HoloHOAX: A Strange Long-ago College Encounter

by Phillip Marlowe

I’m going to tell you a weird story. You may not believe me, but it’s true.

When I went away to a big city university (yep, even graduated), my father and mother drove me up to school. I was assigned a dorm room at this big Victorian style mansion that was converted to housing for men. My room used to be a bathroom, but was now turned into a single. My mother was horrified at the small and dusty room assigned to her boy, but I was excited with the possibilities (yeah, girls).

Over the next couple of weeks, while attending classes and trying to hit on the ladies, I roamed the city for new construction sites. I “borrowed” a couple of nice fat 4″x 4″ wood posts and some 2″x 4″s. When I went home for the weekend, I returned with dad’s Black and Decker circular saw and built a pretty nice loft in the room for my bed since the ceiling was so high. Several other kids saw what I had done and copied me. One three man dorm room had a loft spanning the entire room!

Across the hall, there was a room occupied by crazy Metal Heads. They loved smoking weed from big plexiglass bongs. Even though they played music extremely loud all the time, I still made friends (I’m so inclusive). One of their hippy friends, who lived elsewhere, was this guy with long stringy hair and horn-rimmed glasses. Over the years, I’ve wracked my brains trying to remember this guy’s name.

One day during the spring semester, I heard a knock on my door. Probably hoping it would be my new girlfriend, when I opened it only saw the stringy-haired hipster guy from across the hall. Tucked under his arm was a brown grocery store paper bag (remember those?). He heard from the Metal Heads I was interested in WWII history stuff and wanted to show me something cool. Expecting things like rusty bayonets, scraps of bomb shrapnel and the usual boring war mementoes I had seen before, I bid him enter.

Surprisingly, what he had was a big bag of photos. These were continuous tone black and white shots, meaning they were paper prints made from negatives (35mm and 4″x5″s). He explained his grandfather worked at the Nuremberg war crimes trials and made these extra prints (he probably worked for the OSS). Intrigued, I looked them over.

I distinctly remember how excited he became showing me gruesome photos of dead Nazi guards killed at a concentration camp liberated by US forces (I believe it was Dachau). One had his head bashed in with a wooden mallet laying next to his corpse, supposedly at the hands of an enraged inmate (who might not have been a Jew, too). Another’s eyeballs were hanging from the sockets after getting blasted by a GI with a .45 caliber grease gun. Oh boy, did that get him off!

The photos also included a lot of holocaust shots I had long seen in history books.

I borrowed the bag and took it to my school darkrooms and labs to examine more closely. Under a high end stereo magnification device, I noted the photos were real, having clear silver halides (chemicals used) and no evidence of darkroom fakery or halftone dots. I was already fairly knowledgeable about such things and knew exactly what to look for (Photoshop was way into the future).

Most were originals made directly from negatives. Some, I could tell, were copied prints using a copy stand. They all looked fairly new — you could tell they were hurriedly dried by how curly they were. He probably wasn’t supposed to keep anything.

A lot of the kids going to this school were from the Washington DC area — Deep State brats, you could say. My hippie visitor with the bag of photos may have been one. There’s many other stories involving friends from college I gathered over the years — things I heard, things they told me themselves. One very illuminating story I’ll write about soon — if I think I can get away with it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t clued in with holocaust “denial” stuff at the time.* But I do remember thinking how odd it was seeing first generation prints of stuff I’d seen in books. I remember feeling a distinct sense of deja vu during this whole encounter but had no idea why. I still kick myself for not doing more at the time.

I’m fairly sure I saw the famous shot of the concentration camp bunks (above), with the poor Jews crowded inside, but minus the almost naked skinny Jew guy standing there with a dirty shirt over his unit. I’ve since examined a very high res scan and am positive it was scanned using a fake print, meaning the almost naked Jew guy was dropped in using darkroom techniques. I could see evidence of light leakage around his head from an amberlith mask or blurriness from using a copy stand and a hard copy montage with ever so different lighting.

Also, the original shot, but minus the skinny Jew, was accidentally published in NYT shortly after the war, that a guy found a copy of and put on his “WINSTON SMITH, Ministry of Truth” website (since censored, not surprisingly).

I cannot truthfully say I saw the original unfaked version without the skinny Jew in the brown paper bag, but believe I did.

The site “ELI WIESEL CONS THE WORLD” is still up (for now) and they did a good job reporting on Winston Smith’s discovery. BTW: Wiesel was indeed a big con artist, making millions off the holocaust industry until another big rip-off Jew, Bernie Madoff, ruined him temporarily (Jewry made sure to fix up his finances soon after).

The above shot I absolutely do remember seeing, since at the time I was getting into late afternoon sunlight and infrared lens B&W photography. The remarkable illumination in the original photos caught my interest and I examined them closely. Plus, I was a big fan of Henri Cartier-Bresson, who photographed France during and after the war.

The shot was from a series of photos I much later saw in something called the Stroop Report. Although I can’t be positively sure, I may have seen the actual originals “repackaged” in a clever forgery operation for holocaust brainwashing of the West (the pictures were real, just used in a faked document to push more anti-Nazi outrage). I still see this Stroop Report business in current anti-Nazi documentaries on the History channel.

It’s already well known that a “PSY-OPS” program was done at the time by allied intelligence people for propaganda purposes to explain the still ongoing war to America (where 419,000 Americans died — virtually all Gentile White men, BTW). This soviet-style “black propaganda” effort was simply continued and expanded upon bigly by the NWO Global Zionists over the decades, helped along by little Jews looking for attention and rich Jews bilking our lands for more shekels.

I definitely know Jewry purposefully ramped up the holocaust brainwashing ops during the 1970’s, right along with Civil Rights, Gay and Feminism crap. Still going on, too.

Never-ending brainwashing of the Goyim

All kinds of phony crap is put out by Jews over the holocaust, like this documentary run on the Smithsonian channel. The above “archeologist,” Caroline Sturdy-Colls (probably Jewish), excavated at Treblinka, but only found a handful of tiles at a location some distance away. They had a supposed “Star of David” marking, so she claimed it was part of the “death camp’s sinister workings.” But it was merely a commercial logo once used by a Polish tile company. The video exposing the lie was censored from Youtube.

All the crazy PC psychos and anti-Trump crap going down these days is the culmination of decades of Jewish White race brainwashing of America. It’s now going off the rails with total insanity, as I’m certain you’ve noticed.

The NWO Globalist Jews are doing everything they can to destroy the White race’s demographics and our very families in our own lands. They’ve mercilessly milked the good graces and sense of decency of the White race by using the media to push PC and Marxism on us Whites in the long-running NWO program for Jewish Globalism. No doubt about it.

I’ve literally studied this matter most of my life. I’ve talked to certain people I can’t talk about and read books censored from local libraries (I believe Jewish Anti-Defamation League cadres have been behind a quiet campaign to have such books removed).

I didn’t like the conclusions I came to, but there you have it.

It is now a race to the finish for these devious creeps and their brainwashed liberal idiots.

Please, please, WAKE THE FLOCK UP!

*I do believe many poor “Shetl” Jews were treated like sh*t, but the more urbane German Jews were treated somewhat well (Theresienstadt was reasonably pleasant and saved many German Jews from all the bombing going on in Germany). Many were simply left alone if they were not commies (Berlin actually had about 10,000 Jews still freely living there untouched by the Nazis when Soviet forces arrived). The “industrial gassing” bit is what I don’t believe, nor do I believe 6 million were croaked by Nazis. Many Jews simply starved to death in Soviet run refugee camps that no one hears anything about. Plus, many of the Eastern Front massacres were done at the hands of Gentile, Christian locals who hated the commie police state Jews for killing and starving their folk. Yep, sure did. And most of the holocaust shots you see in the media all the time is because of starvation due to all the insane bombing the allies did, along with cholera and typhus outbreaks in the closing months of the war.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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101 Responses to HoloHOAX: A Strange Long-ago College Encounter

  1. Red Pill says:

    barbecue a jew then call it barbejew

    the all consuming fires of hell
    coming soon to the jew near you.
    Father God told us if we follow his commandants,
    we should fear no jew.(no way for a jew to subvert you)
    and they are all doomed to that eternal fire that
    will consume the already condemned jew.
    may the shit hit the fan, i am tired of the jew in our land.
    your happy holocaust is just down the road a ways.
    i am willing to wait to witness that date.

  2. werewolf says:

    “I definitely know Jewry purposefully ramped up the holocaust brainwashing ops during the 1970’s, right along with Civil Rights, Gay and Feminism crap. Still going on, too.”

    Tho countless Germans and eastern Europeans were tortured to death and murdered by the victorious Judeo-Capitalist-Bolsheviks after WW2 for anything and everything the victors could conjure up, including their own crimes like the liquidation of the Polish elite in Katyn Forest and bombing civilian areas (which is how they won their “good war” in Europe and Japan! – the whole hideous thing was quickly forgotten, until he Holocaust was invented in the 1970’s. Look through American magazines, newspapers, movies, tv shows – like the famous Victory At Sea series – and you won’t find anything about any “Holocaust”.

  3. werewolf says:


    “I definitely know Jewry purposefully ramped up the holocaust brainwashing ops during the 1970’s, right along with Civil Rights, Gay and Feminism crap. Still going on, too.”

    Tho countless Germans and eastern Europeans were tortured to death and murdered by the victorious Judeo-Capitalist-Bolsheviks after WW2 for anything and everything the victors could conjure up, including their own crimes like the liquidation of the Polish elite in Katyn Forest and bombing civilian areas – which is how they won their “good war” in Europe and Japan! – the whole hideous thing was quickly forgotten, until the Holocaust was invented in the 1970’s. Look through American magazines, newspapers, movies, tv shows – like the famous Victory At Sea series – and you won’t find anything about any “Holocaust”.

    • Red Pill says:

      when i first heard of the holocaust, i was in the ninth grade(Calif.), it was 1959.
      some ”survivors” came in and gave us a 50 min story, we saw the soap, listened to the fables, no one believed it.

      • werewolf says:

        RP – That would have been very rare and I don’t think they would have called it “the holocaust”. As I said, you can go through all the media and schoolbooks of the late 1940’s and 50’s and 60’s and you won’t find anything about it. I don’t remember one word about it in school or college. Now, of course, it’s daily fare.

  4. J.R. says:

    i agree that the jews have understandably hyped the Holocaust, but don’t see any proof that Hitler, Goebbels, et al failed in their stated mission to severely deal to the jews… the evidence is definitely out there to show that several million jews died in the WW2 era… photos and films of piles of jew corpses in trenches and piles of jew spectacles and shoes, etc in the camps are everywhere on the net … even David Irving admitted that several million died…
    we all know how meticulous the Germans’ mindset is, so it’s not surprising that they not only meticulously massacred the jews, but also equally meticulously removed the evidence for it … the jews would’ve hated that as much as they hated the massacres themselves and it doubtless provoked them to try to find proof of the “scrubbed” massacres as part of their campaign to hype the Holocaust in the 70s and forward…

    also, i don’t see the point of trying to “prove” that the photo of naked standing jew was edited “with subversive intent” by some jew … it might have just been edited to get as much into one photo as possible, to show how jews WERE actually treated in the camps.. just as photos are edited (photoshopped) for that same reason everywhere today…

    i think it’s good to explain how the jews hyped the Holocaust for their hypocritical and devious ends… but not good to NOT give the Germans due credit for killing several million jews in Europe… the Axis alliance that issued in the massacre of reprobate jewry in Europe needs to happen again and by the decree of the same righteous God who ordained that the jews should be massacred by Hitler, it certainly will soon enough…
    a new confederacy of ten European nations will shortly arise as a precursor to the apocalypse and “hate the whore of jewry and make her desolate (take away her embezzled wealth and jacked up secular prestige) and naked (expose her hypocrisy and subversion and irrational Christ-hating for what it is) and burn her with fire ( the word “holocaust” actually means a burnt sacrifice to God, especially in the jews’ parlance)” …

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGE231k62Bs ..

    • werewolf says:

      The post war World Almanac and the Jewish Encyclopedia both show more Jews living in the world after WW2 than before, and that after the terrible and totally unnecessary and totally manipulated fratricidal war that killed 55 million white people!

      Far from “trying to kill all the Jews”, a large percentage of the German leadership had Jewish background themselves, including Hitler’s chosen successor, Heydrich, murdered by the Allies, his personal vegetarian chef, the head of the Luftwaffe, Milch, the founder of the SS and holder of NSDAP card #2, Emil Maurice. Also, tens of thousands of righteous Jews fought FOR the Reich, including thousands who fought in the Waffen SS (the Crimean Karaite Jews). See the book Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers. The Wehrmacht soldier of the year for 1938 was Werner Goldberg, Jewish.

      Everything they taught you was a lie!

    • Daniellle says:

      You sound like sayanim. Get the hell off Incogman’s website.

    • Aservant says:

      You’re clueless, get a grip……

  5. J.R. says:

    one other thing about the Holocaust of the jews in WW2 Europe was that the jews who were massacred by the decree of God there were the ones who’d refused to take up or had procrastinated on the Zionist’s offer of an escape from Hitler’s Europe to Palestine under the Haavara Agreement… just as the jews who’ll shortly get massacred in Europe by the decree of God during the apocalypse will be the ones who’ve been too slow to return with the other jews to the land of israel and who’ve thus shown no real interest in what God is doing regathering the jews there in fulfillment of biblical prophecies and as a lead up to their mass conversion there, when they see Christ return to reign at Jerusalem at the consummation of the apocalypse…


    it doesn’t pay to tarry on an offer God has made for you to escape, does it now…

    also, the jews who’ll shortly get massacred in Europe by a new confederacy of European nations will definitely include the “synagogue of Satan” fake (Gentile) jews, because all ‘jews’ of that sort have no interest in the God of the Bible and no empathy at all with the biblical land of israel, even though some support the evil antichristian STATE that’s sacrilegiously named for the name that God gave to Israel’s patriarch Jacob..


  6. Daniel says:

    The holohoax is, was, and will always being falsely pushed so the jews/Canaanites can have their excuses and justify the Christians to shut up and take it up the ass like the 6 million jews did at the hands of the Christians when they slaughter us under their mark of the false messiah one world religion/order 666 jew liberal communism RULE.

    Like the dirty evil sadistic jews chanted death to Christ Saviour and called him a racist puke….they are sure PROPHESIED TO MIMIC THEIR PARADIGM MIRROR IMAGE FOR DAMN SURE! This time, since Christ will not be around to persecute/judge/and kill, it will be his saints, his white Christian followers of the 12 tribes that will be hunted by the liberal anti- Christ jews just like the anti-Christ jews of today are your liberals against Christian Republican values, and they plan/prophesied in the Bible to persecute the Christians for not taking the jew mark of their commie one world falsehood religion/order.

    The Holohoax is just to soften the blow if you will…the BLOW THAT CHRIST PROPHESIED THAT THE JEWS/LIBERALS PLAN TO KILL OFF MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS THE BIBLE CALLS MAYRTERS FOR CHRIST…Those are not your modern day jew Christ deniers and haters of America/today who vote/support anti-Bible agendas……..who they fooling??????

    There was never a holocaost…total made up for the end times Christian slaughter they will use as an excuse to have pity on jews while saying we Christians deserve to have our slaughter….THEY ARE FOOLING YOU/US BIG TIME.

    More jew fables ChristGod warned…..its about the Christian/Israelites persecution throughout history and will pour out immensely at the very end times, NOT THE FREAKING JEWS….NOT THE FREAKING JEWS DAMN IT!!

    The Holy Bible is a Christian ONLY BOOK about the Generation and history of the WHITE Adamic man’s covenant with ChristGod. Our jobs is to do the works of ChristGod and plant the seed of Christ into others hearts if they are willing to accept the wisdom and the knowledge and understanding to be accepted and or adopted into the Christian white Adamic racial family of ChrtistGod the Eternal.

    • J.R. says:

      yes, Daniel, some of the tribal israelites doubtless married the Canaanites in ancient times, but all of today’s jews are hardly Canaanites, especially since most of the Jews are Semitic people.. whereas, the Canaanites weren’t Semites, but rather Hamites..
      Also, jews now come in all racial colors and types, simply because any Gentile who converts to Judaism or is a descendant of a Gentile convert to Judaism is a jew… and while the Canaanites were ethnically a diverse people, they likely predominantly had black skin, because they were Hamites, like the black Egyptians and black Africans; and their patriarch Canaan (Noah’s grandson) was singled out and cursed by God with reproach and the role of a servant to other people, just as the people of all races with black skin more than the people of other races are in the place of reproach and serve other people considered more worthy by God, today…

      in fact, the biblical tribal israelites were only called “Jews” after being reduced to the tribes of Judah and Benjamin in the kingdom of Judah in the land of israel.. and later because Israelites of the two tribes of the kingdom of Judah had populated the land of Judea after the dispersion of the ten other northern tribes..

      it’s always difficult to get out of a false religious cult like Christian Identity, because when you get some proof of the folly of it you tend to ‘shove that under a mat’, rather than address it objectively, and to hold to the rest of the cult’s doctrine that hasn’t to you yet been proved wrong, because to do otherwise would mean that you’d have to leave the cult after admitting to your friends and family that you were deceived by someone and had made a fool of yourself …

      that said, some have left cults successfully and all Christian Identity cultists will doubtless be useful to God during the apocalypse, as some of the more militant in gunning down jews, blacks, and liberals, just as the fanatic Hitler was useful to God as the instigator of the Holocaust of the jews, gypsies, and homosexuals in the Reich, even though he did ultimately judas-like commit suicide and did doubtless end up in hell with the jews and the liberals he’d despised…

      • Daniel says:

        J. R

        What a proper yet abnormal way of introducing oneself as a genuine jew. How do you do nevertheless? To call Christian Identity a cult proves 100% you are non-Christian with a very high probability you are 100% jew….which is not a crime, just an enemy of my ChristGod as you dispute ChristGods direct words and in return, I Rebuke you in the name of my ChristGod.

        But first, allow me to educate the ignorance in ChristGod shall we;

        John 8:44 in talking to the Pharisees ( jews) ” you belong to your father the DEVIL ‘………..

        So Christ is talking about the illicit unholy matrimony under the tree of good and evil between the beast of the field ( Adams chief garden negro field-hand ) that was infected with the serpent ( ChristGod identifies the serpent as Satan ) the primary goal was to change the ADAMIC bloodline… IE..skin tone of the Adam man racial child of ChristGod and his perfectly made Adam race quality pure to perfection and clean in the spirit of ChristGod. As a result of that sexual sinful adulterous action that was forbidden with the other races ESPECIALLY ADAMS HELP MATE AND GARDEN DRESSERS THE NEGRO BEASTS OF THE FIELD…Talk about an insult to the forbidden sin already to boot, geeez, sex with a beast not of your nature or character at all Eve got impregnated with ” CAIN ” did you catch that? Hint>>> and the lingo>>Canaanites derived when halfbreed mulatto cain killed white and pure Abel and was KICKED OUT/MARKED out from the ADAMIC race and the garden of Eden altogether.

        So the story continues that cain met his wife in nod land already populated BTW with non white Adamic adults……….and a whole generation of …get ready>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Canaanites derived!!!! The seed of the devil spread like that of the AIDS VIRUS.

        So the million dollar question …….where did they all go????????!!!

        Don’t dare say they were wiped out in the Noah floods like the other unWISE jew and anti-Christ and deniers in faith because I’ll shut you up with this lone vers by ChristGod as he ordered and directed Noah ……and his word is just that WORD!!!

        GENESIS CH 7 vs 15, 16 ” And they went in unto Noah into the ark, two and two of ALL FLESH WHEREIN IS THE BREATH OF LIFE, and they tha twent in, went in male and female OF ALL FLESH as God had commanded him, and the Lord shut him in ”

        Now ……I don’t know what that tells your mind, but in my common sense reading and knowing my ChristGod means EXACTLY what he says and is no dummy. ALL FLESH means, YES, even the one female Canaanite, and one male Canaanite. One male buck beast of the field, one female negress beasties of the field. One Asian male, one Asian female, etc.. etc.. Never call ChristGod a lier or a dummy or he means not what he says. ALL FLESH MEANS EVEN CANAANITES HAVE FLESH, even beasts of the fields have flesh and so on.

        You , like so many are lost in Hollywood jew scripted with Adam and Eve eating an apple. And Noah with just animals on his ark is jew dentist office fables!!!

        So yes, J.R, the devils seed is amongst us, and I truly believe them to be no other than what Christ called them after the flood as prophesied by God…the true children of their father Satan the serpent anti-Christ class one lier and fooler. These Canaanites flock to the anti-Christ, anti-Bible, Anti-American ( Kingdom of God ) Anti-Adamic white party of the democRATS high on ungodly nasty lawlessness loving liberal standards. They have nigger blood in them so obviously, they adore niggers and think of themselves as white jew niggers even though they appear white on the outside they have evil tendencies like their brothers the nigger beasts of the field. Jews are worse because they are mulattos and pure anti-Christ seedline of satan whereas the negro beasts are NOT the descendants of the devil, they just evil demonic in Satans camp against the Adamic Christian man…how ironic though.

    • Philadelphian says:

      On November 21, 1938, Jerszy Potocki, the Polish Ambassador in Washington, DC, mentioned that he had visited U.S. Ambassador William Bullit, in Paris, who told him that Roosevelt [ a jew] had decided to lead the U.S.A. into the next war, which could last for six years. Bullit spoke about Germany and Hitler with extraordinary vehemence.

      On December 27th, 1945, James Forrestal, U.S. Navy Undersecretary during the war, confided in his diary:
      “Played golf with Joe Kennedy. I asked him about his conversations with Roosevelt and Neville Chamberlain in 1938. Among other things, he said that Hitler would have fought against Soviet Russia, without seeking a later conflict with England, if it were not for Bullit’s and Roosevelt’s insistence in the summer of 1939 to humiliate Germany by means of Poland. Neither France nor Britain would have made Poland a cause for war, had it not been for Washington’s constant prodding… Chamberlain was convinced that the U.S.A. and world Jewry had forced England into war…”

  7. Red Pill says:

    The Holy Bible is a Christian ONLY BOOK about the Generation and history of the WHITE Adamic man’s covenant with ChristGod. Our jobs is to do the works of ChristGod and plant the seed of Christ into others hearts if they are willing to accept the wisdom and the knowledge and understanding to be accepted and or adopted into the Christian white Adamic racial family of ChristGod the Eternal.

    this new covenant can be found in Jeremiah 31:31-34 and in Hebrews 8:10
    i don’t know why any white person would reject their inheritance which
    has been set aside for them if they would just turn their head to God.
    this could only be the only answer.

    Hosea 4;6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

    i could care less where you end up, be it a heaven or hell.
    because that’s between you and the man upstairs.
    but some people believe there smarter than their creator.

  8. karen says:

    Sad, those prisoners, Jews, Communists, common thieves, whatever, crowded together on those bunks, many torn away from their families, so the photoshopped skinny man is actually unnecessary. But how come no photos of starving Ukrainians, raped and beaten German civilians, etc. etc. etc.etc. etc.

  9. Axis Sally says:

    Interesting you should have mentioned the Bernie Madoff psy-op in re. Elie Wiesel. I think it represents yet another “Holocaust” narrative we should disbelieve, videlicet:

    It is the nature of Ponzi-type cons that those who get on board early may actually profit from the scheme, provided they extract their gains in a timely manner, thereby leaving later suckers holding the bag. Let us assume Madoff first promoted his scheme to fellow Jews (something we know to be true), only later inveigling greedy-but-gullible goyim. Madoff meanwhile launders his rake-off and his Jewish compatriots’ “investments” through the Manhattan-based Israel Discount Bank, a notorious Israeli money laundering racket to which Madoff had close financial ties, while keeping those entries on his books. When the time is ripe, the conspirators agree to fold-up the con, leaving the foolish goyim holding the bag, while they laugh all the way to their Swiss or Israeli banks. But remember, this was 2008, when the idea of “bailing-out” crooked Jewish-controlled mega corporations with Federal (i.e., taxpayer) funds was all the rage. So now the co-conspirators begin bleating that they’ve been Holocausted by their fellow Jew, and, due to their special status as Yahweh’s chosen professional victims, they must be “bailed-out” by the Justice and Treasury depts., which obediently do so. Ergo: it is entirely possible that Elie Wiesel and the other (((“victims”))) not only did not lose their funds, but doubled them with the aid and approval of fellow Jews in the respective government, banking, and media establishments. But at least the evil Madoff has been packed-away to an arbeitslager deep in flyover country to serve several consecutive life sentences in order to pay his debt to American society, no? Keep in mind, Madoff oddly refused a plea-bargain deal which would have reduced his sentence in return for information regarding the whereabouts of the “missing” $billions. The famous trial was notoriously presided-over by mostly Jewish lawyers and judges. As to the whereabouts of Madoff himself, we have only the word of the (((mainstream lugenpresse))), for what that’s worth. Have you, or has anyone immediately known to you, actually seen Madoff-in-the-flesh behind bars? Heh heh. Sweet, no?

    Madoff and Wiesel are probably toasting each other with Château Mouton Rothschild on some Riviera beach at this moment. Oh yes, I wouldn’t put it past the latter to have staged his own death in order to enjoy his ill-gotten gains in peace.

  10. Arctic Circle says:

    The amount of hate from colored, the American people are forced to face should not be even legal. That is segregation must be legalized. It is not ethical to force the people with the wild animals.

    Here is a smallest example of the Colored Hate channeled by the Jews toward people. The 2018 movie called “The first purge a nation reborn”. The movie belongs to the Universal Studio.

    The malformed giant violent apes, in this movie portrait as innocent victims of the white oppression, white rule of law, and white government. The move is so bizare so anti-white it must not be overlooked.

    An average colored ape, the youth, after watching this move, will be agitated agressive and murderous.

    There is no country in civilized word that faces so much of the internal pressure as the U.S.

    After watching this hateful racist move, which made by the Jews from Hollywood, and then made legal by the Jews from the Political Correctness, I conclude that the country has being intentionally victimized and now safer a sickness. Otherwise wonderful country, must be cured from this colored hate directed at the white people. Peacefully.

    The reason why I always emphasized a peaceful solution to the Jewdeo Niggerian Problem can derived from an interview I conducted with an average American. The results of the interview are shocking. The interviewee, who was robbed twice by the blacks, was introduced to the Incogman.net for the first time in his entire live.

    Then he was interviewed about his first impression of the website. The interviewee stated that the much relieve he realized was overpowered by the mistaken impression of the site as being a bit on the “hateful” side.

    To avoid such a mistaken opinion, the public discourse here, should become conscious of the communicative aims we have in mind, and how they may be perceived by the public.

    • Daniel says:


      After the movie wakanda hit the theaters I was hearing of stories and situatins where niggers walking out the theaters just after seeing the movie IMMEDIATELY started bullying whites and initiating fights in the parking lots. Heard of several incidents even right here in my neck of the woods where niggers in packs of two or more would jump a single white guy, or a white guy and his girlfriend and sneak up behind to clobber them. NOT MAKING THIS UP EITHER!! The jews got exactly the type of reaction they were looking for. Crime sparked dramatically afterwards, still is. Haven’t you noticed niggers are even more racist, hateful, mean, violent, and boastful towards whites. NO WAY ARE THE STATS GOING TO MATCH WHAT I JUST SAID! Just the opposite, they lie, cheat, and distort facts, stats, and data concerning the unprecedented amount of violence the niggers have become in the last decade alone is overwhelming and the ANTI-Christ jew that hates Christians with a deep-rooted devilish ungodly unnatural passionate hate keep agitating the niggers right on!! Very demonic tactic….ONLY A WAR AND GUNS BLAZING HERE ON EARTH CAN STOP THIS!!! OR IT GETS WORSE!!

      The whole ideal with the tactics of these war mongering agitating exaggerated-made-up, Anti-White, bogus, Hollywood movies is to get the niggers to commit violent crimes on WHITES PERIOD..END OF STORY!!!! HOW DOES IT END????? I MEAN WITHOUT A WAR AND TAKING IT TO THE STREETS THEY OVERWHELM OUR COWARDNESS WITH HUNDREDS OF BATTLES AS NIGGERS GUN DOWN AND HOME INVADE WHITES IN UNPRECEDENTED AMOUNTS THROUGHOUT THE WEEK, EVERY WEEK.

      Niggers eat that Hollywood junk up too

  11. Nationalist says:

    The original estimate for the “Holocaust” was two million, then without any additional evidence was raised to four million and then again without any additional evidence was raised to six million. All of these numbers were offered by Jewish groups and none of them had any documentation or evidence that the numbers were accurate. Yes some Jews did die in concentration camps but what facts do they offer for these numbers and why and how could they possibly always end in an exact million? If anywhere that number died the possibility of that being exactly in millions and not one more or one less then that would be mathematically nearly impossible. These numbers are not offered as estimates but rather the exact number of people who died and of course they are all Jews which we also know to be false. Realistically speaking the number is more like in the vicinity of 700,000 with the vast majority of those having died of starvation towards the end of the war when food was in short supply for just about everyone. The real issue is why the U.S. decided to side with Stalin and the Communist Soviet Union instead of the righteous philosophy of National Socialism. Now look at where we are – our nation is on the verge of being turned into a non-White nation in direct violation of our original Constitution thanks to the anti-White Communistic Democratic Party.

  12. S O G says:

    j.r. how the fuck do you say millions of jews died durinfg ww2 .
    10’s of millions germans died ….
    http://www.exulanten exulantenhell
    each non military city was targeted for extermination ..
    post ww2 pow camps full of all manner of bomb survivors was erected for american sector and french and =vbritish and russian ….millions of germans perished in these ..
    non communis jews who lived freeley in germany were also victims of allied vbombing but not in the numbers we see woti germn ethnics ..
    ww2 was a genocide dressed up as a war …
    dresden -hamburg and berlin to name off some of the 70+ mega cities in germany targeted for destructon even tho they were all civilian only …..
    jewish communinsm was killing 10’s of millions in russia from 1918 to when the wal came down and some say there are still old survivors of the giulags and death camps in russia being kept under ddep lock …..
    WOW i guerss jay arr just came out of the closet …
    dont really want to see youe shit here any more ..if i want to read shit like yours i wuld go to a jew magazine …
    the holocsaust is simply not scientifically sustainable ..
    study the mecahinics of real cyanide usage in american executios and see how truly dangerous it is ….also highly explosive …swsw guards dragging dead kikes oiut of a cyanide saturated room would be immediately killed by the residue ….the walls and doors leaking cyanide into te camp wuld ahve killed everyone down wind …
    absolutel rediculous
    there would have been 5million 950 thousand bodied stacked like cordwoood waiting to be creamated as the speeds of cremation are slow up to 3 hours per body …
    what was killing jews and slavs and poles and others in the camps was typhus hence the need to purify the corpse remains via cremation …
    global census by no less than 7 other population counter organizations shpw an increase in the number of jews during the war ..
    there wre jews taken on in latvia and areas of ussr who had run the communist political apparatus andf they were rightfully exterminated by recently freed non jew russians who had suffered countless transgressions by shitkikes ..
    jewish pow count in camps was 30% in most camps …they wernt te only ones in captivity …
    i cant remember which camp it was bergen belsen etc but the french liberated it and quarantined it ,half of it was suffering from typhus …te french offered no treatments only isolation and quaranteine ….waiting like ghouls for the kikes to sputter and die ..
    the french did not rry to id any of them as they dug the mass graves needed to bury thm all with out much ado …
    it was the bolshevik jews who made soap from orthodx priests and lampshades …during the brigandage and murder of russians after 1918 where 40,000 christian chirches were destroyed and 200,000 priests =killed in all manner of hideous torture and gore …some boiled alive and others made to drink the “soup” ….soap was made and lampshades …..jews had a term called gloving ….they cut the skin from your face or hands and peel the skin back so yres they cold easily make a lampshade ….
    they superimposed their fiulthy criminal activities onto the righteous germans of the 3rd rennaiscance of germany …during the ww2 era ….

  13. S O G says:

    tose piles pf bodies the jews claimed were jews were all germans ..
    during bosnian conflict a while back it was said on jew news that mass graves of albanians and others had been discovered in mass graves killed by serbs …..
    that is till experts determined that these bodies were german ww2 pow’s killed by jewiosh communist partisans and buried …
    on the island of rab off off yugoslavia 6000+ pow ww2 german troops were marched into a cave and the entrance was sealed ….
    the rout and battering of germans was occurring in countries outside of the fatherland since before ww1 …
    communisties of germans who had other wise lived in harmony with their other ethnic countrymen were suddenly hiunted and cruelly treated by non german neighbors …this went o for a long while and the addition of all of eastern border of germany ceded to poland post ww1 was the begiiining of torutre and rape and murder for in nocent germans by communist jews and polish …
    during ww2 all partisans were communists and most were jews as well and they didnt have any particular side they were on …robbing baNKs ,killing ]kidnapping and jewish business as usual ……

  14. Red Pill says:

    Coincidence? Gov’t Shutdown and ~1,000 “Journalists” Get Laid Off . .


    The media is suddenly engaging in cuts with ~1,000 “Journalists” laid-off in ONE DAY as the gov’t shutdown continues. Were these “Journalists” actually government propagandists?

    Sizable layoffs at Buzzfeed, Gannett, and Verizon Media (home of AOL, Yahoo, HuffPost and others) were announced Wednesday, totaling over 1,000 jobs cut.


  15. Great article again, Incogman!

    As I am Canadian, and I do live in Jew controlled slave nation formerly known as “Canada”, I can not comment directly on the validity of the Holy-hoax fable, as the Canadian thought police would be quickly at my door to have me arrested on the fraud charges of “holyhoax denial”…. I can only ask my own readers to go and do their own research themselves and determine for themselves what is the real truth behind the Holyhoax narrative..

    I also have for decades now known that the Jewish pricks that claim that they “survived” the holyhoax are indeed shysters and thieves… The biggest of course being Elie Weisel, who was NOT even in any work labour camp anywhere near Germany but actually lived in France.. After the war was over, that shyster and crooked Jew freak decided to “cash in” on the entire Holyhoax fable by publishing his book of fiction called “La Nuit” that has been used to brainwash so many gullible children to this day…

    I do hope that Incogman continues with these reports in many follow up articles… They are priceless and can be used to help further open gaping holes in the Holyhoax fable.

    • Daniel says:

      Can they force you to believe in Santa clause or be arrested too I wonder? Or how about satan clause or go to jail? This can keep going on and on, but I’ve also have heard, and I don’t know how true it is but they say in israel and other countries that if you deny the holocaust you will face charges. Is this true?!

      Anytime they FORCE one to believe in something earthly rotten men think up or face persecution, its time to do the very opposite of their nasty, vile, satanic, ungodly, commie/lack of freedoms and thoughts tactics in their war upon the Saints. It’s a HOAX and untrue and they force their own lie upon a society to live with forever or face the paddle. What else can they force on us to accept, one has to be thinking in that ungodly, unfair, evil system of communism.

  16. Matt says:

    I happen to believe the bible, excluding the book of Esther.

    I take the word of Jesus as 100% true, and directly from God.

    Jesus, as a character witness and speaking from God, who know all things, and neither is he deceived by Jew lies, said the Jews are “liars and murderers”. Jesus didn’t limit this statement, and instead referred to all Jews as liars and murderers. John 8:37-44

    When you listen to the Jews, you have to believe God, and know they’re liars. Watch the Jews today as judges, politicians, lawyers, and it should be obvious to the simplest of people, that Jews are dishonest, crooked, liars. The Jews are a poison to any descent Christian society.

    The holohoax is nothing more than another kike fable.

    Solzhenitsyn flatly asserts the Jews murdered 66 million people in Russia alone, plus the wars the kikes had us fight against our own people, institutional murders going back to Roman times, blood libel sacrifices, and more. I would guess the kikes have murdered in the hundreds of million.

    Rev 18:24, “In her was found the blood of prophets and of God’s holy people,
    of all who have been slaughtered on the earth.”

    Rev 17:6, “I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of God’s holy people, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus”.

    The bible tells us who the guilty are, and it’s not the good German people, who tried to break free of their (((parasital host))). It’s the Jews who are the corruptors of the whole world, the epidemy of evil in the world, and are the children of Satan.

    Rev 19:2

    “He has condemned the great prostitute
    who corrupted the earth by her adulteries.
    He has avenged on her the blood of his servants.”

    Right there, God has told us the kikes are the guilty, and deserve their fate.

  17. Matt says:

    I like to think about the positive, and day dream of the time when Jesus Christ rules the earth, where Jew lies and corruption will no longer be, where world peace exist, with prosperity for all, and no feral sons of Canaan running wild.

    God has decreed (((Babylon))) must go.


    Babylon is a people, that’s also tied into their ancestral land. This can be seen on
    Isaiah 13.

    Isaiah 13:3-5,

    “3 I have commanded those I prepared for battle;
    I have summoned my warriors to carry out my wrath—
    those who rejoice in my triumph.

    4 Listen, a noise on the mountains,
    like that of a great multitude!
    Listen, an uproar among the kingdoms,
    like nations massing together!
    The LORD Almighty is mustering
    an army for war.

    5 They come from faraway lands,
    from the ends of the heavens—
    the LORD and the weapons of his wrath—
    to destroy the whole country.”

    So, it says, God is going to bring an army from faraway lands, to destroy the whole country.

    Isaiah 13:6-8,

    6 Wail, for the day of the LORD is near;
    it will come like destruction from the Almighty.
    7 Because of this, all hands will go limp,
    every heart will melt with fear.
    8 Terror will seize them,
    pain and anguish will grip them;
    they will writhe like a woman in labor.
    They will look aghast at each other,
    their faces aflame.

    It says here, terror will seize the Jews, much like the terror the kikes have inflicted upon the world.

    Verse 9 is very telling. Isaiah 13:9,

    9 See, the day of the LORD is coming
    —a cruel day, with wrath and fierce anger—
    to make the land desolate
    and destroy the sinners within it.

    That’s what Babylon is, a land with Jews in it.

    Isaiah 13:14-16,

    14 Like a hunted gazelle,
    like sheep without a shepherd,
    they will all return to their own people,
    they will flee to their native land.
    15 Whoever is captured will be thrust through;
    all who are caught will fall by the sword.
    16 Their infants will be dashed to pieces before their eyes;
    their houses will be looted and their wives violated.

    If you read verses 14-16, it tells you the fate of the Jews, they’ll be violently expelled from all nations and flee to their own people and their native land Israel. They’ll be like a hunted gazelle, chased out, and those who refuse to go, will suffer.

    Isaiah 13:17-18,

    17 See, I will stir up against them the Medes,
    who do not care for silver
    and have no delight in gold.
    18 Their bows will strike down the young men;
    they will have no mercy on infants,
    nor will they look with compassion on children.

    God will use a people the Jews can’t buy or corrupt with their great wealth, and they’ll come from a faraway land. It obviously won’t include members of our congress, who commit prostitution with the great prostitute, who are of low character, and are greedy for gain.

    Isaiah 13:19-22,

    19 Babylon, the jewel of kingdoms,
    the pride and glory of the Babylonians,
    will be overthrown by God
    like Sodom and Gomorrah.
    20 She will never be inhabited
    or lived in through all generations;
    there no nomads will pitch their tents,
    there no shepherds will rest their flocks.
    21 But desert creatures will lie there,
    jackals will fill her houses;
    there the owls will dwell,
    and there the wild goats will leap about.
    22 Hyenas will inhabit her strongholds,
    jackals her luxurious palaces.
    Her time is at hand,
    and her days will not be prolonged.

    The Babylonian’s land, Israel, will be NEVER be inhabited again. It’ll be the haunt of Jackals, owls, hyenas, and wild goat. Soon the Jews and their evil will be gone.

    Isaiah 14:3-8,

    3 On the day the LORD gives you relief from your suffering and turmoil and from the harsh labor forced on you, 4 you will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon:
    How the oppressor has come to an end!
    How his fury a has ended!
    5 The LORD has broken the rod of the wicked,
    the scepter of the rulers,
    6 which in anger struck down peoples
    with unceasing blows,
    and in fury subdued nations
    with relentless aggression.
    7 All the lands are at rest and at peace;
    they break into singing.
    8 Even the junipers and the cedars of Lebanon
    gloat over you and say,
    “Now that you have been laid low,
    no one comes to cut us down.”

    Once the Jews are gone, the world will have peace, prosperity for all, and happiness.

    • Red Pill says:

      you have scripture your self into a falsehood
      the cut and past method destroys the true story
      contained in the bible..
      this is how preachers distort the bible.
      and the reason non christian could care less about Christianity.
      the bible will say any thing you want it to say.
      and your proof of that.
      i would say you have never been in contact with the holy spirit,
      or you would know the truth.
      your responses to everything indicates you are not born again,
      or you would see the spiritual aspect to life.

      • Daniel says:

        RED PILL,

        Cutting and pasting scriptures as Matt does to apply theory and or a point has been Christians number one stiffnecked, ignorance, downfall and is the very reason why the descendants of those cut and pasters to oblivion are feeling ChristGods wrath today!! I like to call those cut and pasters one BIG LAZY ones that refuse to read a book from start to finish but ironically will tell you about it like they are pros and was the author themselves….why, hey, all they got to do is finger the Bible and apply verses to scrutinize and challenge through ignorance not even reading the paragraphs before, or after their fingering pin-pointing hop-scotch verses that contradict and run amok…….

        I do feel exactly what you are trying to get across to Matt!

    • Daniel says:


      Again, the nation with jews in abundance and worse than their counterparts in israel is AMERICA! If I’m a commander on the battlefield and surrounded by the enemies in a firefight from the front and the back, but the front has three times the amount of firepower than the back and I have a choice to blow up and finish off the front or the back, which one would you think I would choose, and first and foremost at that? just a thought for you……

      You know ChristGod foretold in the last days old men would have dreams of the things to happen during the tribulation, and young men will have visions of thing to come during the tribulation. GOOGLE DREAMS OF OBAMA AND OR THE TRIBULATION AND LISTEN TO MAYBE HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS OF PROPHETIC DREAMS UNHEARD OF BEFORE IN HISTORY>>>hence….Biblical prophecies right before your eyes/ears!

      WISDOM Matt!! Ask ChristGod for WISDOM to unlock the MYSTERY TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN MATT because ChristGod talks in PARABLES ( Clues/hints/riddles in the Bible for a reason, you want to know why?

      MATT 13:10 ” And the disciples asked Christ why he talks in PARABLES, and he said unto them, because it is given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but not to others ” IS YOUR NAME WRITTEN IN THE LAMBS BOOK OF ETERNAL LIFE? You should know, YOU WILL FEEL THE CONNECTION and one lead, leads you to another, and another until knowledge and understanding hits you like a ball bat in the face. You will wake up to your surroundings, plug it into the connection ChristGod warns us about. Look at the world and its condition, look at the hatred, their Christians who are at guilt with themselves because the liberals say so crap……. its all prophetic and there is a biblical connection. The Bible is the storyline of the WHITE Adamic children of the Lord Eternal he has chosen and yes it is very RACIST because ChristGod Loves his Adamic white Chosen Christian peoples and brags about them as we are the apple to his ChristGods eyes. That qualifies as modern day racist BTW…lol..NO APOLOGIZING for my white heavenly Father NOPE… NO WAY.

    • Matt says:

      Red Pill and Daniel seem to hate it when I quote the bible. I have a friend who talked to a Rabbi about Jesus, and out of the Rabbi came the filthiest language. Sounds familiar.

      Satan, Red Pill, Daniel, and the Jews seem to hate the word of God.

      Jude 1:9,

      But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not himself dare to condemn him for slander but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”

      When Satan came to Jesus in the wilderness, Jesus didn’t rebuke him with his own words, instead he quoted the word of God, (Matthew 4) Hebrews 4:12 calls God’s word a two edged sword, with power.

      Every time I quote scripture that says God will destroy the Jews, Red Pill arises, and attacks, never having anything of substance to say, other than asserting I’m wrong, and that he dislikes me quoting God’s word. Red Pill never has scripture to refute the truth, only his home made fiction.

      Daniel, the post apocalyptic Jackal, who thinks he’ll live with Jackals and Hyenas in the post tribulation Adamic American, even though Jackals and Hyenas currently don’t live in America. Daniel, the Jackal will be king of America, with his Mexican Chihuahua sidekick, Red Pill.

      Daniel and Red Pill, are both the same, they make it up as they go along, and don’t believe that God’s word will govern heaven, earth and hell.

      If Red Pill and Daniel had anything of substance to say, they would make their arguments, but they don’t, and are regulated to trying to discredit the truth, yapping at my heals like the dogs they are.

      • Red Pill says:

        Matt, the only hatred here, are your own words.
        neither Danial or I have spewed words like yours
        towards you.
        you are locked in a box that you have created for your self.

  18. Daniel says:

    EZEKIEL 38,39 !!!!!!!!!!

    U N W A L L E D………….U N W A L L E D…………U N W A L L E D ………..U N W A L L E D……

    ChristGod PURPOSLEY added>>>>>>>> U N W A L L E D!!!!! U N W A L L E D


    For a reason…and everyone Christian should see that HINT HINT HINT our ChristGod was saying and what words and controversy WOULD BE USED IN THE DAYS LEADING UP TO THE GOG & MAGOG WORLD RACIAL WAR UPON WHITE CHRISTIANS!!

    Those third worlders from Africa/the congo/Somalia/Mexican countries are already fulfilling EZEKIEL 38 when ChristGod says those third world non-whites would come upon CHRISTGODS ISRAELITE PEOPLES LIKE A CLOUD……… At an UNWALLED VILLAGES/NATION AND CITIES. HELLO….PROPHESY BEING FULFILLED AS I TYPE.

    TRUMP= There shouldn’t be a controversy over a wall” WTF!!!! IMPEACH THIS CLOWN!!! I VOTED FOR. But ChristGod has since given me prophetic dreams and visions of the Tribulation, the false Messiah, and Biblical Wisdom to heed the warnings from my heavenly Father. And Trump is in CAHOOTS with his life long Jewish buddies that made him a rich dog, and his nigger peoples shadows he is afraid off as they intimidate his leave it to Beaver style.

    When America and we as American WHITE Christians are massively invaded all at once ( and there is a plan in the action ) ChristGod WANTS TRUMP FOLLOWERS TO UNDERSTAND ONE THING……….U N W A L L E D N A T I O N……….. EZEKIEL 38, 39

    Modern day middle east israel= VERY VERY TALL WALLS AND GATES AND FENCES MANY MANY………..But most fooled Christians still think and got their blind eyes looking at middle east israel for a world attack on a HEAVILY FORTIFIED WALLED GATED NATION while America is getting invaded in their backyards>>>>>>>what fools!

    BTW…….Trump caved on the W A L L today. How many will remember EZEKIEL 38,39 when the invasion starts from not just our southern borders but NORTHERN BORDERS, AS WELL as ChristGod foretold, would happen to an U N W A L L E D N A T I O N.

    We are living in the TRIBULATION FOLKS……UNWALLED NATION, EZEKIEL 38,39…….What is modern day lingo?? W A L L S for our nation. Why? INVASION PROOF!


    • Daniel says:

      As we dwell in the midst of the Jacobs trouble/tribulation as foretold by ChristGod I would like to present this link illustrated about America as the mystery Babylon and her very near Armageddon/gog & magog world racial war upon WHITE CHRISTIANS. Please read through as I think you will become blessed as I have become in acknowledging this cold hard truth, yet BE JOYFUL BECAUSE THE VICTORY BELONGS TO WHITE CHRISTIANS!! NEVER EVER FORGET THAT. Yet, ChristGod wants his white Son’s Of God of the blessed Adfamic chosen Christian Adam race to NOT be cowards and to take up arms and fight the heathens and the liberal ANTICHRIST’s commies And ChristGod WILL STAND BY US>>>>>>>>




      Prophetic Warnings above link…….. they are READY TO INVADE!

      Click the link to the underwater tunnel up by Alaska built by the jew commie Russians once you get onto the page. Travel by way of horseback to get to America without even touching water!!! like EZEKIEL 38,39 SAYS???? our Government knows about this too!

  19. FRIEND OF GOD says:

    re: holohoax

    According to comment in the following link, from 1946 to 1958, Allied commanders, with access to confidential military reports and correspondence, didn’t mention mass-murders of inmates in German-operated camps:

    (1) Winston Churchill, England’s Prime Minister, in his 6 volume detailed memoir,

    (2) Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Allied European Commander, in writings and memoirs,

    (3) Joseph Stalin, Soviet Dictator, in the book The Secret Dossier Prepared for Stalin from the Interrogations of Hitlers Personal Staff, and

    (4) General DeGaulle, France’s pre-war leader, who returned to lead in 1945.

    “Why Churchill does not mention Holocaust in 6 WW2 books”
    LINK: https://forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?t=4156

    P.S. the cartoon in the article discusses not reproducing, out of misplaced “white” guilt, however, it IS okay to not reproduce for the right reasons, namely, to help end human suffering by not reproducing. Not reproducing is completely painless, and could be perceived as being a selfless act. Not reproducing also allows the other plants and animals to heal and evolve without being harassed by the human eaters-of-oscar-meyer-pig-anus. Why are believers of that fantasy story “book of revelations” reproducing their sin ? Are the eaters-of-oscar-meyer-pig-anus reproducing their sin just so they can complain about their sin, and so GOD can kill them later ? Someone who eats 10 bags of potato chips each day may complain “why does GOD make potato chips” ? But was it GOD who actually made the potato chips ? And was it GOD who shoveled 10 bags of potato chips into their mouth each day ?


    Thanks for posting the Message


  20. James Robert Calvert says:

    IMO, the expression “NWO program for Jewish Globalism” should more accurately be described as the “NWO program for Zionist Globalism.” Not all Jews are involved in this program. Not all Jews are Zionists either. In fact, some of the strongest critics of the program have been Jews. For example, Israel Shahak, Henry Makow, Bobby Fisher, etc.
    It’s too much like the Stalinist idea of collective guilt to blame all Jews for the actions of the Zionists. And it’s too much like the unbiblical and heretical “Seedline Theory” which teaches that Jews are the offspring of Satan and Eve. The vast majority of Jews are probably as ignorant of this Zionist program as are the vast majority of non Jews.

    • Daniel says:

      Mr Calvert,

      John ch 8; 44 ChristGod calls these jews that ask him who they are, and ChristGod told them they was from their father the wicked one serpent-devil. That could have ONLY originated in the very beginning with the Adulterous affair between Eve and well, someone with a dick that was infected with the spirit of Satan…..ARE YOU TO TELL ME CHRISTGOD IS REFERRING ADAM AS THAT MAN WITH THAT DICK INFECTED BY SATAN AND THE WICKED ONE??!!! lol…get out of town if you think that garbage bologna man.

      So where are those Christ deniers he was talking about today??? Who were those ANTI-CHRIST that CHRISTGOD knew would deny him then, and today??? Where did they all vanish to??

      Did you know ever since this country had a populace of those claiming voluntary denial of Christ the simple jew, they ALWAYS flock by the droves to the ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-BIBLICAL ANTIWHITE PARTY to vote and support against ChristGods teachings.

      Look at the modern liberal democRAT party today and the vast majority of those politicians in the liberal camp ALSO IDENTIFY AS BEING JEW!!! And each election majority of US jews EMBARK, EMBRACE, AND VOTE/SUPPORT THEIR JEW LIBERAL POLITICIAN ANTI-CHRISTIAN BASE.

      Look at the latest jew representation>>>>> Chuck Schumer /Pelosi ARE 100% claimed jews against Republican REAL TRUE PATRIOT CHRISTGOD LOVING Christians views. Look how devilish they act, talk, and EVEN LOOK! And ANTI-CHRIST jew claimed to boot.

      Now, according and keeping in mind what Christ told the ones wanting to know who they really were…… fast-forward to modern day jew infested America the Mystery Babylon.

      When looking at jews like chuck and nancy>>>> if it walks like a devil, talks like a devil, has thoughts like the devil, enjoys antiChrsit Agendas like the devil, hates white Christians like the devil, >>>>>>>> GUESS WHAT??



  21. dalstroy says:

    spin shifters: jews are the biggest bunch of blame shifters in the

    hebrew religion is a bunch of shit the jews stole from adjacent
    mythologies and stuck a yarmulke on.

    the fallacious and extremely pernicious jew influence must be

  22. silvernickel says:

    As far as I know, they still haven’t found mass graves of jews or victims of these work camps. When I say mass graves, I mean 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, etc. If they exterminated millions as the jews say, someone would have found mass grave sites (of the bones) holding that many victims already, and created a museum with see through windows upon them. The idea of the Germans incinerating all the bodies of millions in such a short period of time of about 4 years is ludicrous. They didn’t have the time, manpower or resources to accomplish that during a major war on both sides of them.

    Read about Germany’s largest armament factory which was about an hour away from the large Chelmno concentration camp in Bydgoszcz [Budgoszcz], Poland. I would with no doubt imagine the Germans used these inmates as workers in all the nearby factories and complexes. They were not exterminating them.

    Work camp locations in Poland per Holocaust propaganda:

    Exploseum arms factory and Chelmno work camp locations.


    Google map:

  23. jayhackworth says:

    JR- where’s the forensic evidence for ‘the holocaust’? Sure, jews were roughed up, most of the communists deserved it and allied planes bombed the supply lines —- same thing would have happened to the japanese concentration camps in Wyoming. You are another duped, dumbed down apologist

    • Dafydd says:

      Yes, no forensic evidence, and not one pathology report of any concentration camp internee having died as a result of gassing; but they kept warehouses full of old shoes , old spectacles and old mounds of hair to be used for props to be used as propaganda against them after the end of the war; so that the allies could use this so called “evidence” as “proof” that a so called Holocaust took place.

      How people buy this nonsense is beyond me.

      Typhus and starvation was rife in Germany afer the war ended due to the infrastructure collapse as a result of allied bombing.

      I remember watching the World at War series, where they stated that one thousand people a day were dying of Typhus in Berlin alone.

      The International Red Cross begged the allies to stop bombing the supply routes to the camps as food and medicine could not reach the concentration camps; but the allies continued to bomb these supply routes; so the allies therefore contributed the the increased death toll, and then used the increased death toll numbers to support the so called holocaust, which is nothing but physiological warfare that continues to his very day.

      The International Red Cross death toll number is 271,000: https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=3864989

  24. dalstroy says:

    on the real holocaust: “we need to squeeze everything out of a
    prisoner in the first three months – after that we don’t need
    them anymore.” – Kolyma gulag commie death camp kommandant
    Naftaly Frenkel.

  25. jayhackworth says:

    The jew enemy lives within the hearts and souls of every American….look at how far we have fallen, America now wallows in the pits of hell. as obedience to authority is taken to its logical conclusion. The police state where every knee is forced to bend to the pure evil of jew domination.

  26. protocolsRtrue says:

    When denial of a lie and a hoax becomes a crime… the inverse of that means that telling the TRUTH becomes a crime.
    Next time
    27 January 2019
    International Holocaust Remembrance Day, is an international memorial day on 27 January commemorating the tragedy of the Holocaust that occurred during the Second World War. It commemorates the genocide that resulted in the death of an estimated 6 million Jewish people, 5 million Slavs, 3 million ethnic Poles, 200,000 Romani people, 250,000 mentally and physically disabled people, and 9,000 homosexual men by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. It was designated by the United Nations General Assembly resolution 60/7 on 1 November 2005 during the 42nd plenary session.[1] The resolution came after a special session was held earlier that year on 24 January 2005 during which the United Nations General Assembly marked the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps and the end of the Holocaust.[2]
    On 27 January 1945, Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi concentration and death camp, was liberated by the Red Army.
    Prior to the 60/7 resolution, there had been national days of commemoration, such as Germany’s Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus (The Day of remembrance for the victims of National Socialism), established in a proclamation issued by Federal President Roman Herzog on 3 January 1996; and the Holocaust memorial day observed every 27 January since 2001 in the UK.
    The Holocaust Remembrance Day is also a national event in the United Kingdom and in Italy.

  27. Dafydd says:

    Laughing Mexican Guy – Six Million Jews

    Spielberg’s Hoax – The Last Days of the Big Lie

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      I will do this one more time. Let’s settle this bullshit holohox lie once and for all. jew book of course. companion to major jew pbs series. of course. the jewish americans. 3 centuries of jewish voices in America. gee thanks look at us now chucky jewmer and schiffs. by beth s. wenger. 2007 edition maybe in your public library since it’s all about the jews and nothing but the jews great contributions to American society. These people are disturbed. but cut to the chase. page 216 in the chapter about evil German national socialists she actually posted to photocopies of western union cablegrams dated august 2 1942 and the actual words. It’s late tonight I will post the whole thing and who from and to and these were the actual jewish congress. all jews in countries occupied or controlled Germany number 3 1/2 to 4 million… Now how in the hell could 3 1/2 to 4 million people suddenly manage to become 6 million all the while being exterminated in death camps? Let alone think about the 22 trillion holocaust survivors draining shekels in south florida and jew York and jewlywood. And every other place that is fucked up in the world. How about all the holocaust survivors that managed to make it to Palestine and steal that country and turn it into israil and destroy all of it’s neighbors also? How did 3.75 million jews to start with turn into 6 million dead and 22 trillion holohoax oven dodger survivors? cockroaches maybe? impervious to the pesticides? Fuck the jews and their lies already. Give it up. Put it to bed. Laugh at them but they aint funny. Estimates are that between 50 and a hundred million humans died because of jew war two alone. to bad I’m sure that some of them were jewish. Tough shit jews fuck you stop starting jew wars to kill out the best goyim. Us Gentile goyim need to make sure that in every war that jews start in the future including the next fratricidal civil war they are fomenting in America right now that jews get killed first. All flights out to israil cancelled with extreme prejudice and all gated walled communities breached. I believe for sure that once jews and their lies and intrigues and instigations are terminated in America the rest of us black, brown, white, yellow and everybody else will suddenly find that we can live in peace and prosperity and safety and security and tolerance of each other. it’s the jews stupid.

  28. Arctic Circle says:

    Yet another victim of jews and niggers.

    This white girl is fired from here job for merely requesting students from china to speak English, which is a normal pedagogical approach stimulating learning environment. Moreover, English is the language of business and science. Duke University Director Sends Mass Email Warning Chinese Students to Only Speak English on Campus — Or Else!


    I bet the professor – girl did see it coming to her. Stronger and stronger is the hostile domination of the United Stats and world by Jewish Capitalists Mongrels and Nigger-muds. The Jewish power growth fast through financial means, word banking net, printing dollars, enforcement of competition instead of collaboration, etc. The Jew-Parasite used to leave inside in socialist laborers. After the Jew-Parasite destrod socialism it now lives inside the capitalistic laborers. The Jew-Parasite is to destroy one more economic system capitalism. Or maybe Jews = Capitalism?

    Niggers, Jews, and Lotinus Raus!

  29. Arctic Circle says:

    A culture. A western culture …Common Culture.

    When people are forced to compete one against each other doesn’t it negate any posibilit of the COMMON culture?

    Culture definition is the values, ideas, beliefs, and attitudes held in common by a population. Question: how the fucking niggers’ and jewish’ values, ideas, believes, and attitudes help us to realize “common identity”?

    How is it even possible that the niggers and jews are the part of American culture, western culture, white culture, or some other culture? Do we even want a common culture with the wishes apes?

    Culture influences policy making. Question: how to fucking jews and niggers helping us to create the White Policy we want if they want exactly opposite of us, the Black Policy?

  30. jayhackworth says:

    Question the Holohoax and you’re out of the “communion”.
    The “church” has accepted jew lies for truth, willing to go to any lengths to punish anyone who disagrees. The “church”, thus, sides with the attackers and murderers of Whites

    And against the men who defended Whites .The “church” is dogmatically and effectively anti-White, just like every single political party we find in “democracy.”

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Indeed, they are. The Church, the academy, all Institutions, established by the whites, are now acting against whites. It is not completely inverse, rather they do not care much about whites. Instead the goals is the Profit Maximization.

      Only when you determined to cut the Profit into cabbage, you will cure the country and the world from the jewish virus.

  31. Arctic Circle says:


    The recent report by the White House Council of Economic Advisers on the evils of socialism has drawn a great deal of ridicule, and rightly so.
    However, one issue has drawn some sympathetic appreciation even from liberals: the discussion of the Nordic economies, which are traditionally used by the U.S. economists and politicians as role models.

    The report points out that real gross domestic product per capita in these economies is lower than in the U.S., and argues that this shows the costs of an expansive welfare state. But is a negative assessment of the Nordic economies really right?

    That’s not at all clear. That lower G.D.P. number conceals two important points:
    (1) by any measure people in the lower part of the income distribution are much better off in Nordic societies than their U.S. counterparts. That is, there is a lot less misery in Scandinavia — and because everyone has some chance of falling into low income, this reduces the risk of misery for a much larger share of the population.
    (2) much of the gap in real G.D.P. represents a choice, not a cost. Nordic workers have much more vacation, much more time for family and leisure, than their counterparts in our “no vacation nation.”

    It might be useful to explain how the Nordic economies actually compare to the U.S. The Nordics really have made drastically different choices in public policy. They are, social-democratic: they have high taxes, which finance much more generous social benefits than we have here. They also have policies on wages, working hours, and more that tilt the balance toward workers in a number of dimensions.

    So how do these policy choices affect individual incomes? the income distribution in Denmark and Finland and other countries compare with the US. show clearly, the Nordic economies are better. But this understates the case, because these data don’t include availability of health care and education.

    As the CEA notes, real G.D.P. per capita is lower in the Nordics than in the U.S.

    The happiness comparisons is that while Nordic families at, say, the 60th percentile of the income distribution have lower purchasing power than their American counterparts, they also have much more free time and an arguably better work-life balance. Are they really worse off?

  32. J.R. says:

    After being processed by the IBM Hollerith punched card technology that some of the Jewish bankers had vested interests in at the time, the “lesser jews” had SIX numbers tattooed on their arms in the camps in Europe, under Hitler; just as the finance jews’ dupes will shortly receive the micro-chipped number “six hundred three score and six” in the right hand or forehead, so they can trade by the authority of a new political beast in Europe, as a lead up to the apocalypse, when the jews will get holocausted again…

    IBM actually invented the UPC bar code that’ll be compatible with the “666” chip in your hand and forehead for trade during the apocalypse; and the UPC bar code has “666” connotations according to its three guard bars that resemble the bar code for six…

    “Newly-released documents expose more explicitly the details of IBM’s pivotal role in the Holocaust — all six phases: identification, expulsion from society, confiscation, ghettoization, deportation, and even extermination…

    “Among the newly-released documents and archival materials are secret 1941 correspondence setting up the Dutch subsidiary of IBM to work in tandem with the Nazis, company President Thomas Watson’s personal approval for the 1939 release of special IBM alphabetizing machines to help organize the rape of Poland and the deportation of Polish Jews, as well as the IBM Concentration Camp Codes including IBM’s code for death by Gas Chamber. ..”

    • Daniel says:


      Check this out. In your link above about Universal product Code in Wikipedia if you scroll down to that UPC barcodes I will show you something. As you are looking at the set of barcodes look at the one to the right. Next look at all the bars in their formats darker, lighter, and a pattern. Next look at the very ends of the bar code and you will find two side by side long skinny barcodes at each end respectively. Next look in the very middle of those barcodes and find the two long skinny side by side barcodes that also stand out. Now go get any household item with a barcode and you will discover EVRY SINGLE ITEM THAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR HOUSE THAT HAS A BARCODE HAS THE SAME IDENTICAL SETUP WITH THE TWO AT EACH END AND THE BARCODES TOGETHER IN THE VERY MIDDLE.

      Two two and two is 6 in a pattern of three.

      I believe barcodes will be used as the end times mark of the beast system or this is telling us the beast system controls our everyday lives.

      • Daniel says:


        Sorry, the set of barcodes I want you to look at is on the LEFT, not the right as I instructed you earlier.

  33. S O G says:

    he he haw ha ha haw lol …daniel from hell agrees with red pill about matt but matt is thee most conservative nutter here ..
    i agree with red pill …he knows what the fuck he;s tawkin about here tofore …
    matt –jr — fell off the crypto wagon ..yes i agree with you danielle …pretty name ..
    daniel is one cuhrayyzeee sonof a whirlwind …
    ok we get it ..your not going to quit spamming us with mental religious doctrinal heresy and blasphemy smog till we regurgitate our livers …thanks for all your help …thanks for playing …the prize for this is a swift kick in the arse …
    all the nameds thet refer to the son of god are acdeptable when used in a respectful way ….no one knows the name of G O D or the S O N ….so you obviously cant take the name of the lord in vain since you cant know it …built in protection …
    a few good men ….how dd the newbies know where lunch was served on a base ….folow everyone at lunch time …
    no apparent relativity to the subject here but a fun fact ..
    we wanna know gods name …what does the word god mean …father …creator …most high ..A-Z alpha omega …..
    we all have thet inate sense of something higher than us …
    higher power in aa meetings …something that can remedy our fucked up sitch on this ghettofied jew commie earth …..
    did someone say esther …i tend to believe that story too as it involves genocide by early kike semite trash to te tune of 75 thousand amalektites aka early persians …
    and the non semite sephs and azkanfascits kikes celebrate this as a purim ….and for purim we have on the menu a dried blood ingrediant in all the refreshments and cultural foods served durin g the sataninc shenanigans …a white christian child disapppears and he is blood letted by hasidic demons ……the blood is dried and distributed for the rest of the blood libel corporate demonic partaking of an innocent child murdered by jews ….every year many children disappear around purim and the jews like to spring the surpries date of the “party” to a diff date every year …
    celbrating the taking of inn ocent blood ….75 thousand amalekites aqnd haman ands his 10 sons ….by cock sucker king xerxes ….like the bitch who danced for the king herod of israel and she asked for the head of john the baptist …was it herod …
    sanhedrin a secret crypto society killed the son of god after pilate washed his hands …
    he could have over ridden te angry kike mob …
    juzz wanderin the coridors of history here …
    like to say tho in the cyanide hoax …in amerivcan gas chambers after the mongrel was gassed in the death house they had to filter the fumes out for 12 hours via special filters at which time the gas is highly explosive and after 12 hours the guys in the spave suits come in and spray the dead fucker and the interior with amonia to neutralize and toxic lethal threat left …..stuff is dangerous …it would have leaked out of the claptrap wooden shitholes supposedly a millio jews were gassed every half hour and burned every day ….ho ho ho ,lol …what a bunch of horse fucking shit ….
    trblinka belsak and sobobor were towns …with train stations ….john balls airphot.com found on wayback machine show under no uncertain terms that there were no camps at the locations and nothing even resemblimg a building for a camp belzek or was it sobi …..point is there were no death camps period till after ww2 wher germans were incarcerated and tortured to death by french turds ,british snoots ,russian shitbirds and american ididots …orphans and germanic minor surviviors were prime targets for the continuance of german genocide ..what was the fuckin camp near berlin they trodded 70,000 german youth males to and killed them there and b uried them there ..forgetfulness is a curse …Sachsenhausen,,,,,,,ayyhe …lets go dig up some evidence there …ya think …

    • Daniel says:


      Thanks for the comment, all opinions in heart/mind are valued, although I may disagree with the nature of the comment itself, it allows me to evaluate you through your posts regarding religion, a TRUE Christian always Capitalizes the G in God, to which you don’t, just one example, yet you quote Bible verses and put on that dog and pony show each rant. Then you harshly criticize certain Christian views when I notice a heckle-n- jeckle in you as you Blaspheme ChristGods words time and again.

      But at least now I know I’ll sleep better knowing I’ll be in a whirlwind for now on.

      Always start with the man in the mirror

    • J.R. says:

      Quite right Daniel… always start with the man in the mirror…

      SOG says… “all the nameds thet refer to the son of god are acdeptable when used in a respectful way ….no one knows the name of G O D or the S O N …”

      sadly, by not capitalizing and thus denying the name of the Son of God and using the capitalized moniker of SOG, SOG has fallen for the devil’s ruse that “ye shall be as gods” and like the Son of God, if ye deny and disrespect God … not a good end-game for those who’ve tried it, especially by raising it as a bluff with an “all in”, with God watching them, is it now…

  34. Daniel says:

    Four nigger alien Luciferians home invade shoots and kills a sleeping man and his dog!

    NIGGERS ARE BEASTS OF THIS EARTH!!! And they are in the jew satanic liberal democRAT anti-white, Anti-God camp against ChristGods white Adamic Israelites!

    TRIBULATION BEGAN SEP 2017- 2024……… Jacobs trouble mainly for WHITE ADAMIC CHRISTIAN MEN!!


    http://www.live5news.com/2019/01/28/charged-summerville-murder-after-police-chase-through-lowcountry/ the fallen Nephilim niggers are in full demonic satan control and missions against ChristGods peoples and creation.

  35. protocolsRtrue says:

    Speaking of college. Meet the most bad-ass dude on the planet. He’s Chinese.


  36. Red Pill says:

    found this story about “sheep and sheep dogs”

    The concept of freedom may be difficult or impossible to grasp by people who are so into their life in a cage, they can’t comprehend what it’s like outside of it. In their cages, the sheep are vastly protected from the wolves. They are sheltered from elements and receive medical attention if they fall sick. They are allowed to bleep, which affords them an illusion that they are free but should the tone of their bleep change, or should they step up on a rock to see beyond the walls of their cozy cage, or should they wander away from the herd, the sheep dogs will quickly put them back in place.

    The role of the sheep dogs, contrary to what they make themselves look as, is not to ensure that no wolf can rip the sheeple apart, although they, from time to time, do chase the wolves away. The sheep dogs’ real purpose is to keep the sheep in place. To keep them obediently within the gated community where they are taken care of and served a huge dose of “happy illusions”. Sheep dogs exist so any aware sheep may have found a way out of the Matrix gets silenced before it could spread the word about what pastures behind the fence look like to other sheep.

    The trick is, most sheep are so cozy inside their golden cage, they’ll fight anyone who’d try to set them free. After all, within this cage, they have TVs on which they can watch their idols – the celebrities who own posh mansions, ride in limos and walk on red carpets surrounded by screaming fans. To the sheep, an illusion that one day it could be them who walks on red carpets laid for them at the doors of their limousines is worth a trade for a lifetime of servitude. Those hungry wolves who run aplenty outside of the cage are not the deterrent, the fact that there is no Hollywood out there is.

    Community is freedom’s company. Where there is no freedom, there is no community, only selfishness, corruption and greed. Within the cage, the sheep live to have a house bigger than their neighbor’s, a smartphone newer than their friend’s, a car sound system louder than everyone else’s. They whore themselves out so they can buy designer clothes and hair gel to enhance their image before their peers.

    Everything is about me, me, me inside the cage. Any sense of community that once may have existed, is lost. Nobody will move a finger unless there is something in it for them. The sheep only and solely engage in “community services” or “volunteerism” if fellow sheep are watching. They pretend to donate their time and/or expertise because they expect to be seen by neighbors, higher ups, media, or whomever else is worthwhile. They don’t do it out of sheer sense of self worth, but in order to get a mention in a newspaper, or a nomination for a Volunteer of the Year award.

    To the sheep masters, the sheep in a cage are consumers. They are robots whose life is controlled from above. They are issued identifications and get monitored from the day they are born until the day they die. Everything they do must comply with a vast set of rules set forth by the masters. Sheep dogs are never too far to ensure that if you don’t, your limited freedoms will see further restrictions applied to them.

    Outside of the cage, people decide for themselves what’s best for them. The sheep in a cage, on the other hand have sheep masters (I avoid calling them shepherds) make these decisions for them. Sheep masters decide what kind of diploma you must obtain in order for them to give you a certificate for you’re not in a free country, hence you can’t apply your expertise without being controlled. Sheep masters decide where, whether and how you’re gonna build your house for you’re not in a free country, hence you can’t just find a place you like somewhere in the wild and use the trees to build yourself a cabin. Likewise, sheep masters decide what you can or cannot brew, what you can or cannot grow and what you can or cannot smoke, for you are not in a free country, hence you can’t make these decisions yourself.

    The sheep live to impress, the free men live to express. Just because you said I couldn’t, I will! You can attack me, beat me, torture me, and kill me – you will have me dead, but you’ll never have me enslaved.

    Vincit Omnia Veritas, / truth conquers all things

  37. Red Pill says:

    Hello. Today, I bring you topic of great importance. The consideration of inevitable circumstances which will throw the entire world into mass chaos once again. I’m talking about the Third Great War. World War III.

    You see, many believe that WWIII is on it’s way, that it is inevitable. Given the current state of the world in it’s politics and foreign policies and invasions of late, it has become apparent that something…wicked this way comes. Something which will cause the major players to pick sides and other minor nations will have to either support one or risk being devoured. This appears to be a fact. As we have seen ISIS rise and grow to become a terrifying fighting force. As we have seen a tiny nation use it’s money and influence to snuff out all opposition. As we have see the United States, Libya, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Egypt fall apart with growing civil unrest, countless incidents of police brutality and an ever growing pretense to establish a military state. One Nation under ZOG.

    The only thing I personally disagree with is the opinion that the War is coming. I believe that the war is already here. You see, World War III could very well be the War to End All Wars because WWIII is a war of technology and information. And the seeds of the conflict we are experiencing today, were planted back in the Cold War. They were watered during Desert Storm and began to sprout with 9-11. Now this plant began branching out with the US invasion of Iraq, the Syrian conflicts, Mossad, the rise of extreme Muslim groups all over the Middle East, Eastern Europe and South East Asia…it’s leaves are now enveloping all Nations under it’s canopy. A canopy so dense, it will clothe us in darkness.

    What say you, my friends? What are you thoughts on the rising conflict that may one day be officially titled World War III? Is there anything that can be done? If not, what side do you choose? Do you choose a side? You think, maybe we should just destroy ourselves and give the world back? Personally, I believe it’s too late to stop it. It’s roots are too deep. The only thing we can do, I believe, is learn the Truth and spread the Truth. Knowledge is power, after all. We need to get the right people into the right places. I cannot stress it enough. We need to give ourselves a fighting chance.

    • Daniel says:

      The Gog & Magog/Son’s of darkness vs SONS OF LIGHT/ Armageddon/WW3

      It’s the EZEKIEL 38, 39 coming to the shores of Mystery Babylon=America! SOON!, Very soon now..preparations made between our backsliding sly corrupt ungodly Government and the Heathens NOW.


      Christians are considered troublemakers and are ALL WRONG. Watch this pick up the pace as obama announces his false messiah …gets a head wound, recovers/resurrects from the deadly wound as a false god . Your not going to want to be around any niggers when this happens because whites then will really be hunted when these niggers see obama their nigger god heal its wound and performs illusions before their tricked eyes….Head to the WILDERNESS..if you are WHITE Christian, you will be hunted! ALL THIS IS PROPHESIED IN THE BOOK OF Daniel, Eziekel 38, 39.

      Please understand this. As much as I talk about EZEKIEL 38,39.

      We are in the foothills of that attack now as we are in the spiritual war preparing the way. Our enemies are strong at hand while we sleep at night conjuring their next move against us white Christians.

      THAT Mr Red Pill is THE FINAL WAR….READ UP ON IT. Christians WIN!!!

    • J.R. says:

      Trump endorses a return to biblical literacy classes in America, to stem the tide of retarded atheists, agnostics, jew duped libtards. etc, who’re trying to take over the administration of the country, as a lead up to the pivotal role a right-wing REPUBLICAN America will have in defense of a remnant of the tribal israelis who convert to Christ in the land of israel, during the apocalypse…


      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5QnF9YTxBU ..

      • Red Pill says:

        well good luck on that one as religion is inherently corrupt
        as the government is the head of the church.

        old king james put the word “church” in the bible,
        it’s the elect who are the “church”

        In respect of that eternal election of God, which is according to grace, whereby of His good pleasure He chooseth from all eternity, out of all sorts of men, some to the certain fruition and fellowship of life eternal and salvation by Christ. These elect of God are here meant, the number of which is comparatively small; “for many are called, but few chosen” — a little flock, and a few that have found the narrow way.

      • Red Pill says:

        Who are the elect?

        In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus said, the angels “will gather his elect”. The word “elect” is translated from the Greek word “eklektos.” The Greek word “eklektos” is recorded 24 times in the New Testament manuscripts and it is translated either “the elect” or “the chosen.” So, who are the elect that Jesus is referring to in the Olivet Discourse?


      • J.R. says:

        @ RP.. One aspect of salvation for anyone who has been saved (faith and works are other aspects) is the sovereign election of God… so the “elect” of God are all those who’ve been saved out of all of the dispensations of God, since the fall of man, circa 4004 BC…

        dispensationalism is “rightly dividing the word of God”, so you don’t get get all messed up with what God is doing with particular people at any particular time, and aren’t ashamed of what you’ve believed and taught others at the judgement seat of Christ…

        for example, the tribes of israel under the law that was given by Moses on Mount Sinai were obviously a different assembly of people, in a different dispensation, than the Jews and Gentiles who’re in the church, the body of Christ… but that said, the saved people in both assemblies have been saved the same way, i.e., by grace through faith in Christ…those in the first assembly by grace through faith in Christ who WAS TO COME and who was prefigured by (among other things) the animals sacrificed for sin to God by the tribal israelis in the tabernacle and temple and those in the other, by grace through faith in Christ who HAS COME and was of course offered as a sacrifice for sin to God on the cross…

        lots of tribal israeli jews and Gentile proselytes to the Jews’ religion were among the first converts to Christ in this present dispensation of the church the body of Christ, which began on the first day of Pentecost after Christ’s resurrection; and a significant number of tribal israeli jews are now converting to Christ in the land of israel, to complete the body of Christ, which is of course constituted of both Jews and Gentiles; and as a precursor to the resurrection or rapture of the church, which will be followed by a new dispensation characterized by God’s sovereign election of a remnant of the tribes of israel in their land, as a lead up to and during the three-and- half year apocalypse, beginning with God’s call of 144,000 out of the tribes of israel…


        BTW, one of the rules of the English language is: “if the literal sense of anything written makes good sense, it is a valid and the primary sense of those words”… if you violate that rule, by turning something that reads okay literally into something that’s ostensibly primarily or even solely figurative, a parody, a satire, etc, you effectively move into your own and an illegitimate interpretation of those words and could well be making a fool of yourself…

      • Matt says:


        I wish all the Jews would accept Jesus, and become his disciples. God wish wishes none would perish and all would gain life.

        We know that’s not gonna happen, only a remnant of Jews will be saved. God knows there will never be world peaces with Jews on it, that’s why he’ll put them down. It’s really, the only choice.

        Matthew 13:

        9 He who has ears, let him hear.” 10 Then the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Why do You speak to the people in parables?” 11 He replied, “The knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them.…

        I guess things are not always in simple English, and not everyone is meant to get it.

        JR, do you really think it’s 12,000 from each tribe literally, not 12,001, or 11,999? Or, were the promise made figuratively to the spiritual Israel, who the bible calls the “THE CHILDREN OF THE PROMISE”, to whom God promised all good things.

        Or were God’s promises made to the (((children of Satan))), to whom, God has already decreed their destruction?

        Rev. 11:8,

        “Their bodies will lie in the public square of the great city–which is figuratively called Sodom and Egypt–where also their Lord was crucified.”

        Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem, Judah’s capital, or figuratively Sodom.

      • Daniel says:

        DOG & PONY SHOW!

      • Daniel says:


        Dog & pony show.

        Trump lame duck.

  38. Gene says:

    Just When You Thought It Safe To Go Back In The Water – Another Nigger Kills White Gal

    No sooner did that last post die down about a nigger killing a White chick and you thought it safe to go back into the waters of society – yep, another nigger has apparently killed another White chick in a horrific attack. Somehow the woman ended up injured underneath a vehicle that had crashed into a wall. I guess he ran over her!
    Her Name is Carlie Beaudin: White Female Nurse (Found Trapped Under a Car and Frozen to Ground) Murdered by Black Man

    “She was a wife.
    She was a daughter.
    She was a friend.
    She was a beloved nurse.
    She was a gifted singer.
    Carlie Beaudin lived an amazing life. She died a horrific death, murdered by a black man. If white privilege actually existed, the name Carlie Beaudin would be spoken by every newscaster in America and her murder at the hands of a black male would be the above-the-fold story of every major newspaper, too.

    But her name won’t be spoken, save by those who knew her, nor will the macabre details of her murder be broadcast nationwide. After all, we have a black criminal to protect in this interracial murder.”

    • Daniel says:


      What gets me is the liberal brainwsshed police who will one day soon be the arresters of the Christians during the NWO round up of the Christians for persecution……..who else are they going to use to force the mark of the beast to the ones troublemakers not fitting into the one world anti-Christ religion.

      Police refuse to put valuable resources and manpower to combat nigger crime and more importantly nigger on white crimes that is unprecedented….POLICE THESE DAYS ARE SCARED HALF TO DEATH OF NIGGERS AND THEIR COODLERS. The thugs have beat the cops into their cowardness to were now they are pussyfied and cowardly look for white people to stuff and cuff for the satisfaction of knowing they can easily make an arrest with that authority of non-combatant civilized whites that will not put up a fight at all!

      Take a look at this new HOAXED story of the made up attack of the nigger faggit. Police are doing what they have been conditioned to do…..THAT IS LOOKING FOR THE FIGMENT OF THEIR OWN IMAGINATION LOOKING FOR WHITE DUDES TO HARRASS AND LITERALLY WASTING TIME CHASING A HOAX AS THE POLICE KEEP DOING OVER AND OVER ONLY TO BE EMBARRASSED IN FRONT OF CHRISTGOD AND THE ENTIRE WORLD WHEN THEY KEEP LEARNING THEY WERE CHASING A LIE AND A FIGMENT OF THE IMAGINATION IN THE POLICE MINDS! Why?? A niggers and unstable abnormal drug infested weirdos are so godly and would never lie to get a point across…sarc.

      Heard they arrested a white man for telling his teenage son to do pushups, of course, the jew anti-white, anti-christ journalist ALWAYS ADD LIES AND EXAGGERATIONS. While the police pay more attention to stupid little peon stuff, the niggers are MAIMING AND COVETOUS OF THE WHITE MANS WOMEN, AND THEIR PROPERTY AND THEIR FAMILIES!!!


      • Daniel says:


        What’s scary is, as these hoaxes keep pouring in the police from what I’ve heard will literally have a “WHITE FACE FOR HIRE” And the commie police themselves will play the hoax to satisfy their opponents and to calm the situation and to make them look good. Then it’s a repeat show over and over while niggers/ non-whites are running the country at ease. EVERYONE WINS EXCEPT THE WHITE MAN AND THE FALSE IMAGE OF HIM.

  39. Gene says:

    Just When You Thought It Safe To Go Back In The Water – Another Nigger Kills White Gal

    No sooner did that last post die down about a nigger killing a White chick and you thought it safe to go back into the waters of society – yep, another nigger has apparently killed another White chick in a horrific attack. Somehow the woman ended up injured underneath a vehicle that had crashed into a wall. I guess he ran over her!
    Her Name is Carlie Beaudin: White Female Nurse (Found Trapped Under a Car and Frozen to Ground) Murdered by Black Man
    “She was a wife.
    She was a daughter.
    She was a friend.
    She was a beloved nurse.
    She was a gifted singer.
    Carlie Beaudin lived an amazing life. She died a horrific death, murdered by a black man. If white privilege actually existed, the name Carlie Beaudin would be spoken by every newscaster in America and her murder at the hands of a black male would be the above-the-fold story of every major newspaper, too.

    But her name won’t be spoken, save by those who knew her, nor will the macabre details of her murder be broadcast nationwide. After all, we have a black criminal to protect in this interracial murder.”

    Nigger On White Genocide Continues As Government Does Nothing

    It really makes cops and government look bad when these murdering apes can just go around killing off White people. The apes tend to pick on women, cowards that they are, because women aren’t as powerful as men and can bear more white children. THE MURDERING APES DON’T WANT THAT!
    The murder of nurse Carlie Beaudin shows that government does nothing to stop the genocide against Whites and by the time I write this more White victims will be dead. This is a shameful country, scared to take up for victims, scared to be politically incorrect, just plain scared, scared of apes who should be hanged by the neck until dead.
    It is not White privilege that exists, it is Black privilege! Otherwise we would not have a silent media on this nigger on White genocide. I’m through with p.c. labels of Black – just call them what they are, a bunch of murdering niggers.
    Charges filed in Froedtert parking garage death

  40. Arctic Circle says:

    Gene, it is not that “government does nothing…”

    On the contrary, the government policy, amazingly, are designed to foster the black criminality. No one knows why government actively supports and funds through the black criminality.

    Some argue that the reason for that is the government itself is entirely jewish. Some believe that this is done to create jobs for the Department of Justice and similar people in each other government department. Yet some others believe that the world wide spread of niggerism is the workings of the Capitalistic Market, where the more expensive whites must be displaced by the much cheaper latinos, and perfectly hirable niggers.

    No one knows why the U.S. government does it to their own country and to the rest of the world: the Policy of Niggerization Enforcement.

    What is left for us?

    Violence is not an option, but political action is a must. Our political voice must became strong and heard everywhere in the world: The rich pigs (the jews) are up to Niggerizing the World!

    Do not let them to bend you!

    There are many more different explanations you can hear among millions of muffled whispers Americans discuss the Jeudeo Niggerian Problem.

    The first flower early in the spring is a Snowdrop. This flower is the first you see after snow starts melting. The Great White Spring is coming when different kind flowers will start making its appearance ….

  41. Arctic Circle says:

    Bad African-American Niggers work in the U.S. for higher wages, and then go everywhere in the world using American Passport open visa to every European country in the world no exceptions. And self-spread the toxic niggers virus around the world.

    I am not saying calling for a physical war with niggers, but the political expulsion is a must. Say no niggers in My Workplace, no niggers in My Jail, no niggers in My City, no niggers in My Country, no niggers in My Kindergarden, No niggers in My School, no niggers in My Cemetery!

    God damned policy designed by the rich jewish pigs which prevents people to say: We do not wont any niggers around!

  42. Arctic Circle says:

    The Chinese dude father has a “little” Chinese company employing 20,000 Chinese dudes working for nothing, so his fucking piglet can afford go on TV, or a fucking youtube and entertain themselves in any other imaginable way.

    If I would be in charge the world would be a good quiet relaxing place. Nothing like that would be possible. All Chinese instead of beer or water would be drinking ammonia or something even faster.

  43. Gene says:



    Take a look at those shoes and you’ll see they aren’t really very usable anymore as they let a lot of dirt and rocks in the shoe when trying to do stuff outside. I actually hit a low spot where I could not afford to replace these shoes lately with another pair or two and must resort to wearing my good chuckas when I do stuff outside. I have one pair of pretty worn cowboy boots which aren’t suited for workboots and some worn out sneakers and sort of painted myself into a corner on the shoe problem. Actually the property taxes on my place came due as my shoes were already worn out so I still had to put off buying the very needed workboots. Also, the roof which was damaged with sonics needs finishing but will have to wait.

    The property taxes are only a little over half a grand for this little part of an acre and an 800 square foot shack but I really just didn’t have enough to stretch and make ends meet. I felt really beat by the property tax, a tax on something I am already supposed to own, a shameful tax on a necessity, a home.

    Consider for a moment how shameful it is to have to pay a tax for the only home you own. It would be bad enough to pay taxes for extra homes that one owns for investment purposes but to pay taxes for the only home you own is really a shame. They call this U.S. a land of liberty and all that crap but the people who live here are truly among the poorest people in the world when they cannot even own their own home and so we are not free, literally taxed to death and then taxed on death itself a death tax. We are taxed on income, taxed on property, taxed on gasoline, tax, tax, tax, on nearly everything and then taxed to die!

    This country, the U.S., is a shameful piece of crap that masquerades as a free country with liberty and all that crap and what do you get for your money? A flooded lot when it rains because the county did not use some of that property tax money to clean out the drainage ditches in front of your place along the road. You get phoney elections where your votes are stolen and given to serial criminal Democrats. You get a phoney statue holding up a lamp beckoning more immigrants to enter in and commit more DUI murders, etc..

    People should have revolted by now but they did not, choosing complacently to accept the high taxation and pay horrible taxes for an already paid for home.

    Now you know what it means in the Holy Bible where it says those who accept The Mark Of The Beast shall have no rest neither day nor night. The U.S. is a place of incessant business where corporate municipalities require that one cannot retire and own something like a home without continually paying taxes for it, a neverending abysmal mire of creating income. This is truly a beast system we live in.

    more later


    • Arctic Circle says:

      After the successful Great White American Revolution you will have 5 pairs of bring new Danner’s boots and 1 full acre of land: all on us. And an apartment in 110th floor in the Trump tower for the girlfriends.

  44. Matt says:

    As Jesus said, let the dead bury the dead, let the Jews fend for themselves, and wash our hands.

  45. Gene says:

    Presidential Order Wall

    UPDATE – Jan. 30, 2019


    According to law the president of the U.S. can order the military to build the border wall at anytime so why is he cowtowing and asking Pelosi and Jew Shumer for funding for the wall? Why is he seeking to appease Democrats?!
    What has Trump been stalling for? He’s now more than halfway through his term and no wall.

    President Trump can immediately order the military to build a barrier along the southern border under existing laws, according to analysis presented by Congressman Mo Brooks (R-Ala.)

    Rep. Brooks in Armed Services Hearing: Existing Law Grants Trump Authority to Build the Wall

  46. Gene says:


    I submit to you that Trump has Jew orders to follow and that has prevented him from breaking ground, as Ann Coulter put it, on the border wall.

  47. protocolsRtrue says:

    Fucking Marxist commie Bolshevik jew lefty libtard democrats. Walls are immoral (while they themselves live in walled, gated and security guarded communities). But killing a helpless innocent baby while in the process of being born is perfectly fine and acceptable. What kind of a person could even do that for a living? Not just the mother but somebody calling themselves a doctor? I would rather dump trashcans for a living but maybe the jew doctors equate that as the same occupation. I thought that the whole idea of abortion was bad and mostly unnecessary to begin with. Various birth-control methods can make pregnancy 99% preventable. Condoms, cremes, patches, pills, iuds, etc. Or even the good old ( real men hate this) not having sex. A pill of prevention is worth 8 pounds of barbaric cure. I understand that rape and incest do unfortunately occur, and the criminals should be dealt with accordingly. Another sick example was the negro nursing home worker raping a comatose invalid patient. We should have special laws for non-humans like this. Human laws and human rights should not apply to animals.

    So besides the preventability of pregnancies in MOST cases, where in the hell how in the hell (literally) did we morph into abortion is legal into and you can get it paid for with working taxpayers money? 500 million for planned parenthood. What is this a jobs program to capture democrat and women voters? Yes. I answered my own question. Some people are against abortion in principle as well as opposed to it on religious grounds. But the federalmeansjewish.gov judges……. So forcing US to pay for somebody else’s carelessness and irresponsibility (in MOST cases) is rightfully outrageous. If you want an abortion lady pay for your own damn abortions. But I guess that’s what the democrat/socialist party is all about anyway. Capturing more voters by making responsible working taxpaying citizens pay for the irresponsible behavior of the permanently needy, DIS advantaged, UNDERserved, less-affluent, UNDER-privileged, OPPRESSED, people that they like better because they are their voting constituency base.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      These small things are very rich source of the really productive Stem Cells, which can treat many otherwise incurable deceases of the people of means.

      That is whey Jews harvest those zigotas.

      What about a little beautiful nigglet, would you abort it from hateful black African nigger for a bottle of Hennessey?

  48. Arctic Circle says:

    Gene you are the first one in the history of the United States who nailed it right in the core of the problem!

    ” …it is shameful to be obligated to pay a tax for the only home you own!”

    That is it you formulated it correctly. To pay the property tax for involuntarily sending your kids in in the mixed niggers, latinos, jews, Indians, muslims school liquid shit. No!

  49. Arctic Circle says:

    Fucking and immoral capitalists want people to pay tax for only house size of the bird poo.

    Every economist, every new born white baby, every honest person, every common sense individual is now realizing that the tax should be on Profit only. Tax the living shite out of them fucking rich pigs!

    Unfortunately we have chosen a slightly different direction, and decreased from the 39% to 15%. Let see what short and long term economic consequences will be… Lets hope it will be positive. But I know for a fact, that then closer to the nail the rich capitalistic pigs are the better the economy: keep em squealing they will generate more tax …

    Instead the economists keep workers squealing … at work, and then press them with the niggers after work …. Not a good shit, not a good one …

  50. jayhackworth says:

    NS was a reaction to jewish mass murder in Russia. I always say the Nazis were very afraid the jews would do in Germany what they had just done in Russia. And like they would have done in Spain. They imprison people for not believing in gas chambers. Get the picture, herd? I didnt think so. Jews would like a return to the “Dark Ages”.

  51. jayhackworth says:

    Hitler’s SS superseded modern catholicism. The catholics know it. Racial ‘specificism is more attractive to white people, in a fair competition, because of who they are and what they have accomplished for the betterment of the earth, than raceless ‘genericism’.

    This is the hidden reason the christian power establishment always has and always will side with the anti-white jews and against Aryan racialists in any land.

  52. Arctic Circle says:

    Is that so? If the church is to side with the black african-american niggers from africa, then church as the institution must be disbanded.

    In fact, Lutherans in U.S. operating with the decentralized organizational structure. It is not perfect yet, but they make an attempt. Lutherans have a many reasonable aspects in which the church must be reformed.

    In did, if so much regret has accumulated about Church Administration the reform of the church must be pushed for and then implemented.

    Me personally I believe that Church must undertake more active position in determining economic and political direction our society moves toward to!

    Church siding with Black Nigger Thugs and Rich Jews to modify the Biblical teachings and further oppress the poor white boys and girls as well as poor white bleachers, is not good. Such a mistaken supposed “humanity” is disservice to the church and to the white Christians around the world.

    • Gene says:

      “If the church is to side with the black african-american niggers from africa, then church as the institution must be disbanded.”
      Yeah, too much big organized religion! What happened to The Gospel?

  53. J.R. says:

    here’s an interesting update on the transgendered sheboon Michael Obama to get the cog man’s wheels turning again…

    in ‘her’ new book, ‘Michelle’ (aka Michael) Obama has confessed to conceiving ‘her’ daughters by in-vitro fertilization (IVF).. probably because ‘her’ fallopian tubes had been compromised and a penis attached in her sex change op from a woman to a man…
    this explains why there were no photos on the web showing ‘Michelle’ pregnant with ‘her’ daughters, when everyone went looking for them to disprove the claims that President Obama’s wife was born a woman but transgendered to a man, so ‘Barack’ could have homo sex in the once fair White House with ‘her’, like he had with Larry Sinclair…

    “Previous tubal sterilization or removal. If you’ve had tubal ligation — a type of sterilization in which your fallopian tubes are cut or blocked to permanently prevent pregnancy — and want to conceive, IVF may be an alternative to tubal ligation reversal…”


  54. J.R. says:

    if’ ‘Michelle’ Obama has a small, probably erectile-dysfunctional penis or “neo-phallus” that sometimes causes her to scratch herself, this is likely how ‘she’ got it…

    “An entire team performed Stephens’ phalloplasty with Keith, including a urologist, a gynecologist, and Lee, a fellow plastic surgeon. And there were decisions to be made, such as the location on his body that Stephens’ donor skin would come from for his penis (also called a neo-phallus)…

    “Phalloplasty is just one option for creating a penis, though. Another option is a metoidioplasty (also called a meta), which involves enlarging the clitoris through testosterone. It has a shorter recovery time and can become erect on its own.

    “However, the penis is small after a metoidioplasty, explained Keith. “It allows some patients to stand to urinate but they’ll never be able to achieve penetrative intercourse with it,” which is a goal for many patients. ..”


    also, more proof that Sasha and Malia Obama came from a petri dish…
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gTlAN0PG7w ..

    this is totally sick Sodom and Gomorrah/ end-time apocalyptic stuff all right… now you know why the apostle Peter said: “save yourselves from this untoward generation”… and that was 2000 years ago!

  55. S O G says:

    something caLLED the shoah foundation and it has possession of 50,000 ww2 camp inmates ….plays ,bakeries,libraries ,swim pools ,marriages and births …
    NOT ONE PERSON alludes to any systemic mass genocide …..NOT ONE ..
    stanford uni has these same type of vid interviews as well and not one pereson was abused in german run camps
    http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=78398 some nigger info



  56. S O G says:

    I have to find the correct link for the 50,000 interviews as most of te disinfo out there and its large is hard to find the needle in the haystak…

  57. S O G says:

    madoffs folly was to jew euro kikes out of 50 billion ….none of which has recived reparations lol …cerberus investment corp helped madoff every inch of the way and stuffed the money not only in swiss accounts but bank leumii of israel where money is free from outside law enforcement ….just like american jewish criminals fleeing to israel cus there aint no extradition and israel des not cooperate with any country on this ,,

    one real shitty thing trump did was to pardon rabid rabbi shit shaloam rubashkin cockshein who has 17 or so more years to go …pollard gt free as well …
    rubashkin flooded america with meth from his kosher meat plant in iowa .pottstown or potsville ….
    i hope that daniel -matt- JR can get and other false prophets on here can get int their own chatrooms and go at it on each other ..
    this loony jr seems to furtherr strange historical notions about who is a jew and who isnt ……read koestlers 13th tribe with a grain o salt ….
    from bible point of view basically even if there were original israelite ibaru hebraics left it wouldnt make a difference ..
    only people who follow the real gods precepts are actively recipients of gods promses and not proactively just because you might be 1/36th israelite …
    i think that god is not intrested in what physicality you are or your provenence or ancestors ….it isnt written that because your ancestors who you are not even related to were rebelloios and were arrogant thinking they were chiosen for life doesnt mean tha other non semite loonies can claim semitehood like all te cutouts in israel today ..
    al the haavaara agreement proves is thet there was no systematic agenda to exterminate jews in existence in germany during te 3rd riech ..
    youd think the loopy jews would be happy that the holocaust was a well uh er uh a big mistake and that all the spiny little kikes were accounted for after al l and none died …
    if you say that only 5,999,999 shit kikes dies it carries the same sentence in europe as it does to say only 1 died …..
    how many jews died at the hands of the partisans …gthe partisans were free agent jewish commu nist psycos who robbed everyone like madoff …hes a good example ..he got in trouble cus he robbed other kikes and people like paul feinberg president of cerberus helped him as did jacob ezra merkins ceo of cerberus and woner of israeli hush hush bank leumii …..i never looked but i heard that if you look paul feinberg on wickepedia it says hes dead but he’s not …
    if michello o balmy started out as a man then maybe they just did a dick reduction …
    jewish circus gets a laff at america by putting americas first gay muslim president in power to ruin america ….dont forget all the purges of good people from police and military forces by this radical muslim bari malik shabazz son of malcom little x ..so if he is malcom x’s kid can we call him malcom xx …
    obama is actuall half white via his whore of amother who was a communist jew as were her parents as well ……remember valerie commie jarret the white house sqautter parasite who was obalmy;s handler ..she is half jew with a commun ist union card and lived rent free in the white house for 8 years and went on those multimillion dollar junkets and multple yearly vacations with the obalmy circus ….
    evil goddam fucking people out there

    yeah so in continuing on about jr and daniel and matts need to go i nto a privaechat room etc …god knows how many peple these loony birds disenfranchise from this web page …..I know of 5-7 posters who got tired of the cross talk on here and the ,uh well lets just say the never ending bs from these witless fuckers ….
    off topic but rhinehard heydrich who was part jewish may have falsified reports about soviet agression to get germany into a country weakening war which half his generals told him not to and of note that half his generals were jews as well ….150,000+ jews fought for te wheremacht forces in ww2 for germany so a sort of civil war brother against brother biut not like white christians fighting each other then in ww2 …..for te benefit for the global parasite ……..
    postville iowa … https://web.archive.org/web/20171228105442/http://gbppr.dyndns.org/~gbpprorg/judicial-inc/postville.htm



    hey not all the windowz links work anymore on the archives so it is what it is ….

  58. S O G says:


    have hyou heard of wings of eagles ministry ,,lol …christian dupes and jews working together to get fraudulent donations to the kike running things named yeshiel eckstein who naturally takes a 800,000 dollar salary off the top ….
    this so called ministry gets morons to send him money so according to him they can help save the starving jews in ussr i think 6,000,000 of em ….right ..there arent any starving jews in russia ….and lautenbergs bill already paid for jews to emigrtae to israel ….wings of pigeons or wings of evil ministry seek to get fundng to help jews fly to israel as well where money has been distributed to fly them here and there already ..the fact the shitstein already takes 800k off the top must mean tha some jews will be left behind or starvre …lmfoao …
    no where do they ever portray to help russins christians or any other than kikes …
    same ol shit right ….fraud ..
    just like the southern potty law center where morris dees convicted child raPIST seeks money from morons he defrauds daily which is for fuck sake in relaity this is wire fraud times a thousand per month ….
    splc puts the hundreds of millios on private off shore banks …hmmm nothing shady there can i get an amen …
    i used the think the world was a ghetto now i think its a ghetto circus controlled by jewish loons ….

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