Dumb Ass White Chicks Beheaded by Muzzies

Outrage After Swedish TV Downplays Gruesome ISIS Beheadings, Threatens Prison For Sharing Video


Swedish state broadcaster SVT has outraged viewers after they ran an article claiming that the gruesome ISIS-inspired murder of two Scandinavian girls in Morocco “had nothing to do with Islam,” before warning Swedes that sharing a graphic beheading video of the incident could result in up to four years of imprisonment.

Maren Ueland, 28, of Norway and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, of Denmark were murdered while backpacking in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco. Both girls were stabbed multiple times, while one of them was beheaded on video. The culprits can then be seen pledging allegiance to the Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. The ISIS fanatics gloated about the killing – while images of the killing were posted to the Facebook page of Ueland’s mother, and the video was sent via Private Message to Ms. Jesperson’s friends, according to the Daily Mail.

The clip, in which a suspected ISIS terrorist shouts ‘it’s Allah’s will’, was also sent to friends of Ms Jespersen via ‘private messenger’, it has been claimed. It has since been revealed that horrific images of the slain tourists have been posted on the Facebook page of Ms Ueland’s mother Irene. Some Moroccans bizarrely posted the images in a misguided bid to express sympathy along with calls for the killers to be executed. Earlier, it was claimed that footage itself had been sent to friends of Ms Jespersen. While it is not clear exactly who sent them the footage, there will be strong suspicions it would have been from warped ISIS sympathisers. -Daily Mail

During a Christmas Eve report on the murders SVT made no mention of the fact that one of the women was beheaded, nor the ISIS link, called their injuries “knife damage,” yet warned viewers of the legal risks of sharing the video of the incident. “We have got very good legislation in place called unlawful infringement. This law is aimed at just this kind of case when someone spreads information or images of somebody in a vulnerable position,” said former prosecutor Sven-Erik Alhem to SVT. A subsequent written version of the murders on SVT’s website does mention a link to Islamic terrorism.

According to one Twitter user (translated): “To sum up SVT’s coverage of the Muslim terrorist attack in Morocco and Daesh ‘warriors’: 1) You’ll be sent to prison if you spread the beheading film, you racist Nazi! 2) Daesh warriors have returned home to Sweden. 3) They died of knife wounds, sort of. 4) The murder in Morocco has nothing to do with Islam!”

Another user ridiculed SVT, tweeting: “225 years ago Marie Antoinette suffered ‘knife damage to her neck’ during the French Revolution.” Journalist Ingrid Carlqvist noted (translated): “Have now seen this very strange report. A new law that has been created to protect, say, rape victims from having films of the crime spread, is now being applied to the beheading clip of the Danish and Norwegian girls in Morocco.”

INCOG NOTE: It’s also been reported the two idiot chicks were gang-raped for some time before being beheaded. I saw the cellphone video of one getting her head brutally cut off by a Muzzie with a knife — very horrible. She called for her mother and was alive during most of it. This is the end result of the Jewish media PC brainwashing of our race — not just in America but Europe, as well.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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145 Responses to Dumb Ass White Chicks Beheaded by Muzzies

  1. Bob says:

    I despise the filthy, satanic jew.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      What the fuck? What do you think we are doing here?

      We despite jews because they are financial terrorists and labor extortionists.

      We despite niggers and Mexican because they are bad bloody murders.

      No more I, instead US and We. Goodbye individualism, hello collective approach to the Jewish Problem solving.

  2. Gene says:

    Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer Traitor, JEWS DESTROY AMERICA, Bobby Fischer, FRANCES FARMER,

    Chuck Shumer, Jew, Converts Trump’s Border Security To Mental Health Issue – COMMENT Frances Farmer, Bobby Fischer

    Dec. 29, 2018


    Jews and Jew psychiatrists own a big stake in the psychiatric monopoly which controls America. It’s no surprise that Jew Chuck Shumer called Trump’s bid for border security a “temper tantrum”, converting The President’s efforts to secure the borders to a Trump mental health issue. Notice the contrast here of changing something so all-important to a mere ‘temper tantrum’, unworthy of any attention.


    In our world of so-called mental health professionals it was psychiatrists and mental health workers who wrecked the careers of several great actresses like Frances Farmer who had reportedly attended a party at the home of a Jewish movie producer when she was traffic stopped on a road upon leaving the party. Do you ever wonder why she was thrown into a mental ward almost immediately after a court hearing? The resulting ordeal in her life involved years in mental institutions and devoured most of her career and she was barely able to stage a brief comeback years later, most of her life wasted in psychiatric gulags equivalent to dungeons. Her memory function was not even good enough to provide Lois Kibee the material needed for a biography on Frances. Frances only had her late mother’s old scrapbook of newspaper clippings and a very scattered memory. The electro-convulsive shock treatments had, to a large extent, ruined her memory and mind. After the shock treatments Frances was pretty much ‘out-to-lunch’ for the remainder of her life.


    Here’s what will happen if The First Amendment of free speech is done away with in America: the Jews will criminalize all gentiles who write or state anything that is not politically correct, labeling them mentally ill. Off to the mental health gulags we’ll go if we so much as utter one peep of politically incorrect speech which contains racist or anti-semitic speech no matter how many are killed by Negroes, and no matter how many liberties are removed by Jews. If you have to go before a board of mental health examiners to prove you are sane the battle is already lost.


    It is Jews that are destroying what’s left of America. Chuck Shumer, who blocks building the wall for good border security, is proof! He is attempting to frame President Trump as a mental health issue. What an asshole Jew Chuck Shumer is. For merely doing a good thing for America President Trump undergoes this putrid Jew criticizing him as a mental health issue. Do you see how that works and do you now see how Jews operate?! No wonder people like Bobby Fischer referred to Jews as dirty, stinking Jews. “There is no United States as people think of it. It’s just a puppet in the Jews’ hands. It’s a plaything for the Jews… The US government and American Jewry are virtually interchangeable… They’re lying bastards. Jews were always lying bastards throughout their history. They’re a filthy, dirty, disgusting, vile, criminal people… They’re just unbelievably wicked… ”

    Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi are two commie traitors who are among the worst curses this nation of America ever endured.



    • Arctic Circle says:

      It would be wise to start better accounting for the victims of the Jewish and Niggers’ crimes. Up to this point only the black jewish murders were counted. From now on every person lost a job, every professor punished, every student expelled, every white meeting refused, are all to be accounted for as accurate as the self defense. Essentially our self-defense against niggers and jews is this Jewish Accounting System (JAS).

      Let them dance the jass.

    • Arch Stanton says:

      It’s not “ZOG” its ZAG – Zionist American Government. Thanks to goddamned Jews, it’s no longer safe to be white in our own countries. So what might one expect from a third world shithole?

      “Muslim men need to be exterminated” – Wrong group. None of these problems would exist were it not for Jews.

      Cesar Tort has written some very interesting articles about Jew psychiatry, well worth the time to read. https://chechar.wordpress.com/category/psychiatry/

  3. werewolf says:

    Same with those bicyclists also murdered by Mohamedans in Tajikistan who also wanted to show how loving the whole world was.

  4. werewolf says:

    Hey I’ve got a great idea! Let’s bring tens of millions of Mohamedan decapitators and black African cannibals into all the white countries so we can celebrate diversity and show how loving the whole world really is!

  5. Gene says:

    What Reverend Billy Graham Really Thought Of Jews

    “A lot of Jews are great friends of mine”, Graham told Nixon in 1972. “They swarm around me and are friendly to me, Because they know that I am friendly to Israel and so forth. But they don’t know how I really feel about what they’re doing to this country, and I have no power and no way to handle them.”

    “The Jewish strangle-hold on the media has got to be broken or this country’s going down the drain.”

    The Reverend Billy Graham

    Believe me folks, the Jew strangle-hold on America is far greater than anyone imagines. It pervades into banking, education, legal systems, military, government, Congress, etc., etc., etc..
    This is supposed to be America, not Jewmerica! Israel has no business in America.

    • Daniel says:

      Billy Graham is a false prophet jew loving false prophet. Also, Mr Grham happily endorsed, signed and preached from the ” NIV ” Version of the Bible which replaces close to 100 times the words Israelites with jew. Another false reworded jew controlled within the Judaism-Christian end times false religion talked about in the Bible.

      Mr Graham smelled their stench but yet was in the bed with them… YOU CAN BET THAT!!!

    • Banjo_Billy says:

      America is infested with Jews simply because the Christians don’t believe Jesus. Jesus taught that the Jews are “liars, deceivers, hypocrites, murderers and the very children of the Devil.”

      But the Christians believe what the Jews claim, that they are the “children of God.” Thus, the Christians betray the Christ and defend the Devil.

  6. Mr white says:

    Time to make islamic lampshades

    Muslim men need to be exterminated

    • Arctic Circle says:

      A provocateur would make such as subversive comment!

      Everybody in the world knows that the jews, muslim, and arabs are the same: the Siamese Brothers.

      We also know that they are no good, but it does not mean that you should feel yourself comfortable to come to call to immediate extermination of the jews and muslims only because they are bad.

      First any action should be legalized. They like to come up with the vaguely formulated laws. Supposedly, an excuse for such vaguely formulated laws is to leave a room for the rules making.

      I am just wondering if the law is vague enough to include the “Citizens Arrest” and “Citizens Hanging” of such bad jewish muslim niggers?

      Here is some visually stimulating pics of the Siamese Brothers:

      The Seamese Brothers are so strange. But not as strange as the jewish niggers from the bad Google.com. And that is because when one makes a search for “Jewish and Muslim Siamese Brothers” nothing comes up only the image of the Obama hugging another nigger and Chinese girl must be a sex offender.

      It should be made illegal to reproduce for niggers and jews. But for now it is legal which is bad.

      Cape Town race row erupts after ‘black visitors cleared from beach’

      • Banjo_Billy says:

        “We also know that they are no good, but it does not mean that you should feel yourself comfortable to come to call to immediate extermination of the jews and muslims only because they are bad.”

        Do you kiss and coddle a flea or a tick or a mosquito as they try to suck your blood, or do you slap them dead immediately? Do you pet a rattle snake on the head to prove that you are a nice guy? Or do you crush its head under your heel?

    • FRIEND OF GOD says:

      Are you still getting all your evidence that it was Muslims that did 9/11… from the jewish controlled news media ?

      And I suppose you are also still looking for the Vietnamese terrorists that did the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident that started the Vietnam war ?

      “Case Closed: The Gulf of Tonkin Incident”
      LINK: http://www.historynet.com/case-closed-the-gulf-of-tonkin-incident.htm

      Is “mr. white” really “imposter jew” bringing up the lampshade story again ?


      Thanks for posting the Message


      • FRIEND OF GOD says:

        ( above comment @ “mr. white” )


        Thanks for posting the Message


  7. gunner says:

    it’s mental illness to go for other races, right?


    good ol’ joo-multiculturalism bringing on conditions for this to happen

    • Arctic Circle says:

      In todays society what is mental illness anymore? Sad is the fact that we all have being made mental by the crazy laws like affirmative action, equal gender, and niggers prohibition of asking for niggers free work places, niggers free schools, niggers free towns.

      Even though we all may very well be mental, we are not crazy enough to understand that the jews and niggers’ stranglehold on America is far greater than anyone imagines. It pervades into banking, education, legal systems, military, government, Congress, etc., etc., etc..

      So when we say that it is “illegal to exterminate bad jews and nigger” who is making the laws? Everything is blurry, unclear, shady, and intentionally ambiguous in todays society.

      So what to do about Jewish problem? If you are to address it effectively they say it is illegal so you are afraid to do anything about jews and niggers, thus the problem remains. If you are to do nothing about the Jews, they you automatically work for them, and therefore you are the major contributing fact in the propagation the of the Jewish Problem.

      • Arch Stanton says:

        Yeah, Bob Matthews tried it and look at the support the Bruder Schweigen got from the white population. Jews have checkmated the white man. (((They))) leave no alternative. There is no longer any way out of the of the mass genocide approaching the white race

        One cannot help but support the Jews’ agenda simply because the vast majority is on (((their))) side. Any meaningful action against Jews automatically puts one in the “crazy terrorist” category.

        What else can one do but watch the carnage unfold because their masses of white brethren are too ignorant and stupid to understand what is happening.

  8. Scarlett says:

    Anyone who is Jew wise yet fails to even consider that these stories of big, bad, nasty Muslims beheading everyone might just be PROPAGANDA by the Jews to get us invested in more middle east wars to establish “Greater Israel” is an absolute fool.

    And let’s be real, if you keep sending messages to entire populations that the way to be a “badass Muslim” is to behead people, don’t be fucking surprised when they, you know, actually start trying to become “badass Muslims”. Just look at the effect of rap music on the black community. Jews are behind rap music which aims to encourage black youth to not assimilate into American culture as a divide and conquer strategy.

    Surprised so many people who know what the Jews are up to still can’t see that the end game is to have Christians and Muslims kill one another off. At least the Muslim leaders actually have the balls (except for the Saudis) to tell Israel “no”. Not one politician in the US has the balls to do that.

    • Banjo_Billy says:

      Obviously, you have not read my booklet, Muslim Werewolves Howling at the Moon God
      You don’t understand what Islam really is — basically it is a religious hoax. Like the Jews, the Muslims are frauds.

      You write that “Surprised so many people who know what the Jews are up to still can’t see that the end game is to have Christians and Muslims kill one another off.” But actually, the end game is the aliance BETWEEN the Jews and Muslims to eradicate Christianity from the planet and to enslave all of Mankind.

  9. FRIEND OF GOD says:

    the same isis funded by the usa government / mossad freaks ?


    Thanks for posting the Message


  10. Daniel says:

    White ” Supposedly ” so-called Christian missionaries cowardly, stupidly, go to the Congo, Somalia, Keyna, etc.. AND ROUTINELY ARE ASSAULTED/ATTACKED and already on many occasions have been brutely assaulted and even raped then murdered viciously by fire/flames, beheadings, hangings, whippings, etc.. This is done by the barbaric negroes=beasts of the fields!

  11. Arctic Circle says:


    The article “Cape Town race row erupts after ‘black visitors cleared from beach” is an excellent evidence of the craziness create in the US and EU by the government policy of the multiculturalism and diversity. Although, majority of the US population understand diversity creates adversity and crime, they not only remain passive, they take an active role against a very few honest American, European, and other dissidents.

    The article is an excellent demonstration of the absurdity created by the anti-white Title VII laws. In particular, the honest white people everywhere in the world are followed by the very same niggers and jews who are protesting against those white people. Niggers and Jews follow us criminally, and in the same time they hate us and commit crimes against us.

    This absurd, but also is a dead end, because we can not commit the crimes aginst Niggers and Jews because it is “illegal”. And we can not protect themselves by voicing to Segregate from the Jews and Niggers.

    At the very least the Great World Segregation is the must.

    Remember we are not kill them, but to just merely legalize Segregation!

    If the niggers and jews are not around and by theselves somewhere it is alright. And it is a normal Human Right to keep it that way Niggers Free and Jews Free.

    We demand it Niggers Free and Jews Free!

    • Daniel says:


      Segregation will now work merely because of these niggers, non-white third world turds and demonic jews L O N G to be near WHITENESS/GREATNESS,

      You see, we whites put off a Godly glow that fascinates the mortal souls and evilness and they see a shining light of everlasting life within us. To be close to us puts those niggers and jews out their darkest dungeons temporarly.

      But make no mistake…SHEER, AND PURE jealousy and covetous evilness lurks through the jew and niggers/non-white heathens 24/7 and they want the shining lights blood splattered to usurp the Christians covenant with the Lord Almighty and to plunder the gifts of the Lord that specifically was given for the white Christiandom Americans in OUR own land.

      Like non-white evil demonic demons non-whites flock by the thousands to plunder white America totting their countries heritage/pride and flag as if they come in an invasion typestyle format like the Marines putting up the flag on Iwa Jima. When they arrive….EVERY LAST ONE ARE GOING TO VOTE/SUPPORT ANTI-WHITE AGENDAS AND THE LIBERAL ANTI-CHRIST REGIME. That’s our thanks….they are actually lifting their hind legs and farting/pissing on every white American once across our borders. They are not here to fit in or to get along , they bring their very own deepest anti-white/Christ /biblical agendas and religious cults and A BIG FAT MOUTH that will not shout the fuck up for complaining, wanting, begging, and being spoiled rotten brats to cowardly to fight in their own countries, and to evil to stay put and shut up and pray. Nope, these heathens are on the attack with their loud punk nasty attitudes to go along with it

      • Arctic Circle says:

        … indeed, Daniel … What can be done about that successful propagation of the multi-head Jewish hydra?

        It appears the origins of all evil, including investing, saving, capitalism, totalitarianism, anarchism, communism, consumerism and niggerism, police state, amassing wealth instead of everyone would do something useful, can be traced to the jews.

        It appears that the safest possible solution is to create a white political party. All other options are even more dangerous. But even purely legal move as such is still scaring white activists away. People are scared to see the truth that the White Political Party is unavoidable.

    • Banjo_Billy says:

      You can demand all you want to. And you can claim that “Remember we are not kill them, but to just merely legalize Segregation!”

      But it is the basic philosophy of BOTH Judaism and Islam to murder, rape and pillage anyone who is not one of themselves. So, when a Jew comes to stab you in the back or a Muslim comes to chop your head off, protest all you want to. As for me, neither of them will leave except feet first.

  12. Arctic Circle says:

    J.R., on December 28, 2018 at 7:54 pm, you may have nailed the major obstacle with the gold standard, when you said that “…the U.S. dollar is the major world currency …”.

    I agree with your statement “the president has a good intent to add a gold standard on his agenda for making America great again…”. However, the very position of the U.S. dollar as the major world currency may be the major obstacle for reinstating the gold standard: that is the National Security. Every transaction is now registered, even the cash transactions. By adapting the gold standard it will depleting the U.S. some strategic powers.

    So there is good and bad …

    • J.R. says:

      @ AC… bail-ins to save the banks are when the jews confiscate your deposits in the banks to bail them out of the insolvency they deliberately got you into, mainly by gambling away your money in the derivatives market … your deposit is legally unsecured and not your property once it’s in the bank… someone said that the jews are already taking their money out of the banks, so they don’t have to bail themselves out in 2019… rats fleeing the ships they doomed once again…

      didn’t you say a while back that you were going north to get out of the rat race … just wondering if you were planning to go to North Dakota, as it has a state owned bank (one of only two in America) and is said to be the most arctic of the states, even though its northern border is 27 degrees of latitude from the Arctic Circle …

      “The Bank of North Dakota (BND) is a state-owned-run financial institution, based in Bismarck, North Dakota. It is the only state-owned facility of its type in the United States other than the Puerto Rico Government Development Bank.[2]”…

      this video says go to Australia to save the money you have in your bank from being confiscated by the jews, but Australia is said to be a “nanny state” , which means its GDP is almost totally dependent on being nursed by the jews…
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR_GxS94qxQ ..

    • Banjo_Billy says:

      Obviously, you know nothing about money. Obviously, you have not read my book, “The Sumerian Swindle”, wherein I prove that the gold standard is a swindle.
      The Jews own all of the gold. If you eliminate US dollars, you simply put yourself even more ruthlessly into the hands of the Rotchilds and Jewish bankers. At least with the present FED swindle, the Jews still have a modicum of government control over them — but just barely.

  13. Nationalist says:

    Thanks for pointing out the truth INCOGMAN, I appreciate it although I know the enemies of the White will not. The sad thing about this is the stupid liberals of both of these countries the two girls came from will continue to be stupid liberals and put their nations on a path of destruction. We have a right and a responsibility to stop these people from destroying White civilization by any means necessary unless they change their ways and adopt a more sensible approach to politics. If Whites do not unite we will be eliminated the rest of the world will go up in smoke as well. Only National Socialism can save us from this fate, nothing else. Christianity is National Socialism and National Socialism is Christianity WW II not withstanding.

    • Daniel says:


      How Prophetic for you to have mentioned us going up in smoke.

      Which in return Christ God has lead me to reveal to you this vision…………

      REVELATION 18:9

      And the Kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her when they shall see the smoke of her burning.

      Kings= 1o Israelite Christiandom white countries presidents
      FORNICATION AND LIVING DELICIOUSLY WITH HER= turning from Christ God and promoting diversity through ungodliness/unclean worshipping of non-white gods of other races through diversity. In other words, the other 10 kings just followed suit of their Christiandom seat mighty AMERICAN SUPERPOWER sinfull, anti-Christ, worshipping of other gods through diversity, liberal antiChrist agendas………

      HER= AMERICA.THE CHRISTIANDOM SEAT= The MYSTERY BABYLON TO BE DESTROYED IN ONE HOUR= The Statue of Liberty WHORE, who holds her cup high saying I’m no widow!!!!!!!

      Smoke/burning/one hour= ASTROID/YELLOWSTONE ERUPTION/NUKE…

      Christ God to rapture the Church/ his ELECT from Babylon before her destruction and leaving those left behind to serve the jew/nigger ungodly diversity evil regime of the coming false Messiah under it’s one world anti-Christ religion under the mark of the beast= OBAMA= the beast of the field= the beast to also be served and worshipped as a god that non-whites and jews WILL flock to worship and serve by the millions. When this happens, WHITES HAD BETTER FLEE TO THE WILDERNESS/MOUNTAINS to escape the anti-christ/messiah wrath as Christ God has ordered and foretold!

      • Daniel says:

        BTW…. Something to consider with the REVELATION ch 17, 18 (kjv)

        God says MYSTERY BABYLON ( Which would be the ancient Babylonian paradigm controlled by Christ denying ungodly jews we have been in for decades under the satanist children of the devil which Biblically are called the ” Canaanites and or seed of Cain from, HIS Father lucifer who impregnated Eve in Adultery INTRODUCING SIN FOR THE ADAMIC RACE and from that moment on we would parish our bodies by surrendering to DEATH on earth just like the rest of the non-white Adamic species/races) would be destroyed…up in smoke and burning, ships off shore from miles away would be seeing the smoke….THIS WILL HAPPEN IN ONE HOUR!! As God foretold it would ONLY take that amount of time before the complete ANNIHILATION of MODERN DAY MYSTERY BABYLON.

        ALL scientist on earth agree that if YELLOWSTONE were to erupt it would take just ONE HOUR AND THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES would be affected by this devastating earthly event that will chaos/destruction also to Europe from tsunamis/earthquakes.etc.. all caused by the MASSIVE YELLOWSTONE ERUPTION!!!

        Lately, much activity is seen at YELLOWSTONE like no other time in the UNITED STATES history and even has many scientists edgy. Hell, one shoulder hosted RPG shot at YELLOWSTONE would probably DO THE TRICK its nose is running so badly………

        Which one has to even wonder to begin with.

        How many out there think that the Lord Almighty placed YELLOWSTONE purposely with such a massive devastating blow to wipe out AMERICA in just ONE HOUR as a test of our commitment as a CHRISTIANDOM FAITHFUL nation of peoples? The MAYFLOWER had no non-whites aboard YOU CAN BET THAT!!! hint…hint….hint…

        Research Yellowstone and you all will see for yourself the relation it has to REVELATION 17, 18 as it refers to Americas whorish/diversity pushing, LGBTQ, tranny, sinful, lusting evil, nasty sodomites and the massive jew brainwashing for the worst and our earlier Christian folks have been bitten by the jew cupid diseased filled rot/filth which in return we gave them FULL UNCENSORED UNFEATHERED CONTROL OF OUR HEARTS, MINDS, AND SOULS EVEN THOUGHTS.

        And that would be the ULTIMATE SIN ABOVE…Believing in the man jew, instead of CHRIST GOD. Now like God has foretold, those Christians of yesteryears have got the blindfolds purposely applied by CHRIST GOD for them turning from the ADAMIC covenant and giving up and away freely the blessings for the Adamic Christian peoples. WHAT A SHAME BEFORE THE EYES OF GOD.

        That’s why we are the BABYLON

      • Banjo_Billy says:

        Obviously, you have not read my book, The Monsters of Babylon, wherein I prove that the Book of Revelation was written by some odd Christian prisoner on Patmos, but certainly not by John.

        Like little children hoping for Santa Claus, Christians are quick to accept the lies that the Jews offer such as the psychedelic bad dream of Revelation.

        If anybody is going to be doing any “FLEEING TO THE WILDERNESS/MOUNTAINS” it is going to be the Jews, Muslims and wild niggers running for their lives from enlightened white people.

  14. Matt says:

    The root problem, and who’s primarily responsible for these women’s death is the Jews.

    Here’s why.

    The book of Genesis tells us the woman talked to the serpent, and the serpent told the woman that the forbidden fruit would be good to eat, pleasing to the eye and she will be like God, knowing good and evil.

    The woman was deceived, believed the (((serpent))), she then gave some to the man to eat.

    God then cursed women.

    Genesis 16:3
    “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe;
    with painful labor you will give birth to children.
    Your desire will be for your husband,
    and he will rule over you.”
    Because women are easily deceived and fooled, God essentially said they can’t be counted on to make good decisions.

    1 Timothy 2:

    11 A woman must learn in silence, in keeping with her position.
    12 I don’t allow a woman to teach or to have authority over a man. Instead, she should be quiet.
    13 After all, Adam was formed first, then Eve.
    14 Besides that, Adam was not deceived. It was the woman who was deceived and sinned

    Women are not permitted to teach, because they are easily deceived, and would lead the church astray.

    A good example, look at the Four Square Church, started by the woman Aimee McPherson, and now it’s almost a voodoo mix of satanism and Christianity, drastically led astray, worshiping the Christ killing (((children))) of Satan, and while degrading God’s decreed order of races. You can hear Satan’s words coming from the pulpit.

    Now, the Jews, are feeding Satanic lies to the simple minded and females, telling them we’re all the same, and they’re only friends you haven’t met yet. And these 2 silly naive women honestly believed another Jew lie.

    Had these women had a strong father figure or man to lead and teach them, then they would still be alive. Someone to teach them that the Jews are liars and murderers, who wish them dead or enslaved.

    Jesus called the Jews serpents, the same serpent as in the garden. Whom God said was the craftiest of all animals. (Gen. 3:1) When you see a great evil in the world, you can bet there are crafty Jews behind it. Now Jews seek to cover one lie with another lie.

    Women need strong men and are attracted to them, not to a cucked society of weak men, who bow down to the cursed and believe Jew lies. Men need to lead their women in truth, with love and kindness.

    My daughters all know you cannot breed with black or brown people, that in so doing you’ll bring their curse upon our descendants, and that Jews are liars and bring every corrupt thing to life. Black are cursed to be the lowest of slaves. A Muslim is next to a Jew.

    Jesus will return and restore all that God has decreed. Keep yourself pure and virtuous in God’s sight, that you may receive his blessing at the appointed time.

    Praise God!!!!

    • Daniel says:

      Brother Matt,

      You have 1 and 1/2 feet in the doorway there. Where you are WAAAAY off is the Garden of Eaden. That way you mention is OLD JEWISH FABLES. Didn’t Christ God clearly warn against listening to jew fables TITUS 1: 14 That’s the Judea-Christian incompatible false religious belief that the false Messiah plans to endorse and afix and therefore prophesied to command it by forcing it by using a mark to identify its worship. Christ WILL be excluded in this jew/muslim Anti-Christ liberal/communist one world corrupt order/religion.

      Matt, I believe you to be a good-hearted but struggling Christian. I believe Matt with a little more research and common sense modern day outlook and WISDOM needed to unlock that known real true event that took place when Eve was ” Beguiled ” which she told ChristGod. Beguilded in Hebrew definition is meaning to be holy SEDUCED..sexualy matt, we are all mature here I think..we are not at the dentist office with mommy looking at the childrens jewish bible of brown skin man and woman eating and enjoying an apple dinner with a smiling friendly snake dangling from a branch with a napkin wrapped around its neck with a fork and knife chopping into a bright red apple while Adam and Eve are foolishly copycatting….LOL!

      So Christ God in your opinion cruel heartedly tempted his dear children with a bright red apple and then put an everlasting harsh cruel punishment with pain and suffering on a woman and death for both and their decedents forever and ever on earth. REALLY. Would you do that to your beloved children???? HOW MEAN AND CRUEL IF YOU SAID YES. You and your crazy clan are calling my BELOVED KIND HEARTED LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER WHO SAID I AND HIS CHILDREN ARE MORE DEAR AND PRECIOUS TO HIM THAN EVEN THE SPARROWS A MEAN FATHER THAT WOULD TEMT SUCH A THING WITH A FOOD PRODUCT OF DELICIOUS NATURE TO HIS ADORED CHILDREN. Pure jewish fables Matt.

      Satan came into the negro buck beast of the field and teased, seduced/beguiled Eve, then had sex, then Eve became pregnant, that’s why Christ God punished Eve and women thereafter during the child-birthing. Christ God warned Adam and Eve that it was a diversity tree and there laying in wait the seat of satan ready to deceive Eve once approached to have sex to change the whole Adamic man plans, race, future, etc..etc.. the bloodline was infected and sin introduced by way of ADULTERY that made the ten commandments Matt.

      Cain was the result of that unholy matrimony gone Adultery by the beast negro changing the pureness of the Garden of Eaden. We have them TODAY known Matt as the jew CANAANITES from that devil seed line.

      WISDOM MATT……. get it, find it, ask for it…you could qualify as Christ Gods Elect.

      • Roy says:


        What did Adam then partake in? He “ate” also. Genesis 3:6.

        Just curious your thoughts.

      • Daniel says:


        Not stated, one of those incidences where we will learn when we get to Paradise/Heaven. Until then one is left to use wisdom and speculate, even as demeaning and embarrassing as it might be to even write down or even think of the partaking. We know it had to be very embarrassing because both hid their privates first then their face from God immediately after the event.

        My opinion is Eve clearly was the transgressor and was deceived and not Adam because in Timothy 2 God clearly says this, and other parts as well. That said since Eve was tricked and disobeyed and became whorish and like white women today got curious about negro skin and bed habits. This event IMMEDIATELY brought sin into the Adamic race line the minute the negro entered the vagina. Eve probably already conceived nigger cain before Adam even found out his wife was having an affair. Since SIN is now of the Garden of Eden and temptation through sin would be quite a bit easier to be attracted to and even partake in…in other words the dirty deed is being performed while sin is now abundant with all the sinful lusting, homosexuality, Adulterous eyes lurking, pain, suffering, temptation galore etc..etc…

        This is probably where Adam partakes do to the newly found sin by lusting in a threesome, masturbating, or just observing…I know, a bit embarrassing, HOW DO YOU THINK ADAM AND EVE FELT? BETTER YET HOW ABOUT HOW CHRIST GOD FELT?

        Remember also. Adam was formed first and was given the command to obey and never to approach the diversity/tree of good and evil. If disobeyed he would suffer death through a sinful world and be kicked out the then paradise Garden of Eden meant solely for the blessed racial children of the Lord God Eternal where the negro beasts of the fields were supposed to be the servants of the Adam man race and supervised, controlled, managed, fed, bathed, clothed, etc.etc. They were NOT meant to be Fucking white Eve or the Adam race PERIOD!

        The Bible is not clear how long Adam was alone in the Garden walking, talking, and being obedient in Christ God and doing the works and duties he was formed to do as a special man. My opinion is he probably lived decades before Eve was formed from his body.

      • Daniel says:


        Adams partake also could have included a female beasties negres like a foursome once Eve introduced temptation and SIN into the Adamic race and the now then tainted Garden, and then completing the diverse knowledge of what is sexually suppose to be of the good and natural, and or of the evil when mix and mingling. They both realized real quick like, and Christ God only confirmed it when he answered severely to their worse dreams………

      • Roy says:

        For Daniel…

        I appreciate your time. Thanks for replying. I have a stack of “Who is Esau-Edom” by Charles Weisman books that I send to people and give away freely. Weisman’s treatise on “Esau” is second to none. However……he is still man. I read his treatise on the “Two Seedline Doctrine”.

        Have you by any chance? I would be interested to hear your opinion of his conclusion(s).

        Again….I appreciate your time and your “civility”. This is a trait we are losing amongst ourselves…….thanks to the Jews. Hurts me to watch ourselves fight amongst each other.

        Cheers, brother in Spirit. Roy.

  15. Gene says:

    Muzzie & Negro Private No-Go Zones

    Make some private areas off limits to non-member Muzzies and Negroes. They arrive to meet a machine gun toting guard who advises them to leave, like hey man this is a private club golf course and get the hell out of here. If they produce weapons as they always do just machine gun them, front end loader comes over and scoops the bodies up and dumps them in a mobile dumpster which hauls the bodies away, no problem.

    Whites flock to no-go zones.

    More and more no-go zones stand up, more and more Muzzies and Negroes feel the chill.

    Nice. Sweet.

  16. tRuth says:

    ISIS is a USA/CIA/Mossad creation. This horrific beheading slaughter has indications of being an Israeli Mossad ops. Previous beheading videos have been seen as faked, so they wanted a really ghastly one to shock the world. According to Jim Stone, the Israelis bull-dozed thousands of dead Palestinians into the ground at Jenin so the bodies couldn’t even be seen. They are satanicly evil and this grusome slaughter of white females is another evidence proving it.

  17. Dave says:

    I have no sympathy for those two headless brainwashed girls. On their FB page, everything they posted was pro-Muslim and anti-white. In my opinion, they got what they deserved. If they listened to the “racist” whites, they would be alive today.

    • Daniel says:

      I believe that coalburning and negro/sand negroes worshipping and praising the non-Adamic race filth has gotten the STENCH reaching Christ Gods nostrils. Punishment/judgement handled accordingly…and zero sympathies for Esau’s and wiggers.


      • Banjo_Billy says:

        Daniel, you have been brainwashed by the lies of the Old Testament. Jesus warned Mankind that the Jews are liars, deceivers, hypocrites and murderers. This includes what the Jews wrote in the Old Testament. The Book of Daniel is a hoax, for example. I prove this in The Monsters of Babylon.
        Read this book and stop writing so much wimpy Christianity BS.

      • Daniel says:

        Bango Billy,

        Well lets all the tens of millions of Christians here and abroad throw away our Bible and listen to one mr Bango Billy…….damn all this time, thousands of years worth of Christians dieing coming and going before us…HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS with these Bibles all on the same sheet of music Christ believing devout Christians get together and have a Bible book BBQ because of this discovery that the Bible is fake and the proof is written by a jew or a foolish brain jerked/washed atheist both Anti-Christ hell bounders. (SARC)

        Must do much much much better than that Mr billy to convince your anti-Bible theory……Ones like you are a dime a dozen because you are jews, negroes, or Antifa/atheist losers.


        Every Christian alive should also REBUKE ones like this one here in the camps of Satan impostering/trolling on Christians they think are looming somewhere…..they are bats, children of the dark/ black holes

  18. Matt says:


    Like I said, you’re heavy on fiction and light on scripture.

    I try to be very careful that I don’t take away from God’s word or add to it. God is the one who makes the rules, not you, me or any man.

    Therefore, let’s take a look at what God’s word says.

    First, I never said apple, and the bible says fruit. Genesis 3:2

    Second, it says “fruit of the tree” and nothing else. Not nigger or beast of the field.

    Third, it says the serpent ask Eve, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat of any tree in the garden?’” Genesis 3:1

    Forth, the woman replied “you will die”, if you eat the fruit, and the serpent said “you will not surely die”. Genesis 3:3-4

    Fifth, it says the fruit was good for food. Genesis 3:6

    Sixth, ” The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” Genesis 13:3

    King James in Genesis 3:13 the woman says she was “beguiled”. Many other translations say deceived or tricked.

    Here’s Webster Dictionary’s definition of beguile.

    Definition of beguile
    transitive verb
    1: HOODWINK beguiled her classmates into doing the work for her
    2: to engage the interest of by or as if by guile His seductive voice beguiled the audience.
    3: to lead by deception beguiled into ambush
    4: to while away especially by some agreeable occupation also : DIVERT SENSE 2The seven poems were written to beguile the tedium of a sea voyage.— Vernon Louis Parrington

    Beguiled is in par with deceived and tricked.

    Daniel, you say God wouldn’t temp people with food. You may think you can do as you please and there will be no judgment from God, but be not deceived, what a man sows is what he’ll reap. The fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom.

    You down play God’s judgement, but in the day of judgment, your opinion will mean very little. The serpent also down played God’s judgement.

    I have to give you credit for your vivid imagination, you can come up with some real whoppers and cheap entertainment. I feel like I’m getting a collect call from crazy Daniel at the insane asylum, condescendingly telling me how to be sane.

    I’m going to have to go with God’s word, and not your entertaining concocted stories, as it says in Romans 3:4 “let God be true, but every man a liar” .

    Daniel isn’t alone. This a real problem with churches, almost all are making up their own stories along the way, and leaving out the word. Everything from the Jews being the chosenites, zio Christianity, global warmongering for Jews, God has no order, sexual perversion, to the point it bears little resemblance to God’s word.

    • Daniel says:

      Sorry Matt,

      I stopped really reading when you keep mentioning the ” fruit ” because of the mere fact that like you can’t see the forest for the trees and get past the Garden of Eden objective and thereafter the sinning fall expelling Adam/Eve out the Garden of Eden meant solely for the Adamic race.

      When Christ God refers to ” fruit ” Biblically speaking several times throughout scripture it is exactly referring to AN ” ACTION ” taking place and not a literal fruit my friend in the struggle. Since we can’t see eye to eye on this simple unlocking the Biblical codes leading to one receiving the KEY to DAVID talked about in Revelation ch 3 Matt, the rest of your rant, therefore, is of absolute unimportance to me.

      There was absolutely no tempting of any fruit like putting Halloween candy on the table and punishing the child severely forever for eating one. How absurd and childish to believe in dentist office mother goose tales to lighten the effect so the children are not exposed to sex in the Bible right away at such an age.

      Apparently, Christ God is correct again when he promised that few of you all will HAVE THE BLINDERS ON never growing out of the Jewish tales/fables


      Hey Matt…invest in a STRONGS CONCORDANCE …in such it makes one not look like a flaming fool when Biblical words are referenced in Hebrew Language and meaning..the true meaning…you will constantly be lost without one Matt and blaming ones like me who are only trying to help educate

      • Red Pill says:

        when your filled with the old wine, there is no room for the new.
        when your mind is made up, nothing anyone can say or present will have the slightest effect up on their closed circuit thinking.

        every one of us have been deceived.
        this is the deception of mystery Babylon.

        a false sense of reality is what are taught cradle to grave.
        you believe what your told, that’s schooling or grooming.

        every thing you were ever taught was a lie
        come out of her my people =pull out your dick from that slut

      • Banjo_Billy says:

        Mmm, you do realize that the Garden of Eden story along with Noah and the Flood story was stolen by the Jews from the Sumerians, don’t you? The Epic of Gilgamesh has much of these tales in it. I discuss this in The Monsters of Babylon.
        Educate yourself and pull your head out of the rabbis” asses.

      • Daniel says:

        Bango Billy,

        My KJV Bible calls the jews Anti-Christ from the seedline of Satan!

        My KJV Bible fronts the jew , calls them out for the enemies of Christ God they are.

        My KJV Bible tells me NOT to listen to jew fables

        My KJV tells me the Modern day ones calls themselves jews are liers and from the synagogues of Satan.

        I need all I need to know and be WISE to make ETERNITY with my Heavenly Father, all the imposters to look for, all the warning signs about jew imposters and the end of times…

        SO SO Sorry don’t know what the devil you are even talking about…DO YOU EVEN KNOW??


        Stop blasphemy the Bible/ChristGod please, your Anti-Christ/Bible jew/negro performance is annoying, yet interestingly it keeps us ENLIGHTENED Christ God elects on or toes knowing that there are real soldiers for Satan trying their best to change the minds in these last days. We know the devils’ servants when we see/hear one.

  19. Daniel says:

    Wisdom Matt!

    Strongs Concordance saves lives too

    Know the False Messiah Matt. Do you know what Christ God said it would take to unlock that code and knowledge to pinpoint him even today?

    Answer Above= WISDOM MAtt

  20. Matt says:


    You’re just a nut and not the worth time.

    • Red Pill says:

      and that goes for anybody that disagrees with you Matt,
      we can now acknowledge that only you have the truth,
      and the “light” of the scriptures.

      you are right to disregard any and all whom disagree with you.
      so why the fuck do you post where infidels reside?
      perhaps you should leave us lower cast individuals to our appointed doom.
      oh great and wondrous one of the scriptures .
      please forgive our sins and lack of understanding. oh wondrous one
      we are not worthy of your time and efforts.
      dust your sandals off and be gone from our filth.
      we are just a nuts and not the worth time.

  21. Red Pill says:

    like everyone else you were born into bondage
    into a prison you can not taste, see or touch.
    a prison for you mind.

    • Red Pill says:

      The only people in today’s world that can comprehend, are those that are not struck with the “blindness” that the Bible states will come upon people in the end times.

      ***This “blindness”, or inability to comprehend, can be easily recognized in ones that have it.***

      Another way of recognizing ones that “won’t make it” are the questions that they ask, or fail to ask.

  22. Daniel says:

    Because we have back-slid and turned our faces from Christ God we Adamic race of peoples are our own worse hell bound nightmare hating ourselves and in love with the enemies of the Adamic racial white children under the Lord Eternal. So much true we pick on each other while the non-white races plunder us/property/religion. We never even seem to care if the nigger race is heavily trying to genocide us and the white race is the MINORITY of the world yet they keep the minorities suppressed and controlled and picked on in demonic nature.

    Here out the back pages of a random paper, we have a demonic satanic nigger deadheading towards a church with a loaded weapon anxiously waiting and determined to SHOOT EM ALL UP BECAUSE OF A NIGGER SATANIC UNBIBLICAL PROPHECY the nigger wants to fulfil in its demonic beast of the field nature.

    But the million dollar question…….. where is the MSM about this????????????????????



    If this was a white man doing this the entire world would be hearing about it about now and an unrelenting constant coverage and demoralizing the Adamic man along the whole process convincing mankind that its the white man that is an ape/beast demonic ungodly soul bla bla bla bla……. all in the effort to hide their very own demonic filthy stench of evil.

  23. Warrior says:

    Funny how the Swedish government has to threaten it’s own citizens with imprisonment of up to 4 years for sharing the beheading video of the women. This is a news reel in my opinion and for the Swedish government to impose such a harsh penalty on it’s own people for viewing this is total insanity. They probably believe it fuels “anti-muslim sentiment” or whatever, who cares?! People need to witness these killers for who and what they really are – animals with no souls! The killers are the ones who brought Allah into the picture making this a religiously inspired hate crime. So there you go, a muslim hate crime caught on film, taped by the perps themselves then posted to the internet! What a couple of dumbasses!

    • Banjo_Billy says:

      It isn’t the Swedish government, it is the Communist-Jewish government that is pushing the Muslims into Sweden to destroy the white Swedish race. It is Jewish genocide against white people that is the problem. You see it happening throughout Europe and in the USA today.

  24. Arctic Circle says:

    An Interview to learn from

    How an Average American Thinks it Thinks Strangely!

    What image do we produce as the people who want to make America great again for all at Incogman.net?

    I speak to Henry the Second. He was chosen for him being an average American.

    He read the website and got a first impression which I am eager to learn from him. He is willing to open his mind and tell me what was his first impression of the posts appearing on incogman.net.

    The mission we have is going to be unchanged, but the image we produce to the world will be corrected.

    We discuss the blackness, hate, and how it affect safety. My purpose to have a discussion with Henry is to learn what he is thinking about the inocogman.net, after he had a traum inflicted by the same blacks.

    Herny was visiting some friends in the mixed neighborhood. He walked to the corner store by himself. When he started to walk out from the store, he noticed two guys looked suspicious. So, H. went back in the store trying to evaluate them. Then it looked like they had left. So, H. decided to go back to his frined’s house. After he got almost to the house, H. made a mistake walking throught the alley. That when the tragedy happened. Next H. remembers is the two black shadows ran very fast tword H. from the sides and from behind. As soon they apprached H., they struck H. with the real metal hand gun in the top of the head. H. did not take a fall, like they wanted. So, they proceeded going methodically through his pockets in search for anything of value. Of which they did get all H.’s credit cards and any cash, and social security card. H. was standing up and staring at the younger like teenagers blacks was trying to intimidate them with the direct eye contact. It did not help. They monsters hit H. again with the gun in the different place of the head. H. still did not fall as the monster wanted. They did not know if H. was going to charge on them and if he is ready for attack, or to fall. So, they shot a gun in the ground close to H.’s feet. And they ran away. Ambulance took H. to the hospitals where he was stitched and interrogated by police.

    This story prompted me to introduce H. to incogman.net. The following reaction of H. to the website was somewhat unexpected.

    Who is Henry is important to know to know in order to understand the reaction of the average American to the important national security work is being done by the incogman.

    Henry is a wonderful soul of about 60 years old. And even though the story happened quite a few years ago it still fresh in his memory and the top of his scalp. I met him accidentally in a McDonalds in the rural Tennessee. H. lived in the bigger city all his life. High school graduate, H. have had no chance to go to the military for medical reason. H. had two other siblings. Merrid one time, with one kid grown up. Income 30 k a year. H. is a home owner which cost less then he owes. Were we were both harassed by the same nigga who was demanding money from H. and then from me. We both reacted differently to the harassment. H. backed away from the harassment. I immediately request McDonalds manager to call the police (which he did not for several times).

    Later, however H. approached me and sounded alarm that he witnessed that the black was aggressive to me, and shortly before to him.

    Henry has a house here and he has relatives in NC. They do not like blacks, but they do not like, he says, “kkk, hate organizations, and those who would do violence against different races”, because his relatives are very religious. But they do not want to do anything with the blacks, and in the small town they live there is none, unless they go 30 miles away to the bigger town. They are happy with their lives and all they want is to comeback from church and cook a good country dinner and visit with family.

    Considering H.’s previous exposure to the darkness, his reaction to the icm was shocking. First of all after reading to incogman.net he thought he is not prejudice, even though that he was exposed to the big city. H. have heard about “hate groups”, but never condone there views. Due to the fact that “every one deserve an equal chance”. Next impression H. got that this website was exactly as H. expected: “Too much hate” for his taste. And he found it “intolerable”, and “offensive” to him. But H. insists that he is not a nigger not all. Next, H. stated that he had some close black friends, and even Hispanic. And they welcome H. to their families and treated him as the family. For example, the time the robbery where he was attacked, H. was visiting Hispanic friends.

    When I asked H. to try to imagine himself as the statue of justice, what has heavier weight: the robbery or being friends with the few colored. H answered that the robbery did not stop him from developing more colored friendships a fiew years after the traumatic robbery.

    The black criminals who robbed H. were a credit cards ring. Police chased the cards and caught a big gang of blacks that sold drugs, guns, and credit cards. They all went to prison.

    Even after that our average American says that it doesn’t stop him from giving the minorities an equal chance as long as they give H. a chance.

    H. insists that there is “…bad in every race”. Does it mean that we should not be doing anything about it?

    H.: the colored do not get equal chance compare to whites.

    What should we do?

    H.: Provide more jobs for them.

    Are you mad at blacks?

    H.: Not as long as they do not attack.

    How can we send the same message without looking hateful to you?

    H.: I do not know the answer to that, apparently the hate groups think that the white race is superior.

    What do you think about voluntarily segregation? Now you can not ask for niggers free neighborhood?

    H.: I thing that you would have only few in each race who would want to voluntarily segregate. I think we are always going to have prejudice on both sides.

    So what is the solution if they are prejudiced against each what should be done?

    H.: everybody needs to have open mind. Give everybody and opportunity to show what they are really made off. Do not look at the color of the skin and automatically assume that they are bad. Wall with Mexico is not a good thing. Wall street is very corrupt, and it is only for the more affluent. The little guy does not stand a chance.

    What do you thing about As-firmative action?

    H. The one thing I disagree is that when one gets job because of the color of his skin weather black or white. Black will get it over white, sometimes white do not get a chnse either, because of the stupid quotas.


    H.: keep bad people out.

    Do we need to bring more blacks here?

    H.: Depends if they come here to not to cause any troubles.

    Could the life to be a bit more fair to you?

    H. It goes without saying no matter who is the president.

    What should we change in our writings and ways we express our selves so to not to appear to you as “hate groups”?

    H. Personally you are not going to be able to change. It is where the groups which feel that way goes to express their view about that subject. So why would you want to change it if those people are actually believe in what they are writing about? All that can happen is that the people who do not feel that way will just not view that website and avoid it. That is the thing about internet and this is the website for those who feel that way, this is the freedom of speech.

    How do we instigate the change of the two groups do not like each other and are prejudiced about each other?

    H.: Once again given each a chance. When God created all this races he created them equally. And then mankind became prejudiced on their own just because some did not look like them.

    What do you want to say to the world? What do you want to say to the blacks?

    That they need to have the open mind and not to view whites as bad people, it goes both ways

    What do you want to say to the whites?

    the same message.

    What do you from the president this year 2019?
    H. Democrats are getting in the office, and he has to compromise with democrats. Do not spend too much on NASA, space exploration, let us spend the problems on earth first.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Why this interview is published?

      90% of all population are motivated by bodily instincts, and 10% of people are capable of thinking strategically, capable of decision making, capable of generating vision, and finally capable of compassion towards the 90% of the appetitives.

      I am not even sure that the amorphous masses in their vegetative state deserve people like icm and his soldiers?

      Finally, the key to understanding why this interview is important is that the respondent is basically in vegetative state, not caring about well being of the country only about wellbeing of himself and family. In this case it is also important that to know that the respondent grand is a native. The last important detail is that the respondent leaves now out off the secondary mortgage.

  25. Gene says:

    White Guy Randomly Shoots Kills 7 Year Old, Shoots Mother, Apparently Black

    Every now and then you hear of a White person killing a Negro or group of Negroes at random. The victims here have names which sound like Black folks. It works both ways, the Negroes have really killed a lot of White folks, especially White women, so what goes around comes around.

    Every time a Negro kills a White person it sure pisses off a lot of people. It’s bound to bring the sky down on Negroes.

    ‘We will find you’: Manhunt after 7-year-old shot, killed in car at Walmart parking lot

    • Daniel says:


      This needs to happen on a daily bases!!!!! Nigges have been doing this to the Adamic race for decades. And they do it so often its routine…….


      SAVE THE WHITE GODLY RACE. God wants his peoples to destroy the dark enemies of the night and of the WHITE CHRISTIAN JESUS MAN with their pitch black abyss dungeon demonic style living conditions.


      Actually, Biblically Christ God had ordained the WHITE ADAM race to ANNIHILATE the jew Canaanites and their COHORTS in the lover’s bed whom are the magic niggers. But because the white man disobeyed our ETERNAL Lord, we now have the BEAST NIGGERS UPON OUR NECKS CONSTANTLY. Punishment is deserved every bit of it until we the blessed WHITE children of the Lord Eternal FIGHTS back and do this every day……… the evil jew will have to move on to other things once they see this is happening EVERYDAY!!

      Stand by for retaliation from the demonic beasts we should have destroyed by order of God Almighty decades ago!!

      • Daniel says:

        Add on…

        God told the Ancient White Adamic Christian Israelites Kings to destroy their enemies the>>> Canaanites/jew Christ deniers AND their cohorts the negro tribes of the Moabites Nimrod belonged to.

        The Israelites had fought and won many battles and wars hands down like America today. But they never completely wiped them away or kept them even at bay, nope instead the Israelites like our very own PARADIGM were probably war-torn tired and bedded and wedded/ mixed and mingled and allowed the creeps in the camps of Satan to run the program out of lies and deceit and twisting Biblical meaning.

        Yes indeed…these incidences need to be stepped up to send back a message and actually even maybe finish what Christ God ordered to save our race and asses from further Annihilation and humiliation.

        WHITES ARE GODS CHOSEN SPECIAL ADAMIC RACIAL CHILDREN OF CHRIST GOD. We need to act like it instead of kissing Christ Gods enemies asses and ignoring Gods will.

        IF NOT …Then we will ALWAYS see this, but hidden from the public view. CLICK LINK and this was why Christ God told us to destroy the negro Moabs


    • Arctic Circle says:

      What an absurd discussion it taking place among 3 mutants:


      Among other nonsense, the mutants saying that somebody “…was arrested on charges of spreading hate?”

      I am wondering are there charges for politicians and jews for spreading false accusation, and spreading nigger violence in the United States and Europe, and spreading jewish financial machinations around the world?

    • Gene says:

      Negro Suspects Apprehended In Shooting Of Black Girl! Not White Suspects!

      It was not necessarily White guys who shot and killed 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes, but Negro suspects have been apprehended for this shooting.
      Blacks kill blacks all the time, also, as well as they kill Whites all the time!


  26. Gene says:

    Negro On White Recent Killings

    When the Negroes kill Whites they are condemning their own race to death.
    Here are a couple of Black on White recent murders.

    His Name is Walter Gotreaux, Her Name is Darlene Gotreaux: White Couple Murdered by Two Blacks (One of Whom Had Prior Arrest for Attempted Murder)


    His Name is John Dawson: White Man (a Veteran of World War II, Korean and Vietnam War) Murdered Defending His Wife of 72 Years from a Black Home Invader


    • Arctric Circle says:

      After watchin the video of the demonic darkness beading whiteness she wrote:

      ” …when i watched the video of the Danish girls being beheaded by the Niggers Jews, Lations, and Muslims, I was shocked with rage and sadness. But then i realized it wasn’t the girl I was feeling sorry for..it was America and Europe.

  27. Gene says:

    Notice How Low-Life Negroes Pick On Elderly & Disabled

    What’s really pitiful is the low-life Negroes pick on elderly and disabled folks because they are easier targets to take advantage of. Recently a car was apparently standing by and robbed an old 70 year old woman of her purse when she came outside, but because she would not let go of it they shot and killed her. I figure it was Blacks who did that, too, although the article covered for them and did not mention race.

    I looked at the face of that poor old woman and decided she was not in good health. She must be in a better place now, poor thing.

    Negroes on a roll, going about robbing and murdering people….and it’s sooooo bad when it comes back around.

  28. Gene says:

    The Attackers Might Have Known Her Purse Contained Money
    Remember my post about Negroes electronically stalking people and the one where they arrived at the bank just in time to try and grab the woman’s $75,000.oo ? It may be possible that they somehow had knowledge that this late victim was carrying money in her purse. They may have waited out in the background when she entered and left the bank.
    I feel very sorry for this elderly lady as she did not look in good health and they murdered her. Your government does nothing about the millions of Black on White attacks, does not curfew the Black perpetrators, simply ignores it…..until it meets them in the parking lot or a bathroom somewhere.
    Have you see this car that had yellow paper license plates?

    70-Year-Old Woman Shot During Inglewood Christmas Day Purse Robbery Dies; Female Suspect Still at Large

  29. Daniel says:

    Modern-day israel as everyone should know is the devils modern day wrench thrown into the White Adamic Christian Bible and is the deceitful way of confusion because Christ God even said that the jews / ancient and modern AKA… ” The Pharisees ” then know as… ” you are from your father the devil and do his deeds, he’s a liar and the father of it ” Who would believe in Jewish fables ” TITUS kjv. Christ was charged, tried, judged, convicted, then brutely crucified on demand and ORDER from jew Christ deniers from the seed line of satan from the Adulterous unholy sexual matrimony in the Garden Of Eden at the tree of good / evil DIVERSITY……

    Christ Gods seat I believe will be right here in the UNITED STATES OF CHRISTENDOM AMERICA ..THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST GOD When the NEW jer-USA- lem is brought down from the heavens where all Christ Gods Adamic Christian kindreds will reside in a NEW Garden Of Eden.SIN FREE OF COURSE.

    Why would Christ want to reside where he was brutely murdered and crucified and humiliated/mocked spit on, ignored, blamed, accused, called racist, etc.. etc.. in modern day/ancient israel where squatters reside today????

    ChristGod already has made an ARK covenant with AMERICA !

    Look for Mt Nebo the Mountain God sent Moses to from the plains of ” Nimrod Moses travelled to Mt Nebo according to the Bible.

    Locate Mt Nebo>>>> NOTICE>>> all the surrounding cities surrounding Mt Nebo!

    There you will discover the 12 tribes of Israel names…. I see London, Paris, many others.

    Look around some more>>> to the left I see a city called Jer-USA-lem, I see Nimrod to the south in the plains as the story goes in Scriptures with Moses on Mt Nebo.

    I see A city/cities called ” Enola ” Midway, Mayflower, Demark to the east/north, etc. etc. I see cities called Harmony, canan, judea, and even jewlery of the Bible city/towns names …I see cities of Biblical meaning and American history ALL OVER THE ENTIRE REGION!! ARK-an-sass The ark covenant !!! Christendom seat!!!


  30. I wish that people would get the gist of what is really happening here..

    ISIS is a FRAUD, PERIOD, END OF STORY… It is a US/Israel creation and has been run, funded, and uses US CIA operatives and Israeli Mossad agents as their main force..

    This “beheading” in Morocco is basically more fear porn, and gives the strong possibility that since the US/Israel has failed in Syria with using “ISIS” there, they are taking their dog and pony show to other nations, and very possibly Morocco, to stir up trouble and create the illusion that “ISIS is everywhere, and needs to be tackled”….

    There is a strong possibility that since the US has failed in turning Syria into one of their puppets and to have it dismembered for the sicko Jewish freak slime Greater Israel project, that they are wanting to target nations such as Morocco now…

  31. Arctic Circle says:

    A search on all search engines for “where there is less niggers in America?” returns no results.

    A search on all search engines for “where there is less blacks in America?” returns no results.

    Both, jews and niggers, are now energetically doing everything to hide the real number of their overpopulation in America, including applying financial pressure on Census to provide misleading and wrong demographic statistics.

    The two main search engines google and bing are both owned by the jews so they remove any results which may contain on the real information about where there are less niggers in America?

    It is not fair! But then Bill Gates says that “The life is not fair”. I disagree. That is the jews, rich pigs, and the fucking niggers who are not fair.

    • Arctic Cirle says:

      Here, for example, a black website which provides the black stats about the blacks with the numbers intentionally lessened in magnitude of 5:


      Niggers and up to no good, but the white niggers lovers (for money) are even worse than jew themselves selling fellow whites for 30 pieces of shit of silver to the dangerous niggers and hostile jews. Not good not good at all.

      The number one on this list are the 1) political correctness, 2) law enforcement 3) media, public and private sectors administration.

      I can not find reliable info on the list of the cities where there is less niggers in North Dakota and Minnesota?

      Grimm shit dark shit.

  32. Arctic Circle says:

    Where there is less niggers in Minnesota or North Dakota, and at the same time access to work and companies, available river foretasted area to swim in the summer with a free parking car parking, and 0 niggers, and no harassment from police?

  33. Red Pill says:


    Report claims fraud in Frenchwoman’s ‘oldest-ever’ world record

    Moscow (AFP) – A record held by a Frenchwoman as the world’s longest living person could be fraudulent and involve an identity swap, Russian researchers have claimed in a report that has sparked widespread controversy.

    Do not open and view as you will see a 99 year old jewish hag


  34. Arch Stanton says:

    Jews hoisted on their own petard.

    The fallout over whether Jews are White or not continues. NOW and Planned Parenthood have taken opposite sides. Both have Jewish leadership but PP apparently prefer aborting minority children to sneering at POCs, unlike NOW.

    One of the most important considerations if Jews are white, therefore racists, is whether they can continue to lead almost all the minority organizations: for example, Palestine Solidarity Committee, NAACP, Black Lives Matter, National Council for La Raza, MALDEF, etc., all have Jewish leadership. The same ethnic-conflict led to the rise of the Jewish Defense League (JDL): New York City public schools had a vast majority of Black and Hispanic school kids, and almost all teachers were Jews. Rather than surrender a single job to the Blacks and Hisps, Jewish teachers backed the JDL which beat up the minority parents who wanted minority teachers. And here, 50 years later, those jobs are still held by Jews.

    A similar conflict is raging in the Labour Party in Britain. Long dominated by Jews, Muslims with more votes and more money are trying to push the Jews aside. The Jews have the media and accusations of anti-semitism to defend their control of the party. But more Muslim voters march across the border every day….


    I have long maintained Jews are stupid. The Jews much vaunted genius is merely self-aggrandizing, Jew hyperbole. Now I am beginning to rethink this claim. It’s not stupidity, but genetic programming. Parasites simply cannot help themselves in pursuing their destructive actions against the host. Parasites are driven by genetic predisposition to destroy the host, invariably doing so at their own expense.

    Were this not the case Jews would look really stupid at this point, as the end result of their Negro racial agenda and “Muslim” immigration should have been obvious from the beginning. Jews have long hidden behind white skin, but now their chameleon act is coming back to bite them.

    Jews are not white, however they obviously cannot convince the mud races, now elevated to the status of racial gods, of this fact. The Jews’ worst nightmare would be for the mud races to wake up to the Jews’ manipulative nature and realize they are merely Jew tools that will be eliminated just like whites, after Jews finish using them.

    However, mud people are not that bright, but the effect is quite the same when Jews have to face the very hatred for whites they have programmed into the mud races. The real danger for Jews is that the mud people will begin noticing those “white” people running their organizations all have the same racial background and it ain’t white, but “Semtic.” Should that happen, the Jew jig will finally be up.

    White people should capitalize on this development by joining with Jews in pointing out to everyone, especially the mud races, that while Jews may appear white, they are not. If this can be accomplished, it won’t be long before they start noticing it is not whites, but Jews in the positions of power fomenting and controlling their misery.

    Thus, it’s not stupidity, but programming. For millennia, the murderous, parasitical, psychopathy of the Jews’ horrid blood rituals have resulted in genetically inbreeding those traits into the race; every Jew has these genes. Jews are not white, Jews are Jews. Show me a white or otherwise non-Jew that has contracted Tay Sachs disease. This is why, as a race, Jews must be completely eliminated from the planet if humanity is to survive.

    Jews have been saying it from the beginning, to wit – “It’s either you or us, one of cannot, and will not, survive because we Jews cannot, will not, live with other races; especially those rejecting enslavement by Jews.

    • Gene says:

      Interesting comment and well thought out. Thanks Arch

    • Daniel says:


      Jews are infected with the nigger DNA blood from Gen ch 3. Satan is, therefore, their god, and while on earth they surely do their godly from their HELL father’s deeds. NEVER EVER witnessed or heard, or seen anyone claiming jew write on paper/forums/books/magazines/blogs/ etc.. etc.. the word GOD in full. Its NOT in their DNA or genes to do it. And not just that, again, the jew do the deeds of their HELL father Satan…and Satan would never write GOD in full. But again, the lying jew’s got the dumbfounded yesteryear Christians in doped up euphoria saying the reason they don’t write God is to not offend….BUNCH OF GARBAGE to hide the fact they are the seedline blood related to Satan without the ability to write it out in full.

      Jews are Eve white lady white outside….but FULL NIGGER INSIDE EVERY BIT, and most put off a smell like a nigger. Most live in inner cities around every American city across this land next to their DNA brothers of horror the nigger ape beasts to blood suck the white Government, to plunder, to get nosey, to fornicate, etc. etc.. all that a nigger will do, a jew will do except kill on the streets because a jew is a yellowbelly in the real world that acts faggish in front of their inner-city nigger brothers in an effort to not get the snot kicked out of them, beat, raped, or robbed.

      Jews are the nigger’s bitches out on the inner streets.

      A jew is not white in full. NO SIR !!

      • Daniel says:

        Lastly, ” Birds of feather……will always flock together ”

        the jew, the nigger= BEASTS!= Same nigger blood from the dirty nasty Adulterous affair resulting in EVIL, JEALOUS Cain who slain his brother from covetous jealousy of WHITE ABEL/Brother.

        Both the jew and the nigger’s vote/support anti-Christ agendas and belong to the liberal Anti-Bible, Anti-constitution, Anti-white, democRAT ungodly and twisted political party, both groups are dwelling with each other in the downtown districts close to the money grabs and the coddlers in the Government and brainjerked citizens that don’t see the jew/nigger for the ungodly and against the white Christians that they are, hell, whites in general., both groups love to kill babies born,conceived, ready to breath, so on.. Both the jew and the typical nigger are blood thirsty money lovers that will cheat, lie, steal, and YES, KILL for in their videos, music/t.v, papers, movies made by the jews you can obviously see their love and bragging about it and shoving it in human society’s faces. One dark skin nigger brother makes the lusting, murdering, raping, money display in every nigger rap video there is video. And one white skin nigger DNA blooded jew money hungry/loving/lusting brother produces and aires the evil.

        The jew and niggers work hand in hand in their plotted mission controlled and ordered by their father and commander to destroy and corrupt and nasty up America and Europe which is ( or was until the tribulation started and the non-white invasions of white countries by the non-whites of the world allowed, and controlled by their white nigger jew brothers ) mainly white Christians in white Christian lands…LOOK AROUND, FIGURE IT OUT.

        There is also a big giant deceiving game going on with Satan and his minions the nigger white jew and the nigger beasts of the field AND COHORTS the Muslim sand niggers Anti-Christ’s sharia lawlessness in the plotted destruction of white founded Christian based Europe/America’s.

        The jew world controlled and owned news media MSM who only will hire and fire owned slaved workers made to give an illusion that the white nigger jew brother and the black nigger beasts sand nigger brothers from the same bloodline are at some hardcore differences and are at this huge war with each other. JEW FABLES AND LIES/DECIET..Fox news right up in there with a jew owner!! Its all a big illusion folks…its the white Christians being persecuted and hated by the world PERIOD!

        Jew/sand nigger muslim/city ghetto niggers Europe/America’s….Hey EVERYONE, as Christ God has surely given me the spirit of GREAT WISDOM and visions to share to all that they all are Anti-Christ Anti-America, Anti-White, Anti-Jesus etc.. coming up against Christ Gods chosen peoples of the Adamic white race in purity praising and serving their Christ God the ETERNAL.

        EZEKIEL 38, 39!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Daniel says:

        There is a difference between a nigger and a dark skin Christian known as negroes or to put it 50x more politically correct ” African American ”

        Blacks must come to the knowledge and understanding that ( Nothing personal ) White Christians are Christ Gods Elect ( some ) and the white Adamic peoples are from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob seedline in general ( FULL BLOODED ADAMIC WHITES, NOT NIGGER JEW WHITE DISCUSSED EARLIER )

        Black struggling Christians must accept their LOT in life instead of daydreaming and pushing for a WAKANDA!! That’s the only way to be ADOPTED into the White Adamic Christian Holy Saint Family of the Living ChristGod the Eternal.

        JONAH CH 3 vs 8 ” But let man ( Adamic white ) and Beast ( negroes ) be covered in clothes, and lift their HANDS, cry mightily unto God ”

        Nigger= a nappy headed street ghetto, killing, drug sorcery/delivery of the devils candy, raping, cruel-hearted, money loving, Anti-white, Anti-Christ, Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, snake-headed, low pants wearing, trash/blasphemy talking etc.. anyone falling here is a Luciferian nigger. GET IT, A NIGGER. Just to be fair and to classify a nigger from a black skin Christian folks whom accepted their LOTS in life compared to the white Adamic race as being a chosen blessed breed.

        Big difference between a nigger and a black skin brother/sister in Christ God not on the same level as their cohorts of the evil but of the same skin tone.

        But ALL blacks, be it Christian, nigger, or what have you are ” BEASTS OF THE FIELDS ” And Christ God blessed it, and said it was GOOD! Live with it…….

  35. Gene says:

    Too Many Dysfunctional Muzzies & Negroes. Too Many Dysfunctional Whites

    These girls are way too dysfunctional. The Jew brainwashing is having a devastating effect.

    Jan. 2, 2019

    Ever notice how many dysfunctional people there are in the U.S. these days? Some folks act like they just don’t know how to conduct themselves or just don’t care at all about their conduct and they just pretty much do anything they want to do. It gets tiresome dealing with these dysfunctional people who obstinately refuse to observe some basic courtesies.

    One problem with dysfunctional people is they often don’t care about or respect property or property rights. They just leave their damn cars wherever they happen to land and turn off the ignition, I guess. Take for example this neighbor of mine who lives in the home next door where a woman was murdered a few years ago when I was on the road. A kid from that property told me years ago, “my daddy works for the Army”. I don’t know if the Army people are still there or not, but up until recently some real assholes have hogged my driveway for themselves and I had to get on them about that. I was nice enough to tell them if you must drive through here please don’t stop on the driveway and park as I may need to get an ambulance in here, etc., and don’t block it. They like to use my drive instead of their own because it is closer to part of their back yard. I told them once, “I don’t use your driveway”.

    dysfunctional neighbors
    What a way to start a New Year. A guy was killed near here recently over an argument about furniture trash in the alley. A father and son reportedly shot him after he put his weapon down and killed him so they are now charged with murder, the result of dysfunctional people. The victim’s common-law wife filmed the whole thing on a cellphone.
    Men who allegedly shot neighbor in mattress dispute arrested — again — after video surfaces
    This is really pitiful. If people would just do, basically, what they are supposed to do this kind of stuff would not happen. Now you see why so many people say they don’t want any neighbors! They’re just too damn dysfunctional and don’t consider others.

    That is my driveway in the picture. Usually when I have this problem their vehicle completely blocks my drive.

    It would not be so critical if there was another ingress and egress, you know, so you’d think they would observe some basic courtesy, but no, they have to selfishly park on my driveway, no consideration at all. Here is a photo taken today of my asshole neighbor’s white SUV partially blocking my driveway again. An ambulance or my relatives would have to try and squeeze between that tree and the S.U.V. to get through. The only way to remedy this situation is to fence off this area to keep people from driving through here. I am already engaged in fencing projects that involve concrete fences and don’t have time for that, but I will have to fence it off because the asshole dysfunctional neighbors have forced me to. What a bunch of Army assholes!
    dysfunctional people SUV closeup



  36. protocolsRtrue says:

    Hey chucky jewmers. Hey nanci pisslousies. We don’t need no stinkin’ border security. We don’t need no background checks or stupid ass passports. These are ALL bgreat people undocumented workers.. until they commit crimes that could have been prevented up to and including murdering police officers after being deported multiple times. Oh wait Pelosi is from califaggia also. Speaking of califaggia… Can you believe this shit? Happy 2019 America California is the newest state to allow a third choice on their drivers licenses male or female or non-binary. Progressives. Gotta love em. Sanctuary shitties. Gotta love them. Stop paying for this Marxist comie Bolshevik jewish lefty libtard non-sence white working taxpayers. Stop paying for your own destruction and the destruction of your own country. Fuck the federalmeansjewish.gov and their scumbag coward traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agents tough boys and girls protocol 1 paragraph 3 israil firster disciples .

    Quit paying for your own destruction white people. Stop feeding them and housing them and giving them free medical care and sailfones paying them to fuck for more niglets reproduce like parasitic jews and rats stupid-ass low iq retarded jew pet niggers taxpayer government welfare dependent dedicated communist democrat Marxist commie Bolshevik jew demoncRAT voters. Just stop paying the jews and their stupid ass low IQ retarded pet niggers. Stop paying for your own destruction white people. Have I repeated myself enough yet? Have I not tried to drive this point home enough yet? I’ve paid MY dues and had the erection holder and crew spent a whole lot of taxpayer funded time and effort and resources to destroy MY life and livelihood.


    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Congratulations scumbag cowards traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agents tough boys and girls. You made it to protocol 1 paragraph 3. You have become the enforcers of the first sentence because jews saw you coming in the second sentence.

      3. It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorisation, and not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men (and women scumbag cowards traitors committing treason pieces of shit zog agents) who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare.

      protocols of the learned elders (lying scumbag jews) of zion

      https://biblebelievers.org.au/przion1.htm#TABLE OF CONTENTS

  37. Anna says:

    We must send all stupid feminists and lovers of multiculturalism to Morocco.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      …send them multiculturalists, nigger lovers, and overly emancipated feminists to Mars to feed the fish there ….

      Scum netting nigger-lovers, instigating wet-vagainas to write sexual harassment complaints against us.

      Boobs are nice. Sometimes, however, the boobs are funny. Sometimes they jumpy, up and down, up and down.

      All my life I have being looking at them those boobs.

      A fucking nigger called me a bad word: racist bitch fagget.

      Then the fucking white bitch send me email forcibly inviting to discuss a sexual harassment complain filed and signed by six girls against me. And the fucking white bitch spoke to me with the half of her face constantly being scorching in a nerve tic. I asked how come such a coincidence that all of them wrote the complaints? She said that one (the nice one) wrote the complaint, and then the white bitch went to gather information and all of them said that I am looking at the boobs. I said that the when the boobs are too big it is funny, and when the boobs are to small it is also funny.

      This is a fucking roller coaster in the fucking Zoo.

      Fucking zoo!

  38. protocolsRtrue says:

    January 04

    The euro debuts

    On this day in 1999, for the first time since Charlemagne’s reign in the ninth century, Europe is united with a common currency when the “euro” debuts as a financial unit in corporate and investment markets. Eleven European Union (EU) nations (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain), representing some 290 million people, launched the currency in the hopes of increasing European integration and economic growth. Closing at a robust 1.17 U.S. dollars on its first day, the euro promised to give the dollar a run for its money in the new global economy. Euro cash, decorated with architectural images, symbols of European unity and member-state motifs, went into circulation on January 1, 2002, replacing the Austrian schilling, Belgian franc, Finnish markka, French franc, German mark, Italian lira, Irish punt, Luxembourg franc, Netherlands guilder, Portugal escudo and Spanish peseta. A number of territories and non-EU nations including Monaco and Vatican City also adopted the euro.
    And now the protocol. protocol 10 paragraph 4 … differences of coinages… Also note removing frontiers (boundaries/borders) and forced integration condemning nationalism. Now you know why the shumers and shiffs and cardins and fienstiens and nagels and cohens and golds and silvers and steins and bergs are so opposed to America securing our borders. But ask a lying hypocrite scumbag bastard son of a whore jew about israils border walls and fences and armed military guards and they say it’s different for israil. jews are special. jews are Gods CHOSEN people. Now if that aint jew supremacy I don’t know WHAT is. And of course it’s the hypocrite jews that go around spouting the shit out of their lie-holes about white supremacy bullshit. Coming from a jewboys mouth? That’s laughable. Get lost jewboy and jewgirl punks.

  39. S O G says:

    I see we still have the old revival hour on here …\
    banjo man dont bother with these pious cats ..
    they dont listen they are like communists in their mindless lockstep march to run over all the readres on here …
    take your fuckin religious horse shit and get the fuck off of here you assholes ..
    no one gives a fuck what you say here ,only you do ..\
    in other words go fuck your selves ..\
    banjo billy got more sense in his little finger than yall’do in your shrivveled slave minds ..
    fact #1 #2#3
    you nuts chase people aff here …..they go …they dont come here anymore …whats your goaL ,? to chaes people away …..this is te fruit of your activities here …
    we keep tellin these lunatics to quit sliding the forum here but the dont stop ..
    either you read their shit for entertainment or pass over em …hey yeah the passover man ..omg !!! wow !! lets discuss that fuckin hoax for a month ….lo fuckin l

    • Daniel says:

      And who are you, your title and job on this forum, and why do you sound like a drunken fool and post on this open forum. Incogman has a whole section of many subjects about religion.

      And BTW….you are on a forum to bash about the jew……..and a jew is a RELIGION YOU IDIOT, NOT a race. Its a choice to deny ChristGod and be called a jew. HELLO!!!

      Perhaps you are a very lost minded one and in need of an atheist or beer drinking venting forum instead of being an intruder on a religious forum like this. You are all backwards, get out of our religious anti-jew forum.

      • Elwood Druppers says:

        Jews are also a race. If you think not, then explain Tay-Sachs. Or the prevalence of Crohn’s among the (mostly atheistic) “practitioners of judaism”. Their predilection for pedophilia is also likely genetically based.

      • Red Pill says:

        Elwood Druppers says:
        January 5, 2019 at 9:16 pm
        you will find they are inbred thru the generations that resulted
        in the disorders they poses as an ethnic group
        they are neither a race nor a religion.
        jews always lie, the truth does not reside with the jews.
        and don’t capitalize the “j” in jews around here.

      • Matt says:

        Elwood Druppers,

        You’re right. Don’t listen to Red Pill, he just makes up this stuff up as he goes along, and doesn’t seam to know there’s a right way and a wrong way. Red Pill doesn’t know the bible.

        The bible has long genealogies that relate to the 12 sons of Jacob, later called Israel. The Jews are made up of the tribes of Benjamin and Judah, two of the sons. The Jews lived in the southern Kingdom of Judah in the bible, hence the term Jew. It doesn’t apply to the other 10 destroyed tribes.

        The Jews are a race that has a religious type belief that they’re God’s chosen people, and superior to all other forms of human life. And that it’s their divine destiny to genocide the white European races, and enslave humanity, while the Jew sits on the top.

        Of course, we know the Jews are the children of Satan, who will not escape the damnation of hell.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      The Open Letter to Vatican:

      Every decent white person must be also a good Christian. I am a Christian. Thus, when I criticize Vatican, Lutherans, and orthodox, I criticize the church administration, not our religion. I am trying to find the text of the book somebody wrote in 1947 or 1957 “I spit on Vatican”. What an interesting argument would it be to read.

      The church is completely unaccountable and out of hand. They talk about those flimsy issues (no one cares about such as niggers abortion, and sex equality) instead of standing up toll for what is right. And What is Right? ICM is.

      Vatican sends lengthy, almost nonsensical responses to the jews dominated and jews enfestated UN. UN is highly regarded in the world by all rich pig-faced capitalists for being its role of the czar of all third world countries.

      Sometimes, UN, among other organizations, writes critique about Popes, who have became outlandish, and amass jewelries, and wealth which is not put to use to wage the Great White Crusade!

      The Vatican then responds with almost ineligible mumbling such as for example: they said that the reported betrayed a “…confusion regarding the nature of the Holy See.”

      The Vatican multiplies absurd issues, such as “the Rights of Child”. We Christians know how to take care of our child and waives. The role, in which the orthodox, Lutheran, and Catholic church is invited is to help to integrate the whites. The rest of it we will take a good care our selves.

      The church, the Vatican has all the time necessary to contemplate and to understand the great harm which is coming from the jews enforcing the niggers on white communities, enforcing sexual harassment lawsuits. The Vatican must understand that this and other white countries became angry because of the forced coexistence with niggers and constantly being underfucked because everyone is afraid to ask if a pussi wants to have a fuck.

      Verdict: Vatican must donate the rubies and gold to the ICM!

      …they can retain some to by themselves a lot of good chunky pussy ….not to sine, but for the sake not be tempted by something bad … like ass

  40. Arctic Circle says:

    Yes, jews are totally both:

    (1) race, and
    (2) religion.

    There may be no argument about this subject. However there is a huge argument which is going on for decades. This aregument is the result of the organized effort of jews to disappear from the Census. The jews are pressing that they are not race. The Jews are race. The jews say that they are not race only because they are now secretly overpopulating America and remain undetected and not on the Census.

    People united against poisonous Jewish Banking Hydra and Financial Control to make America great again!

    • Daniel says:


      Anyone can be a jew, hell, if Sammy Davis jr can convert and be called, a jew and go from backburner on Christ Gods list as a Christian to TOP SEAT CHOSEN ONE Christ-denying and avoiding one that calls its self a jew overnight. ALL just by giving up Christ, denying his Trinity and faith and the Abraham covenant to go with it. Just deny Christ and be the chosen religion and peoples with it which are the jews that our Christ God loves to death and has chosen to be a special people. All the while leaving the Christian FAITH believing humble peoples to suffer in humiliation. RIDDICCULACE!!!

      jews are not the chosen race because they are not a race!!

      jew is NOT a race OF PEOPLES PERIOD!! To say otherwise makes you look like a FOOL.

      That’s like saying Christians are a race of peoples only……..

      No one s born a Christian ( unless born again into Christ through baptism ), no one born Buddhist, no one born, gay, no one born with a vagina and a penis, no one born tranny, no one born a killer, no one born a rapest..NO ONE BORN A CHRIST DENIER, NO ONE BORN A JEW! They do lie!! REVELATION CH 3

      • Arctic Circle says:


        If the jews is not race, as you advise, then your statement agrees with what jews themselves say. I asked couple of jews. They say that they are not race.

        Many people believe that jews and arabs is the same blood and the same race.

        In any case how do you see the jews on the census. If they are not on the census they are secretly multiplying in America, while keep repeating in all the sourced that the total total population of Jews in America is 6 million and 13 million of niggers, and some 43 million of Hispanic.

        But that is totally incorrect. The total population of colored is greatly exceeds whites, even though they say that more than 50% of colored will be in 2020. No.

        In 2000 number of nigglets born were 50% of all piglets born.

      • Daniel says:


        You give them sly cruel demon gods more credit then they deserve. They say they are not a race because they knew they would have their foes disagreeing with them just to do it. They knew you and many like you would probably say to the jew ” no, you are a race ” boasting their EGO

        Them some sly dog evil jew and will play the reverse devils advocate in a jew york minute

      • Joe Btfsplk says:

        To be a jew is to have a jewish mother.

        That is jew law.

  41. damocles says:

    compare this site 5-6-7-8-9- years ago to now …..lol wwoooooow…
    none of you mother fuckin delusional idiots would have been allwoed to comment anymore …cog wooda spammed you immediately ..
    daniel you live in your grammies basement right ….
    and you are foolish enuff to think more than 1 or 2 idiots read yerr bullshit …..
    i’ll bet yer a fag or effeminate ….i got a whole lot of new respect for redpill after scanong over your mental asylum drivel ….f u c k yooooooooooo…
    at least matt has a modicum of humility …..im not nice anymore …i am going to call it as i see it ….i’ll be the one to get spammed here no doubt as there is no justice anywhaere anymore …
    by the way daniel ferry i dont drink …from your comments id say you hit the scotch pretty hard before you step up onto your fuckin mile high podium here ….lol..
    im enjoying this ……
    yeah so scarlett is another pseudo moron intellect …er isnt that an oxymoron …
    cant for the life of me understand her desperate jibberish …
    fucking bite me …

    • Daniel says:




    • Arctic Circle says:

      damocles January 6, 2019 at 5:13 am

      even though you come across as icu, this one your post is more in the barney’s spirit.

      If nothing is right here, as you stated, you correct us.

      You do not come here simply to say that everybody is bad. Instead, you state what is right.

      Lastly, this sight generates a quarter million clicks every day. The fucking whois.com click-statistics are done by the fucking jews who decrease the results drastically.

      Are you for niggers abortion or against it?

  42. S O G says:

    matt you do know about the sucession from the upper kingdom by judah benjamin some asaronites and leevites …
    and also n one was called a jew till 1860…
    there were in actuality 14 tribes wher 2 were retired for 2 new ones …allegedly …
    jacob changed his name to israel and had children throo gentile women ,4 of em ..
    the wjole semite thin g is bullshit as well /..
    you do knwo about the saasyrian captivity and then the babylonian captivity ..
    and why the tribes of judah and etc broke away from the other 10 …..because they were involved with race mixing and idolotry etc ….everyday shit …
    matt you can study the israelite scum past it is helpful to gain thiese half truths as they are unprovable anyway ….
    the sdhitty little vassal kingdom of parasitical israelites were surrounded by 6-7 kingdoms of real substance and civilization ….
    this is why no one should discuss religious matters here …no one agrees and it becomes messy …..

    • Daniel says:

      We Christians call it planting a seed. We discuss it, advise it, and tell the great news about Christ God. If the seed sprouts to grow to something beautiful and glory full and in your favour…that we as a SERVENT for ChristGod has done our works here on earth. after all, FAITH IN CHRIST ALONE WILL NOT EARN ONE INTO HEAVEN. ChristGod wants to see his elects works, and therefore expects his Children in Faith to bring forth their works also with them to please their Christ God the Everlasting.

      Why do we have FIRST AMENDMENT haters that demand people to shut up about a topic like s.og and democles, etc…


    • Matt says:


      I actually believe the bible is true, I understand not everybody does. With people like Daniel and Red Pill it can become messy because they’re so sloppy and ignorant in their assertions. Satan in them is fighting the truth.

      One of the big footholds the Jews have had is in deceived zio-Christians, the same people the Jews ultimately plan on exterminating. There’re tens millions of these people. If you can wake up these deceived masses up, then it will lead to the end of Jew control.

      Christians need to know, that the Jews are not God’s chosen, but instead the murdering and lying children of Satan.

  43. S O G says:

    so matt you fucking defending jews now …
    red pill is right ….
    jews arent anything …not a race or single religion ..
    they study the books of the vile talmud …
    ashklanazzi sephardic asiatic neanderthalic noerth african ,chinese etc …jews also emigrated to mexico in 1542 in large numbers ….as sephardics and other mixes ..
    they are a global consolidated group of people bonded together by love of money and power ..communism is the enforcement arm of the talmud ….judaeism is the pseudo montheist self as god and athiest expression of the talmud ..
    todays jews are more mongrelized and mixed than the gentiles they condemn ..
    the old testament condemns misceganation …

    • Matt says:

      SOG, where did I defended the Jews?

      I don’t really care, you can believe what you want about who the Jews are.

      • Red Pill says:

        Matt, i am sorry to inform you that the jews were not
        of the tribe of Judah they are infiltrators, Edomites like Judas
        it started with Judah him self, marring into the edomites just as Jachob’s brother Essau did.
        you have to follow the bloodline to know the truth.
        in the bible it’s called the key of David, if you don’t have that key, you will never know and have to rely on some one else’s information.

      • Daniel says:


        If you are in tune with Arctic , its no wonder you seem lost with wisdom. You may have the faith…IDK..but you lack a whole lot of much-needed wisdom of truth Biblically on who we are, what the other races are etc..etc..

        Being remotely interested in his rants of Anti-Christian values and his ungodly approach towards Christian religion tells me a lot about who you are, and your level of IQ and it seems as if religious talk scares the living hell out him/her.

        His/her misunderstanding and confusion about how the jew, their hatred towards the white Christians as to why they do the things they do evil and their hatred towards white Christian men that resemble Christ God in his racial image as the Adamic race is concerned, and so through the Adamic race was Christ born..

        Lack of wisdom, high on the juice, Low IQ or blinded by the light or all three Arctic, damocles display them all not understanding that it ALL CONNECTS RELIGIOUSLY and talking about it can’t be avoided unless you are just going through the motions bla bla bla…..

        Concerned about his thoughts as it applies about you tells me that the old saying goes ” Birds of a feather WILL flock together ”

        BE CAREFUL……

  44. S O G says:

    i may have misread something you wrote mat ….no hard fee=lings aight ..?
    alleged israelites …fihghting amonst thenselves as they were not allowed to scam the neighboring kingdoms yet and they knew how the land was taken from caananites ..
    same way palestinian soverign land was taken from them by mongrelized non semitic multi racial so called jews /////”jews” are so racially mixed that it is nearly impossible to find organ donors for tem which is why they resort to guttin g palestinians in the negev special organ harvesting hospital there …
    jews then wre or tribe names …azllgedly …god was done with the stinking zelights and tossed them out of what wasa left of pathertic izlite kingdom …..a pathetic nation of cmale fuckers …
    there ARE NO 1/16 0r 1/1000 semiters left ….
    in levitiacal m osaic law race mixing was verbotten VERBOTTEN …
    like the racial laws in todays stolen land of palestine the interlopers just tossed oou 70,000 niggers some went voluntarily some went to concentracione camps till a nice place in america could be found …
    they paid the volunteers to leave …
    neggers be gone …
    and now jewscum males are not allowed to marry ashkanazzi light skinned blonde blue eyed women cus the separdic whiores were getting passedover …
    heh heh heh ..
    i remember the ringworm scandal in izreal in the 50’s ……seps were pouring in to israel and the reeigning ashkenazzi scum considered sephs niggers and refused to let them go to ther schools like the niggers …
    israel,has hegemony over racial direction and i another 1000 yeasr they will be a real race of mixed meat i spose …
    the seprdic ringwork chirrens were treated to summer camp and 70,000 x X-rays to their skulls t kill ringworm …..ok you guessed …they didnt have ringeorm and if they did there is a=other medicine that doesnt kill 100,000 children ..aka kike spawns ..
    hmmmm lol …dufuq ??
    I hope russia drops a nuke on israel so thats how i realy feel …asap ..sooner than later ..
    AC lo0l what dod your questio go …do i like niggers or abortion …..answer ..they should sterilize all niggers at birth …how was the answer ..
    what a woman does with her body is between her and her god …
    for hydro cephalus yes and rape yes absolutge aborition ….
    who cares what i think anyway …
    redpill has had a personal visit from the authoir of time and eternity…he was in jail 32 years ago i recall and god came to him and performed a mightry work in his presence …
    ive seen friends of mine have powerful events of divine nature occur …great and terrible events placed int their life …the miraculous outcomes …ive seen seriuos miracles as well that saved my life a few times and recently …
    i knew a family whos son smuggled bibles into soviet union for which was death penalyty ..
    the kgb was paying jewish punks to g in to the woods in russia and find secret christian worship meetings and kill them ….child warriors ..the commies would get em drunk ad send them out ….seen all te pictures brought back of the dead ..
    met a aman who spent 14 years in romanian prison tortured everyday for christ for preaching the gospel in public churches in commun ist controlled romania back in the 60’s ………….
    Im not ignorant about mucxh …just cant type for shit …
    someone excoriated me for saying go trump …
    hes surrounded by jews …we all are ..
    women in poarticular strike me as odd to say that as they wear jewish produced makeup ,lipstick,underwear panties ,bras ,shoes ,pants …newspapers ,computers .starbucks cofees is owned by a kike named schultz who rewards idf soldiers who shoot pally children with rewards and presents ..jew owned
    what isnt …hollywood ,music ,magazines ,news ,teevee talmudvi-zion etc ..
    hey AC stop trying to guess who everyone os and figure out who you are …
    the religious drivel on here has taken over like an infection ..
    i will not post anymore religius inclusion …
    nor will i read it …
    this site needs cleanin up …..daniel is a psyco …dangerously unstable im sure ..

    • Daniel says:

      Your dream of Russia dropping a nuke on israel is just that……a dream. Why would jew anti-Christ communist nation drop a bomb on their fellow brothers in Judaism and communism and their partners in the antiChrist world? That’s like you going to your brother’s house to burn it down while he sleeps inside. If anything that nuke would be for free Christiandom America…………..

      You are very lost in your own mind sir, you can’t write, spell, ( I can’t either but I don’t write and talk like I’m in the third grade either now). And your attitude signals you are either a real old man/woman like in their 80’s 90’s because thats when they become vile in their attitude by nature and no fault of theirs…thats just old age happening, or you are not American and you are actually a non-white turd worlder pretending in your unbiblical knowledge.

      Its hard to find anyone to disagree with on this forum because we ALL HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON AT LEAST…WE CAN’T STAND THE JEW OR THE NIGGERS. So when I hear folks like you complaining about other folks rants about how they hate the jew or niggers..IT SOMEHOW BOTHERS YOU…AND WHY?????? is what we on this forum would like to know why????

      It really seems like you come here to this forum to talk shit about people who REALLY are concerned about this country and their feelings towards the anti-Christ children of the devil the jews and their partners the niggers. Somehow I also get this feeling that you want it to be JUST you and maybe one or two others on this forum as if you have a major problem with ALL people in General with their rants…..

      Check yourself man, you sound like a loser in trouble with no spouse and no kids, just a lonely twisted old man/woman who hates EVERYBODY……..man you are sounding more closer to the freaking nigger jew than anything you BIG CRYBABY!!


      • Daniel says:


        And God forbid anyone talk truth in Biblical matters relating to the jew and niggers and how religiously this is all connected to the WARNINGS AND TEACHINGS STRAIGHT FROM THE KJV…BIBLE. When the religious talk comes out…….SUDDENLY WE GET AN ATTITUDE and some are now pshco, and we throw temper tantrums in the forums because of TRUTH in Biblical terms SCARING THE DOG SHIT OUT YOU AND OTHERS LIKE YOU.

        Hey everyone……..want to lose this guy……just talk Bible and watch them disappear with a sorry attitude about the board.

      • Arctic Circle says:

        …very very attractive vision … Russia to nuke israel …

        God bless you soul for thinking positively for a change!

        As much as attractive as it is, it sadly will never materialize. The Russia’s top of the cream transition from the perversions of the Russian communism to the much worse now perversions of the Russian capitalism. The capitalism there is far less attractive than it is here, far more criminal, far more brutal, and far less rewarding than it is in the U.S..

        Dark continent is the name of Africa. This name is in use for about 3 centuries. russia, can be called the “Dark Continent” as well for these reasons.

        That bad and corrupt trait of the Russian character, brutality, is now multiplied by the, now, russian all-permitting capitalistic legal system.

        Russia personal and business relations with the God damned scum israel are extensive. Overly extensive to be extinguished.

        The Russian people unique character trait – ability to feel patriotic, meaning to love their land, and ability to act collectively under pressure is probably the only notable.

        Sadly that ability to act collectively under pressure, does not supersede the pressure of the soviet elite transformed into the even more disgusting capitalistic elite.

        Finally, if you want something done do it yourself, if you want to nuke israel …80% of the Israel population and military are descendants from Russia.

        American is a wonderful country, a lot to love about. But the American home grown jews, niggers, and Mexicans are not like any other different races, so fucking poisonous, despiteful, and uncooperative compare to all other nationalities ever populating Russia. Even fucking Muslims, are 1000 times more poisonous here. I do not know why.

        Those nationalities in Russia are to include kasachs, usbecks, buriats, tatars, evenkys, etc. Many of them are muslims. Most of them are cooperative and have positive demeanor toward russian populous. The ukrainians, estonians, latvians, are exception, behaving similarly to niggers here. On the top of hating Russians, ukranian tuds, are exceptionally materialistic crossing into kleptomania: ukranian gov, police, country all is thefts and crooks poo.

        Clearly stating the mission to “nuke israel” is a good example how military doctrine must be. It must be only one military in the world the rest of the world must be disarmed or nuked. Not because they are good people, no. Just because they are bad sinners anyway.

  45. S O G says:

    im not the delusional one decalring i am chisen of god …i dont spell cus i dont care …i remember when scribes spelled things 7 different ways ..any comment there troll ..
    i am nit the one having a temper tantrum …quite the opposite ,i am having fun pushing your false prophet demonic buttons …
    you and scarlett should tie a knot around each others neck ..
    she defends the muslims swho have been killing non christians and christians since 760 ad ….wasnt it vlad tepesh the prince of romania who impaled 30,000 muslim shitstains on the field of battle protecting romania from islamic juhad …..islamics rape and kill in white countries now where they are sent …in middle east they kill coptic believers and take their cildren …muslims killed 9 million in march across europe in early times ad 5 million more christian berbers in north africa …
    there is nothing worth keeping these people alive …..american black muslims are dedicated to killing whites and the bel,tway sniper is proof of white hunting safaris for islamic nation membership …..in the 70’s all over america niggers killed random white people to gain entry into nation of niggers moslems and in the calif bay area it was called the zebra killings …it started in reality in 63 -64 when malcom x ands farrakon parted ways …farrakhon became the over seer of the new nation of islam memebrship protocol….riots are a good way to hide sacrificial killings of whites for gaining memebrship into the naton of islam ….
    there is nothing good anout islam or its adherants …it was north african muslim niggers who proliferated the selling of captive nigger tribal slaves to jews and their shipping companies …
    danny ..you dont know me …basically you are so wrong as to be laughable but you are instead a chronic pest like a flea …
    ypu obviously havent heard of the havaara agfeeement or therreisenstadt where only certain jews were protected by covenants …
    or the ringworm scandal which was jew on jew killing of 100,000 sephardic kids ..
    or maybe your not aware that russia has affiliations with syria which was being invaded by jewish forces more or less ..
    my point is who cares who bombs israel as long as it gets done …….its a dream …its better than the delusional world you exist in ..
    many translations of the bible and revelations shows russia and china involved to wipe out israel …
    aznyway your agenda is constrained and obviously vain and over zelous loaded with half assed half truths ….lol whooo be the psyco now ….angry troll …

    • Matt says:


      Of course, no hard feelings.

      There’s something wrong with a lot of the posters on this site who claim Christianity, they seam bent on attacking people they shouldn’t, with little or no provocation.

      Romans 12:18, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

      These words I try to follow. It does say “if it is possible”, with Jews they’re hell bent on the destruction of the European Christian people, they’re murders and liars, so it’s impossible to live at peace with these sons of Satan.

      Islam has similar goal to the Jew and who likewise puts on a false front. Islam is deadly cancerous disease, and neither should they be tolerated.

      There’s no reason we Christians can’t live at peace with all of European decent. Provided they haven’t sold out to the Jews.

      There’s something wrong with Daniel, I saw one of his recent post where he repeated calling someone a Jew like 20 or 30 times, similar to a 6 year old child screaming in the back ground.

      If Daniel and Red Pill want to claim Christianity, I would exhort them to start acting like disciples or disciplined ones of Christ.

      Colossians 3:8, “But now you must also rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips.”

      Both Daniel and Red Pill have filthy language.

      Ephesians 4:29-32, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

      Philippians 4:5, “Let your gentleness be evident to all.”

      2 Timothy 2:24, “And the Lord’s servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful.”

      Red Pill or Daniel act almost nothing like Christians, Red Pill even goes so far as the talk against God’s word, and they both make stuff up as they go along.

      Talking to RP and Daniel is like talking to two mules in the road, I don’t expect they’ll change, they’ll probably always sloppy hacks.

      • Red Pill says:

        Matt =mainstream religion learned by following others,
        with out any help from the holy spirit.
        Matt has no knowledge of bible history,
        and dosen’t understand the “story” of the bible.
        and only understands verse upon verse,
        which allows him to interpret it from his point of view.

        it’s Matt the rat at his best.

      • Matt says:


        Since you know the bible, why don’t you tell me the verse(s) that justifies your filthy mouth, otherwise it might look like you’re just making more stuff up as you go along?

      • Red Pill says:

        “If Daniel and Red Pill want to claim Christianity, I would exhort them to start acting like disciples or disciplined ones of Christ.”

        i, Red Pill do not claim Christianity, christ insanity, or any
        other forms of religious servitude .
        besides it means something different to each invalid person
        who hears it.

      • Matt says:


        You not being a Christian, explains your behavior.

  46. Matt says:


    I don’t know if Russia will nuke Israel, but the bible says someone will, it says they will come from afar, 10 kings who will hate her, and burn her with fire.

    Her sins have reached to high heaven, and there’s no escaping God’s judgement. Her golden cup in her hand is full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.

    Then the world will have peace.

    I also knew a man in the 70’s, who smuggled bibles into the Soviet Union. He would put a bible on the dashboard and ask God to blind their eyes, and God did.

    • Daniel says:


      AMERICA= The Israel the Bible keeps mentioning and NOT divorced/sinful/anti-Christ modern day israel.

      Once you get that understanding and WISDOM of the truth you will not look so ignorant to Bible Scripture and things will be much clearer. It seems you, like so many other Christians, and or Christians in the struggle just want to hand over the Christiandom American/European and the 10 tribes of Israel kjv Holy Bible right over to the jews whom already have a torah/talmud they serve/worship not the Holy Bible…SHAME SHAME for voluntarily allowing the jews to convince the vulnerable sleepers that everything in the Bible is really for jews because they are the chosen and they go to heaven and they get saved, and this that and the other, and its more for them than anything or anyone else. THAT IS TOTALY RIDDICULACE AND WRONG!

      America= The Ezekiel 38, 39…..THE ATTACK COMES TO AN UNWALLED NATION/CITIES……. Southern Boarder WILL NOT be built or completed or nearly enough done….the United States ENTIRE NORTHERN BOARDERS ARE UNWALLED…… ALASKA HAS NO WALLS/FENCES…Likely an invasion from Alaska…from jew/commie/anti-Christ Russia peninsula up there


      You see Matt, to say modern day israel fits and or qualifies to be the nation an attack is PROPHESIED to happen to an UNWALLED nation/cities is like you either calling ChristGod a lier and or Bible don’t make no sense, Israel would have to tear its walls and fences completely down, this and do it soon to boot…lol, or you just plain lack WISDOM to unlock the message to earn that KEY TO DAVID Matt.

      Start with the man in the mirror Matt before calling RedPill , me ,and other ignorant to ChristGods words.

      It’s understandable you have no knowledge of Ezekiel and can’t even relate it to America…..why is that….My opinion, you can’t even get past the Garden of Eden of the two different creations/forming of mankind and the serpent impregnating Eve…TOTALY BAFFLED…How you going to put the other knowledgable events of the Bible together?? The nerve of you to hypocritically call others un-Christian is also appalling…..



    • Matt says:


      I’m not in total disagreement with you.

      Let me try to explain something, and I hope you can grasp it.

      Colossians 2:17 tells us the old testament is types and shadows of things that were, and are to come, the reality however is found in Jesus Christ.

      The new testament calls the believer, those who’ve accepted Jesus as the “Children of the Promise”, meaning that old testament promises where not made to the kikes, but to those who believe, the true Israel.

      Rev. 11:15 say the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms our lord and savior Jesus Christ. This happens between the second and the third woe.

      At that time, Jesus will set up a kingdom in this world, maybe it is in America, maybe not, only God knows. But I do know, one place where it will not be located, and that’s the modern day Israel, because God will completely destroy it, and the Jews.

      Rev. 11:18 says the nations were angry upon the return of Jesus. They will hate Jesus and his followers, they will come against them, the battle of Armageddon follows.

      Zachariah 11 tells the story of the Jews betraying Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, that were thrown into the temple and put to the potters field. Matthew 27.

      Zachariah 12 tells of the same battle of Armageddon, and how the world comes against the new Jerusalem, the true Israel, that Jesus sets up when he returns.

      As I said before, there’s no lost 10 tribes, God’s kingdom is made up of whosoever believes and accepts Jesus.

      Watch and pray that you’re worthy to escape the horrors and stand before the son of man in his new kingdom. Luke 21:36

      Many who claim Christianity will suffer the horror, because they’re being deceived, and won’t recognize God’s kingdom when they see it.

      • Daniel says:


        America= Also The Mystery Babylon to be destroyed in REVELATION.

        America with Europe running a close second has more Anti-Christ than israel.

        America has more jews than israel has

        And America is a nation of many toungs as talked about in Revelation comparing it to Mystery Babylon to be destroyed AND A NEW KINGDOM, NEW KINGDOM OF GOD IN UNITED STATES OF CHRISTIOANDOM AMERICA.

        STAND UP AND SHOUT AND CELEBRATE MATT! That’s us here in America. Be proud! One thing I have noticed throughout life with Christians is the lack of appreciation and thanks for ChristGod giving us the Faith Believing Christians the BLESSINGS AND THE COVENANT WITH CHRISTGOD THE ETERNAL and getting worse as time gos by.


      • Daniel says:


        ” 10 tribes are those that believe in Jesus” LOL! Come on really, you don’t really believe that do you? That just sounds silly on the forefront.

        NO Matt, the 10 tribes are the white founded Christian nations of Europe/Americas just PLAIN SIMPLE COMMON SENSE FACTS/TRUTH. Of course they were never lost, not to ChristGod anyways…jews through that name/lingo on it to confuse you Matt….you keep allowing the unseen jew to run your mind/heart and soul Matt…don’t let em do that to you.

        STOP BELIEVING FALSE PASTORS NOT PROUD OF THEIR ISRAELITE HERITAGE AND NOT WILLING TO CALL CHRISTIANS THE COVENANT AND AS THE CHOSEN ADAMIC RACE UNDER CHRISTGOD. Ones like you listen to losers on the Esu’s image thinking the Bible is a jew and modern-day desolate/desert locust infested israel bible…….you will never learn the truth that way Matt…just jew fables that your preacher gives them the time of day…how sad it is too.

      • Red Pill says:

        Matt, stop following your brain and the response to the physical.
        you must be born again in the spirit.
        for those that have it’s very apparent to them who don’t have it.
        Matt, your at the point where you come out of the lie the christian church has fallen in. or you go down with it.
        every thing you have been taught is a lie from the beginning
        and just enough to deceive you from the whole truth of the scriptures.

        i spent 60 years on out side the church trying to get in.
        “church” is not found in the bible, it was added by king James
        so he could head the church.

        you can’t join Christ, you must be called out by the holy spirit.
        every one else can “follow” him…

        1 Peter 2:9
        But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;

      • Daniel says:


        What RP is saying is there always was and a growing number of Christian Identity finders that associate their religion to “NON-DENOMINATIONAL AFFILIATION ”

        Reason being is too many churches all over the place with Judeo-Christian beliefs it’s hard to keep up with the amount of infested churches there really are that brag about jews to high heaven while scolding Christians/Christianity/the church at the same time. Wooow, its actually heart-breaking yet sad to keep hearing over and over all your life from tricked preachers not wanting to hurt the anti-Christ jew feeling , instead they play patty cake, dance around Biblical teachings around the glorious jew they adore, and they never touch on end times events or signs etc.. just jew this, jew that….sickening.

        Christian Identity finders are pleased to announce that whenever we leave a sermon on CHRISTIANDOM IDENTITY ADAMIC RACE CHOSEN BLESSED COVENANT TEACHINGS….we feel rejuvenized, refreshed, blessed, and we feel wanted and needed in ChristGods loving hands and covenant. Unlike the other churches kissing jew anti-christ butt and cutting corners in its teachings, when leaving one of those sermons one feels like a vampire covered in blood and how bad of a person that adam man is for his sins…etc…

      • Matt says:


        You say everything I’ve been taught is a lie from the beginning.
        How do know what I’ve been taught? Were you there for the past 50+ years?

        You’re just sloppy RP, saying anything, whether true or not.

        To you all churches are evil, you don’t need the bible, and you’re the righteous one. You’re absolutely delusional.

      • Red Pill says:

        i know what you were taught, (it’s who you are)
        the fruit does not fall far from the tree.
        you are naked and unashamed.(can see thru you)
        you have mastered the false religion. (Babylon)
        but you have no clothes on. (credibility)
        if you can’t understand me,
        then you don’t understand the language of the bible.
        you have built your faith on sandy soil (no foundation)
        you angrily defend your beliefs by blaming other for errors while your own devour you.
        you call your self a christian
        and your are why i am not.

        have a good day, i sure hope you find your way,
        but i don’t think it’s in your DNA.
        your as dumb as a jew.

      • Matt says:


        Again, that’s a pretty elaborate story you’ve spun.

        Now it’s time get back to reality and see what God says.

        In your story America is Babylon, a nation without walls, and modern-day Israel a walled nation. We both agree about the walls.

        God says in Jeremiah 52:58,

        “This is what the LORD Almighty says:
        “Babylon’s thick wall will be leveled
        and her high gates set on fire;
        the peoples exhaust themselves for nothing,
        the nations’ labor is only fuel for the flames.”

        So Babylon has thick walls, which you’ve already admitted America doesn’t, and is instead an unwalled nation. I guess that does away with Babylon being America.

        Your story continues.

        You then assert that America the Babylon will be attacked, and destroyed, and that out of the ashes will arise the new UNITED STATES CHRISTIOANDOM of AMERICA. WOW!

        Again, let’s see what God says, after all he’s the one who decides.

        Jeremiah 51:37,

        “Babylon will be a heap of ruins,
        a haunt of jackals,
        an object of horror and scorn,
        a place where no one lives.”

        Jeremiah 51:61,

        “He said to Seraiah, “When you get to Babylon, see that you read all these words aloud. 62 Then say, ‘LORD, you have said you will destroy this place, so that neither people nor animals will live in it; it will be desolate forever.”

        Huh, “desolate forever”. No way, Daniel told me it’s the new ADAMIC land, what do we do now, without the UNITED STATES CHRISTIOANDOM of AMERICA?

        God say Babylon will be a haunt of Jackals, a place where no one lives, and it will be desolate forever. Daniel, is that part of the plan also? All ADAMIC people turn into Jackals and you all run wild in post-apocalyptic America, living off rodents, and deciding what stray female dogs you eat, and which ones you mate with? Your story is starting to lose a some of its appeal.

        Daniel, God say Babylon will never be lived in again, so doesn’t it again, make your story an impossibility?

        Daniel, then you assert this ADAMIC race is made up of the 10 lost tribes, and we’re all related to the Jews.

        Ezekiel 23 speaks of two prostitute sisters, one being the Jews or Judah, and the other being the northern kingdom of Israel. It says both sisters were evil.

        Ezekiel 23:10,

        “They uncovered her nakedness; they took her sons and her daughters, but they killed her with the sword. Thus she became a byword among women, and they executed judgments on her.”

        It says here that they executed judgment on the 10 tribes, and killed them with the sword. 722 BC, and they’re never heard from again in the bible as a people.

        God will destroy the Jews in like manor.

        This Christian identity movement has been around for a long time, even Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon religion taught it to his followers, almost 200 years ago.

        I’ve heard it all, how we’re the lost 10 tribes, how Jews are the chosen ones, how God is going to reunite the kikes and the lost 10 tribes in the valley of bones (Ezekiel 37), how we’re all going to be one big happy family of kikes. That’s why all the Zio-Christian are willing to murder for the (((children of Satan))).

        Go to your ADAMIC meeting and get your euphoric high, believing you’re a kike’s relative. You’re drinking some form of cult Kool-Aide there.

        Daniel, I don’t expect you to listen to plain English, or God’s written word, I’ve dealt enough with the blind and deceived in my life to know better. Some like to lay in the sewage infested mud like a pig, wallowing and chewing.

        Proverbs 26:12,

        Do you see a person wise in their own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.

      • Matt says:


        As I said before, you’re just a waste.

        Proverbs 23:9,

        “Don’t waste your breath on fools, for they will despise the wisest advice.”

      • J.R. says:

        Quite right Red Pill… the only ones who’ll escape this planet alive are those who’re dead, buried and raised with Christ, as new creatures in Christ… Jesus told the religious jew Nicodemus that “you must be born again to see the kingdom of God”, so it’s not by religion and certainly not by the jews’ religion… it’s an experience that’s only known to the initiated or those who’ve had it, which is why it’s called “a mystery” in the New Testament…

        as you and I and tens of millions of other true Christians know, it’s profound, tangible contact with the Lord by receiving the Holy Ghost, after repentance and simple belief in the biblical Jesus and by using the the protocol of Jesus’ name to get right with God …

        it’s an antithesis of the contact with Satan and his demons that the wicked get, when they stand in black garments in a circle and use the protocol of a pentangle and the names of demons to access the spirit world.. the jews who betrayed and murdered Christ use the pentangle and the names of fallen angels in occult ritual to try to get right with their god Satan and to bring down curses on their enemies and to get power in the secular world from the devil who is of course the god and prince of it in the Bible…

        jews used the occult ritual of the Aramaic fire curse to get rid of Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon… they blindly believed at the time that it was roughly equivalent to the fire that the righteous prophet Elijah had called down from heaven to consume his adversaries… not that i think Rabin and Sharon were the good guys of course…


        “Just before his dastardly Gaza deportation of 10,000 Jews from their homes, ultra-Orthodox Jews invoked the Kabbalistic Pulsa d’Nura (“Lashes of Fire”) curse against its instigator Ariel Sharon, that he should die within the year. As with his predecessor Yitzhak Rabin, who was also so cursed, and was killed one month to the day, Sharon was felled six months to the day of this cursing…”

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpXVt0kQwgY ..

      • Daniel says:


        Lets address one thing at a time.

        Unites States will be the new jer-USA-lem

        Note:***** right after the destruction of Mystery Babylon= AMERICA ( REV 18,19 ) in REV 21: 2 ” And I John saw the Holy City, new Jer-USA-lem, coming down from God out of Heaven…., ”

        Does that satisfy you Matt? What about this one

        REV ch 3: 12 “I will write upon him the name of the city of my God, which is the NEW JER-USA-LEM which cometh down from out of heaven…….. ”

        YES, AMERICA WILL BE THE KINGDOM OD CHRISTGOD …Thanks for playing……..

        Next……….Got news for you Matt…the Babylon you ascertain and or talking about and quoted from Jeremiah is referring to the OLD BABYLON LOCATED IN DESOLATE/DESERTED/SANDBOX AND DUNES IRAQ! That was when it was run by the Moabites under Nimrod ( negro ) rule. IT WAS DESTRCUTED AND WIPED AWAY NEVER TO BE INHABITED AGAIN

        You are correct, ChristGod foretold that it would remain a desolate place……. the last time someone was thinking about rebuilding Iraq Babylon city was Saddam Hussien in the war I was sent to as a US Marine back in 1990-1991 to kick Iraq out of Kuwait when they invaded. Saddam wanted also at that very time in history declared to the whole world that he was about to become the worlds next Nebacannezor and was rebuilding Babylon Iraq. ChristGod would NEVER allow that to materialize, in fact, ChristGod took care of Saddam for that and other things….

        Fast forward to REVELATION ch 18: INTRODUCING THE MYSTERY BABYLON= AMERICA! Different altogether than Iraq Babylon Matt…maybe the same format as how evil, and housing the bad and violent from diversity, supporting queers,, turning from ChristGod, Anti-Bible ways, Liberal policies etc….

        So yea, Matt, let us get on tune with the correct Babylon we are referring to. Your Babylon example refers to the Ancient Nimrod corrupt Babylon…

        Modern-day ” MYSTERY BABYLON ” refers to Americas WOES and her fornication just as ancient Babylon…has nothing to do with WALL and fences…maybe the old Babylon did have walls and gates IM SURE IT DID TOO.

        WISDOM MATT………….

      • Daniel says:


        And here is one for you

        Matt ch 7: 6 : Do not give that which is Holy to the dogs lest they trample on it.

        Do you see you Matt above?

        Its referring to servants of Christ God such as myself and RedPill planting the seed to life and the TRUE WORDS of ChristGod in ones heart/mind/soul……if that person refutes time and time again and even throws insults and then followed through with Blaspheme of sweet ChristGod and his Holy Words………then WE AS SAINTS/SERVENTS should not go any further and refer to Matt 7,6.

        I notice you keep repeating your same insults about waste of time and calling one un-Christian, more importantly like Red Pill said, you keep quoting and living by Bible verses scattered from one end of the King James to the other and concentrating on those scattered verses……..when there is a story in the Bible one after another and it is all connected to the ADAMIC RACIAL CHILDREN OF CHRISTGOD CALLED THEV WHITE ADAMIC CHRISTIANS. The Ancient jews of old broke off to Christians believers in Christ the Messiah as the saviour on Calvary. Those denying Christ remained a jew and continued in their judasim ways………..

        Also, consider Matt PROVERBS 26: 11 ” So as a dog returns to its vomit, so to a fool to his follies ”

        Again, sounding like someone Matt, look in the mirror and stop calling servants fools

  47. Arctic Circle says:

    The American niggers, jews, and muslimes are incomparably more hateful toward to the host populous, than any other races and nations.

    It is weird to observe how much hate an average white person in the U.S., is forced to tolerate, compare to anywhere in the world. The only excuse for American people stand up to that forced coexistence with the dark demonic Mexican and niggers haters is the habit. The people got used to it and learned to tolerate the haters.

  48. Arctic Circle says:

    SOG, ever since I know you … your are becoming a better and better … Not quite yet there …

    A little detail to work on … : ” …i am having fun pushing your false prophet demonic buttons …”

    Get read of that shit. Have a fun by pushing the launch buttons not other posters buttons which you are kinda prone of ….

    Remember that in theory we shell cooperate to address the jewish problem not to decompose each other.

  49. Arctic Circle says:

    The whole article is a good read, here is a part of it…

    The Origins of the Tsar

    The first Russian monarch to claim the title of Tsar was Ivan IV (1530-1584). Tsar was a corruption of the Latin word Caesar. Ivan IV would go down in history with an additional moniker, Ivan the Terrible.

    It was under Ivan IV that the Russian empire first took form. During his long reign, from 1553 to 1584, Russia undertook the conquest of the Khanates of Kazan, Astrakahn and Sibir, a vast territory that stretched from the eastern flanks of the Ural Mountains to the shores of the western Pacific.

    Moscow was transformed into a multi-ethnic, multi-continental state — almost doubling in size to an area that spanned over 1.5 million square miles. From this process would emerge Russia and a Russian empire the third largest in history, stretching from present day Poland to Alaska.

    Ivan’s moniker of “the terrible” was well deserved, as many other Russians he was prone to uncontrollable fits of rage and periods of manic depression that got steadily worse … In one outburst, he killed his son …

    Increasingly paranoid, he ordered the death of many of the nobility whom he suspected were plotting against him. The violent cruelty of the attack and the scale of the casualties made the incident the most brutal in the long, bloody history of Russia.

    The term tsar, we must delve into Russia’s perspective on the ideal character traits of a good tsar.

    Tsar expected to be fatherly to his people, deserving of endearment, expressing interest in their welfare and concern about their problems. Unfortunately such expectations were just that expectations, and often were proved to be incorrect. There was slavery. There were drafts of 25 years. There feudals and shit. There was subjective governance.

    The Russian political correctness enforced by the russian fbi, called secret police, would beat a shit out of anyone open mouth to say a truth against the trsar compulsiveness, natural brutality, injustice, and idiotic rule, whith the nobelty drawing in vine and opium.

    The only legal was to refer to the tsar as “the father knew.” In other words, if the tsar was made aware about a problem, it would quickly be set to right. Same as in America, people hope that if only government would know about the bad nature of the niggers and jews they would change the law forcing people to coexist with the demons.

    Similarly to todays so called “philanthropists”, the Russian novelty was seen as a distant but caring , who any Russian could approach by way of a letter or a petition to bring an issue to his attention and, one presumes, a quick resolution.

    In that sense, the tsar was separate from and the alternative to the indifference of a vast and uncaring bureaucracy that had little interest in the wellbeing of the average Russian. Indeed, it was only the compassion and benevolence of the tsar that could reign in an uncaring and, at times, malignant government.

    Another trait that the tsar expected to demonstrate was a supporter of the Church. He was also supposed to encourage its teachings and practices, an example of devotion to be held out to the rest of the nation.

    The tsar was not the leader of the Russian Church in the way that English monarchs are the titular heads of the Church of England. But they were tasked with defending, supporting and promoting it, and in return the Church was a stalwart supporter of the tsar, and of the Russian government, and a bedrock of Russian nationalism.

    This subordination of the Russian Church to the russian government, and their mutual support and association, has been a consistent feature of Russian state-church relations. So, too, has been the integral role that the russian Church has plays in promoting and justifying Russian nationalism.

    In any case thanks God the nobelty was executed by the fire squad in 1917. Todays’ nobelty are jewish, muslim, and niggers bankers, who hopefully will be executed too in 2117.


    The mutual support has worked in both directions, so the Church, for example, praised the Russian takeover of Crimea.

    This close, historic association between the Russian Orthodox religion and the Russian government is underscored by the fact that the recent leadership of the Russian church all have strong links to the Russian intelligence service.

    The new tsar of the Russia is Vladimir Putin who also can benefit from it, for the sake of the population economic embitterment.

  50. Arctic Circle says:

    Niggers relieve ….or Relieve from Niggers! Reality or dream?

  51. Arctic Circle says:

    The relive from niggers is already here, but through the ass!

    Jewish scientists funded by the Jewish funders improve efficiency genetically modifying pigmentation and hostility levels of the black african-american niggers.

    They also genetically engineered plants to become 40% more efficient than regular plants by using gene of snake and jelly fish.

  52. S O G says:

    ok so i have a dream …a glowing mushroom cloud over tel aviv and all its other cities for revenge for the 6 million palestinians the jews murdered and f=ground up with their bulldozers ..
    have a peek at this …and remember that all these villagers were executed by hagannah irgun palmach idf bolshevik mobile death sqauds etc …deach village gone is a burial site ..village bull dozed and crushed by bulldozers going over and over the remains of structures and people like rachel carrie …
    one time the blood ran for miles down hill ..
    jenin cast lead times 400 ……

    • Arctic Circle says:

      I have a dream … the mushroom cloud over All countries with military except one – the strongest country. That would be nit, then bulldoze the tones of earth and concrete to prevent residual radioactivity. And start all over again on the journey to make America Strong Again!

  53. Arctic Circle says:

    Since thousands of years people think about religion. Philosophers, which now also known as the social scientists, and politicians alike attempt understanding and interpret religion and how it relates to the state.

    For many philosophers the religion was a part of the social contract (state). For Nietzsche, Marx, and Hitler the religion is nothing but a leadership tool to manipulate mass.

    Some attempt to explain religion as “Myth is Rational” approach. They believe that religion is useful in fostering overall moral values, and explaining the meaning of life as all serving God.

    Myth is one of four forms of knowledge, while primitive form that gives way to science, has its logic and merit. The modern political myth is the “Multiculturalism is useful and desirable as it promotes diversity of thought approaches to problems solving”.

    It is beyond of the power of philosophy such political myths. Such artificially designed myths a “Multiculturalism” and “Diversity” become invulnerable and impervious to rational arguments. We must shift from an intellectual approach to the political myth of Multiculturalism Problem, to a political one.

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