Old Video of the Week IV

Videos from previous weeks:

Epitaph: The Late, Great United States


Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation reveals Obama’s birth certificate is a GIANT FRAUD.

Did FOX cancel Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch for allowing truth like this? MUST WATCH!

Guy shoots up bratty daughter’s laptop with a .45. LOL.

Crazy Jewess on bus lets loose tirade against the Goy. Check out her satanic Talmudic cursing at around 1:30 — it’s scary as hell! Some subtitles courtesy of Zionist Crime Factory (thanks, dude!).


WARNING! Watching this video might make you vomit your guts out. So full of patent Zionist lies, you’ll understand why the US presidency is actually a position given to the biggest Jew/Israel sycophant they can find. Obama being against Israel? What a sorry laugh. All that’s just for consumption in the US. They want US liberals to think Obama stands tough for Palestine when he sure as hell doesn’t. It’s all a false front, to keep Americans stupid.

Mich. Family: Grandmother Assaulted at Chuck E. Cheese’s: MyFoxDETROIT.com

Filthy black thugs attack White family at a Chucky Cheese; the animals slugged a 5′ 2″ inch grandma right in the face and dragged her by the hair, brutally beating her. Then we have the local Negro news telling us all about it.

Reality versus Anti-White Hollywood

White guy beats the tar out of punky black harasser on bus, video goes viral. Jew Hollywood takes the story, turns the White into a latino and the baddies into White skinheads. This is how the stinking Jews brainwash America! Note the Negress off camera calling the White guy “pinky” and “beat his White ass.”

EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS! Make sure to notice how they are threatening you!

Multiculturalism at work: A restaurant in Montreal is trashed when a group of blacks attack a group of Chinese patrons.

Crazy Jigs go haywire at the Mall of America after hearing two rap stars might be shopping there. It turned into one massive chimp-out as you can see. These clothes-wearing apes are doing this kind of thing all over the place now.

ESM Treaty would enact total banking dictatorshop on Europe. America: This will come here, no doubt at all. You still think it’s all conspiracy talk?

The Chosen Criminal Elite

How the JEWISH MAFIA Screwed YOU

FIAT pushes miscegenation BIG TIME in commercial. Watch to the end. Unbelievable! When are we going to do something about what they are doing to our race?

The Wise Old Man tells it like it is!

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