha & The Omega “created” Adam, man, mankind, black male beast and black female behemah of the field simultaneously and placed them both in the garden, and “the races.” These “pre-Adamites”, are The Alpha & The Omega’s vessels of wrath prepared for destruction from the beginning (Romans 9:22). The “natural man” “CANNOT receive the things of God” (1 Corinthians 2:14). After the 7th day Sabbath, The Alpha & Omega’s day of rest, In the words of the Epistle of Barnabas, The Alpha & The Omega declares that “after I have set everything at rest, I will create the beginning of an “8th day”, which is the beginning of “another world” (15.8). On the 8th day Genesis 2:7-22 The Alpha and The Omega “formed” Adam [the man], human, humankind from the “DUST” (not black mud/dirt, not brown/redmud/dirt) of the ground and He blew into [his] nostrils the “Breath of Life” and Adam [the man] became a “living soul” and The Alpha & The Omega placed Adam [the man] in the garden of Eden alone. 21 and The Alpha & The Omega caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam [the man] and he slept: and HE took one of [his] ribs, and closed up the flesh thereof; 22 and the rib, which The Alpha & The Omega had taken from [the man] made HE a [woman] (not a female like Genesis 24-27) and brought [her] unto [the man] and Adam [the man] named [her Eve]. Jude 1:19 Jubilee Bible 2000 Right away we learn negroes and “the races” do not have a “living soul” within them to be redeemed. Jude 1:19 These are who make divisions among us, and are as animals, that do not have the Holy Spirit. Subtotal, The negro was on the earth thousands and thousands of years before the Adamic [white man] was “formed” and placed in the garden of Eden. Adamic [man] are the vessels of His love and mercy which He prepared beforehand for glory…(Romans 9:20-23, NKJV). All Adamic [man] is 100% pure white stock Israelite-Greek. Adamic Strong’s #119 means: ruddy, red lips, to turn flush, able to blush in the face, rosy pink, having a fair countenance, bright as the sun, bright white, Laban, ivory, white as snow, white as milk, without spots, golden, with black brown red to blonde hair, with sapphire blue veins, emerald green to sapphire blue eyes as the fish pools of Heshbon. In other words a Hebrew Israelite-Greek-white [man]. Have you ever seen fine brass burned in a furnace? It is bright yellow to bright white not negro brown, not Nubian black. This describes each family member in the lineage or genealogy of Adamic Jesus. You get that? Jesus is an Adamic [man], not a pre-Adamite black/negro point blank. 100% Scruptural. If you deny that then you have a personal issue you need work on. The Bible is a book about the lineage and seed line that led to the virgin birth of The Alpha & The Omega coming into the world as a [man] in the flesh.
    The Alpha & The Omega created with 4 types of flesh in Genesis 1 & 2. Not that HE needs it, but the apostle Paul confirms this in the New Testament. There is one kind of flesh for Adamic [men], another flesh of “beasts,” another flesh of “birds,” and another flesh of “fishes.” We know that the negro is not descended from Adam [the man], consequently not of the flesh of [man], not according to me, according to The Alpha & The Omega in the Old Testament, the negro belongs to one of the other three kinds of flesh. The Alpha & The Omega named the negro the “beast of the field,” being a land animal, a domesticated animal, a higher form of an ape, he belongs to the “flesh of beasts.” These are not my words. Read your Bibles. Different versions. Use reference Scriptures, it’s there to be found. Negroes say the fallen angels were black right, right! In The book of 1 Enoch 68:6 page 64 it teaches it was the fallen angel Gadre’El who took possession of an evil and willing “beast of the field” who became the glowing Nachash. We understand that it was the devil who tempted Eve. Stay with that line of thinking and you conclude it was the devil, who came from Nachash, also called the serpent, who was a black man, called by The Alpha & The Omega a “beast of the field,” that allowed himself to be possessed by a fallen angel named Gadre’El. The devil is black. There is no need to go any further. By Scriptures, not by anyone’s personal opinions, by the Scriptures the true identity of the negroes is they are as the Bible calls them the pre-Adamite “beasts of the field.” It is literally impossible for a pre-Adamic negro to suddenly become an Adamic [white Hebrew Israelite].
    The first divine law was not to mix the Adamic seedline with any of the other trees in the garden. Nachash, The wicked one was more subtle, crafty, cunning, than any “beast of the field.” [Eve] said to the serpent (Nachash) we may eat of {the fruit} of the trees in the garden. Was it an orange tree, a plum tree, a plum tree, an apple tree, what kind of tree? JE The Father said you shall not eat or “AW-KAL” = lay with, neither shall you touch it (Nachash) lest you die. [Eve] took of the fruit (seed line) and did “AW-KAL”=lay with the serpent and she gave also unto Adam [the man] and he did eat “AW-KAL”=lay with Lilith the mistress of the serpent/dragon/wicked one. The serpent beguiled me. “Naw-Shaw”= wholly seduced me and I did “AW-KAL”= lay with. The first Divine Law had been broken. JE The Father said to the serpent because thou has done this, you are cursed above every “beast of the field” including the Enosch/Chevyah=other 2 legged beins/Book of Jonah that had hands and feet that could walk up right, upon by belly shalt though go. Your children will be cursed and cannot grow their own food. I will put enmity or hate between thee (serpent/dragons seedline) = John 8:31, 44,47 and the woman (racial bride of Israel/the mans offspring or seed line) not Israel/the nation. When we turn to the Bible for knowledge and instruction, we are informed that the “beasts of the earth and field” were “created” among the lower “kinds of flesh” to fill their place in the Divine plan where they would be most needed. Their leaders had feathers in their heads and were self proclaimed gods. They were given erect posture, well-developed hands and feet, articulate speech; withal, tool-making and tool-handling bipeds (two-footed beasts) – possessing the essential characteristics to fit them for their position as servants. Satan, and the fallen angels wanted to impregnate Adamic [Eve] with the fallen angel DNA to mutate or corrupt the 100% pure white stock Adamic seed line so that Jesus could not die for the sins of Adamic [man]. The third chapter of Genesis opens with this statement: “Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which The Alpha & Omega had made.” Here a beast of the field is introduced who is described as “more subtil” than any other of his “kind.” The Hebrew word translated “serpent” is Nachash who, among his “kind”, was the most gifted. We have here a genuine “ah ha” moment in full support of the deduction that Nachash, an intelligent beast of the field, was a purebred Negro.
    FROM THE BOOK OF MOSES CHAPTER 7:22 And Enoch also beheld the residue of the people which were the sons of the first man, mankind, (non-human) black male beast & black female behemahs of the field, they were a mixture of all the seedline of Adam, man, mankind (non-humans) from Genesis 1:25-27 “save it was the seed of Cain, for the seed of Cain were negros and had not place among them.”The negroes are sub-Saharan, & sub-human. Blacks/negroes/trees/races/and these seedlines/nations in the Old Testament are referred to or are described as “vomit” ( Lev 18:28 ), a “drop in a bucket” and “dust on the scales” ( Isa 40:15 ), and the source of slaves ( Lev 25:44 ). Matthew 7:6 Do not give dogs what is holy; do not throw your pearls before swine. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.Negative references are often made to the race/negroes/blacks/heathen nations in comparison to Adamic Hebrew Israelite-Greeks.
    (Genesis 10:21-24) Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel are all descendants of Adam [the man]. They are the 100% pure white stock seed line that has progressed through history to every Adamic white man, woman, and child of the European nations that were scattered into the Caucasus mountains in 70 AD. Negroes claiming to be 100% pure white Adamic Hebrew Israelite-Greeks simply don’t understand how they are proving to the world they truly are inferior to the white [man] because they don’t have any better sense to know they aren’t white people. [Adamic] Eber was the father of the [Adamic] Hebrews. The Alpha & Omega made a covenant with Adamic Abraham that promised “only” the descendants of Adamic Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel the man (not the nations, trees, grass, Pagan races, not all flesh) redemption, salvation, and eternal life in Heaven. This is very clear. Adamic man, the Caucasian race only will receive this Blessing. Deuteronomy 28 is/was about when The Alpha & Omega used Moses to deliver the Israelite-Greeks from slavery from the hands of the black Egyptians. Deuteronomy 28 has nothing to do with the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Jesus was not a Jew. Jesus is a Adamic [Hebrew Israelite-Greek]. A blond headed blue eyed Adamic Hebrew-Israelite-Greek. You cannot get a pre-Adamite black/negro Jesus from a 100% pure white stock Adamic Hebrew Israelite Greek seed line. Jesus never looked like a black/negro, nor a middle eastern man, He is Caucasian.Esau himself became cursed for continuing to lust after and marrying black Canaanite women. Negroes are the serpent seed who for the second time broke the first Divine Law through miscegenation now with the seed line of Esau. Esau was hated by The Alpha & The Omega for lusting after and marrying 3 pre-Adamic black Canaanite women. Then you have the 100% pure white stock seed line that led to the birth of Jesus Christ, God The Father in the flesh.. 2,000 years ago the “pre-Adamic” negroes, the “beasts of the field” called black-Canaanites amalgamated with the descendants of Esau. This is what you call a mamzer/bastard/mongrel. Therefore, today’s Jews are 40% negroid. That is how and why they say ‘how did the Jews become white?’ Negroes/Jews are the enemy to Christianity. This is hidden by the Roman Catholic Church and apostate church. Esau of the Adamic white race (the Khazars) was supposed to stay separated from non-Israelites, the negro races but I digress. It’s the Adamic 100% pure white stock race through Jacob/Israel the Adamic [man] that did segregate and separate from the negroes. Negroes had it better than when they were segregated than they do now. Negroes used their kinfolk the Jews to do away with Israel’s laws of segregation in the 50’s – 60’s. Jesus The Father made the first Divine Law forbidding mixing and mongrelizing with the “beasts of the field” for a reason. He didn’t name negroes the “beasts & behemahs” for nothing. (Genesis 10:21-24) Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel are all descendants of Adam [the man]. They are the 100% pure white stock seed line that has progressed through history to every Adamic white man, woman, and child of the European nations that were scattered into the Caucasus mountains in 70 AD. Negroes claiming to be 100% pure white Adamic Hebrew Israelite-Greeks simply don’t understand how they are proving to the world they truly are inferior to the white [man] because they don’t have any better sense to know they aren’t white people. [Adamic] Eber was the father of the [Adamic] Hebrews. The Alpha & Omega made a covenant with Adamic Abraham that promised “only” the descendants of Adamic Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel the man (not the nations, trees, grass, Pagan races, not all flesh) redemption, salvation, and eternal life in Heaven. This is very clear. Adamic man, the Caucasian race only will receive this Blessing. Conclusion, from the weight of all the evidence through Scriptures, the Word of The LORD God Jesus, THE GODHEAD, we have learned that Adam was the first “SPIRITUAL” [man] with a “living soul” but NOT the first biological man or “natural man.” In other words, The Alpha & The Omega took one man from Genesis One and used him as a vessel to cause “the fall of [man].” The Alpha & The Omega took another [man] and gave him HIS seed line to bring His Son Jesus Christ into the world to pay the price for the sins of the Adamic seed line only past, present, and future. Adamic [man] are the vessels of His great love and mercy which HE prepared beforehand for glory…(Romans 9:20-23, NKJV). But the “natural man” CANNOT receive the things of the Holy Spirit of God for they are foolishness unto Him, neither can He know them; Matthew 13:45-49 The kingdom of Heaven is like very fine pearls. The kingdom of Heaven is like a net cast into the sea and gathered every kind; when the net was full they drew it ashore; they gathered the pearls but cast the bad away. So shall it be at the end of the world. The angels shall come forth and sever the wicked from the righteous. If the negro has no “living soul” and they will be cast back into the sea, and according to Matthew 13:30 the negro/tares/goats will be bundled and burned, it is with Holy Spirit guidance and common sense, the Bible is not to be given to the “dogs” because it is criminal to undertake to Christianize a “soulless” negro/beast of the field.
    (Daniel 11:37-38) for he shall exalt himself above them all (among the other qualifications), If you want to find the identity of the antichrist, he must also be a Jew, Syrian, African, (Judaism, Islam, Catholicism) He is multi-cultured he will attract everyone of all races. Revelation 13:2 The beast was like on to a leopard. A leopard is Asiatic/African/yellow skin with black spots. Leopard’s were very common in the region of Israel and the near east 2000 years ago. The Hebrew word for leopard is ‘namer’ meaning Nimrod. Yes, the Antichrist is a black negroe man. Genesis 10:6 Ham/Cush/Nimrod/Namer = Leopard (spotted) Nimrod = Mighty hunter=Black/African/negro/Antichrist. The Antichrist is a black man, a negro called Yahushua/Yahawashi. This is why Christianity will be hated because the promise was given only to the Adamic descendants of Adamic Abraham Isaac and Jacob/Israel. Israel is every man, woman, and child from the white European nations thereof. America is the new JerUSAlem.

    • Daniel says:


      You also interestingly mention the ” False Messiah ” aka..Anti-Christ will be a negro probably of muslim nature…..sounds very much like Obama who isn’t going anywhere. or will be silent. who you kidding?? Iv’e had dreams and visions about Obama the soon to be announced: ” False Messiah” who will astonish the ungodly unchosen peoples of this world with his temporary satanic satan powered wonders such as the Bible explains he will induce Lightning from the sky and other wonderous illusionist magic to fool his followers even deeper. STAND BY!

      The scary, yet prophesied in Ezekiel and REV is niggers ( majority, but not all ) will fall for obamas stance and his powers and believe FULL HEARTEDLY and hook, line and sinker for obama ( False negro Messiah ) that he is the God of all gods and blaspheme the true Christ God at the same time. Even a higher percentage of negroes will worship him and even more atheist and jews and the ungodly liberal whites that are doomed to hell and will fall hook, line and sinker for his wonders/signs which will be an illusion and fakery.

      What do you think those negroes will want to do to us daemon whites then when they see a fellow negro as god and their supposed messiah/saviour ? Imagine the fate and the war they will wage and the tyranny they plan to bring upon Gods Christiandom Adamic white racial children, the white race they hate and are jealous over till this very day.

      Christ God foretold that when we see the ” abomination of desolation ” the negro with magical wonderous satanic powers to trick and fool/deceive, that will give just about the majority of the worlds non-whites a big ego and boastful attitude they will wage war on us supposed troubled and fake whites Christians… sarc…. to ” FLEE TO THE MOUNTAINS” hint those niggers/mexicans/third worlders are Biblically called city dwellers under control of their free handout giving communist loving mommy and daddy ungodly jew government that also belong in cities…GET IT? They know the mountains/wilderness are for the so-called ” Adamic white race ” redneck peoples ”

      Christ God warns when we see this, flee to the mountains and DO NOT RETURN BACK TO COLLECT BELONGINGS….they will be already freeloading and ravishing, looking for whitey and any whites not willing to worship and receive the mark of the beast ( hint beast of the field,,,obama= negro) the negroes god, the third worlders god, the jews/liberal god etc..

      The Bible CLEARLY WARNS Christians WILL be persecuted..hunted…..negroes WILL play a huge part in this. Also Ezekiel 38, 39 prophesies that Ethiopia/cush/Libya= negroes domestically and foreigners WILL attack, come upon Gods Chosen Adamic American white Christians were GOD PROMISES TO STEP IN AND ANNIHILATE OUR ENEMIES IN CHRIST GOD OUR COVENANT LORD ETERNAL. Praise Christ God Almighty!

      Just saying …….

  21. Daniel says:


    AWSOME outline and absolute truth on about 98% of your knowledge of the truth and true Christian Identity as it applies to the white Adamic race as the racial chosen children of the Lord Eternal and the negro as the beasts of the field were meant to be under white man’s control and supervision. The proof is in how they live their criminal unbehaved out of tune with a civil society, living standards.

    Negros are the racial children of Lucifer no doubt absolute truth that they will deny out of embarrassment and will even twist to say white man is ape/beast….LOL!!

    1 TIMOTHY CH 2 vs 11-15 Clearly tells us/you that Adam was NOT deceived in the Garden, and it was the woman who was deceived and was in the transgression! UMMM THAT SIMPLE!!! END OF CONVERSATION!!! Nowhere in the KJV Bible does it mention a Lilith that Adam slept with…NOWHERE! The woman ( Later named Eve after the fall/sin by Adam ) brought sin into this world for the ADAMIC WHITE RACE.

    You are are gifted in the WISDOM field of the true Key to David talked about in REV CH 3 given by our Father in Heaven God Almighty to his peoples. This wisdom along with visions and dreams are given to Gods ELECT PEOPLES in the end days more abundantly……. Check out the internet on dreams/visions…end times/tribulation begins…. dreams/visions of GOG & MAYGOG/WW3 IN AMERICA, drams/visions OBAMA the Anti-Christ…etc… you will BE AMAZED!! Do this before the Internet is completely taken away and or censored truth disappears under the jew Canaanites Anti-Christ Christian haters who are Liberals/democRATS and their ungodly friends in the MSM.


    Come quickly Lord Christ!

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