Rush Limbaugh Spills The Beans

“I see you white guys are here discussing our Jewish masters. Before I say anything, my Jewish handlers are telling me to tell you to ‘put a foreign country before your own and support Israel.’ Pay no attention to that Jew behind the curtain…”

By Pat Healy

Pay no attention to that Jew behind the curtain — while I, the great EL RUSHBO speak to you peons from ON HIGH…like the voice of GOD himself disguising indoctrination as news, commentary and entertainment.

Welcome to the EIB Network

This is the Israeli who signs my check. Just look at the beak on that bitch.

Hello folks, and welcome to the EIB network where I — God’s gift to radio, will enlighten you with jew-spin. Sure, I’ll Lie For 400 MIL

That’s right folks – they pay me 400 million Jewish Federal Reserve Notes to act as a propaganda tool in support of the Jewish Nation. Who pays me you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

A Well Kept Secret

An Israeli woman by the name of Orit Gadiesh…used to work in “Israeli Intelligence”…actually the rumor is that she’s MOSSAD…well — she’s the CEO of a company called Bain Capital Partners in Boston.

Bain Capital owns Clear Channel Communications — and I work directly for Clear Channel Premier Radio Networks. Bain acquired Clear Channel in 2006.

One of Israel’s Propaganda Arms

You didn’t know that a Foreign Power is exercising control over your mass media?

Most of you probably are unaware that through Clear Channel alone, the Jewish Nation effectively controls the content of Kosher messages sent out to more than 154 million people, or 75% of the 18+ U.S. population.

My Kosher bosses own over 800 radio stations reaching more than 97 million listeners every week.

And folks, Premiere Radio Networks, who syndicates me also syndicates over 90 other Kosher radio programs and services to more than 5,000 radio stations affiliations reaching over 190 million listeners a week. And all of that is just CLEAR CHANNEL. There’s a whole lot more Kosher Media than that. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The enormity of control that the Jewish Nation exerts on you is almost unimaginable.

Foreign Control Of Media Presents Huge National Security Problem

Repeat After Me: I’m a Patriot and I love Israel

Anyway, Orit Gadiesh is an Israeli national with direct ties to the Israeli Intelligence community — and as you know — propaganda is real important to those Israeli Intelligence types.

They pay me lots of Jewish Federal Reserve Notes to:

1) Channel your anger away from Israel and Jews,
2) Get you to associate “patriotism” with support for a foreign nation — Israel, and
3) Package it all up in a “Conservative” message base that is specifically targeted at YOU.

My Jewish Propaganda Job

The Jewish Nation: Know any Iraq/Afghanistan vets? This is what they’re fighting and dying for.

My job is all about propaganda and focusing your anger about the Jewish agenda on everything but the Jews.

Sure, I’m allowed to play the “Left” vs. “Right” angle, “Conservative” vs “Liberal,” “Republican” vs “Democrat,” and even to some extent I can talk about “Affirmative Action” and “Illegal Immigration”….but NEVER Jews except to tell you to “Put a foreign country before your own and support Israel.”

I’ll even read cue cards saying “Israel is the only Democratic Nation in the Middle East” and “Israel just wants peace”….stuff like that.

I can’t say anything truthful about the Jews or their true agenda.

They would immediately cut off my supply of Jewish Federal Reserve Notes if I did that.

My Listeners

What Do You Think? LOL

My listeners are generally good people. The backbone of America — who know “something’s wrong with this picture” and look to me for answers.

So I make sure to frame their concerns within the confines of The Jewish Agenda.

Lenin didn’t say “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it” for nothing. You sure won’t be hearing me tell you on my show that Lenin was also a Jew…or that Trotsky was a Jew…or that Marx was a Jew. Those are subjects I won’t go near with a 10 foot pole. That would be almost as bad as if I opined that perhaps the official story of the Holocaust might be somewhat flawed.

You will NEVER hear me make any such statements EVER.

In fact, if you’re not quite sure about where my loyalties lie, get a pad and pencil and the next time you listen to me – write down every time I say something critical of either “Israel” or “Jews.”

Passengers On My Private Jet Have to Go Thru My BodyScanner

I gotta admit folks, you people out there who listen to me on a regular basis…and support me……..well, you’re retards. Makes me laugh to think about it.

What do I care as long as I get my pile of Jewish Federal Reserve Notes?

Right — I don’t care. Nobody’s ever going to accuse me of being a “patriot.” That’s for sure.

I only care about me and what those notes can do for me. How else could a portly guy like me get an 18 year old hottie to give him oral sex on his own private jet?

Consider that the next time you’re flying coach.

Foreign Control of Banking and Financial Systems Present Huge National Security Problem

That brings up an interesting subject folks….listen – open up your wallet and take out a bill and look at it. I’ll wait while you do that…………… Ok.

Look at the top margin on the front.

What does it say? It says “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE.” It doesn’t say “UNITED STATES NOTE”, does it? No.

Hold on, a caller is asking: “Rush, why are you calling Federal Reserve Notes Jewish”? Caller, I know this may come as a shock to you but the Jewish Federal Reserve is run by Jews. And Jews, as you know, are devoted to the Jewish Nation — Israel. Case in point: Ben Shalom Bernanke. Shalom, caller.

So what exactly is the origin of that note? Who issued it and under what authority? It says right on there that the United States Government did NOT issue that note.

The FEDERAL RESERVE issued that note. Keep in mind that the Federal Reserve is “Federal” in name only. Just like “Federal Express,” it’s a private entity. Yes, the Private Jewish Federal Reserve issued that note. How did that happen — magic?

Jewish Magic

Ever hear of “Jewish Lighting”? Well, there’s also such a thing as “Jewish Magic.” Jewish Magic is when a group of foreign International Bankers bribe members of congress and the President (Woodrow Wilson, in this case) to enact a law giving a private group of Jewish bankers the exclusive right to “create” your money and lend it to your government for repayment plus interest.

Oh…and the interest rate for repayment is set by those same Jewish bankers. Is that awesome or what, folks?

Can you imagine the kind of power that a situation like that would entail for that group of Jewish bankers? Just imagine the implications of that kind of power.

Apparently, Thomas Jefferson could imagine the implications of that kind of power — as he said:

“The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin.”

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

How did Jefferson know that? Because that was the whole reason the Revolutionary War was fought. The Jewish Bank of England was in control of the British government and saw the colonies as a nice addition to their financial portfolio.

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

Hang on folks…a caller asks “Rush, why are you calling the Jewish Bank of England Jewish?” Ok caller, the Bank of England is a “Rothschild” bank. Rothschild means “Red Shield” in German.

Rothschild is an assumed name taken by a Jewish banker named Meyer Amschel Bauer — who founded the Bank of England (among others). Gotta know your history folks…get with the program.

Not About Tea

So why the war? I’ll give you a hint: the Revolution wasn’t about TEA.

The colonies started printing their own money — and that’s a big Jewish no-no. It deprives them of their power over you. That’s the same thing Hitler did to resurrect the German economy.

Anyway, we’ve had this Jewish Federal Reserve thing since 1913. So how does it work again?

It goes like this: The Jewish Federal Reserve banks literally “create” money by simply making a “book entry”. That’s right — they just write down a number…and that amount of money is “created.”

Then, they lend it to the US government with a promise to repay it plus interest.

That’s what “debt-based” currency is. It’s based on your “debt” to the Jews and your “interest” payments to the Jews.

Folks, you’re looking confused. Do you need to re-read that? Go ahead if you need to.

Ok, a caller want’s to know what the alternative is. Go ahead caller: “Rush, first I want to say what an honor it is to grovel before you within earshot of millions of listeners. Thank you so much for taking my call.” Yes, caller the pleasure is all yours. Go ahead with your question. “Well, Rush…if the Jewish Federal Reserve is so bad…what’s the alternative? I mean, we need money — right? What’s the difference if the Jews manage our currency?”

Caller, The Jewish Federal Reserve Bank is only one head of the Hydra. There are others. But to simplify the problem for you, what it all boils down to is “Profit Motive” and “Private Agenda.”

Privatized Jewish Monopoly

The problem is this: Jewish corruption bribed away the right to print/create our currency to a Jewish Banking cabal in 1913. They can arbitrarily set the value of your currency at will.

This Jewish Banking group is a private profit-seeking entity. Privatization can be a good thing when mixed with “market competition”. However, in this case, this private Jewish Banking group has a “Monopoly” with no competition, has it’s own profit motive and is aligned with the interests of a foreign nation….The Jewish Nation.

Other than that — it’s great.

Private Monopoly Control and Manipulation

Private monopoly control and manipulation of the National Currency should NEVER be allowed.

Does it matter? Maybe not now…because the Jews literally “own” your Congress. But, the issuance of currency should ONLY be in the hands of government. NEVER private individuals.


Profit motive and agenda….that’s why. In this case it’s even worse than just “profit motive.” Here we are facing the furtherance of the agenda of a foreign nation…The Jewish Nation.

Due to the fact that many people are catching on to The Jewish Magic Trick at this point I could even see a possibility that the so-called, “Federal Reserve Bank” could, in fact, be “ended” for political reasons.

So, naturally, the authority to issue currency would be returned to the government where is should have always been.

Will that solve the problem?


Why not?

Because, this same Jewish cabal literally owns your Congress. How many Jews, plus sell-outs populate your Senate? Start counting them. I’d bet at this point …….. all of them are either a Jew or a sell-out worshipper of The Jewish Nation.

How many Jews are on your Supreme Court right now? 4 of 9. Let’s say they get one more Jew on there. Then it will be the Jewish Supreme Kosher Court.

So, now you understand why they also control your media…right? Media control helps get certain people elected…and ensures that others don’t.

So what will fix this?

We have to “Press the Reset Button”….”Flush the Toilet”…..”Start Over.”

Otherwise…………more of the same.

Bottom line: We have to remove Jews and Jewish Influence from the equation.

Folks, this situation is WORSE than if the Armed Forces of the United States were under the direct control of some guy in Brooklyn — rather than the President of the United States. It’s actually worse because through the subversion of our money system — the Jews have taken control over the entire government — not just the military (which they are using to further their own agenda).

Interest-Based Jewish Capitalism

Ain’t collecting interest great?

Did you know that collecting interest is a sin under Islam? It’s called “Riba.” It’s a sin because it leads to “interest slavery.” A great evil — the weight of which you live under right now.

So now you know why you’re being programmed to believe that Islam is “evil.” It sure is evil, especially if you’re a Jewish Banker. Islamic banks are forbidden to charge interest.

Yes, the Jewish Bankers just get deluged with money from essentially nowhere. Isn’t that awesome?

I guess that’s why they call them the “chosen” people. Long story short, with all that money they have subverted governments, manipulated economic depressions, acquired assets, and even hired propaganda tools like me.

Interest Slavery

Under Hitler, Germany did away with “interest slavery.” They kicked out the Jewish Bankers and started printing their own money — based on….nothing.

Nothing at all but the confidence of the German worker. They forbade “unearned income” and made “work” mandatory…hence the German phrase “Arbeit macht frei” — which means “work liberates” or “work will set you free.”

Work Will Set You Free

Once their economy and their currency were under their control, in 5 years Germany went from a destitute nation to the world’s most powerful economy. Simply by reforming its money and banking systems.

You’re not allowed to know about that. Just the Holocaust. That’s all you need to know about Hitler’s Germany. The Holocaust, “death” camps, gas chambers and the suffer-hink. Never mind if it’s not true. All you need to know is that Jews are “victims”.

Shadow Government

A caller is asking “Rush, what does this Jewish Federal Reserve thing have to do with niggers?” Caller, The Jewish Federal Reserve System is your Shadow Government.

The JEWISH STATE a.k.a. Israel

Those Jews are pulling all the strings here. They even tell me what to say and when to say it…at least when I’m on the air.

Collective Guilt Campaign

This Jewish Shadow Government implemented the “collective guilt campaign” in post WW2 Germany which sought to individually charge each and every white German with this really big whopper of an atrocity called the Holocaust.

Don’t Worry – They Raped Her Afterward. She “deserved” it.

Why Collective Guilt?

The Collective Guilt Campaign was designed as an attempt to get the remaining German people to disassociate from National Socialist Germany. The Campaign sought to equate Nationalism and self-preservation as somehow “evil.”

We’ve All Seen The HOLOCAUST Pictures

Then those clever bastards guilted and coerced the rest of the world into allowing them to create a Jewish Nation. That’s what I call chutzpa!

During the final months of the war, the Germans were not ABLE to supply the camps (or German civilians) with food or medicine. Lots of people died of TYPHUS — including German civilians.

How about the US CIVIL WAR prisoners held at ANDERSONVILLE. Were civil war soldiers being “HOLOCAUSTED”?

Were typhus victims in Togo-Benin, West Africa, Bangladesh and Haiti, recently — “HOLOCAUSTED”?

The same game-plan of “collective guilt” was then used against each and every individual white American in the United States during the Jew/Communist “civil rights campaign” for the Slavery of negroes.

Never mind that the center of Slavery in the US was Newport, Rhode Island and that essentially ALL of the slave traders were Jews. The slave traders were Jews, the slave ship owners were Jews and the slave ship crews were Jews.

Never mind that the Jews didn’t free the slaves — white men freed them.

Never mind any of that — you as a white person are guilty.

Why Collective Guilt Again?

You as a white person must forever be guilty!

Because it worked the first time.

So Team Jew is out there running the same play over and over. So far, your defense has been rather lackluster. From up here in the stands, it looks like your team doesn’t even seem to know that a game is being played at all. It’s almost as if your coaching staff is working for the other side.

Hell, even I can see this and I never played sports at all because my rotund physique would have put me at too much of an advantage.

But I sure do watch a lot of niggerball — so even I, El Rushbo, know when a team keeps running the same play.

Team Jew

Caller, go ahead: “Um — Rush, so basically Team Jew keeps running the same play on us? So, why don’t we recognize it and plug the hole?”

Caller, in order to recognize the play — you first have to recognize that you’re in a game and facing an opponent — right caller?

Well, Team Jew is doing everything it can to cover the fact that they even exist. They’re trying to be “invisible.” This is why you get fired for connecting the dots between, say, banking and Jews — media and Jews — or government policy and Jews.

Ever notice that Jews commonly change their names to non-Jewish sounding names? That’s one of their devices to attempt to become “invisible” to you. You see caller — Team Jew doesn’t want you to know they’re there. But they are there — and they’re scoring points on you. Look at ’em go.

You know the saying: “Fool me once — shame on you… fool me twice — shame on me”…right? The reason they used it again on White Americans was because it worked on White Germans. And you White Americans are genetically similar to your brother Germans.

The aim of the Collective Guilt Campaign with respect to the Negroes was to get white people to disassociate with their own heritage — because it is somehow “evil.”

Catching on yet?

This was done to damage white European solidarity. You are reaping the benefits of all that today…especially in places like Detroit. Visit Detroit sometime…it’s the American Haiti.

Slavery is alive and well TODAY in SHITTY AFRICA. It took WHITE MEN to end slavery in the civilized world. That’s right…WHITE MEN.

Endgame: Communism & Jew Control

Essentially, the goal is to crash the current system and replace it with Jew-run communism as they did in Soviet Russia. Some people call that the “new world order.” Call it what you will, but cultural Marxism (aka, political correctness) and communism go hand in hand.

Karl Marx’s real name was Mordecai — his father was a Rabbi. He was just another Jew that changed his name so that his Jewishness was “invisible.” Didn’t want to be THAT obvious, especially since most of the chief instigator of the so-called “Russian Revolution” were….you guess it — Jews. That Jewish cocksucker worked to promote an underclass uprising against white leadership — sold the whole thing as “freedom” from “oppression” just so the Jews could jump in and run things. People became even less free and far more oppressed….all to the benefit of the Jew.

The object was to replace the white leadership with JEWISH leadership — and rape the nation.

In fact, the whole underlying motive behind “multi-culturalism” is the removal of white leadership — replacing it with JEWS. And then, rape the nation.

Remember what I said about Team Jew running the same plays on you? The play they run to subvert nations is as simple as one, two, three…

One: Promote the “underclass”.
Two: Remove white leadership, and
Three: Replace with Jews (or ethnic puppet, if necessary)…

Get it?

And they’re doing the same thing here — and in all white nations. The reason why they’re importing all the mud people is because they constitute an “instant underclass” — just add water. Because they’re congenital underachievers, they are easily led towards communism. As the population of the “underclass” rises — your chances of survival diminish.

It’s all about Jews destroying white civilization to the benefit of Jews. That’s what they’re trying to do.

We are opposed around the world by a Ruthless and Monolithic Jewish Conspiracy…

BTW, “Covet Means” is code for: Banking and Finance. This includes the IMF and World Bank. See “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” for how they “expand their sphere of influence.”

The Jewish Conspiracy combines:

Scientific, and
Political operations.

Do not underestimate the enormity of this problem


GO HERE FOR MORE: “Why America is Going Down The Toilet”

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47 Responses to »America’s REAL PROBLEM

  1. tsarina says:


    I don’t know if this video is already posted somewhere on this site, but David Duke clearly states that 911 has “Zionist fingerprints all over it”. Why are people still accusing him of “hiding” the facts about this?

  2. betty sue says:

    Where be isaac newton’s zionist guillotine? We must reclaim our nation and ultimately children’s futures by resisting these vampires once and for all.
    Kill the parasite b4 it kills whiteman. If war is lucifer then lucifer must be destroyed.
    I 100% RESIST all zionist sabotage. All zionist propoganda must be eliminated-to hell with these traitors. No evil zionist death mongerer should have any such military control over whiteman, I call on all whites to reclaim their nations from the clutches of satan. For the love of John.F.Kennedy and our children’s future’s unite adn destroy the cancer.

  3. Protocolsr true says:

    Great story about scumbag rushbo. He is also a coward. He has the audacity to run a phoney soldier campaign, however cowared out of military service himself due to a supposed boo-boo on his knee. Perhaps his influential Daddy helped him with that. He also probably works for Mossad and Homeland Security. Speaking of which, Chertoff, the jew who got posted to chief of D.H.S. and helped write the falsely named Patriot Act probably Mossad also. I know rush coward and his money and previously mentioned connections can cause me problems, I KNOW that already. Why there are no true American Patriots left in the federal government I can only assume is that they are also being blackmailed, afraid of losing the great pay, benefits and retirement (selling out) , or simply they are stupid blacks or jewish themselves. Jews put jews into senior positions in human resources and personnel departments. These hire and elevate only other jews or the aforementioned stupid negroes. White people and especially true patriots are driven out. Ever why it is so hard to get Eric Holder to come clean on all the so called “lawyers” and other law enforcement people within DOJ and D.H.S. who helped commit approximatly 1300 gun sales felonies in the fast and furious and other gunrunning operations? Including accessory to murder on a U.S. Border agent, also conspiracy to illegally sell firearms and obstruction of justice? Because of the serious ramifications on their careers at DOJ after conviction. Plus being disbarrred due to being a convicted felon. Plus jail time in a federal penetiantiary which they would deal out to any white man who dares speak out against the welfare state, affirmative action, race quotas, etc. If this site is itself set up by mossad/D.H.S. to collect email addresses from commentors to track their I.P. addresses and fuck with their lives I wouldn’t be surprised either. Just reinforces what scumbag peices of shit they are.

  4. Konrad says:

    Sorry to tell you, but analysis of teeth, nose, and ears of the person you show as Anne Frank, very strongly indicates that the time traveler named Anne Frank, was in reality an actress named Audrey Hepburn. Thats why they don’t show you pictures of the 14 year old Frank/Hepburn because she got quite fat for a while. Time traveler? Using a ballpoint pen to write a diary in 1944, although said ballpoint pen came out in 1953, is another of these inexplicable kike wonders you must accept, just like the Einstein nonsense that’s still making our physics students well-paid utter babbling idiots.

  5. Mikhelin says:

    We found an article from Russia News center (RT) in Moscow where is no ZOG controlling media available inside Pro Soviet Union. Its all about blaming to American ignited the fire against Mid-East. (could be the Zionist is America)


  6. morris paul says:

    youtube/exsultate justi /john williams /boston pops…………………..for your edification.

  7. hens are liars says:

    Would love to see this piece run front page again Incog.

    It is absolutely outstanding!!!

  8. hens are liars says:

    Walt Disney’s War With Hollywood’s Jews

  9. Julie Mitchell says:

    Lol. Excellent.

  10. Moonman's Messenger says:

  11. seeview says:

    I just started waking up to this takeover a few years ago. Now the takeover is becoming more and more apparent each time I turn on the TV or go into a Walmart, or drive through a big city. For me and others I have talked with, the real question now is what can we do to put a stop to it? Is there a forum or website that has some good discussion on how to oppose the threat.

  12. Sundials says:

    Good evening, I respect you for your website and your devotion to a cause. I have one question however; throughout your website you note how the Holocaust was a fraud whether in part (vastly exaggerated) or in whole (fabricated propaganda), yet this holocaust is also at the same time cited as the reason that Modern Day Jews want to dismantle or destroy modern white society. So why would the Jews want to retaliate against whites for a holocaust which was mostly false?

    • Danielle says:

      Sundials, wow, you have more research to do. The Jew has despised the gentile since the dawn of time. Whether all, part of, half of, or none of the Holocrap happened, the idea is the same – hurt white man. They hated us long before WW2 so even if no such idea as Holocrap was ever even uttered, Jew still hates white man. Once they started buying up American strangle-points before WW2 & gaining traction, it made fabricating HoloHAUX that much easier.

  13. Jihad Jewdeau of Cuckistan (worst case Ontario) next to Queerbec / Jewfoundland says:

    Organise yourselves wherever you are. We are at war with the media establishment… and it’s only going to escalate into violent conflict in future.

  14. Leo Lundgren says:

    To everyone
    Sundials, search for “subverted nation”, read articles, videos, audios.

    Then contact Adam and join a REAL solution

  15. J.P. Sedita says:

    The diabolical gang in charge of fiat currency are the WeWereKagans crew.
    Use those dollars against them. For many years I write things on bills and circulate them.
    A TRS goy ways north of me found one,posted it he wrote “Smart Money says Diversity=White Genocide” I was thrilled with joy

    • Danielle says:

      what is TRS? ways north of you? meaning way further north of you? posted it?? posted it where? How did u see this bill with the “smart money…” message written on it? it sounds like a very cool story but i just couldn’t quite decipher in translation : (

  16. luke2236 says:

    Dont forget too Mr Incogman, that usury is prohibited in the Bible. Just another reason the jew hates white, Christian true Israelites.

  17. Midnight Black says:

    One difficulty we face is the way they demonize any group that comes together for white interests, but I think we should fight fire with fire. Start advertising Open Borders for Israel anywhere and everywhere we can, make mockery’s of them getting caught lying in holocaust interviews (there are many to choose from, from the woman who holds up five fingers when her story changes from 5 jews called out to be murdered to 10 (habit gives her away, and her stories constanly change) to the man who was caught lying about meeting his wife through the fence of a camp (when it was discovered he had never even left New York) their is PLENTY of material to use.

    This ONLY works for them if they do it from secrecy and manipulation, otherwise they wouldn’t ban every one of us from platforms like “Jewtube”…One or two of us isn’t going to be affective for this reason. It needs to happen in WAVES that are too much for them to deal with.

    Once we prove that Segregation and oppression were NOT the same thing, and that the civil rights movement was nothing more then Jews getting blacks to invade white spaces and NOT about “oppression”, and show it was the Jews who controlled the slave trade and brought them over in the FIRST place, AND show that they have lied about everything from slavery to the Holocaust, AND show people what they have openly said about their agenda of white genocide and parasitic takeover of the west, then the final prophecy of Revelations (chapter 13) will take place, and the sons of Adam, the white TRUE people of God, will destroy the red whore (Jewish communism) and her beast (Israel) that the 10 horns give power to but secretly hate (White people). THIS PROPHECY IS WHY they have dropped ALL pretense of stealth and are trying to rush things. A series of signs has scared the hell out of them, and whether or not you believe the bible is irrelevant (Its NOT a jewish book! Its the book of white people. THIER book is, and has always been the Talmud. When Christ was born, Israel REJOICED while the Jews (like Herod) sought to kill him! Judaism is the ANTITHESIS of Christianity! This idea that they are the sons of David, Isaac, and Jacob is the GREATEST LIE they ever told. I find it funny that they actually tell people they can prove they are the Israelites through DNA. Er…What are they testing the DNA against as a comparison? Do they secretly have a vial of Adams blood? No, the bible SAYS THIS of Israel…

    1) Israel was to become a great nation and a company of great nations.(Genesis 12:2; 18:18, 17:4; 35:11; 48:19) This one couldn’t be any more obvious. White Europeans fulfilled the promise given that after 2534 years from Assyrian captivity in 758 BC, the nation of God would be born in a day (1776 adds up to the year!) which was the Christian nation of America. This is the one prophecy we were given a precise date on. Blacks have never produced a single great nation much less a company of nations. And the Jewish “State of Israel” was only possible with the support of white nations. Who is blessing whom, here? In fact, Jews have actually fulfilled the legacy of Cain in being vagabonds and wanderers (Gen 4:12)

    2) Israel to keep the gates and ports of enemies ( Genesis 22:17,Joshua 21:43-45:) This is something ALL white nations have done for 100s of years, and that is to set up military bases and embassies among enemies and potential enemies to keep them in check, whereas this is not done in return to the same degree.

    3) Israel were to be seafarers, explorers, and colonizers (Genesis 28:14; 49:13; Numbers 24:7; Deuteronomy 33:19; Judges 5:17; Psalms 2:8; 89:25) Talk about willful denial and willful ignorance. This is one of the historical events they curse at whites for having done, and make no secret that they think European colonialism and exploration was, in thier eyes, evil. Yet its one of the primary prophecies concerning the lost tribes. Then the Jews or blacks will claim to be these lost tribes in the same breath.

    4)Israel were to be a blessing to all families (nations) of the earth (Genesis 12:3; 18:18; 28:14; Isaiah 27:6) Make a list of contributions to the world in inovation, inventions, ect. Then, by race, go without thier contributions for a single week. When you get to white Europeans, and have to give up everything from refrigeration to electricity, cars to computers, you will get this one. And thats not even touching on the many roads, hospitals, foriegn aide (which wouldnt even be a thing if not for whites) and so forth whites have contributed to third world nations. If we are going to be honest, one must admit that the white race has done more for other races, then any three races combined. EVEN going so far, as to admit others into our ethnic nations and allowed them votes, authority positions, and even passed laws AGAINST our own peoples interests to help lift up others. Whites participated the least of all races in slavery, and were for a while the first and only ones to fight for its abolishment.

    5) Israel were to amass wealth and success as Farmers (Genesis 27:28; Deuteronomy 28:11; Deuteronomy 33:13, 14, 28) This is especially true of American and Canadian white farmers. Blacks were only farmers by force for a time, as the starving masses in Africa can attest to. Jews have always been known through history as bankers and merchants.

    6) Israel was to be God’s witness and carry the word of God to all the world (Isaiah 43:10-12, 21; 59:21; Matthew 28:19-20).For hundreds of years it was white Europeans who spread Gods word across the Earth, mostly through Bible societies, which printed the word in 100s of languages. And all early missionary work, and even now 95% of missionary work to other countries has been carried forth by the white race.

    7) Israel was to be God’s (“battle-axe” and an undefeatable military power (Numbers 24:8; Jeremiah 51:20-23; Isaiah 54:15-17; Micah 5:8-9). You always hear about how the evil white man conquered this or that. When this is straight from Israelite prophecy that Gods people would be the ones who conquered the heathen and dominated the earth. In Genesis 1:28 God stated that his people would subdue and conquer the heathen. Also, it was whites who stopped Attilla the Hun when no one else could, white Crusaders who stopped the evil spread of Islam, and most other such wars were won by Gods battle ax.

    8) The descendants of Israel were to be multiplied exceedingly (Genesis 13:16; 15:5; 17:2; 22:17; 24:60; 26:4; 28:14; 32:12). This promise most assuredly excludes the “Jews” as being God’s Chosen People. While the Black race with 1.3 billion people, the Chinese with nearly two billion, and White race with 900 million are all great in number, the Jews at only 18 million are not. When this promise was repeated in the 8th century B.C. (Hosea 1:10) the nation of Israel was already very nearly 18 million. Either God has failed in His promise or today’s preachers are liars regarding the Jews. Also, the fossil record shows OTHER races have been around AT LEAST 100,000 years, but whites are a very new race at only 7000 BC or so, so to be up in population with the OTHER older races, fulfills this like no other race could.

    9) Israel to be the first among the nations. (Gen. 27:29; 28:13; Jer. 31:7.) The way blacks complain that white nations (or “white supremacy”) rules the world, or that America is the leading nation, as was Britian previously, makes this one a bit ironic and kind of funny when you think about it…

    10) Israel’s new home country to be north-west of the country they were driven from (Israel). Isa. 49:12; Jer. 3:18.) Europe is what you find North west of Israel.

    11) Israel to colonize the desolate place of the earth. (Isa. 35:1; 43:19, 20; 49:8; 54:3; 58:11, 12.) Nobody would have ever thought to build great civilizations in places like Alaska, Norway, Siberia, Australia and other “desolate” places that are now part of modern civilization.

    12) Israel was to be blind to its identity and be called by a new name and not known as Israel (Isaiah 62:2; 65:15; Hosea 1:9-10; Romans 11:25). God stated he would put his name on Israel (Numbers 6:27) And through the Messiah would be known as “Christians”(Acts 11:26). There are people who worship God as Christians, as there is a literal SEED of Christians. The words seed, heirs, descendants all point to this being about faith + bloodlines or there wouldn’t be such emphasis on the word seed throughout scripture… Yes, we are wrestling NOT with flesh and blood, but this doesn’t mean flesh and blood isn’t part of it. That verse from Ephesians 2:10 is one of the many ways, white Christians have been fooled about their origins. For 2000 years, Christian was a term for white kingdoms and nations, and EVERY white person was called a “Christian” by the rest of the world. Its only recently, with the rise of the Zionist controlled churches, that this has changed.

    There are also physical descriptions of Israels lost people, AND one physical description of Christ. When you see this, you shouldn’t have any doubts unless your clinging to bias because despite the poetic wording, its pretty clear.
    Song of Solomon 5: 10
    My beloved is white and ruddy, chief of 10,000

    Lamentations 4:7
    Her Nazarites were purer then snow, and WHITER then milk, they were more ruddy in body then ruby’s, and their polishings (shares a translated word for “eyes”) were of sapphire.

    Rev. 1:14-15 (Describing Christ as John saw him)
    His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow… and his eyes were as flames of fire. And his feet were as fine brass, as if burnt in a furnace.

    1) It says head AND hair, not hair on head.
    2) Why would a man in his 30s be described as having “white” hair? There was no such word as BLONDE yet.
    3) Eyes of fire= Blue eyes. Not only is the color of flame blue, but flame has been used often to describe blue eyed people (smoldering blue eyes, for example)
    4) People think that “feet like brass” means he was brown or coppery, but NOTE what it says! When fine brass is burnt in a furnace it becomes white hot. When it cools it remains white with a golden hint to it.

    White people didn’t “steal” the bible from the sub-Saharin Africans, nor did we adopt it from jews, who were constantly kicked out of Europe and were vagabonds and wanderers until the slave trade made them wealthy and powerful. Whites embraced Christianity FIRST because it was OUR religion.

    “Christ is our King, and Christianity is our race which you knew once as Israel”- Justin Martyr, 100-160 AD, from Paragraphs of Trypho chapter 135.

    THIS IS WHY Christians and white nationalists are HIGHER on terror watch lists then REAL terrorists like Al Queda. It has to do with the prophecy of Rev. 13, in which the 10 horns on the beast ridden by the whore of Babylon give the beast power and authority for 1 hour (generation) but hate the beast, and the whore. They are kingdoms without a king who hate the whore and make her naked, and then burn her with fire. The whore is red (jewish communism) and the beast is Israel. Mystery Babylon=multicultural white genocide.

    It is Israels destiny to destroy the seed of Cain. The bible calls them “The house of Edom”

    Want to know why jews spread so much anti-white propaganda while working to flood all white nations with mass immigration?

    “EDOM IS MODERN JEWRY.” The Jewish Ency. 1925 Ed., Vol. 5, Pg. 41.

    Sorry this is so long, but its something every white person NEEDS to know, if they are to understand the motivation behind the sons of Cain, who are also called EDOM!

    God bless!

    • Red Pill says:

      our mainline christian commentator Matt the rat says the 10 lost tribes of Israel are dead to this day.
      but then he never reads and comprehends anything new to him.
      sure would like to hear him refute this as non biblical.

      • Red Pill says:

        now it can be understood in relationship to who we are and the new covenant found in

      • Allen Black says:

        They claim Israel is dead…They claim Israel is mixed out…They claim the niggers are Israel…ANYTHING to keep people distracted, while they try to genocide the TRUE lost tribes through mass immigration. This was even prophesied to happen as the “Flood of the dragon” (Revelation 12-17) AND it tells us about those white Christians helping the Zionists….For when the bride of Christ temporarily divorces God and serves those of the Babylonian Talmud, they become the whore of Babylon, cloaked in red (Jewish communism/Marxism) and carrying a cup of the filth of the beast. Also on this beast (The Jewish system created on ruins of the Christian nations) are 10 horns. These are kingdoms without Kings, who secretly hate the whore and the beast, and will destroy them. This is simply referring to the 10 tribes who ARE against what the Jew are doing, and when they reunite with their king (Christ is our eternal king for ALL our race)then time is up for the beast and its whore. Jews are aware of this prophecy, and because of a string of signs in rapid succession, they are in a mad panic to neutralize the white race with mass immigration and promotion of mycegination….

        Also, prior to the 1960s, race mixing was RARE. VERY rare. It could get a person driven out of the society they lived in, and was even illegal in most places, some punishable by death. The Jews are running a psy-op with their “Ancestry.com” nonsense, trying to get people to believe everyone is already all mixed up, because hey why stay with your own if your already mixed up, right? People should be warned of this. When I tried, my content was removed from FB, Jewtube, and twitter with a hate speech warning…..

        God bless, brothers and sisters.

  18. Daniel says:

    Great outline and very well knowledgeable on true Christian Identity and who we are as children of God, you are blessed with wisdom and I hope you keep up your teaching of this end time truth/harvest time to allow his children to WAKE UP.

    One thing I disagree with you about that is very common even with Christian truth Identity Christian teachers/servants is the identity of ” MYSTERY BABYLON ”

    Mystery Babylon is no other than America/Europe ( But in Revelation John is viewing America’s destruction of fire and smoke and it will be quick and the whole country goes down in one hour ) FINAL AND ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION AS IT WILL GO UP IN SMOKE IN ONE HOUR. Please do online research for further info on this to decide this most obvious of facts for yourself.

    Remember our Eclipse last Oct? The next Eclipse comes across America in exactly 7 years = 2024 ~~~~ DID YOU CATCH THAT? 7 YEARS THE NEXT ECLIPSE COMES IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION ACROSS AMERICA ( Mystery Babylon )

    In Daniel and Revelation, both talks about the tribulation is to last 7 years before the final end~~~~Armageddon! Then after Armageddon Mystery Babylon is to be totally annihilated by smoke/fire immediately after this Armageddon in 7 years of the tribulation/Jacobs trouble=for white Christians. God calls for his Christian Saints to come home just before he destroys MYSTERY ( AMERICA ) BABYLON. The ones left inside ” Mystery Babylon ” will perish in the destruction because they are the enemies of White Christian true Israelites. They will be either children of the devil, or their followers, or the wicked fallen dark skinned Luciferian agents of and for Satan.

    Remember this and apply it with Christian WISDOM if you will

    LUKE 21: 25 { Referring to the END TIMES/FINAL JUDGMENT ) There WILL be signs in the sun, the stars, and the moon as ” SIGNS ” ~~ hence the ECLIPSE ( Also this is repeated in Gen ch 1 ) Also Jesus explains the more violent the ocean will get= hence~~ {HURRICANES have been more intense/abundant around the globe haven’t you noticed }

    Interesting enough the next eclipse comes across America ( Mystery Babylon ) in the opposite direction in 7 years MARKING A BIX GIANT X dating that is to the last eclipse came in one direction and the next in the opposite resembling an X across America ( Mystery Babylon ). Point is the X completes the 7 year tribulation period and your Mystery Babylon is finally discovered by the entire world. Europe to follow and the rest of mankind is judged and sent to their final eternity good or bad……

    Many people get confused and think mystery Babylon middle east israel or Rome, or some other crazy place….reality is they are dancing around the fact that America is the Babylon to go up in smoke and they deny the truth/facts like they do other truth/facts…goes with the program of false teachings. This is false. A read of Rev mystery Babylon in the kjv Bible and a view of modern times/peoples will lead you to the correct truth. IT’S THE OBVIOUS.

    After the destruction of ” Mystery Babylon ” and its evil, corrupt, satan followers, false messiah followers, the mark of the beast followers etc.. your modern day Liberal/jew democRAT BTW~~~~ God/Christ then brings a BRAND NEW Jer- USA-lem/ Garden of Eden back to his Kingdom Of God=AMERICA with his TRUE ISRAELITE CHRISTIAN ( Mainly white ) peoples.

    God Bles

    • Daniel says:

      As an add-on to my last message to ” midnight black ” ;

      In wondering how mystery ( America ) Babylon is destructed by fire/smoke in just one hour as God so declared and written and prophesied to happen in Revelation I come to a theory of how this could very well happen.


      And every scientist in the world agrees that if she was to erupt guess what?! B O O M!!! IN JUST ONE HOUR THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES WOULD FEEL THE EFFECTS AND DESTRUCTION. And it gets worst in these end times~~~~~ they have detected activity at Yellowstone like no other time in American history….HMM

      Sounds like a lot like Revelation mystery Babylon now doesn’t it? Maybe a little?

      • Daniel says:

        Another reason midnight black that your mystery Babylon is America other than reading Revelation Mystery Babylon in the Bible Scriptures. Consider.

        Washington D.C represents actually the title and leader of the free world. This is where the false messiah will reign as ruler of the one world liberal jew system denying Christ as the world recognizes only a god, not the God of Christ as the one world worship system. He will be allowed supernatural powers as like magical~~~~it will all be an act and a big illusion to serve him as the christ. Don’t take his mark of the beast in this serving of his team/agents of Satan= Liberals/BLM/antifa, ISIS/jews.

        The UN resides in NY directly across the bay from the statue of liberty which John describes in Revelation under the mystery Babylon as America/Europe turned to whore/harlot/evil/corrupt/ungodly dressed in red, purple ( purple= another colour describing blue in the Bible btw ).

        The UN will vote on this one world Religion/Government denying Christ as saviour as the false messish will promote it to his corrupt supporters and then soon serve as the godly ( but unGodly ) ruler/kangz if you catch my drift.

        As the ungodly -Anti-Christian, Anti-white anti-Bible diversity peoples of the UN support the will/power of the diversity of the world and pass this one world Religion/liberal government reign upon the earth~~~~~ the-room where they will make this earth changing ungodly system into play will have a HUGE bay window that looks at THE STATUE OF LIBERTY.

        Yep, that’s right, lady liberty described as bleeding red, as unholy, as-the harlet, will be looking squarely through that window!


  19. Midnight Black says:

    You are correct sir, and I believe my text was misleading (a fault of mine for trying to put it into words) so Ill try to rephrase it….

    Mystery Babylon is what America has BECOME under the heavy hand of the Jew. It is the plundered and decadent reality that those whom hate God have made of his special kingdom. America, in the Gothic tongue, Literally means “Heavenly Kingdom” but right now it is given into the hands of the wicked.

    NOTHING will get better, and things will only get worse, so long as our people, the 10 tribes who are NOW the 10 horns on the beast, forsake our eternal King Christ and instead continue to give our power, wealth, and authority over to the beast (Israel) who has been ruling us in secret for almost a century now as a hostile presence. Its crimson whore (Jewish communism) has never been so powerful as it is today. Yes, the heavenly kingdom has been perverted and has become Mystery Babylon. Soldiers under the command of our King Christ must come together, and destroy this wickedness. This WILL happen, its not a matter of “If”. The real question for every white person should be, which side of this war do YOU want to stand on?

    Im sure brother Daniel will tell you he knows JUST what I mean, when I say there IS NO FEELING like knowing WHO YOU ARE and what you are here for. God has shown him, as he has me, because if you REALLY seek the answers you will get them. Most people are just a little too content watching Jew Netflix and typing away on Jew facebook. Tools of the system of the beast, BUT as they use our weapons, land, and resources against us, so to can we do the same.

    A few years ago I was average, non religious, and blind as most. I am still just a sinner, like all of us do to the corruption of Eve, BUT I am no longer blind. God lifted the veil on his word, and pulled me to it out of the blue, and for his glory I want ALL of my people to know what being one of his children feels like. Do not listen to the Zionist candy coated liars whom have hijacked the church. There is NOTHING WEAK about being a Christian! It was Christians who crushed the Huns when no one else could stop them. It was Christians who defeated the first two caliphates when no one else could. They want to take what Christ said, and twist it until you are ready to either abandon or disbelieve him, or roll over and die!

    We of the Christian identity movement say you don’t have to do either. As Christians, we must remember that our Lord is a God of peace, and love to be sure when it comes to us, his people. But he is ALSO a God of war! That last part is what the jews are desperate for our people to forget, AT LEAST until they can breed us out to the point we are no longer a threat.

    What they DONT REALIZE is that all they have done has been foretold. In fact, a series of signs has shown them that their time is VERY short now.

    1) Strange weather and Earthquakes-2000s
    (I was IN Katrina…In fact, our home never recovered and half our house is sinking LOL! And I grew up in Fla, and was used to Hurricanes…But Katrina should have NEVER done this much damage this far inland. It literally SPED UP OVER LAND! and that’s just ONE of the freakish examples of strange weather).Earthquakes in strange places, animals and fish dying, ect.

    2) Wars, and rumors of wars- 2000s-present
    To date the USA has been in 59 wars with small countries, all for the benefit of Israel. Our children die for their desires, and many think they do it for Americas freedoms.

    3) Four blood moons -2012

    4) Sign of Revelation 12- Sept. 23rd, 2017

    5) Sign of Jonah (Broken in half, seven years apart. The first eclipse was in 2013, the other half in 2020

    6) Cries of peace and security- 2008-2016
    Obama constantly repeated these words.

    7) Isaiah 9:10 bricks and cedar prophecy

    8) Rivers turn to blood -A canal in Nootdorp, the Netherlands; Bondi Beach in Australia; the Beirut River in Lebanon; a river in Zhejiang Province, China; rainfall in Sewanagala, Sri Lanka—all reported blood-red by reliable news outlets.

    There are a few more. As well as some signs that were NOT in prophecy, such as the way a bunch of bees chased after muslims in a mosque in Arizona and wouldn’t let them go inside in an area not known for bees. This happened for days, and is still occurring from what I have been told.These an other signs made them drop the slow and methodical genocide plans and instead show their hand in a panicked rush which was ALSO prophecied.

    THEY spread the lie, that the anti-Christ would be a man who one day shows up. When Christ was asked who the anti-Christ was, he said “Who is the liar, but he who denies Christ. He that denies Christ and the father is anti Christ, EVEN NOW there are many anti-Christs in the world. That last part is VERY revealing, because in his time, ONLY jews denied him!

    God bless, brother! Its amazing to me that I meet MORE of us every day! God truly is calling his flock home. I went from being screamed at as a “Racist white supremacist who wants to kill 6 gazillion!” about every day online, to meeting a fellow identitarian every other month, to now meeting one about every day, if not more.

    The time of Babylon grows short, and the Jews KNOW it.

    God bless!

    • Daniel says:

      IT’S AWESOME! God is reaching out to his children letting those who have an ear to hear, those who have eyes to see common sense, hatred, anti-christian movement, BLM movement etc.. is on the rise against ONLY white people whether Christian or not, but especially the faith believers. God is calling on us, I can feel it literally. A great Christian Identity religious revival is happening. And as this is happening the Anti-Christ enemies of the white children of God are getting very angry and even more hateful. WE ARE LITERALLY TURNING THEIR WORLD UPSIDE DOWN!

      But it gets deeper from here because the enemies of Christ/God are relentless in their evil demonic ways and intend to drag Gods people to the gates of hell with them…they are determined to do this.

      • Daniel says:

        Last note~~~~ not far from Gog & Magog/Armageddon when they have officially labelled Christians racist!!!!!

        Don’t believe me?!

        Search “Christian Identity” Wikipedia, and most other dictionaries NOW CALL ANY CHRISTIAN IDENTIFYING AS AN ISRAELITE A TRUE RACIST!

        See how far we have come. But our Saviour will help fight these heathens, non-white, liberal, Canaanites, enemies of Gods people since we whites are the far far far minorities in this majority all non-white heathen Anti-Christ world. The Lord Eternal is very aware of this, and it’s all in his hands. We will have to do some fighting so get ready………….. spiritually and physically prepare. GOD BLESS

    • Daniel says:

      Midnight Black,

      Don’t get confused with the slogan/Biblical wording ” Anti-Christ ” you are talking to the choir. At the same time Scriptures DO MENTION a ” FALSE MESSIAH ” who the jews or confused Christians tag him as the Anti-Christ to again throw an illusion of the ” FALSE MESSIAH ” who is to come as prophesied and deny the written words of Christ/God and the bible ( Technically making him an antichrist as Christ foretold ).

      REVELATION 13: 18 ” This calls for WISDOM, let those who have understanding calculate the number of the beast ( false messiah as prophesied also in Daniel ) for it is a man, and his number is 666.

      When obama first sworn into office that day the Illinois state pick 3 lotto was 666

      That Lotto on that day was drawn on Obama’s former residence and senator seat Chicago zip-code # 60606

      6+6+6 = 18 there are 18 letters in Barack Hussein obama

      6x6x6 = 214

      Obamas birthday is Aug 4th the 214th day of the year

      obamas first tax return in office was in the amount of 66,6666

      If you add up every month since the year/month obama was born starting in the year 1961 Aug…. all the way up to the exact month he left office in 2017 and you come to 666 months total.

      In 2010 obama took a trip to India and on his trip exactly 3,000 of his liberal Gov buddies accompanied him. It was big news even with cnn as they are dumbfounded on scriptures and the joke was on them. They bragged how it would cost 200 million a day for the 3, 000 of his followers.

      Next referring to the above divide 200 million into 3, 000 and you come to 666.6666

      Here is the link to that story, they may have pulled it but a quick search can reveal the facts.


      Many more 666 links to obama but to many to list. POINT IS…WHAT HAVE WE BEEN DOING AS INSTRUCTED AS WISE CHRISTIANS?


      As told by God we should do to recognize this false messiah to claim he is the anointed one and is christ. BUT IT WILL BE THE DEVIL HIMSELF. Don’t take his mark=666 .

      The 666 is NOT a literal tatoo…its voting/supporting mindfully accepting the one world Anti-Christ religion and worshipping his liberal anti-white, anti-christ, anti-Biblical ways.

      • J.R. says:

        the Babylonish jewish whore is seated upon or dominates and controls a new liberal nationalist political beast in Europe in end-times; and the earth dwellers left behind after the Rapture of the church of true Christians trade by the number of the authority of his name, which is “six hundred three score and six…”

        6 x 6 x 6 = 18

        “There have been various mystical numerological speculations about the fact that, according to the system of gematria, the letters of chai add up to 18 . For this reason, 18 is a spiritual number in Judaism, and many Jews give gifts of money in multiples of 18 as a result…

        “Jews often give gifts and donations in multiples of 18, which is called “giving chai”. Mailings from Jewish charities usually suggest the amounts to give in multiples of chai (18, 36, 54 dollars, etc.) rather than the usual multiples of 25..


        the jews’ end-time political beast in Europe will have a new Solomonic pseudo-messianic Davidic king offside to him in the land of israel…
        Protocol 23…
        23. When the King of Israel sets upon his sacred head the crown offered him by Europe he will become patriarch of the world…

        In the Old Testament oracles, Israel’s King Solomon received “six hundred three score and six talents of gold” as annual tribute from the Gentiles, when reigning from Jerusalem as King of the World …
        “Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold…”

    • J.R. says:

      The Zionist jews and jew banksters have of course manipulated white folk on both sides of revolutions and wars to slaughter each other wholesale so they can’t undo jew power, just as the jew whore will dominate and control a new political beast in Europe, who”ll shortly head up a war machine more formidable than Hitler’s and so efficient and fearful that the earth dwellers will say:
      “Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?”

      the jew whore’s new political beast in Europe will be a confederacy of nations like the Axis powers in ww2 and headed up by a white nationalist of the ilk of Hitler who said his spirit would rise from the grave…a white nationalist who’ll be worshiped by his mark of authority that the earth dwellers will receive for trade and who’ll doubtless be received by the duped Christian Identity cultists in America left behind after the Rapture as the “White Christ” from the Norse lands they’ve been duped into worshiping and waiting for, to save them from jew oppression…

      Why did the Vikings call Jesus the White Christ?…

      “Jesus is often referred to by the Vikings as the “White Christ”. Thor was called “Red Thor.” Thor is easily enough figured out. He has a red beard. But Christ? Certainly not all that “white”…

      Sadly all worshipers of a “White Christ” will be damned for worshiping what the Bible says is “another Jesus” and they will be cast into the lake of fire, where the end-time European political beast and his pseudo-messianic offsider in the land of israel will be consigned by God at the consummation of the apocalypse…

      “And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.”

      • Daniel says:


        Christ is from the ADAMIC race.

        ADAM HEBREW DEFINITION= To be able to blush, turn flush, rosy, ruddy…..see blood behind skin. UUUM….That’s the white race dude. They call us rednecks. Christ was a redneck carpenter at one time.

        Thanks for playing

  20. Midnight Black says:

    Yeah, I know you know all that I do. Perhaps more lol. I post the information for those who come later and read our discussion, so that they may seek answers and find the truth.

    Yes, there WILL BE a Jew anti-Christ man of sin. Personally, I believe he was already revealed, and is Soro’s, who is dumping billions into destroying Gods people, but this is only a guess.

    You nailed it when you said Liberalsim=Anti-Christ, beast system.

    The 666 comes from the symbol they call the star of David, and also from their use in the number from their Talmudic word magic, such as the way they kept pushing the “6 million” Jews story for 150 years unsuccessfully. It wasn’t until WW2 that they were able to get people to believe that nonsense!


    My words aren’t all for those like you who are awake. After all, we both get our knowledge from the same Holy Spirit 🙂 But there are MANY who are lost or frustrated at current world events, looking for their identity or answers to how we can win this war that we didn’t start, but MUST be the ones to finish (and we will be).

    I was humbled at my calling. I still am. It doesn’t get much more unworthy then me, and yet God accepted me. My sins are at the feet of the cross. How much more do better men then I deserve is salvation?

    God has also given me a very clear sight on matters that should have just been common sense. And a way to put it into words so that ANYONE no matter how “average” in thinking, can see just how much we have been lied to and manipulated.

    For example, before I was called, I believed that negroes were enslaved by whites and oppressed until the civil rights movement. And why wouldn’t I think this. They DRILL this in our heads more then math, reading, and writing in schools. But AFTER I was called, the veil lifted from this lie. Perhaps some of this information can help any reader who is trying to put the situations about multiculturalism into words…

    Lets dismantle one of the Jews most effective lies. Seeing as how each minute counting down to Midnight for us isn’t a nuke, its miscegenation, particularly with those who are Black (Yes, I just explained my name lol) The Jew are using black-white couples in ALL of their advertising and films exclusively, even though polls show less then 11% of white women desire outside of their race. One would never know that going by Jew propaganda.

    1) Every other race was active in slavery for 2000 years. Whites only got involved for 400 of those years. And ONLY whites acted on their conscience to end the practice. And seeing as how slavery had been common and widespread for a millennium before white involvement the chances of any other freeing the slaves is little to none. Without European involvement, most likely they would STILL be in chains today.

    2) White people NEVER ENSLAVED the blacks. Whites bought black slaves, from other blacks no less, as well as Jews and Muslims who sold them most commonly. This is a very important distinction, as it means with or without Europeans, they would have still been slaves.

    3) Blacks like to claim they are oppressed today, and were oppressed in the past after slavery. This is a lie, and their own actions prove it. First off, segregation is NOT oppression. Nations are segregated by nations, tribes are segregated, people even SELF segregate in lunchrooms, churches, Ballgames, ect. Are they self segregating? No. This is the natural order of the world as God made it, which Liberals oppose, as they do of ALL that God decreed. White people had every right to want to segregate from blacks. And were very vocal about doing so to keep away ghettos, high crime, and racial hostilities. And they were right. Yet what they wanted was ignored by the Jews, who had an anti-white, white genocide agenda in mind, and so they set about telling blacks on the one hand that segregation was oppression, and on the other hand, telling whites they were just supremacists who were vile racists for wanting their own spaces. They literally took the stance of “in group preference” and made it into a slur called racism. No one every said the sons of the Serpent were lacking in cunning and guile. ANYONE can research and find that the NAACP was not founded by blacks, but by the Jew Arthur Spingarn. And any HONEST person who knowns anything of organized Jewry, knows that they do NOTHING unless their is a stake in it for them.

    3) Oppressed people in all of history have sought Liberation AWAY from their oppressors. Not TOO them. In 1967, two black students forced themselves into an all white college. If whites were just lynching blacks for fun, how did THESE two survive such an act? And why would they even WANT to be in an all white school, when their have been historically BLACK colleges since the 1800s?

    Now we have crime, violence, robberies, rapes, and looting like never before in all of white European history. My own daughter was a victim to this in 1996. If only I had served God THEN it may have never happened, because if I knew then what I knew now, I would have never showed kindness to one of those blacks and offered his family a place to stay and him a job. No, not with us, but in a trailer we didn’t really use back then, and I met the guy living at a campground with his woman (don’t know if they were married) and four kids. And he repayed our kindness by waiting in ambush for two 11 year old girls with his friends. Thank God she survived, but she has never really recovered, even now over 20 years later. And THEY just got a slap on the wrist. In fact they spent as much time in the courtroom talking about the “400 years of oppression” as they did the case itself. That’s when I realized something was very wrong with this nation and its system. I spent some time following rumors, right wing advocacy groups, and no answers satisfied me. On a WHIM I prayed for answers. I prayed and told God if he would only comfort my family, and give me answers, I would serve him forever. Nothing happened. Until I woke the next day, and its like the fog had cleared, and its been clear ever since. I KNOW from that experience, that our Father and his blessed son, who is God in the flesh dying for OUR sins and resurrecting, were as real as real gets. And since then, some 8 years now, I try to spread the truth online and offline, as my way of showing love and gratitude to the one and only living God!

    May our blessed redeemer Jesus Christ keep you safe, and keep you wise, my brother and friend!

    And I hope these words become useful to the reader whom God intended this particular seed for!

  21. cole nidre says:

    “religion is bunk,” according to henry ford, another victim of the jew
    predators (why pintos explode, ford SUVs roll over), but the zhedies
    use it as a weapon against you, aka the zio- cretins.

  22. Steve says:


    • Daniel says:

      Doesn’t he have Mr snerggly as his negro slave pet? I often use to wonder if Rush just played that character as well….if so…..this guy is in left field without a glove on.

      • Steve says:

        LOL! Anything’s possible with “Rush”. Jew prick producers and executives have their restricted casting calls with a limited pool of actors. This guy “Rush” is in that casting pool. He does his audition(s) just like the rest of the Jewish actors, and if the talent is convincing, then the media elite will help shape and mold this character (in this case the character of Rush Limbaugh) and milk it for all it’s worth. It’s just business as usual: Lie and lie some more. Kick racist Jew ass. All day. Every day.

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    Rush limpknee draft dodger is cia . Prove me wrong rushboy with all your millions. So is Nancy skanky grace. Go ahead punks and skanks… make my day. Send (pay) a nigger. You fucked up big time. A few honest cops were there.

  24. protocolsRtrue says:

    rush Limbaugh has the asdacity to start a phoney soldier campaign. Rich daddy got him out of the draft to Vietnam. I spit on you rushboy you deserve it. And who you going to call now and what are you going to do now rushboy scumbag coward traitor committing treason piece of shit zog agent? Are you going to pay a cracknead to come kill me for you now? You are a scumbag coward traitor committing treason israil firster piece of shit rushboy and I know it. Henry county Tennessee 2008 says hi to you and skanky grace and johny shitliro and lewis shitliro fucking faggot jewboy chertof faggot and his buttfuck buddy boy hayden. I know what enhanced interrogation and rendition is now jewboy and jewgirl israil firster punks what you going to do now ??? southern district of jew York scumbag cowards piece of shit zog agents like erection holders.

  25. Allen Black says:

    People need to know, that the Mosque Shooting in NZ WAS a Jewish Zionist psi-op to get their guns so the bloodbath can begin.

    Here is a “rehearsal” video, showing any thinking person the TRUTH as to why they are arresting people over possessing videos. I thought you all should know. We NEED to wake our people up, as every day our people are asleep is one more life lost. Yes, have faith in Christ, but in truth, Christianity is NOT about sitting back and waiting any more then its about multiculturalism. Our people need to know that this evil race IS trying to dominate the world and exterminate whites, and most don’t realize they have been psycholoigically manipulated to some degree or another already, since the turn of the 20th century.


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