Why Are Muzzies Even Here To Begin With?


Now a lot of complete morons out there somehow think that just because I can’t stand the Jew and stinking little Israel, that I’m a big fat Muzzie lover.

Filthy Muslim Somalis are being imported into all kinds of White areas in America. The violent dune coons will stab you in the gut at the drop of a hat.

And it’s not just a few nice ones coming over here, either. Muslim Somali scum are being imported into all kinds of White areas in America, like Minnesota and Vermont, if you can believe it. These violent dune coons will rape your wife, your dog, or stab you in the gut at the drop of a hat.

Let me set the record straight: I can’t stand these dirty Muslims in our lands one GD bit. Sure, I don’t have anything against them living in dune coon land, eating goat eyeballs and slurping fermented camel piss all they damn want. Just don’t expect me to be all happy about them living in our White countries; stinking up the place with curry powder and those filthy burkas their oily broads wear — all the while making that infernal tongue clucking racket when Omar gets home from spending the whole day at the Mosque plotting Shariah law.

And it is indeed true that I’ve sympathized with the Palestinians plenty (many of whom are Christians). Of course, that’s mostly because I can’t stand what the Jews back here are doing to my country — the US of A. The enemy of my enemy is my pal (BTW: Ever since the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem visited Hitler’s Nazi Germany, solidarity with Muslims among White Gentiles really gets the paranoid Jews all bunged up).

Usually, I resist the temptation to call for the Jews to go live in their so-called “Promised Land” BS and leave us alone. That sounds easy enough. But it ain’t gonna happen since Jews are a parasitical race who need enough other Jews back here in our lands to continue the shekel sucking that allows Jewish Israel to exist in the first place. Back in 1948, the mothers basically fooled the crap out of the Brits, anxious to see the trouble-makers move on to Israel (Britain has since been totally screwed by non-White immigration).

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YIDIOT VP Joe Biden Praises White Genocide


From Daily Stormer:

America is rapidly approaching a serious crossroads in its turbulent history, with those who for some twisted reason wish the destruction of its White racial stock, exclusively responsible for creating a society worth subverting in the first place, now openly cheering the subhuman invasion that is gradually tearing apart the seams of a once-great country.

During introductory remarks meant to open a three-day summit on the nature of Moslems’ love of burning and attacking things, United States Vice-President Joe Biden, described by many an anonymous source as being wholly creepy and intellectually flaccid, had nothing but words of love for the latest wave of vibrants to enrich the world’s most populous White nation.

Heralding the day in which European blood shall become a minority, although botching the specific date due to obvious retardation, Biden moved further than the usual political rhetoric, calling such a demographic catastrophe, “the source of our strength,” as well as promising not to stop the flood whatsoever.

Daily Caller:

During introductory remarks at a three-day summit to address violent extremism on Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden welcomed future waves of immigration which he predicted are “not going to stop.”

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Just who are The Hasbara and Sayanim?


Let me just take a moment to define two important terms I use here a lot, so the newly awakened will understand what kind of creeps we’re dealing with in our lands.

“Hasbara,” or “HasbaRATS” as I like to call them, are Jews who insidiously work to screw up White people in the head, usually for Israel’s “survival,” but you could easily make a strong case for all the other PC “diversity” and “multicultural” crap they inflict on us, too. Some belong to organized Internet groups who actually call themselves “Hasbara” even today; these are traitorous Zionists working to keep the mass population of Israel’s Numero Uno MacDaddy — the USA — under their thrall.

“I’hasbir” is an ancient Hebrew word meaning “to explain.” Most often used as a term for secret spies and agents sent into walled cities belonging to other people in the Levant — the major crossroads area between continents now called Israel (the “Promised Land of milk and honey” BS). Once the tricky-dick Hebrew cutthroats gained access, other rats were let in through any hidden entrances — thanks to a paid-off traitor, or stupid idiot who had no idea of what was now in store for his people.

Hmmm, parallels with the way these so-called Jews operate today are mind-boggling.

Once inside, the Hebrew soldier thugs brutally attacked the sleeping and wine-besotted inhabitants, hacking everyone in sight with stone sharpened bronze-age swords — men, women and children — along with slaves and domesticated animals, simply because they all didn’t worship the same God as the Jews did. They cared nothing about “converting” them since they only wanted the land and property — just like what the modern day Israelis are doing to the Palestinians right the flock now.

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What is Americanism?


Read what this guy said way back THEN and compare it to what the Jews are doing to America and making us do in the world NOW. The filthy, lousy GD Jews have literally been using America like a bitch!

by Julius Streicher (1944)


For simply what Streicher wrote, the Globalist Jews got the guy hung to death after WWII. And he had absolutely nothing to do with any supposed “gas chambers,” war crimes BS or even military actions. Tell you anything? HELLO!

When one speaks of America, millions of Germans think of their relatives who either recently or long ago left their German homeland to seek their fortune in the “New World.” When someone succeeded in quickly making a lot of money in America, people said he had made his fortune. The result was that the “rich uncle” in America was envied, and his nephews and nieces were encouraged to join the fortune-seeker. Seeking fortunes in America led to Germany losing people, and the American continent received many people whose contributions are particularly clear in the agricultural and technical fields. That these people and their descendants now give great help to the enemies of Germany in this Second World War is a tragic fact.

The family ties between hundreds of thousands of German families and their American relatives led many to think that America would never join a second war against Germany. Now that that has happened, many Germans still believe that America will never allow Bolshevism to conquer and destroy Germany. Recent events have proven how false and dangerous this idea is. One has to be foolish or irredeemably stupid to believe that anything good can come to Europe from the land of presumed opportunity. That that did not happen after the First World War, and will not happen after the second. The Jews have made America what it is today: A nation raped by the Jews, a nation whose 130,000,000 people of many colors and races have been forced into helping the Jews achieve world domination!

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Marxists Want to Flood Sweden with Third Worlders



Erik Åsbrink and Ylva Johansson

Ylva Johansson with her Jewish husband, Erik Åsbrink, a top Swedish politician and — get this — Goldman Sachs international advisor. Hypocrite Johansson is often seen wearing a feminist pendant, even though Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe because of Third Worlders. Smiling, rich lefty creeps like these two, have been busy destroying Nordic Sweden for years. (INCOG)

Support for the left-wing/Marxists in Sweden among ethnic Swedes is waning. That is why the Swedish left is importing 3rd world immigrants at the highest per capita rate of any EU nation right now. They are importing as many new Socialist voters as they possibly can.

Ylva Johansson was first elected to the Swedish parliament in 1988 as a member of the Communist VPK party. She later switched to the larger Social Democrat party. She has proposed a plan to forcibly integrate all of Sweden. New 3rd world immigrants would be sent to small communities in the north that still remain mostly homogeneous.

Anna Kinberg Batra, the leader of the Moderate Party, has proposed a counter plan on behalf of the opposition in Parliament. Her plan calls for stricter requirements for immigrants that would reduce the number of immigrants Sweden is currently taking in.

Sweden has a complicated system that allowed the Social Democrats and the Communist Green party to jointly run the government despite having only 39.5% of the seats in parliament.

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I Cried Tears for Dresden

HERBERT SMAGON DRESDEN HOLOCAUSTPainting by censored German artist, Herbert Smagon

At the end of the war, for absolutely no strategic military reason at all, at least 130,000 (but maybe over 250,000), White war refugees were purposefully blown to bits or burned alive in the firebombing of the beautiful German city of Dresden by the NWO Jew-manipulated allies. It was a truly hellish scene. Few have even heard of this obvious war crime, since today’s controlled media only wants the brainwashed masses to think of the Nazis and (by conflation) White people everywhere, as evil.

Essay By Louis Beam (2/13/97)

Though I never knew them, though they died months before I was born, I can not help but to still feel the pain of those innocent people of Dresden who suffered so unjustly, unfairly, and totally without fault February 13, 1945. They make me think of abused children suffering for something that they do not understand. Abused children in a small way share with those now departed souls of Dresden the total unjustness of this world. Innocent people would not in a fair world, a decent world, be made to suffer.

They died this night. So many of them. Bombs raining down upon their heads like manna from hell — the heads of defenseless women and children for the most part. Babies in their cribs. Sobbing children in their mothers arms. Little girls without blemish, little boys full of anticipation at the excitement life promised them. The girls became blemished heaps of burnt flesh. The promise was broken by life to the boys. There would be no future for them.

Even now, across time, distance, culture, language, and ocean, I hear their cries. Ten thousand per second raising their helpless, tortured voices for mercy. No mercy. No relief. Only painful death from planes with United States written on them.

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Facebook Promoting S&M Sodomy to Children


Facebook has Been Promoting Queer Sado-Masochistic Bestiality to Your Kids For the Past 6 Months, and I Bet You Didn’t Even Know.

From Traditional Youth Network

Working class life means you’re always running around or doing double-shifts, and unfortunately this translates into less supervision of your kids in an age where predators can come into your child’s bedroom without setting foot in it. A recent shocking revelation started when my Goddaughter, who is 11 and is watched by an aloof teenage baby sitter, sent me a sticker of a tender little dog called Biscuit.

Biscuit loves to hug his friends and gets into lots of hijinks, pretty nice for a little girl.

FACEBOOK'S S&M Leatherman ICON for kiddies.

FACEBOOK’S S&M Leatherman sodomite “sticker” for kiddies to send to each other.

I began looking through the Stickers to see what I could send her back since she seemed to really enjoy these admittedly well drawn and endearing emoticons. I scrolled down and saw ones from Cartoon Network, The Muppets, Legos, Hello Kitty, etc. — it’s obvious that the whole Facebook Sticker Store caters to children and younger teenagers. All was well until something caught my eye…

What I saw next blew my mind. Right next to the option to download Biscuit the whimsical and cutesy cartoon dog, was a series of queer agitprop emoticons titled “Pride.” The placement of this should be stressed, as it is present within a Facebook feature that is made for kids to find, but not their parents, which makes this incredibly egregious. Imagine my jaw drop when I saw the “Sticker” that is the focus of this piece, which prominently features a Leather S&M fag – a very large part of the “LGBT community” traditionally hidden by the queer lobby’s public relations team – holding a dog on a leash wearing the same fetishist clothes.

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The Conspiracy to Silence the White Race


All their plans depend on keeping the White race quiet — until it’s too late.

I once told my brother that his reality isn’t all that different than what I’ve tried to tell him, only that certain parts of history have been cleverly bypassed, ignored, obfuscated for decades — all to keep guys like us from “getting it.” Even what’s being done to our race right at this very moment always goes carefully unmentioned by the media, even his FOX news (so fair and balanced). I don’t think he understood what I was getting at, or just laughed it off as mad ravings of a blind Jew hater.

Let’s just take care of the one real biggie right now: The Jew conspiracy business that all us evil Jew haters supposedly think. This is where they say we believe Jews are all working secretly among each other in some massive, underground way. I don’t know of anyone who’s reasonably sane who believes that’s possible (but the Jews want you to think we do).

The simplest part of the equation is easy to understand: Jews don’t want White people to go all NAZI on their ass — so much so, practically all of what they do is expressly geared to keeping us White people “PC.” Should we get racist about the blacks, or maybe start figuring out what Israel is making America do for them, we might also get prideful about being White and start marching around in jackboots and matching shirt colors. That vision scares the beJEESUS out of them!

Now you might be telling yourself “well, I don’t want any of those mean Nazis around either” and slapping yourself on the back for being a super nice guy. A caring, Globalist citizen of the planet! But the brainwashers have long co-opted your White sense of decency and fair play to turn a blind eye to all the evil BS they do in the world — NWO foreign meddling, continuous wars (proxy and outright) and the gradual genocide of our race, while they turn our lands into Third Worlder slave pisspots.

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Just Your Typical Liberal Jew Hypocrite



Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Congressman from Florida and the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee. This makes her one of the most powerful politicians in the USA.

She is also Jewish, and has always placed Judaism at the forefront of her politics. She is active in the National Jewish Democratic Council, which has a stated goal of promoting “Jewish Values” in the Democrat party.

However, now she is under fire by the left for attacking Jewish intermarriage and assimilation. Audio was posted online from a speech Schultz gave to the Florida branch of the Jewish Federation on January 16th, 2015 (INCOG: audio recording below “continue reading” button).

Schultz says Jews “have the problem of assimilation. We have the problem of intermarriage.”

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Black History Month: What a SORRY LAUGH


Every February we have to put up with the ridiculously insane idea of blacks being oh-so-great, inventing all kinds of stupid BS — piddly stuff like peanut butter already long around, or things us White people actually invented mostly to begin with. Even after we have to see these murderous clowns raised to hero status in the movies, on TV and commercials all through-out the year, the spoiled little brats have to have a month expressly dedicated to building up black self-esteem.

NIGPHAROAH SMALLFirst off, have you ever once read of any real black civilizations anywhere on the planet? I mean bona fide history; not the recent made up ancient Egyptian fantasies from militant, Afro-centric “professors” — intellectual buffoons who stupidly use any big English word they’ve ever learned — who shouldn’t even be allowed near a classroom filled with young minds, let alone running free outside a mental asylum in the first GD place.

When White European seafarers first set foot in Africa, all they found was a bunch of little jungle villages, filled with two-legged cannibals covered in dried white Elephant dung, nappy afros stained rust orange with the tribe’s collected piss, excitedly jumping around and grunting guttural gibberish — not much removed from today’s hip-hop and ebonics found on America’s streets today. For perfectly logical reasons, the Europeans explorers looked around, dubbed the place the Dark Continent and lol’d with each other.

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Did Israel Use Monica Tapes to Blackmail Clinton?


Bill Clinton’s Monica Calls were Tapped by Jews and Used as Blackmail, Ken Starr Covered It Up and is Now Epstein’s Lawyer

From Daily Stormer


So, what was “COUNTRY A,” Mr. Starr? You spent 20 plus million of the taxpayer’s dollars investigating Monica and Bill’s dirty little affair, but you couldn’t bring yourself to spell out the name of that one particular foreign nation in your report? (INCOG)

In 1999, it was claimed in a book on the Lewinsky affair that Bill Clinton’s phone was tapped by the Jews and that they used his sex-talks with Monica Lewinsky – who, coincidentally, was Jewish – to blackmail him.

The book went on to allege that Clinton called off the hunt for a Jew mole inside the White House under threat of having his secret love affair with the fat Jewess exposed to the world by the Mossad.

New York Post

The allegation appears in “Gideon’s Spies – The Secret History of the Mossad,” written by respected author Gordon Thomas and due out next week.

Asked for comment, White House spokesman P.J. Crowley replied, “The only thing I can possibly say is we’ll skip the book and wait for the movie.”

Israel has denied conducting spying operations in the United States.

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I’m Sick of this GD Holocaust BS!


So yesterday marked the silver anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviets in 1945. It’s like we’re married to the whole thing. On all the channels they made sure to do a report on the 300 Jew survivors visiting the sacred temple of Holocaustinity and how sadly they probably wouldn’t live much longer to make the trip again. News flash, White people: They’ll find plenty of others, believe me.

“INCOG MAN, why you being so hard on those kindly old folks?” Because this whole GD holocaust business has been used by Jewry to jack the entire GD planet into boatloads of BS, that’s why. It’s just keeps getting effin’ more insane!

Try saying something about how Israel treats the Palestinians at this very day. One, your idiot patriotard is going to accuse you of supporting terrorist Hamas and one who might like to see “the Homeland” terror attacked. Or two, your average homo libtard is going to accuse you of being an evil Nazi boy who-wants-to-kill-six-million-jews or maybe even enslave the poor widdle Negroes again.

Indeed, the “Holocaust” is part and parcel to “PC” (political correctness). The evil White race gassed the sacred Jews, enslaved peeps of color and infected forest frolicking, peace-loving Native Americans (injuns) with our equally evil, European city bacteria. We so fully deserve divine retribution for our sins and communicable diseases! Or at least pay taxes through the nose forever so the government can give them our money and jobs.

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On Putin’s Russia


By Andrei Romanenko

Many White Nationalists are rather conflicted on whether Putin is on our side. He seems like a mixed bag. Some of his initiatives, like ban on homo propaganda to the minors, are applauded by traditionalists around the globe. Others, like outlawing anti-Semitism, are met with confusion and distrust.

As a born and raised Slavic Russian now living in North America, I will try to give my perspective on the matter. I believe my analysis would be more accurate since I understand quite well both worldviews – Russian and Anglo-Saxon.

Putin and the Tribe

Us, White Nationalists, we’re longing for one of the world leaders to step up and denounce the collective Jew. However, such a move could deliver our cause more harm than good. Remember how Marxists pushed their agenda? It’s all about semantics and euphemisms. Say one thing, but do the opposite. Never be direct about your goals. Promote equality, diversity and anti-racism, but be after white dispossession, white genocide and white demoralization.

I believe Putin is following that indirect tactic to gain an upper hand over the Jewish control of Russia. Here are a few concrete examples for you. In the 90’s almost all the major media outlets in Russia were controlled by these two Jew billionaires: Vladimir Gusinsky and Boris Berezovsky.

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America’s BS Levels Now Climbing SKY HIGH


So did you see the news reporting on this young WHITE couple from Kentucky running away from home and across state lines last week? When the news in all seriousness actually labeled the two a MODERN DAY BONNIE AND CLYDE?


Good God almighty! The two dangerous interstate criminals were soon spotted shopping at a Walmart for Slim Jims and Doritos.

Man, talk about pure, unadulterated hokum! OK, sure, the guy was 18 and his cute little blond babe was only 13 (girls DO sometimes lie, you know). Yeah, so they drove through a few states, stole a couple of pickup trucks — one with maybe a stashed pistol or two (OMG!) — and kited a few lousy checks for a couple hundred dollars. But was that enough to call them a NEW BONNIE AND CLYDE? Please.

Now that the standard two week media cycle over the Charlie Hebdo and Kosher Deli Muzzie attacks in France has run it’s course — along with the required terror paranoia stoking — you can easily see the big segue way over to anti-Iran propaganda. This is because the next stage in the Zionist Mideast Agenda is the complete removal of the hated Goyim Palestinians taking up precious Jew space in the Promised Land (for the hypocrites only). Jew holier-than-thou fanatics (not only the bearded ones, mind you) simply cannot allow even the remote possibility of a Muslim Bomb threatening whatever they want to do to those poor people or anything else Jews want to do on the planet.

But all that’s ignored by the usual trouble-making Jews and Shabbos goys back here in the US, who feed us BS stories like this young Kentucky couple while working to re-engineer America into some sort of bizarre, violent, Brazil-like, faggoty “rainbow” nation. At the same time, so-called conservative Jew Neocons continue jacking up patriotic America with Zionist propaganda to go out and kill ragheads!

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MLK: Worthless Hero for One Truly Worthless Race


I’m quite certain you’ve probably noticed how the US media has vigorously promoted yet another big White-hating Hollywood movie called “Selma.” His sacred Negro highness, Martin Luther King, Jr., is this movie’s big hero. Although I haven’t seen it (nor will I ever pay to see it), I already know the White race is portrayed as evil, as usual.

This Negro worship business keeps getting more and more insane, does it not? They go on and on AND ON about civil rights and slavery BS, right along with putting in blacks on the screen as big heroes everywhere else (even as computer hackers, lol). You would have to be one seriously moronic SOB not to have noticed — either that or so brainwashed with “White Guilt” and “diversity” crap, as to be a totally spineless little worm.


Just this past Friday night, a crazy Negress in New Jersey, Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier (yep, that’s her name), put her own baby in the middle of the road, doused him with lighter fluid and set him aflame.

Folks: They have to have a Martyr figure for the blacks. All your so-called victimized-by-Whitey minority groups need a Christ-like victim for the brainwashers to use in jacking up everyone against us decent White people. Hell, for the sodomites they have Harvey Milk, a borderline pedophile and minor San FranSICKO city flunky shot dead by Dan White (the scene recreated in a Hollywood movie specifically to shock White America into sympathy for homos, even though the actual crime had nothing to do with faggotry).

Maybe the fact King and Milk were both killed by White guys is the prime requirement for elevation to Godhood status in today’s Jewed America. Ever think of that?

Sure, your idiot White libtards and FOX News Kwans will scream bloody murder how racist I am, blah, blah, blah, but these fools just haven’t got it yet on how completely insane, brutally violent and criminal the black race truly is. Just spend a few minutes scrolling down my page, “White Victims,” to see what kind of vicious animals we’re really dealing with here. You’ll be shocked at how sadistic and evil blacks truly are. Guaranteed.

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Subversive Soros Funded Ferguson Fury



The Washington Times today featured a lengthy piece on the funding of the Ferguson Negro rebellion in Ferguson. Surprisingly to absolutely no one, one of the key backers is the billionaire Jew George Soros.

Soros has long used his billions to fund Marxist revolutions across the planet via a complex network of NGOs and other not-for-profit groups, the most prominent of which are moveon.org and the Open Society Foundation.

The Times conducted a series of interviews and reviewed financial records to find that the protest structure of the Ferguson riots was years in the making.

The paper claims that the wily Jew terrorist gave at least $33,000,000 in one year to support established “grassroots” organizations that were acting on the ground to bring down the system. These findings were based on publicly available tax records from his OSF, but the Jew weasel was probably using harder to trace means to put extra shekels into these riots.

The Times is literally saying that without Soros’ funding, there would have been no revolutionary Negro movement formed in Ferguson.

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How The Jews Are Destroying America


By Brother Nathan (a Jew turned Christian)

thomas_hart_benton_slaves21. The Jews have emasculated our nation by destroying our pride in America’s Christian history. Without a commonly held memory a nation ceases to exist as a cohesive unit.

2. The Jews have labeled America’s Christian Founding Fathers as “racists” and “white slavers” while at the same time suppressing the fact that Jews financed and participated in the Black slave trade.

SUSAN SONTAG ROSENBLATT3. The Jews have promoted multiculturalism, celebrating every culture — no matter how backward and barbaric — except for Western white European culture. As Jewish feminist Susan Sontag (originally named Susan Rosenblatt), stated: “The white race is the cancer of humanity.” But Susan Rosenblatt Sontag’s own cancerous contagion is her lesbian perversity with photographer Annie Leibovitz and Nicole Stephane Rothschild, the banking heiress turned movie actress.

4. The Jews have driven our Christian heritage from the public square through the efforts of the Jewish Lobby Groups, the ADL and the ACLU. American children will grow up in a society wiped clean of any vestiges of the Bible, Christ or the Cross. However, the Menorah is still allowed in public displays and in the White House for Hannukah celebrations.

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Kosher Hypocrites Can’t Have Holocaust Satire


Cartoon Blasphemy of Holocaustianity Damned by the West

By Michael Hoffman, “On the Contrary

Holohoax-stories-3Hot air windbags throughout the West are today proclaiming their defiant support for “blasphemy” of religion of the kind the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists specialized in with regard to Islam (and as we showed in yesterday’s blog —  occasionally with regard to Judaism too —  but the media are loath to reveal this fact about “Charlie”).

Russ Douhat of the New York Times writes: “…both liberalism and liberty require that it (blasphemy) be welcomed and defended.” (“The Blasphemy We Need,” January 7, 2014).

We don’t know if Douhat’s sincere or not. Here is our e-mail to him:

Dear Mr Douhat: Very nice rhetoric. Question: is your pledge selective or absolute? If selective, it means nothing. It only signifies the right to blaspheme against that which you oppose.

Here is a test of your professed ideals: will you “welcome and defend” the satirical comic book Tales of the Holohoax? http://www.vho.org/aaargh/fran/livres9/TalesV2.pdf

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White Girl Bleed A Lot


When Khrista Ibarolle, left the 36 Handles Irish Pub and Eatery, she had only drank a couple of glasses of Chardonnay with a girlfriend to celebrate the two’s mutual birthdays. She knew it wasn’t much of a party, but she had to get back home to let Anela out one last time for the night. Maybe this weekend she and her dog would go for a nice hike in the hills nearby. They both loved that.

Still a bit new around here, the popular and outgoing jewelry designer enjoyed living out in pretty and California rural, El Dorado Hills — only about a half hour or so away from where she used to live in urban Sacramento. Khrista had simply become tired of the increasing crime and general crap out on the streets — every other week or so, it seemed like a friend or business associate was getting smacked around, robbed at gunpoint or worse. She hated some of the thinking she was now starting to do about black people. It was so uncool.

Unfortunately for Khrista, the very street crime she was escaping from, had tonight came all the way out here looking for her. And on her 31st birthday, no less.

Later, everybody would ask themselves how a psycho black guy got way out there from crime-ridden Oakland. Perhaps he stole a car and abandoned it after it ran out of gas, they wondered. Or maybe a drug dealer in the ‘hood gave one of his more troublesome acid customers a ride into the countryside to get rid of him? What better place to dump his crazy black ass, but where a lot of white crackers lived? Might even be funny as hell giving him a full sheet of blotter and that cheap, stolen pistol a skinny old brutha traded him for some wack Belushi the other day, dopeman told himself.

The crazy nigga will surely stir up the shit in whitey land!

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You Won’t Hear This About Charlie Hebdo

CHARLIE HEBDO CARTOONISTA Jewy-looking cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo rudely tongues the testicle-shaped object he drew for the prophet Mohammed’s hat. This was taken sometime awhile back before today’s attack on the magazine’s offices, killing the guy. Little wonder the muzzies were pissed as hell about these clowns. [INCOG]

Dead-on comment left by “Mark” on Daily Stormer.

I get up today and read that some alleged Muslim went to the offices of a “satirical” magazine in Paris and shot some people dead.

And right on cue, all across news feeds, the dumb goyim are walking right into the trap set for them by Jews. I’ve even read anti Muslim comments from friends and associates who have zero interest in world or domestic affairs. If you think this is “good” then I can tell you it is definitely not good that dumb goyim are blindly walking into a Jew trap.

British free speech advocates, Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle, have been legally hounded by devious International Jewry.

British free speech advocates, Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle, were hounded by police in Britain and America for holocaust satire aimed at Jews. The two law-abiding men were eventually thrown in jail after seeking political asylum in the US. Just ask yourself why haven’t you seen anything about them in the US media? (INCOG)

The magazine in question, which, let’s be honest, most will never have heard of until today, is called Charlie Hebdo. Ostensibly this is billed as a “satirical magazine.” Notice that by calling it that, it gives the impression of a publication that is entirely harmless and even just fun.

I should like to point out that some years ago, British police and British intelligence hounded two British men for copying and distributing copies of “Tales of the Holohoax.” They fled to America in an attempt to gain political asylum. An obvious error, since running from Britain to the US is the proverbial frying pan to fire scenario. Suffice to say that when brought back to Britain they were sent to prison.

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Pathetic Pathological White Altruists


By H. Millard, New Nation News

It seems that Whites suffer more than other races from a neurotic need to mother and save the world.

These pathetic Pathological White Altruists — I call them Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers — hide their neurotic savior fantasies behind do-goodism which is then praised by their fellow neurotics. Their efforts always eventually bring contempt, disgust and hatred from those they try to save.

These creeps will drive right over White people who need help, to help anyone who is not White and this is a clue to their neurosis. But, when you see glowing reports of their do-goodism in the newspapers, the newspaper will often try to feature that odd White person who needs help.

The sane way to help people is to have an appropriate level of rational compassion but to mostly leave them alone and let them fend for themselves. Be indifferent and do not interfere in their ways. When Pathological White Altruists barge in with gifts, these gifts always come with religious or cultural or psycho/social strings that in some way forces those helped to conform to White sensibilities or in some way makes things worse in the long run.

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Filthy Birds of a Feather Flock Together

EPSTEIN WITH WOODY AND SOONPedophile pimp and billionaire Jew, Jeffrey Epstein, paling around Jew York city with Woody Allen (real Jew name: Konigsberg) and his wife Soon-Yi Previn, a flat-faced Korean orphan girl adopted by Woody’s then girlfriend, Mia Farrow and Jew composer, André Previn. In a rancorous public separation with Farrow, she accused Woody boy of sex abuse of the teen. Woody would marry Soon-yi, probably to regain some semblance of decency.

I heard the stories about Jeffrey Epstein pervert boy years ago; now the whole sordid thing is coming out, due to a civil lawsuit lodged in Florida the other day by several women saying they were turned into sometimes drug-addicted, under-aged sex slaves brought in from eastern Europe (where poor White girls fall victim to Jew sex slavery gangsters all the time) and elsewhere in the sleazy, Jew NWO. The Epstein story has hardly been reported in the US, but not so in British tabloid media. That might change fast, should Shillary Clinton run for prez in 2016 (this story is probably what’s holding her back).

Alan Dershowitz is now screaming bloody murder about being innocent of fooling around with any young goyim babes with Epstein. Next thing you will know, he'll be saying it's all an anti-Semitic plot!

Big time Zionist Jew, Alan Dershowitz, is now screaming bloody murder about being innocent of fooling around with under-aged goyim babes with Jeffrey Epstein. Next thing you’ll know, he’ll be saying it’s all an anti-Semitic plot by people like INCOG MAN!

Not only did Epstein pal around with Britain’s randy Prince Andy, but also big mouthed Zionist and Harvard law school professor, Alan Dershowitz. The “Dersh,” as fellow Jews call him, was one of OJ’s lawyers and you see him a lot on TV talking about Jew legal crap (they are so wise and close to God, don’t you know?).

Dershowitz was also a big school mentor to cutesy Hollywood Jewess and Israel-lover, Natalie Portman (real name: Hershlag). Besides the lame “Star Wars” sequels, Portman acted in the lefty, anti-Christian “V for Vendetta” movie — a film cleverly targeting would be “social justice” activists (the movie is chock full of PC brainwashing Jewry constantly pushes). Be sure to note how the film had a big pedophile scene with an old Catholic Bishop and a tartly-dressed Portman — the pervert Hollywood Jews can get clean away with trashing our race and religion any GD time they please! Effin’ hypocrites.

Dershowitz also led efforts to destroy the career of Norman Finkelstein, a seemingly decent Jew college professor at Dartmouth, who had the temerity to write a book criticizing Mother Israel for the evils they do to the Palis. That’s something that gets these insane Jew Zionists all riled up — any fellow Jew daring to speak publicly on how Israel really acts are automatically deemed traitors to Crime Central.

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