Pinheaded Jig Popped For Phony Phone Threats

The smiling chimpanzee is a prime example of an Affirmative Action black BS promoter.

By Phillip Marlowe

Oh lordy, this is so rich! Some wacked Negro named Juan M. Thompson has just been busted for doing the phone-in bomb threats to Jew centers across the country in the hope of framing his White ex-girlfriend (possibly Jew herself). Lucky for her, he didn’t outright kill the slut like the brothers usually do to mudsharks. Thompson was fired from his lefty media writing job for making up racism quotes and faked sources. No big surprise there. Blacks are very lazy. He also completely made up that liberal oft-quoted BS story about Dylann Roof getting all angry over a White girlfriend going out with a black.

I’ve embedded some of Mr. Juan Negro’s witty tweets below. Read for a hearty chuckle. Militant blacks are totally moronic. Probably didn’t take long for the FBI to zone in on the fool. I always love reading Negro tweets and comments (I get a few here as you can imagine) since it shows just how stupid blacks really are.

ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt has been all over lefty media (MSNBC screen shot above) trash-talking Trump. Jews are so wacked in the head!

I also noticed the lefty Associated Press report on this DID NOT show a shot of the black perp — only some Anti-Defamation League (ADL) spokesman announcing the bust. Typical. But the rest of the media will probably have to show his black face since they now know we’re starting to get wise.*

Just last night I watched Jonathan Greenblatt (right), the head of the Jewish ADL on CNN joining in the anti-Trump bitching and moaning panel they have on (along with a token Trump supporter who hardly ever gets to say much). Ironic, since Greenblatt came on to talk about all the “anti-Semitism” brought about because of Trump. Lefty Jews hate the guy.

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It’s Now Open Season in Hating White Men

By Phillip Marlowe

The Aliens certainly must be checking us out, with the way our crazy little brains operate. You can bet they don’t like the idea of Earthlings discovering faster-than-light travel and then suddenly coming out of warp speed into their home solar systems — armed to the teeth with man portable nukes, belt-fed Rambo SAW machine guns or, whatever newly invented plasma death ray guns.

Think about that 1997 Sci-Fi movie “Starship Troopers.” The Fascist but still somehow PC world government has a propaganda spot where a schoolteacher giggles like a maniac as her kiddies crush bugs under futuristic silvery boots (would you like to know more?). The movie cleverly makes big ugly bugs humanity’s future mortal enemy. Everyone hates bugs, right? I get told all the time to kill a bug found in the house (if possible, I toss them out in the backyard to live, or at least until a songbird eats them).

Our brains are wired for conflict. Big time. In today’s Orwellian NWO, there’s always got to be someone or something for the masses to hate (Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, Iran, ISIS). I know that sounds like I’m turning pinko and gay, but it’s a fact. Here’s another thing: White hetero men have now been deemed by the (((social engineers))) as acceptable targets for social hatred and derision. Hell, any idiot or baddie character in the media and TV commercials must now be White. Or occasionally a chubby little North Korean in need of hugs.

And democraps just can’t accept the fact their corrupt old granny Hillary lost. It’s quite obviously driving the leftys insane. This is what’s really behind all the “evil Putin did it” business. It’s wacked how much the media is pushing this election meddling BS down our throats (Wikileaks insisted the Russians had nothing to do with it).* They are bound and determined to embed in our febrile brains that “Hillary, liberals and multiculturalism didn’t fail in 2016 — it was Russians colluding with another racist, effin’ WHITE MALE — Donald J. Trump.”

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Stupid Negro BS History Month Now Over

By Phillip Marlowe

Thank God, it’s finally the end of February and we can be done with all this phony Negro BS on TV every minute. Black “history” — what a laugh there. Most of their history revolves around them whining and bitching every chance they get.

But oh, wait, Jew media will simply have the same stinking black worship crap exactly as they did last month and the one before that. Everything in America is now getting “niggerized” up the ying-yang. It’s insane how much they are pushing this black BS. Did you know the black race was so great? The BS is ridiculous!

You idiot White liberals are probably foaming at the mouth right now calling me a racist. You think I care fools? Blacks are obviously the worse GD race on the planet. No doubt at all. Somehow you idiots think you can polish turds — while forcing your stupid diversity idiocy on the rest of us. I don’t think so, punks. Whites everywhere are waking up and getting furious. You will reap the whirlwind soon enough.

Not only are blacks completely stupid and anti-White racists, blacks are also criminals — often quite murderous, too. But not only do they kill other homies, they evilly torture and kill decent White people all the time (just click HERE and see a few). Hell, the media does everything they can to hide just how bad black-on-White crime truly is. They don’t want us Whites to “get it” as they gradually turn our race into a minority.


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Useful Idiots Promoting Public Bathroom Pervs

By Phillip Marlowe

You might have heard President Trump signed an executive order last week stopping any federal effort to try to tell States how to legislate bathroom laws. Boy, did the libtards act like that was so bad! You might think something as little as that would be accepted by liberals. But hell no. These people are, frankly, totally insane when it comes to this “diversity” and “tolerance” nonsense.

You might laugh at my creepy gif photo above illustrating the topic, like I’m some kind of over-the-top “extremist.” But I assure you, there’s plenty of perverts out there just like that. For real. I can tell you a few stories I’ve seen with my own two eyes or what sick things friends told me of seeing disturbed nuts do in public.

I’ve embedded a Mark Dice video below. In it, Dice references (1:42 in) a Breitbart article listing 25 recent examples of perverts in public bathrooms, that FAKE NEWS CNN morning moron, Chris Cuomo (left) ignored during a twitter argument. Please go HERE to read. In this day and age of cellphone video and liberal lunacy, you will not believe all the peeping tom pervert crap!

Now I’m not the kind of guy who tries to tell you I’m all so sweet and innocent, etc., etc. Plenty of babes could tell you I’m a normal red-blooded man when you get me alone. But I just think the normal hetero male/female set-up should be the way society is governed. Anything else gives sick dirtbags with plainly obvious mental disorders free reign to satisfy completely disgusting urges — including molesting little kiddies. Practically all regular Americans I think would agree with me whole-heartedly.

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Help INCOG Before The Filthy Joos Get To Me


Yep, my droogies, I’m here today hitting up you readers for dineros. Just put a little bit on your credit card HERE. Believe me, I get the money. I probably should do a cool Tee Shirt like DAILY STORMER did (I bought one right when it came out), but just haven’t got around to it since I’m also busy in the real world or hammering out my latest hateful screed. Have you seen my photo montages of White victims of black crime? That photo work by itself is more than reason enough to pony up a little.

Call me egotistical, but I do indeed think I’ve awoken a few White folks out there over the years. And I’ve read the filthy Jews saying to each other that it’s really me who’s the most dangerous bastard on the Internet. I remember once reading some wacked Jew chick telling her online peeps to pray collectively to YAHWEH so I come down with cancer. These people are mean.

Please look over at the left, to see a few ads.* If you have anything at all to do with them, please renew ASAP. You can do it automatically every month in a little recurring charge of $5 or so. Go HERE for the suggested amounts versus ad size (I’m flexible). Just write in the ad info (in the “special instructions to the seller”) and run length you can afford. I need your help getting this straight since all of them are way, way overdue. One of my donation ad contacts recently got murdered under odd circumstances, for crying out loud. Will someone please get with your leadership people at that site and renew your ad?

If you don’t have an ad, please donate whatever you can afford. $5, $10, $15 or so, is cool. I know most folks out there don’t have a lot of disposable income with all the filthy Jew FIAT money and inflation rip-offs going on every which way out there, but this is so much better a contribution than, say, to Chelsea Manning’s gender reassignment party (while the taxpayer foots the hospital bill) or a George Soros “OPEN SOCIETY” nation-wrecking outfit. Don’t you think?

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Brainwashing Whites for Racial Destruction

While they promote Whites not to breed, they also promote Third Worlders to come into our lands with big families and babies. This is obviously brainwashing of our race by Big Jew corporate media — no doubt whatsoever any more.

By Phillip Marlowe

When I saw these two magazine covers over at DAILY STORMER and INFO STORMER, I knew I had to run it over here and try my best to explain the situation to fellow Whites. Just look at those two covers for Time and National Geographic above, for crying out loud! Total Jew NWO brainwashing of White people (blacks already hate us no matter what) into committing racial suicide.

Crazy White woman or possible Jewish lezbo videotaped screaming in agony on a Washington, DC street right at the moment she hears Trump sworn in as president. Hillary libtards are totally psycho!

Oh yeah, the whole business of White Genocide is absolutely real. The media acts like it’s nothing but “conspiracy theory,” while at the same time openly and obviously brainwashing Whites into going along with it. They’ve been up to this in various subtle and not so subtle ways for decades. This is “the why” you have ANTIFA marxists and crazed White women (right) out demonstrating for open borders, black victimhood, radical feminism and against Trump — Der Fuehrer!

Little do these leftists realize it, but they are actually working as “useful idiots” or foot soldiers to our race’s destruction and the globalist NWO rats behind it all. That’s why you see the media report positively on their street antics, demonstrations and black militancy like “black lives matter.” The media is really on their side, while filthy rich Jews like George Soros, Susan Sandler, Hollywood Jews, et al. financially fund such anti-White, socially destructive organizations. In the end, it’s all a “color revolution” by the stinking Jews to make our lands safe for Jewry.

See below “continue reading” button for more magazine covers that are just as bad as the above. Wake up to these leftist rats in the Jew media!

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Lying Media Attacks Trump Over Sweden Comment

Swedish politician Ylva Johansson has worked hard over the years to import Third Worlders, like Somalis and Muzzies, into Sweden. Amazingly hypocritical, considering she’s a hardcore feminist and they treat women like dirt. Although probably a big fat Jew herself, she is definitely married to a Jewish former politician now working for Goldman Sachs international. No big surprise there, huh?

By Phillip Marlowe

Can you believe the lying media these days? It’s astounding the levels of BS these creeps are stooping to. If you understood the real situation and how low these bastards are going, then you, too, would be as furious as myself.

In 2013, African immigrant and career criminal, Doudou Yembadjunga Ahoka, beat to death a White 15 year-old boy and a 57 year-old White woman with an iron pipe in Ljungsbro, Sweden. Swedish media blurred face and lightened image of the perp — if they even showed it at all. Photo above is from pro-White Swedes who exposed the lefty scam using the original Facebook photo.

I was watching that stinking little punk anchor, Tom Llamas, on ABC’s Sunday night dinner time news show, doing a report on Trump saying something fairly minor in his Melbourne, Florida speech about terror attacks in Europe, of which there’s has been a multitude.

Trump merely said something happened in Sweden the night before. Well, maybe not a terror attack happened exactly, but certainly some native Swedes were beaten, robbed, raped. Swedish girls get gang-raped all the time by dirty Muzzies. Like France, city-wide arson storms happen all the time, too. Migrant street crime is constantly censored by leftist media.

To help fellow anti-Trump leftists in the US, the Swedish Embassy in Washington pretended not to know what Trump was talking about. The lying US media latched onto that like a pit bull on a bone — all to paint Trump as a nut job. Llamas was his usual media self — his TV face jerks every which way as he spouts his ABC reporting (he’s completely over the top trying to inject emotion into his onscreen delivery). The guy is such a phony! We got ourselves a media blatantly brainwashing the country.

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Chuck Todd: Yet Another Brainwashing TV Jew!

By Phillip Marlowe

You’re probably telling yourself “man, this INCOG guy didn’t know that already?” Tis’ true, tis’ true: I didn’t. I can’t know everything. It’s impossible, unless I’m also a relational database expert and can afford to pay a staff of data miners working non-stop for my evil Whitey boy hate site. Brahahaha!

When I read over at INFO STORMER Chuck Todd was a Jew, I thought to myself “that makes sense, let me check into it.” Yep, he is indeed a Jew. His mother was Jewish, making him one, too. He can freely immigrate to the Motherland. Hell, when he got off the El Al plane in Tel Aviv, they’d probably hand him some kind of special Jew award for political brainwashing of the American Goyim masses.

And I just thought Todd was another cucked White liberal. You know, the kind of blubbering punk who pushes PC bull caca on the rest of us because he sees himself as a “caring Global citizen” and all that jazz. Believe it or not I was indeed a bit “gobsmacked” as they say in jolly old England (I love that word) when I found out. Yeah, I still get surprised by all the filthy Jews out there in the lamestream media, screwing with White people’s brains — when it’s about time I shouldn’t.

Jews are like a nefarious alien race silently infiltrating our planet while trying to keep the indigenous population oblivious before it’s too late. Like that movie “The Arrival” (about aliens secretly terraforming Earth) with Charlie Sheen. Contrary to popular belief caused by the brouhaha over “Two and a Half Men” Jew producer, Chuck Lorre (Levine), Sheen isn’t a sheenie. A roguish HIV-infected dirtbag, sure.

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Unfunny Seth Rogen is Harassing Donald Trump Jr.

Unfunny Fat Jew Loser Seth Rogen Is Harassing Donald Trump Jr. With Twitter Direct Messages


Seth Rogen who is arguably one of the most obnoxious Jewish Hollywood personalities alive, is harassing Donald Trump Jr. with Twitter direct messages. He’s apparently doing this because he’s angry that Donald Trump is President.

From Yahoo News:

Seth Rogen has started his own grassroots campaign to get President Trump out of the White House — and it revolves around sending Twitter direct messages to the politico’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

The Neighbors 2 star, 34, realized that the younger Trump is following him on the social media site, so he sent him a series of direct messages. The first one was sent Thursday during the president’s bizarre press conference. He posted a screenshot of it with the caption, “Let’s see if this works!”

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The Black Race Truly is Ugly and Brutish — BIG TIME

By Phillip Marlowe

Yep, I used to be a lot like you. I remember hoping and wishing and wanting a world just like they show on the telly (not that I’m British) where all your peeps of color are so sweet and nice and work so hard to improve themselves without using the race card and Affirmative Action to take advantage of the rest of us. What a joke. Leftists have been pushing this idiot rainbow vision on Whites for decades. Blacks turned out to be militant White-hating racists — plus, totally criminal like they’ve always been.

Stop and think about it for a moment: We’re supposed to think blacks are just like us and we’re expected to welcome them to our bosoms lovingly. For over 50 years Jewish mass media has been systematically brainwashing Whites with race guilt and thinking blacks are so great. Total cow manure!

Blacks have proven themselves time and again as unworthy of living among Whites. They are criminals, rapists, murderers. In addition, they are a huge financial albatross around the neck of hard-working Whites and the civilization we created. If they had it so bad, they should just move back to Africa and build up their own countries. But they won’t because they all know they got it nice here in America — milking the race gravy train, Affirmative Action, collecting all kinds of special government benefits and happily eating at MickeyD’s with government cash card EBTs paying the freight.

You know something else? Blacks don’t care one bit if you’re a big liberal pushing for “diversity.” In fact, that would make them laugh uproariously when they knife you and rape your wife or daughter right in front of you. They think you’re a big foolish idiot. Blacks hate you just because you have White skin. Isn’t that your definition of racism?

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A Real Holocaust Back During World War II

HERBERT SMAGON DRESDEN HOLOCAUSTAt the very end of the war, for absolutely no strategic military reason at all, at least 130,000 White war refugees were purposefully blown to bits, or horribly burned alive in the allied firebombing of Dresden. It was a truly hellish scene. Unfortunately, few today have even heard of this war crime because mainstream media wants the brainwashed masses to only think of Germans as evil (and by conflation White people as a whole). Detail from a painting by the PC-censored German artist, Herbert Smagon.

I Cried Tears For Dresden

Essay By Louis Beam (2/13/97)

Though I never knew them, though they died months before I was born, I can not help but to still feel the pain of those innocent people of Dresden who suffered so unjustly, unfairly, and totally without fault February 13, 1945. They make me think of abused children suffering for something that they do not understand. Abused children in a small way share with those now departed souls of Dresden the total unjustness of this world. Innocent people would not in a fair world, a decent world, be made to suffer.

They died this night. So many of them. Bombs raining down upon their heads like manna from hell — the heads of defenseless women and children for the most part. Babies in their cribs. Sobbing children in their mothers arms. Little girls without blemish, little boys full of anticipation at the excitement life promised them. The girls became blemished heaps of burnt flesh. The promise was broken by life to the boys. There would be no future for them.

Even now, across time, distance, culture, language, and ocean, I hear their cries. Ten thousand per second raising their helpless, tortured voices for mercy. No mercy. No relief. Only painful death from planes with United States written on them.

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Dirty Black Bastard Killed Cute Ohio State Student

How much more of this black crap are we going to take White people?

By Phillip Marlowe

Super cute and popular Ohio State University student, 21 year-old Reagan Tokes, went missing after she left work last Wednesday night at a Grove City, Ohio (suburb of Columbus) bar hangout for college kids. On Thursday afternoon, someone found her nude murdered corpse in Scioto Grove Metro Park, shot in the head. She was kidnapped and almost certainly raped by yet another ugly ape preying on us decent and fair-minded White people out here.

Chances are, the black animal dumped her dead body there after having his way with her elsewhere. It really could have been anywhere, hell, he could have taken her back home, or shared her with his homies, for that matter. He still shot her down like a dog after doing his thing. Just imagine the utter fear that gripped the poor girl when she was kidnapped getting into her car and told to drive. She probably begged for her life.

The black animal, Brian Lee Golsby, 29, had already served 6 years for armed kidnapping and rape. And I bet you that victim was a young White girl, too. Blacks are indeed animals, who get busted for rape, molestation and various forms of public indecency all the time. Little children, old ladies, makes no difference for them to rape and murder. Hell, mangy stray mutts in the ‘hood risk getting raped by these filthy animals, no lie. I’ve read plenty of disgusting stories of blacks committing sexual acts on helpless little animals and often torturing them to death. Blacks are totally sick in the head.

A spokesman for the Tokes family said:

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Neocon Bill Kristol Says Whites Should Be Replaced


Here you have the filthy kike terrorist Bill Kristol, an architect of the Iraq war and the figurehead of the #NeverTrump movement, openly calling – in a public forum – for the white working class to be displaced and replaced by brown immigrants.

Why, you ask, would a Jew make such a bold and vicious anti-white statement right in the middle of rapidly rising anti-Semitic sentiment among the people?

The reason is that it is biological. They simply cannot help themselves. They cannot sit back and say “we need to be strategic here, and lay off directly attacking the goyim for a little bit, because otherwise we’re going to get pogromed.”

Pulling back goes against every instinct that has been bred into these diabolical monsters. They can only go forward, and keep trying to destroy us.

That is why they have been kicked out of 109 countries. And that is why America is going to be 110.

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Liberal Rat Judges Slap America in the Face

Look at the one on the right — total Jew rat there!

Now comes word the Ninth District court has “upheld” the decision by some pinheaded liberal Washington state judge to put a hold on Trump’s lawful decision to temporarily stop immigration from Moslem terrorist dens in the Mideast.

Who THE HELL do these sorry SOBs think they are? What Trump enacted was totally legal as per a 1952 law AND constitutional. Like I said, WHO DA FLOCK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but wasn’t the Ninth also the same court that overruled the vote of the people (Prop 8) in California limiting marriage to between men and women only — keeping nasty immoral lezbos and sodomites from legally marrying? Didn’t they start the ball rolling when it came to liberal judges granting these sick faggots the right to marry in other states too? Completely bypassing the votes of the majority of Americans against pro-homo stuff?

Personally, I’ve had it with liberal, subversive judges. It’s time we start firing them, maybe even building concentration camps where they can cool their heels among the MS-13 gang members and black criminals for a few months. These concentration camps will also be good places to incarcerate some of these media liberals, too.

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Trump Won’t Say What Obama Warned Him About

By Phillip Marlowe

I watched it in real time: Maxine Waters was in front of a bunch of reporters calling for the impeachment of Trump, telling them he was buds with evil Putin, who just invaded Korea. What a dumbass, I chuckled, she means the Ukraine or Crimea, of course. I really need to write about that dumb black bitch on my hate site I mentally noted.

Well, like a lot of things going down today, I can’t write all the time. These Negroes are indeed idiots. I could literally write 24/7 about this dumbass race and their never-ending street crime. Fortunately, the folks over at Daily Stormer also saw Waters say that and did a page on it so now I can concentrate my pontificating on something else much more important to the US (so much Jew crap, so little time).

Blacks really are moronic. I can’t begin to tell you all the stupid crap I’ve read them doing or seen with my own two eyes in real life. Sure, you might have a few smart ones with stolen White genes (like Obama) trotted out on TV so we think blacks are so smart and heroic. This not only brainwashes Whites and steal jobs and money from us, it also makes blacks arrogant and all the more wacked in the head. Do a little non-PC mental extrapolation to see the bigger picture.

But something very interesting was said during the second part of O’Reilly/Trump interview that should have everyone talking. No, not the bit in the first part where the phony patriots in the media are yapping non-stop about Trump saying he wants to get along with Putin and America has done bad things, too (we have). No, it was what Obama said to him on the way to the inauguration ceremony that Trump would not repeat. In the limo, Obama told him to watch out for one specific country. O’Reilly goes “China?” Trump says “not China,” but won’t repeat exactly what Obama said.

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Black Demon Did Kill Beautiful White NYC Jogger

Now watch the media paint the black perp as having mental issues — so you feel sorry and excuse him. I feel sorry for the White race having to put up with these feral beasts!

By Phillip Marlowe

While everyone was busy gearing up to watch the Negro Felon League Superbowl today, word came out cops busted the black SOB who killed that super hot Italian babe, Karina Vetrano, jogging in NYC back in August of last year.

I turned on the pregame show for just a moment and saw this big celebration of past black players and turned it off in disgust. Supposedly, the commercials are now chockfull of lefty political BS and black worship, as usual. Even the action hero in the after game drama show “24 Legacy” has been turned black. Typical. The entire lefty media spectrum loves brainwashing Whites into thinking blacks as heroic.

In the end, a truly heroic White man won the day. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick led the team to the greatest comeback victory in NFL history with a 34-28 overtime win. The White haters won’t like that! And President Trump was remarkably close when he predicted to Bill O’Reilly an 8 point win for New England during his prerecorded game day interview — the same one where Trump haters faked outrage over his fairly innocuous Putin comments — like Trump is a big suck-up to the evil Russians (who stole the election from Hillary).

The black punk killer, Chanel Lewis (where do these idiot Negroids get such dumbass names?), “sexually assaulted” Karina in some way — which usually means rape. After whatever sick crap he did to the young lady, he strangled the life out of her and dragged her dead body off into the weeds caveman style to hide his evil deeds. Suffice to say, blacks are truly God-awful demons who might strike at any moment — even where you live in this “diversity enriched” America.

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Black Militant Accidently Reveals His White Chick Porn

Here’s Daryle Lamont Jenkins on MSNBC, undoubtedly trash-talking Trump with that ridiculous bull dyke, Rachel Maddow. Anti-White black militants have long been supported by big corporate Jew media for decades, hell, wordy idiot and racist anti-White, Michael Eric Dyson, is now on TV everywhere promoting his new book “Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America” (a book pushing Whites to pay our hard-earned money into individual bank accounts for slavery reparation). Note on how he feels free to “sermonize” us Whites. Just imagine a pro-White writer sermonizing blacks over something and getting that kind of positive media exposure?

INCOG NOTES: Normally I don’t bother with BS like this since there so much bigger crap going on against us White people. But I can’t stand this militant fat Negro one bit, so I had to run it. This Jenkins creep is such is a total hypocrite. He has this operation called “One-People’s Project” solely to attack Whites who stick up for our race. Just imagine this lousy creep raising hell about “racist” Whites all the time, while at home gets his rocks off to porn videos of White women — degraded by porn Jews into doing sick crap on camera with blacks. Now do you know why I get so angry with the BS?


A fat retarded Negro named Daryle Lamont Jenkins associated with Washington DC anti-fascist groups unintentionally revealed his porn collection to reporters the other day. He along with other anti-fascists held a press conference to provide reporters information that they alleged would expose James O’Keefe of Project Veritas. As Jenkins showed an old image of O’Keefe that he claimed linked him to White supremacy he tilted his iPad revealing an impressive collection of pornography. Much of it showed White women in compromised sexual positions.

Talk about an idiot. More details below.

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Restore America’s Sanity: Arrest George Soros!


You can bet his lefty son Alex would make his escape to Israel where they don’t have any serious extradition treaties with the US — but love taking our taxpayer’s money. You need to publicly fix that situation pronto.

Dear President Trump, Sir!

Us decent White Americans simply love the stuff you’re doing to shake up all those swamp critters and elites in Washington, DC. But can I be nervy enough to suggest a quick and easy way to put out a serious message to a whole host of lefty creeps now giving you hell? A “shot across the bow” kind of thing?

Publicly arrest George Soros. Yep, you should do it. I’m certain the US Justice department and the Security Exchange Commission already has enough on the Globalist trouble-maker to put together some kind of insider trader charges and issue a warrant. Dispatch a SWAT team to nab his bony old ass when he’s in Manhattan. SWAT team, you might ask? Absolutely: What better way to garner great visuals for media people who just happened to get a phone call from “persons unknown” right before the arrest. You know how the little bastards operate.

It’s a no-brainer: Lefty idiots will merely consider Soros only another evil WHITE male. This fairly simple act will also show you’re not beholden to the Wall Street billionaire class, too. The PC-twisted media won’t say all that much about Soros’ Jewishness, if at all. Should anyone dare say a word, just tell them “what’s that got to do with anything? I’ve got a Jew son-in-law, for chrissakes.” Apparently, that means little to these psychos.

Busting Soros would put a stop to his subversive, lefty Jew activities against the Western World. He’s been up to this for decades. Putin and Russia smartly kicked his ops out of their country last year (RT video below). Of course, there’s plenty more Jews just like him long busy driving America insane, but maybe the example of Soros getting arrested by SWAT would give them pause long enough for your administration to fix a few things and gain even more endearment among “the masses.”

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Jew Psychos Upset Over Trump’s Holocaust Statement

Trump’s Advisors Accused Of Holohoax Denial For Not Mentioning The 60 Trillion Dead Jews


These Jews keep embarrassing themselves with their retarded Holocaust hoax. President Trump’s team put out a statement denouncing the alleged Holocaust but didn’t mention the supposed 60 trillion dead Jews. As a result of this, we have Jews now claiming that leaving out the supposed victimization of Jews is the equivalent of denying their hoax.

From Guardian:

The internationally renowned historian Deborah Lipstadt, whose courtroom battle with Holocaust denier David Irving is the subject of the new film Denial, has accused President Donald Trump’s “innermost circle” of being guilty of “soft Holocaust denial” and the “de-Judaization” of the Nazi genocide.

Writing in the Atlantic, Lipstadt – a leading expert on the Nazi effort to wipe out Europe’s Jews – took aim at the Trump administration for its failure last Friday to mention Jews as the primary victims of the Holocaust.

“Holocaust denial is alive and well in the highest offices of the United States,” wrote Lipstadt. “It is being spread by those in President Trump’s innermost circle. It may have all started as a mistake by a new administration that is loath to admit it’s wrong.

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Merkel Whines About Trump’s Mudslime Ban

Islamic Terrorist Angela Merkel Whines About President Trump’s Immigration Bans


It is hard to keep track of all the whining that has taken place over President Trump’s immigration bans. The Islamic terrorist collaborator Angela Merkel has also whined about it. She’s obviously very upset that White American women will now have less sexual access to Moslem muh dik.

From Reuters:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told U.S. President Donald Trump that the global fight against terrorism was no excuse for banning refugees or people from Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, her spokesman said on Sunday.

Steffen Seibert said Merkel had expressed her concerns to Trump during a telephone call on Saturday and reminded him that the Geneva Conventions require the international community to take in war refugees on humanitarian grounds.

“She is convinced that even the necessary, decisive battle against terrorism does not justify putting people of a specific background or faith under general suspicion,” he said.

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Anti-White Media Lies ALL THE TIME

Even after letting his news operation imply the lyng “PissGate” story about Trump was true, CNN chief honcho Jeff Zucker had the Jew nerve to claim CNN’s credibility is “higher than ever.” These dirty rats are clearly insane.

By Phillip Marlowe

If you pay attention while watching the boob tube, you’ll notice Jewish so-called “experts” everywhere telling us what and how to think.

If you noticed over the last few days, the lefty media has been acting automatically like Trump is nuts simply for saying illegals voted in the last election. Of course illegals voted! We all know it. Many illegals do indeed have SS numbers, driver’s licenses and even fake bills (for address verification) to help in stealing jobs and avoiding ICE. They say you can get a full ID package from people in the black market for around $300. No problemo, muchachos.

Right before the election, Obongo boy himself suggested to a Latino Youtube reporter, Gina Rodriguez, that illegals should give voting a try and not worry about getting arrested. Hell, illegals can even testify before Congress and not have to worry. The lefty media knows all this is going on.

It also affords these lefty rats a chance to treat our new president with disdain. Plus, they don’t want Whites any more awakened at the ongoing Jewish efforts to flood our lands with Third Worlders when they are so close to completely castrating our race politically.

Over the last few years or so, Whites have indeed been waking up to the liberal brainwashing by a subversive Jewish-controlled media. Thank God. The bizarre Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner tranny coming out show was but one small incident in the latest Jewish social engineering agenda. All the “black lives matter” agitation and weekly police shooting videos is simply more evidence of subversive anti-White attacks.

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Ashley Judd Says Trump Fantasizes About Ivanka

Washed-Up Skag Ashley Judd Claims That President Trump Sexually Fantasizes About Ivanka


Does anybody even know what Ashley Judd did for a living before she took the time today to place herself squarely in the camp of our enemies?

Was she a singer?

An actress?

A philanthropist of some sort?

I personally thought that she was a low-level prostitute or something; a gutter slut who made her shekels by catering to the lowest forms of subhuman kind – mainly dark-skinned Blacks and Moslems.

Whatever she did to gain fame in our Jewed culture, it doesn’t matter, for her true soul managed to worm itself into the sunlight earlier today.

Thanks to some heavenly whim, we were afforded a look into the twisted black heart of Judd, who apparently spends her days contemplating filthy fantasies between our President and his oldest daughter.

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Congratulations, President Donald J. Trump!

Sure will be great having a WHITE guy and his classy WHITE wife in the WHITE House!

Hopefully, professional Servpro and Hazmat teams will now have the place completely steam-cleaned, deodorized and maybe even gamma ray blasted by the time you leave the inauguration ceremony — especially the bathrooms in the West Wing. No telling what nasty Negro/Jew homo crap went on in there during the last 8 years. And please, will someone tell that total jackass “congressman” John Lewis — who the lousy media tells us every second is a “Civil Rights ICON” — he had better retire ASAP and move his fat, worthless black hiney back to Africa? Same thing goes for that corrupt sheboon “poverty pimp,” Maxine Waters, and all the other backstabbing DC libtard rats who stupidly dissed you by not going to the inauguration.

Us decent White Americans have had quite enough of these spoiled, criminal black brats and their never-ending race whining. We’re sick of the BS!

This post is automatically scheduled to run at exactly 12:01pm Friday, January 20, 2017.

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Disrespectful Anti-Whites Dissing The Donald

Look at this butt ugly ape-faced bastard! I am so sick and tired of this civil rights bull crap.* Just because this John Lewis “marched” in Selma on “Bloody Sunday” (what an overblown name) or alongside that plagiarizing, whore-mongering Martin Luther COON, means we got to respect his black ass after he publicly dissed our lawfully-elected president? A president who obviously wishes to do his best for America?

By Phillip Marlowe

Now we got Rep. John Lewis, a so-called “Civil Rights Icon,” insulting Trump by calling him an illegitimate president and not going to the inauguration. Stinking GD blacks and liberals act like this is such a brave act. I say: What an ASS. Sorry for being rude, but I’m sick and tired of these spoiled brat bastards and their hypocrite White liberal enablers.

Then we have “Senator” Cory Booker, a light-skinned, fast-talking mulatto who testified against the nomination of Jeff BEAUREGARD Sessions. I capitalize “Beauregard” since that ugly black bitch, Joy Ann Reid on MSNBC’s “AM JOY” on TV emphasized that today trying to make him sound like a confederate general at the battle of Manassas. That’s so rich since blacks and libtards had big hissy fits when people said “HUSSEIN” about Obongo boy (his middle name).

Here’s the problem with Jeff Sessions: He’s a non-Jewish White dude. That’s really all there is to it. The guy has a spotless record as being fair, not “racist,” etc., etc. Hell, just because the guy is from Alabama is enough for the creeps to portray him as an evil racist. This anti-White crap is getting totally ridiculous!

They make up a bunch of crap to camouflage their own anti-White racism, like stuff about Sessions supposedly behind “voter right’s suppression.” This is total hokum since the mere act of wanting legitimate identification (easy to get) at the voting booth has these nutcases raving. It’s simply because they want easy ways of scamming the democratic system to put their Commie elements in office.

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MOSSAD and CIA Backstabbers Collude Against Trump

Mossad and CIA Holding Secret Meetings, Plotting to Undermine Trump Administration

From Eric Striker @DAILY STORMER

For all their glad handing of Trump as the best pal of Israel in public, in private Israelis are sweating like a Kardashian on the day of the rope. Superficial differences aside, there is no question that Netanyahu and the Zionist entity strongly preferred bribed and compromised Goy-Borg Hillary Clinton, and behind the scenes, a number of developments and conspiracies against Trump are being planned by the traitorous and anti-American US intelligence services and the Mossad.

Such discussions are being kept out of newspapers aimed at Gentile audiences, but information branded ‘For Beady Eyes Only’ is spilling out from the Sanhadren’s still as the conspiracies begin to brew.


Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration as the next president of the United States is causing Israeli intelligence officials to lose sleep as well. Discussions held in closed forums recently raised fears of a leakage of Israeli intelligence top-classified information, clandestine modus oprandi and sources, which have been exposed to the American intelligence community over the past 15 years, to Russia – and from there to Iran.

The cause of concern are the suspicions of unreported ties between the president-elect or his associates and the Kremlin, whose agents are also associated with intelligence officials in Tehran.

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Proud Black Mamas Save America’s Space Program!

The True Story Of How Nubian Queenz Invented Rockets And Took America Into The Cosmos

From Marcus Cicero @INFO STORMER

We should thank the Jews for bringing a carefully-hidden secret of American history back into the forefront of cultural discourse, namely the fact that our Space Program was entirely the work of brave Black women who were robbed of their glory by evil and unrepentant White Nazis.

Without these enlightened bright-skinned geniuses, the United States stood no chance of catching up to the Soviet Union in the Space Race, but instead of bowing down to the pure brilliance of the Colored folks, racists stole the discoveries and inventions for themselves.

This dastardly act followed the same process that saw Whites take credit for Black accomplishments such as the Egyptian Pyramids, the creation of writing, oceanic exploration, the Library of Alexandria, and classical music.

So the next time you go to get your drivers license renewed or something, please look the biggest Black woman in the eye, and apologize for the wrongs of your ancestors.

It’s the least you could do.

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