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MUST WATCH: Zionist Terror in Gaza

In this most powerful exposé yet on Zionist crimes in Palestine, Dr. David Duke exposes the horrific Zionist terror in Gaza and proves how Zionist influenced media around the world lies to us! Continue reading

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I Say [Deleted Expletive] The Damn Jews!

Reasons they have me Pig-Biting MAD! Continue reading

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The Jews Are a Race, Not a Religion

What Whites need to understand. Continue reading

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Time to Grow a Spine Now, White People!

Whites: It’s time for you to figure out the real deal! Continue reading

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The Real "Axis of Evil" in the World

The Israeli and US Jew Neocons, along with their fooled or corrupted Goyim allies, can now be seen for what they’ve truly become: The “Axis of Evil” in the world. This is all now being amply illustrated by the International Zionist Jew at his stolen “headquarters” in Israel, as he shows such unbelievable spiteful hate against the Palestinian people of the Gaza, those who dare stand up for themselves and to them. Yet this daily horror, on an all but forgotten people, may actually be the start to a much wider Jew-instigated World War which will necessarily include America and you! Continue reading

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Israel’s Propaganda Mainstay

With all the talk about Palestinian rockets being fired into the “Israeli” town of Sderot, nothing is mentioned of past Zionist crimes against the Palestinian inhabitants of the original village named Najd. Also, when the media talks about a handful of Hamas rockets falling on Israel, there is no mention of the literally millions (that’s MILLIONS) of mortar, artillery, rockets and bombs that Israeli has exploded on hapless Palestinian and other Arab civilians over the past few years killing tens of thousands of men women and children of Israel’s neighbors. Continue reading

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Blood-Crazed, Israeli Bastards SUCK Big-Time!

Figure it out: Jews everywhere SUCK big-time! Mel Gibson was soooo right. Continue reading

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