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These people stabbed this country right in the back!

The more you look into 9/11, the more evidence you’ll find that it really was a INSIDE JEW JOB of the criminal Jew Globalists, “Sayanim” Jew traitors in the US and “Shabbos Goy” lackeys (non-Jews corrupted by them, with your money) — all of whom are now hard at work in destroying the sovereignty of the United States of America and you and your children’s future.

“Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur”

Please read My 50 Top Reasons Why 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB!

 The Videos:

This was aired then immediately banned and removed from the Fox archives right after 9/11, so most people have not seen it. This is a great tool for waking up people who need to hear the mainstream say something before they believe it.



Please watch this short and moving video called “The Falling Man,” right off to understand what that day really meant. The music was written by Michael Wright in a hotel room soon after 9/11 and set to film clips from Oliver Stone’s movie “9/11.”

HERE’S THE SONG: http://www.myspace.com/affectionateabuse/music/songs/the-falling-man-45194055


3,031 people died that day, 130 “American” Jews, but only FIVE were Israeli nationals (2 of which were on the planes). More Columbians died that day. Bush lied (but it was written by his Jew Neocon speechwriter, David Frum) in front of Congress, saying the 130 “American” Jews killed on 9/11 were Israeli citizens. He was right in a way, since Jews are only really loyal to Israel to begin with.*

Since then, over 5,000 American soldiers and countless innocent civilians have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, but only a lousy 17 were “American” Jew servicemen (2007).

Haven’t you figured out the deal with these backstabbers, yet?

Watch This Next Video:

9/11: A Conspiricy Theory. Got a lousy 5 minutes?

9/11: The Unidentified Murder Weapons.


Anthony Lawson (known professionally as Tony Lawson) is a retired international-prize-winning commercial director, cameraman, ad agency creative director and renowned voice over. He used to be known for shooting humorous commercials, but says he doesn’t find much to laugh about, with the way the world is going, these days.

The Evidence:


To stay “PC,” it doesn’t name the Jew — like Henry Kissinger and Philip Zelikow — but is a good rundown of what these bastards did to this country for the length (25 minutes).

9/11 False Flag: Another good over-all rundown on the questions people should be asking.


Flight 77 Black Box data released from the NTSB shows that the plane could not have struck the downed light poles, or even the Pentagon because it was 480′ too high (properly corrected for elevation) and came in on a markedly different path from what the 9/11 Commission says (the data just happens to end 1 second before supposed “impact”). NTSB refuses to answer any questions about any of these discrepancies. This means: The data was falsified, or 2) something else happened that day. Go here: Pilots for 911 Truth

Watch the entire video HERE on the flight 77 crash into the Pentagon to hear numerous witnesses on the ground fully corroborating the above flight path. This proves beyond a doubt that a carefully contrived False-Flag event was staged by elements within the US government on 9/11. The video is 81 minutes long, but absolutely well worth every minute to watch, especially for those researching the Pentagon part of 9/11.


Video from Architects & Engineers for Truth shows that it could not be a “gravitational collapse.”


Steel framed buildings don’t collapse due to fire! Watch this and think about WTC building 7. If WTC7 was rigged with Nano-Thermite explosives, then all of them were, hence 9/11 was an INSIDE job!

World Trade Center 7: A Engineered Collapse. Very persuasive movie that will really convince you that 9/11 was a inside job. Remember: They could not have “pulled” this building otherwise.

This video shows how the NIST theories of pressure from collapsing floors to explain away the “squibs” coming out of the WTC 1 & 2, could not possibly apply to WTC 7. NIST does not even try to address this about WTC 7, even though video clearly shows this going on. NIST was definitely trying to do whatever it could to ignore the possibility of controlled explosions bringing down WTC 7.

This is part 2 of a 21 part video (you can click on the “Youtube” button at bottom right to run #1 or continue on with #3). Video #3 is about the molten steel found in the wreckage — a clear impossibility with any kind of carbon-based fires. You should just watch the whole thing.

BBC reports WTC 7 collapse before it really did. They try to excuse this event by saying it was an due to the heat of the moment in the press room but CNN did the same. It’s obvious that the perps had a few problems and delays with bringing down WTC 7 around the same time as WTC 1 & 2. But they had to, since it was part of the whole scheme in the first place and they could not risk discovery of the explosives already installed.

Richard Gage, a practicing architect for 20 years, founded Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth in 2006.  Gage appeared on the FOX TV News affiliate in Fresno, California on May 27 and was allowed to explain the scientific and structural evidence that proves that the World Trade Center collapses were actually controlled demolitions in which super-thermite was used to pulverize the concrete of the towers.

Active, Nano-Thermite particles were found in dust from WTC. This is the “smoking gun” which cannot be debunked! Peer reviewed, scientific paper from 9 scientists in Denmark prove that sophisticated “cutting” explosives were used to bring down the WTC (3 buildings+2 planes=INSIDE JEW JOB). This Nano-Thermite is NOT a by-product of burning Jet fuel, materials inside the WTC or welding. Go here for synopsis: 911 Research Go here for a PDF of the paper itself: OPEN CHEMICAL PHYSICS JOURNAL


The links to Israel:

ISRAEL DID 9/11: All The Proof in the world


FOX New’s Brit Hume and Carl Cameron’s banned December, 2001 report on the AMDOCS and COMVERSE routers Read more about this here. This is the unedited video (part 1, go to Youtube for part 2). FOX News stopped reporting on the subject and deleted these reports from their archieves after pressure from Jewish groups:

“Fox News removes its series on the “art student spy ring” from its website after only two days, in response to pressure from The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) and others. CAMERA suggests the reporter “has something, personally, about Israel . … Maybe he’s very sympathetic to the Arab side.” [ Salon, 5/7/02 ] The head of the ADL calls the report “sinister dangerous innuendo which fuels anti-Semitism.” [ Forward, 12/21/01 ] Yet there does not appear to be any substance to these personal attacks (and Forward later reverses its stance on the spy ring (see March 15, 2002)). Fox News also never makes a formal repudiation or correction about the series. The contents of the series continues to be generally ignored by the mainstream media, but it makes a big impact inside the US government: An internal DEA communiqué from December 18 mentions the Fox report by name, and warns of security breaches in telecommunications as described in the Fox report. [ Salon, 5/7/02 ]” Rediscover 9/11


New World Order and September 11 — The Connection

Missing Links


Part 7 of 12. Excerpt from of Missing Links (10:00). Names the Jew BIG TIME!Missing Links entire movie:Michael Delaney’s entire video on 9/11 above (excerpt above) — see the evidence that the Jews don’t want you to. From: Missing Links Website

The Dancing Israelis: “Our purpose was to document the event.” Video that shows the Dancing Israelis telling a Hebrew TV audience the real reasons for them to be there. Also has the revealing interview at the end, with a Jew author admitting “that they are a corrosive force to nations,”quoted in my “Revealing Quotes” page (above, under my masthead). Consider those words when you think of the NWO and everything else (2:50).

NSA subcontracts to Israeli firms for spying on America. On absolutely every form of communications in the USA — including you! Author James Bamford (The Shadow Factory) exposes whole rotten ZOG deal. Listen to what he says in conjunction with the FOX footage above (9:57). These people are rats, plain and simple.


How The Myth Was Sold.


Jerome Hauer — Big Jewish DC and NY insider on TV to push explanations and lay blame on Bin Laden even before the towers came down.

Watch the above video the media has people on hand immediately, telling the official government line only minutes after the event.

Listen closely to Jerome Hauer (right), a Jew from a ultra Zionist family, associated with George Bush and the director of emergency management at the time. Instead of anything else, he’s in the TV studios right after the planes hit blaming Bin Laden.

Watch the “Harley Guy.” You can tell he’s a “psyops” plant (the man has yet to come forward). Some have tried to say he was an unknown actor named Mark Humphrey, but are probably wrong.

This country is flat-out being lied to!

Some videos may get deleted by embedded ADL Jewish Censors at Youtube (for real), or elsewhere due to Political Correctness by spineless White liberals.

* The Jewish couple who run Snopes.com repeat Bush’s lie to this day. Go to the link and read up on the job they did on the Odigo story. Like almost all Jews today, the Snopes Jews know it’s best to keep all us “Goyim” stupid about the lengths Zionist Jews will go. Like I said — Jews are backstabbing rats, plain and simple.

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33 Responses to »9/11 Videos

  1. Anonymous says:

    this is just bullshit. your talking about racism and your a racist. what the fuck you hippocrite? your a jew basher. you know nothing about jewish people you dyke. im not jewish but this is just pussy bullshit. your just trying to get attention, well fuck you man.. your probably involved with the KKK which are just a bunch of un-organized rednecks hating anybody who isnt white.. dude cut the crap and grow up. your whole site is based on how everything is jewish peoples fault when its not its douche bags like you that fuck everyone else over.. dont fucking bash people you know nothing about.. and u may call me a hippocrite because im bashing you right? well thats different its different when you go out and publicaly post shit like this. fuck you…. your site, mind, and life is fucked up if you really believe that shit. 9/11 happened because some fucking towel heads didnt like america not because of jewish people dumbass know your facts and you probably voted for bush way back when right? you stupid fucking nazi

  2. White Master says:

    Anonymous 7:04 P.M.

    You have serious mental problems and you have seriously embarrassed yourself. You have serious Jew spew issues. A padded room might be ideal for you.

  3. incogman says:

    The guy is obviously an blithering idiot, White Master. Do you think he even bothered to watch one video, let alone put his mashed potato brain to thought?

    Morons like this only believe what they see on the TV. That’s why our country is on this course. Anyone with a degree of critical thinking left will be reasonably suspicious and take some time to look at what’s there.

    This guy is only sputtering as he tries to return his head back to the hole.

  4. American says:

    “your site, mind, and life is fucked up if you really believe that shit. 9/11 happened because some fucking towel heads didnt like america not because of jewish people”-‘anonymous

    Now that is funny..LMAO! Clowns like this don’t even get a second chance. Toss him aside with a bullet through the noggin. “some fucking towel heads”….LOLOLOOLOLOL!

  5. American says:

    This is a great thread, btw. Lays it all out.

  6. mondo says:

    Excellent job on these vids. Unfortunately, it looks like the ADL already got a couple of them censored.

    You know what is fucked up? THe other day on the radio I hear this DJ going on and on about Bill Donahue, the Catholic guy who wrote an article about the disgraceful way Larry David on his CUrb Your Enthusiasm show pissed on a painting of Jesus. THis guy made a huge stink about Bill Donahue, saying “doesn’t he have anything better to do” and calling him a jew hater. I was so pissed thinking of Abe Foxman. How can this guy complain about Donahue when the ADL and Foxman claim racism about a 1000 times more than Donahue and Catholics. And why is it when a catholic priest is a pedophile the media makes a huge stink and the church pays millions. Protestors and victims groups come out of the woodwork. Yet Jewish rabbis do far worse and nothing gets said? Last week there was a report about over 50 cases of abuse in one east coast town in the USA done by rabbi’s.

    • incogman says:

      Thanks, mondo. Yeah, I see the Missing Links excerpt got trashed. What other one?

      Catch my article from Donahue here. Those Jews are the world’s biggest hypocrites, eh? They think they can do whatever the hell they want and you better keep it zipped. Tell all your friends.

  7. GDL/White Master says:

    To America:

    We need not worry about the possibility of Muslims piloting airplanes, we need to focus on the fact that Israel is piloting the United States government!

  8. Julian says:

    In a way, 9-11 is all you have to know about Jews, their thoughts, values, and ways. It tells you everything.

  9. bauer says:

    i thought i was practically alone…until i came across this site.

    i am well educated in many sciences…and i have done my own research.
    i am tired of chickenshit “whites” who will not even discuss 9/11 and the jews.

    what the fuck happened to our nation?
    -you folks know…

    hitler had a clue…and we were duped by the jews into killing him.

    i know very well the rich jews, sold the poor jews in germany, out.
    -they played hitler like a harp.

    plans, within plans, within plans.

    now that it is ‘controlled history’ by the jew media…all i ever see on the history channel is “hitler ate my babies!”

    don’t buy the hype, people.

    when i think of the brave american white men who died for the kahzars in ww2…i feel, no… i AM sick to my stomach.

    what a god damned lie.

    they daily break every commandment they ever received from ‘moses’.

    it’s all smoke and mirrors.

    “chosen people”, my ass.

    if there is any justice in this universe…every single one of them will get their reward from god.

    this is why the arabs hate them.

    they see their hypocrisy, daily.

    -draw the fucking line…and pick a fucking side, america.

    you cannot serve god and the kahzar.
    your children are counting on YOU.

    fuck “bush/clinton”…and fuck obama, too.

    the jew world order is clever…but not unstoppable.
    it is never “too late” for the truth.
    their overconfidence will be their undoing.

    they stick together…and we had better wake the fuck up and do the same.

    i will not bow down to the kahzars or the “united nations”.

    -keep up the good work, incog man.

    many people, who are sleeping at the wheel for the moment, are counting on “all of us”, to tell it like it really is.

    that’s how we’ll beat them.

    i, like you…will not go quietly.

    you’d be surprised how quick people “like me” get banned for simply discussing 9/11 and the zionists.

    long live the united states of america, where i will run my mouth, untill they put a bullet in my head.

    sincerely yours…

  10. INCOG MAN says:

    Thanks, for posting my link on that page, Jeff!

  11. Shiksa Rage says:

    “Anonymous” is obviously a Jew. Such people are always quick to deny it. He calls you a redneck who hates non-whites then describes Arabs as “f*cking towel heads”. Oh the irony! lol.

  12. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Shiksa Rage And it spelled hypocrite wrong.


    “person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings”.

    It doesn’t even apply in this case!!

    “I’m not a jew but…..”
    “I’m not a black but…..”
    “I’m not a gay but…..”


  13. eb says:

    Not impressed at all with your 911 stuff. Looks like you have missed the best evidence.

    The “live” news broadcast from this day is fake as hell. Nothing we watched on TV on the crucial moments can be trusted.If you don’t understand or can see the media involvement in this operation, you still have a long way to go.

    Exclusive! The First 10 minutes of The 9/11 TV Movie

  14. White Wolf says:

    It’s clear the jews are running in circles to “redefine” the 911 debate.
    I mean, they always have been out there muddying the waters, so to say.
    But now – look at ’em – they’re stark raving mad!!! (When are they not, I know..)
    They’re just exposing themselves further, implicating themselves more strongly, and they think they’re “controlling the debate”.
    Give me a break.
    It’s obvious which mountains of evidence directly implicating another jew job the jews hope you will ignore!
    Shout louder jews, we know you will!!!
    People are thinking for themselves, so you should be desperate and afraid of being exposed – you got alot of blood on your hands, and you are being FOUND OUT.

  15. jennifer chen says:


    the link above is ‘new’ news on 911

    I think people need to read this, all this info-was suppressed for a long time.
    We Know the israeli art students were living in the Towers-had boxes of stuff and the israeli security was shutting down access to various areas of the building-claiming some excuse-I can’t remember-the jews were planting mini-nukes.

    Give an ordinary normal person a gun and they will use it for good only.
    Give weapons to sociopaths-and all jews are genetically-sociopaths-and they will find many ways to use it for the destruction of others.

    It is israel and all jews that should not be allowed access to any weapons or be security-or be police, to have any authority over others.

    israel and all jews that should not be allowed to work in finance or banking or business–in any form-a normal person does not harm-prefers to do good to others-they have a conscience.

    jews should not have any access to children-they should not be allowed to reproduce any future monsters of their own or to traumatize and destroy our children.

    jews should not be allowed to work in medicine, or to be lawyers, or to work in any gov. positions– jews turn all of that into a sham of what it should be-into something lethal/harmful to all of us and a source of greed satisfaction for jews.

    Sociopaths-such as all jews are dangerous enemies of all life-destructive and without any conscience–and israel-was created as a place where they could be as evil as they please and get away with it. israel is a criminal state that sanctions and sponsors evil, the evil that is only hatched in minds of very sick and insanely lethal sociopaths such as all jews are genetically – incurably.

    All jews are born sociopaths and they will die sociopaths-there is no cure-something called a conscience is missing in them-and they only get worse over time.
    They are born-pathological liars, they are all very sick twisted homicidal maniacs.
    All of the true statements above makes jews proud to be jews and think of themselves as smarter and superior???
    Jews have no conscience-no souls-no guilt and no therefore jews are unworthy of any forgiveness or redemption-that is reserved only for those who can forgive and who try to redeem themselves.
    sociopaths like fear-biters-can do/be no good-they have to be put down.
    Life is for those who love all life-who make life better-for everyone else-who have a conscience and a soul-life must be protected from jews that only destroy life.

  16. tsarina says:


    I tried to post this somewhere else before, but David Duke clearly states that 911 has “Zionist finger prints all over it”. Why is he still being accused of hiding the facts?

  17. Lynda says:

    Anonymous, too much gefilte fish and mogen david gives you gas.

  18. Silvernickel says:

    Good job tsarina! Duke says it, beginning at 9:36

  19. betty sue says:

    all these fashionable celebrities with their peace logos on their t shirts are so brainwashed and ignorant that they are clueless to the origins of war , please do you’r country a service and educate yourself out of your brainwashed zionist controlled media views.
    All of your decision making is directly in accordance to the knowledge you are capable of holding in your brains computer. If your computer is fed lies and propaganda you will generate untruths and you and your countrymen will suffer from your arrogant ignorance. Pavlov has bred a legion of severely ignorant white people that have been conditioned to believe that they are the problem by the zionist controlled government agenda. The only savior is recognition of these facts by all white people as soon as possible b4 ww3 erupts.

  20. laughing my ass off right now! says:

    If God does exist, I hope I rot in Hell so all of you assholes can live heaven with the blacks and jews! Pathetic animals!

    I’m chaos international
    The writing on the wall
    A Lazarus in parable

    A dark and sullen lullaby
    Whispered softly as you die
    Promising torments are nigh

    Danger warning levels hissed out loud
    I saw the silver lining hidden in a mushroom cloud
    Now I’m reeling from the shock at ground zero

    If yesterday you would have stood up proud
    Then why tonight have you thrown in with the stoning crowd?
    I’ll breathe through the foetus of a new day kicking…

    The foetus of a new day kicking

    It’s true that Jesus cannot save
    I’m rising from the grave
    To put my double cross to shame

    A poison rush, a heart attack
    A white assassin painted black
    You’ll fear this reaper coming back

    Danger warning levels hissed out loud
    I saw the silver lining hidden in a mushroom cloud
    Now I’m reeling from the shock at ground zero

    If yesterday you would have stood up proud
    Then why tonight have you thrown in with the stoning crowd?
    I’ll breathe through the foetus of a new day kicking…

    On a night like this
    You laid the serpent’s kiss
    In this garden of Gethsemane
    You played the traitor well

    In a dawn to come
    I will blind the sun
    To grant you pardon as my enemy

    Before damning you to hell…

    Danger warning levels hissed out loud
    I saw the silver lining hidden in a mushroom cloud
    Now I’m reeling from the shock at ground zero

    If yesterday you would have stood up proud
    Then why tonight have you thrown in with the stoning crowd?
    I’ll breathe through the foetus of a new day kicking…

  21. GTRman says:

    Your words are worth less than one fuck

    And furthermore , thou poetry doth suck

  22. laughing my ass off right now! says:

    not poetry fucking gutter rat

  23. Bailey says:

    Tick Tock, Jew.

  24. Wolfe Sifm says:

    laughing my ass off

    go suck donkey balls

    anyone who tkinks jews are not bad go and do the same im a white british muslim
    most muslims want to live in peace with whites and everyone only the fucking jew ruins it every time im sick and tired of it

  25. SBD TV says:

    This video shows the construction of the towers; a jetplane brought them down? How stupid do you think we are Mr. Bush?……………………………………………[40]

  26. Two videos exposing Jew fingerprints on 911:

    The Real 911 Terrorists:

    911 Q&A

  27. SBD TV says:

    A flight attendants view of 9/11:

  28. Taylor says:


    Hi don’t know if people have seen this reposting.

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