Brutally Beaten White Nurse Left to Freeze to Death

Her Name is Carlie Beaudin: White Female Nurse (Found Trapped Under a Car and Frozen to Ground) Murdered by Black Man

Actual temp that night was 4 degrees. Imagine that.


She was a wife.

She was a daughter.

She was a friend.

She was a beloved nurse.

She was a gifted singer.

She was a white woman, murdered by a black man.  [Nurse killed at Froedtert was an accomplished singer who ‘would come to Bel Canto to have her soul fed’, Fox 6 Now ,1-28-19]:

Carlie Beaudin, the 33-year-old Greendale nurse practitioner who died at Froedtert Hospital Friday, Jan. 25 after she was found trapped under a vehicle in a parking structure at the hospital was a gifted singer with the Bel Canto Chorus. The director spoke out about the loss on Monday, Jan. 28.

Beaudin’s death was ruled a homicide, and a 27-year-old man was arrested.

“Everybody that she touched in Bel Canto is stunned by this horrific event,” said Rick Hynson.While words might not bring solace after this tragic event, Hynson said there’s music.

“Her legacy will be the music that she made with us. She was a color to her soprano, and quite a fine singer. A high soprano. That’s the part that usually carries the melodies, and so she’d be soaring up there with the angels, just as she is now,” said Hynson.

That morning, Nick Beaudin said he woke up early.

“My dog was restless, because he doesn’t sleep well unless we are both in bed. My morning was trying to find out where my wife was,” said Nick Beaudin.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they found an unconscious woman trapped under a vehicle. She was bleeding from the head. Officials said the woman had a weak pulse and was frozen to the ground. The vehicle was crashed into a wall of the parking structure and had some damage. There were no occupants.

Carlie Beaudin lived an amazing life. She died a horrific death, murdered by a black man. If white privilege actually existed, the name Carlie Beaudin would be spoken by every newscaster in America and her murder at the hands of a black male would be the above-the-fold story of every major newspaper, too.

But her name won’t be spoken, save by those who knew her, nor will the macabre details of her murder be broadcast nationwide. After all, we have a black criminal to protect in this interracial murder. [Hospital spokeswoman: Suspect in attack that killed Froedtert nurse was former valet, fired in October, Fox 6 Now, 1-29-19]:

Charges have been filed in connection with the death of Carlie Beaudin, a Froedtert Hospital nurse practitioner who died at Froedtert Hospital Friday, Jan. 25 after she was found trapped under a vehicle in a parking structure at the hospital. Her death was ruled a homicide.

Kenneth Freeman, 27, of Milwaukee, faces one count of first degree intentional homicide.

Below is a statement from a Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin spokeswoman:

“Today we learned additional details and the identity of the suspect in Carlie Beaudin’s tragic death. This is very difficult news, and our hearts go out to Carlie’s loved ones and colleagues.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has just filed first degree intentional homicide charges. We understand that Carlie was attacked in Froedtert Hospital Parking Area 5 and driven to Froedtert Hospital Parking Area 1, where she was found. The details included in the complaint are disturbing.

The suspect, Kenneth B. Freeman, has been identified as being formerly employed by a parking service provider as a valet on the Froedtert Hospital campus from January to October of 2018. Froedtert policies require that contracted employees from third-party vendors follow the same background checks required for direct employees. The parking service provider has confirmed that the suspect cleared the background check and that he was terminated for a non-violent infraction.

We remain vigilant about the emotional and physical safety of every person who works or studies at, is cared for by, or visits our campuses, clinics and hospitals.

Safety is our top priority. We have made security enhancements, and we will continue to make improvements.

We will continue to take direction from law enforcement, and the situation will follow due legal process.”

Carlie Beaudin, rest in peace.



All White crime gets front and center news, no matter how small or long ago. Have you noticed how they constantly resurrect old White crime stories like BTK? Hell, Charles Manson still gets big documentaries.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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77 Responses to Brutally Beaten White Nurse Left to Freeze to Death

  1. Nationalist says:

    Having read quite a few of these accounts over the years both here and in the mainstream news media (when they are half-way honest) if occurs to me that many of these killer Negros are employed and the killing has something to do with their employment. It gives them easier access to their prey and not liking to work Negros will use their time for other things including killing people. Employing a Negro is stupid and I mean really stupid given their violent behavior and the quality of work they do which is not very good.

    • Danielle says:

      Nationalist, you raise an excellent point here and after reading this story, which brought me to tears, I was thinking the same thing regarding accessibility.
      It is beyond outrageous to me this is the first I’d heard of this tragic story – A FULL WEEK LATER – and if not for Incog Man I’d not have heard of it at all & likely ever. So very true that negroes don’t like to work – but they sure as hell know how to take advantage of any given situation in order to satisfy their animalistic urges.
      This atrocity needs to be spread far and wide NOW.

      • killacrackka says:

        I am so glad that you fucking whitetrash honkies are being killed. Thank god for opiods and low birthrates. I hope to god that you honkies and crackkas die the fuck of god i hate you white bastards you are nothing but a race pedophiles and homosexuals . Most of you white honkey bastards are into nambla (north american man boy love) also you disgusting crackkas are into animal sex . Go to hell whitey

      • INCOG MAN says:

        I let this NIGGER thru so you can read exactly what they think.

      • Daniel says:


        Maybe you can allow us to confront/rebuttal this nigger Bitch ass. Than cut ban this parasite beast of the field SUDDENLY!.Niggers hate that diss………

        Most niggers carry that deep rooted hatred and always point their simian monkey flanges from the paws.

        The nigger race needs CONSTANT SUPERVISION UNDER THE WHITE MAN FOR ITS SURVIVAL. When we pretend and play the patty cake with blind eyes with a sub-human sub-par ape resembling acting flat noses with not ONE INVENTION/DISCOVERY FOR MANS USE OR BENEFITS. In fact, the nigger population here and abroad has caused chaos and debt for our country and others having to fork over benefits for a witchcraft demonic rituals ape mudmen in defiance of CHRISTGOD as a whole!!, As the nigger species constantly plague with their diseases they bring forth to the world to share from their nastiness/ungodliness, hardship, pain death, hurt, and confusion upon the white ADAMIC racial children of ChristGod,and YES, Surly they act as if they are a satanic beasts species.

        The nigger, in general, is an UNGRATEFUL puke!! Why must we keep playing with these weird monsters????

      • karen says:

        When I was a child a long time ago in a mid size predominantly white city then, the first murder, before I even knew that murder existed, was of a young white girl who ‘took up with the blacks’ and was found alongside the highway with over 40 stab wounds to her privates. Her black boyfriend and a few of his friends pleaded guilty to the murder. A few years later a disgruntled black barged into the office of his white union representative and shot him dead.

  2. Blue Steel says:

    We must defend our race and make these feral savages extinct !

    • Daniel says:


      I have said before and bears repeating. The ONLY thing keeping the white Germanic, Scandinavian, Nordic/European WHITE Caucasian peoples from TOTALY ANNHIALATINING these African darkies from satan’s dark Abyss that we so call American niggers is the police state we are in. The police have us fed-up white race like a dog backed into the corner with their murdering evil cop killing nigger playmates putting on a pretend show of love and respect behind the police ducking and poking jabs at us through the traitor cops shields as they holding the chains on the white populace waiting to EXPLODE!!!

      DUE TIME!! Biblical…SONS OF LIGHT VS Sons of darkness= THE WAR SCROLLS KJV…………..


  3. Daniel says:

    I think some, or the Government as a whole know that a bunch of these barbaric snakehead gold tee niggers are part of all those Alien sightings and stories we use to hear about. These niggers were probably kicked off their host planet and put on spacecraft’s and made a beeline to earth. We’ve been invaded by groid nigger orc aliens full of satanic evil.

  4. Flanders says:

    NIGGERS kill yet another White man. The [white-skinned, dark-hearted] JEWish media continues to hide these murders, rapes and robberies committed against White people. The dark-heart jews in media want to hide the DAILY slaughters committed against White people from public consciousness. White people should by now be asking why that is.

    “His Name is Austin R. Burroughs: White Air Force Airman Gunned Down by Three Blacks in “Senseless, Cowardly” Murder in Safe Suburb of Austin, Texas”

    Austin Burroughs had recently graduated from the Defense Language Institute at Presidio of Monterey, Calif.

    “A white enlisted member of the Air Force was gunned down in front of his wife by three blacks out with “the sole purpose of robbing people at gunpoint.”

    Not one media outlet in Austin, Texas or even the funeral home where his memorial was held will admit he was a white male (not one telecast by the local media has shown his picture).”

    “In not one local news story in Austin, Texas of the murder of Austin Burroughs is his picture shown. Why is the local media and the Air Force so afraid to admit he was a white male gunned down “randomly” by three blacks?”

    More information on this honorable Air Force Airman is given in the link.

    “Why has not one media outlet shown us his picture?”

    • Daniel says:

      It’s not even so much the fact they hide this consistent non-stop trend of black -on -white hatred/covetous/racist violent crimes as much as the fact if one white guy shot and killed one nigger ( even if the “protected” nigger DAMN WELL deserved it ) would be hunted, persecuted, shown to the world for days and days with a narrative and same broken record repeats from the sewer holes of nigger coddlers the white was nazi racist as the nigger was a star or becoming one. As if they ( journalist non-whites and coddling whites alike bow to the nigger lies and excuses to their nigger earth gods as they over exaggerate their kindness towards the unpredictable violent tempered apes, the beasts of the field described Biblically that have the ape bodily and face structures to the tee. They love them to the very point of their death time and time again, as the Christians give their heavenly CROWNS voluntarily to Anti-Christ evil jews/niggers/other non-Israelite non-Adamic white race heathens……how STUPID!!!

      The corrupt democRAT/SADISTIC media and their bad mouthed white hating anti-Christ’s and antiAmerican journalist now many non-white anti-christ’s antiWHITE and many can’nt help to be brainduped into raisim of their own race and non-whites are like their leaders and gods as these coddling weirdo whites flock like queers from their own heritage will blaspheme and put shame on their race through lies if need be. Those journalists many who become indoctrinated sinners who are liers to the core, and no doubt very spoiled brats to their parents/siblings growing up in life to devilish millennials and were oddballs out the group/family.


      • Red Pill says:

        SOS… same old shit

        16-Year-Old Student Beats Up His Teacher in Classroom
        A teacher at South Division High School punched by a student.

        The video shows a student punching a teacher several times in the head. That student, not just in trouble with the school…but also with police.

      • Red Pill says:

        some thing to chew on

        there is a belief that Jesus returns to a physical world.
        and/or Golden Age or Paradise will occur on Earth is a crock of bull shit, this is what the jews believe and is a bigger lie than the holohoax. this says Jesus failed 2000 years ago and he will try again, the Jehovah witnesses teach this heresy along with other
        so called religions.
        it’s obvious from understanding of the book of Genesis
        that the earth is our temporary home as we were created as spirit beings and that we are in a temporary home called “the world”.
        i, my self hate the world and what it has done to destroy the earth. as humans we have run out of options and i reject the world (Satan’s creation).
        i am sure Mr Matt will disagree.

        Amillennialism in Christian eschatology, involves the rejection of the belief that Jesus will have a literal, thousand-year-long, physical reign on the earth.

        Premillennialism The doctrine is called “premillennialism” because it holds that Jesus’ physical return to earth will occur prior to the inauguration of the Millennium

        Millennialism is a belief advanced by some religious denominations that a Golden Age or Paradise will occur on Earth prior to the final judgment and future eternal state of the “World to Come”.

      • J.R. says:

        Hitler didn’t like the jewishness of God’s incarnate Son Jesus Christ and despised the concept of a suffering Savior, so he tried to set up a thousand year Reich that would ostensibly countermand what he knew was the biblical thousand year reign of Jesus Christ after the apocalypse and as a precursor to the final Judgment and eternal state of a “new heaven and a new earth”…

        Hitler’s thousand year Reich understandably didn’t sit well with God, so Germany was completely destroyed by the more God-fearing Allies and his ignominious demise by suicide was doubltess a Judas-exit to hell, even though he was raised Catholic and sang in the choir … no one has ever successfully opposed Jesus Christ… the jews and lots of other very stupid people are still trying…

        even Napoleon ‘fessed up at the end… ..

      • Daniel says:

        Journalism =======

        a PURE nigger coddling/petting/STDd/uncircumcised dick sucking/sub-human species supporting/// white man /men hating racist towards whites OCCUPATION!


  5. Arctic Circle says:

    Thus the wall we need most urgently is the wall to off the Diabolic Homegrwon Black African-American niggers first. And only after segregation is legalized to start working on the poisonous Latinos from Latin.

    That Blackwater Prince trains in chines and all kind other nationals to kill who this time?

    The security contractor led by Erik Prince, who created the controversial Blackwater company, will build a training base in Xinjiang, the western Chinese region where as many as 1 million Muslims have been put into extrajudicial detention camps.

    He is so secure and secretive that I wish somebody would just smash him just to make sure that he is good.

    The good news is china detains muslims, and is very reluctant to issue any visas at all to the black african-american niggers.

  6. Gene says:

    They Kill Positive People – We Have One Less Nurse, A Family Person

    I tend to view family people as positive. This victim, Carlie, was a caregiver, a nurse, which is also positive since she repairs the bodies and sometimes the souls of those who are sick. Reading how she lifted the sick woman up in spirit was inspiring.

    They take the positive people. They even take beauty contest winners, real good looking people. You notice they don’t seem to pick on scumbags.

    The media is mostly to blame for not giving any flack to niggers. The world would fall on them if everyone was informed on nightly news of this stuff and a big deal was made of it. What a brutal murder, a horrific death.

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    Funny thing when you kill a man… you take away everything he has, you take away everything he was ever going to have. — Clint Eastwood.

    She’s gone now. All the good she does, all the good she was going to do in the future, is gone with her. What remains? A sub-human animal named Kenneth freeman (not for long, hopefully and if we had our way not ever again). Taxpayer funded jew lawyers. taxpayer funded cage 3 meals a day tv and a library and a gym and medical care. Never was a positive contribution to civilized human society and never will be now. Just another $50.000 a year expense to us law-abiding civilized human taxpayers. But we were paying for the sub-human rabid nigger animals everyday existence anyway I’m sure. Hopefully he wont harm any more civilized humans maybe kill or be killed by other animals in the cage system. Get ready for it. Mentally retarded low IQ. (what nigger isn’t?) Bad childhood baby momma on drugs baby daddy absent on drugs criminal in and out of the cage also. Oh. And the evil white racist society oppressing him holding him down. A product of the evil white racist society made him do it. No. A product of the jews and their stupid-ass low iq retarded pet niggers libtarded democratic party GREAT society did it is more like it. As if the jews planned it that way, which they did.

    Humanity lost another great and positive contributing member AGAIN. Tomorrow there will be more human sacrifices to the wonderfulness of diversity and desegregation. Diversity is good. Diversity is our strength. Yep. Just keep repeating those words to yourself over and over again what they tell you in jewlywood movies and tv shows and jewtv jewmercials. And tell your own eyes to quit lying to you.

    • Gene says:

      These Murderers Should Have To Pay For Their Murders

      Gotta save the pet nigger criminal murderer don’t they? These worthless apes should be hung by the neck until dead.

      Paying fifty grand to keep this scum alive? Let him back out with a tracking collar on him and have a good hunt!

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        The only tracking collar this sub-human nigger animal deserves looks like the one in incogs graphic at the top of this page. Shouldn’t have to track him too far with that one maybe about 6-8 feet straight down.

  8. Gene says:

    You Cannot Live In An Apartment Complex Where Niggers Live

    And you cannot live in an apartment complex even where niggers roam about. Just because you are a nice, clean cut airman doesn’t exempt you from nigger violence and robberies.
    The same thing happens in parts of Phoenix, Az. where if it isn’t blacks it’s Mexicans and illegals who wait for the guy to come out of his box and shoot and rob him.
    People, it’s over, you cannot live in an apartment complex with niggers in you society. They will kill you…..just like they killed Jacqueline Gardener for her tip money when she got off work and went home to her box. Shot in the back with a shotgun by niggers.
    You cannot dwell with niggers if you are White.

    Young (white) mother killed for $85, one of three (black) killers still on the loose. No media?

    We need a new news channel that runs Black on White murders non-stop 24/7 and tells the gruesome details of how niggers murdered Whites.

  9. J.R. says:

    the Jussie Smollet incident is bit fishy… the guy is after all a gay black actor…

    Cory Booker Demands House Pass ‘Anti-Lynching’ Bill in Response to Jussie Smollett Incident…

    “Newly-announced presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) called on the House of Representatives this week to pass legislation that would designate lynching a federal hate crime — re-upping the bill, which passed the Senate in December, in response to an alleged attack on Empire actor Jussie Smollett.

    “Smollett, who is famous for playing a gay character on the popular Fox television program, alleges two men beat him as they near his Chicago apartment complex. Smollett claims the attackers yelled, “Aren’t you that faggot ‘Empire’ n***r?” at him, while his manager, Brandon Moore, told the police that he heard them tell the actor, “This is MAGA country.”

    “Smollett also told police the men placed a thin rope around his neck before fleeing the scene.

    Spoiled negroes chime in on it, trying to make it look like a civil rights era incident…

    This guy got banned from Facebook for his take on it… possibly also because the jews thought he looked like Jesus Christ in the video in question… ..

  10. Gene says:

    Here’s The Link On The Sanctuary City Murder

    Sanctuary City Crawling with Murderers – Public Defender Attorney and Others Stabbed to Death

    SAFETY BULLETIN – British tourist killed in San Francisco (WARNING DISTURBING!!)
    I guess they took this video down because it was too graphic and makes the place look bad.
    When you have people pouring over the border they do not care about your welfare or well-being as they are generally looking to see what they can get, as in rob.

  11. Gene says:

    Purse Snatching Killer Suspects Nabbed in W. Texas

    A few posts ago I wrote that I felt particularly sorry for this elderly lady who was murdered at the hands of a purse snatcher who had a male accomplice. Lourdes Padilla, 70, was an Inglewood woman who was assaulted on Christmas Day and died a couple days later from bullet wound received in purse snatching.

    2 suspects have been taken into custody on warrants by authorities in Odessa, Tx.. If these are the culprits I hope they get the maximum for killing that old lady. She must have needed her money more than they did.

    Investigators have filed the case with prosecutors at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

    Just moving about and changing locations does not guarantee a vehicle cannot be tracked and found. There are roadside ‘hubs’ which record every vehicle going by, road and engine noise, types of occupants, etc.. A person could leave Californicate and come out in Jew York and be located fairly soon.

    2 Arrested in Texas in Christmas Day Shooting Death of 70-Year-Old Inglewood Woman

  12. Steve says:

    Yet another BLACK BABY DICK (BBD), who kept getting shot down by women of all races, killing “whitey” and using some made up history about “slavery”, “whippings”, and other bullshit lies that can easily be seen in shit movies like 12 Years A Slave. This limp dick “muthafucka” needs to be put on ice plus any media Jew dickhead trying to conceal this incident. PERIOD.

  13. S O G says:

    polar bear hunting —-knockout game —twitter organized mobs of yoofs attack maLLs and put duh tilt on the white people …
    anti white-ism and black hatred and racism by niggerd is allowed and fostered by jew marxist left ..
    was recently checking out the american whore kamaltoe harris senator etc on jew tube and some of her anti white racism gone viral etc …
    she fucked her way into the senate via skank nigger willie brown aka downtown brown aka slick willie who had more than a small involvement in the assasination of harvey milk and mayor mosconi …….along with feinstshwine
    harris turns everything into racism a common syndrome of the left and she accuses america of being racist and demonstrating her antipathy for white supremecy …
    if using the wird nigger makes me a white supremecist then all niggers arre white supremecists ….they all use the word toward each other continuously ..
    blacks hate whites yet no program is announced for teaching blacks the error of their ways …
    black supremecy exists and is championed among the american moslem niggers who all hate whites and have to kill a white to gain charter membership …
    remember the zebra killings …remember the dc sniper who had a safari service going to kill a white and instant documentation …but hey that ant racist at all ..
    whites are considered racist by the filthy scum like harris when whites wake up and see that blacks are the real racists and all the violence every yearin america is practically carried out by africans here ….
    its especially dangerous during blACK filth riots to be white and be near the epicenter as you will be killed for being white skinned …
    any white riots out there wehre we kill worthless niggers …nope …
    most ghetto nogs have killed and raped …look at the sites revealing black crime ..
    these sites get accused of being racist ….when all day long the powers that be incriminate white people with no proof of intent ..
    i havent seen a white supremecist ….most of em are framed and killed by the jew govt immediately …
    but we see jew and black aND moslem supremecy in america and they are all of like anti white mind ….
    was a time in america when we were warned about muslim terrorism and now america embraces it …
    communist shits always superimpose their actions and intent over innocent groups …like as to say they did it not us etc ..
    so many americans see thru this shit anymore but beware and america needs to get out in front of these train wrecks harris and booker who clai a run for the presidential job ….
    harris is a deep state actor and lunatic who cares not one wit aBOut your rights and especially constitutional rights …
    this insane bitch is part of the global cabal anto gun crowd cus if we have guns we can fight back against tyrany and evil in our govt …
    id say the whole political body is corrupt beyond repair
    check out some of theis harris sow you tube shit …she is hard to watch and ugly as hell ..look at the comments section ….everyone hates this commie cunt ..
    this nigger only wanted to kill a white person and that isnt terrorism ????????????
    whites are being systematically marginalized and killed in america …
    voting only ensures that assholes whores like harris make it into office to lord over us ..
    she will destroy the second amendment if she absconds with the presidency ..
    whats left of my hard heart breaks for this family …..nigers are pure dangerous trash and in a disarmed america we can use other weapons to defend our selves …
    if that day comes we must support each other and stick together then if not now ..
    newnation . org has thousands of these kinds of murders going back years in their archives ………
    incogma has those photographic death montages ….theinjusticefile may still have theirs…..
    all white people targeted by niggers under the power of black supremecy and anti white racism and hatred …..and it for this knowledge we have discovered that we are falsely labeled racist white supremecists ….

    • Gene says:


      When Katrina happened the niggers apparently fanned out into the suburbs intending to rob and steal and apparently the homeowners were waiting for them…..with guns. Various accounts said every now and then you could see a dead nigger’s foot sticking out from under a trash pile like a pile of old tin, tires, debris or stuff like that after it happened and the cleanup began.

      That’s the way it should be in a nigger riot. Just mow em down for public safety and restore the place to non-dangerous conditions. BIG FRONT END LOADER COMES TO SCOOP UP DEAD NIGGER BODIES because as SOG puts it, niggers do the vast amount of violence in America.

      “that blacks are the real racists and all the violence every yearin america is practically carried out by africans here ….” Kamala Harris is a racist bitch who only lives to cause and foment racism.


  14. S O G says:

    yeah there is just no reason the shoot people the niggers are robbing ..
    consider the rodney king riot ….63 whites were sought out for killing by nigger supremecist thugs ….
    all it takes is the color of your skin so i guess the flaming asshole fartin looter king and his fucking written by a jew speech about some dream for niggers which is a nitemare come true for whites …
    translated that speech means mr.policema dnt pull the nigger over or arrest or imprison an ape for any crime ever ….martin liquor qween wanted total asylum and specail consids for all his nigger africsans in america …
    they gt to burn baltimore down …not one aperest …not one humangatan id’d from all the cc tv out there was ever brought in …..nigger special rights are almost as rediculous as illegal immigrant rights ….
    the election on 2020 is about removing guns ……thats all any of these fucking politicians bang on about ever ..
    please you know someone pay attn to chem spraying —gmo —pestice rampant use–fracking and the leaking of methan e from these wells —cell phone smart meter and wifi electro smog soon to be 60-90 ghz from 5G ….
    game over ..on thet one
    ON THE injusticefile main menu you can find the actual document about the rules of black supremecy in the usa ….

  15. S O G says:

    never forget christian and newsome ……
    this is what niggers are capable of any time ,any day, anywhere …

  16. S O G says:

    white priveligde is the main mantra of jews vibrating this negative shit to niggers …whites die …
    kamaltoe harris says white supremecists are making statements that are getting blacks killed ……most absolute pile of steaming bs i ever heard ….
    kamal harris is dangerous and should be recalled ,charged with deep state ttreason ..
    this innocent white woman murdered by jewish propaganda influencing niggers pea brains is whats happeneing in america …
    whites are not out there killing niggers while robbing them …..
    shooting old feeble white women becausr they are white and the jew says white privelidge and systemic racism and only whites are guilty ..
    fucking remind me again whose fucking ships brought nigger slaves to america …..jew ships ,jewiosh shipping companies ….who took the slaves from africa ….tribal leaders who took captives from other tribes and sold them to north african moslem black slave traders ..
    who owned these shit heads in america ……less than 2% of the american colonies north and south …….as time went on there were half the slave owners were blacks themselves ….
    niggers have beem committing crimes against whites for 300 years ….its nothing new .

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another day in the life with sub-human nigger animals in America. Yep. Diversity is good. Diversity is wonderful. Diversity makes us great. I wonder if this nigger will still be getting his baksetball “scholarship?” to the Marxist commie Bolshevik jew lefty libtard indoctrination center?

  18. dalstroy says:

    we all know about some jigaboos (except the mass media) and their
    handlers, the kikes runnng SWIFT , who stole 81 million from the nuke
    jerk city “federal reserve” bank belonging to bangladesh. Claim
    n. korean hackers did it. money allegedly laundered thru filipino
    casinos, according to rebbe shlomo ben kakaroch.

  19. Gene says:


    It goes without saying that all the apes want is for people to become disarmed, so WHEN SOMEONE STANDS UP & STARTS MOANING TO CONFISCATE FIREARMS HE – SHE SHOULD BE SHOT DEAD! Then shoot him a couple more times just to make sure he’s dead. Anyone else want to adopt and advocate gun confiscation platform, JUST STEP RIGHT UP! NEXT? NEXT PLEASE?

    • Daniel says:



      Civil war 2 is NEEDED not so much as a majority of us want to, and it ‘overdue! And MUST BE STARTED/finished For the sake of mankind’s survival and existence in normalcy and common logical folks on the same page of music. It is CLEAR AND ABUNDANTLY OBVIOUSLY THE NIGGERS/THIRD WORLDERS/JEWS/LIBERALS/ANTI-CHRIST’S AS A WHOLE INTIMIDATE, BULLY, PRESSURE, AND INITIATE THE FIREFIGHTS. They accomplish this by our own self-destruction. First by separating us white brothers and sisters in ChristGod in the ADAMIC racial white family of the Lord Eternal with simple rubbish words as racist, and anti-semetic, homophobia, etc.. Christ was labled a racist homophobia and blasphemy by majority of his jew supposed peoples wanting him viciously tortured to his death and wanted his blood upon them and their descendants forever!

      Police and military are going to need to decided which team they are on or they will die the fastest being confused vagabonds……..

  20. Arctic Circle says:

    Forcing people to coexist with violent niggers is the violation of our human rights and constitutional rights!

  21. Arctic Circle says:

    question: Do you want to work?

    answer: Fuck, no! Not when even one penny goes to feed niggers, not when the profit enriches jews, not when there are some strange goals, endless militarization instead of one big war, not when the presidents of each country in the world are bosses of organized crime (except maybe us).

    question: would you concider to work under different circumstances?

    answer: Fuck, yeahh! I would be working like a working bull, for the shared goals, for my fellow white american people , and for the military that is determined to kill not to endlessly self perpetuate itself, for the happy future of the white families and shit, I would be happy to work for the government that listen to people and acts accordingly, not just follows the money to support cheaper and more agreeable black, lationo, workforce.

  22. Arctic Circle says:

    We are the Northern Poverty Law Center, and we are tired to be endlessly victimized by the fucking dangerous niggers. Therefore, we have to ask ourselves a question: If it is illegal to say that niggers must separated or exterminated, that how do you say the same thing legally?

  23. Arctic Circle says:

    Newly-announced presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ)

    I remember that shit, some 18 years ago in Newark where it was a mayor. Under his mayor leadership the place become fecal. With nigger shooting from the cars through the windows, braking glass of all parked cars on the daily basis, all police was black, all hirings were black.

    Does America needs more of this shit or less?

    No, America does not need any more of this shit!

    Every dollar paid to the Cory Booker is the money used against America because he is a black terrorist who is there to the determent of the country not for its embitterment!

    Fucking fecaloid, Cory Booker, is a sen, and where is incogman? Is he any closer to Congress today than he was yesterday? Yes.

  24. Arctic Circle says:

    Niggers take valuable attention and energy of the people away from what is important: Here’s what we have: the naive former leadership went ahead and eliminated Intermediate-Range land-based Missiles. The adversary eliminated their Pershing missiles, while we scrapped the SS20 (ICBM). There was a tragic event associated with this when the chief designer of these systems committed suicide believing that it was a betrayal of national interests and unilateral disarmament.

    This is important, because some people here do not have an acre in their names, but some rich crooks fighting for sharing territory like the heads of the Italian Mafia.

    What an Average White American should do with All heads of the Italian mafia? Step on All of them and smash them. The same story with those rich crooks. Stop listen to them and smash all of them deep-seated warm worms with the huge salaries, houses, ugly belarussian whores, and all that shit: Smash them all with their fucking freacking endless show – soap – opera of nuclear runs. Military must strike and then God will help us!

  25. Arctic Circle says:

    …white american working people should smash the rich pigs that squeeze profits for militarization from them, here …. European working people should smash the rich pigs that squeeze profits for militarization from them, there …

    That would be really very funny. Rich pigs, who made us all work for their endlesssssssssssssssssssssss military everywhere in the world, and singing us the lies that military cost in every country is just 3% of gdp, only a naïve spoiled child who never yet sniffed that stinking long shit … but killing a one man, even a bad one, is not funny …. What would be more funny is to find a way to make them all work for something good … But many people have no concept of “Good” … I do not know what to do with the excess …

    God will square it all …!

  26. Gene says:


    The new estimate of Civil War deaths contains a wide margin: 650,000 to 850,000, with 750,000 as the central figure. The number of men dying in the Civil War is more than in all other American wars from the American Revolution through the Korean War combined. Niggers are just not worth dying for!

    U.S. Civil War took bigger toll than previously estimated, new analysis suggests



  27. S O G says:

    sweems like niggers kill everyone they come into contact with for criminal purposes ..
    you have t wonder if they just want to kill the white person and just take swomething as a souvenier like a typical serial killer …
    never been so obvious that niggers hate whites and will walk up to whites on the street and just shoot him/her and age is of no consequence ..
    the age of the nigger killers and serial rapist nigger starts at 12-13 ….
    coral eugene watts was prolific and afroid ..
    most white serial killers are jewish …fact …undeniable documentation …
    look at how the mass murder children and women in palestine or post jew comunist revolution russia 1918 on where they jews killed 80 millions …
    spanish revolugtion and the common redundant “rebel” who were jews mainly bolsheviks on loan from russian slaughter agenda killed 2.5 million priests women and children and young men in spain tween 1934 is to after 1936……….was jewish communist backed genocide ..
    the armenians killed by communist jews in turkey from 1915 and their properties and assets assumed by pale of settlement jews who were overnite bohemians as they took over the houses and businesses and assets of the dead which stands at 4 million …..another jewish communist genocide …
    take for instance3 palestine where none of the jewish monsters there have any right whatever to be there ,have slaughtered 6 million palestinians since earliest days 1930 on ….palestineremembered dot com ..
    jews rolled up to villages and lined up ther villagers then shot them all then used bulldozers to grind the people up to dirt and the structures destroyed by the massive bulldozers …..they continued to do this to hundreds of villages and even today even with the U.N. watchers the jews even strafe their vantage lookout points as they try to see the jews in action while deswtroyin g more palestinian property that is protected by the 1953 unit nations accords …..
    when the jews starved the inhabs of major pally cities to death in over 70 major cities the news blackout was typical of jewish supremecy and global hegemony …
    as 1945 and 47 approached and illegal staehood granted to the vile kikes in israel by truman the jewsw slaughtered 70,000 infrastructure vip;s in the pally world there and so the 700,000 refugees we see leaving israel didnt leave for no reason but fr mortal fear …..

  28. S O G says:
    shes been doing this for decades …reserving 3 large passenger jets only to use 1 …and this shit goes every week …this filthy bitch os rich enuff to have her own jet ….
    do you hear about the illegals some woman brought to pelosis wine country vineyard property to camp out ….pelosi is a big illegal supporter but she called the cops on the interlopers …typical dem hypocrite …mst dems are outright and pocket communist jews ..
    jesus the son of god is alledged to be retuning …wasnt he noted for telling his disciples that when he ascended …ad the new test is full of referances to him returning on the clouds ….jr. and redpill you guys are surprising …whe you go off into heresy you go at warp speed ….see this is why no religious dogma or fact should be posted ….its all designed to cause strife …

  29. S O G says:

    if yall dint know then incog has a very good collection of white victims of nigger pathology photo montage links at the very top ….
    niggers are off the rails now …please be careful and mind how you go white people ..
    we dont need guns to protect from cowardly niggers …a nice 3 foot heavy iron pipe with an elbow fitting on both ends will cave a worthless nigger skull in quite nicely ..
    know someone who used a sword once and cut a niggers arm off decades ago after the nigger and friends tried to jump the guy …
    niggers love to just walk the fuck into peoples houses ,back yards ,garages ,even t kidnap whites right of the street in broad daylight …be ready to save your life …
    KILL OR BE KILLED …NEVER NEVER let a home invader survive your self defensive tactical action …..home invaders like rapists and murderers deserve to die …
    most niggers are serial killers an serial rapists and robbers …they never stop untiil they go to nigger university or dead nigger storage …
    its a failed racist anti white race ….they are getting worse by the hour …
    suspend the pipe by cord over your shoulder so it hangs fro your arm pit down under a longer jacket ….what are we supposed to do just let niggers keep slaughtering us when ever they want and thats all they want …look at the anti white terrorist black muslim org who daily breath is the furtherance of kill allwhites agenda …kamalass harris is in solidarity with the black terroist organizations as she treis to say ita all white supremecy this and that but thta is complete deep state dogma so she really is an anti white nigger herself who hates whites and is completely drunk on power like pelosi feinswein and gay boy schumer ……..50 of our 100 senators are commun ist neo con israel firsters and anti american traitors ..
    its the whole reason the jews even get into politics …its their sayan duty to destroy america and let the turd world white hating mongrels run free through the streets of america burning down and destroying white cities …..

    • Gene says:

      If They Have Guns Whites Need Guns

      I disagree, SOG. You make a lot of good points but as long as niggers have guns Whites are going to need guns, not just pipes.

  30. Gene says:

    Boycott Nigger Bowl Super Bowl

    Remember to boycott the Super Bowl as it is a bunch of apes now and doesn’t amount to squat.
    I wouldn’t watch nigger bowl if it was the last show on earth, period!

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Dirt muds buy tickets to watch dirt colored useless sports to make fucking giant niggers and halfniggers rich. Disgusting even to think about it not to say watch.

      Fucking colored as well as some whites are crazy about watching that perversion, instead of going in a forest and take a long walk or photo-hunt a wolf of something along the lines …

      Perverted freaks are taking over the good nation …. fucking zoo!

  31. Red Pill says:

    Migrants pushed three 16-year-old Germans in front of train – mainstream media covered up the murders

    Three young boys were pushed onto the rails at the Nürnberg S-train station Frankenstadion end of January. Two of them were ran over by the oncoming train and killed.
    German mainstream media spoke deceitfully of “Germans”, in order to cloak a migration background. Furthermore drivel about “accident” and “tragedy” was put out there, and the three 16 year old’s “fell” onto the rails.

  32. Arctic Circle says:

    It can happen to any one of us. Even to Red Pill (hopefully not)!

    Even if slightly looked at some nigger scum, they can charge you with the black hatred crime. For example, a nigger is occupying one shitter for 30 minutes, you open up and hold the door, and hope that either, a fucking nigger-manager come and talk to the fucking nigger to get it out, or the fucking nigger will stop his fucking 30 or 40 minutes strike on the public. Instead, the nigger see you from the shitter that you opened the door and yells: “Officer, Officer, Police, Officer, he was looking at me ….” All the public place hears that the fucking niggers calls for help and the poor white, who by now is almost siting himself, is holding the door opened. Fucking absurd.

    At this point people or the nigger, you do not know who, dilled 911. The hardworking police like the “emergency” calls like this as a honey. They do not hesitate to come to you and demand explanations … no kidding. The fuck – faced ask you seriously explain why did you look at the nigger!

    At this point, the hardworking police at the headquarters is quickly checking your background if you are faget (why else would you look at the fucking nigger), or if you are a nigger hater. And as overfunded they are, he finds that at school a nigger who pushed you, you called nigger. They find a complain from another nigger who scared you on a parking lot for calling him nigger. Finally, they happily discover, a little note from our black friends in FBI, saying that the fucker is the Incogman soldier: now you can charge him with a hate crime.

    Etc. etc.. In todays colored America the border between good and bad is getting more and more blurred, in exactly the same ratio as the border between white and black is getting blurred. I strongly believe that each dollar spend to pay salary the Senators like that shit from Newark, is the terrorism. Blacks hate us actively. Blacks by pulling their black laws for “Desegregation” doing a great strategic disservice to the country: the forced coexistence makes white people mad because realization of our own impotence and inability to respond adequately (with the crowbar in the black nigger forehead) becaue police with catch you and put you in jaile where niggers and polic-niggers with HIV will be fucking you in the ass interchangeably.

    Thus the time is right to Create a White Organization! I repeat the message: “We do not hate blacks we just do not want they anywhere around U.S. and Europe for safety reasons”.

    To illustrate that shit here is a practical example from real like in the fucking human toilet “Manhattan”. Here is an example of a white victim who was trying to protect himself from the gyiant mutated nigger with a sward.

    Before I forget the major point of the story is to not to loose even one white soldier to the niggers violence. If somebody would explain to him that message must be soft and polite, but the actions must be quick and decisive, he would not be walking out there with a sward, but volunteering for the white cause.
    Read who the fucking jewish scribers put that story down, enjoying every word of it…

    Fucking fucktards fuck off of the white People!

    An Army veteran with a long-simmering hatred of black men claimed responsibility on Wednesday for using a sword to fatally stab a homeless man in Manhattan this week, the police said, calling the attack random and racially motivated.

    The suspect, James Harris Jackson, 28, of Baltimore, surrendered to the police shortly after midnight on Wednesday, a day after the victim, Timothy Caughman, 66, stumbled into a police station bleeding from stab wounds to his chest and back, Assistant Chief William Aubry, the commander of Manhattan South detectives, told reporters at Police Headquarters. The police arrested him on a charge of second-degree murder, but the chief said they wanted to upgrade the charge by classifying it a hate crime.

    “I’m the person you’re looking for,” Chief Aubry said Mr. Jackson told police officers when he walked into the police substation in Times Square. He had recognized himself in an image from a security camera broadcast on the news Tuesday evening, the chief said.

    Mr. Jackson told the police that he had chosen New York City to make a statement by attacking black men. He told investigators where he discarded the murder weapon, a 26-inch sword with an 18-inch blade, and told them he was carrying knives in his pocket. Chief Aubry said the police had collected video evidence that seemed to corroborate Mr. Jackson’s account of the evening.

    “He was very forthcoming with us,” Chief Aubry said. “He knew what he was doing when he was coming up here, and he relayed all of that information to us.”

    The attack on Mr. Caughman, who was black, came as cities across the country, especially New York City, are experiencing a rise in hate crimes since the presidential election. Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has condemned the attacks, denounced the killing, which he said appeared to be based solely on Mr. Caughman’s race.

    “More than an unspeakable human tragedy, this is an assault on what makes this the greatest city in the world: our inclusiveness and our diversity,” he said.

    The victim, who lived in a homeless shelter on West 36th Street, and was an avid recycler, according to his Twitter profile, had been sifting through the trash around the corner on 9th Avenue, in front of a row of restaurants, when he was accosted by a man in a dark coat around 11:15 p.m. on Monday, the police said. The assailant argued with Mr. Caughman before stabbing the victim, according to the police, who declined to say what words they exchanged. After the attack, Mr. Jackson, the police said, threw the sword in a nearby garbage can and went into a restaurant restroom to wash the blood off.

    Timothy Caughman in an image from Twitter.

    Timothy Caughman in an image from Twitter.
    Mr. Caughman walked two blocks to the Midtown South Precinct, where he arrived about 10 minutes after the attack. Officers summoned an ambulance to take him to Bellevue Hospital where Mr. Caughman was later pronounced dead.

    Editors’ Picks

    ‘A Pumping Conspiracy’: Why Workers Smuggled Breast Pumps Into Prison

    Can a Church Founded in 1677 Survive the 21st Century?

    In 12 Minutes, Everything Went Wrong

    The police on Tuesday released an image of the suspect wearing a black coat and walking away from the scene of the stabbing. Around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Mr. Jackson had turned himself in.

    Mr. Jackson was handcuffed and dressed in a Tyvek suit to protect evidence on his body when investigators escorted him out of the Midtown South Precinct on Wednesday afternoon. He appeared subdued as he was taken to his arraignment in criminal court in Manhattan, which was not expected to take place until later in the day.

    The police found two knives in Mr. Jackson’s coat, and later recovered the sword he said he used to kill Mr. Caughman, Chief Aubry said. Investigators were also seeking a warrant to search his cellphone and laptop. Mr. Jackson had a manifesto explaining his desire and plans that he had wanted to deliver to The New York Times, according to a person briefed on the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity as the investigation is continuing.

  33. Arctic Circle says:

    Push the damned niggerian-fecal matter out of the Country all together!

  34. S O G says:

    spot on gene …..the last march fartin looter king aranged was met with white righteous resisitence …and the niggers whined about how mean the white devils were …the “white devils” were defending their homes as families as fartin liquor king had specifically aranged for the virus niggers to destroy a white neighborhood but the worthless terrorist apes were met with b ricks and rocks and bats ….oh thse white debils is so mean n sheeyit says the terrorist pscopath niggers who try to burn down a peaceful neighborhood …..most preachers became aware of mlk motives …i do have a link to a speech he made urging violence against whites ,i’ll find later …
    i’m not even sure robbery is the motive anymore with niggers …..killing old white people seems to be the goal with robbery only as an added treat …
    beware of walkup niggers coming to kill you for no reason ….like most americans i have no predessecors who ever owned slaves .my irish ancestors were slaves themselves …most niggers say oh weeez bee decendanz of slaves n sheeyit …
    considering africa tribes have practised kidnapping and slavery for 100,000 years it is no surpries ..
    here in the early colonies when a jew owned or black owned slave got their freedom they moved on and lotsa chirrens who were born FREEE …and these niggers had free children and on and on till now ….there were many niggers who came here free and were never slaves so their decendants cant say the shit at all ..
    sometimes i wonder if lincoln was killed to stop the cpmplete removal of africans fro colonial america..
    niggers in ludicrous america want reparations …lol…sure why not …they got their own all black colleges where no white people arre allowed ,they have all black fraternities and dormitories where no whites are allowed and they get white free day on some campuses and some niggers over at stanford or berkely wanted to have their own black only graduation ….tell me who the racists are again …
    whites are by jewish decree if we show any sign of consciuosness about what te hell is really going on in america ….
    so how can niggers get reparations whe half the fucking slave owners were blacks ..
    oh yeah ,by simply saying that never happened and its raxist to say that….
    gene i never said we dont need guns …in fact if you ever read me here you would know that i know how important guns are ……niggers use guns to kill 8-9 thousand other asshole blacks every year and lots of whites and police ….
    i meant to say that if =you come up against guns i hope you have them ….it will gve your survival rate a much bigger % jump ..
    pipes can do lethal damage in close un armed conflict ..
    if they pull a knife or a bat you pull a gun …no conflict there ..i am 101% for that ..
    remember when revrearend sharptoon tried to get a law passed making it illegal to defend yourself against niggers …hmmm is thet 100% afroshit or 75% or middle mulatto …even a 75% white 25% nigger hybrid im sure …do i hear 1/16 …
    here is a typo of many i maker ..
    my bad -mia culpa ..etc
    “who owned these shit heads in america ……less than 2% of the american colonies owned niggers and what i ment to say was thet less than 2% of the population of the north and south ever owned slaves …
    when i mentioned i never saw a wite supremcist etc i shuold mean to say that that terminology is a very jew communist logo …
    white nationalists who wish no harm to otheres are systematically destroyed by our jewish neo con commuist govt ….dont forget edgar steele ….maybe even hoff ..
    i get the feeling he aint in the land of the living anymore …R>I>P>
    his site was and is great of the very good ones out there still ..
    thanks for that info REDPILL ….the tweets from israel kikes about the decimation of monolithic white caucasio countries is vile and obscene and racist ….
    seems like the filthy jew bastards in israel and europe are happy and laughing about the murder of non jew europeans by immigrants …
    i dont recomend reading any as you might want to go out asap and beat the living shit out of the first jew you see and that wold only be justice anyway …
    all moslems should be exterminated all the good ones and the bad …
    ALL OF THEM they are a cancer on the face of the earth and their cult of peace is responsible for thousands of rapes and murders of late and riots AND massive amounts of cars burned in france etc …
    they should all be hunted to extinction …
    thet german whore merkel is a card carrying jew communist from a long line of same same …her family members and close relatives administered brutal communism in east germany during its tenure …
    all the bad actors need to swing from a rope ..
    fucking nigger fatigue …

  35. Gene says:

    Negro Apes Are Moving Across The Country With More Home Invasion Murders, Taking Ground

    His Name is Joe Brown Weaver IV: White Man (and his dog) Murdered by Four Black Men in Home Invasion in South Carolina

    Niggers are breaking into more homes and still killing people, taking more ground across what’s left of America. Stay armed and expect the break-in so you can respond appropriately.

  36. J.R. says:

    please don’t be mean to street negroes anymore … they’re really all good Samaritans if given half a chance and the truth be known… actually, they even like to help white folk more than their own kind, most of the time… especially if they’re white folk who’ve lost their way in the wrong neighborhood or even just elderly and need someone to hold their handbag and help them into a car… y’all might think this is just incredible i know.. but believe me…Yahoo! News just told me it was so, it was on their home page today…

    “I look over and three men were assisting the couple — it was a beautiful thing to see,” says Carnegie, who recognized the men, Joc Koe Stoe, Marty and Freddy G. She walked over to supervise but hung back, asking for permission to film. “I know these men from the neighborhood, and I wanted them to have that moment to show who they really are,” Carnegie tells Yahoo Lifestyle…

  37. S O G says:

    killacrackka says:
    February 4, 2019 at 3:25 pm …………………
    this is exactly why white americans need to have a plan of proaction …
    need I translate that ?????
    personally and for the record I would be happy to see a nation wide euthanasia of violent psycopathic niggers …..
    niggers whine and moan about slavery but i ont see one of thse fuckwitz returning to africa where slavery was worse and beng kidnapped for slaverry or dinner is a daily event …..
    if niggers feel this way about whites and the jew govt wants this malignanat mental apparition to eenvelop all niggers then the govt is corporately guilty for sending out the order to niggers to kill all whites …
    so it ius with kamalass harrass who makes the bald face claim theat white supremecy exists ….lately all i see is jewish and african supremecists running thongs in the usa …with mexicans given extraordinary rights …
    yes it was a few years ago with some reflection on an event i witnessed when a car stopped to let a nigger with its 3-4 year old nigger cross the street on a busy road …
    the nigger dint want to cross cus it was a white citizen allowing the ignorant shittard nigger to cross so the nigger acts all bad ass and spits on the ground in anti white symbolism and crosses the street as slow as a fuckin tortoisse ….
    i filed it away as more info about nigger hatred and racism from niggers at whites ..
    american whites need to drop the white guilt they have been so so falsely stuck with and make a resolution to hate all niggers now …when i look at whites killed for their skin color and i see pictures of the assholes arrested i dnt see the threat in their faces which means that even smiling gentle niggers will kill you …niggers are sociopaths npw with the majority of them surpassing thremselfs as confident and practiced mass killers and serial killers and serial rapists …
    what are the doj specs ? niggers rape 30,000 white women a year …and many whites get raped by non remorseful niggeroids because they allow themselves to get into te niggers vortex of means and opportunity …
    if you have a flat tire in a parking lot and a smiling nigger comes up and offers to fix it for a ride down the street just know that the nigger probably flattened the tire and will rape and kill the woman after she gives him a ride …
    niggers are conscienceless ,remorseless ,irrational and much more ..
    kamal harris says niggers are being killed by whites because of white supremecists …
    all i see is whites being killed by black devils …
    if i saw a nigger get hit by a car or gunned down by a citizen or killed after he tried it on with a citizen my respone is fantastic ….these violent baboons need to be culled from te earth …we all know the only ting niggers are good for is making more shitstain babies and collecting free shit and robbing and raping and killing …
    what normal rational society would not put a bounty on such a race as to eliminate it completely …
    in fact all i have seen is anti white hatred and racism and violence aimed at whites not out of any rational real revenge scenario but for the pleasure of te rotted mind of the mentally corrupt nigroid ..
    peole like kamal harris plays te race card for hopefully running for president …she plans on using anti white sentiment as her platform as a union point of solidarity among the violent useless niggroids ….
    niggers can walk down any street in america and likely only be killed by other blacks or in white areas be unmolested ..
    whites try to walk down the street in richmond or oakland ca. and they will kill you ..
    when you drive thru the hood to get to industrial areas the niggers point their fingers at you like a gun gesture and they have no idea who they are doing that to……just its enuff that you are white and so its justified in their mind ..
    funny how te govt niggers all seem to bang on about white racism when the actuall truth is different and they either know that or they are so caught up in deep state shananigans that they dnt care ,but it has always been black violence marring the landscape …..
    yeah gene over in oakland up in the hills a man was walking his dog and the niggers did a drive by on him and killed him and in te park there some niggers gollowed a hiker and shot him …hiking is racist …so they say …
    some guy was with his 7 year old daughter and his dog on a leash and they had gotten ice cream at a store so on the way home the dog sniffed some nigger and the nigger shot the father …nothing to see here no hate crime here …no not at all …according to kamal harris only whites can commit hate crimes …no blacks are ever cherged with hate crimes …the hypocracy is signifigant ….kamal harris is in office to widden the gvap between reality and delusional black fantasy about who the real racists criminals are ….she is a deep state scum bag …the pice of shit she is tethered to for the pres run is cory booker …he is real psyco and i would venture a wild guess thet he doesnt give a shit about constitutional rights of tax paying whites ….
    howwould the infantile niggers feel if we set about to remove the apron strings attatching them to their filthy crack whore mothers …and vice versa ..
    the war has begun without our consent and it is a terrorist action against whites nationally and internationally …
    whe the likes of filthy cock sucker farrakon can preach in a church about the assasination of 10,000 white peole and the fbi says its freedom of speech ,then things are way out of order and the war on whites is approved by the deep state and the fbi and cia and other shitbag agencies …

  38. Arctic Circle says:

    In the memory of the “Brutally Beaten White Nurse Left to Freeze to Death”…..

    Sooner or later the bad black, african and american niggers, jews, and other apes will be held responsible by God Himself for all the killings they have done, for all the crimes and hate they brought in this world!

    When this Judgement Day will come, and I can say it will because any spark and mistake in of the social engineers manipulating masses and the niggers are gone, we are not going to respond with brutality to their brutality! God wants us to give them a merciful choice. The short and sad video explains that there a very nice, painless methods to leave that world without agonizing on the surgery table for hours with an ICU. The will be given a chance! And that says a lot about us being kind and merciful to every leaving thing on Earth!

  39. S O G says:

    as far as te work crakka it was white slaves in carribean sugar plantations that coined that word as nigger over seers cracked the whip on white irish slaves in the 16-17 hundreds …thw white slaves didnt survive the plantation work and usually died within 6-9 months at the most …..while niggers enjoyed domestic work and easy time it was whites who were worked t death …….
    seems likde all ethnicities are happy about the violence aimed at innocent whites ..
    so if you started a white solidarity organization it would come under attack by the deep state actors ….all the groups currently lying and saying whites are evil …. rediculous clasims thaqt whites are bgorn racist ,,micro agrreesoins ansd systemic racism all fit perfectly for niggers and moslems and white hating jews …but we whites get labeled with this shit 24/7 and then some ….
    listen we are not going to win even for losing on this campaign field of battle …
    we either come up with some form of sophisticated form of communication and camouflaged attrition toward our many oppressors and enemies or we fry …

    yeah yaeh ,god says vengeance is mine …so whers the vengeance ……
    vengence speaks of an even happening during a life span whereas judgement speaks to a time after death of an individual …
    vengeance takes place in real time in a non eternal scenario ..
    if god was going to do anything about any of thies shit then he would have after the jews had germany genocided during ww2 or after the jews slaughtered 80 million inncoent russians …
    maybe the scripture translation means that god will decide who deserves vengeance and who doesnt …

  40. Red Pill says:

    Sold out by our own leaders

    Jewish control of finance is a moral carcinogen that has destroyed the world’s churches and universities and corrupted every government on Earth. It is also deliberately destroying the world’s families.


    All the bad things we have enthusiastically said about our enemies — from Hitler to Gadhafi — have all been false. In reality, the Western powers have gone around the world killing all those leaders who were genuine champions of their people.

    • Daniel says:

      RED PILL,

      And the TRUTH shall set you FREE. Red Pill, the Anti-Christ’s jews and Shia islammy who are actually majority all SAND-NIGGERS…I was there, been there done that, and seen it. Yea, sometimes we had to kill them with kindness and lead as a Christian fighting force with dignity and respect. Biblically the peoples against ChristGods Israelites are jews and what we call and put a spin to it modernly ” people of colour” the ENTIRE BIBLE just about is a white and black thing just like MODERN DAY! Don’t let them fool and deceive you otherwise. The Anti-Christ jews know all about it too……… they’re behind the stoking of the racial flames throughout scripture up until modern day. Modern day we know them as LIBERALS!

    • Red Pill says:

      The Iron Curtain’s Enduring Darkness (12-minute Video)
      by John Kaminski (12.23)

      The home of communism is not Moscow, but New York City, as guided by its London overlord. Their Jew dominated funding apparatus make it possible. Trotsky’s “red imperialism” its most lethal form. General Patton thought the enemy was Russia, as ‘Americans’ planned his execution.?

  41. S O G says:

    lol that is one stupid nigger who commented …could barely understand wht the nigger was doin or sayin …was he texting while doing a drive by at 50 mph killing innocent by standers or was he just the average moron nigger so prevalent today in white america ..
    you see nambla is a jew thing …it has politicians and a san fran assemblyman mark leno a filthy perverted jew …..they try t pass the bill every time to allow grown homos to be allowed to butt rape under age males …..i dunno if mark stench leno is still in politics ..
    anyway funny nigger …so stupid its hilarious …
    fuck all niggers …
    maybe we should start robbing them and killing their old and frail grannies …
    go where the niggers are and rob them or caR JAck these animals etc …

    • killacrackka says:

      Hey you stupid ass honkey (sog). What the fuck does that mean shit on grass .who gives a fuck honkey like i said on my last post thank god you whitetrash honkies are dying of opiods and low birthrates. Speaking of jews theres no difference between a honkey and a jew.actual there is the jews are rich honkies that control everything like your trailerpark are a poor whitetrash honkey and them fake jews are rich that dumbass honkies are big on dogs thats why you fuck them you honkies are into least niggers dont fuck.their are a disgusting race of people thats why you have such low birthrates you honkies will be extinct in the not so distant future.and i am glad you’ll be gone forever .all of you whitetrash honkey males are cuckhold pieces of shit .i bet your wives are recieving bbc(big black cock). I doubt you even have wives i bet you fuck little boys.ha ha ha honkies need to stop being faggots like your buddy elton john. You honkies are into corpahillia i bet you dumb honkies dont know what that means . It means the fascination with eating feces you nasty cave monkey.ya’ll like to eat got the nerves to call us feral and proud of my shitskin it protects me from the son unlike your ugly pale white skin which gives you skin cancer.i want you to look up movie called milk.its about harvey milk who was a white honkey faggot like mostof yoy white males are .i saw that movie and me wanna puke.watching faggot ass honkies doing each other.the character was played by white honkey actor sean penn whose probaly a real faggot.your populationvis dying off all over the glad that white honkey bitch carlie beaudin was killed.i wish i had of killed her whitetrash whore.whenever a negro kill a honkey i say thats payback for slavery,lynching, the way we have black serial killers who have killed a lot of white honkey bitches like coral eugene watts.and cleophus prince to name a few.every whiteman on this site is a pussy incogman aka philip whitetrash honkey marlowe.burn in hell all of you

      • Daniel says:


        Feel better now?

        Ready to logically talk about the high degree of jealousy and power you negros desire to your own selfish needs, not to mention your people’s blatant disrespect and disobedient to ChristGod by serving the party/peoples associated with satan and against Christ, Anti-God. Just to be better than the white man and have the spotlight on you’s.


      • killacrackka says:

        This is karma for you white honkey bastards.more honkies are dying than being white bastards deserve people think you are so fucking white honkey bastards are superior to everyone thats why i hate you.i am so glad that negros are killing you white honkies think youre the only ones with guns .you had better think again i have a small arsenal myself.i cant wait to use them on neanderthal cave monkey recessive rh factor know the word honksg rhymes with monkey. payback is a bitch aint it .it doesnt feel good being on the recieving end of are a race of sodomites starting with ellen degeneres or degenerate and rosise odonell elton john paula poundstone and liberace anderson cooper shepard smith nathan lane . I got more but i dont have time to show the total sexual degenerate and diveant and depraved behavior of you honkies . I pray everyday for a racewar so i can kill as many of you as i can .but right now nature is doing that for me by your low.birthrates and suicides and opiod overdosing.thi is payback for you honkies putting crack cocaine in the black community back in the 80s and 90s .what goes up must come back down.i feel no sympathy for any white who is killed by a negro.the only good white i mean honkey is a dead honkey.all of honkies can suck my black cock .i dont give a fuck what yall think.

      • Daniel says:

        Just Curious…what is it that drives your jealousy of the white man to the point you people drip blood from your mouths. What drives that hatred so deep after all the white men have done for you people??

        What drives you people to kill at ease and so often??

        Why does the negro people as a whole complain all the time?

        Why are black men as a whole so very violent??

  42. Daniel says:

    Just Curious…what is it that drives your jealousy of the white man to the point you people drip blood from your mouths. What drives that hatred so deep after all the white men have done for you people??

    What drives you people to kill at ease and so often??

    Why does the negro people as a whole complain all the time?

    Why are black men as a whole so very violent??

  43. S O G says:

    killacraka …i bet in real life your rubber ass boot lips flaP alot and the words come out al
    cornfusin ….duh duh my dick duh muh dik huh muh dik ,gibsmedat hongkee i fuck you up hokee gibsmeedat mufhuggha …your mother was a 3rd generation crack whor sukkin for duh crack n sheeyit .\
    i predicted 30 years ago thet there would be hordes of sociopath niggers running around in america cus of crack …..crack is an IQ test and you stooopid niggers fail …
    white people need to start robbing ,car jacing niggers home invasions to the most fun i think it would be ….cus i aint rapin no ugly nigger bitch couldnt pay me to touch that shit …so niggers who rape whites need to be immediately summarily executes with any a doo …gods work …good times …
    more and more whites are waking up to nigger hate ad nigger racism against whites cus of idiots like black lives murder ans ugly fuckin whores like kamal hairass ….
    god have mercy on the white race …and he says i help those who help themselves ..
    let the god dam race war from our side begin ….niggers have been jumping and killing and raping and robbing whites for 300 years to satisfy teir tribal blood lust and muh greezy sphlyitic nigger dork syndrome ”
    niggers are born seriel rapists and start at 11 -12 years of age like that shit who aped up against the married women in te saouth ..oy yeah ellis tills …another budding serial killer rapist home in vader parasite multiple ape baby daaddy …..
    america is on hold till niggers and muslims are exterminated well actually more like on tilt …the jews responsible for fostering this evil agenda toward us need to be taught a very special lesson as well …
    niggers also murder the english language …
    nobody wants you animals near them as your track record speaks volumes and your reputaons precced yu by miles …
    i cant understand a fuckin thing you are trying to say ,,hey i know turn on voice typing er uh dont do that ha ha ….
    we whites are simply responding to the criminal socipathic psycopathic pathology of the parasitical criminally insane africans in america …
    and anyway ha ha its a jew writing this shit cus niggers cantr spell even as poorly or good dependin on how you see it ….its a special message from tel aviv which o hope has its own very special mushroom cloud event soon …..miggers ,jews ,moslems ,american black fake muslims ,blaqck panther potty are all extremely mentally retarded ….the day of reconing is coming …
    yo kill a crapper nigger killuh yhou suck jew cock and yet they are the ones who brought you heere as slaves …what are you gonna do when they pull yo mamma fooo stams n sheeyit you worthlees psycopath ..

  44. S O G says:

    you niggers put crack in the black community ..
    nothing like a nigtard to absolve himself of all accountability ..
    do you think ricky ross was white and the other ghetto drug king pins ..
    i knew a guy from detroit who was king pin nigger …hes dead now but as the story goes there were only blacks allwoed in the ghettos whut do you think killacrapper …you think whites would last 10 seconds in a ghetto and i say gheto because wherever you people live in any numbers things automatically go from civilization to tribal insanity aka ghetto .you niggers create slavery in the ghettos by filling the cities with fear and gangsterism .
    you idiots kill 8 thousansd other blacks every year and yhou kill whites for many selfish reasons that go from thrill kill to robbery ad rape and car jacking to home invasion …its a fuckin epidemic and you call it karma ….
    the white man didnt bring cocaine to your crime and already drug infested streets …
    nicarauguan army officials brought tons of this shit in every week and ricky ross was one of the conections our of many african drug lords in the many american cities ..
    it was you idiots that sold the poison t your brthers mothers and friends …no one forced you to do it and certainly no whites did ….the cartels in south america are run by jewish mobsters and always were even gizman in peru aka the shining path
    mausim etc …look him up ..just another jewish gangster runnin dope ..
    my ancestors wernt even in america and most slaves were owned by jews and then up and coming free blacks who owned slaves in the north ands the south ..
    but i digress because although i am not really trying t reason with a rabid ,we whites are altruistically flawwed and seek to set records straight …
    i remember when blacks said white own liquor stores and gun shops on every corner in the ghettos ….total excrement ….the shops thet were and then left because of black redundant violence were mom and pop stores and gas stations …
    yu niggers need to put the book of 10001 excuses down and get your big ugly fat heads out of your asses ….

    • killacrackka says:

      Hey mr. Sog (shit on the ground) i bet your white trash ass live in a trailer park sitting in your underwear looking and downlosding and proably jacking off to child porn. That is what you honkies like to do .like i said before you stupid honkey jews are honkiess to they just happen to be rich .guess what sog (shithead on the ground) those jews dont give a fuck about you. You think beacuse they ‘re white they would care about you but they dont. White honkies like you make me sick you always want to play the fucking victims all the time i dint own any slaves bullshit. You honkies always innocent you just wanna the fake ass jews for everything . Like i said before thank god for the opiods that are killing your race everyday .they say by the year 2045 you honkies wont be around my money says it will be sooner than that. a world without white people thats paradise.if you whites are so smart why do you fuck dogs eat poop drink piss commit suicide . You all aint superior at all you are stuck on sre the dumbest race of people to walk the earth .you can barely reproduce. You dont need niggas to kill yall you do a good job by yourselves.instead of spending all your time hating niggers you need to be reproducing.but you cant to it beacause white males have low sperm count. You as a race are doomed. believe me the world will survive without you. the world doesnt need more honkies so you can spread your sick culture of lgbtq (lesbian gay bisexual transsexual and queer.also we dont need nambla (north american man boy love of america) either. Most of all we dont need more white supremacy and racism. You whites claim to be superior black people dont. White people do the entire world a favor and go kill yourselves you serve no purpose . And stop blaming those fake ass jews beacause they are white to.

      • Red Pill says:

        killacrackka, i love what you say. you make it easy for us to disregard any compassionate response for your entire race.
        but you forgot one thing, and that is white men are the best killers the world has ever seen and you your self will be directly affected.
        go on and sing your song, we will be here long after your race is long gone.
        and for your ignorance ass the jews are a mixture of white and oriental which makes them bastards just like you mixed race Negroes. that have some of the white DNA in them as you do.
        it’s good that Sog pissed you off and we got to see how pathetic you are blowing hot air out your black ass.
        come back and post often, we need a good laugh now and then.
        love and peace, Red Pill

      • Daniel says:


        This one is the classic nigger the world hates! THANK YOU CHRISTGOD FOR THE SICKLE CELL, AIDS, STD’s, And the handgun so the sub-human niggers can keep killing themselves off!

        As far as the dope goes. You niggers are the manufacturers, the founders, the inventors,the producers, the carriers, the sellers, the deliverers, the pushers of SATANS CANDY…THE DOPE! YOU ALL DIG INTO YOURSELVES! Thats because you niggers are DIRECT FALLEN LUCIFERIANS OFFSPRINGS ( NEPHILIMS ) The demonic angels of Lucifers army…..And you niggers do every bit work and duties of SATAN your leader/commander!! MAJORITY YOU NIGGERS ALREADY BEEN JUDGED BY THE ALMIGHTY ( SEE JUDE/ENOCH ) AND HAVE A ONE WAY TICKET FROM EARTH TO HELL UPON YOUR SOULES VILE NASTY STENCHY NIGGER DARK ABYSS BLACK HOLE DEATHS! That’s why as a whole your nigger continent Aperika and your sickening barbaric violent blow IQ race is full of KARMA AND PLAGUES NATURALLY AND CHRISTGOD ORDAINED!

        As far as doomed……… THE WHITE RACE HAS ETERNITY…MAJORITY NIGGERS HAVE ( White folks ) HEAVEN ON EARTH and you go to the lake of fire afterwards you beasts of the field and LUCIFERIANS FROM SATANS ARMY.




        Keep dreaming you jealous vile beast wakanda wannabees!!!

      • Daniel says:


        jews are mulatto halfbreeds of man and the seed of satan. Satan spiritually infected a nigger field beast and slutty eve got pregnant from that nigger infected with satan. Jews are indeed a fucked up mistake evil breed. They may appear white, but take on nigger DNA, nigger attitude, nigger gestures, nigger style, nigger voting/supporting habits of the antiwhite, antiChrist anti-religion…pro islam nigger etc… jews and niggers have much much much much more in common than the average Christian white guy/redneck which have NOTHING IN COMMON BECAUSE WE ARE FROM THE CHRISTGOD ADAMIC WHITE RACE HEANLY FAMILY FULL BLOOD ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB.

        White rednecks have NOTHING in common with white nigger satanic jew………jews are from the devil and niggers are in the devils camp/army/fighters against the white children of CHRISTGOD…..thats why they fell from grace too and joined Lucifer ( nephilims ..then and now!!!!

        jews and niggers are in common………… not the jew and the redneck or the nigger and the redneck. And that’s exactly why those white jew DNA nigger slammed packed wizards love them their brother filthy ape niggers and vote and support same peoples…birds of a feather flock together

  45. protocolsRtrue says:

    this will be you someday

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Regarding the above video. The context is this man’s daughter and boyfriend were brutally raped, tortured and murdered by a pack of fucking wild animal sub-human niggers. For what reason? Because they were sitting at a picnic table in a public park when the niggers spotted their white skin. Niggers were convicted but because the judge was what is called an opioid addict, the niggers taxpayer funded lawyers had the technicality they needed to get a retrial. So they have to go through the whole ordeal again. See his eyes? Looks like a racoon because of all the tears he has been crying over their loss. And remember… with the retrial there is always the chance of the oj syndrome. A single white-hating racist negro on the jury that will not convict a fellow black sub-human animal no matter what mountain of evidence and proof beyond a reasonable doubt there is nor how heinous their crime. The proof beyond a reasonable doubt standard is based upon the belief that the jury of their peers consists of civilized humans with average civilized human intelligence. Not on stupid-ass, low iq retarded jew pet niggers from the niggerhood and monkey island in the jury pool because they get the right to vote on how to spend other working civilized human taxpayer money also. Poor guy starts making hard-hitting truth commentary about the 4:30 mark.

  46. S O G says:

    that things nigger peole dont like webv site had two intersting comments \
    Anonymous said…

    If a hairless domesticated pig escapes from a farm, in two generations it grows bristly hair and long, dangerous tusks. Same with blacks– released from stringent White-run racial laws and controls, it runs wild with their feral, savage inborn nature.
    February 9, 2019 at 12:22 PM

    Yo, mang! I no u no me and mah gurl be homeless, but choo let us hang, mang! I didn’t dig da music, we got heated and I got stabby. Whut wrong widdat?
    February 9, 2019 at 1:11 AM

    The Other Realist in MA said…

    What is the solution… RIP USA

    There is no solution. The negro never belonged here. Everyone else came here by choice, even if the only other alternative was ‘stay on the farm and starve’ as my great grandparents used to say. The negro was brought here and then turned loose like an invasive species. Short of the talented 10th that can emulate white people, and those successful in the entertainment industry, the Negro will never be successful in America. Ever. It is simply not equipped to succeed in a white European society. When the history of the decline and fall of the US is written the decision to bring negroes here will be quite possibly be the #1 mistake that led to the eventual destruction of the country.
    kids of american congo aka murder monkeys
    this nigger who killed this beautiful white woman full of life is just a worthless murdermonkey …

    • Daniel says:

      PRAYER….. S.OG,

      ChristGod gives directions and WISDOM to survive these monkeys. It’s in the scriptures. We were warned of these fallen Luciferians on/in Satans camp joined SAatan and battled ChristGod Michael the Arkangel and the WHITE HOLY SAINTS and lost but were tossed from heaven to earth for a one-way ticket from earth to hell upon completion of their NOW SOULES TREASONOUS FELL FROM GRACE BEINGS ( already been judged..for this is why they are so vile, ugly, alien-looking apes in barbaric unhuman mode with unhuman alien names to boot that doesn’t fit in a society ). For now, as Jude and Genesis ch 6, and Enoch explains these fallen wicked agents of the dark abyss black soules cold damp Dungey darkness of the negro and their constant hate and attacks against white ChristGods peoples, YES, they are indeed against….Plain, simple, very obvious to see and with guidance and spiritual freedom of wisdom you will begin to see it has been a nigger vs white Christian Adamic children of the Lord since the beginning of the history of this earth. the ADAMIC CHRISTIAN RACIAL CHILDREN OF THE LORD ETERNAL

      Or are you a dreamer thinking it will be better tomorrow and we all can share our wives with the monkeys now.

  47. Leah Altmann says:

    B”H I am very, very sorry. I will pray for her and her family. I need to understand the news better, in this country. Obviously some things have happened recently of which I was not aware. Something needs to change. I’m very, very sorry.

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