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Race War… It’s Coming!

This vid is constantly censored by Yids across the net, because it will have your blood boiling! Must watch.

The genocide of the White race, engineered by the International Jews. Continously deleted by Youtube at the behest of embedded ADL Jews. They fully realize how powerful it is. Watch the above streaming embed from elsewhere while you still can.

DELETED BY JEWS at Youtube multiple times The video is too well-done and strong for the Jews to allow Whites to see. Watch now while you can.

“White Race Suicide” by Dr. William Pierce and ARES. MUST WATCH!

Who do you trust?

The American Dream

Explains simply the money system rip-off of America.

How Nations Die!

Who runs the US Media? See all the behind the scenes chicanery of Jews to keep you in the dark about the real behavior of Israel.

TV = Mind Control. The Jews/Zionists have been behind all this manipulation of America since the very beginning. Look up the Jew propaganda master, Edward Bernays (cousin to Freud). Turn it off!

The Council of Foreign Relations. Although the Council does not admit what it’s final goal is, the truth behind it is becoming more obvious, when we see who’s participating and how the council gains more and more  control. Note, at the 2:38 mark, the brief mention of the control of tax-exempt foundations (see next video). The CFR was created by the same people (Paul Warburg, for one), in the same year as the Federal Reserve and the ADL! Today, at least 20 out of the 33 members of the Board of Directors are known to be Jewish, including the President, Richard N. Haas: BOARD of Directors CFR. Many of the rest are married to Jews.

Norman Dodd, lead investigator for the 1953/54 Reece congressional investigation into Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Guggenheim tax-exempt foundations. In an interview filmed shortly before he died in 1982, he tells us about these groups working to control US education to brainwash America’s children, eventually leading to “Oligarchial Collectivism” or communism controlled by a self-elected “elite” (the NWO). Folks: It’s all very real. Full interview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUYCBfmIcHM


Eustice Mullins — The Neo Zionist Order. A 10 part interview with Eustace Mullins on Israel, world Zionism, the Federal Reserve and more. [source]

The Speech that got John F. Kennedy killed? Five months before he was assassinated, Kennedy issued Executive Order #11110, which bypassed the Federal Reserve (see below) and allowed for the printing of currency based on silver bullion owned by the government. But the whole thing was never put into place when LBJ came into office (who was super pro-Zionist and almost certainly a crypto-Jew).

Kennedy alludes to those behind it all when he says these people are based on “covet means.” This is the International Jewish bankers, the same people who started WWII and maybe even WWI. Kennedy knew the deal, since his daddy was acquainted with them, through Wall Street and as ambassador to England.

Also, Kennedy wanted to send nuclear inspectors to visit Israel when they were building the bomb. Pay close attention to what he said in this speech and think for yourself! [this is the full speech — go to video 2]

If Americans Knew, Update. Because of how powerful the video is among liberals, the Zionist Jew ADL people are doing everything they can to get the powerful video “If Americans Knew” taken down. And they did, too (censored link removed from here).

The Israel Lobby: The full documentary from the Dutch Public TV. Segmented, full English versions available on Youtube (for now). Download PDF of the discussed Harvard study here: The Israel Lobby. Book is now available, but Jews threatened and had it classified as “Conspiracy Theory” on Amazon and on major bookseller’s shelves. (English and some subtitles: 50 minutes)

What Don’t You Get, White People?

Go here for more videos: Jew Reality Page. It will make you reevaluate absolutely everything that these people want you to think. Also, videos on the Talmud, the Kosher tax and the Jew’s horrible cruelty towards animals (part of the Kosher slaughter process) — all of which you’ll never, ever hear one damn thing about in the mainstream Jew-controlled media.


Some videos may get deleted by embedded ADL Jewish Censors at Youtube, or other Jews elsewhere. Youtube videos will say “removed for terms of service violations” or sometimes “user terminated,” meaning they don’t want you to see it and the particular video and Youtube account can be deleted without too much notice from the masses.

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22 Responses to »Must Watch Videos

  1. Sen10L says:

    Censorship sucks!

  2. ldrancer says:

    hey why don’t you put the f*cking videos in avi form. see them delete that stuff, or keeping using sucktubes.

  3. INCOG MAN says:

    Hey, man. I am putting back stuff from other locations and formats. Why don’t you help out, by listing a good course of action?

  4. Jim says:

    I can help you out on how to put any video you want up easily. I used the flv. format and a flash player for my old site GENTILE ALLIANCE (destroyed by ZOG). Write me at my e-mail address and I will give you step by step instructions on what to do. I never relied on using videos from other sites, that couldn’t happen cause they were always quickly deleted and did me no good. Always host your own, the best videos have been banned everywhere or are linked up to sites you don’t want your traffic wandering off to, it’s always best to keep the sheep where they are and not stumbling elsewhere.


  5. NowSwimBack says:

    YouTube removed this video over 10x in the past week. Vimeo seems to allow it for the moment. If you didn’t utterly despise the Jew before, watch this! They are extremely fearful of this one!

  6. INCOG MAN says:

    Excellent video, Silvernickel. Thanks for the link.

  7. KeepUpTheFight says:

    Since collapse of the US seems inevitable thanks to zionist devils, I sincerely hope that it does some good by waking up the rest of the world to the evils of the zionists and a true “coalition of the willing” takes the steps long overdue to destroy these evils scumbags once and for all for the sake of humanity.

  8. Macaca says:

    I most desperately need that fantastic photo of a crying Glenn Beck with a purple Star of David on his forehead. Incogman, can you post that up so we can print it out? Beck is such a salavering, emotionally-overwrought Israeli/Zionist butt-monkey, it’s absolutely beyond the pale. His donation to the Yids this morning (3/25/11) was this: “Anyone who is opposed to Israel and sees it as a force of violence in the Near East, is OUT OF THEIR MINDS!!!”. Unfortunately, he did not punctuate this gem by gibbering and blubbering.

    He is nothing more, nothing less, a tool of Zionism, a useful idiot and a smarmy lying cheerleader for Israel’s crazed imperialism. Typical Fundamental Christian Zionist moron, in other words…….a total “godder” and foam-at-the-mouth ass-wipe.


    • INCOG MAN says:

      Macaca: Just click twice on it to bring it up big and right click on it and save it to your computer. You should be able to bring it into a word processing app.

  9. Marshall says:

    Don’t mean to jump in, but I thought it was right there in the current Golem article Macaca. The Beck Weepening continues unabated, and surely will be worse with the real Mark of the Beast emblazoned on his inflated noggin.


  10. Macaca says:

    Merci go poo. Guys!!!

  11. DB says:

    Couldn’t help but notice that the study of the bias towards Israel- red neurotic slavish subserviance- in the “US media” above omits several important facts. The so-called corporate media in the US does not represent ‘business interests’ on the Middle East, it represents Jewish interests because it is Jewish owned, not mentioned of course.
    Secondly, the attempt to frame the conflict as one between the good Jews represented by Ms. Solomon, Village Voice and Seth Ackerman, FAIR, also left, both Jewish of course, and the bad Jews, those on the right.
    Fisk is another one of these phonies. Stuffy little brit who blames the Americans for being spineless in standing up to oh but we dare not name them.
    Then they attempt to make it appear this is solely a PR trick of the Israeli government and that the “US media” is being used by these people when they co-operate together like a hand in glove.
    So there you have it. This is a side show of a few “right-wing” Israelis; all else are saints.

  12. Mike Delaney says:

    I host mostly all my own after finding that so many articles I had on my archives had missing links to videos that were banned on Youtube (vimeo just banned a bunch of videos I had up again as well). What others aren’t telling you in here are tips to watch out for when hosting your own videos like killing your server bandwidth and such. I have an unlimited everything account on godaddy and still get crap from them that my sites (all 10) overload my ‘shared hosting’ account. Anyways here are some of my favorite videos here:

  13. plugged nickel says:

    CASINO JACK on strike ? Sindona up to his ears in black friar’s SWINGING gawd swindles ? stuffed pOCKET borough politics from the goombah…. old laudabilter swindle regurgitated…. fo’ jeebus abiff…..

  14. morris paul says:

    thank you for your site.
    just stumbled on….www.holocaustdenial.com/robert mugabe
    explains who owns him.
    http://www.natallsac.com……..video section /recommended.

    the swedes are having a rough time/multi culturalism…..on youtube.
    http://www.holywar.com…….moldova video you might enjoy…their homepage.
    thanks again.

  15. sundown says:

    http://www.classicmoviescinema.com/play.php?v=4259#1940 – Der Ewige Jude (1h 10m, 3 52×256) (To bad they removed the english subtitles…Astonishing picture..The eternal Jew)..

  16. Ex Green Beret says:

    I found some Soviet Gulag youtubes – a whole bunch of them in fact.


    All during the Cold War I knew something was wrong about the Soviets, now I have proof.

  17. Ojr says:

    USE http://trutube.tv to post videos

  18. INCOG MAN says:


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