Why Spanish White Latinos Must VOTE TRUMP!


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

When I was in high school many moons ago, I took Spanish classes. I pretty much sucked. But I tried. The teacher was this older lady from Cuba. I remember one day the black kids giving her hell, so I stood up for her (blacks wouldn’t ef with me). I could see she totally appreciated it. That was good, since I needed all the help I could get.


She came over here to Estados Unidos right after Castro took over and came out as a commie. This was when his minions started executing people left and right. I used to stay over after class to get extra help with my lessons. I remember asking about Cuba. She said a family member was executed by Che Guevara himself (right).

Reading about this Cuban revolution business later on, I found out Che Guevara was about the most mean commie bastard you could possibly imagine. Once he put a .45 bullet into a little kid’s head and bragged about how it almost took the poor kid’s head off. He had thousands executed and sentenced homos to hard labor in hot sugar cane fields just for being homo.

Leftys made him out like he was such a big hero — just because of some iconic photo that looked cool in high contrast on t-shirts and dorm room posters so they could act like they were all tough and “against the man” pseudo revolutionaries. Total BS. Leftys are embarrassingly pretentious little fools.

You know the scum I’m talking about… The low-class illegal Mestizos who bring in drugs and crime. Marxist Jews have worked for decades conflating them with decent, law-abiding Spanish Whites…

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“Norwegian” Somali Goes on Stabbing Spree in UK


By Phillip Marlowe

Folks: This crap is clearly getting ridiculous. The other night a wilding Somali teen in London stabbed six people out on the street in a nice touristy part of London; including a couple of Americans, an Australian and an Israeli. A White American woman from Florida in her 60’s died on the spot. I imagine her family is totally heartbroken right now.

Jenna Cartwright, a 21 year-old new mother, was abducted off the street in Canada by a Somali who tortured and raped her for days. He left her dead in a muddy ditch.

Jenna Cartwright, a cute 21 year-old new mother, was abducted right off the street in Canada by a drug-dealing Somali who beat, tortured and raped the poor girl for days. He left her mutilated to death in a muddy ditch to rot. The traitor media didn’t even show a photo of the perp.

I remember seeing this episode of “The First 48” where this popular White college student was leaving his pals at a bar in Minnesota. As he was getting on his moped to go home, a Somali accosted him for his wallet and stuck him in the gut with a knife. The poor guy stumbled for a few yards bleeding like crazy before collapsing to the sidewalk dead. The detectives brought in some of these Somalis for interrogations and you could easily see how ridiculous it is letting such animals into America.

Somalis are a particularly violence prone species. Meaner than snakes. You can’t even understand what they are trying to say when they speak. It’s just jibberish. They don’t even try to learn English. Why we allowed this nasty race to immigrate into the US and throw money at is utterly beyond me. I think the average IQ level in that part of the planet is something like 60 points. They have absolutely nothing at all to contribute to our country but pain and suffering.

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Street Crappers Don’t Have The Right to Lecture Us!

Khizr Khan Lectures TrumpStick it where the sun don’t shine, you dirty Paki!

By Phillip Marlowe

This continuing business over those Paki Muslim parents at the Democrat Convention is getting tiresome and ridiculous. The media Jews have been giving Trump all sorts of hell, like Trump is the evil guy just because he’s for “AMERICA FIRST.” Jews hate that line like crazy — ever since “Lucky Lindy” Lindbergh, and over 80% of America wanted to keep us out of another murderous foreign war against fellow Whites in Europe.

And we see how much credit us White Americans have gotten since, haven’t we?

The Paki father at the dem’s convention whipped out a copy of the US Constitution to tell Trump to read it. Uh, I don’t recall anything in the American Constitution — written by White Christian men — saying these nervy foreign scum can freely come over here and start telling us what to do. How about you stinking goat herders just stay over in your own filthy lands and work to clean them up before you come over here to live the good life? Contribute to America’s economy? They don’t pay a dime in taxes for 5 years and many live off the bountiful freebies made available by the government and White do-gooders. Tens of billions are wired back every year to relatives where they came from.

It’s part of the BS about letting non-Whites into the USA — all the flotsam and jetsam from the entire planet. Just stop at any New Jersey turnpike convenience area sometime, where they have fast food restaurants, to see all the nasty dirtbags now filling up our America. Oh, we’re supposed to be caring and welcoming these Third Worlders turning our lands into crap holes, aren’t we? The same BS is also happening in Europe, Canada, Scandinavia and Australia, too. Everywhere they’ve brainwashed White people with “diversity” crap!

I remember seeing a bunch of disgusting photos on a Chinese website where they showed shots of half-burnt bodies floating along in the Indian river Ganges. The Hindus put their dead on funeral pyres, but usually the corpses don’t burn up all the way and they just shovel what’s left out into the “sacred waters” like it’s such a wonderful thing. It’s unbelievably nasty as hell (photos below).*

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Jew Rats Trash Talking Trump Left AND RIGHT

WOLF BLIZER CNN CLOSE UPJews like Wolf Blitzer of CNN are obviously biased against Trump and have been pushing the subversive Globalist Jew “Agenda” for decades.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

I just can’t believe how much our nation is under control by these dirty Jew rats. It’s ridiculous how they have these subversive creeps now everywhere pushing the Jew line of bull — long busy turning America into a Third World crap hole so they don’t feel threatened by a resurgence of White racial solidarity.


When you see Ratner on FOX news, pay close attention to her on the split screen when they talk about liberal crap — you can literally see this ridiculous self-satisfied smirk on her ugly Jewy face. She’s a total Jew rat!

I’m watching the supposedly conservative FOX news yesterday and they trot out Iraq war/CIA media asset, Judith Miller and this radio host, Ellen Ratner (right), to gibber about the Democrat’s convention in Philadelphia. Now, most Whites out there might not know Miller and Ratner are both Jews. Sure, a few might suspect Ratner by her super Jew-ugly face, but are still too programmed by “PC” not to factor Jewishness into the over-all equation of how this lousy bunch is screwing up America.

The two start going on about how the last night of the democrat’s convention was so patriotic with all the flags (procured suddenly somewhere after republicans talked about the obvious absence during the first three days). The two FOX pundits seriously said democrats now look more pro-American than republicans and what a big role-reversal that is. Right.

Then the two FOX News Jews started fawning over a bunch of multicult-mixed “vets” (how much real combat seen is doubtful) the dems marched out on stage alongside this retired general creep, who viciously attacked Trump for absolutely no reason. The two then praised the Paki Muslim parents of a Muslim soldier dying in some overseas Jew NWO war and how the mother bravely wore her Muslim hajib outfit on stage, like it was so great. The lying liberal Jew media BS is getting totally insane.

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Clinton Cash: The Official Movie


Clinton Cash, is a feature documentary based on the Peter Schweizer book that the New York Times hailed as “The most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle.”

Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being “dead broke” after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over $150 million, with over $2 billion in donations to their foundation. This wealth was accumulated during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as US Secretary of State through lucrative speaking fees and contracts paid for by foreign companies and Clinton Foundation donors.


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Democratic Convention: LIVE STREAMING

HILLARY AND BILL CLINTON MAD MAXEffin’ great artwork — modeled on the last MAD MAX movie. (INCOG)


I already made the decision to discuss the happenings during yesterday’s chaotic opening of the Democratic Convention, although it looks like we’ve only just begun to live the dream over in Philly.

FAT SHEBOON OUTSIDE CONVENTION INSETBlacks and Bernie supporters have continued to disrupt the proceedings, especially outside, and have even started to turn on the Jewish media, calling for “Whites” to move to the back of the crowd.

I’m loving the fact that even BLM is now an enemy of the Hilda-Bitch, showing us all that even the Black preachers, who are mainly organs of the Democratic Party, cannot contain the rise of Communism among their flocks.

And now onto the main event, which will feature the mothers of justly-executed primates, like Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner, as well as notorious Pimp Master Slick Willy himself, who managed to procure enough T-Cell boosting medication to campaign for his wife in recent months.

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The Martha Moxley White Crime Back In The News

MARTHA MOXLEY VS BECKY DOISY CRIMEIn 1975, a cute blond teen girl named Martha Moxley was murdered in a upper class neighborhood in Greenwich, Connecticut, the night before Halloween. The crime was many years ago, yet because it was thought to be a rich White kid who did it, we’re still hearing about it like it was yesterday. But do you ever see a thing about the beloved and popular young lady, Becky Doisy, going missing back in 1976? No way, since it was a black who did it (the poor girl’s remains have never been located).

By Phillip Marlowe

On the morning of October 31, 1975 (Halloween), a 15 year-old girl named Martha Moxley was found dead by a neighbor in Greenwich, Connecticut. She had been clubbed several times in the head with a Tony Pena six iron, then stabbed in the neck with the club’s jagged broken shaft, severing her carotid artery, bleeding her out in a couple of minutes. The dead or dying girl was then dragged bloodily about 80 feet to a conifer tree with sheltering, low-hanging branches and her pants and underwear pulled down to her knees. Apparently, she wasn’t raped. Likely they were going to, but got scared off somehow, or just too grossed out by all the gore.

Tony Byrant giving a deposition where he admits going out there with a Martha obsessed friend.

Tony Byrant, a relative of NBA star Kobe Byrant, admitted to investigators that a Martha-obsessed friend wanted to go “caveman” that night. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. believes the guy was telling the truth.

I see stuff about the Martha Moxley case all the time in the media. I remember years ago reading Dominick Dunne’s novel “A Season in Purgatory” (a fictional roman à clef story based on the real crime) and Mark Furhman’s (“evil racist” detective in the OJ trial) “Murder in Greenwich” book. Furhman’s excellent investigatory work was probably the single biggest reason for the supposed White perp finally getting indicted and convicted in 2002 (15 year-old Michael Skakel — related by marriage to the Kennedy family).

[In fact, right after I finished writing this article, NBC’s “Dateline” came out with yet another Martha Moxley news piece, airing Friday night, 7/22.]

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The Great Donald J. Trump NAILS IT


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Tonight Donald J. Trump gave his acceptance speech at the Republican national convention in Cleveland, Ohio and he totally knocked it out of the park!

hillary crying insetAfter last night’s backstabbing by dirty rat Lyin’ Ted not fully endorsing Trump, and the continuous hourly media regurgitation of Melania’s speech having a few accidental minor words from Michelle Obama speech back in 2008, the Donald goes onstage to blow everyone away.

I bet the Shillary Clintorious is now crying the blues as we speak. Her lefty desires to turn our land upside down and inside out and her cheap personal ambitions to become the first woman president controlling the great United States of America will soon be over!

The Donald’s long time friend, a business man named Tom Barrack, did a great off-the-cuff speech earlier in the evening telling stories of the Donald as a younger man. I suggest you go to Youtube, find it and watch it. Once you do, you will definitely vote Trump — maybe even quit your job and go work for the Trump campaign for free.

Trump is definitely a breath of fresh air in politics. But he’s more than that — he’s the real deal, a bona fide true patriot and leader. Only someone with his kind of money could possibly get to where he’s at now. Let’s take advantage of it: He might be the last chance America has to really fix things. Hillary Clinton is a complete lying joke and nowhere near the greatness of “The Donald.”

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Dirty Jews Embarrass Melania To Get At Trump

Melania Trump Plagiarism – The Real Scandal

From DAVID DUKE [who the brainwashing Jews ALWAYS make sure to add “former Grand Pooh-Bah in the KKK” to his name so people know to hate him — INCOG]

Since I made this video I have analyzed the whole silly scandal and the inescapable logic that this was intentional sabotage and treachery.

Israel’s Mossad has a motto: it is “By deception Thou Shalt Wage War.”

We know the Jewish establishment of both the NeoCon right and Democratic Left despise Donald Trump. Jewish pollster Finkelstein says that Donald Trump is the most unpopular candidate for President among Jews since David Duke’s race of 1992!

Nobody could have been so stupid as to make about five or six common quotes out of Michele Obama’s Demo convention speech just a few years before and put it Melania Trump’s speech and not think it would get exposed!

This is a con job, sabotage, political character assassination plan from the get go!

Also, it seems as though the operative set up Melania, by leaking it to other Jewish media insiders who repeatedly asked her about the speech before she gave it prodding her to suggest that she came up with most of it but was helped a little by the speechwriter.

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Beautiful Melania Trump NAILS IT


By Phillip Marlowe

God, it’s going to be so good to see that ugly-as-hell sheboon, Michelle Obongo leave the White House. Special Servpro teams (the best minds in the company should immediately be tasked) are going to have to be contracted out on the morning of January 20th, to steam clean, fumigate, radiation and UV light blast the entire upstairs area where gorilla woman and her mother stunk up the place. Hell, a fresh coat of paint and retiling the bathrooms might not be such a bad idea, either.

michelle versus jackie O insetAll joking aside, I remember back in the fall of 2007, immediately after Obongo boy was elected (a truly horrible day in American history), the traitorous media actually had the nerve to say she would be just like John F. Kennedy’s wife, Jackie, in the class department. Hell, the manipulating mothers were comparing Obongo himself with FDR before he even served one single day in office.

And we all know how that turned out, don’t we?

Anyway, Melania Trump, the beautiful super model from Slovenia who married the Trumpster back in 2005 (wealth does have it’s perks), gave a speech tonight at the Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The poor woman must have been nervous as hell, but she handled it with poise and conviction. This lady is light years beyond Michelle Obama — and not only in the looks department, either. She’s a total class act. Smart, too. She’s fluent in 5 languages and studied Architecture. Michelle is a secretly disbarred failed lawyer who can speak English and Ebonics.

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Pathetic Loser Boy Bush Attacking Trump — STILL

WHEN WILL THIS BUSH CLOWN STFUCuck Loser Jeb Bush Claims That Trump Won’t Build A Wall, Won’t Ban Moslems And Created Alternate Reality


LITTLE JEBBIE SNACK CAKESThe pathetic cuck loser and Mexican midget fucker Jeb Bush has claimed that Donald Trump created an alternate reality. He further claimed that Trump won’t build a wall and won’t ban Moslems.

Even if Trump achieves just 10% of his stated agenda, his presidency will be the greatest of my entire lifetime. That’s how poor our leadership has been.

Jeb is nothing but a butt hurt whiner. If he became President he would have done the bidding of his donors and special interests. He’d be no different than his war criminal brother and war criminal father.

This man is a total faggot and a dishonorable liar. He’s refused to honor the pledge he made to support whoever became the GOP’s presidential nominee. That alone speaks volumes about his integrity. He should just come out and endorse Hillary Clinton at this rate. That’s effectively what he is doing by conducting these bull shit interviews.

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Blacks “Hate Crime” White People All The Time

WHITE FEMALE VICTIMRight when you’re getting murdered, it matters not a whit the reasons why. You just want to live. Violent, criminal blacks kill perfectly innocent Whites in horrible ways all the time. They hated and killed us back then, as well as today, regardless of being a liberal or not. They simply don’t care. Sometimes they kill us just for fun. The real people behind the “narrative” don’t want us Whites to “get it” about the evil black race — before it’s too late. (INCOG)

Ebony Mag Editor Claims ‘Hate Crimes Can’t Be Committed Against White People’


Ebony Magazine’s Jamilah Lemieux

White-hating Jamilah DING DONG bitch doesn’t think Whites can be victims of “hate crimes.” Total lying BS. Blacks murder us White people all the time — often just because we’re White. (INCOG)

Fun “fact” according to the editor of Ebony Magazine: Apparently hate crimes can’t be perpetrated against Caucasians, so if a black person starts screaming about wanting to kill white cops, then shoots a dozen of them killing five, it somehow magically isn’t a hate crime… because, you know, they’re white.

Via Daily Caller:

On Wednesday, Ebony Magazine’s Jamilah Lemieux criticized the use of the phrase “hate crime” in association with the five white Dallas police officers who were killed claiming that using the phrase with a “majority group… gets into very tricky territory.”

Appearing on “CNN Newsroom” with guest host Ana Cabrera, Lemieux said, “I have to say, I would not describe hate crime as the most comfortable word choice, considering these circumstances. There’s so much that we do not know about what took place, what motivated this person. We only have the one account of law enforcement. We haven’t had the opportunity to really look into his history in a meaningful way.”


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Hypocrite Headquarters Rejects Ivanka’s Rabbi

THE HYPOCRITES DONT CARE ABOUT IVANKA'S CONVERSIONThe nation wrecking Jews are absolutely the planet’s biggest hypocrites — no doubt whatsoever. It’s always “one law for Jews, another for us Goyim hoi polloi.” Because of “PC” and Jew media ownership, they get away with it, too. (INCOG)

Israel Rejects “Trump Rabbi” Status


Haskel Lookstein

Haskel Lookstein. Doing conversions is a big money-making scam operation for some rabbis, but most Jews don’t believe converts are racially real Jews — making a lie of it being “just another religion.” It’s actually a worldwide crime family. (INCOG)

Israel’s “Jews-only” marriage laws are in focus once again with the news that the Jewish state has rejected the authority of the so-called “Trump rabbi” — Haskel Lookstein — to conduct conversions.

Although the ruling was made in a separate case, it means that Ivanka Trump’s 2009 conversion to Judaism has now been rejected by Judaism’s supreme religious authorities.

As reported in the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, another of Rabbi Lookstein’s American converts — named only as Nicole — tried to get married in Israel to a Jew, but her application was rejected because it was ruled that she was not a Jew.

Israeli marriage law says that Jews can only marry other Jews, a measure put in place to preserve the purity of the Jewish race in that state.

For this purpose, the Chief Rabbinate decides who is a Jew and who is not, and that decision is taken on a case-by-case process which includes consulting with Jewish religious organizations all over the world.

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Let’s “ALL” Have a Conversation About Race!

WHITE GIRL GOING CRAZY OVER MORE PC BSThe White-hating hypocrites are trying to drive America INSANE!

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

You’ve all heard this line of bull before. Plenty of times. What it really means is: “let’s tell you White people what WE WANT YOU to think, and you still can’t say JACK — other than repeating the same line of White-hating guilt BS we’ve been feeding you 24/7 on TV and the movies for the last 70 years or so — that blacks are always so innocent and victimized unjustly by White people and cops.” You know the routine.

Meanwhile, they will keep brainwashing our children until they become complete pussified automatons marching along with the “black lives matter” demonstrators and stupidly vote for the latest Globalist Jew-approved candidates who are forced to continue playing along with this never-ending charade or risk non-stop media attacks as being racist and another Hitler so the Jews don’t have a heart attack.

You know what really, really sucks? I mean really sucks. It’s the fact that some little guy like me is out here in the middle of Internet nowhere having to talk about this kind of thing; when in a normal universe, you would see other Whites much better looking than me (OK, maybe only a little) getting to voice our race’s concerns in a public venue, huh? It’s now totally obvious what the real deal is. You would have to be dumber than an iron wedge not to see it. For crying out loud!

Get this and get it good, White people: Us Whites don’t have a voice. By using “PC,” they’ve completely shackled our race, taped-up our mouths with liberal, multicult, diversity stinking Duct tape — while the White-haters were installed on the high ground like they are always so innocent and ever-so-oppressed by racist Whitey. We can’t even state facts and figures should they conflict with what these creeps are ramming down our throats, even stuff that’s obvious as hell. It’s effin’ GD joke, is what it is!

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The Problem is NOT White People

LAST WORDS OF DAVID BURKEWhat David Burke darkly announced to the pilots of PSA flight 1771 right before he shot both dead in the cockpit with a large caliber .44 magnum and nosed the plane over into a death dive that killed 42 completely innocent passengers in 1987. Even back then, the traitorous media protected the black race — you hardly heard a word about such horrific crimes committed at their hands since the media always worked to protect the worthless bastards. Get real: This is a violent and criminal race.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Micah Xavier Johnson, the black militant who set out to kill White people last night in Dallas, Texas. Here he's seen doing the black power salute while wearing an African dashiki -- not invented until White Europeans brought them the cotton gin.

Micah Xavier Johnson, the black militant who set out to kill White people last night in Dallas, Texas. Here he’s seen doing the black power salute while wearing an African dashiki — not invented until White Europeans brought them the cotton gin in the 19th century.

Last night some black psycho (right) in Dallas, Texas, shot 14 and killed 5 cops in vicious ambush attack. At first they thought two black male friends and one black female helped by driving him in a German Mercedes up to his sniper’s perch in a parking garage before trying to make a getaway on a nearby White-invented interstate. Of course, any black allies found will try to say they “dindu nuffin.” Don’t they always?

Once again blacks are now going ape after a couple were shot by cops. But let me tell you a little something, something: Blacks get in conflict with cops all the time — doesn’t really matter the cop’s race (the one in Minnesota was Hispanic). Why? Because blacks try to get away, or fight back and cops get nervous as hell around them. Blacks will pull out guns out of nowhere and start blasting away in a moment. They kill White cops all the time.

The reason you’re now seeing all these cell phone vids of blacks getting roughed up or killed by cops put up immediately on TV is because the media is obviously trying to spark an Anti-White race war in America. Most definitely.*

The black race has always been out of control. Everybody knows it. Even blacks know it. Blacks have always been brutal and violent. All you got to do is watch the A&E show “The First 48” to see how blacks truly act. They are constantly killing each other and often us decent White people, too. They are a murderous race. Arson, drugs, whoring, gambling, robbery, rape, petty theft, corruption, rioting, looting and just general mayhem in the streets round off the daily behavior of these so-called “people.”

It’s perfectly understandable why so many Whites now hate this worthless, criminal race.

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Dumb Negro Asks FBI Head About Daily Stormer

IDIOT CONGRESSMAN WILLIAM LACY CLAYINCOG NOTES: These Negroes they put in government sound just like some kind of charactor from that old Amos and Andy show back in the day. It’s amazing how moronic this race can be. And it’s also a crying shame us White people have to pretend they are worth a crap. During one of these BS congressional hearings, a totally idiotic Negro congressman (Hank Johnson D-GA) was seriously worried the island of Guam was in danger of capsizing after additional US troops were stationed there.* The race is truly retarded!

LOL – Monkey Congressman Asks FBI Director Comey About The Daily Stormer During Clinton E-Mail Hearing


I’ve been watching the congressional hearings where the FBI Director James Comey is being questioned about the Hillary e-mail server fiasco. Most of the idiotic Black Democrats who are asking questions have been complaining to Comey about racism, Blacks being killed by White police officers, hate crimes etc.. to waste time during the hearing.

One of the Blacks specifically asked the FBI Director about Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer website. I laughed 6,000,000 times when this happened.

The clip is below. I’m sure Andrew will comment about this one further but this is some really funny shit. The Alt-Right has become such a political force that we have Negroes in Congress whining to the top man at the FBI about what we are doing.

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A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel

Mashkevitch_and__Elie_WieselThe Zio Jew-owned media made a big deal when Elie Wiesel died last week. But since he was big member in the Zionist Jew mafia, reports didn’t breathe a word about him being exposed as a HUGE liar many times over the years. Seen here with his Jew wife and Alexander Mashkevitch (right) — a billionaire honcho in the World Jewish Congress who was arrested in 2010 for pimping out under-aged Eastern European sex slave babes to rich Jew buds like OJ Jew lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, aboard a rented yacht off Turkey. Did Wiesel pay a visit? Don’t know, but they all look like they have nice Mediterranean tans in the above photo, huh? These Jew rats are giant scam artists milking the holocaust BS and laughing all the way to the bank — the Jew bank. [INCOG]

By Robert Faurisson


No photo exists of Wiesel’s supposed Auschwitz tattoo, no matter how many times people have asked him to show it. (INCOG)

Elie Wiesel won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. He is generally accepted as a witness to the Jewish “Holocaust,” and, more specifically, as a witness to the legendary Nazi extermination gas chambers. The Paris daily Le Monde emphasized at the time that Wiesel was awarded the Nobel Prize because: [1]

These last years have seen, in the name of so-called “historical revisionism,” the elaboration of theses, especially in France, questioning the existence of the Nazi gas chambers and, perhaps beyond that, of the genocide of the Jews itself.

But in what respect is Elie Wiesel a witness to the alleged gas chambers? By what right does he ask us to believe in that means of extermination? In an autobiographical book that supposedly describes his experiences at Auschwitz and Buchenwald, he nowhere mentions the gas chambers. [2] He does indeed say that the Germans executed Jews, but … by fire; by throwing them alive into flaming ditches, before the very eyes of the deportees! No less than that!

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This 4th of July Vow To Expose The Bastards!

BLACK JEFFERSON AND WASHINGTON IN HAMILTONLook how they get away with all this lying BS, day-in, day-out. Extremely well-paid lefty traitor Charlie Rose pushed this crap on CBS’s “60 Minutes” like it was so great.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Are you angry, WHITE people, yet? Well, you ought to be. The White-haters are busy turning our lands inside out and more perverted by the day. They want to turn the White race into a powerless, spat-upon minority, totally twisted up in the head. Why? Because they can, that’s why. They know they can scream “RACIST,” the minute any of us speaks out. Hell, they actively work to silence and censor us anywhere, should we dare.

America was the creation of brilliant WHITE CHRISTIAN MEN. They don’t like that fact one bit. Never have. They fully realize blacks have never been responsible for any real civilization or big thinking anywhere on the planet, including Africa. Now they got to go and make crap up. And then act like we won’t notice.

OK, so they used slave labor building the White House and picking cotton. Like, BFD. And so what if a few of them can speak without using idiot Ghetto Ebonics on TV or at work, where they replaced a much more capable White person due to Affirmative Action — a racist anti-White effort to install them in power over us. Pay attention and you’ll see that’s exactly the deal. Us WHITES are getting totally ripped-off.

That doesn’t give them the right to rewrite the history of our race. The WHITE race. The greatest race to ever walk the planet. Everybody knows it. That’s why they hate us so much — because they were not born WHITE! Notice how those called “good looking” usually have WHITE, Caucasian features, because of stolen WHITE genetics. Tell you anything?

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Bloodsucking Alien Parasites Killing America

ZIONIST JEW FACE HUGGER ON THE STATUE OF LIBERTYIt’s like an alien species has a head-lock on America!

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

So, I’m sitting on the can the other day taking care of my morning business. I know, I know — like you care about all that. Too much information, right? Well, I had a bizarre mental and real world coincidence while sitting right there on the sh*tter thinking about crap other than literal crap. My world is so weird. Or maybe I’m just weird? Hell if I know.

I’ve got my handy little vaping device to toke a few long smoky hits so the place doesn’t stink up so bad. My cup of black coffee is sitting on the sink counter just to my right. Yeah, yeah, I’m a big “regular guy,” alright. Women (entire life plural) have found my daily “regularity” a humorous topic for some reason. I think it must be jealousy since so many of them seemed so bunged up with constipation all the time.

I had one girlfriend so jammed up plumbing-wise she couldn’t go for days on end, for real. Man, that woman sure could get bitchy!*

While I was sitting there taking care of matters, I’m contemplating the wonderful world of PARASITES. Somebody came here on my site just the other day and dropped a comment asking if anyone reading here might know the online link to this book PDF on you-know-who as parasites. There’s been quite a few smart folks seeing the metaphor of “them” as parasites of the White race long, long before little old moi came to the same conclusions.

Read on my droogies.

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INSANE! Trannys Now Allowed in US Military

US GAY BRIGADE 3This just in to the INCOG news bureau: Ash Carter, secretary of defense for mulatto boy, Obongo (who might be a big secret homo boy himself), has just announced the US military will lift ban on transgenders OPENLY serving in the US military. God knows what kind of freaks will now try to get in. Our military is going to be the laughing stock of the planet. American POWs are going to get raped by the enemy just to mock our country. They already allowed your general sodomite sickos to get in and dykish women to serve in combat roles. Are they GD insane?

Can you believe the BS now going on?

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Dyson Says Trump People are WHITE Supremacists


By Phillip Marlowe

You can now watch how the liberal, globalist media has gotten a bit worried since the Brits voted for BREXIT. They have been doing reports left and right on how bad a decision it was by evil White Brits to leave the EU. They act like it’s the doings of White racism — anything against immigration and globalism MUST be bad.

I should hope you recognize exactly where the media stands in all this. It really is a “MEDIA/GLOBALIST BANKING complex,” versus what Eisenhower once said — right when he was getting out for good — warning us about a “military/industrial complex.”

Michael Eric Dyson, the big blowhard black who memorized every big word he could to advance himself in a brainwashed White PC world, said today on ABC’s “This Week” that Trump’s success is only due to WHITE RACIST SUPREMACIST NATIONALISM. But the lousy creep is only voicing what the dirty rat Marxist Hillary people want to get out there.

This Dyson guy is such a huge buffoon it used to be hilarious to watch him using ridiculously big words left and right like he was so intelligent. I believe someone has since alerted him to how he was being laughed at and is now working hard to dial back his wordy black BS. He’s still a big fat horse’s ass, as you can tell. But he’s not the only horse’s ass out there these days — read on.


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Victory! British Whites Vote To Leave European Union

BRIT WAVING THE FLAGVictory! British Media Declares Leave Has Won The EU Referendum


White British men and women, today you have done a great deed that will echo throughout the ages, with your descendants hundreds of years into the future now fated to sing of your heroism in the face of Communist and Jewish aggression and manipulation.

Thanks to your efforts, and despite the baggage provided by the top cucks of Scotland, Great Britain will move into the future on the road to full independence from the European Union and its genocidal policies.

Hopefully all of our Brit readers fought through the dreadful weather and cast their ballots today, in order that they will have a great story to tell to their children and grandchildren in years to come.

Now, while there is great work to still do in the immediate future, at least the first step has been taken, and the formerly-hardened facade of the EU has at last been cracked likely beyond repair.

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Wacko Jacko Kept Huge Stash of Child/Torture Porn


From Daily Stormer

michael-jackson-young inset

A young Michael Jackson. There were actually idiots out there who insisted Jackson never bleached his skin nor had cosmetic surgery to look White. If you said so, they screamed “racist!” Total BS. (INCOG)

I remember when this was all happening. All these people were defending him, saying he’d never do it, even though it was obvious he did it.


Around Blacks, never relax – even if they’ve changed their skin color!

And around fags, watch your backs!

Daily Mail:

Michael Jackson was found to have a sizable collection of pornographic material at his Neverland Ranch in 2003 according to police reports cataloging the property following a search of the residence.

Many of these books and videos are also detailed in court papers from the time, submitted after a young boy came forward claiming that he had been sexually abused and assaulted by the singer on multiple occasions.

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Sometimes The Law Needs To… HANG ‘EM HIGH!


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

United States of America, Prattville, Alabama, 2016 Anno Domini: In the space of only 48 hours, local blacks in totally unrelated criminal acts, kill two perfectly innocent White people in a little nowhere Southern burg. Probably a place not a whole lot different from Andy Griffith’s Mayberry. Or used to be, anyways.

Black 72 year-old murder victim, Carol Parker Nunnery.

Black murder victim, 72 year-old Carol Parker Nunnery. What on God’s Green Earth makes these evil bastards commit crimes like this?

On May 22, John Michael Taylor, 56, was found clinging to life out in the street with a bullet to his chest. The poor man soon died. Seems two 14 and 15 year-old chimp teens and an adult Negro (photo below) robbed and fired a round into the guy for reasons unknown — maybe because he was a White person and they didn’t get enough money out of him. I couldn’t even find one single photo of the murdered man published in the traitorous GD lousy local media. It’s like the guy never existed. The media liberals don’t care.

Then just a couple of days later, Carol Parker Nunnery, a locally beloved 72 year-old White woman and civic leader, was found murdered outside of town near a swamp. The cause of death was “…by a blunt object and/or vehicle….” which means her corpse must have looked pretty messed the hell up. Apparently, her black killer ran back and forth over the woman with her own car. There’s also a good chance the dirty animal beat and raped her before killing her. No telling when it comes to these brutal, murderous bastards since the media fails to cover black-on-White crime to any extent. Blacks do this crap all the time to elderly White women.

People ask me in my moderated comments section here, or sometimes in real life: “why are you so hateful of the poor oppressed Negro, INCOG MAN?” Uh, brainiacs, these filthy apes are GD murderous that’s why, moron!

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Pussy NY Jew Writer Pushing Anti-Gun Propaganda

Gersh Kuntzman Faggoty JewPussy Jew Writer Trembles In Fear At The Sound Of An AR-15 Rifle Being Shot


A Jew by the name of (((Gersh Kuntzman))) has written an article for the NY Daily News crying about how scary the sound of an AR-15 rifle is.

What a weirdo faggot this Jew is. The article he wrote was bad enough but look at the above picture I found of him. Only a sick Jew would put an image of themselves on a projector screen like that. He should be stuffed in a concentration camp and used as a case study for mental derangement.

Let him know how you feel about his article and messed up behavior @gershkuntzman.

From NY Daily News:

It felt to me like a bazooka — and sounded like a cannon.

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Orlando Homocaust… Or is it Homo-HOAX?

SANDY HOOK JEW FALSE FLAGI’m not saying any of these mass shooting “events” did NOT happen (as in real people getting killed); just exactly how they happened is questionable. It’s hard to understand but the devious creeps behind the curtain believe the ends justify the means — no matter what they have to do to bring about their “Agenda.” Since they own the media, they think they can fully get away with murder. The victims were what I call, “convenient collateral pawns.” Think about it. (INCOG)

Orlando Shooting: Still No Evidence

By Paul Craig Roberts

In response to my challenge ( http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/06/13/orlando-shooting-paul-craig-roberts/ ) readers report that they have found no evidence of bodies or blood. One person reports that a TV station posted names of some victims, which is the way the absence of Sandy Hook bodies was handled.

One person who said he is a veteran said the AR-15 can have a 30-round clip. That would mean four reloadings in order to shoot 103 people. The veteran said that the rifle can be reloaded in 5 seconds: one clip is dropped out, another put in, and the bolt released. But 5 seconds is not fast enough to prevent being rushed. Remember, sprinters can cover 100 yards—300 feet—in less than 10 seconds. Ordinary people who are not couch potatoes can cover 300 feet in 20 seconds. That means they can cover 150 feet in 10 seconds or 75 feet in 5 seconds or 15 feet in 1 second.. In the crowded club, people were likely no more than 10 feet from the shooter, 20 feet at the most. Moreover, if there is only one shooter, he can be rushed in an arc that he cannot possibly cover. It is difficult to imagine that there were no veterans in the club, no people aware that guns run out of bullets and have to be reloaded and that so many people would miss four opportunities to disarm the shooter. It is hard to imagine that none of the hundreds of people present were capable of presence of mind. Bottles could be thrown at him, glasses, chairs. And no one did anything?

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CNN Jew Dyke Slimes Whites After Muzzy Homocaust

SALLY KOHN EVIL WHITE PRIVILEGEDegenerate Kike Dyke Sally Kohn Slams White Christians And Defends Islam After Homocaust


The Jew media had a fit when college swimmer Brock Turner got slapped on the wrist for rape. Do you know how often black college football players get away with raping drunk White girls? All the time. (INCOG)

Jew media is still having a fit over White guy college swimmer, Brock Turner, getting slapped on the wrist for rape. But do you know how often black college football players get away with gang-raping drunk White girls? Happens all the time. (INCOG)

The degenerate kike dyke (((Sally Kohn))) has gone out of her way to slam White Christians and defend Islam after the recent Orlando homocaust.

Truly comical stuff here. Islam is a philosophy that advocates killing homosexuals like herself. Yet even after an Islamist kills nearly 50 faggots in a shooting rampage she defends their philosophical beliefs and says that the shooter was just one bad apple.

Worse yet, is she attempted to deflect attention to White Christians pointing out a small handful of incidents at abortion clinics. It doesn’t seem to matter to her that the number of  White Christians who have killed people at abortion clinics over the past several decades is an infinitely small number compared to just the faggots that were killed in the homocaust.

This bitch is scatter-brained mentally ill Jewess. It is hard to believe that in real life this insane dyke is given a platform on a major news network.

If you wish to read her psychotic Jew thoughts check out @sallykohn. Be sure to tell her to take a one-way trip to Tel Aviv. She is not welcome in America.

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Orlando Fag Bar Massacre: Libtards Now Going Crazy


By Phillip Marlowe

Ever since that Muzzie Mudslime shot up a pervert nightclub in Orlando Florida, the TV has been going bat crap crazy. Oh, right, the Afghani killer was born here — making him a US citizen. Notice how the TV told us that from the very minute they knew who he was.

They did the same thing with the killers in Paris, France, last year. They make sure to say these terrorists are citizens of our countries in the lame attempt we don’t associate in our minds immigration with acts of mayhem. Yeah, right, all these dirty Hajis are American, French, British, Swedish, German. Sure. Whatever you say. Funny how these liberals and Jew rats are all for letting violent non-White races move over here into our lands.

I’ve been to a few of these fag nightclubs before. One was back in my crazy college days when I was going out with this super cute little honey with red hair she wore in a “prince valiant” cut. She was a student in the painting and print-making department and sometimes liked to “walk on the wild side.” The things I’ve done for love.

Anyway, she took me to this after-hours homo club (can’t remember the name off hand) where you could join and bring your own bottle to keep behind the bar with your name on a piece of tape. They would provide the mixers. Since local city bars could only be open till 2AM, they came up with a clever legal workaround so you could drink and dance into the wee hours of the morning. Of course I joined on the spot!

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Jews Fanning Feminism To Destroy Our Race

Mercedes Reichstein wants Germany Bombed againTrigger Warning: Fanning the Flames of Feminism to Take Focus From Jewish Culpability


Almost no one likes radical feminists. You know the caricature – they are aggressive, loud, often fat, with garishly colored hair, and always blaming men for all of their problems. Yet how many of you actually know some of these women in real life? Perhaps if you are on a college campus, you will be seeing more of this than the average person, but I still doubt it is nearly the problem we are led to believe.jew feminist cartoon inset

While many women (and men) have internalized some of the feminist agenda, I contend that the “in your face” feminism is largely a jewish construct, intended to further drive a wedge between the sexes so that we can be easily divided and conquered. While we are busy blaming each other for petty issues, claiming the patriarchy is responsible for this, or feminism ruined that, our enemies rub their hands and count their shekels.

Due to the manufactured gender war, in addition to welfare that rewards minorities and single moms, White birth rates have been decreasing. This would not be such an alarming concern if the third world, particularly Africa, was not exploding in numbers due to our tax money being used for aid and intervention. Still, this would not be so bad if these massive populations were not being shipped and welcomed into our countries by “our” governments, with this ramping up drastically in the United States and Europe over the past few years.

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