Crazy Zio Goy John Bolton Planning Big War for Israel

John Bolton is determined to drag America into a war with Iran because he is more concerned about the interests of Israel than the interests of America. He is a very bad person.

Deranged Zionist John Bolton Reportedly Participates in Unusual Meeting with the CIA on Iran


John Bolton is like a real life character from the 1960s Stanley Kubrick movie Dr. Strangelove. Everything about this guy is bad news. We’re dealing with someone whose only goal in life is to do endless war for Jews. He alone could literally be responsible for pushing the United States into a simultaneous three-front war against Venezuela, Iran and North Korea. That’s not hyperbole either.

There are now reports coming out that Bolton participated in what is being described as an unusual meeting with the CIA on Iran.

The Hill:

White House national security adviser John Bolton last week participated in a meeting at CIA headquarters to discuss Iran with the Trump administration’s top intelligence, diplomatic and military officials, NBC News reported Thursday.

The meeting was rare in that national security meetings are usually held in the White House Situation Room, and senior White House officials and Cabinet members don’t typically attend meetings at the CIA.

Five current U.S. officials told NBC that the meeting, held at 7 a.m. on April 29, included CIA Director Gina Haspel, acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

The officials did not say what specific aspects of Iran were discussed, but said the topic was not about intelligence that later prompted the administration to deploy a carrier strike group and a bomber task force to the region later that week.

The National Security Council declined to comment on the meeting.

Five former CIA operations officers and military officials told NBC News that in the past such meetings have been held at the CIA to brief top officials on highly sensitive information on covert actions, with two former officials saying the headquarters is the only place to review specific intelligence-gathering on Iran.

A meeting of senior administration officials would also be held if there were conflicting views on what the intelligence shows, former acting CIA Director John McLaughlin told NBC.

The news outlet reported earlier Thursday that the administration’s decision to increase its military presence near Iran was partly due to intelligence that Tehran gave approval to some of its proxy forces to attack U.S. military assets and personnel in the region.

Nothing about this meeting sounds good. Assuming these reports are correct, it proves that American foreign policy towards Iran is becoming much more aggressive.

The chances of the United States or Israel staging a false flag attack against American military assets and blaming it on Iran increases by the day. Especially considering the non-specific intelligence passed to Bolton from the Israeli Mossad about alleged military threats from Iran. It’s like they’re manufacturing bullshit intelligence in advance in order to substantiate whatever narrative they push about a future false flag attack they have planned.

Such an event would not be unprecedented, either. Most readers are probably already aware of the 1967 USS Liberty incident. Israel attacked the American vessel hoping they could blame the attack on Egypt in order to drag the United States into a war on their behalf. The operation failed to achieve the desired result, and many American servicemen were killed or wounded in the attack.

Don’t expect any big reports about this on the “History” Channel, because they’re too busy pushing evil Nazi and holocaust crap. Plus, they don’t want the idiot masses to have any doubts about “our bestest, only ally in the Mideast.” Total BS. (INCOG)

There is no scenario in which a war with Iran benefits the United States. Unlike Iraq, Iran has a real, semi-modern military. Such a war would only benefit Israel, as they view Iran as their primary regional enemy. The fact that there is such an aggressive push to do war with Iran is completely insane.

John Bolton needs to be immediately fired and prosecuted for working as an agent of the Israeli government.

With PM Bibi Netanyahu in Jew land. This Bolton guy has been kissing big fat Jew hiney for so long now, it’s a wonder his nose isn’t brown. (INCOG)

In Israel getting the “Guardian of Zion” award from Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies. Check out the crazy-looking Jew bitch on the right. (INCOG)

The big Jew suck-up is proud as hell about his fancy medal. Toady creeps like this guy, get a lot of people dead. (INCOG)

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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47 Responses to Crazy Zio Goy John Bolton Planning Big War for Israel

  1. Red Pill says:

    Israel will eventually throw off the USA and join Russia and China against us.
    China is run by Israel, and they are all communist.
    what happened to Germany in wwII will now befall us.
    that’s what jews do.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      How is that China is ran by Israel?

      • Marc modano says:

        Israel and China have longstanding ties going all the way back to the 60s.
        President Kennedy was planning a military strike to prevent an Israeli – Red Chinese scientific partnership from building the first atomic bombs for China and Israel.

    • Karen says:

      I’ve long believed that to destroy Jewry one would need to destroy the United States…between a rock and a hard place….the U.S. was set up as the first nation to be a free democracy, but alas, was subverted (civil war era?) Must the host die to kill the subversive parasites?

  2. Dave says:

    Bolton is a neocon, chickenhawk, warmonger who loves to send American kids off to die in wars for Israel. Bolton wouldn’t be in there if not for Trumpstein. We will never vote our way out of this mess because the jews are too entrenched in everyday politics and control all three branches of gov’t.

    • Aitch. says:

      Sorry to have to say this, but if American kids weren’t so unutterably dumb. they wouldn’t be available for sending off to die in wars for Israel. Same goes for British kids. I’m afraid that when they come back armless and legless, racked by PTSD, and wanting to kill themselves to escape the bad memories, I have little sympathy for them. There’s so much information available now, about what these wars are really in aid of and about the horrendous nature of war in general, that none of these kids can say, like the poor sods who were tricked into joining up for World War One, “We had no idea what we were getting into.”

      • Mike Stone says:

        Young people today are the same as young people throughout all history: they’re not dumb so much as misinformed. They have little or poor leadership. They’re brainwashed by the media, their teachers and their parents.

        Young people are idealistic. They want to do the right thing. But the brain-dead adults around them offer them no guidance.

      • Gene says:

        Agree with Aitch & Mike Stone

        You’d think by now, and after Viet Nam War, that young people would be better educated and informed, but they are too distracted with football, basketball, running races, stuff like that to do any historical research. I have met a few well-informed kids, met one once out drinking beer. He knew exactly what was going on, but for the most part kids are dumb as a box of rocks as in uninformed beyond what the stupid tube tells them, etc..

        In the first place they are going to use you for an immunization pin cushion in the military which means they will march you to the infirmary and give you air-gun injections of multiple series of injections and do it again in a week or a few weeks and again later on, causing you to glow a nice beet red. The amount of tetanus and stuff they shoot in the recruits must be incredible.

  3. Didn’t Bolton work for Dubya?

  4. Gene says:

    Israel Bombed Into Oblivion If War With Iran

    Israel is liable to be incinerated into a glass parking lot if war with Iran starts. They may have the bomb but they are not 9 feet tall and bulletproof as the saying goes.

    Just because Iran has not declared they have nuclear weapons doesn’t mean they don’t have them. Also, other countries may intervene if war breaks out. All this saber rattling is liable to conclude the end of Israel.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      That is exactly what I was thinking about. The glass is made from sand. The country need more telescopes and reflectors. Reflectors are made from the glass. Israel and surrounding shit is all sand dessert. Nuke Israel will be a lot of glass. Polish glass make telescope! Simple.

    • Aitch. says:

      Israel seems to be suffering from ‘small man complex’. The longer they get away with throwing their weight around and gobbing off to their betters, the more they provoke hatred of themselves, and the more savage the retribution will be when our patience finally runs out.

    • Bob says:

      God, that would be wonderful!!

  5. Arctic Circle says:

    Why does the 1.7% Jewish population in USA have so much political power?

    Before we can talk about the Jews in the USA, lets examine the record of Jewish political power throughout history as it is perceived by the Jews themselves.

    The great world empires were either the great antagonist of the Jews, in which case Jews were oppressed and had no political power or they were kind to the Jews, at least somewhat. The second would always lead to Jews become disproportionally politically influential.

    Jewish perception of Jewish exceptionality. Most countries were not one or the other but a combination of Jewish power and anti Jewish persecution.

    Ancient Egypt: First invited Jacobs family in, made Josef vizier and then enslaved them.

    Babylonian and Persian Empire: First antagonist and then, once Jews were settled among them, Jews were very politically influential. Jews became too comfortable, so soon after, in the next empire of Persia, suffered near annihilation.

    Selucid Empire: First greeted with great enthusiasm by some Jews but ultimately became great antagonist of the Jews

    Ptolemaic Kingdom: Jews like Philo’s family were very influential, Alexandria was full of Jews integral to the country. Ultimately suffered the first programs in history.

    Roman Empire: Jews were invited in by the Hasmonians, first as ally and then as mediator between a civil war. Ultimately became the great antagonist of the Jews.

    Byzantine Empire: Persecuted Jews throughout the history.

    Empire of Charlamagne: invited the influential Kalonymus Jewish family to his court. Ultimately medieval France had to persecute Jews.

    Islamic Empire: Jews were extremely influential politically, especially figures like Maimonides in Saladin’s Egypt, but periodically were persecuted.

    Spain: Jews were higher up politically in the golden age of Spain than they would ever be anywhere else. They were viziers, military commanders and financial backers, periodically were percecuted and then expulsed.

    Medieval Europe: Great persecution of Jews and expulsions, but some pockets of influential court Jews.

    Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth: Invited Jews who during the commonwealth’s golden age ran many of estates, to their detriment at the Khmelnytsky uprising in which Jews were targeted first. Eventually Poland lost its power and became a great persecutor of Jews.

    Habsburg Empire: Filled throughout with court Jews, but likewise filled with blood libels and other persecution.

    Ottoman empire: At its rise and hight threw were Jews like those of the House of Mendes, with great clout. Ultimately the Ottomans oppressed Jews, especially in Palestine.

    Dutch Republic: At the high of Dutch power, Jews were extremely influential. Amsterdam was filled with Jewish traders. Ultimately, Amsterdam eradicated more Jews, percentage wise, than any other European city during the controversial “Holocaust”.

    Russian Empire: was the greatest antagonist of Jews, yet there were many cases of Jewish influence.

    German Electorates: many, even minor electors, had Jews in court. Germans suffered greatly from the Jewish presence.

    Modern empires of France, Britain: Jews were very politically influential, Benjamin Disraeli prime Minister at Britain’s hight. In France Jews gained power, only to see the country’s repulsion against them during episodes like the Dreyfus affair.

    Soviet Union: Built on the good ideas. Had many Jew among implementors. But finally, were recognized as parasitic, self-serving, and hostile to the ideals of people.

    Germany: Germany Jews were integral during the German Empire, they built the Weimar republic and ultimately were determined parasites and sentenced to work.

    Modern Powers: Jews elected to parliaments of every great world power from the USA, to the European Union. Europe has a stronger than the United States undercurrent of anti semitic and anti Israel feeling, with many right wing parties that openly are anti – jews.

    This list is just an overview. Many influential Jews are little discussed or marginalized in general history books, as is recognition of Jews as parasites in Islam and other eras.

    The question now becomes even deeper, what it is about the Jews that causes the world to flip between inviting Jews to run affairs of state and persecuting them?

    The question can be answered by taking into account a combination of ethnic and sociological factors. Jews are extremely smart (conniving) (It is written by the jew itself: my family seems to average a 130 IQ but I have extended family members who have got about a 150.) They are also outsiders so they try harder but cause people to hate them. There are many such explanations.

    Why does the 1.7% Jewish population in USA have so much political power?

    The first and foremost is that the United States has become a recognized but unspoken world house for the Jews. Neither historically nor presently there was no such a country to harbor so many jews and Jewish Capitals, grimly known around the world as the Western Capitals, as the Untied States. Next, there many more jews and in the United States then the official statistics. There are two reasons for that: first, the U.S. Census is the product of Jews and is susceptive to the Jewish politics, and second Jews are actively shielding themselves from being seeing as Jews.

    The only answer that makes sense is that the Jews have a destiny apart from the rest of the world. There is something intrinsic about Jewish mission that causes nations to relive us of look upon us as leaders.

    This makes perfect sense. We see our mission as that of a chosen people. Chosen does not mean superior but it means we carry the burden and responsibility of representing God in this world. It would make sense that God has sent us among every nation to represent him. That Jews gain such disproportionate influence in the world would be natural when God chose them.

    First Jews come to a country, sometimes invited openly. They get comfortable, gain influence. This influence is meant to display to that nation what a Godlike people are meant to look like. We are meant to be the “light unto the nations.” Unfortunately we sometimes fail at that. Sometimes it was wealth and at other times it was worse. At times we began to assimilate into our host cultures. Even when we don’t assimilate, we get way to comfortable, forget we are in exile, not desiring a return to our land or redemption.

    There are many other mistakes we make that bring us closing to losing our path. When that happens, usually after some time, somehow that country gets a wave of repulsion against Jews and then summerly persecutes them or expels them and if not that, just oppressed them. The cycle is then repeated after a generation, one or many, in which Jews realize that they are in exile, that they are a people apart and that they need to remain Jewish without compromise.

    You Will Burn in Hell all Rich Bastards!

    • luke2236 says:

      jews are indeed ‘chosen’ – chosen bu their father the devil as Jesus pointed out.
      jews are NOT Israelites [or hebrews] of the Bible; they know this and write it in their own scribblings. please quit helping them propogate the myth.

  6. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Top CIA Analyst: Israel Partisans Push US To War

  7. Arctic Circle says:

    a search for a subject anti-white cartoons generated amazing laud of the shit…every last drop of it, the liquid Jeudeo-Niggerian hate … enjoy it

    I wish black niggers, jews, and red latino-niggers would be in Africa all together happy!

    • J.R. says:

      jew approved, politically correct crazy New Zealand is on a witch hunt for the alleged ‘hate crime perpetrators’ who’re distributing ‘evil’ cartoon-style evangelical Protestant Chick tracts about Muslims in letterboxes in Auckland city…

      “Chick Publications, says it has sold over 750 million tracts, comics tracts and comic books, videos, books, and posters designed to promote Evangelical Protestantism from a Christian fundamentalist perspective. They have been translated into more than 100 languages…”

      Police investigating after anti-Islam leaflets dropped in Auckland…

      The leftist government of the country is busy dealing with the increasing number of homeless by providing them with cheap/ free lunches and bread is as cheap as $1 a loaf… but now you cant’ buy an avocado there for under $10 … even though they’re growing in abundance there … only the elite get to eat them …

      this is apocalyptic … “A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine…”

  8. dalstroy says:

    yeah, got milk works for the jews only. all part of their used idiot
    world takeover scam.

    jews wish to replace all monuments and statues of geo. washington
    and tom jefferson with monuments to vladimir lenin and leon

    all those who do not comply will be condemned as antis,
    terrorists, and enemies of the state, then shot on the back of
    the mastoid, commie jew ussr style, after they have confiscated
    all your weapons for “security reasons.”

  9. cole nidre says:

    jews are the persecutors, always have been. witness the early

    “the tribes the jews are unable to exterminate, are to become
    bond-servants of sholmo. kings 2

    this has always been their self-chosen goal. don’t fall for
    their perpetual victim bullshit. it’s just the usual crap
    they use to control you.

  10. John Taurus says:

    Jewmerica is and has been Israel’s whore. Like a used condom, we will be discarded when we are of no further use. Our government is controlled by these Jew devils and they will have our whole country destroyed. Wake up you ignorant goy. When will we put a stop to this???? All Jews need to be banned from the Jewnited States.

  11. Red Pill says:

    negro/mud kills ex white girlfriend

    15-year-old boy accused of shooting and killing girlfriend, injuring her mother

    • Red Pill says:

      we are living in a manufactured world
      created and directed by Satan himself.
      i have looked at his accomplishes.
      on time and in order for the children of the dark forces,
      to harvest as many of the “light” as possible (to hunt them down)
      your soul is their goal.

      on the other hand you have a choice,
      you can begin to find another reality that escapes the masses.
      it can be found in Jesus Christ,
      a one on one relations ship with the son of God.
      it’s only between you and the man “upstairs”.

      every thing else is FEAR PORN.
      the world was created on planet earth to deceive mankind.
      the jews market the deception.
      look around your self and what do you see?
      take the blinders off.
      there is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
      we were born into it,
      there is the tree of life. you got to find it.
      you have to find it , it’s not offered at amazon or walmart.
      it set you free

    • no sympathy for a rotten mudshark black dick loving whore. Glad she is dead.

  12. Joe Btfsplk says:

    [Jim Stone,

    Laura Loomer, get onto your own platform Hosted in Iceland you can most certainly afford it.

    DITTO for everyone else, Laura, your life is not “ruined”, you’ll do OK there but you had better get a move on while people are paying attention.
    Nothing follows. Forget the “tick”.

    I have stated repeatedly that if you are not on your own platform, you will be de-platformed

    How many times over the years? A couple times a year at least – more than 10 times – and worse, if your OWN web site is using WordPress just because it was a Cpanel feature that came along with it, they will deplatform those also.
    Probably the only safe thing to use is Weebly site builder that is also in Cpanel from most providers, but I don’t use that either, I am just straight hand typed code. Weebly is supposed to be OK for a novice. ANYWAY –

    I will once again repeat what I have said all along. WordPress, Blogger and ALL of these other venues (need I mention Faceplant?) were set up to trap conservatives and others going against the leftist status quo, with great service provided for years for FREE, – great service that made it unnecessary to know how to run a web site (so many opted to not spend a couple weeks and learn it) and instead posted to these TRAPS that made all look well. And the trap has now sprung. This web site is not exactly invisible I’d say, for years it was well above Popular Science, the SPLC and many other well known sites (and probably still is) so it is not like my warning was invisible. But was it believed? There’s ZERO chance Laura Loomer did not know about this site, she covered my stuff more than once. And left her butt hanging out in the great wide open, just waiting to be spanked into oblivion. She’s not the only one this happened to. Obviously either she missed my warning or did not think it was serious.

    Evidently she’s a good Jew. One of the few. I actually believe she’s legit and totally trashed now. Too bad. Don’t go against the tribe even if you are one of the tribe unless you have a survival plan and your own place on the web. Anyway – to anyone else out there who thinks WordPress and others are going to be there for them tomorrow – if you really think so, you are blind as a bat in total darkness and flying in an anechoic chamber. Reality is going to hit you like the wall. You had damn well better get your site moved NOW and if places like Blogger could handle you, a shared server will work fine. Do it cheap. You’ll be OK. Preferably in Iceland. Look up Orangewebsite and set up there. You’ll at least have a chance. []

    If you don’t heed this warning and end up gone, you never realized just how bad the situation is, obviously. And that will reflect STRONGLY on the legitimacy of your reporting – if you did not see this coming who the * are you anyway? Had to say it. Not polite. Had to say it.

    So many are gone now that there are few left to save. But it is not like I did not warn people, I did, in spades.
    Don’t expect tomorrow to not bite your *ss like a starved piranha, you had better move off enemy provided platforms like your butt is getting chewed or you won’t have a place at all. ONCE YOU DON’T HAVE A PLACE, YOU CAN’T TELL PEOPLE WHERE YOU WENT. You’ll be starting from ABSOLUTE ZERO with total search engine censorship. You’ll be erased. You will not be “starting over”.

  13. luke2236 says:

    See Jim Stone this morning ; apparently if his sources are correct, [[[they]]] had planned to start the war this morning…

  14. Arctic Circle says:

    Pence warned graduating seniors of the Christian university that they needed to prepare for persecution from growing number of domestic niggers converting to islam, he described as the secular left.

    So many different niggers and jews are in the country that some of the loudest voices for tolerance today have little tolerance for traditional Christian beliefs, the vice president warned, according to the Washington Times. “So as a Christian, go about your daily life, just be ready”.

    There is intolerance for everything good, everything white, everything just, and everything logical. It seems as the very people who aggressively extorting some kind tolerance for economic and sexual perversion, are intolerant.

    The perverts, exploitators, capitalists, rich pigs, and police took over and destroyed the human values using the Jeudeo-Niggerian weapon.

    I have a dream: the day will come the people will rise and make the United States a better place for all without the scum.

  15. Matt says:

    The bible teaches that the Jews/Babylon/great prostitute sit over the peoples, nations and languages.

    Revelations 17:1,

    1 One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, “Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits by many waters.

    2 With her the kings of the earth committed adultery, and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.”

    Rev 17:15,

    15 Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.

    America enforces worldwide Jew Policy. The Jews want control of the money supply in Iran, even if they have to murder millions.

    One big give away to the mystery Babylon.

    Rev. 18:24,

    “In her was found the blood of prophets and of God’s holy people,
    of all who have been slaughtered on the earth.”

    We know there’s only one group of people responsible for killing the prophets, and Jesus Christ.

    Rev 11:8,

    “Their bodies will lie in the public square of the great city–which is figuratively called Sodom and Egypt–where also their Lord was crucified.”

    Revelations call the Jew’s capital Jerusalem, Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • Daniel says:


      STATUE OF LIBERTY! Did you know that the STATUTE OF LIBERTY sits in an area/district called ( SEVEN HILLS ) AS the Bible says

      VERDICT= Seventh angel=seven Hills, she is surrounded by waters, seven hills, she holds an ancient cup looking torch that would hold strong drink/wine. SHE IS THE PROSTITUTE/” THE MYSTERY BABYLON

  16. Stevie says:

    Those international jewish hyenas are going to drag us into war. Expect another false flag. It was Patrick Clawson, Director for Research at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and stooge for Israel, who not too many years back suggested initiating a “crisis” and to start the war by covert means, and by his own words invoked the examples of Pearl Harbor, the Lusitania sinking, and the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Here he is saying it on film.

    The guilty parties any upcoming terror event(s) and/or attack(s) in the USA or against the US troops abroad will be these jewish rats who’s goal will be to enrage the public into war with Iran. These jew parasites have infested our government and Christian society and have done nothing but destroy. Read General Cornwallis’ surrender speech recorded in Jonathan Williams’ “Legions” where he said our churches would be used to teach the jew’s religion and in less than 200 years the whole nation will be working for divine world government”. He went on to say “all religions will be permeated with Judaism” right under our noses.

    ALL wars are jewish deceptions. John Bolton doesn’t serve the people of the US. He serves the jews and their criminal state.

  17. Red Pill says:

    Is there anybody today within the U.S. government who is not a pawn of the Jews?” — JOHN KAMINSKI

    You should never ask why one country makes war on another. It is because the people who run societies actually want war. It verifies their conviction that they are in control. This is especially true since the establishment of central banks in the late 19th century, when war became mandatory to maintain the standing armies that central banks insisted be created to defend them. Which meant that countries had to go to war just to support the banks they had created.

  18. Cowboy says:

    I bet the slimeball ziopuppet Warmonger/Actwhore Bolton Buttboy is a Crypto jew true ziotrash judenrat! Since jews steal all names of all nationallities you can’t UN

    Un-Indentify them as jews going by their names! For example Miller is the 3rd most common Jewish name in USA! And to more M-names are favorites exappropriated (stolen) Celtic jew-ish last names Murphy & Murray! I have discovered several Crypto jewish Crisis actwhores & media people using O’Brien & other O’- Irish names & ones like FitzPatrick….
    So idiot Zio-ized Christian was spouting off about what a danger Iran was & enemy of America. When I cornered him on how Iran was a danger to any American or America he admitted they were a danger to Israel. And he said we must protect Israel. And claimed the bible said we had to protect the jews. I explained how Jesus condemned the jews & how Jesus said they were the Synagogue of Satan. And liars like their father the devil. He said he did not believe that & it was some Muslim lies. I told him it’s from the Bible the Revelation & Jesus. He said he did not really read the bible but he said we cannot go against the jews they are God’s Chosen people. I told them he was worshipping the Jews over God & choosing them over Jesus. I also told them most jews are taught from birth to hate Jesus from birth & distrust & hate Christians & all goyim their entire life. And Baptist are the most hated. Yet insanely Baptist (Southern Baptist) are the most worshipful of Christ-hating & Christian-hating jews jews. Also I told Him Zionist Jews own the liberal media that he claims to hate. And they are not liberal, they are zionist (jewish supremacist) I explained zionism means jewish genocidal supremacy & hatred of goyim not some mere silly thing about a jewish homeland in Israel. They want to rule the world with goyim all none jews as their slaves. Praying for Israel, $upporting Israel, Warring & whoring for Israel & whoring & waring & praying for the AntiChrist system aka Zionist Jewish genocidal slavery & mass murder of goyim of the world….NWO/JewWorldOrder! I challenged him to read the Revelation & Jesus’ own world and decide if him as a Christian will serve the bloodthirsty Anti-Christ/ enemies of Christ aka the Jews & their ZioPuppets & lies or pick Christ’s word & truth…over these liars & parasite enemies of all mankind! I also told him there is no Rapture in the bible.
    Also keep in mind Judaism is Baal worship or Bablyonian Talmudism & Kabbalism. It is not
    not the old Testiment religion which was really Christianity all along since it predicted the birth of Christ & Him being the Messiah, the Savior the Christ. These evil Rabbis & Saducees & Scribes & Pharicees & jews in general lost any connection to the ancient Hebrew/Israelite religion of one God & a Messiah when they murdered the predicted Messiah Jesus Christ. After that they became more and more evil & tricky/treacherous for 2100+ years!

  19. Cowboy says:

    Irael Uses America like A whore!

  20. Cowboy says:

    More Military Embeded
    DHS Crisis Actors–> Nick Juga alias Nick Juda aka Judenrat & Wife Stephanie Dewey Juga zio$cam (steal) $47,000 in 3 days off fake murdered daughter by her supposed black boyfriend.

    Radaris Search:
    Nicholas J Juga ~39
    Kenosha, WI

    Known as (Aliases):
    Nicholas Juda
    Nick J Juga
    Nick Juja
    Related to:
    Tressa M Juga Dustin Roger Juga, 33 Laura M Banda, 43 Thomas R Dewey, 44 Laura M Juga Bruce Juga, 62 Patricia A Juga, 60 Concepcion G Banda, 87 Eric J Juga Cindy L Dewey, 62 Stephanie A Juga, 39

  21. Arctic Circle says:

    Karen: May 12, 2019 at 8:37 pm
    I’ve long believed that to destroy Jewry one would need to destroy the United States…between a rock and a hard place….the U.S. was set up as the first nation to be a free democracy, but alas, was subverted (civil war era?) Must the host die to kill the subversive parasites?

    That would be a very sad resolution. But the host must cure itself from the jewish-flu, from the niggers-furuncles. The U.S., by means of its military and economic bigness and the fact that it is ran by the jews sets bad example for other countries which copy the U.S. legal system, which in turn promulgates more dangerous diversity, tolerance, and coexistence.

    In addition, the United States military in the future will be lead by the predominantly jews, niggers, latinos, and other dangerous elements – and that, gentlemen, a genuine national security threat for other countries.

  22. Cowboy says:

    Idiotically named Horrible Crisis Actwhore Annshaniece Andrews cousin of Kenosha WI FAKE actwhore/ shootwhore Martice Fuller:
    Watch especially after 46sec mark…

  23. Cowboy says:

    Kenosha Happy Hoaxwhores Say Send Money Dumb Goyim!
    & Give Up Your Guns!

  24. Arctic Circle says:

    Through out the history the goo-like colored apes stick together. What for do we need it? No we do not need it. Instead we whites must stick together. But unanswered questions such as what and who to stick around poses an obstacle for the white people to integrate. Commonly when speak about Whiteness we speck of Incogman, as he is a quintessence of the white virtue. For all of us.

    Whiteness, stick together facing the common colored enemy! But many white people can not integrate for many different reasons.

    Reason #1: some whites are passive. They are alienated from actively following the whiteness, even though they can think critically. Because they are passive, they do not use their strengths to help the team achieve its goals. They have something of value to offer but choose not to do so. Among other, this type of white people tends to be the most disruptive. They may offer passive resistance when they do not agree with a decision or course of direction, but often will not offer their input. In addition they severely damage the other whites when their colored status quo is threatened.

    Reason #2: The whites who are passive and dependent. As such, they do not think critically and tend to do as they are told, rarely putting forth an opposing opinion. They leave the thinking to their colored diverse government. These attributes serve neither them nor their fellow white teammates. This type of follower negatively affects all the dynamics and performance of the Great Whiteness.

    Reason #3: The whites what yes-men. They are active, but they are dependent and do not think critically. Because they are conformist, they will agree with the leader without question. Their major concern is avoiding conflict. They are unwillingness and anable to put forth challenging white viewpoints, which could produce a better outcome.

    Reason #4: The white people who are surviving. Survivors are chameleonic. They go with the flow, following the path of least resistance. They are most interested in playing it safe rather than taking a risk. Their greatest fear? The fear of making a mistake.

    Reason #5: The white people who active in the Incogman Movement are effective and dynamic. Proactive, independent, and poor they are able to think critically. They are effective followers are also respectful of the leader’s authority. This whites are life-long learners. They practice self-leadership, take responsibility, are committed and seek feedback to continuously improve their white participation. They are very valuable to the white future of the U.S. This type of whites is often a trusted advisor to leaders who lead.

    Fucking Niggers, Jews, and Latinous Raus! Whites of the world unite to make the United States a Better Country for all without scum!

  25. Cowboy says:

    Kenosha Khazar Kreepy Crisis Actwhore/ Lie-whore Jewess Kate Peterson has so many aliases & claims she just decided to drive to
    The fake shooting site even though she did not know the Shootee KayLie Juga Judenrat! Sure You did you lying HoaxWhore Crisis Actwhore! & She apparently lives in Illinois!!

    & She just happens to own a communications company & is a ziojew Book Publisher as well!!!

    From Radaris…Look all these aliases & addresses this lying jewess has!!! Busted Ziotrash!

    Kathleen M Peterson ~45
    Grayslake, IL

    Known as:
    Kate M Colbert
    Kathleen M Cobert
    Kathleen M Colbert
    Kathleen M Whiston
    Kathy Whiston

    Related to:
    Carl R Peterson, 72 Kathleen M Colbert, 48 Neil Colbert Robert C Colbert, 76 Robert Colbert Carl R Peterson, 87 Janice C Peterson Timothy Whiston, ~71 Russell C Colbert, 37 Nellie E Colbert, 70 Robertm Colbert Robert Colbert, 44 Sandra L Whiston, 71

    Grayslake, IL
    Kenosha, WI
    Wheeling, IL
    Arlington Heights, IL
    Normal, IL
    Lane, IL

    Also she has an alternative age!
    (Also from Radaris & linked to the first search!)

    Kathleen M Colbert ~48
    Kenosha, WI

    Related to:
    Robert C Colbert, 76 Robert Colbert Kathleen M Peterson, 45 Carl R Peterson, 87 Russell C Colbert, 37 Nellie E Colbert, 70 Robert Colbert, 44

    & Like all Goyim-Hating bloodthirsty Jewish Supremacist Psychopaths Kate Opposes EEEvile Antisemites! Aka Any goyim who opposes ziojew criminality or Israel/jewish wars or jewish control of MEDIA, US government, or exposes zioscams & Hoaxes/PsyOps etc..!

  26. Cowboy says:

    Kenosha Pirates???
    Or Just Ziotrash Jew Inbred Lying Parasites???
    Also I notice her husband Robert
    Colbert looks just like the supposed brother (Tyler Juga) of the fake dead Crisis Actor victim/ VicSim KayLIE Juga-lo! Is Robert Colbert the biological father of this Tyler Juga???

  27. Cowboy says:

    Kenosha Pirates???
    Or Just Ziotrash Jew Inbred Lying Parasites???
    Also I notice her husband Robert
    Colbert looks just like the supposed brother (Tyler Juga) of the fake dead Crisis Actor victim/ VicSim KayLIE Juga-lo! Is Robert Colbert the biological father of this Tyler Juga???

  28. Red Pill says:

    America Cannot Heal Until jews, Liberals and Negros Pay for Their Crimes.

    there will be no Justice until the guilty ones have been
    hung, shot or burned at the stake.

    now we got muslims stealing the souls of the negros.
    and coming for whites and Christianity, this is The Noahide Laws.

    your best move at this point would be to leave heavily populated areas by 200 miles
    buy ammunition, lots of it.

    blood must flow to protect and save our race , our nation and our livelihood
    pick your battle place in advance.
    survival needs no excuses.

    a mexican says:
    I would rather die standing up, than live life on my knees.
    Emiliano Zapata

    The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.
    Mark Twain

    One must have something to die for in order to have something to live for.
    Carlos Castaneda

  29. Bob says:

    Without going back millennia to discuss the profound damage that Jews have done to the host nations where they have lived, let’s just look at the 20th century. What we are concerned with is Jewish power and influence and its attendant usurpation, exploitation and ultimately destruction of Whites (not only destruction of Whites as distinct peoples, but also destruction of the White genome) and White homelands. We do need to mention the Rothschild banking cartel that began in Europe in the 1700s and has since morphed into today’s Jewish control of national central banking and international finance around the world. Its role is pivotal to the Jews’ subsequent ability to effect outcomes of national and international importance, from Europe to North America to Australia and South Africa (e.g.,South African apartheid bad, Israeli apartheid good) etc.

    Jewish intrigue, malfeasance and treachery are directly or indirectly responsible for:

    —both World War I and World War II;
    —the Great Depression;
    —anti-White feminism and erosion of healthy, normal patriarchal society;
    —anti-White drug and free-love cultural revolution of 1960s onward;
    —the anti-White immigration (invasion) Act (legislation) of 1965 (USA) and in Europe (changing these countries from White countries to non-White countries);
    —vice, degeneracy and degradation throughout 20th century (pornography, excess drinking, drugs, homosexuality, welfarism, obesity, etc.);
    —fractional reserve banking, which steadily siphons real wealth (precious metals, real estate, etc.) into the bankers/Jews’ hands, while creating a debt-slavery system for the population;
    —media power, that controls what people see and what they don’t see and what they think about what they see, and the movies and TV brainwashing and degeneracy;
    —power in education, especially universities, again, indoctrinating the young people;
    —control and influence in government from before Woodrow Wilson to the present.

    The Jewish influence in politics, especially national politics, has had a profoundly negative effect on America’s national journey (Jews brought America into WWI and WWII. Pearl Harbor was preventable, but Jews needed USA in WWII to defeat Germany). The war hawkish neoconservative movement was/is almost entirely formulated and pushed forward by Jews;
    —the USA’s support of and allegiance to Israel, which results from Jewish power in US federal government; Jewish organizations in USA such as AIPAC and others; non-stop media defense and promotion of Israel’s actions and interests. The USA’s involvement with Israel for the past 60+ years is a disaster for America and for the non-Jewish citizens of America. We spend trillions of dollars on Israel and fighting wars in the Middle East for Israel’s interests. Many 1000s of our young men and women die in these wars for Israel. This must stop, and it only stops when Jews are expelled from America;
    —the lie of the “Holocaust™®©.” The “Holocaust™®©” didn’t happen. It is a lie that Jews have manufactured to use as a sword and a shield against White nations to extract money, weaponry, etc. from White nations and to prevent criticism of practically anything that Jewry or Israel does. The jew uses it to permanently establish their perpetual victimhood and entitlement. As best as a “negative can be proven,” the conventional Holocaust story has been thoroughly discredited and debunked, but you won’t see this on the evening news on your TV. Why? Because Jews control the evening news on your TV. And they destroy the careers of any mainstream journalist who would start talking about the holohoax. If Satan with all of his profound wicked evil were to invent a mechanism to destroy the world, he couldn’t do better than to create the jew.

  30. painter says:

    According to this article on Makows site Trump is totally OK with this.

  31. Red Pill says:

    One of the little-known chapters of history was the widespread famine in Iran during World War I, caused by the British presence in Iran. After the Russian Revolution of 1917, Britain became the main foreign power in Iran and this famine or–more accurately–‘genocide’ was committed by the British. The document in the American Archives, reporting the widespread famine and spread of epidemic disease in Iran, estimates the number of the deceased due to the famine to be about 8-10 million during 1917-19 (1), making this the greatest genocide of the 20th century and Iran the biggest victim of World War I (2)

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