Jews Turning Shabbos Goy McCain into Big Hero

By Phillip Marlowe

Now comes word Jew Senator Chuckie Boy Schumer wants to rename the Richard Russell building after the now croaked Senator John McCain.

Not surprising. Besides being an old dead White dude, Senator Richard Russell was from the South. Russell was against the Civil Rights act and believed in segregation. Make note they will report on that like it was a big deal in the press. Evil White supremacist!

But the Jews really hate Russell because he helped block LBJ’s nomination of SCOTUS judge, Abe Fortas (right), to become head honcho Chief Justice. Fortas, a corrupt FDR Jew who trashed anti-Commie Senator, Joseph McCarthy, was getting $150,000 a speech from Jew lefty operations. $150K back then was about a million today. All sorts of pols on both sides of the aisle were against seeing him elevated to Supreme Court Chief Justice — not just Russell. Probably a lot suspected the Jews were itching to turn America upside down with Marxist social engineering — like you see today.

Fortas was a corrupt Jew (as usual). Wall Street Jew, Louis Wolfson, promised him $20 grand a year for life (and then the rest of his wife’s life) to help get him off a SEC insider charge. $20K then, is about $150K now. After Wolfson was indicted twice and his arrangement with Fortas became publicly known (not much in the media since he was a sacred Jew); Fortas returned the money. Fortas was obviously dirty. He finally resigned from the Supreme Court. Russell was totally correct.

John McCain was a total tool of the Jew NWO. He’s the guy who spearheaded the 1990’s H1B visa program, bringing in tons of Turd Worlders to replace White workers. His big time navy admiral daddy helped cover up the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty — which the Zionist bastards tried to sink to suck us into a Mideast war. Him and his Senate bud, Teddie boy Kennedy, wanted to give all the illegals amnesty just a few years ago.

Oh yeah, this guy was a punk.

John McCain was part of the big Zionist push to bring down Syria’s Assad. He’s been photographed with many of the top Syrian anti-Assad Muslim leaders — some of whom were part of ISIS for crying out loud. Hundreds of thousands of people died horrible deaths due to this stinking manipulative little bastard pushing Israel’s agenda.

You might think our so-called “free press” would talk about that. But no, all of them are part of the big brainwashing of America — including FOX news. They control the narrative, and can make America think just about anything. You can see the phony BS all over the place these days.

Whites don’t get these “ins and outs” going on DC because they are clueless about real history, to say nothing about what the Jews are doing today.

Notice the media hype going on now about McCain. They want the regular American to believe they are being fair about a conservative. My ass! McCain was a good “SHABBOS GOY” to the Jew NWO. Absolutely.

I love how these liberal hypocrites are so transparent. Notice how they use McCain as a way to attack Trump. They make sure to tell you McCain only wanted Bushie Boy and Obongo to give a speech at the funeral. Trump is so evil for saying bad things about their Shabbos Goy boy. Notice how they bring on that Jeff Flake creep to talk about McCain, since Flake hates Trump.

John McCain wasn’t any kind of American patriot. He blocked for years information on POW/MIAs because he was a member of the “deep state.” It’s all part of the NWO.

Also, McCain fully admitted shopping around the “Pissgate” story against Trump to the Intel community and James Comey early in the 2016 campaign. It was later picked up by Fusion GPS and then funded by Hillary’s team for possible use in the campaign. Anti-Trump leftys in the FBI turned the whole thing into giant clusterf*ck that keeps going on and on to this day. Trump supporters should definitely ask around about this.

Little wonder Trump didn’t like the guy.

There was plenty of American guys who suffered in North Vietnamese prison camps, besides John McCain. Believe me. McCain was an insider to the Jewish controlled NWO from the start. He’s no big American hero. Traitor, yes.

The filthy Jews now think they own America. No doubt about it.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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80 Responses to Jews Turning Shabbos Goy McCain into Big Hero

  1. Red Pill says:

    dead of brain cancer, what a just reward on earth, now to the depths of hell.
    good riddance of bad garbage . i got tons of stuff on him i have down loaded.
    looking for it now, will post some of it later.

    • Danielle says:

      Red Pill, I could not agree more – same with Incog’s article, too. Even though people like us know better, it doesn’t make it any less sickening to see all the phony bologna accolades being bestowed upon this piece of human waste who should have been executed for treason when they brought his sorry ass home from Vietnam in the early 70s.
      I really hope that you post your McCain info you mentioned in your comment. I have been educating my 77 year old father on a lot of stuff the past couple years and I see it working but need to keep going. I would love to be able to share more McCain stuff with him. I will keep my eyes peeled for future posts from you?

    • Danielle says:

      Red Pill, I never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed, lol….just noticed you posted another comment below, which I hadn’t noticed before. I will take a look at the link you included, looks good, and thanks!

    • Daniel says:

      Not saying he was perfect by any stretch, but I give the TRUE WAR HERO a pass given the fact when my mom developed brain cancer over the course of a couple years she slowly forgot her kid’s name and was walking sideways. Very horrible thing to watch people go through by changing everything they ever knew or thought they knew as the disease eats your memory, thinking, etc.. The man has been through what some men couldn’t face or do in two lifetimes as an American. And has done service for this country most his life as a fit normal Republican. When one of ya’ll have to watch a loved one be a Mccain do to a brain tumour or alztimers you might begin to forgive Mcain, but maybe yourself first.

      • Daniel says:

        As a reply and add on to this I would like to ease your mind a bit that I’m NOT Judaism/jew, far from it BTW! And I’m NOT democRAT!

        I’m Marine/Army War Veteran of the Persian Gulf War/Afghanistan War. Mccain before his disease ate his mind was a great Republican war HERO. Give him some do respect……

      • Red Pill says:

        i went to the Veterans clinic to day for my annual visit. 12 other veterans were waiting for them to open. in a conversation i said “as veterans we know that john McCain was no war hero” and for 15 min. john McCain’s sins were told, no one defended him but rather condemned him to hell, these men have knowledge as they were Vietnam veterans.

        Daniel, if you want to suck John Mccain’s dick , go ahead.

      • J.R. says:

        So, Daniel is saying we should give McCain a pass for his POW snitching and deep state collusion atrocities because his brain damage became apparent later in life … sob, sob… (and son of a bitch)..

        wouldn’t it have been better to have voted him out of public office, before the jews got to use him for their psychopathic ends … his brain damage was apparent a long time ago, you know…

        incog’s image of the jew psychopath Schumer whispering sweet nothings into brain-damaged McCain’s ear is as usual right up to speed… jews use retards, psychopaths, and brain damaged gentile dupes more easily than ordinary Americans, you know.. that’s why so many of them have been put in power worldwide over the years…

      • Danielle says:

        Daniel, I don’t think you read Red Pill’s and my comments in proper context. I don’t mean to sound uppity or rude and consider myself a peaceful person, not a trouble maker, but more & more I am finding people lack reading comprehension skills. So many conflicts and arguments that end up taking place in these kinds of platforms would be avoided if only people properly interpreted what they were reading – instead of glancing it over without actually reading it, and then going off half-cocked. I hope that makes sense to you.
        I was speaking about McCain in the sense of who he was as a person in his former life, all illnesses, diseases, etc., aside. He developed his cancer loooonnnnnng after he disgraced his country and fellow countrymen. I don’t think disease discriminates, in fact I know it could not possibly discriminate, as my maternal grandmother passed away at 51 from cancer that started in lungs and ultimately spread to other vitals, including her brain. I was 10 months old when she died in 1971 and from what my mother recalls the very little she speaks about it, my grandmother certainly didn’t deserve to go this way and at such a young age.
        McCain had already done his damage long before he went on to have his cushy and illustrious career as Arizona senator. No doubt he was rewarded many times over for his part in helping forward an agenda put in place by the same demonic gentile hating scourge of the lands in which they were forcibly removed well over 300 times, multiple times by several of the 109 countries in which they were booted.
        His having been taken down by cancer is by no means AT ALL a reason for me to ‘forgive him’ – and it’s not as if he was repentant and asking for forgiveness, so your statement makes even less sense – asking people to forgive someone who doesn’t ask for it and has gone out of his way for decades to hide the fact he did anything wrong, and insult to massive injury, was a huge part in orchestrating our troops going to war for Israel’s land grab and power play issues? Oh, and of course people like McCain, as well as the other warmongering neocon shabbos goy bastards residing in our corrupt capital, profited beyond handsomely as a byproduct of these Middle East invasions and unprovoked war crimes.

  2. Red Pill says:

    On August 14, 2015 dozens of Diné (Navajo) took action to resist U.S. Senator John McCain’s attempts to steal precious water and desecrate sacred lands. McCain had private meetings scheduled at the Navajo Nation capitol with Diné and state politicians which included discussion of the controversial Navajo-Hopi Little Colorado River water rights settlement

    Caught On Tape: Native Americans Chase John McCain Off Navajo Land


    • Danielle says:

      Red Pill, thanks for the video. I don’t think I’ve ever watched Fullerton before but I am familiar with his name. He discusses the 5G nightmare, correct? I will check this out. I think I can handle 40 minutes, lol. I will bookmark it and que it up for Dad next time I come by the house in a week or so. I give him credit because he will always check out a video and keeps an open mind. I don’t think he was brainwashed to the extent my mother was. She was raised catholic and had all catholic schooling, kindergarten through 4 years of catholic girl college, and church every sunday til 1990. old habits die hard & she gets easily traumatized and likes to do the ostrich thing, ya know, the ol head in the sand. Oy vey, I say to that.

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

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    • protocolsRtrue says:

      My wife tells me I have to pay child support for the next 18 years. Mark and Michelle. Was it worth it? It was worth ten million times better. Getr me a divorce jew lawyer yes nina it was worth it.

  4. ICU says:

    One of my kids has to pay $1100 a month for Obongo’s sick excuse for “Health Insurance”; or he’ll get twanged by the jew collection agency, IRS, for not going along with the now obvious NWO/Commie/jew/Oligarch/stooge scheme to provide Top Shelf medical care for nigger breeder sows, junkies, the wandering crazed, Somali and other BLAK sub-human imports, wetbacks, the terminal that don’t have a pot to piss in, Miami jew hypochondriac constant complainers about maladies real or imagined, Beaners and Muzzys clogging Emergency Rooms for colds and mild scratches, other future “voters” for Demonrats, Indo-Paki H1 (b) diluters of the Tech labor pool etc.
    The price tag for Bennies For Bums is paid for by working Whites; the money wrung out of them in exchange for a bureaucratic pile of crap with super high deductibles, punishing monthly premiums, rejection by many medical service providers and a general nose rubbing into a deposit of Gubbamint crap.
    Jet Wrecker McCain was single handedly responsible for NOT flushing the Obongo turd down into the cesspool where it belonged.
    (NOTE: I yearn to see pix of Obongo actually floating face down in a chicken farm waste lagoon)
    McCain has ALWAYS been a DICK.
    If not for Daddy and Grandpop being Admirals, the shitheel would have NEVER been admitted to The Naval Academy, nor would he ever been allowed to get within 100 yards of a jet fighter, or any other Gubbamint aircraft.
    Since the time of Slick Willy Clinton taking sides in Bosnia, (EFF the UN, right in the ear), McNasty has been on the wrong side of every conflict around the world; the worst case is him jamming his nose up the unclean assholes of ISIS sand niggers, he and they in service to Talmudic Israeli hegemony in The Middle East.
    Doubt that ? Then ask yourself why ISIS, and associated swine, NEVER attack Israeli or other jew interests, but busy themselves slaughtering other Muzzys and Christians.
    Big Media jews, including FAUX, now grovel in sickly sweet “tributes” to their fellow NWO Shabbos Goyim house…er, Senate nigger.
    It’s enough to make you hurl.
    Jet Wrecker was also up to his ungroomed eyebrows in the DNC/Hillary/Brit Spy/FBI/DoJ scumbaggery re: the 2016 Dog & Pony Show.
    He was the one that first had the “Pissgate” dossier compiled by the Brit spy…that, unbelievably is still walking around free as a bird…as is McCabe, Strzok, Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller and many other Hemp Noose candidates.

    This afflicted nation suffered a Coup d’Etat when JFK was whacked.
    The Good News is that the inheritors of that Coup are flailing, slobbering, drooling, incompetent loser mantwat buttmonkies…now revealed for what they are, and are not.
    Find ’em, Hang ’em, Burn ’em.
    Repeat as required.
    Let’s Roll.

  5. Red Pill says:

    my tribute to John McCain AKA the Songbird.

    Ding Dong! The snitch is dead. Which old snitch ? The Wicked snitch !
    Ding Dong! The Wicked snitch is dead.

    Wake up you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
    Wake up, the Wicked snitch is dead. he’s gone where the goblins go,
    Below – below – below. Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out.
    Ding Dong’ the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
    Let them know
    The Wicked snitch is dead!

    my tribute to John mccain

    Read more: Wizard Of Oz – Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead! Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  6. Chuck U. Farley says:

    Old TJ (Traitor John) has gone on to meet his maker. TJ sold out his fellow POW’s, the American citizenry, and his ailing ex wife for 30 pieces of shekels( even the Jew monetary name sounds hellish). Like all of us who will one day lay on our death beds and see what’s on the other side (and we will whether you belive it or not, makes no difference to me.); old TJ surely got a glimpse of his and is there as we speak: for him it is not pretty; far from it.

  7. Chuck U Farley says:

    Old TJ and his Jew cock sucking family have been in bed with the Khazarian mafia since his infancy and before. This article from the Russian-Insider spells it out:

  8. Frank Fredenburg says:

    John McCain Obituary: Jewish Puppet Warmonger, Responsible For The Death Of Millions

  9. McCain was just another bloodthirsty, warmongering Establishment psychopath. Regardless of who gets elected, there will always be an “enemy,” justifying endless spending on wars and preparation for wars. IMO, identity politics and the duopoly are total b.s.; the real power is–and always has been–the money power. It lives off of endless wars and an ongoing arms race. For example, we are allied with Israel. Yet Israel has been working closely with China for years, and we are supposed to believe that we must now spend ourselves into absolute penury in an arms race against China. It’s all total f-ing b.s. As far as I am aware, Brendon O’Connell is the only commentator who has exposed these egregious facts.

    • Chuck U. Farley says:

      I agree with you James regarding Brendon O’Connell; he lives up to the old adage of calling a spade, a spade, mincing no words as he goes. Unfortunately, commentators like you and I and a few others who post on this website and a few other credible websites appear to be the only ones who recognize that the majority of Americans are politically illiterate. As you said no matter who we put in the levers of power whether it be POTUS, SCOTUS, or the halls of congress; people still ride their favorite political party band wagon not coming to the realization nothing is going to change. Even those in the christian pulpits are naive. I recently heard a preacher say that he “does not want to believe our country’s leadership is evil.” Unbelievable!

  10. Gene says:

    As Jew-Inspired Negro Crime Runs Rampant More Areas Cannot Get Airgun Shipments

    Did you know that various companies state they cannot and will not ship airguns to Philadelphia, PA and Washington DC, as well as New York City and its boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and also Chimpcago, Ill.? Negroes commit more gun crime than anyone in the U.S. and the freedoms once enjoyed by parts of this country are being phased out because of Negro crime. It stands to reason that if Negroes committed the majority of gun violence that they are responsible for the loss of these freedoms.

    In the future how will that set with you as your own community area gets overtaken by Negro occupation and you finally cannot even have an airgun shipped to you?! Today it’s airguns, and tomorrow what will the restrictions be because of Negro crime? More and more areas are under this ban which seems unfair to law abiding Americans, yet these areas cannot allow airgun shipments for fear it will increase and encourage more crime and shootings. Probably these jurisdictions are afraid police will mistake airguns for real firearms and shoot people.

    The questions is; at what point will the whole United States be subjected to restrictive draconian laws because of Negro crime? Will the whole country come under Martial Law because of Negroes? It does appear that Negroes have dragged and are dragging the U.S. down into an abyss, trapping law abiding citizens who are doomed to suffer the fate of the perpetrators.

    The mainslime media has failed to report Negro crime on a broad basis. Only now are they publishing a few articles of Negro crime for people to see because the Jew-Inspired slant given to Negroes has become so obvious. If a White person were to steal a Coke bottle off of someone’s porch it would make national headlines! Most of the largest news agencies are owned by Jews who have despicably betrayed The United States by failing to inform people of how much Negro crime, to include gun crime, is happening. This Jew news bias has led to the emboldment of Negro criminals and more Negro crime. Consequently, the Jew-Inspired news has done an extreme disservice to The United States and has all but ruined the country by creating a critical mass of sorts.

    Allowing Negroes to continue on their crime roll is a LAW BREAKDOWN, a breakdown of law and order. It is not fair to punish a whole community or nation for the deeds of one race! That is why segregation is needed to re-establish law and order in America. It would be sloppy of the government to continue allowing one race to continue completely dragging down an entire nation!

    Don’t look to your current president for help as he is Jewed up to the eyeballs with Jews and grandstands for Negroes. This is definitely a continuation of the Jew-Inspired news bias and is unfair and unjust. The biblical equivalent of ‘unjust’ is FILTHY!

    Once again, nothing for White people, thanks to the Jew-Inspired phenomenon. I suggest if you are White to move from Negro infested areas, and continue to move if your next home area becomes Negro infested. You wouldn’t want to live in an area where you cannot even have an airgun shipped to you!

    Be sure to visit

    • ICU says:

      ENOUGH of moving away from The Toxic BLAK Mold.
      It’s long past time to Counter Attack and reclaim territory lost to the rampaging sub-human scum.
      If the Mexiholians can push them out in Oakland and other ‘hoods, determined tough minded Whites can do the same.
      Drive the goddam things…that survive DIRECT ACTION… OUT, back to The BLAK Caribbean and The Black Belt Oogah Boogah Land down South, and let the White Southerners with spines and balls…that remain…deal with the beasts; terminally as required.
      Northern volunteers would be glad to help. It could be a Nigrah Gittin’ hunting vacation, energized by that fine traditional Southern cuisine.
      Just think of all the free gator and grouper bait that “dealt with” niggers would provide.
      Good Times.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Habitually jews use the term “Utopia” to discredit frequently herd appeal of the white people to unite, agree upon the common goals, and start working synergistically (collectively) to achieve these goals.

      Such attractive and commendable appeals to the common sense of mass are methodically and subversively dismissed and ridiculed by the World Destroying Jews as being too Idealistic, in the other words, utopian. Utopia is a term similar to Ideology, in a way, and is an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

      This is imperative to understand that the world without sand-niggers-jews, and niggers will be a better place: the utopia which became reality!

      However, at this point, the counterattack seems as much utopian, as it is desirable. It is enough of moving away from the red, yellow, brown, and black scum! Agreed.. We certainly ready for some Global Nigrah Gittin Festivities. But why do u think the whites are going to, all of a sudden, to start to be able to act cohesively in a coordinate effort …. After generations of killing each other, and generally disliking each other, and pathologically not able of any coordinate effort.

      …The White people around the world are in such a bad shape not because of 1950s, MLKs, and corrupt leadership. We at the dead end because the jews were systematically being sucking the blood from our predecessors for thousands of years. And now they use our labor, our effort, energy, our lives for their gain.

      Over the course of generations, the jewish beast has became organized, sophisticated, and interbedded (infiltrated) in the world economic / financial / political / military leadership, they owe not only police, but doj itself. And u know how it goes that police will fuck any one who would attempt to organize the White Boys to resist against Wealthy-Rich and Jewish Power. But, the moment they detect that you are disrupting the regularity of their pay check, your a toast. Together with your obviously superior and extremely expensive training and superior equipment. At this moment these strange pig-faced doodles, which can be referred to as jewish knights, because they are very good at killing, hey will stop fucking you. For a short moment.

      … the great warriors are often touchy and fragile … thus a world of warning to the great warriors we are do not intent any disrespect of offence …. And then will smash you as a maggot, as soon the pig-faced danglers and doodles detect you realistically can interpose a credible threat to their giant pay checks (for their way of life doing nothing and having everything). The term to collectively describe the jewish and pig-faced’ way of life is a rent seeking activities. But they past the point when they need to “seek” for the opportunities, with the wide spread of the capitalism the parasite are Guaranteed the “rent” (payments).

      I believe it should be a plan how to be effective, not dead, an agenda attractive to the broad of whites, coordination, meetings, integrating into the Political Party … hoff well-balance could decide which approach to take.

      ..where there to decide between two alternative – the simplest to implement should be chosen One thing is clear that it is Enough of moving away from The Toxic Rich Jewish and BLAK Mold.

  11. Gene says:

    Juan McCain, I’ll Just Say I’m Glad He Is Gone

    You guys are covering the misdeeds of Juan McCain pretty good, so I’ll just say I’m glad he’s gone.
    Now if we can just get G.H.W. and Hitlery out of here that would be a big load off!
    If Trump seeks to deport Nazis he can deport H.W. Bush, Scherff who is an illegal alien.

  12. I am sick watching how stupid Americans are being brainwashed by their own Jew spew media into the false belief that this criminal was a “hero”…

    This man was a reverse ace… He lost 3 planes due to being too stupid to fly and crashing trainers in America… Then he gets onto the USS Forrestal where he caused one of the greatest maritime disasters in US history aka the infamous Forrestal fire of 1967 and loses his 4th plane there as a result of his stupidity.. And then gets another plane lost by being shot down over North Vietnam, making him a loser of 5 aircraft and therefore a “reverse ace” or an “ace for the enemy”….

    Then the man is captured in North Vietnam and put into a hospital first and then a jail where rather than being “tortured” as many are stupid enough to believe was actually treated like a king while he sang like a canary to his North Vietnamese captors.. The man is therefore a traitor as well…

    I could go on and on about this criminal.. But we cannot forget the infamous picture of him a few years back where he was glad to be photographed with the leadership of the US backed fraud called “ISIS”… McCain was a traitor here as well and should have been thrown in jail for aiding and abetting so called “terrorists”…

    I hope this criminal rots in hell for the damage he did to America…. The fucker should have been murdered a long time ago or hung from the tallest gallows for his treason!

  13. Red Pill says:

    Watch John McCain Call Kissinger Protesters ‘Low-Life Scum’

    Media Scoundrels Praise War Criminal McCain

  14. Red Pill says:


    John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

  15. Red Pill says:

    John McCain Dead at 81, Here Is the Complete History of All His Calls for Wars of Aggression and Needless Suffering and Death

    John McCain’s Family Organized Crime Connections, and the Jewish Mafia

  16. Red Pill says:

    Vietnam Veterans Against McCain

    Jimmy Carter Hands John McCain His Ass

  17. Erik Snohdin says:

    Can’t even begin to express my joy at knowing this cocksucking traitor is DEAD. Hopefully God punished the prick for his one negative vote on the American Health Care bid.
    Now, all we have to do next is get rid of some more Jews from the administration, especially that Rod Rosenstein condescending asshole who has got Jeff Sessions hog-tied by his scrotum.
    Fucking Jews can kiss our pasty asses. WE WILL BE country #110 !! It’s inevitable !

  18. jayhackworth says:

    “John McCain Obituary:

    Jewish Puppet Warmonger, Responsible for the Death of Millions

    The death of US Senator John McCain will not be mourned by the families of millions of innocent Iraqis, Afghans, Yemenis, Syrians, Palestinians—and tens of thousands of Americans—who were killed because of his incessant warmongering in the Middle East on behalf of the international Jewish lobby,

    and his bloodstained record will serve as a permanent reminder of the evil which characterizes the ruling establishment.”

    • Arctic Circle says:

      …there is no such a thing as millions of innocent Iraqis, Jews, Afghans, Yemenis, Syrians, Palestinians … more likely 10-20 people are innocent, but the rest are evil naturally aggressive sand niggers very similar to jews and niggers.

      Who is the most immediate potential enemy …rp what must be the better focus if not Middle East, then what go directly for china or Russia ,who else is there ….?

  19. tRuth says:

    My own opinion isn’t enough. It is better to reference others who have facts to back up their opinions. Paid trolls are always ready to counter truth that may be presented whether they are CIA, Pentagon, or Israeli trolls. There are many journalists who have written factal material about McCain which can be found and accessed on the internet.

    John McCain — The Insane Traitor Who Masquerades as an American Hero
    TONY ELLIOTT — JULY 23, 2015

    Also Lame Cherry has surmised on her blog that McCain did not die from brain cancer, but was likely euthanized because he was actually in the process of dying from advanced senility.
    I agree with @jayhackworth.
    However, McCain died, he did a thorough job of paving his way to hell, but he is still being used politically to destroy America.

  20. jayhackworth says:

    “Paid trolls are always ready to counter truth that may be presented whether they are CIA, Pentagon, or Israeli trolls.”
    It only means they are frightened . Our buddy Arctic is such a whore.

    • ICU says:

      He’s been here before under the name of “The Opinion That You Trust”.
      The giveaway, besides the uniquely tortured English language characteristic of Middle Eastern or Israeli ESL speakers/writers, is the kissing of Incogman’s ass…evident a little further down in this thread.
      I got into it with him a year or so ago until I-Man took sides at my expense.
      I lost face, and withdrew from the fray for a long time. Ergo, the jew bastid’s work was done and he also disappeared, under the TOTYT tag, after my apparent defeat and withdrawal.
      In retrospect, I believe that his…er, its presence then was due to some postings I had made previously that righteously savaged the vile Khazar identity thief “jews” and their nigger pets…as well as the craven and/or really stupid sand niggers “they” hire as mercenaries in their sweaty efforts at total Middle Eastern hegemony.
      S O G was my only defender at that time (Thanks again, Brother.), and I believe he was the only other one in this forum that saw through the syntactically and grammatically flawed fountain of bullshit that is the recycled Hasabarat “Arctic Circle”.
      Kike, if you’re reading this, don’t ever come close enough to me so that you may finally reap your Earthly reward.
      You will not enjoy it.

  21. jayhackworth says:

    jews have the blood of a million Iraqis on their hands, and now they want to murder Iran.

  22. jayhackworth says:

    jews have the blood of a million Iraqis on their hands and now they want to murder Iran.

  23. jayhackworth says:

    Thanks and best regards to Marlowe . Our job is to expose the architecture of power that’s changing our world .

    • Arctic Circle says:

      …thank you to incogman for being unbiased …

      ….poof …jayhackworth August 28, 2018 at 10:21 pm. Our job is to expose the architecture of power that’s changing our world .

      Long before you, you fucking poof, the smarter people already exposed the architecture of the power. It is unsatisfactory. Thus, poof, read the mission: below.

      Our mission here is to provide a safe place for policy dialog, to determine what economic system is best for the white people, who can white people liberate themselves from the slavery imposed on them by the wealthy Jewdeo – Niggerian Forces around the world.

      • ICU says:

        Die painfully, you kike Hasbarat filthy rodent bastard.
        Get thee hence…out in front of a speeding bus.
        Do it today.

  24. tRuth says:

    I want to add this long and detailed article to the treasonous, biographical history of John McCain. He should have been imprisoned for life and should never have been installed in Congress. That he was allowed to have political power as evil as he was, just shows how criminal the real government controllers are. There have always been US prisoners of war knowingly left behind to suffer after every war. Those in power do not care and dare not risk themselves to care. Tough luck for the POWs left behind and kept hidden from the American public.

    John McCain and the POW Cover-Up
    The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.

  25. Arctic Circle says:

    jayhackworth you a whore, a fucking hating, perverted rich pig, who feel free to call honest people gays, hors, and prostitute. You fucking rich bitch sog, I told you before, fuck off. It is typical to a gay to follow other posters.

    What did I explain two days ago? There is no trolls. There are opposing government run units of information specialist which purcue very specific goals to invoke a desirable response from a particular groups of population.

    …. sog you are stupid, overfed, pig, who only see yourself, and disregards any other opinion. You are a fucking homo. And because you follow me all over the internet you probably was molested in you childhood by uncle or rabbi. YOU FUCKING POOF!!!

    … poof, under no circumsances, Arctic is your friend. Different ideology … Fucking stooped stuborn overfed useless to uself, American people, and White People.

  26. Arctic Circle says:

    If we call the trolls, trolls, then what happens, people perceive them as less dangerous. Of if the trolls are friendly, then calling them trolls, undermines their importance and effectiveness if they are perceived as merely trolls, not the commissioned information specialists.

  27. Arctic Circle says:

    You and other rich poofs, like you, obviously have a lot of dummy email addresses… …useless stubborn poof, here is how you can help. … needs to traffic.

    Instead of changing your username and email to loggin one day as Nigger, next day as SOG, and then as Poof, and then as a fucking jayhockwhores, use this hundreds emails you got to loging on bloges and other chat rooms with those dummy emails and leave the note that people how are lost can come to learn form the best leave the comments on

    Fucking rich pigs, fucking hommos, fuckking capitalist and communists, jews, niggers, bankers, and investors, land lords, Private Property advocates, regulations haters, and planned economy haters I wish you would drop dead. If wont drop I which police or icu shoot you, fucking rich perverts fucking poofs and jews are everywhere.


  28. S O G says:

    yeah i gotta say SHUT THE FUCK UP DANIEL …….
    anyone with half a brain knows that the fist thing mccain did as a representative was to deeply bury his history in the navy and pow …lol….
    the ship he caught on fire cus the fire dint just start by majic caused mega deaths ..
    daniel its like the same as if someone defended the usa and israel for blowing the shit out iof the uss liberty …
    only the surviviors are the heroes …survivors of jewish israeli sado masochistic military madness ….
    mccain has been in the satanic political destroy america loop for decades ,now i hope the rest of em all die as well …

    • ICU says:

      S O G, check out The Return of Hasbarat.
      “Arctic Circle”, formerly “The Opinion That You Trust” has managed to pry himself away from manwhore activities in Tel Aviv brothels to again spew his disconnected, raving, two faced, shit stirring Kike bullshit here…
      with you as a designated target.
      No doubt, I’ll be next.
      Have you been embarrassing the vile hook nosed kid toucher in other forums ?
      From the scumbag’s tortured spew upstream in this thread a little ways from here, it would seem so. The creep is easy to disparage; and doesn’t seem to know how easy.
      Too bad the sheeny rat isn’t standing, well noosed, on a trap door.
      We could flip a coin to see which one of us pulls the lever.

      • Arctic Circle says:

        No you are not the main concern.

        However, you capitalistic scum, in 1917, which was more then a hundred years ago, hard working people, raised without flipping any coins, and killed all the arrogant half – homos, who’s training was entirely funded by the government, and whose, self importance is completely derived from that idea, and nothing else,
        Chears, ICU and ZOG, two overfed poor people hating scums. And please understand we would be happy to do the same to you if we would have sufficient resources.

        And all you two scums need to stay away. YOu Fat Snakes habbitually harasing everyone who explaines how harmufl you are for society.

  29. Barney says:

    Back on TOR because BT, possibly the world’s worst ISP, seems to be blocking IncogMan again.

    WAS McCain shot down, or did he “donate” a jet fighter to the Vietnamese, the same as he “donated” all that information?

    McCain “wasn’t” a jew??? With a name like that??? The prefix Mac or Mc, like the Irish O’, means “son of”, so McCain means son of Cain. Tel me again how he wasn’t a fully-paid-up member of (((the tribe))).

    IncogMan – I’m not making any accusations here because I could be completely wrong, but I seem to detect a couple of sock puppets. Perhaps you could check some IPs when you get a minute?

    • Chuck U. Farley says:

      Agreed Barney. Who might the hasbarats might be; we don’t know.

      • Barney says:

        Like I said, Chuck, I don’t want to accuse anyone in case I’m wrong. IncogMan is the one who can check people’s IPs though, if he gets the time.

      • ICU says:

        I do.
        It’s “Arctic Circle”, formerly the turd flinger “The Opinion That You Trust”…scum.

    • Matt says:


      I have to tell you, McCain looks so kikey to me, and nothing anglos saxon. McCain, is nothing but a dirt bag kike, spending his energy in sexual perversion, and how to destroy good in people and their life. Sounds like a kike to me.

  30. Barney says:

    Off-topic, or perhaps not.

    (((Treason Mayhem))), alias Terence May, the (probable) tranny prime monster of the sewer that was once England (and will be again), is currently in South Africa encouraging the nigger “government” to accelerate it’s plans to exterminate White farmers, and White People generally.

    To a nigger, jews look White, so is it too much to hope that this particular piece of filth will end up in the cooking pot?

  31. Shadowcaster says:

    Stupid goddamned “jews”.

    You think you’re smart? Well, guess what? Lucifer has his own version of the Kol Nidre… And it trumps yours.

    You’ll never learn. You are the ultimate tools. Enjoy Gehenna, suckers.

    • Barney says:

      Good point, Shadowcaster. (((They))) should know better than anyone that you can never trust a liar. I hope they find that out the hard way.

      • Shadowcaster says:

        (((They))) will indeed find out, Barney. And yes, probably the hard way, as you state. Unfortunately, a lot of empty-headed Gentiles are going to *also* find out the hard way. Oh, well… So be it.

  32. Gene says:

    Former Playmate Allegedly Strangled By Negro – What Was She Doing With Him

    Like I said, White Girls, if you go with a Negro man it could lead to your death. This former super-cute Playmate and Playboy model, Christina Carlin-Kraft, was found beaten and strangled to death after going somewhere with the Negro, Jonathan Wesley Harris. The went somewhere together, came back to her apartment and she turned up dead. R.I.P. beautiful White girl, Christina Carlin-Kraft. What good is being beautiful if you get next to a murderous Negro who kills you. Didn’t you know the Negroes hate White girls?

    Regardless of the reasons why he probably killed her, White girls should never go out with Negroes, period.

    Like the old timer said about Negroes, “Like a bull in a china closet, what they don’t break they $h*t on”.

    Man arrested in ex-Playboy model’s strangulation death in Pennsylvania home

  33. Gene says:

    Playboy model Christina Carlin Kraft found strangled in Ardmore apartment


  34. Sen10L says:

    Perverted coalburner shouldn’t be monkeying around with bestiality.

    • Gene says:

      No kiddin, it got her dead. Just pitiful! Maybe he came off as a protector or security person to gain her confidence, but wasn’t that at all.

  35. Gene says:

    (off topic but important)
    Get Yourself At Least A Minimal Defense CO2 Pistol

    If you have no gun you need one. If you cannot get a gun right now get yourself at least a minimum defense weapon like a CO2 pistol.
    A BB pistol that shoots at about 350-410 feet per second will seriously mess an attacker up at close range. At least don’t go down without a fight!
    Shots to the throat can mess up the windpipe and if you’re lucky, the jugular vein. Shots to the eyes can inflict agonizing pain and blindness, so this is excellent against knives, but not firearms.

    One gun that is featured at $29.99-$39.99 online is the Bear River BR-45 and WalMart sometimes has these on sale like the other day here for $13.oo!
    At that price, get at least two. It can shoot 20 BBs from a reloadable clip non-stop, then just shove another clip in.
    Protect yourself with at least something. Also get a good folding pocketknife.

  36. Gene says:

    Nigger Allegedly Dismembered Woman, Put Her In Several Bags

    I know you all get tired of my posting Negro crime, but I have to warn you of how dangerous they are. This nigger is charged with murder, manslaughter, concealment of a human corpse, etc., etc. because he apparently cut her up and put her in bags in an effort to get rid of the body.

    Negroes will kill you, use your body for alligator bait. Negro murder rate in New Orleans 97%!

    2 in custody in death of woman whose body parts were found in bags near Bronx park

    • Barney says:

      Speaking purely for myself, Gene, post all the nigger murders you want. Somehow we’ve got to make people aware of just how dangerous those jungle apes really are.

  37. Gene says:

    Here’s The Other Link I Failed To Post With Pic Of The Nigger

    2 in custody after woman’s body parts were found in bags in the Bronx

  38. cole nidre says:

    Got a python problem in Fla.? Ship ’em all to D.C. & let ’em get rid
    of the critters infesting that swamp.

    kikes say Chinese use entertainment as propaganda. Can you
    believe it?

    kikes are trying to turn america, as incog has warned, into a
    turd-world slave country run by zhedies.

    always remember the jew considers you prey dumb enough
    to believe their lies.
    extirpate ’em.

  39. Barney says:

    The key to jew power is their “money as debt” SCAM. From the moment they were given the power to create all the “credit” (=imaginary money) they could ever use for themselves – and make us pay for it as if it was real – there was nothing they couldn’t buy, and nobody they couldn’t pay someone to kill if he wouldn’t sell or couldn’t be bought.

    We need control of the media, but unless we can break the jews’ monopoly on “credit” (=imaginary money), our efforts to educate the public will be doomed to failure before we even start.

    The (((devil’s gargoyles))) invent (imaginary) “money” by typing zeroes on a computer. We create the wealth, but we don’t get to keep more than a tiny percentage of it because (((they))) control the money. If we received even a half of what we really earn, we could all live like kings, and so (still) could the thieving jews that take the rest of it.

    I’m talking top-level scum like wrath-child and rockefeller having the ability to convert nothing into zero here, of course.

    They don’t want their fake money though. Why would they need something they can create without limit by the simple act of typing zeroes on a computer? They want power, and keeping us poor and enslaved through their control of the economy gives them that power.

    Got a dollar? Add a zero and you’ve got ten dollars. Six zeroes and you’re a millionaire. It’s not real, but that doesn’t matter. That’s how (((their))) fraudulent system works. If you’ve got enough zeroes, you can buy anything or anyone, and if you haven’t got enough, all you have to do is type some more – if you’re working for the devil, that is. Just keep hitting that “0” key. The rest of us, and even street-level jews, don’t have that ability.

    A banknote is an IOU, in this case a false promise to pay something that doesn’t exist. Look at the wording on it. “I promise to pay the bearer, on demand, the sum of … ” whatever. Has anyone ever seen a dollar, a pound, a euro, a shekel? Of course not! It’s just an idea.

    The English pound was once a Troy pound (slightly different to the more familiar pound weight of today) of silver, usually consisting of twelve one-ounce (that’s a Troy ounce) silver coins or equivalent. Try asking the bank (not) “of England” for 240 silver coins in exchange for one of their worthless “£20” notes and see how long it takes before the cops throw you in a cell. It’s a false promise, one they’ve got no intention of keeping.

    We could issue our own personal IOUs and trade with them, but the devil’s vermin would make a million perfect copies by morning, bankrupting the person whose signature appears on them.

    No, we need a better way.

    With a little engineering knowledge and some fairly basic equipment, we could create our own coinage. Turn a couple of punches out on a lathe, harden them by quenching in oil, then stamp the coins out using one of those hand-operated presses that seem to be everywhere (because they’re so useful).

    The top image here is the kind of thing I’ve got in mind.

    Paper or metal. What’s the difference?

    An IOU is traceable to one person, which makes it vulnerable to forgers because the named individual is liable for the debt, so a million easily-produced perfect copies would bankrupt that person.

    Coins though are anonymous and considered to have value in themselves, so if the jews were to copy them, they’d actually be helping us by increasing the supply.

    Which metal to use? It doesn’t really matter. Many of today’s coins are attracted to a magnet, indicating the presence of iron. Gold and silver are controlled by the jew and priced far above their value, so avoid those. Lead would be easily worked, but is toxic, so best avoided. All metals are poisonous to some extent, but most won’t cause significant problems, any more than the present jew coinage does. Copper seems an obvious choice.

    Shape? Discs have proven their durability, and you don’t want sharp corners destroying your pockets. Just choose a design and stamp a few out.

    All it would take to break the jew monopoly is for people to agree to use the new coinage.

    A warning though. DON’T try to copy anything that already exists, past or present, or you’ll be arrested and charged with forgery. If anyone’s tempted to try creating new coins, make them unique so that they can’t be mistaken for those issued by zog.

    Even single-sided coins would work as long as people agreed to use them, and it’s safer not to put a face on them anyway because zog does that. Use your imagination.

    One final warning. DON’T call your new coins money, dollars, pounds, euros, roubles, lira, coins or anything else claimed by zog, or you will end up in nigger university. call them discs, tokens or anything else that doesn’t suggest anything claimed by the devil jew.

    • Joe Btfsplk says:

      The money hegemon, along with information hegemon, needs destroying. . . We Whites, we the destroyers. . .

      Gold and silver are held down by the PTB, not up.

      “Written in the same year that he testified before the Currency Commission in Austria-Hungary, and published in English in 1892, Carl Menger explains that it is not government edicts that create money but instead the marketplace. Individuals decide what the most marketable good is for use as a medium of exchange. “Man himself is the beginning and the end of every economy,” Menger wrote, and so it is with deciding what is to be traded as money. “Money has not been generated by law. In its origin it is a social, and not a state institution. Sanction by the authority of the state is a notion alien to it. ” This is the first time this essay has been in print in more than a century! Introduction by Doug French” [from Amazon review]

      Menger founded Austrian Economics- he was an excellent White Man.

  40. jim says:

    Thank you for the unvarnished ugly truth. We are being taught what to think what to say by every media and online tool. There are few unbiased independent thinkers left.

  41. Karen says:

    I’ve been scouring the internet for 10+ years hoping to find verification of what I have know to be true for a very long time. Incogman – Philip Marlowe- has never let me down.

  42. cole nidre says:

    Jews possibly (probably) planning a “serious national economic
    emergency affecting the general welfare” for 2019.

    haven’t they always?

    they’re still after trump, even though he wants to invade Iran.

  43. Red Pill says:

    here is the real shit on McCain

  44. cole nidre says:

    Arizonan kemper Marley, murderers of reporter don bolles,
    Gus ” the wire” greenbaum, Meyer lansky, Edgar bronfman,
    Jacob Rothschild, direct connections to all the devils here, again.

  45. FRIEND OF GOD says:

    the international/american freak jews are celebrating nigger/wigger/homos, jewish pedophiles, jewish terrorists, jewish tabloids, blood libel, international jewish communism, the non-federal non-reserve act of 1913, the un-civil rights act of 1964, the unfair housing acts, and their fag puppet mccain ?

    When fag puppet mccain died, I wanted to celebrate, such as with a party treat. I was disappointed that fag puppet mccain did not get tried in court for any of his 9/11 crimes, such as the fake isis beheadings.

    p.s. There never was a promised land for the jews because the continents are shifting.

    Thanks for posting This Message


  46. Liberals=Libels,Libels=Liberals says:

    The Western civilization has fallen because of this black loving,cuddling,enabling
    pandering,white heart bleeding guilt ridden,empathetic,sympathetic,cuck,some times cunning,some times wiggering,coal burning,oil drilling political party group that is called the liberal so far at least the Eastern civilization hasn’t fallen for the democratic lies about how great the African (“black negro”) is yet unless knowing how the liberals are they want the whole entire world to love the untermensch (a.k.a. negro) an that includes Eurasia,Arabian peninsula and Canada an Latin America,Australia

    its already sickening that Prince Harry married
    that she coon and having a baby an diluted his royal family tree
    with her inferior genes not to mention Belgium decides to have a black mayor like that is ever a good don’t see Asians wanting blacks to become mayor in their own country because they know negro’s cant sustain a country,continent let alone society and a community just take a good look at Detroit,Haiti,Sub Saharan Africa

    plus I should add when it comes to this particular race an ethnicity “negro”
    they always want free stuff none stop from the white populous instead of earning
    it I mean do you see yellow and brown people demanding,asking,telling the white population for free stuff its only the black people that is doing this.of course they are the only ones that keep protecting criminals like Rodney King,Michael brown,Trayvon Martin etc…an the crime that they do towards everyone is so ginormous black on white,black on yellow,black on brown also the liberal media most of the time keeps defending them for that you don’t see the liberal media protecting white,yellow,brown criminals like what you see them do with black criminals.

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