Old Videos of the Week II


Listen to what these arrogant Jews really think and say to each other about Jesus and Christians. Basically, they could care less about anyone but their own high and mighty selves, even though America gives Israel 30 million A DAY. Almost half of our taxpayer giveouts to other countries goes to these people (you’ll never hear about that on the mainstream news). We even go to war for these arrogant bastards. Unbelievable! Israeli broadcast from Jerusalem.


Negroes assaulting White girl in France, put up on Youtube for fun. This is how these “people” really act. Whites are increasingly victimized because they think we’re all liberal pussies. Believe me, the more Whites are in the minority, the more we will be treated like this. They are not as high-minded as you! When will you get it?

Serial killer Rodney James Alcala goes on “The Dating Game” in 1978. Cutesy “batcherlorette” Cheryl Bradshaw selects him but doesn’t go out with him because “he was creepy.” Good thing too, since the guy was killing women at the time. There’s no telling exactly how many he killed, and cops are still trying to find some of his photography subjects from the time. Read more here

America: Silence of a Nation

Wikileaks released video from US Apache helicopters as they slaughter a bunch of innocent Iraqis and 2 journalists with camera bags and tripods. It’s plainly obvious that these are non-combatants, regardless of all the lies. 2 children are later badly hurt inside a van that stops to pick-up a wounded man when the Apache opens up on them, too. The Americans laugh thru-out video.

This is the kind of thing the GD Jews have gotten this country doing!

What it means to be a Jew in one and a half minutes. From morris108 (a Jew).

Deleted by ADL Jews at Youtube. Go here to watch: http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=11193 

You won’t see our lying mainstream media doing a report on this!

Crazed and irate Sheboon at the University of Milwaukee throws water bottle, threatens teacher and fellow students before Animal Control (police) responds. Watch how these “people” really act like and talk in public. She has to have an “amber lamps” (they so love that free ride) and later blames it all on racism as she’s been trained to do!

Whites don’t deserve to have to put up with this spoiled brat race anymore!


The country of Georgia goes haywire when TV station broadcast phony news show saying Russians attacked and killed Zionist puppet president Saakashvilli. Russians say it was a tricky scheme to jack up the people.

It worked.

Pay attention to the part at the end where the guy talks about the doings of Senator Richard Gephardt of the US. Gephardt is a big tool of the globalist Zionist Jews and spearheaded the 1991 law that says America was founded on the Jewish Noahide laws. It’s all connected, people!

Inside Story: Who Killed Mabhouh? from Al Jazeera

In the latest fall-out from the assassination of a senior Hamas commader in Dubai, Dubai’s police chief has said that individuals suspected of being Israeli – even if they hold foreign passports – will no longer be allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates. What really happened, and will the people responsible for the killing get away with it?

Eddie Rothschild speaks to the Jewish Junior Bankers

Amber lamps: Bring it! 67 year-old White guy (now called Epic Beard Man) beats the living crap out of Negro punk hassling him on a bus. After his well-deserved beat-down, the bloody Negro sobs for an “amberlamps” (ambulance) in classic Negro ebonics. Filmed by a laughing Negress who eggs on her bro with shouts of “Say it… Say it again, pinky! Beat his White ass!” She even tried stealing the guy’s bag, but turned it over to police later. Liberal media is now calling this Vietnam vet a racist (as usual) and any White who supports him the same too!

Liberals: This is how blacks are really like on the street — not at all like the nice ones they have on TV!

Myth: Garret A. Morgan, an African-American, invented the traffic light in 1923.

This is a common one, now being taught in schools and even hustled on local news shows during February.

False! Over fifty people had already filed patents for traffic lights in the US before Morgan. The modern, three light, automated traffic lights was already in use in 1923. Morgan, a Mulatto, received a patent for a cross shaped, hand cranked traffic light. It was not automated, and received no commercial success nor contributed to the traffic lights we use today.

God’s gonna cut you down!

The Work will Set Us Free

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