FBI Agents Privately Livid Hillary Wasn’t Charged

hillary-clinton-evil-grinFBI Agents Livid That Hillary Clinton Wasn’t Charged With Crimes


FBI agents are livid that Hillary Clinton wasn’t charged with crimes surrounding her illegal e-mail server.

All agents who looked at the case wanted her security clearance removed at minimum.  The vast majority wanted her charged.

Donald Trump at one of his speeches today not only reissued his call for a special prosecutor to look into this situation but also called for an investigation into the FBI investigation.

It is obvious that the investigation was rigged.  Hillary put the State Department up for sale and used her illegal e-mail server as part of an attempt to conceal her corrupt dealings.

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Can You Believe This? New CoverGIRL Is A BOY


By Phillip Marlowe

Covergirl now has selected a new model for advertising, but guess what? It’s 17 year-old “boy.” Can you believe the faggoty BS now “going down” these days?

“Drag queen” is what they used to call them, but now I believe they are calling it “boy glam.” In my day, such freaks would get their skinny “glam” boy asses beat from one end of school to the other, but I guess homos are now a protected species in America where lefty media commies will insist police and courts throw your ass in jail for a million years for a “hate crime.” I call it on-the-spot social and moral policing.

Nowadays you’re not going to know who’s a woman or a male until you get in bed with them for the first time — after you did a little lovey-dovey neck nuzzling and maybe even FRENCH KISSED THEM. This is totally vile and disgusting. People, people, we got ourselves a bunch of crazy sickos now running amok all over the place. This country must be going insane!

Man, I bet the Rooskies are laughing their asses off about America going seriously soft and wacked. This PC BS has become totally ridiculous. America is going straight to hell. No doubt about it. It’s only a matter of time before God himself creates a new contagious killer bug or drops a freakin’ GD asteroid down on our heads.

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Did Demonic Neocohen Put Out “Pussygate” Tape?

dan-senor-dc-demon-jewThese filthy Jew rats are totally demonic — there’s no telling what they’ll do next in their never-ending efforts to subvert America’s head for the NWO and Israel. [INCOG]

From Andrew Anglin @DAILY STORMER

This is a breaking story. Or rather an emerging story. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

But we knew whoever leaked the tape was a Jew. And a #NeverTrump Jew advisor to Paul Ryan is currently being pointed at as being responsible.

Dan Senor.

First, Mike Cernovich pointed at him.


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Trump Needs To Declare War — On CUCKservatives

john-mccain-and-paul-ryan-cuckservativesIt’s Time For Donald Trump To Declare WAR On The Republican Party

By Marcus Cicero @INFO STORMER

We’re now getting unconfirmed reports that Donald Trump is preparing to take on not only Hillary Clinton and her Jewish/Globalist backers, but also the bulk of the Republican Party establishment, which have proven themselves utter traitors in front of the American people.

In his great hour of need, leaders of the GOP have decided to stab the Glorious Leader in the back in a manner that has very little if any precedent in the history of the United States, and especially not during times of decisive importance.

Now, I understand that many limited-government individuals, of which the Alt-Right still harbors a large number, are going to take offense to my next series of comments, but I feel that the time has come for Congress to be broken in a manner that prevents treason once and for all.

During the last few generations, and longer if you ascribe to the platform of Southern Nationalism, the legislative bodies of this country have grown fat and content on pure corruption and greed cloaked in the mantle of the Constitution.

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Media Skypes Now Furiously “Niggerizing” America


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Just for the record, I usually don’t write out the word “Nigger” here on my site. I do this only because my father didn’t like his boys using such words (my evil “privileged” White upbringing). However, I don’t censor what my visitors say when it comes to these violent criminals. That being said, I cannot avoid not using the word as a made-up verb in my headline because it’s so perfect for what the hypocrite Jews are doing to us White Americans: “Niggerizing” both our lands and our race right in front of our faces!

Man, just turn on the TV for five lousy minutes and you’ll see blacks plastered everywhere. Just think, these blacks even have their own special black network (BET), for crying out loud. And who’s the first to go, should they haven’t room because they want an “empowered” female onscreen? A White male, of course. White guys are now freely crapped on all over the media, too. No one dares say anything because of the “PC” mavens they’ve created within our own race to police each other — or simply nutso Jews gone psycho about Whites turning Nazi on their ass — as we should.

How about that commercial for GMC’s SUV, Acadia, where they have this full-blown orchestra playing a rousing symphony with the voiceover guy going on about precision, confidence, exactness, etc., etc., and then they cut to the symphony conductor, who just so happens to be a black guy. Amazing, since this primitive race only came up with skin-covered drums in their whole entire crappy African jungle culture.

Or how about that futuristic commercial for Hewlett Packard unveiling a new server, where they have a troop of Whites (with a green alien or two in the back ranks) wearing Star Trek uniforms dutifully following a tall smart black leader in an other worldly landscape, while he’s trying to explain the new technology to the White space dullards behind him. Yeah, sure, and I guess we just had soooooo many black super geniuses as part of the computer revolution back in the 70’s and 80’s? Riiiiight.

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Mike Pence Destroys Obnoxious Hillary Fag Tim Kaine



Wow, what a total fag boy!

Hillary’s VP running mate, Tim Kaine came off as a weaselly, obnoxious lefty creep. What a total fag boy! [INCOG]

The Vice Presidential debate was last night. The end result was seeing the based Mike Pence defeat the obnoxious faggot Tim Kaine. At one point, Kaine actually referred to himself as Hillary Clinton’s right hand person if you can believe it, lol.

While I certainly didn’t agree with some of Pence’s points about Russia etc., etc., he did a good job tearing apart Hillary Clinton as a corrupt criminal. Kaine came off like a weasel promoting multiculturalism, open borders and whining about Trump’s political incorrectness with pre-practiced scripted lines.

The moderator was obviously biased against Pence. Both her and Kaine kept interrupting Pence while he was speaking. It was quite annoying.

Kaine came off as a very rude and irritating person where as Pence came off as a regular person trying to have a normal conversation.

Anyway, the full debate is below.

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Trump’s Campaign Awakens Whites To The Skypes


By Pepe The Frog

Boy, you sure can see the Jewish/Zionist NWO power structure working to destroy Trump these days, huh? I personally just can’t imagine how any sane White person could be for Hillary Clinton with all this obvious BS they are trying to do to the guy. For years, liberals have been busy pandering to the so-called oppressed minorities for votes. Meanwhile, the majority of Jews have been acting like Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler himself, for chrissakes.

Let me just say something right off the bat since I know there’s always some new people coming here to read what I have to say. First, blacks are indeed murderous criminals, who sadistically murder Whites all the time. Second, the devious Globalist Jews have been quietly working for decades on a wide variety of fronts to brainwash and undermine the White race in their own lands. Hell, White people can’t say JACK anymore before they get slandered as evil. It should be completely obvious to you by now that’s what the stinking creeps have been up to!

I’m merely trying to awaken my White human friends in America to all this crap and (((who))) is really behind all this “social engineering” in our lands.

Notice how the polls the mainstream media reports all the time has Clinton beating Trump. Even FOX news (a clever media “Potemkin village” created by the Globalists to allay suspicions of White conservative Americans) does pretty much the same things as the rest of the other liberal news channels. This is called “perception management” and these devious forces have been up to this for 50 or 60 years at least. All sorts of Christian and White-hating BS has been slowly and steadily done to White Americans by these dirty, backstabbing rats. Watch the video below and think!

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Anti-Trump Commercial Milks Old Jew Paranoia


By Pepe The Frog

When I saw this over at INFO Stormer it cracked my pearly White butt up! This commie Jew operation called “Bend the Arc” came out with a TV commercial or Youtube video thing (below “continue” button) where they dig up a bunch of elderly Jews from New York or maybe a rich gated community down in Florida, to sit in front of a studio roll-out background screen to implore young Jews not to vote for Trump because “they’ve seen this before” (code for der Fuehrer man) or else they’ll haunt them forever as ghosts when they die. Apparently, Jews get spooked just like the spooks.

Jews and leftys are acting like Trump is another Adolf GD Hitler, like this magazine cover with the cute header and shot of Trump raising his right arm. What a filthy joke!

The Jew media has been acting like Trump is another Hitler from the start. Are you not sick of this ridiculous lefty Jew BS yet, America?

Jews are so insane. Old or not, they are all acting like Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler. They try to not say that too much, because they realize we’re fast getting sick and tired of Jew PC BS, but they still do it, nevertheless.

Jews have always been completely paranoid that us  “goyim” are going to go Nazi on their subversive asses once again. That’s why you see Hitler and pro-Black civil rights documentaries constantly on TV — because the media Jews have been furiously working overtime to PC brainwash us — while flooding our lands with Third Worlders on the flip side.

How do these wacked Jews get away with all this BS, you might reasonably ask? Well, because they can, that’s why. They’ve been getting away with doing it to our heads for decades now. Say anything contrary to what these freakin’ Jews say and they act like you’re the big Nazi or “White supremacist” boy. They got White people all PC brainwashed. It’s crazy the nation-wrecking BS they’ve jammed down America’s throat!

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For God’s Sake — He’s a Jew and a BIG FAGGOT!

milo-yiannopoulos-interviewRecently, ABC Nightline interviewed Milo Yiannopoulos about “twitter trolling” that super ugly gorilla-like Negress, Leslie Jones — raised to celebrity status by Jew media in the female empowerment rehash “Ghostbusters” movie (which bombed big time). In the ABC piece, Milo is described as a “gay catholic.” Yeah, I bet the faggot is quite the altar boy. See how the US mainstream media hides the least sort of Jew business? Just watch the CNBC video I have embedded below where Milo boy even blurts out he’s a “gay Jew who can’t stop talking about his black boyfriend” (@2:16).*

By Phillip Marlowe

This whole business of Milo Yiannopoulos, a Jew super faggot from Great Britain with bleached blond hair and a Greek last name, getting promoted as the leader of the Alt-Right is so totally insane I don’t know where to begin over this freak case.

I saw a video (below) from the CNBC business channel where they actually brought the little dirtbag onscreen to explain to the US viewing audience what the Alt-Right was, even though he mentions he’s a gay Jew. I’ve read his own writings where he said he was a Jew who liked to S–K black D–K. He actually wrote that out, but used all the letters, which I don’t do here for my site because I’m trying to keep some modicum of decency in today’s now totally Jewed-up America. I’m sorry, but that’s some nasty sick Jew BS!

Let me just state for the record: “Alt-Right” is against Jewry and general faggotry, like up in the face type crap where they get married like us normal people and march up and down our city streets while wearing the most disgusting sodomite outfits they can come up with. Alt-Right is against everything the US media is promoting and protecting in our White Western countries, which includes Jews and faggots — right along with all this never-ending black militancy BS going on.

Since this Milo freak is a big Jew faggot, I think we can safely reason Milo is no beacon of any “Alt-Right” movement. Alt up-the-ass, sure.


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Shillary Seen Wearing Some Sort of Earbud Device


By Phillip Marlowe

Now this explains everything. People have taken still captures of Hillary at the debate with Trump, blown them way up and you can see an earpiece or some other object in her left ear. Other photos show apparatus right under her clothing. I noticed it myself.

I’ll be the first to admit, I can’t stand this Hillary Rodham Clinton beyatch one bit. Hell, I like that old Jew commie guy, Bernie Sanders, over her lying butt any day of the week. It has nothing to do with what’s betwixt her gams, either. Sure, I’d vote for a babe if she were a SOB like Trump and not a lefty tool of the White-genociding Globalist Jew bastards. So don’t be giving me some kind of feminazi BS.

Whether this is a hearing aid or some other form of medical assistance is unclear, but it could also be a communication device where off stage staff give her replies and answers to questions, right along with advice on how to deal with an opponent. It would be just like a spotter for a NASCAR driver, quickly alerting him to pileups ahead on the track and when he should go high or low to avoid it.

My guess is that it’s an extremely small Bluetooth receiver, with a pickup radius of a meter or so. A wire antenna and main receiver unit with a de-scrambler chip (important to prevent eavesdropping by inconvenient parties), and small LI-ION battery hidden beneath her clothes (you can see it right under her commie red pantsuit when she bends over). This is certainly a very easy device to construct, given off-the-shelf surveillance technology today. Hell, even I could probably jigger-rig something like it and I’m nowhere near the techno nerdskies they got out there!

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Debate Over, Media Commences Shillary Shilling

trump-versus-hillaryLet’s redouble our efforts for Trump and Duke!

By Dr. Patrick Slattery

The first presidential debate is now over. Hillary was her typical disgusting self, and the good folks at CNN adored her for it. As soon as the debate ended, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, and John King — all Jews by the way, although in King’s case it is by way of conversion after his marriage to CNN’s Dana Bash — started the spin, saying that Hillary got under Trump’s skin, taking him off message. Then they switched back to the studio, where the Jewess Gloria Borger grabbed the baton. Sitting next to her was the Jew David Axelrod. I switched off the television.

It wasn’t so much that I disagreed with their assessment that The Donald got off course by taking her bate. Add to that my own disappointment that he missed many golden opportunities to hit her on issues from Syria to the content of her illegally deleted emails to her contention of systemic racism in all facets of American society. Trump scored some points, but with the press as against him as they certainly are, he can’t afford to miss opportunities.

What really bothers me is that the discussion on CNN (and I am confident all over the media) is on debating tactics and other superficiality, while the actual substance of what they were saying will be ignored. And on substance, Hillary is a disaster.

The talking heads called Trump a liar for saying that he opposed the Iraq War before it happened, based on some off-hand comment he made to Howard Stern. Trump wound up taking a lot of time citing other interviews in which he did voice opposition, but missed the opportunity to say that not only did Hillary have far more responsibility supporting the war from the floor of the U.S. Senate, but that she has huge responsibility for the war in Syria (although he did briefly mention her culpability for Libya), and that she is recklessly flirting with war with Russia.

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Debate Live Stream @INCOG LAND

hillary-losing-it-with-trumpYou can also click on my rude artwork above to go straight to Youtube to watch it and comment there. Your choice, White peeps!

Click “continue” button for live streaming video of the debate (9pm EST). Leave your hateful 14 cent comment below (2 cents adjusted for Globalist Jew Big Banking-instigated inflation).

Personally, I’m really just hoping like hell to see Mark Cuban get his smug little Pittsburgh Jew boy ass kicked royally by Billy Bob’s old mistress, Gennifer Flowers, in a running, screaming Kung Fu fight out in the audience right behind that quadroon guy married to a White woman — NBC moderator Lester Holt — who labels himself “black” so he can rake in the big media buckage doled out by Big Jewry to brainwash White people.

They’re now saying 100 million people might watch the Hillary/Trump debate tonight. If we wake up with the Chinese Army, United Nation Paki troops, or maybe even some bug-like, freaky-as-hell alien species from a distant star system occupying our cities tomorrow morning, well then, I guess we’re all screwed!

The leftys have also been yapping away that Lester Holt sure had better “fact check” Trump on the fly (which also implies to the TV masses that Trump is the big liar of the two, lol). Basically, they are quietly threatening Holt in advance to give Trump a hard time whenever possible. The lefty rats got openly pissed with NBC’s Matt Lauer for being “too tough” on Hillary for asking fairly basic questions on her email server. They even acted like little old Jimmy Fallon was all-so-terrible for joking around with Trump and messing with his hair. Can’t be having fun with today’s designated Hitler man!

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Rich Subversive Jews Financing Black Militants

CENTRAL PARK RAPISTS XPRTJewish Misanthropists Pledge $100 Million Dollars To Black Lives Matter

By Eric Striker

Magui Rubalcava Schulman

Magui Rubalcava Schulman, Mexican Jew (yep, they got them down there, too) president of Borealis Philanthopy, has spearheaded 100 million shekels for “Black Lives Matter” groups.

When one hears the word philanthropy, immediately a rush of gestures of big money compassion come to mind: hearth for the homeless, books for the libraries, teeth for the toothless.

The United States is home to most of the world’s most generous billionaire philanthropists, yet, walk through the streets of any American major metropolitan cities and you see people strewn all around like trash. Go to the library, and the books are being removed to make space for more rap CD’s and Judd Apatow DVDs. Drive through America’s rural provinces, and people who can’t afford appropriate dental care are forced to do without.

What’s going on here? Where is all that philanthropy going? The secret is that it isn’t philanthropy, it’s misanthropy. Scroll through this fancy little graphic listing America’s top 50 “philanthropists,” and you’ll encounter a rolodex of inbred rodent crime lords, a Who’s Who of Jew’s Jews. Wall Street speculators, capitalist robber barons, loan sharks–do good things come from them?

This misanthropy (written off on their taxes as “philanthropy”) is the billions powerful Jews earmark every year for creating conflicts, sowing division, arming irregular armies, de-stabilizing regimes…exterminating races.

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The Black Race is Totally OUT-OF-CONTROL


By Phillip Marlowe

After watching the events unfold in Charlotte, NC the last couple of days, it’s now obvious: These filthy apes are now completely out-of-control.

Keith Lamont Scott was a dead-beat dad with a fairly extensive criminal record (not surprising for blacks) including assault with a deadly weapon. Apparently, when undercover cops clearly ID themselves and ordered him to get on the ground, he ignored their continuous commands and had a gun in his hand that he had just pulled out from an ankle holster. He didn’t have any damn book like his crazy daughter lied to everyone (this kind of lying BS means nothing to the media). He was also was shot by a BLACK cop working for a BLACK police chief.

And these animals had a violent fit, trashing the city for two days?

A reporter at the Charlotte rioting was interviewing this chubby little black chick in her 20’s, obviously well on her way to becoming your typical ugly fat Sheboon with all the great food she regularly gets to eat in America. The spoiled brat was literally screaming at the reporter about how her and her family members being important (as in productive members of society, lol) and how she could get shot in the head on the streets — but quickly made sure to append to her sentence “BY A COP” so we wouldn’t think she was talking about the usual daily black criminal behavior. Hilarious: Even Negroes themselves know the total BS head job they are running on America.

People, people: These black apes are utterly worthless!

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Animal Apes Now Going Crazy in NC

APES GO APE FERGUSONFilthy criminal blacks are now rioting in Charlotte, NC. Seems a black cop shot a criminal black by mistake or possibly not, but that doesn’t matter one whit to this lousy race — the wilding apes are going to go ape over just about anything. Blacks are truly animals. I know I say it all the time, but it’s true. [INCOG]


It’s been quiet on the Monkey Front for a little while lately, but thanks to the trusty, but usually lazy, Southern Pavement Apes, the RACE WAR is now back on.

Apparently the story began when a Black man, identified as a large 43 year old buck named Kevin Lamont Scott, was approached while in his car by police officers looking to serve a warrant. Scott then exited the vehicle with a weapon in his hand, and was subsequently put down by one of the cops, also identified as a Negro.

From ABC News:

A black police officer shot an armed black man at a Charlotte, North Carolina, apartment complex Tuesday, authorities said, prompting angry street protests late into the night.

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Tim Kaine: Filthy Communist Traitor to America

KAINE MEETS SOROS SON“It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”

— What George Soros actually said to a British reporter.

His son, Alex, is a big liberal rat going around spending his daddy-kins moolah on subversive political activities in the US.

George Soros’ son, Alex, is going around spending his mega rich daddy-kin’s big moolah on subversive Jew anti-White political activities all across the US. Just look at that little rat-faced Jew SOB! (INCOG)


Tim Kaine: White guy, allegedly heterosexual, Virginia Senator, current pick for Vice President on the Democratic ticket, and apparently a devout “Catholic” with beliefs that have been likened to those of current heretic Antipope Francis the Faggot.

Now, if that last point does not raise immediate alarm bells, or if you think that he would wind up as a better, or at least tolerable, President if Hillary Clinton is elected and quickly succumbs to a massive brain-melting stroke, then you need to study the piece I’m going to link below for your benefit.

Kaine is truly a fifth-column monster who would likely rip our nation apart even faster, but more cleverly, than the ULTIMATE SEIZURE GRANNY, and has held strong to his Communist ties since his work as a Latin American “missionary” back in the 1980’s.

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I Love You Pepe — Green Skin and All!


By Phillip Marlowe (that “crazy old dude of the Alt-Right”)

This stuff over Pepe the green frog MEME is just so hilarious — I’m loving it! The whole thing has the lefty traitors confused, disoriented — blinking stupidly like they just got popped square in the face by one of those squat ugly Negro bull dykes with a purple mohawk. They just can’t get their brainwashed pinheads around the fact us Evil Racist Whites can have a sense of humor. The horror, the horror.*

And thanks to the Internet, things are spreading fast that their lefty crap — the idiot delusions of a rainbow planet where the filthy criminal blacks live peaceably among us — is getting laughed off by younger generations and the brainwashing efforts might all be for naught. Hell, they might even lose their cushy media careers and have to go out and get a real job for a change! Just think how terrible it would be to work so hard they might be too tired to march in a “black lives matter” demonstration this weekend, or enjoy that languid Starbucks morning with their latest latex-garbed homo lover — who they just met last night at the big rave!

That lezzie freak at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, recently did a piece on “Pepe” to explain it to her few hundred LGBT fans in the San Francisco viewing area. She tried to convey outrage, but that’s kind of hard when you’re talking about a cartoon frog character. So she resorted to showing a surreptitious video taken at an “Alt-Right” conference and acted like it was so evil — White males openly talking among each other about White racial destruction! Can’t have that kind of thing going on now.

Maddow showed a clip of the speech Hillary Clinton gave about the “Alt-Right” where some guy out in the audience — God bless his racist soul — shouted out “PEPE” at the absolute perfect moment when Shillary made a pregnant pause between more spewing on Trump and all us evil racists out here in the “basket of deplorables.” Shillary seemed perfectly oblivious to what Pepe meant and continued her boring BS blather like nothing happened. Maybe she thought illegal aliens from La Raza were out in the audience and a certain Pepe just arrived from picking rutabagas in the fields.

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Devious Media Using Birther Biz To Paint Trump Racist


By Phillip Marlowe

A desperate Shillary Clinton and the filthy liberals in the media are now making a big deal about Trump simply questioning Obama’s birth location way back in 2011 in a hugely transparent attempt to piss off the black electorate by making it look like Trump is a “racist.” They are scared blacks will come to the conclusion Trump’s dealy might be a hellava lot better for them and the country as a whole than the suck-up idiocies of the democraps, who are clearly trying to turn the USA into a Third World piss-pot.

This is an incredibly callous effort sprung by a lefty media. I should hope blacks will see right through it. But I doubt it. They would vote for Lucifer himself if he had black skin (which he does, of course). The media used to never say much about this birther business, other than veiled references of conspiracy theory, even when they knew Hillary’s camp quietly pushed it when she first started struggling against Obongo in the 2008 primaries. So they care now? No. They are only using it to make Trump look bad.

And there’s plenty of perfectly logical reasons to suspect Obongo does have some kind of big, big secret pertaining to his birth or declaring himself a foreigner so he could gain special financial breaks to go to college (the records here have been conveniently sealed). And his lefty whore mother did go off to Kenya to chase down that black-as-coal African womanizer who came to the US to get free college schooling, while having fun diddling liberal chicks left and right. I know I sound like a woman-hater, but I’m really only non-PC (extremely so), so don’t take it personally gals!

The real question is whether or not she made it back to the US in time before she pooped out Obongo boy. Back then and even today they would deny you a boarding pass if you looked too preggers (British lingo for pregnant) — especially on long flights over the Pacific ocean. Nothing pisses off sexy, care-free international flight attendants more than some hysterical chick having her water break while over water.

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Who Does This Hillary Clinton Think She Is?


White boy ranting by one Phillip Marlowe

Let me ask you something White Peeps: Haven’t you just had it up to here with nervy mega rich left wingers like Hillary Clinton working to turn us all into multicult commie faggots — figuratively or even literally, if possible? Do you want to see America turned into a crime-ridden, Third World racial piss-pot, with homos and bizarre trannys celebrated on TV like they are so great and the spoiled rotten criminal black race going wacko every minute over practically any stupid crap they deem racist?

And who does this Hillary woman think she is, calling us Trump supporters “deplorable” simply because we want a decent, clean, moral country where our jobs are protected and our leadership has our best interests in mind instead of catering to rich Globalist elites and always-so-special minorities who could care less about those of us Whites out here in “fly-over” land?

Democraps are fast getting panicky since the “Alt-Right” has exploded across the Internet. Comment sections in main stream media sites are now chock full of things just like I say here at my “hater” site all the time — even things about the sacred Jews. In fact, lefty traitors behind the scenes are having a hard time keeping up with censoring the more clever and subtle! White Americans have simply had it with these bastards trashing our lands from the inside out. Hell, Whites are now out buying guns in record numbers getting ready for the big show down.

Reports have surfaced that Hillary’s campaign events have been poorly attended all along, with just a few hundred liberals up in the stands, picking their noses and looking moronic. Live TV camera crews have been ordered NOT to pan backwards to reveal how bad it truly is for her. Even her latest political book, “Stronger Together” is a huge publishing flop with less than 3000 copies sold. Meanwhile, der Führer Donald J. Trump’s campaign events are being attended by enthusiastic multiple THOUSANDS, like it’s Nuremberg 1930’s Nazi Germany — no wonder the paranoid Jews are now crapping their pants!

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Parachute Deport Anti-American NFL Players!


By Phillip Marlowe

Tell all your friends not to watch the NFL ever again because of that San Francisco player, Colin Kaepernick, who didn’t stand during the National Anthem. These spoiled brats make tens of millions a year and they can’t show pride in a country that gave them so much? Let them go to Africa and see how they like it over there.

This black BS is getting more insane by the day. Here’s a criminal race, given practically everything in this country, who scream about racism every second over absolutely nothing. I’ve plain had enough with these lousy criminal GD brats!

Here’s what we do: Arrest a bunch of them (using photos from the games Sunday to ID which ones taking part — especially the one who did the black power fist), handcuff and drive them out to the nearest US Air Force base. There we strap them into old military surplus parachute packs, pointing out to them just where the rip cord is at, load them aboard a C-5A transport and cuff them down to those low side seats along the plane’s gunnels. Hang a small package of local currency, a cheap pocket knife, a cooked pork chop and a bag of trail mix around their necks. Read them their deportation orders and inform them they are no longer an American citizen. Take off for the continent of Africa.

Once out over the Congo jungles, force them at gunpoint down that big cargo elevator door in the back. Let’s see how the brats like it over there among the real jungle bunnies!

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Deplorable Facebook Censors 9/11 Inside Job Article



The official 9/11 story is clearly a lie. Anybody who questions the official narrative has been labeled a conspiracy theorist etc.. but it is painfully obvious that there are serious questions about what really happened that day.

A story published by the UK Daily Star which talks about how bombs brought down the Twin Towers became a trending story on the Jew-run site of Facebook.

The Jews can’t have people questioning the official narrative of 9/11 as it is clear that many of them were not only involved in the attacks but gained the most from the aftermath. As a result, Facebook has removed the story from its trending topics feed claiming it to be a hoax story lol.

Why not let the people decide for themselves if the story is a hoax or not? Just because you don’t like or agree with a particular story that people are discussing gives you no right to bury it.

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The Dirty Rats Stabbed America Right in The Back


By Phillip Marlowe

Tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of 9/11 — the real “day of infamy” for America. On that date not so long ago, this country was totally stabbed in the back by a historically devious, self-absorbed and vindictive race — a race who have obviously never, ever cared one lousy bit about any other human being on this planet, regardless of how the lousy arrogant creeps describe themselves constantly.

The dirty Globalist Zionist Jew’s fingerprints are all over 9/11. If it was a common murder scene, the luminol would be lighting up like a christmas tree. Everywhere you turn in the narrative you see smiling Jews right there in the forefront, even federal investigations and pay-offs to victim and first responder families (to keep any possible inconvenient evidence out of court rooms and public exposure).

Haven’t you noticed by now, how the so-called “free media” always tells the story like the government says? Haven’t you noticed how anything different from the “narrative” is never reported? And how about certain other “accepted” things in history that are always carefully protected, like the Fed “Fiat” money construct, prior knowledge of the Japs attacking Pearl Harbor, the Israel attack on the USS Liberty and the business with Nazi gas chambers in WWII? Hmmm. Methinks a pattern is emerging here. Actually, there’s a whole host of Jew-related things they don’t want you to know.

Let us not mince words any longer: The bloody Zionists (including corrupted Gentiles and Saudi elites locked into the NWO banker’s network, believe it or not) are responsible for 9/11. Every single one of the no-good mothers involved in this astoundingly huge crime against this nation and even the world, needs to get dragged bodily out of their big cushy offices at the point of the bayonet and video camera. I don’t care who the EF they are!

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Sheboon Busted for Murder of FIRST WORLD WAR Vet


By Phillip Marlowe

DNA and modern White man-invented science once again exposes the real life behavior of this filthy, ugly race. The only question is when will the White race as a whole figure out the real deal when it comes to these animals?

Back in June, 1983 — over 33 years ago — Edmund C. Schreiber, a decorated veteran of World War ONE was found in his Buffalo, New York, home strangled to death with his own ties. Get that ONE there. That European conflict happened way back in 1914-1918 for crying out loud. The elderly 92 year-old vet was just a little guy at 5 foot, one hundred pounds and was actually born back in the 19th century (1891). His dead body was found in his bed, covered up with blankets and pillows, after vicious blacks murdered him and ransacked his home looking for whatever ridiculous stupid BS they could steal.*

Saundra Adams, now 50, was living next door to Schreiber and just a teen at the time. I read about murderous Negro chicks like this all the time — they are indeed psychos who will kill you and run off laughing about it. This is the kind of country these idiot White liberals will wake up in, once they are old and gray. Or at least if we can’t find some way to put a stop to their brainwashed idiocies. Capiche?

The cold case crime went unsolved all this time until skin cell DNA was located on multiple knots of the eight neckties Saundra Adams used to strangle the old guy (he was old back in the 1980’s because the war was so long ago). Police also believe she had an accomplice to help hold him down but the stinking gorilla bitch is not giving up who that is. Probably a brother or girlfriend. Hell, might even be one of her own parents knowing how criminal this race is and how much they hate us White people.

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WTF Freak Negro NeNe Leakes Is Against Trump


By Phillip Marlowe

Believe it or not, I saw this on my NATIONAL NEWS FEED earlier today like it was important information that all of us out here in chumpland need to pay serious attention. The story was picked up from the Atlanta Journal Constitution like it should be read by the rest of the country. My guess is this particular freak is originally from the Atlanta area, before the media Jews turned her into a celebrity. God help that place. It used to be a decent southern burg back when our country used to be a decent place.

This black freak something or other with dyed blond hair is against Trump running as president but “she” or it once liked him as a TV person so we know “she” or it is being fair. “She” or it says “I really did like him a lot, but this orange man who’s talking on TV? I don’t know who that is. He says the craziest stuff. No, I will not be campaigning for the Trump.”

What about you, you crap-colored freak bitch? Funny how the hypocrite media people can freely get away with racism against Whites anytime they damn well please since they belong to those “special classes” we’re all now supposedly so beholden to.

Let me ask you something: Who the EFFIN’ GD HELL cares what you think about anything, freakazoid? You need to shut your totally nasty, foul trap and crawl back under that slime-covered rock they found you. And you had also better figure out your time in the sun is coming to an end, once and for all. Got that, creep?

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Filthy Jews Are Driving America TOTALLY INSANE


By Phillip Marlowe

Jews are so depraved, they actually go into business as A FAMILY doing porn videos with the son acting.

Jews are so sick in the head, they actually go into business together as a family doing commercial porn videos (abusing naïve White girls trying to succeed out in Hollywood along the way); like the Glasser family above. The son, AKA “Seymore Butts,” even takes part by engaging in onscreen sexual acts. Sick!

You know how they often say “Whites do the same kinds of things” when you bring up something horrible blacks did? Well, sure they have. Every minute it seems some psycho bastard of whatever race, gender — what have you — rapes, robs, shoots, stabs or beats to death a person or even a big group of people in America. Look, we all know crap is getting crazier by the day in our White countries. But why has it become like this?

You might remember that Super Bowl halftime show where Justin Timberlake pulled off the breast cover to the outfit of Janet Jackson — sister of pedophile Michael. The two called it a “wardrobe malfunction” but later admitted it was done on purpose. Some were outraged, but nothing much happened other than a relatively moderate FCC fine that Jew-owned Viacom/CBS fought for years.

You used to hear them talking a lot about how violent the movies have become and what to do about it. But nothing ever really happened. No one now says anything anymore about the matter. Why? Because those in control of the media really don’t give a rat’s ass, morality-wise. Never have. Nothing gets in the way of shekels when it comes to these greedy, dirty Jew bastards. They have America by the short hairs and insist on taking us all straight down into the gutter alongside them — black or White!

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The 1965 Immigration Act was a Big Jew Rip-off!




During a recorded interview (@9:30 in), the Jew Norbert Schlei, laughed about how his 1965 Immigration Act “inadvertently” led to the decline of White people’s demographics in America. Yeah, I bet it was inadvertent.

How often have you heard America’s Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 — the one that set the country on its subsequent path of destruction — described as ‘Ted Kennedy’s Immigration act?’ It’s standard practice either by way of deliberate tendentiousness or else a cowardly avoidance of upsetting Those-Who-Cannot-Be-Upset by careerist pseudo-journalists (Ann Coulter springs to mind).

In actual fact Teddy’s role was peripheral. He was a Junior Senator, one mainly interested in booze and chicks, who was sold the idea that the Act would find favour with his heavily Irish-American Boston constituency. In practical terms the Act had the polar opposite effect in that it removed the hitherto favourable consideration of would-be immigrants from Northern Europe.

Study the subject and you’ll see that the bill was written by Norbert Schlei and pushed through the Senate by Emmanuel Celler and Jacob Javits. Behind the scenes various presidential advisors and policy makers worked on the same project. These included Julius Edelson and Harry Rosenfield in the Truman administration and Max Rabb in Eisenhower’s.

It was a Jewish project from start to finish.

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Blacks Gang-Raped and Fed Missing Girl to Alligators


By Phillip Marlowe

Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor, was named as a one of the girl's kidnappers. They already know the punk likes raping drugged White girls. His mother told local press "he dindu nuffin, he be good boy." We've heard that before.

Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor, was named as a one of the girl’s kidnappers. They already know the punk likes raping drugged White girls and dog fighting. His mother told local press “he dindu nuffin, he be good boy.” We’ve heard that line of black BS before.

In 2009, 17 year-old Brittanee Drexel, a super cute White teenager girl from New York state travelled with friends to vacation, without her parent’s permission, down at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. While there, she completely disappeared from the face of the earth. This is the kind of thing that is truly every parent’s worst nightmare.

Hell, black demons are everyone’s worst nightmare — even to other blacks!

The FBI was told by a federal inmate that he saw the girl alive when she went missing 7 long years ago. The petite (just 5 foot tall) girl was kidnapped right off the street late at night as she left a hotel looking for a friend (surveillance shots above). They might have driven up on her as she walked along the sidewalk and dragged her into the car, or maybe even chatted her up a bit. But because of PC brainwashing, most Whites are now totally clueless to the dangers of this vile, monstrous race.

As her kidnappers drove south from Myrtle Beach, paralleling the Atlantic coastline on US-17, the girl’s cell phone pinged towers along the way, plotting the direction they were taking her (I’ve actually vacationed in Surfside Beach where one of the pings registered). The totally evil black bastards held the young teen girl in nightmarish agony for days in a ramshackle gang “stash house” in the same vicinity investigators already knew the girl’s cellphone stopped working — further corroborating the story.

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Jews Panicky as Internet Exposes Jewish BS


By Phillip Marlowe

"Der Fuerher" Trump may not be a big Mr. Nice Guy, but that's exactly who we need as president. (INCOG)

Trump’s huge popularity is simply because patriotic Americans have had plain enough of this never-ending lefty BS destroying our country.

For several year now, I theorized America and White countries at large would suddenly achieve “critical mass” on the “Jew Question” — waking up en masse to what these subversive bastards have been up to in our lands. With the Internet, it is inevitable. We’re now seeing rumblings of this, while the Jew-controlled mainstream media desperately tries to douse the spreading conflagration by screeching about the “racist, anti-Semitic Alt-Right” and Trump. Actually, Trump is merely a symptom of White awakening.

I once termed this event “Point Zero” because that would be the start to an entirely new paradigm of American and World History. That is, if we can survive what these backstabbers will do to try to stop it. This might happen sooner than you think.

At this stage, the only way for these backroom-dealing Jews to somehow slow down the mass awakening among the White proletariat is to instigate another big murderous Mideast war, cause another financial meltdown, or maybe something even much, much worse. There’s simply no telling what these psychos will resort doing when it comes to protecting their long-running criminal stranglehood of our nations.

Tick-tock Jews, tick-tock.

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Black Beast Did Murder Those 2 White Nuns


By Phillip Marlowe

One of the sisters helping a black kid. It's really not worth it. Blacks don't care what we do, they still spit in our faces on a daily basis.

One of the sisters helping a little black kid. Folks, it’s really not worth it. No matter what us Whites do, they don’t care one bit and will still accuse us of racism and brutally murder us all the time.

The killer of the two elderly White Catholic Nuns in Mississippi was arrested today. His name is Rodney Earl Sanders and is 46 years old (showing it’s not just the young gangsta punks doing crap like this). This entire race is so totally worthless as to be beyond belief that we just don’t round them up and ship them all back to GD Africa — just like Abraham Lincoln wanted to do!

They do this kind of horrible thing all the time. So sure was I about it, I wrote most of this and did most of the photo work BEFORE they nabbed the apeman who killed the two women.

Folks, blacks are indeed murderous animals. How many times have I tried to explain it? My site is replete with Whites getting brutally murdered by this stinking race. Just go to my “WHITE VICTIMS” page up under my masthead to see tons.

The two 68 year-old nuns were nurse practitioners down there in the state of Mississippi to give free health care to poor black residents of that now Africanized state. It would be just like some White do-gooder from anywhere going to deepest Africa to help out this totally worthless race wherever they live. Ask yourself: Do you ever see any of these militant “black lives matter” blacks going over to help out like these two nuns? Like hell no. No Mickey D’s or other White conveniences in Africa!

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Jew Media Says Jew Fag Heads Pro Trump Alt-Right

Milo-Yiannopoulos Jew FaggotNERVY media Jews now think they can get away with any kind of topsey-turvey, mixed-up crap they want!

Jew Media Falsely Declaring That Homosexual Jew Milo Yiannapolous Is Leading Alt-Right Nazism


HILLARY ICON ARTIt was bound to happen. The Alt-Right is now a term being thrown around regularly on the major Jew run media networks. The evil bitch Hillary Clinton is also expected to comment on the Alt-Right in an upcoming speech. The Alt-Right has become such a major political force that it was impossible for them to continue ignoring us. Our victories have become far too numerous to count.

Their new strategy is to try and redefine the Alt-Right as a movement led by the homosexual Jew Milo Yiannapolous. They’ve actually been setting this narrative up for awhile but are only now choosing to go full force with it.

The goal of promoting this Jew faggot as the face of the Alt-Right is to limit the scope of debate. Specifically, they want to ensure that the Jewish question is not brought up. Either that or they at least hope that they can marginalize any debate on this topic. Milo being both a degenerate faggot and a kike will certainly never bring up the Jewish question.

The Jews want the general public to believe that the Alt-Right is some kind of goofy White nationalist movement that has no real issue with Jews or homosexuals. They want people to think that the negative things we say about Jews are meant as innocent jokes. This is entirely false.

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