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BREAKING NEWS: Some bullshit happening somewhere…

More Onion: “Overcome Stress By Visualizing It As A Greedy, Hook-Nosed Race Of Creatures”

Jew Gayboy Bwaney Fwank is the Banking Queen, oh yeah.

Leave Israel alone! Crazed Jewess (or great actress) goes bonkers because Israel is not allowed to plunder as much as Israel wants, to destroy Palestinian homes, to gun down Palestinian children, to destroy their economy, to steal their land and water resources. The lady forgets the Palestinians have nothing to do with her 60-year old holocaust.

February 9, 2013 SNL skit canceled from airing at last minute. The ADL got all bunged up when they put it up on the Internet.


Banned Saturday Night Live skit and deleted from their archives and Youtube, due to complaints from Jews about the last couple, the Sanders who got 24 BILLION out of the housing crisis and George Soros (Swartze) the Nation Wrecking Jew (literally).

The Jews are trying to expunge the whole thing!

Brilliant video by ThoughtCrime7 – From the Star Trek episode “Day of the Dove”.  It seems that Gene Roddenberry knew something about false flag operations. Download link: http://www.zshare.net/download/602930…

George Carlin’s greatest moment. Substitute International Jew bankers where needed.

Hastily-made Cleveland Tourism commercial.

“Internet Killed Israeli PR.” Parody of  “Video Killed the Radio Star” (Buggles) by Minor Demographic Threat.

Useful links: http://www.bdsmovement.net & http://www.palestinefreedom.org for BDS & Palestine activism resources & news, http://www.artistsagainstapartheid.org to learn more about creative resistance to Israeli Apartheid.

Please share extensively!

The Old Negro Space Program. Too funny.

Throw the Jew Down the Well. From the film Borat (Sacha Cohen). Before you act all cute and clever in your comments about this: Yes, I do know he’s making a joke out of his gentile audience. But it really shows just how little respect Jews have for regular White people — all those who make it even possible for Israel to exist. See the rodeo segment from this movie, filmed in Salem, Virginia for another giant dose of disgusting Jewish arrogance. Jews literally make their entire careers sucking-on and corrupting our countries, instead of contributing real wealth and labor — while laughing all the way to the bank. Think about it!


Download raw video here.

PS – This video was pulled from jewtube after getting 2,000 views in one day. It was then pulled from liveleak within an hour. That’s why it is self-hosted here, and may load a little slowly. Be patient, it’s worth it!


Go to INCOG’s Dark Humor archives. So totally “un-PC” you’ll laugh your ass off or want to kill me.

Some videos may get deleted by embedded ADL Jewish Censors at Youtube (for real), or elsewhere due to Political Correctness by spineless White liberals and even more Jews.

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28 Responses to »Humor Vids

  1. Majestic rooms for us to meander in the marvelous mansion of Marlowe Manor. Incogman, the best blog on Word Press or anywhere else for that matter.

  2. rocketman says:

    that crying jewess must have run out of lithium

  3. Bronson says:

    WOW, typical Jew crybaby ranting. Wish she was crying about all those Palestinian babies that Israhell were killing every day for sport. This women is definitely demon posesed like all of Israhell inhabitants.

    My only hope is that when the terrorist state of Israel attacks Iran is that Iran will make Israel desolet and destroy it completely. Then the world can live in peace. I love how this Jew lies and says “Their making scientific discoveries every day. : Fact is their stealing scientific discoveries every day just as the phony Einstein did. He was so stupid he couldn’t even tie his own show laces and you want us to believe this theive , plagerist, invented things that were actually invented by white Anglo Saccsons years before the Jew media porpped this idiot fool up as a genuous?

    Jews stole the land crazy Jewish woman. And American tax dollars have been supporting the terrosist wellfare state of Israhell since it’s inception in 1948 when they stole the GODLY name of Israel and applied it to their demonice terrorist state. We, the people of America own Israel through the billions upon billions of tax dollars given to these loosers each year. We the American people who own Isral should give it back the the Palistinians , the rightfull owners before Israel stole the land and killed them off. Hey crazy nut job Jewish woman! You need and exorcism! leave Palistine alone! Leave America alone……..just leave.

  4. Marshall says:

    LMAO Gtrman!!! Hey now…a country boy really CAN survive…can catch a buzz too 😀


  5. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    That jew birds’ is akin to a little babys cry for attention, but not the attention a kike would give it.Bullets phosphorous etc.Hapless crackpot.

  6. Marshall says:


    I see otters every day around here. They’re really cute but they’ll crap all over your dock. Yes indeed, they will also bite the living crap out of you as well. Talk about strong jaws…these suckers crack open oysters and eat ’em.

    No reason for a state-wide rabies alert though LMAO!!! I’m surprised they didn’t have a red-orange-yellow threat bar going. HOW can these people think they are serious “journalists?” 😀

    NEXT WEEK!!! Offending otter captured and subdued by taser!!! Be sure to tune in…

  7. Octo says:

    “Inglorious Angus”: lauded by Scottish Jews and Abe Foxman himself, who reflects whimsically, “If only it were real.”

  8. Octo says:

    And we were singing
    Bye Bye Miss American Pie
    Drove my Chevy to the Rebbe
    But the Rebbe said Chai


    Them bad old goys not fit to straighten our ties
    Van Creveld: “if Izzy goes down Europe will die.”


    (IAP News) — An Israeli professor and military historian hinted that Israel could avenge the holocaust by annihilating millions of Germans and other Europeans.

    Speaking during an interview which was published in Jerusalem Friday, Professor Martin Van Creveld said Israel had the capability of hitting most European capitals with nuclear weapons.

    “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force.”

    Creveld, a professor of military history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, pointed out that “collective deportation” was Israel’s only meaningful strategy towards the Palestinian people.

    “The Palestinians should all be deported. The people who strive for this (the Israeli government) are waiting only for the right man and the right time. Two years ago, only 7 or 8 per cent of Israelis were of the opinion that this would be the best solution, two months ago it was 33 per cent, and now, according to a Gallup poll, the figure is 44 percent.”

    Creveld said he was sure that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon wanted to deport the Palestinians.

    “I think it’s quite possible that he wants to do that. He wants to escalate the conflict. He knows that nothing else we do will succeed.”

    Asked if he was worried about Israel becoming a rogue state if it carried out a genocidal deportation against Palestinians, Creveld quoted former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan who said “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.”

    Creveld argued that Israel wouldn’t care much about becoming a rogue state.

    “Our armed forces are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that this will happen before Israel goes under.”


  9. Fleur says:

    oops that actually is part 1, which I posted.

  10. Octo says:

    Popeyes runs out of chicken: Rochester NY: note the newscasters trying to supress laughter.


    Ghetto Version: which is the parody? None of the above?

  11. Octo says:

    I was posting the above at the pubic library last night when a shegro sat down right beside me (there were other seats available). I was going about my business when I overheard “I’m at the public library, there’s a patron here accessing racial material…you know, hate…I’ve called once before about this…”

    Apparently she had called 911 on me. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had a free speech issue at that library. When this blog was on the wordpress “adult” list, I couldn’t access it for the filter, I asked a librarian about it, after seeing the google masthead, she looked at me as if I were a child molester. More often than not, the librarians and I are the only whites in the building. Still don’t get it, ladies?

    Groucho used to ask “Who are you going to believe, me or your eyes?” Karl Marx asked the same of us a century before, and every Jew from Bernie Madoff to Bernanke confronts us with the same question every day. If I were in any Western European country or the UK I’d probably be in jail today. Just ask Simon Sheppard and Steven Whittle, locked up for doing what you’re doing right now.

    The Jews are soon bringing us to a fork in the road, whether we like it or not. Are you going to throw your neighbor to a nearby alligator when they make you an offer you can’t refuse?

    The only thing that will get you is eaten last. And if you’re a nonwhite, the Jewish plan is to kill 4/5 of you; “we feed, you breed” is being phased out, now you’ve served your purpose, and 6+ billion muds will not be needed to work the global plantation.

  12. Poetic Edda says:

    Here is one for the humor section.
    This insane jewitch is as mad as a hatter – If we goyim don’t see jews as ‘gods’ we are going to end up in a fema camp.

  13. White Wolf says:

    Jews are inherently So Full of Shit.

    “What alot of people don’t know.. what alot of people don’t realize.. is..”

    Typical lead-in to an ordinary jew “whopper”.

    Like, “..jews are Jesus.” !!

    Ah, a good belly laugh is nice.

  14. INCOG MAN says:

    I put that Jewess witch video in my Jew SPEW video section.

  15. Octo says:

    “Jews are inherently So Full of Shit.

    “What alot of people don’t know.. what alot of people don’t realize.. is..”

    Typical lead-in to an ordinary jew “whopper”.”

    A reader once wrote “Dear Abby” or her Tay-Sachs dodging twin, “Ann Landers”, can’t remember which, and it doesn’t matter at all. He wanted to know why Jews always answer a question with a question…

    “How should they respond?” was her reply.

  16. t bone says:

    Looks like the kike kops got to the ‘banned SNL vid’ before I could watch it. It wont play. This could be a microcosm of what happens to the entire internet soon.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      t bone:

      Yep, the server’s account got suspended.

      The Jews most likely managed to get them to do it. I’ll try to find another server. This kind of thing happens all the time, virtually all Whites don’t have a clue that this battle is going on.

  17. t bone says:

    Thanx Incog,
    I found a ‘rabbi rape’ case that was dropped in NYC. He was from AZ. It was @ 7online…type-recent rape.
    I didnt see it here (yet?) so I thought I’d let you know.

  18. t bone says:

    Interesting how jews complained about the SNL vid. SNL is a mostly jew comedy show…esp. the people behind the scenes.

  19. GTRman says:

    t bone : Not true , not true !!

    “Tonight, on Saturday Night Live, Jesse Eisenberg did the opening monologue. As the star of Best-Picture-nominated The Social Network movie, he plays Mark Zuckerberg in the fictionalized account of the founding of Facebook. He was interrupted by comedian Andy Samberg,…”

  20. jennifer chen says:

    @t bone, Are you sure you’re not the secret love child of Laura Bush and Michael Douglas?

  21. t bone says:

    and Jen,
    hmmmm…no I’m not sure…I used to get invited over for Thanksgiving until she married George. Hard to remember…I was very young.
    Tell me about your NDE!

  22. GTRman says:

    t bone….”Jesse Eisenberg ,Mark Zuckerberg , Andy Samberg,…”

    Sarcasm . Im agreeing with you.

  23. t bone says:

    Gtr…I figured that…looks like the post got cut off though. That is until I saw the quote marks…gotta dust my screen.

  24. INCOG MAN says:

    I’ve turned off commenting here to keep too many embedded vids slowing things down.

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