Big-Mouthed CNN Sheboon Mocks White Victims

big-mouthed-symone-sanders“Poor White People” – Negress on CNN Mocks White Trump-Supporter Brutally Beaten by Blacks

By Andrew Anglin @DAILY STORMER

A Negress Bernie person went on CNN this week and vicious mocked a Trump supporter who was viciously attacked by blacks and had his car stolen from him.

When the incident was brought up to Democratic strategist Symone Sanders, she said “oh, poor white people!”

This is what they think of you.

That you cannot be a victim and that they cannot not be a victim.

But the reality is truly the opposite. Black people are a protected class, who are unquestionable in our society, who have limitless special privileges which allow them to basically do whatever they want and never suffer consequences.

[Click continue for video]

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Anti-Trump Globalist Jews Still Insist Ruining America

nyt-thomas-friedman-telling-america-what-to-thinkHere’s the smug bastard on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” They have a different liberal anti-Trump NYT Jew working this particular show nowadays (David Brooks), but all these media Jews freely jump around the TV channels — that’s why you constantly see war-mongering Zionist Neocons gaming us into never-ending overseas crap to kill A-rabs just to keep the region safe for sacred Israel. Man, I can’t stand these jerkwads one damn bit!

By Phillip Marlowe

David Brooks is another anti-Trump, pro-Israel Globalist Jew creep they put up on TV.

David Brooks is another liberal Trump-trashing Globalist Jew they put on TV talk shows to tell America what to think.

Wow: Just got through watching JEW York Times writer, Thomas Friedman, on ABC’s “This Week with George” Sunday talk show. This Globalism promoter media agent is also a big Israel-loving Zio Jew boy, but of course they never, ever tell the Goy audience that (they know that Jew identification would be the end to their little games). Yet all the Jews out there know who’s who among “The Tribe,” believe me.

That’s why it’s such a good idea to put a “Star of David” (what I call the Star of Satan) on the front of all these slickster’s fancy suits, or at least make the media control room people put it up on the screen — say in the upper left hand corner — whenever they open their big fat mouths to spew their insidious PC/globalism garbage. Hell, just take them all off the TV to begin with and the entire planet will be a hellava lot happier.

Georgy boy has Freidman supposedly on to talk about Trump’s victory, since the little rat attacked Trump left and right with vicious slanders during the campaign (not one of these Jew talking heads are going to suffer any career problems believe me). Of course, Freidman is really coming on the show to push his new Globalism/Global Warming-touting book, “Thank You for Being Late,” so Goyims out in TV land can buy as presents for a holiday we can’t celebrate anymore in public (Christmas). These Jews sure do like their cute and pithy titles for their stinking brainiac books, don’t they?

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Loser Hillary Blaming FBI Director For Defeat

hillary-losing-it-with-comeyEvil Wench Hillary Clinton Blames Her Defeat On FBI Director James Comey


Thank god Hillary Clinton did not become President of America. This woman is incapable of taking responsibility for anything.

She actually had the nerve to blame her electoral loss on FBI Director James Comey.

How pathetic is this wench? If she hadn’t setup that illegal private e-mail server while she was Secretary of State to conceal a pay for play scheme the FBI would have had zero involvement in the election. It was her own fault that the FBI was forced to look into her affairs.

There’s already people saying that Clinton and her cronies shouldn’t be investigated by the incoming Trump administration. I disagree with this. If there isn’t an independent investigation into this insanity it shows a distinct double standard in the rule of law. Plus, it is clear that high crimes and treason were committed by Clinton when she put the State Department up for sale.

From BBC:

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Libtards Going Hysterical Over Trump’s Election

hillary-people-crying-over-the-resultsThe crowd at Hillary’s big celebration at the Jacob Javits Convention Center soon turned into a giant liberal cry-fest as it finally dawned on them she was losing to Trump — our new evil White Führer! Cowardly Hillary couldn’t bring herself to come onstage to hug it out with her social justice cadres, turning over the job to John Podesta.

Post Election Commentary by Phillip Marlowe

CNN's Van Jones cries about the election being a "WHITE-lash" like all us evil Whites are responsible. Media hypocrites said not a thing about how anti-White racist that comment is.

CNN’s Van Jones cries about the election results being a “WHITE-lash” like all us evil Whites are responsible, even though plenty of Whites voted for Obongo boy in both of his campaigns. No one on CNN said a thing. Racist hypocrites!

The leftys are going totally bonkers trying to figure out how the Trumpster beat their gal pal Hillary in the election. The butt hurt levels are now reaching historical proportions, with PC freak cases becoming absolutely insane — near suicidal for some. Not that I would really care if they did, naturally.

So I’m watching that MSNBC bull dyke, Rachel Maddow, last night going off about Trump getting INTEL BRIEFINGS on par with her POC hero, Obongo, like it’s so terrible. She went into this rambling monologue about evil Putin being in cahoots with Trump’s campaign, even though they also had contacts with Hillary’s people, which Maddow ignored. Russian officials and media like “Russia Today” (RT) have plenty of good, understandable reasons to want such contacts, just like we do over their elections. Means JACK.

Basically, she was saying the Rooskies manipulated the elections (they were using this line against Trump ever since Wikileaks exposed Shillary as a big rat). In her efforts to explain away Hillary’s disastrous defeat, Maddow was telling us Trump was a big security risk, because he’s getting INTEL BRIEFINGS. Ridiculous. This is totally disrespectful to the president-elect. Yeah, like I’m so sure Trump is going to spy for Evil White Russia. Maddow looked so creepy trying to lay down this line of phony patriotism, I broke out my cell phone and videotaped her twitchy facial expressions for later laughs, no lie.

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Celebs Who Said They Would Leave If Trump Elected

lena-dunham-on-abcUgly Jewess pig, Lena Dunham, is seen here doing a naked “humor” skit on national live TV (ABC) during Jimmie Kimmel’s 2012 Emmy Awards opening monologue. I saw this idiocy myself and it really wasn’t at all funny. Just because the fat little bitch is a Jew we’re supposed to think she’s so great — God’s Chosen, right? Let me tell you, these are the nastiest, most self-absorbed bunch of GD creeps on the entire planet!

By Phillip Marlowe

I see Andrew Anglin over at DAILY STORMER already did a quickie piece on all this. I was going to myself, but got a little too busy with my real world politicking and hateful hullabaloo. I don’t have all the time in the world, you know.

These elitist liberals (mostly lousy Jews and spoiled rotten militant blacks) threatened to leave the USA should Trump beat Shillary Clintorious. But I doubt any will. Why? Because they are total chickensh*ts, who have become filthy rich while trashing the rest of us regular, decent folk any damn time they please.

And you’ll never, ever see any blacks move to Africa, no matter what. These spoiled brats have it way, way too good in the USA. They know that, too, but are too phony to say so. The lousy hypocrites love acting all oppressed and victimized by us terrible White people 24/7, right before heading off to the nearest MickeyD’s to spend that EBT welfare card, or fungible money they get paid by us working taxpayer stiffs while they sit on their fat black asses complaining every minute about “racism.” These stinking brats know they might have to eat mud cookies if they lived in Uganda or any other corrupt Africoon-run Third World country.

Photo montages below. If any do leave (which I highly doubt), I’ll put a big “GONE” stamp over photo and update. Leave info and any additions in my comment area.

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Trump Wins — Hillary Bites THE BIG ONE!

hillary-loses-ha-haI did this photo artwork two days ago in hopeful anticipation!


By Phillip Marlowe

As of 2:31 AM, 11/9/16, Donald J. Trump has won enough electoral votes for president and Hillary has conceded. Personally, I worked hard here on my site and in real life to contribute in some small way towards this result. And yes, I know Trump is not perfect, and we have a ways to go, but this is a victory us “ALT-RIGHT” people need to take a moment to enjoy. We really had a lot to do with it and all the leftist creeps will know this to be the case. Hail victory!

Click “continue reading” for a hilarious screen capture I made of a TV Jew pollster that will crack your evil White ass up!

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trump-revolutionEverybody in America needs to vote TRUMP Tuesday. That’s an order!

HILLARY ICON ARTOK, all you folks out there in INCOG LAND, I am hereby ordering you to get out and stump for the Trump and then vote for him at the polls. Call me weird, call me insane, call me a big hater boy — I’ve heard it all before — trust me.

I’m going to be busy out in the “real world” for the next couple of days or so, so I expect everyone who does visit here to play nice. If not, my SS guards may send you straight to the showers with no questions asked. Do not PASS GO, you ho.

Time for America to tell Shillary to stick it where the sun don’t shine!

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Does Podesta Socialize with Satanists and Pedos?

podesta-abramovic-spirit-diningSpirit Cooking: Podesta Emails Reveal Possible Links to Occult, Rumors of Jewish Pedophile Ring

By Eric Striker @DAILY STORMER


Marina Abramovic. Crypto-Jewess?

The Internet is on fire after Wikileaks 28 revealed top Clinton associate John Podesta is engaging in “spirit cooking” with a modern “artist” named Marina Abramovic [RIGHT]. Podesta and his brother appear to be big fans of her, to the extent of being invited to “spirit cook” at her private residence.

What is spirit cooking? Here are some excerpts from one of Abramovic’s “performance,” which uses what appears to be real blood of some sort to scrawl enigmatic messages near a child-sized doll [see video below “continue reading”].

Abramovic is a household name among the (((elite))), whose trash has been displayed at the Museum of Modern Art and beyond. Born in what is today Serbia to two Yugoslavian communist partisans (she claims she is not Jewish but her nose says otherwise), this woman has specialized in exhibits full of mock cannibalism, extreme sado-masochism, necrophilia, ritual murder, and other morbid shit that appears to arouse the curiosity of our depraved and corrupt Jewish and homosexual political, intellectual and capitalist class.

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Filthy Rich Globalist Joos Are All For Crooked Hillary

goldman-sachs-owns-hillary-clintonJew Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein Personally Endorses Hillary Clinton


These corporate Kikes are truly rotten creatures that should eventually be arrested, tried, and hanged for treason against the United States of America.

Their support of Globalism, free trade, unlimited immigration from the darkest parts of the Third World, and squashing of the White Race should be punished with the harshest measures available to the State.

And I want to see Hillary Clinton, their political darling, sitting in the defendant’s dock beside these soulless vermin.

From Bloomberg:

Lloyd Blankfein, chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., has shied away from publicly backing a presidential candidate this year, saying his support could harm that person’s chances.

Yet in an interview that will air Sunday on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Blankfein, asked if he personally supports and admires Democrat Hillary Clinton, said that he did.

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Let’s All Work This Week To Get Trump Elected!


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Look, I think Hillary Clinton will be the worst thing to ever happen to America. No doubt about it. She’s a total leftist corrupt creep.

That being said, I don’t think I could be nearly as enthusiastic about a Jeb Bush candidacy or that little Marco Faggio, as compared to the Trumpster. I met a super cute Rubio supporter chick a few weeks ago who now worked for the Republicans/Trump campaign.

No, I don’t think Trump will be the end-all and be-all for us “evil White racist Alt-Right.” But it’s a start. And the fact of so many leftists and Jews going haywire about him winning is worth it just for that! Let’s see if any of these creeps really do move out of the country if he wins (I’ve got a folder especially set up for photos collected of those who said they would, ready to go into a montage for my site).

I’ve got about 10 or so extra Trump yard signs in the trunk of my car right now, so I’m going out when I can today (I’m banging this out at 5:00 AM) to knock on a few doors to see if they want one. I’ve already given out quite a few while volunteering here and there for the Trump “ground campaign,” when I can. Let me tell you that blacks can be totally rude to a White man — whenever they can get away with it — no matter how nice and polite you are when you come to their door. My hatred for this spoiled, murderous, criminal race knows no bounds anymore.*

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Obnoxious Jews Cause Decline in Bud Light Sales

seth-rogen-amy-schumer-bud-light-commercialI talked about these two Jew creeps here, since I USED to drink Bud Light, myself. I was so totally pissed when I saw the ads during the last Super Bowl, I stopped drinking it immediately. And it doesn’t surprise me one bit they axed the two after a lot of other awakened Americans also stopped buying it, too. (INCOG)

Bud Light Ads Featuring Obnoxious Jews Amy Schumer And Seth Rogen Cause Decline In Beer Sales


Whoever runs the marketing department over at Anheuser-Busch should be fired.

A series of Bud Light TV ads featuring the unfunny and obnoxious Jews Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen have caused a decline in beer sales.

From Fox News:

Anheuser-Busch InBev has pulled the plug on its Bud Light ads featuring comedians Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen.

According to Adweek, the beer giant pulled the ads “a little earlier than expected” after its beer sales declined in the third quarter.

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Remember Halloween — Or Any Other Day or Night



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Lock Her Up…Lock Her Up…Lock Her Up…


By Phillip Marlowe

Jeeze Louise: The entire 2016 presidential race might be decided by the exposure of a total sleaze bag Jewboy, one Anthony Weiner. Man, these stinking New York Jews are a piece of work, let me tell you. But I’m not counting on it deciding things — they have to stop the Trump train in any way they can.

Apparently, FBI people were so disgusted with what they found on the little pervert’s hard drive (Hillary stuff plus his interstate Internet filth directed at some 15 year-old bimbo in North Carolina), FBI Director Comey had no choice but to take a closer look and inform “The Hill” or the legislators in DC, both Retardicans and Democraps — contrary to the lies out of Crooked Hillary.

My guess is they have highly classified emails forwarded by Huma Abedin to her husband (why she married the dirty little Jew punk is a good question) for laughs or just to score some “cool points” with hubby. It’s also possible Weiner downloaded the emails quite on his own, to his email address or an interim FTP site (which is possible) while Huma was asleep or on the can, just so he might have some “insurance” to protect himself politically. Huma is supposed to have recently told pals she had no idea Sleaze Puppy had the emails.

Poor woman. I say that in jest, of course, since I can’t stand for one second all these lefty rats destroying America — especially that Hillary Rodham Clinton, who should be locked up in the clink for 6 months or so, while the country gets a break from her lefty, lying BS. After her release, Billy Bob and herself need to slink off to some corner of the planet, like Dubai or maybe even Obongo’s homeland, Kenya, to live out their “golden years” shucking and jiving among the homies. Take that bratty Chelsea Clinton and her nerdy Goldman Sachs Jew husband with them.

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Hillary Email Case Reopened Due To Jailbait Sexting

hillary-clinton-and-anthony-weinerNYT: Jew Anthony Weiner Jailbait Scandal Led To FBI Decision To Reopen Saggy Granny investigation


I know that Judicial Watch has come forward claiming that this story is largely meant to cover-up what may very well turn out to be some sort of internal coup within the FBI, but I’m personally thinking that at least 50 percent of what the New York Times is saying is true.

If so, then we can rest assured that Almighty God has quite a sense of humor; a humor that has used a filthy pedophile Kike as the catalyst to at last bring down the war-mongering swamp creature that is Hillary Clinton, and assure the White American people that they will live under the benevolent reign of Supreme Leader Donald J. Trump.

Still, I’m going to take the time to now beseech God to continue to work in the affairs of men to utterly break the spirit of our enemies in this crucial hour, and pray that He, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, give White Wizard Julian Assange the strength to keep up the WikiLeaks revelations flowing until the night of November 8th.

We are going to win, and we are going to Make America Great Again.

God Himself wills it.

From The New York Times:

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Philly Blacks Launch Racist Attacks on White Kids

philly-nigger-mobs-attacking-whitesHundreds of Philly Blacks Launch Pogrom Against White Temple University Kids, Jewish Media Trying to Cover It Up

By Eric Stryker @Daily Stormer

During the 1960s, a project unfolded through litigation, government pressure and activism by Jews, an ambitious pursuit that sought to mix the races not only in schools, but also in communities. Moving blacks in and around universities of high-repute is one of the most “daring” treads into “sociology,” where it was theorized that intelligence and White character traits would be transferred to blacks through close cohabitation… apparently through osmosis. Every year, local black criminals anticipate back to school season as excitedly as a nervous but eager freshman transplant, but for very different reasons.

More than half a century later, the neighborhoods surrounding the college campuses of schools like Temple in Philadelphia, Hofstra in New York, Rutgers in New Jersey, most of the “top tier” North Carolina and DC schools, are “No-Go Zones” for people of European descent, where gas stations have bullet proof glass and fast food joints have a direct line to the cops. School administrators have overlapping interests with media power-Zionists in lying about this, so a lot of students who end up going to these schools learn the truth the hard way.

That is why parents who have a daughter beaten and raped, or a son assaulted or murdered, ought to open up lawsuits against school officials whenever this kind of stuff happens.

The Tab:

A mob of kids have been attacking people near Temple’s campus

On Friday night, we received a TU alert of increased police activity involving a mob of young kids near Main Campus. Last week the same mobs of juveniles were seen near our campus.

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WARNING: Blacks Can Go Nuts Anytime Anywhere

tracy-donahue-murder-cvs-pharmacy-rape-attemptAt 9:15AM in the morning on October 14th, Tracey Donahue and her husband were simply driving down Interstate 15 in Nevada when a random black nutcase drove up next to them and started blasting away at the two because he thought they were poleece mens. Both were hit several times each, making them crash the car. She caught a slug in the neck, severing her jugular vein — bleeding her out right in front of her husband. The crazed apeman then drove off to a nearby CVS pharmacy crowded with customers, dropped his pants and tried to a rape a young store clerk (imagine that scene). The next night, ABC News showed helicopter video of him being taken down by a police dog, but somehow forgot to show a photo of the White victims. A GO FUND ME page has been set up by the family.

By Phillip Marlowe

You know something? I just can’t believe all the liberal multicult idiots out there. I just can’t understand why they don’t seem to get it about these black animals. They actually believe blacks are like they see on TV — nice, civilized, normal people like Whites.

Sure, blacks will work to come off that way to Whites when they have to, but the reality is, blacks are pretty much ugly, violent and crazy animals. There was once upon a time I tried to think of them as decent, but reality kept intruding: I would see them in public acting like apes all the time, or see grainy surveillance vids of them running off like wild beasts after a robbery or murder. I could tell they were blacks right off the bat even though the mandatory one White and one black TV anchors said not a thing!

Other Whites seemed to know all this, too, but just wouldn’t admit it. I noticed Whites were too frightened to say much about it. You could see it in their eyes, they would look sheepish, maybe even downright angry if you pushed them to talk about the subject (I’ve had Whites literally cry like babies in front of me). Our race had totally been brainwashed up the ying-yang about this filthy, murderous race! No doubt whatsoever.

Had enough of these murderous black apes — YET?

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Libtards and Skype Media Getting Totally Wacked

al-franken-is-all-for-hillaryActual photo of Al Franken.


OK, so I walked by a TV earlier today and saw that creepy AL FRANKEN Joo on that big brainwashing daytime show, “The View.” Although I only caught a snippet of the dialogue, but it was obvious that it was a giant anti-Trump pile-on. I’m also quite certain they all laughingly talked about Trump saying stuff about a “rigged election.”

Effin’ hilarious since AL FRANKEN rigged his 2008 Minnesota Senate election by using the names of state incarcerated felons on absentee ballots in a contested election with Norm Coleman (anudda Joo). Imagine that hypocrite, AL FRANKEN, trash talking Trump over “rigged elections.” I capitalize AL FRANKEN like he used to talk all the time in this boring recurring SNL skit about his Jewy self, like he was so funny.

The big mouthed (literally and figuratively) guy is one helluva stuck-up Joo boy jerk. His stinking lefty crap in recent years is another huge reason to hate the lousy skypes.

All the media, with the possible exception of Sean Hannity (whom I used to not like until he climbed aboard the Trump train), is against Trump. Even traitorous FOX is bringing on Joo “political experts” left and right to say Trump is going to lose. Total “herd instinct” brainwashing tactics going down in the vain (hopefully) attempt to derail the Trump train. We’ll see SUCKAS.

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Subversive Marxist Agitators Caught On Video


By Phillip Marlowe

When I first saw this video on the INFO STORMER site (great place BTW), I was floored by how diabolically evil and subversive democraps have become. And I also knew I had to write something here about it on my site. I’m just hoping other people are now starting to get it about these dirty rats — screwing up America for their rotten Agendas.

I watched this video (embedded below) a couple of times, trying to get my head around it all. This is a blatant conspiracy without a doubt — committing illegal acts to subvert the democratic process in America. Every one of these backstabbing creeps need to be rounded up by a new US Gestapo and sent to a concentration camp to pick produce in California, after we run out any illegal aliens. Just watch the video below to see what kind of sneaky creeps we’re dealing with here.

What we have is a bunch of radical left wingers who fully believe “the ends justify the means.” It’s a total Bolshevik thing. These modern day minions of Saul Alinsky and Frankfurt school Jews are now working overtime to completely take over and trash the values of our Founding Fathers and us White Christian Gentiles who died for this country. You think Obongo was bad? If this Hillary demon becomes president, America is toast.

You got to ask yourself a real simple question here: Why doesn’t FOX news do a report on this kind of thing? Because they really don’t want the White electorate to get any more bunged up then they already are. FOX News and entertainment are clearly part of the Jewish International plot to destroy White Christian America and turn us all into a spat-upon minority living in a majority non-White Marxist country. No doubt about it now.

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Lying WaPo Saying Crooked Hillary Already Won

clinton3Washington Compost Puts Out Piece Claiming That Hillary Clinton Has Already Won


The Washington Compost is claiming that Hillary Clinton has pretty much won the election. They’ve put out a piece talking about how the Clinton campaign is looking at ways to run up the electoral college tally. They actually think that victory is a foregone conclusion.

This is cleverly designed propaganda to discourage Donald Trump supporters from voting. Make no mistake about it, this campaign is far from over.

We still have one more debate to go. For all we know Clinton could have a seizure and collapse on stage due to her failing health. She could suffer a mental breakdown trying to explain all the criminality and corruption she and her staff have involved themselves in.  Who knows what might happen with that.

Then we have the Wikileaks dump of John Podesta’s e-mails. These are going to be slowly released all the way up until election day. This dump has already done a great deal of damage to the Clinton campaign and we are just seeing the beginning.

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Who is Behind the Push for WORLD WAR III?


By Dr. Patrick Slattery

wwiii-possible-conflict-mapThis is a Jewish thing. But it is not just that Jews want to destroy things for no reason. But this is, especially among the American Jewish elite, a vendetta against Vladimir Putin. This vendetta was described by American academia’s preeminent Russia scholar, Professor Stephen F. Cohen.

To be sure, Cohen did not say in so many words that this was a “Jewish” vendetta. But he also did not call it a “globalist” or “corporate” or “reptilian Nazi” vendetta, which are just ways of distracting attention away from the Jewish role. He blamed a war party which he described as led by the (((New York Times))), the (((Washington Post))), and officials in the Defense and State Department like (((Victoria Nuland))). Connect the dots for yourselves, goys.

He does not say why this “war party,” as he calls it, wants to regime change Putin. But a look at recent Russian history, a history that he has written so much about, makes it clear.

After the Soviet Union was dismantled in what was basically an unconstitutional coup carried out by the Russian President Boris Yeltsin at a time when Russia was just one (although by far the largest) of the 15 Soviet republics that made up the Soviet Union, he proceeded to privatize state assets as part of a “shock therapy” program pushed by Harvard Professor (((Jeffrey Sachs))), who was brought in as an advisor by Privatization Minister (((Anatoly Chubais))).

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FBI Agents Privately Livid Hillary Wasn’t Charged

hillary-clinton-evil-grinFBI Agents Livid That Hillary Clinton Wasn’t Charged With Crimes


FBI agents are livid that Hillary Clinton wasn’t charged with crimes surrounding her illegal e-mail server.

All agents who looked at the case wanted her security clearance removed at minimum.  The vast majority wanted her charged.

Donald Trump at one of his speeches today not only reissued his call for a special prosecutor to look into this situation but also called for an investigation into the FBI investigation.

It is obvious that the investigation was rigged.  Hillary put the State Department up for sale and used her illegal e-mail server as part of an attempt to conceal her corrupt dealings.

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Can You Believe This? New CoverGIRL Is A BOY


By Phillip Marlowe

Covergirl now has selected a new model for advertising, but guess what? It’s 17 year-old “boy.” Can you believe the faggoty BS now “going down” these days?

“Drag queen” is what they used to call them, but now I believe they are calling it “boy glam.” In my day, such freaks would get their skinny “glam” boy asses beat from one end of school to the other, but I guess homos are now a protected species in America where lefty media commies will insist police and courts throw your ass in jail for a million years for a “hate crime.” I call it on-the-spot social and moral policing.

Nowadays you’re not going to know who’s a woman or a male until you get in bed with them for the first time — after you did a little lovey-dovey neck nuzzling and maybe even FRENCH KISSED THEM. This is totally vile and disgusting. People, people, we got ourselves a bunch of crazy sickos now running amok all over the place. This country must be going insane!

Man, I bet the Rooskies are laughing their asses off about America going seriously soft and wacked. This PC BS has become totally ridiculous. America is going straight to hell. No doubt about it. It’s only a matter of time before God himself creates a new contagious killer bug or drops a freakin’ GD asteroid down on our heads.

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Did Demonic Neocohen Put Out “Pussygate” Tape?

dan-senor-dc-demon-jewThese filthy Jew rats are totally demonic — there’s no telling what they’ll do next in their never-ending efforts to subvert America’s head for the NWO and Israel. [INCOG]

From Andrew Anglin @DAILY STORMER

This is a breaking story. Or rather an emerging story. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

But we knew whoever leaked the tape was a Jew. And a #NeverTrump Jew advisor to Paul Ryan is currently being pointed at as being responsible.

Dan Senor.

First, Mike Cernovich pointed at him.


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Trump Needs To Declare War — On CUCKservatives

john-mccain-and-paul-ryan-cuckservativesIt’s Time For Donald Trump To Declare WAR On The Republican Party

By Marcus Cicero @INFO STORMER

We’re now getting unconfirmed reports that Donald Trump is preparing to take on not only Hillary Clinton and her Jewish/Globalist backers, but also the bulk of the Republican Party establishment, which have proven themselves utter traitors in front of the American people.

In his great hour of need, leaders of the GOP have decided to stab the Glorious Leader in the back in a manner that has very little if any precedent in the history of the United States, and especially not during times of decisive importance.

Now, I understand that many limited-government individuals, of which the Alt-Right still harbors a large number, are going to take offense to my next series of comments, but I feel that the time has come for Congress to be broken in a manner that prevents treason once and for all.

During the last few generations, and longer if you ascribe to the platform of Southern Nationalism, the legislative bodies of this country have grown fat and content on pure corruption and greed cloaked in the mantle of the Constitution.

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Media Skypes Now Furiously “Niggerizing” America


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Just for the record, I usually don’t write out the word “Nigger” here on my site. I do this only because my father didn’t like his boys using such words (my evil “privileged” White upbringing). However, I don’t censor what my visitors say when it comes to these violent criminals. That being said, I cannot avoid not using the word as a made-up verb in my headline because it’s so perfect for what the hypocrite Jews are doing to us White Americans: “Niggerizing” both our lands and our race right in front of our faces!

Man, just turn on the TV for five lousy minutes and you’ll see blacks plastered everywhere. Just think, these blacks even have their own special black network (BET), for crying out loud. And who’s the first to go, should they haven’t room because they want an “empowered” female onscreen? A White male, of course. White guys are now freely crapped on all over the media, too. No one dares say anything because of the “PC” mavens they’ve created within our own race to police each other — or simply nutso Jews gone psycho about Whites turning Nazi on their ass — as we should.

How about that commercial for GMC’s SUV, Acadia, where they have this full-blown orchestra playing a rousing symphony with the voiceover guy going on about precision, confidence, exactness, etc., etc., and then they cut to the symphony conductor, who just so happens to be a black guy. Amazing, since this primitive race only came up with skin-covered drums in their whole entire crappy African jungle culture.

Or how about that futuristic commercial for Hewlett Packard unveiling a new server, where they have a troop of Whites (with a green alien or two in the back ranks) wearing Star Trek uniforms dutifully following a tall smart black leader in an other worldly landscape, while he’s trying to explain the new technology to the White space dullards behind him. Yeah, sure, and I guess we just had soooooo many black super geniuses as part of the computer revolution back in the 70’s and 80’s? Riiiiight.

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Mike Pence Destroys Obnoxious Hillary Fag Tim Kaine



Wow, what a total fag boy!

Hillary’s VP running mate, Tim Kaine came off as a weaselly, obnoxious lefty creep. What a total fag boy! [INCOG]

The Vice Presidential debate was last night. The end result was seeing the based Mike Pence defeat the obnoxious faggot Tim Kaine. At one point, Kaine actually referred to himself as Hillary Clinton’s right hand person if you can believe it, lol.

While I certainly didn’t agree with some of Pence’s points about Russia etc., etc., he did a good job tearing apart Hillary Clinton as a corrupt criminal. Kaine came off like a weasel promoting multiculturalism, open borders and whining about Trump’s political incorrectness with pre-practiced scripted lines.

The moderator was obviously biased against Pence. Both her and Kaine kept interrupting Pence while he was speaking. It was quite annoying.

Kaine came off as a very rude and irritating person where as Pence came off as a regular person trying to have a normal conversation.

Anyway, the full debate is below.

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Trump’s Campaign Awakens Whites To The Skypes


By Pepe The Frog

Boy, you sure can see the Jewish/Zionist NWO power structure working to destroy Trump these days, huh? I personally just can’t imagine how any sane White person could be for Hillary Clinton with all this obvious BS they are trying to do to the guy. For years, liberals have been busy pandering to the so-called oppressed minorities for votes. Meanwhile, the majority of Jews have been acting like Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler himself, for chrissakes.

Let me just say something right off the bat since I know there’s always some new people coming here to read what I have to say. First, blacks are indeed murderous criminals, who sadistically murder Whites all the time. Second, the devious Globalist Jews have been quietly working for decades on a wide variety of fronts to brainwash and undermine the White race in their own lands. Hell, White people can’t say JACK anymore before they get slandered as evil. It should be completely obvious to you by now that’s what the stinking creeps have been up to!

I’m merely trying to awaken my White human friends in America to all this crap and (((who))) is really behind all this “social engineering” in our lands.

Notice how the polls the mainstream media reports all the time has Clinton beating Trump. Even FOX news (a clever media “Potemkin village” created by the Globalists to allay suspicions of White conservative Americans) does pretty much the same things as the rest of the other liberal news channels. This is called “perception management” and these devious forces have been up to this for 50 or 60 years at least. All sorts of Christian and White-hating BS has been slowly and steadily done to White Americans by these dirty, backstabbing rats. Watch the video below and think!

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Anti-Trump Commercial Milks Old Jew Paranoia


By Pepe The Frog

When I saw this over at INFO Stormer it cracked my pearly White butt up! This commie Jew operation called “Bend the Arc” came out with a TV commercial or Youtube video thing (below “continue” button) where they dig up a bunch of elderly Jews from New York or maybe a rich gated community down in Florida, to sit in front of a studio roll-out background screen to implore young Jews not to vote for Trump because “they’ve seen this before” (code for der Fuehrer man) or else they’ll haunt them forever as ghosts when they die. Apparently, Jews get spooked just like the spooks.

Jews and leftys are acting like Trump is another Adolf GD Hitler, like this magazine cover with the cute header and shot of Trump raising his right arm. What a filthy joke!

The Jew media has been acting like Trump is another Hitler from the start. Are you not sick of this ridiculous lefty Jew BS yet, America?

Jews are so insane. Old or not, they are all acting like Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler. They try to not say that too much, because they realize we’re fast getting sick and tired of Jew PC BS, but they still do it, nevertheless.

Jews have always been completely paranoid that us  “goyim” are going to go Nazi on their subversive asses once again. That’s why you see Hitler and pro-Black civil rights documentaries constantly on TV — because the media Jews have been furiously working overtime to PC brainwash us — while flooding our lands with Third Worlders on the flip side.

How do these wacked Jews get away with all this BS, you might reasonably ask? Well, because they can, that’s why. They’ve been getting away with doing it to our heads for decades now. Say anything contrary to what these freakin’ Jews say and they act like you’re the big Nazi or “White supremacist” boy. They got White people all PC brainwashed. It’s crazy the nation-wrecking BS they’ve jammed down America’s throat!

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For God’s Sake — He’s a Jew and a BIG FAGGOT!

milo-yiannopoulos-interviewRecently, ABC Nightline interviewed Milo Yiannopoulos about “twitter trolling” that super ugly gorilla-like Negress, Leslie Jones — raised to celebrity status by Jew media in the female empowerment rehash “Ghostbusters” movie (which bombed big time). In the ABC piece, Milo is described as a “gay catholic.” Yeah, I bet the faggot is quite the altar boy. See how the US mainstream media hides the least sort of Jew business? Just watch the CNBC video I have embedded below where Milo boy even blurts out he’s a “gay Jew who can’t stop talking about his black boyfriend” (@2:16).*

By Phillip Marlowe

This whole business of Milo Yiannopoulos, a Jew super faggot from Great Britain with bleached blond hair and a Greek last name, getting promoted as the leader of the Alt-Right is so totally insane I don’t know where to begin over this freak case.

I saw a video (below) from the CNBC business channel where they actually brought the little dirtbag onscreen to explain to the US viewing audience what the Alt-Right was, even though he mentions he’s a gay Jew. I’ve read his own writings where he said he was a Jew who liked to S–K black D–K. He actually wrote that out, but used all the letters, which I don’t do here for my site because I’m trying to keep some modicum of decency in today’s now totally Jewed-up America. I’m sorry, but that’s some nasty sick Jew BS!

Let me just state for the record: “Alt-Right” is against Jewry and general faggotry, like up in the face type crap where they get married like us normal people and march up and down our city streets while wearing the most disgusting sodomite outfits they can come up with. Alt-Right is against everything the US media is promoting and protecting in our White Western countries, which includes Jews and faggots — right along with all this never-ending black militancy BS going on.

Since this Milo freak is a big Jew faggot, I think we can safely reason Milo is no beacon of any “Alt-Right” movement. Alt up-the-ass, sure.


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Shillary Seen Wearing Some Sort of Earbud Device


By Phillip Marlowe

Now this explains everything. People have taken still captures of Hillary at the debate with Trump, blown them way up and you can see an earpiece or some other object in her left ear. Other photos show apparatus right under her clothing. I noticed it myself.

I’ll be the first to admit, I can’t stand this Hillary Rodham Clinton beyatch one bit. Hell, I like that old Jew commie guy, Bernie Sanders, over her lying butt any day of the week. It has nothing to do with what’s betwixt her gams, either. Sure, I’d vote for a babe if she were a SOB like Trump and not a lefty tool of the White-genociding Globalist Jew bastards. So don’t be giving me some kind of feminazi BS.

Whether this is a hearing aid or some other form of medical assistance is unclear, but it could also be a communication device where off stage staff give her replies and answers to questions, right along with advice on how to deal with an opponent. It would be just like a spotter for a NASCAR driver, quickly alerting him to pileups ahead on the track and when he should go high or low to avoid it.

My guess is that it’s an extremely small Bluetooth receiver, with a pickup radius of a meter or so. A wire antenna and main receiver unit with a de-scrambler chip (important to prevent eavesdropping by inconvenient parties), and small LI-ION battery hidden beneath her clothes (you can see it right under her commie red pantsuit when she bends over). This is certainly a very easy device to construct, given off-the-shelf surveillance technology today. Hell, even I could probably jigger-rig something like it and I’m nowhere near the techno nerdskies they got out there!

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