POS Black Teens Murder Baltimore Woman Cop

By Phillip Marlowe

Amy Caprio was on the force for 3 years and 10 months when she responded to a call in a suburban neighborhood, probably from someone who noticed a nearby home getting burglarized or a suspicious car sitting out front.

A lousy 16 year-old black punk, Dawnta Anthony Harris (where do they get those stupid names?), was outside acting as the getaway driver and lookout, as his homies were inside a home ransacking it for valuables. It’s unclear whether any home owners were inside held at gunpoint or not. When Harris saw the cop drive up, he took off, but didn’t know the road ended in a cul-de-sac. The female cop had him cornered.

Apparently, she got out of the squad car and shouted “get out of the car, get out of the car, get out of the car” when the little bastard fired at least one round at her, then gunned his new model Black Jeep Wrangler 4 wheel drive directly for the woman. A neighbor heard a gunshot, but we don’t know for sure if it hit her or not. It’s also possible she took a shot when it looked like he was going to run her down.

She was slammed by the Jeep and run over. Although details are scarce and unreported (since they don’t like to do much coverage on such “hush” crimes), the big off road wheels of the Jeep probably ground her up, and maybe she caught a bullet to the face or it hit an artery in the arm or leg and she bled out after getting run over. The little bastard didn’t care. They never do — especially if it’s a Whitey.

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Texas Shooter Publicly Humiliated By First Victim


The modern West is defined by the systematic sexual, psychological and emotional abuse of men by women. We are taught from an early age that women are simply allowed to do whatever they want to men, and that men have absolutely no recourse. We are in fact taught that it is morally justifiable for a woman to abuse a man in every conceivable manner.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the reason Dimitrios Pagourtzis went on a shooting rampage at his high school was that he was publicly humiliated by an entitled, hateful slut, Shana Fisher – and she was the first one to get the shotgun blast.

The funeral will be closed casket.

It goes without saying that I don’t agree with Dimitrios’ actions.

But I understand. 

Straight white men are the lowest beings in today’s society. As a controversial tweet that went viral recently pointed out, the term “straight white male” is now used like the word “nigger” was used in a previous era.

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Who Gives a Damn about the Big Royal Wedding?

By Phillip Marlowe

When Diana married that royal guy, what’s his name, my mother got up in the middle of the night to watch the televised BS. I think she taped it on one of those old VCRs, too. Diana was a good-looking young thang — it sure did stink the twat got hooked up with that pudgy Egyptian guy, Dodi something. I think it turned out she was a bit of a psycho.

At the risk of pissing off my British brethren, I was always amazed about Americans being interested in royal crap. Didn’t we put a stop to all that when we had that revolution with crazy King George III? Must be some damn Loyalists still out there.

Now “OUR” media over here is going wacked about it because the bride, Meghan Markle, is supposedly “biracial.” The lousy traitors love seeing the White race polluted.

But I think she’s only like 25% black.* Her mother is a Jamaican mulatto half-breed and the divorced father is a chubby White guy trying to get out of the whole thing by hiding out in Mexico (even making up having major heart operations). I think the mother is even less than half Negroid, too, since one of her parents on the black side was White or Jewish. Must be lots of Ganja smoking going on down there in Jamaica.

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Boy, Were You Ever Wrong

This was written by Patrick Grimm way back in 2009. Don’t know what happened to him, but he certainly had these stinking Jews pegged. [INCOG]

By Patrick Grimm

So you thought the Jews were just another clannish and ethnocentric group interested in preserving their religious and cultural traditions. You believed the Jews when they told you that they only wanted to live and let live. You took them at their word when they said they were only desirous of a country where they could reside free of persecution. You didn’t think twice when they larded up their pronouncements with lots of inclusiveness and out-group words of good will. You believed the scholars who pinned all the blame for anti-Jewish persecution, pogroms, expulsions and genocide on those people who were not Jewish. You thought it not unseemly that these same Jews were a bit touchy when it came to their history and their preoccupation with Holocaust dramatizations.

Boy, were you ever wrong.

You knew your country was sick, didn’t you? Yes, you did. You can feel this sick degeneration down deep in your bones. It was a sixth sense you had. It spoke to you like a still small voice and it whispered ever so softly. It told you that the foundations were crumbling and the buffering institutions were being eroded. But you wanted to call it something else. You ranted about “liberalism,” “big government,” “high taxes,” “overregulation” and how bad those Democrats were. Perhaps you attended a few Tea Parties and whined to your friends about the dangers and wickedness of an Obama administration. You might have even dropped a few dollars in the coffers of yet another “conservative” group, thinking you were doing your due diligence. Sarah Palin is probably your girl in 2012. Her shallow rhetoric and inane sound bites did not dissuade you one bit. You, a solid red state flag-waving “patriot” probably cheered the war in Iraq even as the pseudo-mission became more and more opaque and fuzzy. This didn’t stop you from sending your precious son or daughter to “fight for democracy and freedom” and kill more Muslim people all for the nebulous pronouncements of War Party bureaucrats who knew nothing about Sherman tanks, but spent most of their time in think tanks.

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Happy Mother’s Day White Mothers!

All you knuckle heads out there put down the mouse and call your mothers to wish them a happy mother’s day.


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Backstabbers Now “Appropriating” Our White History

By Phillip Marlowe

White people: You got to listen to me. Oh, I know some of you might think I’m nothing but a racist Nazi boy and all that jazz. But this is serious. The stinking bastards are now out to destroy our history and rich White heritage. And right before our eyes, too!

OK, I get it. You don’t want to turn all Hitler and crap. Sure. But did you ever expect your own race to get openly written away, slowly perhaps, but surely?

They know they can get away with it. They’ve worked to brainwash us with “diversity” BS for decades. Like trained parrots, they can’t talk for a minute on TV without saying “diversity is what makes us so great.” Total BS. America was founded by great White people, Christian Europeans. Yep, Christians. The Founding Fathers were not “pantheistic” but simply trying to keep foreign religious powers out of our America dealy. We can see the DC Zionists in the thrall of Israel have now completely ignored all that.

Now I’m just a regular guy. Certainly no deep thinker or great writer. But I can put two-and-two together to see where all this is going. We absolutely don’t deserve this crap. Us Whites have done great things — our inventions alone are magnificent. Our efforts to help the non-Whites of other countries is readily apparent. Billions are simply alive right now because of all we’ve done. If you think it out just a bit, you too will be totally pissed over the nerve of these dirty backstabbing creeps.

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Little Old Lady Jailed in Germany Over Holocaust BS


Ursula Haverbeck is a 89 year-old woman in Germany who was put in prison this week over what she simply said in public about the holocaust. She had the nerve to say on live German TV she didn’t believe it happened like they tell us. She had sincere doubts about the whole gassing part really happening.

This old lady (just look at her above) should be in a nursing home, not a jail. They sentenced her to 2 years WITHOUT PAROLE. The poor woman apparently tried to get away. She was due to report for prison on May 2 but went missing. The dirty Jews screamed for “high pressure” searches for the “Nazi grandma.” Finally, she showed up at her home and was promptly bagged like a dangerous fugitive.

Just sit there and stew on all this for a moment. Oh, these Jew people are totally psycho about protecting this holocaust crap, alright.

I already knew about the story and wanted to write about it here. But honestly I’m so overwhelmed with all the Jew crap they are now laying down on us here in America, I can’t keep up. I get emails about all this from a certain someone who himself has been arrested and attacked mercilessly by filthy Jews in another country.

Let me point out something that should be glaringly obvious to people with any sort of brain left after all the Jew PC brainwashing. Real truth does not need any laws protecting it (the holocaust is the ONLY historical event that does). Whenever you do in-depth research on any subject you realize that this or that is probably true, or that this part of it appears highly doubtful. I remember reading lots of things in holocaust books and thinking to myself: “hey, this has got to be total horse sh*t. Nothing could have happened like that. Someone is making that up.”

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Sweden Now Totally Hiding Race Descriptions

Little White schoolgirl gang-raped by muzzie men in a cemetery in broad daylight.

Police in Sweden seeking three men who ambushed and raped an underage girl on her way home from school do not want to release their descriptions.


The minor was assaulted in a cemetery at 3 o’clock in the afternoon in Östervåla, a locality with a population of just 1,600 in Heby Municipality, Uppsala, SVT reports.

The public broadcaster’s report indicates that “at least” one of the men raped her, and police investigator Daniel Nilsson confirmed the authorities “have a clear picture of what has happened and there is no doubt that the crime occurred inside the cemetery.”

Nilsson also confirmed police have a  “good description” of the attackers — but say they will not disclose this description to the media while they are pursuing “other threads” despite the fact the offence occurred some days ago and they have yet to secure any arrests.

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They’re Turning Our Kids into SICK FAGGOTS

By Phillip Marlowe (I’m baaaaack!)

Yesterday, the US Boy Scouts dropped the word ‘boy” from their name. They’ve already allowed chicks in, along with open faggots — including unit leaders they go out camping with in the woods (imagine that).

I used to be a Cub Scout (junior level boy scout). When I started going, the mother running our particular cub unit would have us clean her entire home. That happened every single meeting for at least a couple of months. That’s all we ever did. She was clearly using us as her little domestic slaves, so I dropped out. I wanted hiking, camping and shooting real guns. But by then, I was pretty much already a wild child (we lived next to the mountains) and could get my woodland groove on all by myself.

My younger brother joined something called “THE INDIAN GUIDES.” It was a YMCA competitor outfit to the boy scouts where everyone called each other stupid crap like “Big Chief” and “Little Eagle.” I remember them doing this downhill race where the kids would build a wood car to fit both dad and son — kind of like the Soap Box Derby but with few real construction rules or any course. A disaster waiting to happen.

My dad and my brother built a car to race. It was a fairly standard thing — maybe boring but safe. When I went to the race there was this one father who had built his son this cool-looking batmobile thing that everyone was oohing and ahhing over. Even had a nice purple paint job. But I noticed that it didn’t have any brakes and when I asked him about it, he said he didn’t need any. Go away, punk.

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The Stinking Bastards Killed That Brit Baby

Nurse Gave Alfie Evans Four Unidentified Drugs. Two Hours Later He Died.

A new report in an Italian newspaper claims that a nurse gave Alfie Evans four unidentified drugs just two hours before his death. The newspaper indicates Alfie’s vital signs were strong in the hours before his death but that the nurse gave him four drugs while his father Tom was out of the room and his mother Kate was half asleep. Another family member was in the room at the time.

There is no indication as to what the drugs were but Alfie’s vital signs began to diminish just 30 minutes after the drugs were administered. As La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana reports (translated from Italian):

So, to silence the press, the hospital promised Thomas more oxygen and more vital support. Two hours before dying the oxygen saturation was about 98 and Alfie’s beats were about 160, so much so that Thomas was convinced that they would let him go home soon (as the hospital administration told him on Friday afternoon) . Before dying, while Thomas had gone out for a moment, leaving Kate half-awake and another family member in the room, a nurse entered and explained that he would give the baby four drugs (no one knows what) to treat him. After about 30 minutes the saturation dropped to 15. Two hours later Alfie was dead.

The report also interviews the head of the Italian hospital that had planned to take Alfie before British courts eviscerated the idea. The scientific director of the Bambin Gesù Hospital, Bruno Dalla Dallapiccola, is quoted as saying he thinks the lack of food and water during the first day after Alfie’s life support was removed contributed to his death as well as the lack of proper oxygen.

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Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” Speech

Full text of Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, which was delivered to a Conservative Association meeting in Birmingham, England on April 20, 1968 — 50 years ago.

The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils. In seeking to do so, it encounters obstacles which are deeply rooted in human nature.

One is that by the very order of things such evils are not demonstrable until they have occurred: at each stage in their onset there is room for doubt and for dispute whether they be real or imaginary. By the same token, they attract little attention in comparison with current troubles, which are both indisputable and pressing: whence the besetting temptation of all politics to concern itself with the immediate present at the expense of the future.

Above all, people are disposed to mistake predicting troubles for causing troubles and even for desiring troubles: “If only,” they love to think, “if only people wouldn’t talk about it, it probably wouldn’t happen.”

Perhaps this habit goes back to the primitive belief that the word and the thing, the name and the object, are identical.

At all events, the discussion of future grave but, with effort now, avoidable evils is the most unpopular and at the same time the most necessary occupation for the politician. Those who knowingly shirk it deserve, and not infrequently receive, the curses of those who come after.

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That Dirty Jew DID Rape and Murder Mary Phagan

Inside a dingy shuttered factory at the heart of Atlanta’s industrial sector 105 years ago today, a Jew rapist-pedophile viciously assaulted one of his teenage employees who rejected his sexual propositions — for the last time.


Mary Anne Phagan was only 13 in the spring of 1913 when a perverted Jew raped and murdered her. Jews and FAKE Jew media has always portrayed Frank as innocent and unfairly victimized by anti-Semite, racist White Southerners, when he was indeed guilty as sin.

On Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913, young Mary Phagan entered the office anteroom of her boss, National Pencil Company superintendent Leo Frank, just minutes after high noon to pick up her pay envelope for her work the week before.

However, for the past week Mary had been laid off from the Atlanta, Georgia, factory because the brass sheet metal required had all been used up on Monday morning, April 21, 1913. Without this one essential material, there could be no bands created and attached to the ends of pencils, so she couldn’t use the knurling machine at her work station to insert the rubber erasers.

Mary Phagan’s job was absolutely critical in the factory’s manufacturing efforts, because adding erasers to the base of pencils was the very last production stage before they were boxed in tissue paper, loaded up in monogrammed boxes and shipped for distribution nationwide.

Standing in the door frame to his office, Mary looked in and quietly asked, “Mr. Frank?” Leo could feel his heart suddenly beating as he recognized the voice and looked up, especially since he now found himself very much alone with the attractive child laborer under his skillful management — dressed gaily today in lavender and lace for the downtown Parade — a sweet young southern girl whom he had a crush on for some time, and one that had blossomed far beyond her tender age.

Jewish accounts of the Mary Phagan murder case over the coming decades purposefully leave out certain damning facts and details showing what surely happened next…

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Thank God For Making Me A White Guy!

WHITE MAN FISHING“Without a doubt, White people outshine every other race on the planet. Always have. Call me racist, call me another Hitler, call me a Klansman — I don’t give a flying flock — we are FRIGGIN’ GREAT!”

I REMEMBER THAT fine early fall day just like it was yesterday. My fishing pal and I were at one of the better trout rivers in my state, when we finally worked our way up to this one very beautiful, wide pool sitting beneath a verdant green cow pasture in the bright sunshine. We could just make out the pod of sleek brown trout silently finning in the middle current like a fleet of tiny submarines — here and there one would quickly surface to noisily suck down a struggling late summer insect drifting by on the sparkling, sunlit waters. A real-life vision of Elysium lay before us.

Since it was my turn to take first crack, my buddy stayed up in the pasture to bird dog a little for me, or maybe to just laughingly narrate my angling mistakes to any nearby moo cow. Sure enough, my first two casts were pretty lame. But it didn’t seem to spook the fish much and on my third cast, I somehow managed a long, perfectly rolling arc, with the monofilament leader curving to the right like a major league pitcher’s best spitball — dropping my very own artfully tied grasshopper imitation just far enough upstream to realistically drift down into the trout’s kill zone.

Whammo! A huge brown smashed into it, greedy for what it thought was a big fat tasty bug. I lifted up my rod to gently set the hook and the four, maybe five pound fish danced and surged wildly across the pool. But I lost him after a thrilling half minute or so, when my gossamer thin two pound tippet gave way (which I should have changed out earlier). For whatever reasons, I always seem to remember every single big fishing battle I lost, instead of those all-too-few times when I do manage to land or boat a nice fish (usually released back into the water). But I guess that’s how us White people get better at things — we learn from our mistakes.

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“Diversity” is Jewish Bio-Warfare Against Whites

Former East German STASI (secret police) Commie agent and White-hating Jewess, Anetta Kahane, was put in charge of censoring Whites on the Internet by Angela Merkel’s German government. The rats are working hard destroying White people.

By Phillip Marlowe

For years I rejected this conclusion.

Even though everything I saw fully supported it. I remember when I first said to myself “it’s the only logical answer to all the BS going down,” my head swam. I didn’t want to be a big Nazi boy or “skinhead.” I was just a regular joe, didn’t really “hate” anybody. A live and let live kind of guy — who liked drinking and fishing more than politics.

But I could see certain things being quietly promoted in our country. The “Whiteys be bad” business and everyone else was “oppressed” by evil Whites. Funny, I couldn’t see any “oppression” going on and I definitely never got any special favors just for being White. This “special favors” bull crap is now termed “White privilege” and it’s just one more ridiculous example of the brainwashing of our race.

Notice how they’ve furiously been ramping up the “niggering” of America on TV in the last few years. You can’t watch for a minute before you see a black turned into the big hero. Hell, the brainwashing bastards are now casting blacks in historic White hero characters like Joan of Arc, Hannibal and Greek hero, Achilles. Jew Hollywood even felt free to turn Heimdall, Viking god of Nordic legend, black in a recent movie.

Blacks are always cast in good guy roles — often the main hero these days. Recently, I saw a commercial for Ray Bradbury’s classic Sci-Fi story “Farenheit 451” where they turned the hero black. Movies also now feel free to cast black guys as the love interest for the White woman protagonists. White men must always now be the baddies in movies and the idiots in every TV commercial. Pay attention and you’ll see it all the time.

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Dear “Fellow White People” (((They))) So Love To Say

A collection of tweets from Jews calling themselves “fellow White people” to trash the White race and lay down the guilt trip for diversity subversions. This is exactly the reason I say on my site (all the time) that even little Jews act in the destruction of the White race. They are indeed subversive rats, pushing the PC “narrative,” holocaust crap and just generally screwing with our heads — often just for fun. Ever since they came to America, the bastards have been busy brainwashing us White people — including in our schools.

Read the one where the Jewess says she’s “feeling spitefully Jewish today.” That really shows what motivates these trouble-making creeps. It’s simple to see how these rats really are behind lefty politics. Whites (real ones) get hired and promoted if they are also “fellow travelers” — further spreading the Jewish poisoning of our race. [INCOG]

From Benjamin Garland @DAILY STORMER

To demonstrate just how tirelessly our White Jewish brethren fight for Social Justice in this world full of hate, Ari Shekelstein has compiled these 26 tweets from the last 24 hours.

Tikkun olam, fellow goyim.

Tikkun olam.

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The Arrogance of Ambitious ZOG Careerists

Ranting by INCOG MAN

I’ve seen this in real life many times. Big shot wannabees, who think they know everything and want to show just how great they are by doing things they know they can make someone else look at fault later on — should it turn out bad. In other words, they realize they’ll be the big heroes if everything goes as expected, but if it doesn’t they got an easy out. CYA. You can see how they mapped it out in their ambitious little pea brains.

Last night we saw James Comey in a much hyped interview on ABC — one of the major mouthpieces of the NWO. And this is the 25th anniversary week for the Waco/Branch Davidian catastrophe. Very appropriate COHENcidence.

In the case of Waco, those ATF fools could have easily nabbed David Koresh (another arrogant wacko) with a small team when he went into town, instead of doing a big, made for prime time bust on the main compound. ATF actually code-named the whole thing as “Operation Showtime,” if you can believe it. Hell, they already had an undercover embed and a team at a nearby house. A simple phone call would have been all it took. Not flashy enough for some idiot DC careerists, apparently.

You can tell it was a manufactured media event because ATF tipped-off reporters got lost and had to ask someone on the side of the road where the Branch Davidian compound was. As fate would have it, they just happened to be wacked Waco cultists who then alerted Brother man Koresh. The result was 4 ATF agents and 6 Branch Davidians dead, followed later by 76 burned alive — including many children. Totally horrible result of idiot government careerism.

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Trump Blows Big Wad For Israel Instead of Wall

Trump dropped another huge wad in military expense attacking Syria last night. Each of those Tomahawk cruise missile babies cost at least 1.5 million, with over 100 launched. Add in plane attacks and command and control, the whole thing approached 200 million spent in the last few hours. Add in the attack last year and it’s close to half a billion.

That’s a lot of miles in border fencing down south.

Looks like Israel’s Zionist hegemony in the Mideast is much more important to Trump. In fact, we’ll give Israel enough moolah in the next couple of years to totally pay for US security on the border. No doubt about it: Trump is fully in the Jew’s pocket.

I’ve always said here on my site that America is Israel’s bitch.

Looking back over time, one can easily see them manipulating America. Israel has followed a clever, long-running geopolitical plan to reduce the surrounding Muslim nations into small, warring enclaves of Shia versus Sunnis. Funny how every single enemy of Israel and the Jews always ends up attacked by America eventually. Egypt and Jordan are bribed big time with our tax dollars (about 3 billion per year) not to do anything bad to Israel, so you can add that into your equations.

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The Betrayal of Radavan Karadzic and White Europe

By Christopher J. Green

On 24th March 2016, Radavan Karadzic, the leader of the Bosnian Serbs during the terrible civil war in the former Yugoslavia, was found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to forty years in prison. His conviction is yet another appalling injustice inflicted upon the Serbian people who were and continue to be, singled out as the “nationalist” aggressors who caused the civil war and who were the guilty perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

In fact all sides – Bosnian Serbs, Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Muslims – were guilty of war crimes and indeed the Serbs were more sinned against than sinners. But the facts mustn’t be allowed to spoil the anti-Serb narrative. In a war few people understand, the Serbs were cast as the villains of the piece by Machiavellian Western governments and the duplicitous international media. And an ignorant, gullible public eager to have their thinking done for them, believed all they were told. Having fallen hook, line and sinker for the biased media coverage of the war, the demonized Serbs were a people found guilty as charged with no regard for the truth.

Let me make something very clear: Radovan Karadzic is not a war criminal. He is a hero of the West who should’ve been acclaimed not condemned, supported instead of vilified. His trial is a gross miscarriage of justice and is another betrayal of the people of Europe as you’re about to discover. Because the same horrors that came to the doorstep of the Bosnian Serbs are now spreading to Europe and people are either failing or refusing to join the dots.

Just two days before the verdict was announced, 35 people were slaughtered by devout Muslim mujahideen waging jihad in the way of Allah in the capital of the European Union, Brussels. The atrocity came just four months after mujahideen waged Islamic jihad in Paris, murdering 130 innocent people and ten weeks after thousands of women were raped or sexually assaulted by Muslim males in Cologne and other European cities on New Year’s Eve 2015.

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We Should Just Let All Negroes Starve to Death

Worthless blacks in Africa, Haiti and everywhere else on the planet, including the US, have been nothing but a giant black hole to pour our wealth and misplaced cares into from day-one — even though we’re expected to think they’re so great. I’ve had it with the stinking lying bull crap!

By Phillip Marlowe

I was reading over at Daily Stormer, the Internet’s most censored site, about some big Brit Naturalist White guy who was over in Africa trying to protect animals from poaching and he was stabbed to death by the natives. That’s when I remembered once kindly suggesting here on my site how it would be infinitely better to just let all Africans starve to death to help Mother Nature — instead of hindering her.

Shocked? Sure, I’m a hard ass these days. But the White race has done more than enough for the black race by now. Instead of respect and love, they spit in our faces every minute of the day. Plus, they freely assault Whites on the streets with things like the “knockout game,” while robbing, raping, torturing and murder (including our elderly mothers and children). Most people don’t know the evil crimes blacks perpetrate against Whites, because the traitorous media works constantly to protect this criminal race.

I’m not saying to keep them from eating food they get on their own from working for a honest living (lol) or from growing crops. Just stop giving them all that free taxpayer stuff and money on a silver platter anymore. If blacks want to stand up on their own two feet, that’s entirely up to them. We merely need to say no to the spoiled brat’s never-ending race demands and see what happens.

I’m also a big animal lover and nature boy. The four-legged kind. Let’s just let Mother Nature take its natural course for the sake of the planet. Natural equilibrium is no sin. We needn’t berate ourselves forever more over this stinking race. They’ve had their chance to act civilized and they’ve blown it. Time for a little “tough love.”

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Someone Bugged Our Entire Nation’s Capital


So it seems like our capital has been riddled with foreign spies intercepting our leadership’s communications for years, and nobody has been bothering to do anything about it.

Or at least, this is how this is being presented.

But under the Trump administration’s leadership, it seems like the Department of Homeland Security is looking to crack down on all this “foreign” surveillance.

Fox News:

The U.S. government has acknowledged the existence in Washington D.C. of what appear to be devices that could be used by foreign spies and criminals to track individual cellphones and intercept calls and messages, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.

In a March 26 letter to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., the Department of Homeland Security admitted that it “has observed anomalous activity in the [Washington D.C. area] that appears to be consistent with International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) catchers.” DHS added that it had not determined the type of devices in use or who might have been operating them, nor did it say how many it detected or where.

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Marxist Jewry Keeps Up The MLK Brainwashing

Excerpt from David Duke’s “My Awakening” on the real truth behind “Martin Luther King, Jr.” (not his legal name):

The Civil-Rights Movement

Rosa Parks was a carefully-orchestrated, Jew-manufactured event. They had a different black woman already set-up to go, but she proved way too dirty for media use, so they brought in Parks (long time NAACP operative already trained at the commie Highlander School) at the last minute. (INCOG)

Rosa Parks was a carefully orchestrated, Jew-manufactered event. They had a different black woman already set-up to go, but she proved way too dirty for media use, so they brought in Parks (long time NAACP operative already trained at the commie Highlander School) at the last minute. She wasn’t just a “simple seamstress” like they tell you to this day. (INCOG)

Just as Jewish academics lead the scholastic fight for egalitarianism in science and sociology, and Jewish media moguls lead the propaganda fight, the “civil-rights” movement itself found most of its leadership and financial support in the Jewish community.

Almost from the first day of its inception in 1909, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was the premier organization working for a racially mixed American society. Interestingly enough, the founding board of directors had only one prominent Black, W. E. B. Dubois (who was actually a Mulatto). Most of the board consisted of Jewish Marxist ideologues. The U.S. House of Representatives and many state investigative bodies thoroughly documented the fact that all of the NAACP’s founders were activists in the Communist cause. Dubois even chose Communist Ghana as his burial site.

The NAACP’s first president was Arthur Spingarn, and only Jews served as NAACP presidents from its founding until the 1970s. Noel Spingarn succeeded his brother, Arthur, and following him, Kivie Kaplan reigned over the organization. The Jewish leadership of the NAACP was little known by the public at large. When I came of age, the only name I heard associated with the NAACP was Roy Wilkins, who was its Black national secretary. Because he was so much in the press and public eye, like most Americans, I thought Wilkins was the NAACP leader. But Kaplan was the actual NAACP president during that time. Benjamin Hooks became the first Black president finally in the 1970s. Once a Black finally made it to the presidency of the organization, no longer did the public hear much about the NAACP “national secretary.” From then on the public spokesman was the NAACP president.

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Christ Himself Fought These Stinking Hypocrites


By Phillip Marlowe

THE POOR AND humble thronged in from all over the countryside, anxious to catch a glimpse of the Galilean called Yeshua. As the crowd pushed forward, they sometimes stumbled over each another — everyone excitedly hoped they might get close enough to witness another miracle, or just hear the man speak out His ringing words of Truth — words these people understood and felt so true deep down.

The crowd could now see Him up on a rocky hillside standing like a beacon among a small group of men and women. It seemed like thousands had already gathered around below. “How will we hear Him from here?” A woman cried plaintively. Someone nearby answered: “You will hear Him, don’t worry, everything He says will carry far to those with ears to hear.”

The man called Yeshua saw all the people trying to get close. He knew he must soon speak out to settle them, or some may get hurt. In those distant times, the slightest injury could later mean a painful death by runaway infection.

Yeshua looked back to his disciples and said: “Before the multitude start trodding upon another, let me say to you the most important thing first…”

“…Beware the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.”

–Luke, 12:1

This hypocrisy is staring you in the face right this very day. Read on should you have any guts left and truly understand deep down what is right and what is wrong.

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Is Daily Stormer a Big Secret Jew Ops?

By Phillip Marlowe

Occasionally, I get comments in my moderation que from people saying Daily Stormer is a Jew operation. I leave them there, since I try to avoid starting up any business with “who’s a Jew” at my site. Sure, most of it is personality conflicts, jealousy — that kind of thing. I don’t have time for it. And the devious Jews use that weakness against us. Jews love to plant seeds of doubt in people’s heads among us real Awakened Whites.

I got a book up on my shelf called “The Synagogue of Satan” by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. In it, he claims Abraham Lincoln is a Jew. I don’t believe that’s true, but I do believe Lyndon Johnson was Jewish enough to be totally simpatico with the Jew agenda. Not hard to believe knowing the crap Johnson started. But the book is often too much — just how much I don’t know — so I don’t use it as a source with newbies.

“It’s not as bad as a few make it out to be, but it’s infinitely worse than most regular people out there know.”


What I mean here is that a few awakened people think everyone is a secret Jew, but all the other regular “unawakened” folk (the masses) seem clueless on just how much Jews really do control things, especially the media. Yeah, I’m trying to look cool by making out my statement like it’s a big important quote by a big time writer guy.

Jews are definitely not any big super heroes — as much as they like to imagine themselves. I remember once reading some Jews bragging with each other that the Jew race were like characters in a Harry Potter movie, while Goyim (non-Jews) were “Muggles” or whatever J. K. Rowling (a big lefty) called people who didn’t know about the secret sorcerer world and that hidden Hogwarts school, where they go to learn casting spells. I don’t know if they were serious or just being stupid Jew kids.

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Arrogant Obama Monkey Wants a Million Clones

Barack Obama wants a million young clones of himself to promote Jewish Communism.


Negroes tend to think very highly of themselves even though they have no redeeming intellectual qualities. We see this trait in Barack Obama. This Kenyan baboon is one of the most egotistical narcissists that we have ever seen in American politics.

Here’s a perfect case in point.

Washington Examiner:

Former President Barack Obama talked about his future plans for his post-presidency life at a conference Sunday in Japan, addressing how he might shape “a million” new, young leaders in his mold.

The wide-ranging discussion repeatedly touched on the Obama Foundation’s efforts to engage the digital space to help young people in the U.S. and across the world get connected.

“If I could do that effectively, then — you know — I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas,” Obama said. “Or, the next group of people who could take that baton in that relay race that is human progress.”

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White People: What We Really Need To Do

Have you had enough, White people?

All the continual BS and lefty agenda promoted all the time? When the hypocrites now openly trash our race in the media — even the commercials? Stop and think: If you took out all black crime, the US would be one of the safest places on the planet. They are not going to say that on TV because of them protecting the criminal black race every minute. They’ve done it for decades.

What we see going on today is a well-financed Globalist media effort promoting the kiddies to march for gun confiscation. Hell, they might even be secret, “Black Ops” false flag efforts behind many of these shootings. They obviously want to disarm White America, even though us Whites have always been pretty much a law-abiding race. Criminal blacks will always commit crimes on the vulnerable — guns or not. Whites will be the ones turning in guns, not blacks, believe me.

Look at Great Britain. They disarmed Whites over there and then opened the floodgates to Third World mass immigration. Whites get raped, shot, stabbed, run over by Turd Worlders and Muzzies all the time. Whites get harassed, censored and even arrested for “wrongthink” now. Much the same in most European countries (Poland and Hungary have woken up). Us Whites need to organize for the coming Civil War. No doubt about it.

Spell it out: WTFU!

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Trump Signs Ridiculous 1.3 Trillion Spending Bill


From Andrew Anglin @DAILY STORMER

Trump threatened on Twitter that he was going to veto this piece of shit and then signed it anyway.

Not cool.


President Donald Trump signed the $1.3 trillion spending bill to keep the federal government open Friday, then excoriated Congress for passing the plan in the first place.

Trump cited misgivings about its contents but said it was needed for national security reasons as he spoke alongside his secretaries of Defense, Homeland Security and Commerce at the White House.

“There are a lot of things I’m unhappy about in this bill, there are a lot of things that we shouldn’t have had in this bill, but we were in a sense forced if we want to build our military,” Trump said.

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Fat-Faced Lefty Jews All Over The TV Channels

By Phillip Marlowe

Every time I turn on the “electronic rabbi” these days, I get treated to a big fat Jew face spewing lefty crap all over the place. Pay attention and you, too, will see these lousy Jews everywhere telling America how to think. If only they could find a way to make underwater basket-weaving a thing to destroy the White race, they would be yapping away about that 24/7, too.

Above is one Jill Wine-Banks on MSNBC’s “AM JOY” hosted on weekends by Joy-Ann Reid — a boot-lipped Sheboon who has zero problems insulting the White race, especially White men (us evil ones) — while doling out mega dollops of the lefty, Jewish-approved brainwashing. These filthy creeps are STILL going on and on and on about Trump colluding with the Russians. When will they ever just shut the hell up?

The overly-hyped woman lawyer Wine-Banks was brought on MSNBC this weekend to tell us that Trump is so evil for being happy to see that big FBI rat, Andrew McCabe fired for his treasonous Hillary-loving trickery.*

Sometimes when I see one of these lefty creeps on TV, I take a quick cellphone shot. Then I look them up on the Internet to see if my suspicions of Jewyness pan out. With fat face above, I was positive of it, but couldn’t find any outright info she was a Jew or anything tell-tale on her stupid Facebook account. But I did stumble across daddy’s obit in the Chicago Tribune. Yep, he was a Jew accountant named Bert S. Wine, married to a “Sylvia” and they lived in totally Jewed-up Skokie, Illinois. I think it’s a safe bet she’s a member of the Tribe. And remember it was the Chicago Jew power nexus who brought us the wonderful Barack Hussein Obama.

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Green Ireland Getting Flooded with Turd Worlders

The Jews have been behind all this Third Worlder immigration and anti-White PC brainwashing from the beginning — in all of our once formerly White countries. These dirty backstabbers aim to completely turn us White people into a powerless, disenfranchesed minority in our own lands for their NWO ambitions. [INCOG]

Ireland: Tiny Town to Receive Over 100 Vibrants Despite Voting Against Them


[VIDEO BELOW “continue reading”] That town has like 300 permanent residents, so they’re in for a pretty big dose of diversity.

Let’s hope they don’t get racist about it.


A resident of a tiny Irish town having its population increased by a third by a new migrant centre has said Ireland has become a “slave state” of the European Union (EU) and its immigration policies, leaving locals helpless.

Isn’t it about time you started thinking about an Eirexit?

Because otherwise, nothing’s gonna change.

“We don’t know where these people are going to be from. They won’t tell us what countries they’re from. What religion they’re from,” said Michael Walsh.

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Black “Culture” is Totally Idiotic Compared To White

Blacks are basically semi-retarded jungle primates who love shiny objects, flashy clothes and drum beats, but who we unfortunately failed to ship back to Africa after the civil war like Mr. Lincoln wanted. Now we got to listen to their stupid rap “music” and race complaining 24/7, while they murder themselves and us decent White people every minute of the day. The only reason why we’re forced to listen to this crap is because of Jews and liberals promoting them all over the airwaves like they’re so great.

By Phillip Marlowe

Haven’t you heard them make a big deal in the media about the most stupid thing involving blacks? The only reason they are acting like that is because blacks are the subject. It’s so obvious the idiotic fawning over this stupid race, that it now makes any of us critical thinking persons sick to our stomachs with this never-ending black bull crap.

I read over at DAILY STORMER about Michelle inviting this little chimplet (who we’re always expected to think as so cute or else you’re a racist) to her office after seeing a picture of the girl standing in front of that idiotic painting of Michelle at the National Portrait gallery. The two then danced around for the cameramen (called in beforehand to get PC propaganda material). Idiot liberals on the Internet apparently went haywire with idiotic joy, or so we’re told by the liberal media who always lie pushing their PC BS.

There was this quote from a libtard site:

The video sent social media into a meltdown, and Chelsea Clinton called it “pure magic” while another Twitter user chimed in and wrote, “THIS WORLD NEEDS MORE WOMEN LIKE MICHELLE OBAMA.”

“Social media meltdown,” yeah, I bet. “Pure magic,” right. Ridiculous.

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