FAKE NEWS Turns Jew Girl into Big Science Hero

The Jew-run media has been making people believe that a 29-year-old Jewess named Katie Bouman was primarily responsible for generating the first alleged “photo” of a black hole. Everything about this is a lie.

Jew Media Fraudulently Gives Most Credit to a Jewess for Allegedly Generating a Photo of a Glazed Donut Said to be a Black Hole

By Lee Rogers

Much of this sorry saga was already written about in the recent weekly Stormer write-up. However, everything about this story is such a fraud that it is worthy of further analysis.

A 29-year-old Jewess named Katie Bouman was given most of the credit by her racial brethren in the media for generating the first alleged image of a black hole. Despite the fact that around 200 people were involved in the project, her face has been plastered everywhere as being the one primarily responsible for this alleged scientific accomplishment.

The Washington Post put out a video on their YouTube channel featuring Bouman rambling incoherently about black holes. The clip is designed to make the viewer think that she was the genius behind the alleged discovery.

Other media outlets have actually referred to her as a hero for this so-called scientific achievement.

Laughably, the Jews over at The New York Times put out an article claiming that her becoming the face of this was just an accident.

Talk about bullshit. Bouman put out a Facebook post rubbing her hands together implying that she was solely responsible for the black hole image. She was clearly trying to take credit for the entire thing knowing full well that the media would hail her as a great female genius and feminist icon.

Notice how she referred to “I” and not “we” in her initial Facebook post.

As was previously pointed out in the Stormer weekly report, her code contributions to the project were minimal. She contributed just a tiny fraction of the code responsible for the software that generated the image. It’s laughable that she is being presented as the face of the project.

It was noted by a variety of people on social media that a programmer named Andrew Chael contributed much more code to the project than Bouman. People rightly argued that he deserved more credit than Bouman because of this. But sadly, Chael went to Twitter to denounce the people who questioned Bouman’s role in the project.

To be fair, he probably would have been fired from his job if he did not downplay his contributions and overstated what Bouman contributed. But even if Bouman did make substantive code contributions, it doesn’t explain why the media chose to present her as the face of the project. She was just another member of the team and not deserving of any special recognition beyond the other 200 or so people involved with the project.

The New York Times report even admitted that a previous black hole algorithm she was involved in developing wasn’t even used to manufacture this image.

While she led the development of an algorithm to take a picture of a black hole, an effort that was the subject of a TED Talk she gave in 2016, her colleagues said that technique was not ultimately used to create this particular image.

The media has comically claimed that these valid criticisms of Bouman’s contributions were coming primarily from incels and sexist trolls.

There’s no other way to put it: these platforms are contributing to historical erasure.

Incels and racists know how to game algorithms in invisible ways.

YouTube and Facebook refuse to meet this challenge head on, letting them literally rewrite history.https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/first-picture-black-hole-made-katie-bouman-overnight-celebrity-then-n994081 

It is a totally ridiculous claim. People are merely questioning why she, out of all the people involved with the project, is getting all the credit for the image. It’s obvious that she received credit not based on substantive achievements but instead because she’s a Jewish female. The media wanted to give her all the credit so they could use her to help further promote the destructive society destroying ideology of feminism.

YouTube even went so far as to modify their search algorithm so videos critical of Bouman were buried. It’s quite ironic that a supposedly empowered and independent female would need to be protected from criticism. And if the criticisms were as invalid as they claim, why would YouTube need to go out of their way to conceal them from people?

But outside of this media fiasco with Bouman, the entire black hole project itself appears to be a massive fraud. In fact, the entire concept of black holes seems to be a gigantic scientific hoax perpetuated by Jews.

The whole idea of a black hole was invented by a Jew. The Jew Karl Schwarzchild was the originator of the black hole theory.

Other Jews like David Finkelstein and Jakob Bekenstein helped promote additional gibberish theories about black holes throughout the 20th century. The entire field of study as long as it has existed has been dominated by Jews and this fact alone makes it a highly questionable concept.

And what about the alleged black hole photo itself? It looks like a photo of a glazed donut that was edited in Photoshop to make it look like it was floating in space. But not only that, the entire idea that a photo can be taken of something that nobody has seen before is absurd. Everything about black hole research reeks of nonsensical pseudoscience.

Considering what we already know about Jews, it would not surprise me in the least if this alleged black hole photo turns out to just be a picture of a glazed donut. It could also be any number of other gross things that I won’t bother mention. The point being, is that there is no reason to believe that this is actually a photo of a black hole. And for all we know, the filthy yids are in their temples laughing at how gullible and dumb the goyim are for believing all this crap.


I saw ABC’s “Weekly World News Tonight” dinner time news do a big thing on this girl, acting like she was the big brainiac scientist leader behind this black hole photo. The piece so reeked to high heaven of the “female empowerment” brainwashing going on these days, I immediately suspected it was another big fat Jew con-job. Looks like I was right.

The traitor rats do similar things with politics, race and just about everything else involving PC BS. The brainwashing is now getting exposed daily — that’s why they want so bad to censor free speech on the Internet.

Now whether she’s Jewish is not important (she does look like she has at least some Jew in her). This “female empowerment” thing is a part of the whole “diversity” scam Jews are running on our heads.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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11 Responses to FAKE NEWS Turns Jew Girl into Big Science Hero

  1. Red Pill says:

    (she does look like she has at least some Jew in her)
    she sure does, they get uglier ever day they live.
    that black hole she photographed is the space between her ears.

  2. Being a man of Physics, I was originally astounded by the report that claimed that a “black hole” had been photographed…. It is a fact that according to astronomical physics and what has been ascertained so far about “black holes”, they can NOT be photographed, for all someone would see would be the ‘event horizon’…. I also knew that from further reading into the initial reports, that these supposed “photographs” were actually a COMPUTER SIMULATION based upon mathematical data that was reported to be obtained through satellite data about a large x-ray source that was claimed to be a black hole…

    I then realized that this story was so full of holes… And I looked at the reports as nothing but NASA bullshit and “fluff”, for the data and the claimed pictures could only be based upon conjecture and was based on THEORY and not reality…

    But leave it up to Lee Rogers for blowing holes in this entire episode and showing more Jew shenanigans and lies….. I based my doubts on the validity of these ‘photos” on what I have shown above, as it was only a MATHEMATICAL THEORY AND CONJECTURE…. BUT now we see the truth and how this is a JEW LIE and nothing more than yet another vain attempt to sell to the world the lie that Satan’s chosen ones are some how “intelligent”…

    And heck, considering the Jewish common problem of constantly lying their asses off, this young “lady” is a massive liar and swindler for being a disgusting Jewess… And I personally do feel so insulted in all this, for not only have we another fucking Jew lie, but they have also distorted science itself with this lie!

    I do wonder if indeed we are seeing nothing more than a ‘glazed donut’ that was photoshopped badly to look like what they claim is the event horizon of a “black hole”… These bastards will always stoop to new lows to push their pseudo science and their lies on the gullible Gentiles out there, and we see it right here in spades!

  3. Sam` says:

    This “black hole” hoax has a striking similarity to the “Hidden Figures” hoax. Anyone else notice this?

  4. Daniel says:

    By years end God willing, them nasty children of the Devil ..aka..jews in the jew news, jews in their three-piece suites should have her name on that FAKE black hole and or the project earthly breakthrough. Get stamped in a jew lie is the ultimate end .

    TRIBULATION UPON US….We should NOT be surprised, but somehow kinda excited that Bible PROPHECY IS UNFOLDING BEFORE THE AWAKE CHRISTIANS AND THEIR TRUE IDENTITY. Christ-God foretold they would be more Mockers and MORE deceitful messages from ungodly men much much more severe than the days of Noah and worse than any time on earth before or ever will be again.


  5. Allen Black says:

    Expect a lot of lying signs and wonders from the anti-Christ. They lie. That’s what they do, and what they have always done, and what they will continue to do until Gods sword falls on Idumea, (and it will).

    The Jew have never contributed anything groundbreaking to society. They covet what white Europeans have done just as the negro does… They are trying to sell themselves off as more intelligent then any other race, when in fact they just lie and scheme more then any other race. If being able to lie with a straight face, and deceive masses of people by playing on their trust is intelligence, then they ARE the smartest. But deceit and intellect are not the same thing, sadly for them.

    This isn’t the first time for these types of Jew shenanigans. Einstein was another, who basically took common sense, dressed it up in “smart talk” and sold it to the world via Jewish media…While a REAL genius like Nicolai Tesla was slandered, insulted, and ignored even though he was responsible for so much of the modern world.

    What did Einstein contribute? Aside from sci-fi theories to implausible to prove, he brought out the theory of relativity for all to gawk at. What IS E=MC2?
    Ill tell you without using his curve ball slanted description…

    It means every reaction has a reaction. If you freeze something, it will be frozen. If you push something, it will fall down. No, I am not kidding…THAT is what the Jew Einstein is famous for contributing.

    They have constantly latched on to European inventions and comforts, and exploited them against their creators. Hollywood wasn’t created by Jews, for example. Moving pictures were being created before the Jew got interested in the late 1920s and moved in on the Hollywood studios. The depression allowed them to buy up these production companies for pennies on the dollar. Smart? It would have been, except for the fact that the same Jews created the market crash to begin with…Not will intellect, but with lies, and false promises.

    The devils hands are always busy.

  6. Arctic Circle says:

    When the jew were photographing the black hole it accidentally pull them in together with the niggers, camera, sun light, and the cosmic dust. Good buy jews, good buy niggers!

    Black hole is the niggers’ mouth with a big gym dumbbell inside.

    • J.R. says:

      yes, AC… jews should be associated with a notorious black hole photo, because they’ve disproportionately gone done into the biblical other dimensional “black hole” of the pit more than the people of other races and nations… after dying in their sins because of their murder of Jesus and rejection of the good news of the gospel…

      “The gates of hell, the end of space and time.” That was how black holes were described at the press conference in Brussels where the first ever photograph of one was revealed to an excited audience. And this black hole, a super-massive object at the center of the galaxy Messier 87, really is a monster, observed Ellie Mae O’Hagan for The Guardian…

      “Everything unfortunate enough to get too close to it falls in and never emerges again, including light itself. It’s the point at which every physical law of the known universe collapses. Perhaps it is the closest thing there is to hell: it is an abyss, a moment of oblivion.”

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwQnYsDaC-E ..

    • Tam Oshanter says:

      Leave the African Americans out of it. Blacks are not dirty filthy treasonous spies like Jews are!

      • Allen Black says:

        No they are just bloodthirsty murderers whom have slaughtered 76 Million whites from 1965-2019, and that isn’t even counting robbery and rape. Blacks murder an average of 6 white people per state per day (Census, provided by Fathers Manifesto based on FBI, state, and local police reporting) as an ongoing average since 1965 when they forced themselves into white spaces.

        On this very site are lists of the unmentioned victims of blacks, just check the links bottom left under white victims, and Mudshark Madness. Recently they have targeted children, such as Kori Taylor, who shot up a school bus stop in San Diego, in order to “cleanse the evil white race” according to his police statement, a black woman who posed as a babysitter in 2017 to kidnap and torture a 12 year old white kid with a blowtorch for 5 hours before killing him, two blacks who maced a young mother in the face and stole her 15 month old which they burned alive, (And more horrible is this isn’t far from where I live, and I happen to know that the only reason they arrested the mother was because, and I quote someone “If white people thought blacks were roaming the countryside, kidnapping and burning white children to death in the night, this would get out of hand very quickly. She had to be temporarily indicted to keep a full scale racial conflict from breaking out, since race relations are already strained. Its a tragedy all around, but sometimes unpleasant choices must be made for the greater good. Don’t worry, she will be freed when things calm down”.

        Needless to say, I am disgusted and disappointed with our local, as well as Jew-run federal government….

        Finally, and a black guy at mall of America who tossed a 5 year old 3 stories.

        “Leave them out of it”?

        Let me be as clear as possible…The Negro are savages. A trojan horse used against this nation by the Jew, and they knew exactly what they were doing when they brought them here in chains…Yes, the JEW did that, not white people. If it would have been whites, the blacks would have been FAR greater in population, but as it is, they were only 4% until 1960 welfare incentives, and Jews destroying our immigration policies with the Hart-Cellar act of 1965. That matches the presence of the JEWISH population, NOT whites, whom Jews pinned the blame on…

        Also, the “oppression” narrative is a LIE. Blacks were free, but separate. Segregation is NOT oppression. Nations have always been segregated by nations. Is China oppressing Russia by being segregated from them? Blacks weren’t happy that they didn’t have what their immediate neighbors did, and the Jews played on compassionate whites to end our spaces and flood us with these negros in the so called civil rights act…

        After all, oppressed people ALL through history have always sought Liberation as far from their oppressors as they could get, they didn’t ever flee TO their oppressors, which is what the negro did. Just because someone THINKS they are oppressed, doesn’t mean they really were. Even lynching is a false narrative. Its true, that blacks were lynched, but not over race…The clan was a Jew psi-op, and not how REAL Christians act, as we are not violent unless defending ourselves and our loved ones. Whites were also lynched in the same time period, as were the negro, and the most common reason, was cattle theft, and while it happened more to blacks then whites, is it any wonder, with the level of crime they commit?

        There was no “magic changing” where whites went from genocidal maniacs to having the safest neighborhoods, and blacks went from saints to bloodthirsty and violent people…People have ALWAYS been as they are now. A little of this parent, and that, as you are a product of those whom came before you, like everyone else. What you see today, is who people have ALWAYS been by race. Don’t believe the Jew liars otherwise.

        God bless.

  7. cole nidre says:

    black hole? more like jew ass-hole, a b.s. “computer simulation.”

    Geo. Washington and Tom Jefferson (“perhaps someday the people of america
    won’t believe a jew virgin was impregnated by a bird and had ‘god'”) have been
    stricken from the record. The new founders of America are nicolai lenin & leon
    trotsky, according to jew protocol.

    132,562 pieces of shit documented in streets of sanctuary city san francisco,
    and in the sanctuaries of churches throughout france. another jew

    when your algorithms are programmed
    to say all truth is a lie
    then you can be sure
    that all kikes will fry.

    there you are. it’s a done deed.

  8. Erik Snohdin says:

    Wake up, White men !! Time for JUSTICE !!

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