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“The questions that whites in America now need to ask is what are they going to do if the kikes prevent Trump from being elected, maybe even by killing him, and shoehorn the psycho Clinton into office? What will they do if a new, bigger false flag attack is staged, perhaps a nuclear one, and the faggot ape and his first ladyboy declare martial law and cancel the elections? These creatures are capable of committing any outrage to get their way, even starting a world war. How will whites react? Will they bow their heads and accept their slavery or resist? We are living in the most dangerous times in living memory, perhaps the most dangerous times ever. The whole evil kike system is lined up against them. The kikes are coming out into the open at last. They sense that this is their hour and they don’t care what whites anywhere think anymore. Whatever happens, I think the world is going to be almost unrecognizable five years from now. Whites will have to take sides in the coming struggle. They will no longer be able to stick their heads in the sand because we are close to an open war for our survival as a race and in this war, your race will be your uniform. We can’t turn to our traditional leaders because those leaders, religious, political, military, and so on, are working with the enemy for our destruction. The awareness that is found among our people on sites such as this will have to spread to the white people everywhere and we will then have to act on that knowledge.” Check out more free texts and videos from New Porn Sites!

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