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DID YOU SEE all the crap in the news about that cop killer in Georgia they executed the other night? Oh, he was “probably innocent and unjustly executed” just because he was “a black man in the South” Hell, Israeli Jew-owned ABC World News Tonight practically said as much in their national Jew TV brainwashing (called the nightly news).

Or how about the supposed “conservative” FOX News going on about “shocking new details” in the Connecticut home invasion case? Make note this is the trial of the second White guy involved in a crime going way back to 2007, but the anti-white media can’t resist going on and on about the case – just like the recent Casey Anthony circus. Terrible White crimes don’t happen all that much, so they have to milk to the last drop the ones they do have. Yep, that’s the deal going on.

Do you think these Jewish media bastards can report one GD thing on any crimes against White people? No way. Only if the perps are White, of course!

Two young, fresh-faced Oral Roberts University students, Carissa Horton and Ethan Nichols were walking in a Tulsa, Oklahoma park this past Monday morning when they were confronted by sorrier-than-hell black animals, Jerard Davis and Darren Price. They robbed the White couple at gunpoint, then made them get down on their knees and cold-bloodedly shot them execution-style in the heads. How much do you want to bet the black bastards laughed about it?