Bloodsucking Alien Parasites Killing America

ZIONIST JEW FACE HUGGER ON THE STATUE OF LIBERTYIt’s like an alien species has a head-lock on America!

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

So, I’m sitting on the can the other day taking care of my morning business. I know, I know — like you care about all that. Too much information, right? Well, I had a bizarre mental and real world coincidence while sitting right there on the sh*tter thinking about crap other than literal crap. My world is so weird. Or maybe I’m just weird? Hell if I know.

I’ve got my handy little vaping device to toke a few long smoky hits so the place doesn’t stink up so bad. My cup of black coffee is sitting on the sink counter just to my right. Yeah, yeah, I’m a big “regular guy,” alright. Women (entire life plural) have found my daily “regularity” a humorous topic for some reason. I think it must be jealousy since so many of them seemed so bunged up with constipation all the time.

I had one girlfriend so jammed up plumbing-wise she couldn’t go for days on end, for real. Man, that woman sure could get bitchy!*

While I was sitting there taking care of matters, I’m contemplating the wonderful world of PARASITES. Somebody came here on my site just the other day and dropped a comment asking if anyone reading here might know the online link to this book PDF on you-know-who as parasites. There’s been quite a few smart folks seeing the metaphor of “them” as parasites of the White race long, long before little old moi came to the same conclusions.

Read on my droogies.

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INSANE! Trannys Now Allowed in US Military

US GAY BRIGADE 3This just in to the INCOG news bureau: Ash Carter, secretary of defense for mulatto boy, Obongo (who might be a big secret homo boy himself), has just announced the US military will lift ban on transgenders OPENLY serving in the US military. God knows what kind of freaks will now try to get in. Our military is going to be the laughing stock of the planet. American POWs are going to get raped by the enemy just to mock our country. They already allowed your general sodomite sickos to get in and dykish women to serve in combat roles. Are they GD insane?

Can you believe the BS now going on?

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Dyson Says Trump People are WHITE Supremacists


By Phillip Marlowe

You can now watch how the liberal, globalist media has gotten a bit worried since the Brits voted for BREXIT. They have been doing reports left and right on how bad a decision it was by evil White Brits to leave the EU. They act like it’s the doings of White racism — anything against immigration and globalism MUST be bad.

I should hope you recognize exactly where the media stands in all this. It really is a “MEDIA/GLOBALIST BANKING complex,” versus what Eisenhower once said — right when he was getting out for good — warning us about a “military/industrial complex.”

Michael Eric Dyson, the big blowhard black who memorized every big word he could to advance himself in a brainwashed White PC world, said today on ABC’s “This Week” that Trump’s success is only due to WHITE RACIST SUPREMACIST NATIONALISM. But the lousy creep is only voicing what the dirty rat Marxist Hillary people want to get out there.

This Dyson guy is such a huge buffoon it used to be hilarious to watch him using ridiculously big words left and right like he was so intelligent. I believe someone has since alerted him to how he was being laughed at and is now working hard to dial back his wordy black BS. He’s still a big fat horse’s ass, as you can tell. But he’s not the only horse’s ass out there these days — read on.


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Victory! British Whites Vote To Leave European Union

BRIT WAVING THE FLAGVictory! British Media Declares Leave Has Won The EU Referendum


White British men and women, today you have done a great deed that will echo throughout the ages, with your descendants hundreds of years into the future now fated to sing of your heroism in the face of Communist and Jewish aggression and manipulation.

Thanks to your efforts, and despite the baggage provided by the top cucks of Scotland, Great Britain will move into the future on the road to full independence from the European Union and its genocidal policies.

Hopefully all of our Brit readers fought through the dreadful weather and cast their ballots today, in order that they will have a great story to tell to their children and grandchildren in years to come.

Now, while there is great work to still do in the immediate future, at least the first step has been taken, and the formerly-hardened facade of the EU has at last been cracked likely beyond repair.

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Wacko Jacko Kept Huge Stash of Child/Torture Porn


From Daily Stormer

michael-jackson-young inset

A young Michael Jackson. There were actually idiots out there who insisted Jackson never bleached his skin nor had cosmetic surgery to look White. If you said so, they screamed “racist!” Total BS. (INCOG)

I remember when this was all happening. All these people were defending him, saying he’d never do it, even though it was obvious he did it.


Around Blacks, never relax – even if they’ve changed their skin color!

And around fags, watch your backs!

Daily Mail:

Michael Jackson was found to have a sizable collection of pornographic material at his Neverland Ranch in 2003 according to police reports cataloging the property following a search of the residence.

Many of these books and videos are also detailed in court papers from the time, submitted after a young boy came forward claiming that he had been sexually abused and assaulted by the singer on multiple occasions.

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Sometimes The Law Needs To… HANG ‘EM HIGH!


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

United States of America, Prattville, Alabama, 2016 Anno Domini: In the space of only 48 hours, local blacks in totally unrelated criminal acts, kill two perfectly innocent White people in a little nowhere Southern burg. Probably a place not a whole lot different from Andy Griffith’s Mayberry. Or used to be, anyways.

Black 72 year-old murder victim, Carol Parker Nunnery.

Black murder victim, 72 year-old Carol Parker Nunnery. What on God’s Green Earth makes these evil bastards commit crimes like this?

On May 22, John Michael Taylor, 56, was found clinging to life out in the street with a bullet to his chest. The poor man soon died. Seems two 14 and 15 year-old chimp teens and an adult Negro (photo below) robbed and fired a round into the guy for reasons unknown — maybe because he was a White person and they didn’t get enough money out of him. I couldn’t even find one single photo of the murdered man published in the traitorous GD lousy local media. It’s like the guy never existed. The media liberals don’t care.

Then just a couple of days later, Carol Parker Nunnery, a locally beloved 72 year-old White woman and civic leader, was found murdered outside of town near a swamp. The cause of death was “…by a blunt object and/or vehicle….” which means her corpse must have looked pretty messed the hell up. Apparently, her black killer ran back and forth over the woman with her own car. There’s also a good chance the dirty animal beat and raped her before killing her. No telling when it comes to these brutal, murderous bastards since the media fails to cover black-on-White crime to any extent. Blacks do this crap all the time to elderly White women.

People ask me in my moderated comments section here, or sometimes in real life: “why are you so hateful of the poor oppressed Negro, INCOG MAN?” Uh, brainiacs, these filthy apes are GD murderous that’s why, moron!

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Pussy NY Jew Writer Pushing Anti-Gun Propaganda

Gersh Kuntzman Faggoty JewPussy Jew Writer Trembles In Fear At The Sound Of An AR-15 Rifle Being Shot


A Jew by the name of (((Gersh Kuntzman))) has written an article for the NY Daily News crying about how scary the sound of an AR-15 rifle is.

What a weirdo faggot this Jew is. The article he wrote was bad enough but look at the above picture I found of him. Only a sick Jew would put an image of themselves on a projector screen like that. He should be stuffed in a concentration camp and used as a case study for mental derangement.

Let him know how you feel about his article and messed up behavior @gershkuntzman.

From NY Daily News:

It felt to me like a bazooka — and sounded like a cannon.

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Orlando Homocaust… Or is it Homo-HOAX?

SANDY HOOK JEW FALSE FLAGI’m not saying any of these mass shooting “events” did NOT happen (as in real people getting killed); just exactly how they happened is questionable. It’s hard to understand but the devious creeps behind the curtain believe the ends justify the means — no matter what they have to do to bring about their “Agenda.” Since they own the media, they think they can fully get away with murder. The victims were what I call, “convenient collateral pawns.” Think about it. (INCOG)

Orlando Shooting: Still No Evidence

By Paul Craig Roberts

In response to my challenge ( ) readers report that they have found no evidence of bodies or blood. One person reports that a TV station posted names of some victims, which is the way the absence of Sandy Hook bodies was handled.

One person who said he is a veteran said the AR-15 can have a 30-round clip. That would mean four reloadings in order to shoot 103 people. The veteran said that the rifle can be reloaded in 5 seconds: one clip is dropped out, another put in, and the bolt released. But 5 seconds is not fast enough to prevent being rushed. Remember, sprinters can cover 100 yards—300 feet—in less than 10 seconds. Ordinary people who are not couch potatoes can cover 300 feet in 20 seconds. That means they can cover 150 feet in 10 seconds or 75 feet in 5 seconds or 15 feet in 1 second.. In the crowded club, people were likely no more than 10 feet from the shooter, 20 feet at the most. Moreover, if there is only one shooter, he can be rushed in an arc that he cannot possibly cover. It is difficult to imagine that there were no veterans in the club, no people aware that guns run out of bullets and have to be reloaded and that so many people would miss four opportunities to disarm the shooter. It is hard to imagine that none of the hundreds of people present were capable of presence of mind. Bottles could be thrown at him, glasses, chairs. And no one did anything?

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CNN Jew Dyke Slimes Whites After Muzzy Homocaust

SALLY KOHN EVIL WHITE PRIVILEGEDegenerate Kike Dyke Sally Kohn Slams White Christians And Defends Islam After Homocaust


The Jew media had a fit when college swimmer Brock Turner got slapped on the wrist for rape. Do you know how often black college football players get away with raping drunk White girls? All the time. (INCOG)

Jew media is still having a fit over White guy college swimmer, Brock Turner, getting slapped on the wrist for rape. But do you know how often black college football players get away with gang-raping drunk White girls? Happens all the time. (INCOG)

The degenerate kike dyke (((Sally Kohn))) has gone out of her way to slam White Christians and defend Islam after the recent Orlando homocaust.

Truly comical stuff here. Islam is a philosophy that advocates killing homosexuals like herself. Yet even after an Islamist kills nearly 50 faggots in a shooting rampage she defends their philosophical beliefs and says that the shooter was just one bad apple.

Worse yet, is she attempted to deflect attention to White Christians pointing out a small handful of incidents at abortion clinics. It doesn’t seem to matter to her that the number of  White Christians who have killed people at abortion clinics over the past several decades is an infinitely small number compared to just the faggots that were killed in the homocaust.

This bitch is scatter-brained mentally ill Jewess. It is hard to believe that in real life this insane dyke is given a platform on a major news network.

If you wish to read her psychotic Jew thoughts check out @sallykohn. Be sure to tell her to take a one-way trip to Tel Aviv. She is not welcome in America.

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Orlando Fag Bar Massacre: Libtards Now Going Crazy


By Phillip Marlowe

Ever since that Muzzie Mudslime shot up a pervert nightclub in Orlando Florida, the TV has been going bat crap crazy. Oh, right, the Afghani killer was born here — making him a US citizen. Notice how the TV told us that from the very minute they knew who he was.

They did the same thing with the killers in Paris, France, last year. They make sure to say these terrorists are citizens of our countries in the lame attempt we don’t associate in our minds immigration with acts of mayhem. Yeah, right, all these dirty Hajis are American, French, British, Swedish, German. Sure. Whatever you say. Funny how these liberals and Jew rats are all for letting violent non-White races move over here into our lands.

I’ve been to a few of these fag nightclubs before. One was back in my crazy college days when I was going out with this super cute little honey with red hair she wore in a “prince valiant” cut. She was a student in the painting and print-making department and sometimes liked to “walk on the wild side.” The things I’ve done for love.

Anyway, she took me to this after-hours homo club (can’t remember the name off hand) where you could join and bring your own bottle to keep behind the bar with your name on a piece of tape. They would provide the mixers. Since local city bars could only be open till 2AM, they came up with a clever legal workaround so you could drink and dance into the wee hours of the morning. Of course I joined on the spot!

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Jews Fanning Feminism To Destroy Our Race

Mercedes Reichstein wants Germany Bombed againTrigger Warning: Fanning the Flames of Feminism to Take Focus From Jewish Culpability


Almost no one likes radical feminists. You know the caricature – they are aggressive, loud, often fat, with garishly colored hair, and always blaming men for all of their problems. Yet how many of you actually know some of these women in real life? Perhaps if you are on a college campus, you will be seeing more of this than the average person, but I still doubt it is nearly the problem we are led to believe.jew feminist cartoon inset

While many women (and men) have internalized some of the feminist agenda, I contend that the “in your face” feminism is largely a jewish construct, intended to further drive a wedge between the sexes so that we can be easily divided and conquered. While we are busy blaming each other for petty issues, claiming the patriarchy is responsible for this, or feminism ruined that, our enemies rub their hands and count their shekels.

Due to the manufactured gender war, in addition to welfare that rewards minorities and single moms, White birth rates have been decreasing. This would not be such an alarming concern if the third world, particularly Africa, was not exploding in numbers due to our tax money being used for aid and intervention. Still, this would not be so bad if these massive populations were not being shipped and welcomed into our countries by “our” governments, with this ramping up drastically in the United States and Europe over the past few years.

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Media Jews Turn Ancient Hero Into Magic Negro


By Phillip Marlowe

"Roots" producer Mark Wolper. Daddykins was David Wolper, the Jew responsible for "Roots" brainwashing back in the 1970's. Subversive Jew creeps like this punk have been busy jacking the homies and White liberals for decades. It's little wonder so much BS is going on!

The head producer of the 2016 “Roots” White-hating extravaganza was a Jew named Mark Wolper. Daddy-kins was David Wolper, behind the first “Roots” brainwashing back in the 70’s. Media Jews like these two have been busy jacking homies and White libtards for decades now. This is why America is going straight to hell with immorality, globalism and immigration.

The brainwashing Jews at the so-called “History” Channel have done it again! The other night they ran a BS show called “Barbarians Rising,” where they felt quite free to turn an ancient historical figure, the North African Carthaginian general, Hannibal, into a sub-Saharan Negro. Total… unmitigated… BULL CACA.

Hannibal was well known at the time to be half Phoenician and half Iberian. The Phoenicians were a mixed eastern Mediterranean race — a Semitic and Greek bunch, more or less. Hannibal would have looked like a cross between maybe a Lebanese and Spanish guy, since Iberia was Eastern Spain and the people there were Indo-Europeans and Celtic tribes down from Europe.

No way would Hannibal have looked like the White-hating criminal race that have long turned America’s cities into crime-ridden, murderous crapholes and so freely live off the government dole.

These brainwashing Media Jews spent practically the entire last week jacking the homies with White-hating slavery crap in the series “Roots.” They ran all the episodes about a million times on several national cable channels, in addition to doing follow-up slavery documentaries and behind-the-scenes crap, featuring Jew faggots like Mark Wolper spouting more BS about ancient Africa being oh-so-great and how terrible the poor Negroes were treated by us evil White people.

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Crooked Hillary Violated US National Security Laws


By Patrick Howley @BREITBART

Hillary Clinton posted and shared the names of concealed U.S. intelligence officials on her unprotected email system.

Federal records reveal that Clinton swapped these highly classified names on an email account that was vulnerable to attack and was breached repeatedly by Russia-linked hacker attempts. These new revelations — reminiscent of the Valerie Plame scandal during George W. Bush’s tenure — could give FBI investigators the evidence they need to make a case that Clinton violated the Espionage Act by mishandling national defense information through “gross negligence.”

Numerous names cited in Clinton’s emails have been redacted in State Department email releases with the classification code “B3 CIA PERS/ORG,” a highly specialized classification that means the information, if released, would violate the Central Intelligence Act of 1949.

The State Department produced a document to Judicial Watch in April 2014 that identifies different types of “(b)(3)” redactions, including “CIA PERS/ORG,” which it defines as information “Specifically exempted from disclosure by statute … Central Intelligence Act of 1949.”

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Swiss Tunnel Opens with NWO Satanic Ceremony


By Phillip Marlowe

Man, when I saw the video clips of this event held in Switzerland this past week, I could not believe what kind of NWO bull caca I was watching. Tell me I’m crazy not to suspect this crap is Satanic? The “Illuminati” crowd are going to have a field day with this one!

gotthard_base_tunnelSeems they dug a 35.4 mile tunnel deep under some huge ass Alpine mountains in Switzerland to connect up with the train system going into Germany. This thing is the longest and deepest train tunnel on the planet (that we know about). They did it with those giant round boring machines like they used for building the “Chunnel” between France and Britain and God knows what else. Underground Alien complexes in Arizona or even down to Hell itself?

Anyways, they had a big ceremony marking the completion of this tunnel in Switzerland where Germany’s Angela Merkel, the socialist PM of France, Hollande and I suppose the chief honcho of Switzerland, whoever the hell that dude is, attended (photos below).

The videos show what looks to be two ceremonies (one outside and one down inside the tunnel complex). Both are full of apparently in-your-face Satanic symbology (video embedded below the “continue” button). You have to see it to believe it! They even have some dancer guy wearing something that looks like a Baphomet horned mask (OK, I know it might be an Alpine mountain goat but still). This figure is whirling like a dervish, surrounded by dancing tribal witch doctors.

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SA Passes Law Letting Them Seize White Property

SA PASSES LAW LETTING THEM TAKE WHITE LANDS XPRTSouth Africa: Government to “Legally” Seize Land


The South African parliament has finally passed the law which will allow the ANC government to legally seize white-owned land and hand it over to nonwhites.

The new “Expropriation Act” does away with the previous “willing seller, willing buyer” arrangement which was supposed to prevent a Zimbabwe-style land grab.

The ANC’s aim to “redistribute” land to Africans has proceeded far more slowly than initially planned, mainly because the white owners have almost always been offered payment far below market value and their investment costs.

In fact, in many instances, the amounts offered have not even been sufficient to clear the outstanding debt on a farm, making a sale impossible because it would leave the white owner homeless, unemployed, unemployable, and with a mountain of debt.

As long as the “willing seller, willing buyer” principle remained in place, it was not possible to force the whites off the land.

However, the new law — which now only awaits signature from the country’s president — stipulates that the government can now force the land owner to accept whatever is offered.

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Cincinnatti Zoo Gorilla Boy is BLACK


By Phillip Marlowe

Lordy, this is so rich! Turns out, the 4 year-old who jumped into the Gorilla enclosure, forcing the Cincinnati Zoo people to shoot the Gorilla named “Harambe,” was a black kid.

Because they thought the little boy in the enclosure was White, “black lives matter” militants and idiot “social justice warriors” (SJW) were coming out of the woodwork, screaming that the Gorilla shooting was but another example of “White privilege.” They seriously believed zoo people would immediately make the decision to kill the beast because of evil White supremacy!

To be sure, the video of the event is hard to make out — the kid could indeed be White or black. But a photo of the black parents has since come out and by process of deduction (which us evil racists are so prone), such would make the kid black. While verifying the matter, I found photos of the family on some idiot Hollywood entertainment site. Also, the kid’s father, Deonne Dickerson, has a lengthy criminal history — not so surprising when it comes to this filthy, crime-prone race. The fat sheboon mother, Michelle Gregg (apparently, the two are not married), insists she’s a good mother, even though plenty of witnesses say the kid was telling her he was going in.

Now, back to watching the wonderful “Roots” program across 3 national cable channels, like the so-called “history” channel (plus the High Def versions), repeated a second time at 11pm and again before the next installment in the series. Oh boy, we sure do live in a racist country don’t we?!

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Memorial Day: NEVER FORGET The 53 Jew Dead

ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERSArt by “A. Wyatt Mann,” colorized and type added by INCOG MAN several years ago.

By Benjamin Garland @DAILY STORMER

Some claim that Jews only start wars for goyim but don’t fight in them.

This is a truly vicious anti-Semitic canard.

Sure, Jews may start a bunch of wars, but they most definitely fight in them as well, valiantly. How could, according to the Jewish Daily Forward, 53 of the 6,800 American born soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan (about 1/13 of 1% of the total) have been Jewish if it were otherwise?

You might be thinking that more Jews should’ve volunteered for these wars, considering every single one of them views them as good for Israel, their Jewish homeland, and considering it was Jewish Neocons who started them to push a Jew agenda. This is a very insensitive way of thinking. Have the Jews not suffered enough? It’s not easy to brave a war after already going through a debilitating trauma such as the Holocaust, which is passed down to baby Jews through stress hormones in Jewish breast milk.

Try having your family turned into bars of soap and then see if you’re up for a war to defend your homeland, you heartless goyim.

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World Jewry Got America Into WWI AND WWII


“I am convinced that nearly all wars are caused so that someone will profit and those who profited and those who are profiting now are the International Financiers, the Jews. Gather together the fifty most wealthy Jewish Financiers, the men who create wars for their own profits, control them and you will put an end to it all.” — Henry Ford

By William Anderson

In the years before World War II, the American public had no desire to go to war in either Europe or Asia. We, as Americans, had no interest in warring with Germany, Italy or Japan. Yet America was forced to battle the Axis Powers for four long years at the sole behest of International Jewry.

In fact, World Jewry commenced its War against Germany in 1933, the year Hitler came to power, even before he had time to begin implementing a program for pulling Germany out of its own economic depression. [See headline below dated 3/24/33]

Jewry’s declaration of a “holy war” against Germany was issued by Samuel Untermeyer of the World Jewish Federation who said in the New York “Times” of 7 Aug. 1933 that it would be means of an “economic boycott that will undermine the Hitler regime and bring the German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends.” Furthermore, the Toronto “Evening Telegram” of 26 Feb. 1940 quotes Rabbi Maurice L. Perlzweig of the World Jewish Congress as telling a Canadian audience that “the World Jewish Congress has been at war with Germany for seven years” (i.e. 1933).

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Last Chance for British Sovereignty?


By Phillip Marlowe

Coming up this June 23rd is a vote for Britain to remain or leave the European Union (Britain-EXIT or BREXIT). I know Obama recently told the British people they had better vote against leaving the EU, or else suffer increased terrorism. Sounds like a threat, doesn’t it? Now why would this be?

And all the Jews are all for the European Union. They understand that the EU is a big part of the Jewish New World Order — where they control our lands from behind the scenes. Already, they have been busy with immigration of non-White Third Worlders into our lands and promoting us to breed our race away. Folks, these rats are destroying White nations for the Jewish globalist agenda — no doubt anymore.

What worries me is the vote will be RIGGED to keep Britain in the EU forever, no matter how many come out to vote to leave. Apparently, they just ripped off the electorate in Austria, by illegally counting postal votes without the legally required witnesses. This stole the victory of a conservative, anti-Immigration guy named Norbert Hofer and gave the win to a commie lefty. They might do the same backroom BS to rob Trump this fall and put Shillary in office.

Look, I don’t claim to be an expert on British politics. It’s hard enough keeping up with all the bull inflicted by subversive Jewry on this side of the pond. But I’ve embedded a video below that explains this BREXIT and European Union stuff. I urge everyone to watch it to realize the extent of the HUGE Jewish NWO agenda rip-off.

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CDC: White Racism to Blame for High Black HIV

NIGGER HIV FAGGOTCDC Claims “Racist” And “Homophobic” Whites In The South Are Causing High HIV Rates Among Negroes And Faggots


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control is claiming that “racism” and “homophobia” among White southerners are what’s driving high HIV rates among Negroes and faggots in the South.

That’s right White man, it is your fault that these monkeys and ass pirates have high HIV rates.

Isn’t it refreshing to see that we have intelligent people at the CDC who can see the world from a clear perspective? I was starting to think that they were going to accuse these groids and ass vandals of engaging in risky sexual behavior for this problem. Thank goodness they are properly placing blame on White southerners. Everything bad that ever happens is the fault of White people. It is absurd to say otherwise.

From Daily Caller:

An issue brief published on Tuesday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control claimed that that Southerners’ “racism,” and “homophobia” may be causing high HIV rates in the South that are disproportionately high among African-Americans and homosexuals.

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Facebook Censoring: Just the Tip of The Ice-BERG

MARK ZUCKERBERG JEW HONCHOLooking satisfied with himself, Mark Zuckerberg strolls past a nerdy audience trying out 3-D goggles of some sort. The photo reeks of Matrix-like futuristic control of White people’s brains, illustrating just how International Jewry likes to see our race — plugged into their artificial BS reality and oblivious to their control.

By Phillip Marlowe

Dana Perino. Just because she's a hot little blond mean she's going to risk her cushy little deal.

Dana Perino. Just because she’s a tight little blond babe doesn’t mean she’s going to risk her cushy network dealy by standing up for the White race. TV people all know that’s verboten.

The other day, FOX’s “The Five” was excitedly going on and on about their cast member, Dana Perino, getting asked to join a panel of media people (including huge Zio CUCKoo nutcase, Glenn Beck) to discuss with Mark Zuckerberg that a staff of Facebook editors were “biased” and suppressing stories with conservative viewpoints. Yeah, like anything serious is going to get done.

Perino is that cute little blond who once worked as a spokes-babe for former Zio Cuck prez, Dumbass Dubya. Now she’s on FOX being all cute and sassy for White guys to ogle — distracting far too many of us who can’t seem to think past our wankers when it comes to the artificial reality of Jew TV. Same crap going on with many other TV women like Megyn Kelly.

Don’t take it personally, guys — I got the same horndog weakness, myself.

The whole story of Facebook censoring conservative viewpoints is so stupid I barely paid it much attention. OK, so yeah, a Jew-owned operation is suppressing information that White people would process and come to conclusions the Jews would not like to see among us — as if every other major media platform doesn’t suppress non-PC crap? Please. Hell, they got teams of people deleting non-PC comments on major websites all the time (you can easily experiment with this yourself). For the time being, they can’t come up with reliable automatic computer algorithms to fully enforce PC, because sometimes Jews will say “Heeb” and Negroes will say “Nigger.”

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Jew Fight! Horowitz Calls Kristol “Renegade Jew”



Breitbart published a piece by the Jew David Horowitz naming the Jew William Kristol as a “renegade Jew.”

Despite being written by a Jew, the piece was actually pretty good in that it literally “named the Jew.” At the same time, it of course obfuscated things with the whole “not all Jews” argument.

The overwhelming majority of anti-Trump “conservatives” are Jewish, but there are several Jews going along with Trump, presumably to make it less obvious that the anti-Trump wing is so Jewish, as well as to attempt to co-opt Trump and get him on-board with the Jew agenda.

Appearing on CNN to talk about his Jew plot to run a third party candidate, Kristol was asked about the Breitbart piece. He denied that he’s a Jew renegade, squirming around and calling himself a “proud Jew.”

You all may also be interested to check out the Jew Ben Shapiro’s response to the Breitbart piece. It’s golden.

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Ridiculous: Sweden Declares LOBSTERS Invasive


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

lobster-hiWhen I first read this story about Sweden complaining to the European Union that American lobsters are an INVASIVE SPECIES, it immediately struck me as completely ridiculous considering all the non-White Turd Worlders the traitor government is letting into the country and getting pretty much nothing in return but rioting, welfare dependency and crime.

Are we living in a bizarro world, or what?

The American Maine Lobster Industry has been shipping live lobsters to the European Union for the well-off to eat in hoity-toity seafood restaurants. You’ve probably seen those big aquariums filled with condemned lobsters with their claws pinned closed with a chunk of wood and a rubber band. This allows the wait staff to safely reach in to pick a nice fresh one to boil alive back in the kitchen for customers to eat. I remember being fascinated by those aquariums as a little kid and later on set up some nice ones, both freshwater and salt, over the years. Aquaria is very cool.

Anyway, somebody must have released a few of these evil racist American lobsters into the wild near the shores of Sweden and they might now be reproducing, perhaps threatening native Swedish sea creatures and getting lefty environmentalists torqued — who never, ever seem to care one bit about our lands getting filled with environmentally uncaring Turd Worlders. America has similar ecological problems with nasty species like the Asian carp and vicious Northern Snakehead — snuck into North America by slopehead immigrants wanting to make those smelly fish sauces for their stinking rice bowls like they once enjoyed while squatting Cong-like in the dirt back home in crap land.*

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Restroom Trannyism Means Perverts Anywhere

I DONT'S THINK SO LORETTA LYNCHYou might say I’m resorting to hyperbole by using the photo of the freakazoid on the right, but not really. Ugly perverts like him get off seeing “breeders” (what they call us straight people) disgusted and love showing off how queer they are — wherever they can get away with it. Nothing will stop such sickos (see a few below) from prancing around in public, should the insane “diversity” Marxists get away with foisting this stinking dirty crap upon America.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

The stinking, lousy GD black Attorney General of the United States of America, Loretta Lynch, this week came out on stage to announce a federal lawsuit against the legitimately elected lawmakers of the State of North Carolina simply because of them passing a state law saying you had to use the bathroom of your sex listed on your birth certificate at state facilities. Just yesterday Lynch is ordering ALL US school systems to let anyone who says they were “born in the wrong bodies” go into any bathroom, locker or shower room they so desire. This is crazy. This is crazy.

Let me just say this before I really start getting torqued up and raving away like a lunatic: This tranny business is really because the “powers that be” understand homos are often some seriously nasty-looking freaks in real life. They had to do the tranny “civil rights” stuff immediately after they got their embedded traitor rats in the federal court system to legalize faggot marriage against the will of the people.

This is because the entire Jewy social up-ending and recreation of America means that us decent, moral White people must now “accept” all kinds of nasty nutcases and other races in our faces everywhere we go. Think I’m full of bull caca and just some kind of Internet “conspiracy” nutcase? Then just visit a few rest area fast food restaurants on the New Jersey Turnpike. Folks: It’s nasty out there.

Just imagine living in a country full of nice, clean, decent White people wherever you go, everyone happy and pleasant — instead of angst-ridden fools, disgusting degenerates and all the racial flotsam and jetsam of the entire GD planet. I do believe you will agree with me once you visualize America like it should be. Hell, it used to be a lot like that not too long ago.


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Bush Republicanism is Dead and Gone


By Patrick J. Buchanan

“The two living Republican past presidents, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, have no plans to endorse Trump, according to their spokesmen.” So said the lead story in The Washington Post.

Graceless, yes, but not unexpected. The Bushes have many fine qualities. Losing well, however, is not one of them.

And they have to know, whether they concede it or not, that Trump’s triumph is a sweeping repudiation of Bush Republicanism by the same party that nominated them four times for the presidency.

Not only was son and brother, Jeb, humiliated and chased out of the race early, but Trump won his nomination by denouncing as rotten to the core the primary fruits of signature Bush policies.

Twelve million aliens are here illegally, said Trump, because the Bushes failed to secure America’s borders [I think it’s 20 plus million ILLEGAL ALIENS here –INCOG].

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Nervy Harvard Jew Declares Christians “Defeated”

MARK TUSHNET ANTI-CHRISTIAN JEWBig time Harvard law school professor says the “culture wars” are over and conservative Christians have lost. He implores his liberal cohorts to now feel free to treat us like dogs. These arrogant Jew rats are clearly out of control — possibly even demonic. It constantly amazes and infuriates me that naïve Christian Zionists still support Israel. (INCOG)


His daughter, Eve Tushnet, writes that she's a "conservative catholic lesbian yet against gay marriage." Wacked Jews will come up with practically any weirdness to get attention. No wonder we're now living in a bizarro land!

Daughter, Eve Tushnet, writes that she’s a “conservative catholic lesbian — yet against gay marriage.” Wacked Jews will come up with practically any weirdness to get attention. No wonder we’re living in a bizarro land!

With the evangelical science fiction wing of the Christian movement dying out in the United States, it won’t be long before these people wake up and notice the hooked-nose on all of these people attacking Christianity.

(Here’s the Jew proofs – it’s not in his Wikipedia, for whatever reason.)


A Harvard Law professor is telling his fellow liberals that the culture wars are over and the victorious Left should treat conservative Christians the way the allies treated Germany and Japan after World War II, offering no quarter or clemency.

In an online post, the 70-year-old professor Mark Tushnet (pictured), a surviving member of the old guard of 1960s liberal elites, advises his like-minded minions to unabashedly take up “aggressively liberal positions,” because they will no longer meet resistance, especially after the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

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Trump Shreds Shillary Over Hubby’s Jew Whoring


"Der Fuerher" is giving it to the hypocrite DC creeps with both barrels. Stick it to 'em, Donald! (INCOG)

“Der Fuerher” is giving it to the hypocrite DC creeps with both barrels. Stick it to ’em, Donald!

I, along with so many millions of Americans, have been waiting for this moment to arrive, with Donald Trump beginning his general election campaign with a full-scale artillery bombardment against the Clintons, concentrating on Slick Willy’s history of bedding obese Jewish whores, and seducing, defiling, and blackmailing White women across the world.

From an educated perspective, I’m going to come out and say that this is a brilliant move on the part of the Leader, as it totally eviscerates the claims of the Hilda-Bitch that she is some sort of Feminist light unto the nations.

Her history of inflicting both mental and physical injury on women victimized by the former President is enough to make one sick, and bringing this information into the news cycle should do wonders in balancing out Trump’s support divide between men and women before November.


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Get Used to Non-stop “Trump is a Nazi” BS!


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

To mix things up a little, the liberals will also portray the guy as Benito Mussolini. It's a bonanza for Photoshop people!

To mix things up a little, Jews and liberals will also portray Trump as Il Duce, Benito Mussolini — the original fascist. Photoshop people at liberal media outlets and websites are now working overtime!

This whole craziness over Trump revolves around one thing: Jews are scared of Trump becoming the vanguard to a new fascism in the United States. And it’s not just “liberal” Jews, either. All kinds of supposedly so conservative Jews are also against Trump, like Jonah Goldberg (God, I can’t stand that Fu Manchu tubby Jew rat one bit), Bill Krystol and that turtle-faced Jewboy on FOX, Charles Krauthammer.

All these bastards are part of the Jew-Zionist power structure long using America for Israel’s agenda and getting the Muzzies torqued as hell. Jews have no problem seeing Goyim cannon fodder killed in foreign wars in God-forsaken Mideast crapholes.

Jews are totally wacked. You won’t hear the US media say one solitary word about Jewish paranoia; it’s really deeply infused in Jewish psychology. Jews sometimes even joke about it among themselves. But they don’t care if their psychoses are ruining America — a creation of Christian White men and the greatest democratic country of all time. All they care about is keeping the US as a playground for Jewry — no matter how morally filthy and greedy Jews become.

The Jews, Hillary people and liberal media will jack the “Trump is an evil Nazi” analogy to new heights — targeting PC brainwashed morons among the general electorate, who know little about Jews in the first place — just that their self-serving preachers call them “Chosen Ones” and Hitler evilly gassed millions of ever-so-innocent Jews during WWII. They will especially target radical feminist women and the “always oppressed” minorities for PC propaganda. They are ramping this all up to a fervor as we speak.

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Gnome-like Negro Kills Human When She Says No

HUNTOON MURDER MONTAGEHer bereaved mother set up a “Go Fund Me” page where you can make contributions. She might call me a “racist” for doing this story but that’s only because us Whites have been so brainwashed about these violent ugly animals over the decades. Forgive me, I do this site to awaken fellow Whites to what’s truly going on.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

OK, I don’t know for absolutely, positively sure that’s what happened (how can anyone but God, the victim, or the perp really know?), but most likely the ape tried to come on to the woman considering the brief facts gleaned from local media websites (you certainly don’t expect seeing anything about it nationally).

Jeanne Lyn Huntoon, 34 — a friendly, occasionally homeless woman — was leaving a parking garage in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at 2:30 am last Saturday morning (April 30). Way too late to be out and about when such violent, criminal two-legged apes freely roam at will and murder us Whites at the drop of the hat. But this kind of thing can literally happen to us White people anywhere and at anytime in today’s Jewed America.*

A witness said he saw a man (the media dropped the race description, no doubt) go up and speak to her for a minute or so, before he pulled out a knife and stabbed her down to the ground. While laying there, he punched away at her crazily. The witness then saw the primate drag her off caveman-style across landscaping mulch into some nearby bushes bordering a parking garage ramp, where a low concrete wall might give him some cover. Whether he raped her there or not, wasn’t reported (and probably never will), but it is indeed possible with these nasty animals. He certainly stole her life from her.

Police called it a random event and said she wasn’t robbed. So the traitorous news people reports the killer must have been trying to “befriend her.” Right. They actually wrote that out. Sounds all so sweet and innocent, huh? More likely, the ugly ape was trying to pick her up and she refused. If he was all so nice and friendly, why would he whip out a knife and stick the girl in the gut like it was nothing? These are murderous animals, no doubt whatsoever.

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Don’t Be Gay — Vote Trump Tuesday!


fag boy line art


MEIN FUHRER is way, way ahead in the polls. Once he wins Indiana, Lyin’ Ted’s campaign is all but over (his own wife just said he’s an immigrant — making him disqualified to begin with). Trump will surely get the necessary 1,237 delegates before the convention.

Although the faggot governor of Indiana came out for Cruz, beloved Hoosier college basketball coach Bobby Knight fully endorsed Trump. Democrats are switching parties en masse. Independents are excited about Trump. Crooked Hillary and Dem strategists are scared half to death.

The entire country is fast getting stoked over Trump. Just imagine our country having a real-life patriotic American as president instead of all those phony-ass conservative Cucks, globalist traitors and lefty, multicult liberals destroying this land from the inside out. The backstabbing, commie Jews are going to crap bricks — maybe cinder blocks!

Get your sexy White butts out there and vote TRUMP!

Keep stocking up on ammo, White people — we may still need it when all is said and done!

This political message is sponsored by INCOG MAN and is no way authorized or paid for by the Donald Trump campaign, Westboro Baptist Church or the gun industry — just in case some lefty media faggots try to say otherwise.

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