»Chairman INCOG Sayings

Welcome to the Real World. Sorry.

  1. The “holocaust” is the mother of untold lies and hypocrisies today.
  2. It’s not those they talk about who holds the real power, but those they don’t.
  3. Globalist Jews considers all of us as niggers, Judenfetzen slaves (Jew paper money) and cannon fodder.
  4. The Globalist Jews have been using America like a bitch, while doing everything they can to keep us all stupid.
  5. Police state technology advances are porno for the real power structure.
  6. Effective propaganda must be sufficiently slick and indistinguishable to the majority.
  7. The victors will always turn wartime propaganda into historical fact.
  8. The most important news is seldom fit for public consumption.
  9. For everything you see on TV news, two or more things purposefully goes unsaid.
  10. The US mainstream media is controlled and censored, to think otherwise is plain stupid.
  11. Americans suspect the country is broken, but have been blinded as to who is holding the hammer.
  12. Those totally clueless about the real past have it coming to them.
  13. What was “conspiracy theory” in the past, is now unsaid history.
  14. If Whites were so bad, then why do all the other races want to live in our crib and play with our nice toys?
  15. A cohesive and awakened White race is the one greatest fear of the parasites living in our lands.
  16. White pride must always be presented as suspect, if not completely evil and Nazi.
  17. Only White Gentiles and Christianity shall be deemed racist and supremacist, it must always be ignored in any other race or religion.
  18. Keeping White people on the path to racial suicide is the real basis of the “culture wars.”
  19. Straight Whites males are now perfectly acceptable PC targets for derision and mockery.
  20. Like bile, White self-hate will always stick and burn a little in the throat.
  21. We might spit on the graves of the last generation, but tomorrow’s will surely take a big stinking dump on ours.
  22. Interracial sex, homosexuality, abortion and feminism are long-running Globalist Jew efforts to inhibit White reproduction.
  23. Immigration of non-Whites into the West is a warm, fuzzy blanket for Jewry.
  24. Whatever bad economic news is on mainstream TV, multiply twice for reality.
  25. The real facts behind the Federal Reserve are off-limits for mainstream TV.
  26. Everything considered, the Fed is the world’s largest private counterfeiting operation.
  27. Everyone who pays federal taxes works for International Jewry 4 months out of the year.
  28. Property taxes on your home effectively turns you into a renter of the state.
  29. Republicans and Democrats are stage actors in a never-ending Kibuki show.
  30. Too bad: Democracy means stupidity rules.
  31. Multicults and the real power structure could care less where Obama was born.
  32. Those who present “the solution” are usually the cause of “the problem” in the first place.
  33. Politically Correct issues with potential for profit and anger distraction will enjoy the most media coverage.
  34. Putting money in the right pockets will control and steer clueless populations.
  35. The most important task for the media is keeping you stupid about the Jew.
  36. Ridicule is the next favorite tactic Gatekeepers fall back on, if manufactured anti-White PC slander terms don’t fit.
  37. The media will always find the least attractive and glib to interview on opinions they don’t want you to hold.
  38. You have a lot to look forward to: As people get more and more stupid, so will TV.
  39. Real Sheep will only believe what they see on TV, no matter the evidence otherwise.
  40. Since the real power structure owns the media, they can get away with virtually anything now.
  41. They know that people are naturally lazy and avoid thinking too hard, if possible.
  42. History always repeats itself because most people don’t give a rat’s ass far enough in advance.
  43. The paranormal, UFO stories and Gentile-only conspiracy theories, especially anything to do with the Vatican, can serve well in distracting the Sheep.
  44. Bitch about Islamic Sharia law all you want, but just try saying a word about Jewish Talmudic law.
  45. The Jew has sewn himself an invisibility cloak and loves to strut around in it.
  46. If Jews had green skin, or even just slanty eyes, America would be a helluva lot better off today.
  47. All Jews instinctively recognize any dangerous thinking about Jewry, or the real power structure.
  48. Journalists know even breathing the word “Jew” risks getting “sanchezed” (Rick Sancheze of CNN).
  49. Jews have long used other races to hide behind, or as racial pitbulls when necessary.
  50. Jews present themselves as white to Whites, but an oppressed minority to other races.
  51. The Jews love their self-elected role as matchmaker to racial and social unrest.
  52. The Jew is the original source of social problems in White countries.
  53. Jewish financial and Zionist chicanery are the prime sources of most Geopolitical problems.
  54. America has been the fattest cow Ashkenazim Jewry has sucked on EVER.
  55. Racial paranoia prods Jewry to play both ends of any political stick.
  56. Everywhere the Jew has lived, eventually dissolves into immorality, bankruptcy and destruction.
  57. Everywhere the Jew has lived, eventually results in him getting thrown out, or worse.
  58. Never go by names when it comes to figuring out who is a Jew.
  59. Never do business or even share an idea with a Jew, if at all possible.
  60. Ancient inscriptions lose credibility whenever a Jew is involved in the supposed “discovery.”
  61. Beware of Jewish fables.
  62. Every Jew alive now and forever will always have a grandmother lost in the holocaust.
  63. The Jew cannot keep himself from talking and bragging about Jewry, even if it’s not in his interest.
  64. Jews are such insane hypocrites they cannot conceive even the possibility they might be one.
  65. Don’t you think by now there are good reasons for “Anti-Semitism?”
  66. The public is so conditioned by Jew media lies, they won’t even bother to see if anything in Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” is true or not.
  67. Once the “Left” meets the “Right,” the end is in sight (for the Jews).
  68. False-flag attacks are the ultimate in “bait and switch” sales tactics.
  69. 9/11 was a “shock and awe” attack on America’s head by the real power structure.
  70. One would have to be seriously brain dead not to suspect 9/11 was an inside job.
  71. No matter the strong evidence, media-fostered “denial” will keep the Sheep thinking their government could not possibly do something as evil as 9/11.
  72. Those really responsible for 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan are now chomping at the bit for war with Iran.
  73. Hating Bush, Cheney, Rove and the former Blackwater company are all PC-OK because they are not Jewish. Hating Muslims is fine too, but one must always preface it with “radical” to stay PC-OK.
  74. War, false-flag terror and manufactured hate are tools used by the real power structure.
  75. There are many layers to the Globalist onion, but they all stink and make innocent little people cry.
  76. False flag “red herrings” are made as convoluted as possible so little people have more theories and less comprehension.
  77. Nowadays, the really smart evil people wear tasteful expensive suits, not military uniforms.
  78. The real end goal of the New World Order has always been “Judaic Totalitarian Collectivism” and a state-sponsored Noahide religion for the Gentile; all of which will eventually result in Jesus Christ turned into a pariah and outlawed.
  79. Communism was clearly an effort to establish Jewish racial control over Russia.
  80. Real-life Jew Commies are right here in America, alive and kicking, screaming for another go.
  81. Because of Jewish involvement, exposure of true Communist history must be kept to a minimum from the common man.
  82. While tens of millions of White people were killed by known Jewish Commies, as well as many other racial genocides in history, only the supposed “holocaust” can be deemed important.
  83. White Gentiles have suffered far more from Jewry, than the other way around.
  84. Just like 9/11, certain facts behind the assassination of JFK are censored from public awareness because of the hand of Jewry.
  85. Most of how common Americans view WWII and the holocaust is 65 year-old Allied propaganda.
  86. The success of any country without Jewry and International banking cannot be allowed.
  87. Besides putting an end to a country free of International Jewish money (Germany and Japan), the ultimate intention of WWII and the death of tens of millions was to give birth to Zionist Israel and the NWO.
  88. Israel, America’s “special little ally,” was founded on terrorism and lies; is the most racist, criminal and dangerous country on the planet; sells weapons of mass destruction and US secrets to whatever country has the money — like Russia, China, India and Pakistan — but don’t you dare say anything.
  89. No matter what they try to say: Jews are only really loyal to one country in the whole world and that’s Israel.
  90. The rest of the planet knows America is Jewry’s big, dumb bully in the schoolyard.
  91. For every White criminal prominently displayed on TV, there are dozens of non-White crimes of equal or worse nature.
  92. Any White crimes can and shall be documented on TV for eternity.
  93. Any black-run countries and cities always end-up sucking major ass.
  94. Blacks have built-in social pressures that reward degradation and criminality.
  95. The biggest White multicults are the ones with the least real contact with actual minorities.
  96. Any interracial crimes against Whites shall only be blamed on economic forces that Whites are supposed to have created in the first place.
  97. Sorry to say, Muslims, Orientals and even many blacks are far more Jew-wise than most White people.
  98. Muslims and blacks are nowhere near the problem to the American concept as supremacist Jewry.
  99. Homosexuality is only a degree or two removed from pedophilia and constantly requires new forms of depravity to get off.
  100. White children are the prime target for sexual and multicult brainwashing.
  101. They think the more depraved Whites can be made, the less threat of a future backlash.
  102. Jewry lusts for a more widespread way to brand pro-Whites and American patriot groups as “domestic terrorists.”
  103. Any gun confiscations laws will really be meant to disarm White people first and foremost.
  104. You will never hear the shot that gets you.
  105. If your bug-out bag feels heavy, you have way too much in it, you’re out of shape, or both.
  106. Batteries and bullets weigh more than you think.
  107. You really can’t live very long with what’s on your back.
  108. Zionist propaganda and apocalyptic Christian Zionist theology, just might be the death of us all.
  109. White Tea Party anger is like the frog in a pot, just noticing the water is getting a tad toasty.
  110. People are too scared to ask aloud that one question: “Was Hitler right?”
  111. It really is the Jews, stupid.
  112. Always listen to what a cigarette-smoking, Gentile fly tier has to say.


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17 Responses to »Chairman INCOG Sayings

  1. Macaca says:

    Beyooooootiful! At some point, start a thread on SEI-Jew, Andy Stern and his butt-monkey Stephen Lerner. If ever you needed the paradigmatic symbol of the treason and perfidy done, and planned, by the Politikikes, these two pustules are it. Absolutely. They and many like them have the Porch-Monkey-in-Chief by the balls—-which is a very odd, but extremely effective way for puppeteers to control a little monkey-puppet.

    If you ever want a breakdown of how the Jews and liberal Sheeple tore down education, give me a nod. I was a World and U.S. History teacher for 32 years. During the last 10 of these years, my “boss” was a hump-backed, dwarfish, blindly Zionist, stupid, vile little Jew. Simply beyond belief.

    I kicked against the pricks (the principal and superintendant AND the curriculum head were ALL Jews—the last two a couple), for decades and taught diametrically opposite the wishes of my administrative “superiors”. Most of the whites who were smart, were doomed, being the children of local oceanogrpahic scientists, etc. The latter were totally liberal, of course. There were a few, however who caught on to what I was teaching and they told their friends. Amazingly, hordes of kids signed up for all my courses….they knew they were getting the antivenom for all the Zionist PC poison and their parents knew too.

    It was quite an exhausting and (losing) battle, but it was enjoyable. Incidentally, I was an eye-witness to the exceedingly-effective attempts to dumb down education. Never doubt the power of homogenous grouping. Probably did more damage than any of the communist/Zionist Kurrikulum ever thought of doing. Additionally, I was one of only 4 Ivy-Leaguers (eventually the only one left)—I can assure you my “peers” were almost all mouf-breathers and otherwise totally-cretinous Philistines. Most were products of state colleges, and, far worse, state teechurz collithuz……Yum!


  2. betty sue says:

    parasites sure can suck all the goodness and beauty out of life

  3. Yazeed says:

    Excellent sayings chairman , only #72 is wrong , there will be no war on iran , 70,000 jews live like kings in iran .

    But i like 15, 16 , 19 , 24 , 26 , 27 , 35 , 38 , 39 , 44 , 50 , 58 , 59 , 66 , 78 , 80 , 81 , 83 , 86 , 87 , 91 and 92 .

  4. Mikhelin says:

    #113 China has 2B population, and India has 1.3B population. Nether two of these countries have a single Jew population there. Our Western population is reduced by the war we fought for the Zionist Jews thousand of years.

  5. GTRman says:

    Long time no see. Great post , I will be carrying around my Little Red Book for sure .

    “Get the Jews out of government, out of schools, out of our minds. As Ben Franklin predicted so long ago, our children will curse us in our graves if we let the Jews sabotage and destroy our country, which they have already pretty much accomplished.

    But as long as we don’t give up our guns, stop going to doctors, and never trust the Jewish-dominated mainstream media, it’s not too late to stop them.

    The key is getting the people who don’t care to understand that the future of humanity — the whole shooting match — depends on them waking up to the sorry fact that they are being systematically robbed and killed by organizations that are supposed to protect them and make them healthy, but are doing exactly the opposite.

    Given the debauched and debilitated condition of the gullible boobs who populate the United States, I concede this is a tall order. Unfortunately, the only alternative is the Jewish program of mass deception and extermination that is already well under way, and has been for at least a hundred years.”


    How rise of ‘white flight’ is creating a segregated UK: Study reveals white Britons are ‘retreating’ from areas dominated by ethnic minorities
    Census figures show white Britons are leaving areas where they are minority
    Think-tank says survey reveals ‘spiral of white British demographic decline’
    Ex-Human Rights Commission chair says findings should make us ‘anxious’
    Nearly half of ethnic minorities live where whites make up less than 50%
    Just 800 of 8,850 council wards where population is 98 per cent white

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2320002/How-rise-white-flight-areas-dominated-ethnic-minorities-creating-segregated-UK.html#ixzz2SYLpKpv5

  6. summerled says:

    CTRL-P fucken A =bang!!
    print your weapons please
    i wonder if i can print an Apache helicopter
    good stuff

  7. GTRman says:

    Spelling error/typo @ 13 , Incog : “Conspiricy”

    Dont let’em use it against you .

  8. GTRman says:

    #22 “Interracial sex, homosexuality, abortion and feminism are long-running Globalist Jew efforts to inhibit White reproduction.”

    From a Brighton queer mag : ” Those under 26 are most likely to search for information about being bi-sexual” Durrr I wonder why ?

    “My name is Drew Jay. I am a transsexual man who also happens to identify as pansexual. Many people understand the term transsexual but I have found people tend to have underlying misconceptions regarding my sexuality. To be honest, it is a fairly new identity for myself but is one that I am very comfortable and happy with.”

    YIKES !


    I picked up a copy of my local paper , ” The Brighton Evening Argus ” , in the pub .

    Front Page : ” E -cigarettes to be banned from school in case they encourage smoking ” LOL

    Childrens parade : A photo of all the kids , all White , apart from a fuzzy brown/black arab kiddy right at the front .

    Farmers warned to “keep an eye on their fertiliser ” cos of “terrorists” Woooooooooh !

    page 4 Soccer referee in USA , one Ricardo Portillo , killed by one punch to the side of the head by “teen ” after he gave the “teen ” a yellow card.

    page 5 ” Equality Walk ” to “combat homophobic bullying”

    page 6 Jew Micheal Rosen’s birthday , he is the guest director of this year’s Brighton Festival

    page 7 “Church of England child sex abuse scandal -there may be many more victims ” ( no coverage of widespread kiddy-fiddling in jew communities , of course. Theyve done the Catholics , now it’s the CofE’s turn)

    page 8 ” Where are all the Wimmin on TV ? Asks a Woman ..

    Page 17 ” Fears over swastika on door ” ( Hey rabbi , watcha doin’?)

    ” A jewish man has spoken of his shock after coming home to find a swastika on his door ( no photo of the swastika )” Temple Defonda , 52 , of Hurstpierpoint , discovered the swastika and that someone had tried to break into his flat ….OY VEY !

    De Sufferink neffer endz ! OY !
    Vere vos G-D ?

    search results for ‘swastika’ :


    Radio 4skin:
    Start the Week
    JEW Michael Rosen at the Brighton Festival

    You and Yours
    What makes a good pub?
    Consumer news with PAKI/MUSLIM
    Shari Vahl. What makes a good pub?
    ( As if she’d fucking know ? )

    Front Row ( nig worship)
    Kwame Kwei-Armah
    Mark Lawson talks to “British” writer Kwame Kwei-Armah, who now runs a theatre in Baltimore.

    Crossing Continents
    Hazaras, Hatred and Pakistan
    MUZZIE Mobeen Azhar investigates the deadly campaign against Pakistan’s Shia Hazara minority

    QUEER Paul Gambaccini chairs the first in a new series of the general knowledge music quiz.

    Food Programme
    Digital Dishes – life stories through recipes
    Inside one kitchen, 13 strangers from all over Europe share food and stories.

    ” In one day, participants from Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Turkey, France and the UK would come up with a dish that would help them tell their life stories. In Bristol they’d shop, cook, share their food and their stories. The progamme captured this special food event and a restaurant and menu that would exist for one night only.

    Hear the wonders of Bulgarian Banitsa, the pleasures of a Turkish Karn?yar?k and the delights of a two hour meal over Algerian cous-cous.”

    For FUCK’S sake ..

    Book at Bedtime
    This Is Where I Am,
    After making a startling discovery, Debs starts looking into what happened in Dadaab.
    ( nigger stuff , innit )

    Word of Mouth
    Accents Will Happen
    JEW Michael Rosen explores the impact of your accent and dialect, starting with the very young

    Poetry, Texas
    Danish poet Pejk Malinovski ( SOUNDS LIKE A JEW TO ME )stumbles upon a small town in Texas called Poetry.

  9. GTRman says:

    Any news on the race of the “teen” ?

    Family of Utah soccer referee killed by teen’s punch holds vigil (watch video)


  10. Sababu A. Sanyika says:

    There’s “ONE BIG PROBLEM” with the language you use to identify people. The terms white and black are opposite end of poles in terms of color, and these are terms decided upon by those who originated color conscious conscience racism as we know it.

    It was Babylonian Talmud mindset of racist supremacist Rabbis that originated this scheme of divisive divide and conquer. Rabbis gave a false and blasphemous interpretation to Biblical story of Noah, his son Ham and grandson Canaan, in which they said Ham and Canaan were cursed to be black skinned and to be slaves for perpetuity – the so-called “Curse of Ham.” They use opposite ends of color, equal to day vs. night, as indoctrination tool to permanently cause racial hostility and separation, while they were only true beneficiaries from behind the scene.

    To defeat this evil scheme, we must stop use of color terms to reference human beings.

    It’s recommended that your post accept the TRUTH of this tragedy needing complete exposure to our world community so that we all can free ourselves from a destructive problem that has caused much injury, pain, suffering, and death, for no other reason than to satisfy Talmud mindsets false claim of exclusively being chosen to rule over enslaved Gentile people.

    Environmental conditions based on availability and intensity of sun light on human skin is only cause of color variations in human beings, and geographical location determined that, and not some imaginary DNA superiority chained to color variations.

    Please stop use of color reference to human beings and the enemy is soundly defeated, and our humanity can be about making a world we all desire and deserve as ONE UNITED HUMAN FAMILY. TRUTH AND JUSTICE DEMAND WE DO.

    Thank You for supporting defeat of “WORLD PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE”, the Babylonian Talmud mindset of entrenched evil and deception – zionazis Jews.

  11. Gary Ogreen says:

    Incog man I want my sons story. Pulled of your site . In no way want his death associated. With your hate spewing views. Gary ogreen.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Is there anything in the story factually wrong? Name it.

      I think it’s about time us Whites wake up to this crap. Or do you think we should just bend over and take up the ass forever?

    • INCOG MAN says:

      And how about learning how to comment on the actual story itself — instead of looking around in a hissy fit somewhere to do it?

    • Arctic Circle says:

      The Media Has been Muffling People Feedback for a very long long time.

      Its enough.

      All poor white people around the world unite to support President Trump!

      The conniving neo – liberals, who can’t stand to listen to anyone who disagrees with them, are trying to silence conservatives.

      They are abusing social media platforms as weapons to silence every conservative voice in our countr. It has become almost impossible to criticize the Jewish Financial Mafia still operating today, and Niggers’ violence. Let’s send them a powerful message, We the People stand with our President Trump and will not be forced into the shadows.

      Censoring anyone who tells the truth about President Trump’s unprecedented victories must never happen in the media and on the internet.

      Because we support the President and his America First agenda, they want to control our thoughts and our voices.

      We cannot let that happen.

      We have to stand behind the President and fight to ensure the American people hear the truth about how he is putting America first.

      Show your support of President Trump’s accomplishments by contacting your representative today.

  12. Allen Black says:

    You nailed all but one! But I will add it here, brother.

    “Most serial killers are straight white men” is code for “Blame the white Christian for our own murderous nature”

    (Jew serial killers that the media told you were white…This list is incomplete. There are more I haven’t verified, but will be added when I do).

    Nathaniel Bar-Jonah
    Ed Gein
    Joel Rifkin
    Harold Shipman
    Rodney Alcala
    Herb Baumeister
    Harvey Glatman
    David Berkowitz
    John Wayne Gacy
    Albert DeSalvo
    Charles Cohen
    Jeffrey Dahmer
    Peter Kudzinowski
    Tillie Klimek
    Henry Lee Lucas
    Charles Schmid
    Robert Shulman
    Efren Saldivar
    Leopold and Loeb
    Randall Woodfield
    Louis Fine
    George Sack
    Alfred Leonard Cline
    Louis Neu
    Ralph Jerome Selz
    Edward Simon Wein
    Harvey Murray Glatman
    Robert Zarinsky
    James Koedatich
    Ralph Nuss
    Gloria Tannenbaum
    Milton Niport
    Bertram Greenberg
    Joseph Kallinger
    William Rothstein
    Joseph Fischer
    Brian Kevin Rosenfeld
    Robert Durst
    Steven Oken
    Nathan Trupp
    Charles Mark Cohen
    Jeffrey Feltner
    Philip Carl Jablonski
    Edward Isadore Savitz
    Robert Shulman
    Eyal Shachar
    Salomon Rosenbloom
    Norman Parker
    James Eric Gottfried
    Andrei Chikatilo
    Theodore R. Bundy

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