The Marxist Architects of White Destruction


This is absolutely one of the best videos available [BELOW] that explains in detail exactly what Cultural Marxism is, its Frankfurt School origins and how it has been implemented through a pernicious strategy known as critical theory.

If you want to play your part in the fight against Cultural Marxism and what is being done to the West then watch and share this video.

This video is crucial viewing for people wanting to better understand what it is that has poisoned Western Civilisation to the point we are at today.

What we are witnessing in the West today is the advance of Marxism under a different banner and using a different strategy. The people of the West have been chipped away at for decades and each new generation is more susceptible to the poison as it permeates everywhere in society.

The target has been Western Civilisation and all of its cultural institutions. Western traditions and morality have been debased, our cultural norms mocked and undermined, our identity targeted through forced multiculturalism and non-whites empowered to rise up against us in our own homelands. Our entire way of life has been altered and our history has been largely falsified and weaponised against us. Our character structure has been targeted by breaking down the influence of institutions such as the Family, school and religion on children. If the working class would not embrace Communist revolution then it was because their character structure had been moulded a certain way by the cultural institutions in Western society.

This subversive ideology is so pervasive and yet it has been so ignored, so much so that it stands on the verge of absolute victory. Our people through their own apathetic negligence have allowed this toxic ideology to infiltrate everywhere unchallenged. It should have been stopped in its tracks, but instead it has been allowed to fester and infect every institution that has embraced it.

It is never too late to change things, but first of all people have to first understand and acknowledge exactly what it is that is destroying the West. They also have to understand the ethno-religious motivation behind those who pioneered this noxious agenda. The first step is through watching videos like this and sharing it so that others can be informed.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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24 Responses to The Marxist Architects of White Destruction

  1. Red Pill says:

    The Marxist Architects of White Destruction are Satanist.
    The Great white Savior is Jesus Christ.

  2. Mike Stone says:

    Interesting video.

  3. Mike Stone says:

    Interesting video. I’ve read that the Frankfort School was instrumental in pushing rock music in the 50s and 60s, especially the Beatles. There’s even a theory that Theodore Adorno wrote songs for the Beatles.

  4. Nationalist says:

    Jews are enemies of the White race and they even admit it!

  5. Bill says:

    Hi… Hate to get off the present subject, but…. RV fridge broke down and had to get some Carnation Dairy product for my coffee. As I perused over the container, I noticed that this “jar” was somehow in the jew manner… circumsized? as it had the mark of a jew huckster priest performing the ritual of a jewish “kosher” ceremony… This was cleverly hidden in plain sight as a “u” or “k” inside a circle letting every one know a JEW TAX had once again been extorted from a Gentile… (YOU) …Matter of fact, there are over 27 of these special codes indicating a jewish collection of some sort… Where are the voices of the fleeced american consumer??? Or has this looting been going on for so long… it now feels comfortable to the “tax” paying public… Just wondering how many “goyims” are aware of this thievery by the jew… AH had it right!!!!

    • Bob says:

      yes, the filthy kosher kike food tax is ubiquitous. It should be illegal if we didn’t live in a ZOG. I offset it by shoplifting small items like anchovies.

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    protocol 10, paragraph 9

    9. When we introduced into the State organism the poison of Liberalism its whole political complexion underwent a change. States have been seized with a mortal illness—blood poisoning. All that remains is to await the end of their death agony.
    protocol 10. paragraphs 17-20

    17. By such measure we shall obtain the power of destroying little by little, step by step, all that at the outset when we enter on our rights, we are compelled to introduce into the constitutions of States to prepare for the transition to an imperceptible abolition of every kind of constitution, and then the time is come to turn every form of government into OUR DESPOTISM.

    18. The recognition of our despot may also come before the destruction of the constitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence—a matter which we shall arrange for—of their rulers, will clamour: “Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders—frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts—who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives.”


    20. But if we give the nations of the world a breathing space the moment we long for is hardly likely ever to arrive.

  7. Paul says:

    The Red Pill has concise comment.
    The young man narrating the video is a victim of John Dewey himself as well as feminism and psycho analytical confessional of Freud.
    The adversary can never be understood. There is no rational answer.
    He had hidden these satanic beings with the clothing of symptoms , which Jews can not possess . ALl are Jews except perhaps Bert Brecht , who was a Sodomite and proselyte to them. But I agree with one thing ; they had a very easy life here. The bastards.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    PROTOCOL No. 16
    The above paragraph is absolutely true. Americas colleges and universities are nothing more than Marxist, commie, Bolshevik jew lefty libtard indoctrination centers. And dependent upon our and the fake printed federalmeansjewish debt and deficit notes and digits. From federal grants to conduct worthless studies, to outright federalmeansjewish department of education funds and even state funding. Taxpayers even fund white-hating racist traditionally black colleges and universities in every manner, including grants from the agriculture department written in the farm bill(???). The purpose of course being to further weaponize low iq negroes into full blown Marxist commie “oppressed” biological weapons of mass destruction to be unleashed upon America. But going to it’s core, let’s talk about federally funded student loans and grants. Where in the Constitution does it say that I, as a taxpayer, should have my money and property seized (money is property) by the, so they can take it from me… who worked for it… and GIVE it away to someone else… so THAT person can attend college? When I KNOW it is not in the best interests for myself nor my country. I already pay for k-12. Let them pay for their own Marxist commie Bolshevik jew lefty libtard brainwashing. Some of the most successful ones actually work their own way through college and get useful degrees instead of African history studies (easiest and shortest college courses ever) become social justice warriors and Antifa and black lives matter fucks kneeling during the national anthem and disrespecting our flag. Giving them free college scholarships so they can run fast and jump high playing with balls and this is how they show their gratitude to the American taxpayers? Government paying the students to attend colleges and jewniversities ABSOLUTELY fits the protocol above saying they will be wholly dependent on the Why do you think the lefty libtards and democrat communist party members like hilarious clintoris and socialist sanders always spout out for free college for everybody and dismissing student loan debts? Because it’s in the protocols. Get these little shitheads already coming out of a fmj public school system and into the full blown Marxist commie Bolshevik jew lefty libtards indoctrination centers to fuck up their heads even more. Plus it always wins voters promising people free shit. Turn them into full blown jewish communists and give them a piece of paper and a pat on their brainwashed shitheads and they can get hired to be Americas future leaders government employees and teachers fed right back into the public school systems to fuck up more little impressionable young minds. And FUTURE voters for the democrat/communist party to keep the downward spiral of America going.
    Paragraph 8. but of course……

    7. We shall abolish every kind of freedom of instruction. Learners of all ages have the right to assemble together with their parents in the educational establishments as it were in a club: during these assemblies, on holidays, teachers will read what will pass as free lectures on questions of human relations, of the laws of examples, of the philosophy of new theories not yet declared to the world. These theories will be raised BY US to the stage of a dogma of faith as a traditional stage towards our faith. On the completion of this exposition of our program of action in the present and the future I will read you the principles of these theories.

    8. In a word, knowing by the experience of many centuries that people live and are guided by ideas, that these ideas are imbibed by people only by the aid of education provided with equal success for all ages of growth, but of course by varying methods, we shall swallow up and confiscate to our own use the last scintilla of independence of thought, which we have for long past been directing towards subjects and ideas useful for us. The system of bridling thought is already at work in the so-called system of teaching by OBJECT LESSONS, the purpose of which is to turn the GOYIM into unthinking submissive brutes waiting for things to be presented before their eyes in order to form an idea of them . . . In France, one of our best agents, Bourgeois, has already made public a new program of teaching by object lessons.

    object lessons. Such as “common core” fmj education?

  9. J.R. says:

    some of these Marxist Eastern European jews in the Frankfurt School may well have had some Middle Eastern tribal israelis ethnicity, but i’m suspicious… they look more like Eastern European descendants of Caucasian converts to judaism or Caucasian converts to judaism themselves … Gentiles who converted to avoid being tortured, incarcerated or killed by the jew commies of the day…

    some of them have rodent or weasel features that likely came from their parents who were judged by God for betraying their Christian heritage for protection from the commie Soviet jews and to preserve their wealth from confiscation; and for ratting out Christians and other decent folk for the jew commies after converting… rodent and weasel features are not racial features characteristic of the true tribal israelis worldwide… they’re characteristic of ‘jews’ and descendants of ‘jews’ in or from Communist countries in Eastern Europe…

    the Frankfurt School ‘Jews’ appear to be mostly synagogue of Satan fake (Gentile) jews who’ve become dedicated (satanic) Marxists because there was no way back to God for them, after turning from the light of Christianity to the Luciferian darkness of Judaism…

    Synagogue of Satan jews are a synagogue apart in Jewry… they’re particularly wicked, completely incorrigible and reprobate, and generally don’t seem to like the true jews or racial tribal israelis and have little or no real empathy for the land of Israel and its ancient history … they like cultural Marxism, secular prestige, political power and money..

    George Soros’ parents were wealthy and maybe they converted to judaism to save their wealth from confiscation by the commie jews… they also appear to have had a dislike for the tribal Israeli roots of Judaism..

    “[George} Soros was born in Budapest in the Kingdom of Hungary to a well-to-do non-observant Jewish family, who, like many upper-middle class Hungarian Jews at the time, were uncomfortable with their roots. Soros has wryly described his home as a Jewish antisemitic home…”

    George Soros’ father was incarcerated in a prison camp in Siberia for a time before ‘escaping’…

  10. Arctic Circle says:

    The part of Europe Soros born is populated by the most hated race jeepcy. Romania is universally considered the homeland of jeepcy and thefts. Here below is the link of the most popular thefts song which is being dessiminated right into the white open brains of the white people

    If I would be in charge none of this would be possible: thifts, sorosis, Marxists, capitalists, niggers, criminals, traitors, corrupt, phsycotic, idiotic, those who are simply lost, and those how pretends to be deaf to the messages send by the ICM, all would go to the grave as a part of the self-improvement program.

  11. Arctic Circle says:

    Would it be possible to better define:

    (1) The Marxism? and Who are Marxists?

    (2) The process by which the White Destruction takes place?

    (3) Western Civilization?

    (4) Its counterpart Eastern Civilization?

    (5) Equality?

    Well, equality I can explain myself. The way how equality is described in the economic literature is an absurd. Equality is an absurd, and the U.S. banker, is not equal to agricultural worker in Colombia. In addition, every person is different in its energy levels, abilities, desires. Every person’s behavior and who he is influenced by two:

    (1) genetic predispositions (20%), and
    (2) live experience (80%).

    So the people from the crisscross environment have 1 to 8 probability to become a riffraff, even if by chance they are a product of the healthy genetics.

    When I think about the Western culture, its dilution with the culture of Marxism, or its counterpart, Eastern culture first comes to mind is one more question: What is Western Culture?

    All that mix 1:10 rich and poor, or the mix 1:1 (50% to 50%) of different nationalities (races)? No, its can not be, I think. The Western Culture, at least for me, is the Founding Fathers coming up with the great ideas on State, Economy, and Law, history of the U.S. Constitution; then Revolution to liberate from the British Tsar and Throne, and from French Tsar and Throne; Civil war to liberate slaves. Finally, the great Western Culture stopped abruptly at the Black Peaceful Revolution of 1964, they year when Title VII was enacted.

    That was the year when the Western Culture’s end has began.

    When I think about Eastern Culture and its roots in equality, hegemony of proletariat, and the collective property I think about its death in 1989, and spread of the Western Culture where it used to be Eastern Culture.

    Now, in all world we have got one dominating culture: Western Culture, but it is gravely ill with niggers, overly conniving jews, morality decay, everything being for sales including loyalty, honor, patriotism, and vagina.

    As we used to cry after the collapse of the Soviet Union: poor Eastern Culture do not you die on us, in the same manner, we all are crying today: Sobbing poor, poor, Western culture do not die on us.

    In the reality there is nothing to be grieving about. Neither Western nor Eastern cultures were ideal, and since their inception many years has gone. It is the time for something new, for a new culture. The new culture is the culture of individualism, property, and wealth accumulation. People say because of the Culture of Individualism, where every one is for himself, Culture is not possible, as culture assumes a collective effort, believes, and norms.

    But then somebody smart comes in the room and say: Its time to create a better culture – our European Culture or white culture and not to be ashamed of it!

    Hundred of years past since Marx and the US revolution. It is time to let the old cultures go, it is a time to learn from the past mistakes of the old cultures.

    Here is a song about SMASHING JEWISH MARXISM and then SMASHING JEWISH CAPITALISM! SMASHING THEM ALL! And then building up a new Much Better System! Here is a song about smashing.

    Meriel Matieweu used to be considered a beautiful women. Would you nail here today? No. Because what considered to be a beautiful women has changed.

    When I think about today culture the first think comes to mind is the whores, resorts, misappropriated sales revenues, and the nonstop holiday of the rich pigs. Here is wonderful illustration of the nonstop holiday:

    This culture is not the Western Culture should be better than that: the New White Culture!

    The New White Culture wont let jews and niggers to poison, mock, or make it a target of their aggression. The New White Cultural institutions must be guards and upholders of the New Greater White Morality without self-deprecation and self-defecation or shame for rejecting weird African couture. Instead of feeling shame for being white in this Zoo-Kingdom it is a time for collective action against the billions of colored risen up against us in our own homelands on the earth.

    It is the time to protect our way of life and write our history as we create it, instead of letting the demonic jews write it for us, thus turning it against us. It is a time for us to first recognize our White Identity, and second, start appreciating it instead of self-blame. Our character structure is cracking under the pressure from the very institutions of state we have created: church, school, family, cultural centers are all now under the command of the Colored Demons, molding our characters of the white children in the particular way. Does it make you comfortable? No. Say, no to the international Colored Demonic Jewish Armed Forces of Evil.

  12. Arctic Circle says:

    Some terminology generated by the white enthusiasts from:


    The ability to act on one’s own accord. This measure of human output defies equalitarian, blank-slatist explanations of human inequality in open, egalitarian societies.


    When those in power refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy) and so control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).


    The substitution of form with interpretation. The goal of the “artist” is no longer the manipulation of a medium into a form that resembles reality, but an abstraction to be “interpreted.”


    Describes an individual who promotes the use of censorship tactics to inhibit, obfuscate, block, shut down, or de-platform individuals or groups from expressing ideas and beliefs under the false guise of humanitarianism.


    An individual who advocates demographic equality, believing that all inequality of demographic outcome is due to de-facto oppression. Most modern-day blank-slatists will pay lip service to genetic theories of inequality, but display dissonance when advocating their equalitarian ideology, employing ad hominem attacks (racist, sexist, transphobe, etc..) against those who raise the likelihood of genetics as a factor of the inequality so as to ignore reality and dismiss themselves from an argument they have lost.

    Cultural Marxism (Neo-Marxism)

    A religious expansion upon Marx’s original philosophy that moves beyond economics and incorporates all forms of minority groups. This includes racial, religious, cultural, sexual, and familial demographics that are deemed “oppressed” simply by the fact they are in the minority. Furthermore, inequality of demographic outcome is considered de facto “proof” of discrimination and only non-critical blank-slatist explanations of inequality such as historical wrongs or contemporary forms of oppression are permitted as explanations. Factors such as the genetic distributions, mal-adaptive cultural practices, personal agency, and individual freedom of choice, are under no circumstances to be considered as explanations of demographic inequality of outcome and those who entertain these factors are believed to be morally repugnant.


    The institutionalization of policies that promote ethnomasochism and the replacement of a society’s founding people and culture through mass immigration and demonization of cultural symbols leading to their replacement.


    A self loathing of one’s ethnic, cultural, and racial heritage that results in anti-social behavior. Such pathological altruism, when exhibited by a significant portion of the population, has devastating effects on society and social cohesion.


    The perception of self that orients an individual’s understanding of being that consistently evolves through a dialectical process of interaction with, and feedback from, one’s environment.

    Pathological Altruism

    Altruism in which attempts to promote the welfare of others instead result in unanticipated harm.

    Protected Hate

    Rhetoric critical or insulting of People of European heritage that would be considered “hate speech” and therefore a punishable or bannable offense if utilized against another racial group, but deemed acceptable if directed at Whites.


    A unit of cultural transmission analogous to a gene in evolutionary terms.


    An acronym that means “Not All ‘X‘ Are Like That.” A common fallacy of logic conveniently used by individualists and Cultural Marxists that ignores the effects of averages and population dynamics on society.

    Self-Indulgent Extremism

    Dysfunctional behavior (using language, gestures, or styles of clothing) expressed for the purpose of self-gratification that is antithetical to progressing Identitarian goals. This behavior alienates one’s self from the general population, ensuring ideological rejection from the mainstream.

    The Diversity Paradox

    Operates on two core assumptions that are diametrically opposed. On the one hand, the human sexes and races have exactly the same minds, with precisely identical distributions of traits, aptitudes, interests, and motivations; therefore, any inequalities of outcome in hiring and promotion must be due to systemic sexism and racism; and on the other hand, the human sexes and races have such radically different minds, backgrounds, perspectives, and insights, that institutions must increase their demographic diversity in order to be competitive; any lack of demographic diversity must be due to short-sighted management that favors group-think.


    A giant civilizational game of “what is mine is mine, and what is yours is also mine.” Originally a call for an end to Western military, economic, and political domination of non-Western peoples in foreign countries that recently evolved to a euphemistic call for the ethnic cleansing of European culture and people within Western nations and their institutional spaces.

    Tactical Deconstructionism

    When an individual applies deconstructionist rhetorical strategies while simultaneously not holding themselves and their own arguments to the same standards. This hypocrisy is most commonly seen among equalitarians as they bemoan demographic inequality, while claiming the “privileged” group under scrutiny does not itself exist or constitute any cohesive category. However, the “oppressed” demographic is deemed unquestionably real, and somehow measurable to a group that to their own theories does not exist in any tangible, categorical reality

  13. Arctic Circle says:

    AS the “Progressiveness” growth so does the African immigrant population in U.S.

    African immigrants, the new niggers, whose numbers are doubling ever since 1960 Black American Revolution, quadrupled under the president O’Bamma.

    Every year they bring millions of new black dangerous niggers from Africa. That is not to count the Hispanic mestizos from the Latin.

    Totally unneeded policy. There are plenty of the white candidates in Europe who are dying to come to U.S. Why the white people are disfavored for blacks? There are plenty of white people who are already in America in need for vocational training and education, why the resources are channeled to the dangerous fucking niggro sportsmen?

    This way it very well may come to the point when the Refreshing Revolution III of 2019 maybe needed? What say you?


  14. luke2236 says:

    Note, all jews. yet no one asks ‘who was / is paying for these parasites?’

  15. dalstroy says:

    according to jews (really), you the people are the “enemy of the people,”
    the “people” being the jews.

    the talmud is the central tenet of rabbinic judaism and the primary
    source of jew religious law (halakha). Read it, it’s an abomination.

    jew Sackler said opioid addiction caused by his Purdue pharma
    would be “dense and white.”

    jews professed aim is indeed the destruction of the white race.
    an econmy based on debt, not universal profit, is a fradulent
    construct of usurious jews. it is a false economy of death,
    yours, invented by jews.

  16. dalstroy says:

    according to jews (really), you the people are the “enemy of the people,”
    the “people” being the jews.

    the talmud is the central tenet of rabbinic judaism and the primary
    source of jew religious law (halakha). Read it, it’s an abomination.

    jew Sackler said opioid addiction caused by his Purdue pharma
    would be “dense and white.”

    jews professed aim is indeed the destruction of the white race.
    an economy based on debt, not universal profit, is a fradulent
    construct of usurious jews. it is a false economy of death,
    yours, invented by jews.

  17. Liberals=Libels,Libels=Liberals says:

    Trust me all of them are like this black people keep saying not all of them
    are bad I’m sure you heard that nonsense many times before but they are all like that sooner or later they’ll show their evil side not to mention the good ones that
    you are speaking of have many names they are called magical negro,mystical
    negro,uncle toms you can not fall victim to these lying dirty apes I’ll give you
    and example Bill Cosby,Maxine Waters,Michael Jackson, Al Sharpton,Jesse
    Jackson,R.Kelly,Beyonce,Kanye,Neil Degrasse Tyson,Oprah Winfrey normal
    uncle tom blacks are the same as well another thing will be that if you call
    both your every day negro an uncle tom the same “forbidden” word the two
    of them will chimp out proving even a uncle tom black is no different from
    your average every day monkey with their TNB and Monkey shines.

  18. Bob says:

    I despise the filthy, satanic jew.

  19. jayhackworth says:

    Jews can only be safe in a world in which no other nations exist.

  20. MyDeadCat says:

    We were complacent, and it has cost us our Nation! Wake up, fools!!!!!
    Zionist Jews are the root of all evil in this world. It’s time to take care of business, America!!!!!!!!!!
    They have infiltrated every aspect of American life and they are breaking it down to nothing. Is this what you want for yourself and your children and your grand children, America? If not, you better get your ass in gear pronto.
    Once all the Jews are gone in America, everything else will fall into place.
    Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

  21. MyDeadCat says:


    Anyone who disagrees can go straight to Hell where they came from.
    Enough is enough, America! Wake up!
    If you don’t wake up, it’s your own fault and I have no compassion or sympathy, period.

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