The Trumpster Slays The Fools Tuesday

TRUMPSTER SLAYS THE FOOLSWins All 5 States in Tuesday’s Primaries!

fag boy line artJews and liberal faggots now having major heart palpitations everywhere — may pop buttplugs any minute on CNN. Lyin’ Ted seen crying the blues in a transgender-friendly john at Target. For street cred, Crooked Hillary busted driving getaway Jag in convenience store robbery with 50 Cent and Lil’ Kim. John Kasich calls in gay staff members for “closed door meetings.” Bernie Sanders seen smoking killer ganja with Snoop Dogg. Little Marco nails junior executive job in charge of franchise grease deliveries at Taco Bell corporate headquarters. Megyn Kelly gets skinny ass majorly kicked in huge girl fight with Rosie O’Donnell outside NY nightclub. Kelly Ripa still furious with Michael Strahan over dumping her for Obama’s former boy toy, George Stephanopoulos.

Keep stocking up on ammo, White people — we may still need it when all is said and done!

This political message is sponsored by INCOG MAN and is no way authorized or paid for by the Donald Trump campaign, Westboro Baptist Church or the gun industry — just in case some lefty media faggots try to say otherwise.

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Ugly Blacks Kill Beautiful Whites All The Time


By Phillip Marlowe

As you may have noticed, I often get mega-pissed around here. I get especially furious when some idiot brainwashed White multicult liberal (or some tricky-dick Jewboy trying to confuse White people) comes here to scream in my moderated comments section that I’m full of bull caca — like these worthless, criminal blacks are always innocent as the driven snow — when they are obviously anything but.

Yet the fact is clear blacks are violent, ugly animals. Hating and killing us decent White people on a daily basis. And I’m called evil and racist simply for pointing out how these “people” behave? And it’s not just murder of us or even of themselves, believe me. All sorts of street crime like mob violence, drug dealing, robbery and petty theft is now exploding across America at the hands of blacks. I’ve had simply enough of the black bastards!

You know how I do up montages of White victims murdered by blacks? I have them in my “PAGES” up under my crazy masthead above. I also have a separate section just for “MUDSHARKS” and any White family and friends murdered by blacks, which is just as bad — at least for those Whites simply on the sidelines to the idiot White woman’s personal decisions — who pretty much deserves her brutal fate in my humble opinion.

Every few days or so, I stumble upon another White victim of blacks that I had heard nothing about anywhere — certainly not on any mainstream news source. Just the other day I get this email from, which is a site for petitions on whatever subject near and dear to you. Some mother did one about her beautiful daughter, Brittany Grosse, murdered back in 2012. The site sent me an email to sign her petition — like any of that is going to do one damn bit of good when it comes to these apes running wild and committing crime everywhere they live.

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Prince: I’m Glad The Little Freak is Dead!


By Phillip Marlowe

This “Prince” worship crap just keeps going on and on AND ON, doesn’t it? The media has been on a non-stop roll about this loser freak for days now. I’m like totally sick of the crap. I can absolutely, positively guarantee you they would not go to such lengths if Prince had been a White person. You know it, I know it.*

The whole American media scene is Jew-wacked. Before Prince’s death they had already scheduled for Saturday night on Comedy Central this “comedian” named Rachel Feinstein ironically doing a standup routine she calls “Only Whores Wear Purple” (she’s a nasty, foul-mouthed, Christian-bashing Jewess). I see these strange Jew media coincidences all the time. God is apparently trying to get our attention about these creeps.

You know why the Jew media pushes Prince? Because Prince represents the kind of hero image the subversive brainwashing Jews want us Whites to worship — homo or merely androgynous (which is the same, IMO) and Negro, or mulatto half breed something or other. They are using Prince’s death to push more “black worship” and dirtbag crap the Jews have been up to for several decades. It’s totally obvious that’s what they are up to.

I actually remember the time this guy (if you can call him a guy) was brought out to the masses. Right off the bat, I thought his music sucked. Big time. I wasn’t quite the meanie chili beanie as you know and love today; I used to like MOTOWN because it WAS indeed good (Jews in the music industry promoting gangsta crap have killed many homies and ruined so many things in America — think about it). I didn’t like Prince’s music one bit, but it had nothing to do with his race, or possibly him being a fag or not. “Purple rain” just sounded stupid to me. I freely said as much to all my hipster pals.

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Idiot White Couple Birth 3 In-Vitro Future Criminals

WHITE IDIOT EVANGELICAL COUPLE BIRTH 3 BLACKSLiterally Cucked: White Couple Uses In-Vitro Fertilization To Produce Three Negro Children


We have officially hit rock bottom, folks, with the emergence of a White couple in America using the wonders of European-produced science to commit a blasphemous act against both Almighty God and nature.

According to Aaron and Rachel Halbert, the decision to implant Negro sperm [INCOG: from my reading they were two already fertilized, fully Negro frozen embryos, with one dividing unexpectedly] as part of the demographic replacement of their own race came about due to the “will of the Lord,” and follows a lifetime of spreading Christian teachings to Third-World primitives incapable of even understanding such deep spiritual principles.

Brothers, when our nations are at last back in our hands, we will have to remember to incarcerate these mentally-deranged zealots in padded rooms where their cultural rot, influenced by Satan rather than by Christ, will no longer be able to see the light of day.

From Washington Post:

“As I have made the stroll from my wife’s hospital room to the NICU these past few days it has been hard to fathom the way that our family has been put together.

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Big Jew Money Rat Swaps Jackson on $20 for Tubman

JACOB LEW PUTS HARRIET TUBMAN ON $20 BILLThe backstabbing Jews are now busy “niggerizing” everything as fast as possible before Whites “get it.”

By Phillip Marlowe

President and General Andrew Jackson was one of this country's greatest heroes.

President and bad ass war hero, Andrew Jackson, was one of this country’s greatest men. For them to replace him with a bootlipped ugly old sheboon who did hardly anything for America is totally insane.

Jacob Lew, the orthodox Jew rat in charge of the US treasury (note how Jews control this money apparatus and the Federal Reserve too), decided to leave alone on the $10 bill, Big Government proponent Alexander Hamilton (now turned into a mulatto in a Broadway “hip-hop musical” where the original 1776 American revolutionaries have been cast with black actors). Instead, Lew Jew will remove president Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill — one of the greatest heroes in American history.

And if you can believe it, the lousy Jew will replace him with Harriet Tubman, a bootlipped Mammy Jammy who looked like a mean version of Aunt Jemima!

Tubman is a big hero for today’s ever-so-militant slavery-crazed blacks because the illiterate field hand helped about 300 escaped slaves in the “underground railroad,” sometimes only by feeding them a plate of greasy chitlens and hamhocks before sending them on down the road to the next stop — a White do-gooder abolitionist who pretty much did the same things. But none of your racist black brats of today’s Jewed America give one damn bit about any Whites involved in their “heroic struggle.” Doesn’t fit the Jew-written “narrative” of forever evil Whitey and so brave, but forever oppressed Negro. Except for Massa Lincoln, of course (if Lincoln lived today they would call him a racist for some of the things he said).

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Trumpster Crushes Cruz in New York Primary

VOTE TRUMP TUESDAYNew York: Donald Trump Crushes Enemies Of The White Race In Decisive Primary Win!


As was expected, major media networks have just announced a resounding victory for leading Presidential candidate Donald Trump in his home state of New York, with slithering Cuban worm Ted Cruz and cuckolded Ohio Governor John Kasich trailing far behind.

While it looks as if Trump will secure fourteen guaranteed Republican delegates if he manages to keep his percentages above fifty percent for the duration, the real question hovers around the remaining eighty-one delegates up for grabs; three per Congressional District to be precise.

If The Don polls above half the vote in a district, he will be entitled to all the delegates, with a weaker performance enough to secure two out of the three per region.

Let’s keep up the momentum, gentlemen, and show the vermin currently controlling our nation that their funeral bells are tolling.

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Don’t Be Gay: VOTE TRUMP Tuesday!


fag boy line art


You can easily tell the fags intent on running America straight into the gutter are against Trump. All of them are positively freaking out that an outspoken White guy, one self-funding his own campaign, might get power. Doesn’t matter if he’s had to kiss up to the ISRAEL-FIRSTER Zionists in the vain attempt to quell attacks from these backstabbers. All your idiot brainwashed libtards and Marxist Jew nation wreckers also hate the guy. Your traitorous “CUCKS” in the Retardican party are openly conspiring against him, having local party flacks screw him over during closed door primaries. Sooner or later, we’re going to have to expose these backroom rats!

Tuesday is a HUGE day for the primaries:

Get your sexy White butts out there and vote TRUMP!

Then stop by a friendly White-owned gun store and stock up on some ammo — we may need it!

This political message is sponsored by INCOG MAN and is no way authorized or paid for by the Donald Trump campaign or the gun industry — just in case some lefty media faggots try to say otherwise.

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Saudi Arabia and Israel: UNHOLY ALLIANCE


by Phillip Marlowe

It’s now breaking that Saudi Arabia is threatening the US by dumping 750 billion in investments should we expose them as having anything to do with 9/11. Oh, yeah they did. They were co-conspirators with IsraHELL and their associated Zionist Jew cuckafied Goyim traitors in the US, who killed 3,000 innocent Americans that day.*

God himself knows all the evils spawned by Israel being secretly allied with the Saudi monarchy. Just imagine all the pain and suffering in the world because of these rats. It’s all coming out now: Israel’s long-term “Eretz Israel” agenda (turning the Mideast into continuously warring mini-states); the original Ashkenazi Jew homeland of the Ukraine taken over by the US-backed NWO Jews in a mob Coup d’Etat; ISIS and radical Wahabi terror freaks supported by the big oil money Saudis to attack Shiites. America has been totally effed by these backroom lying rats who need to hang from the yardarms!

The whole business of Saudi Arabia is ridiculous: It’s really only about 7,000 that control the entire country, 2,000 of which have any real power. People get beheaded in public for practically anything. The place has a King and junior King boy in waiting, for chrissakes. It would be just like a medieval USA getting named “Kennedy Land,” simply because of some big Irish Catholic family in the Northeast made a hugely rotten deal with a super-powerful foreign country to put them in power over the rest of us plebs out here in pleb land.

Of course, nobody is going to talk about Israel and Saudi Arabia being secret allies. Most Ameri-KWANS simply will not believe Saudi Arabia being backroom buds with IsraHELL. It’s not part of the “narrative.” It’s verboten for the Zionist Jew-controlled US media to expose any kind of Israeli “real politik” to the foolish Goyim, who can’t seem to put two-and-two together on practically anything the filthy Jews are up to. But Israel never seems to have any problems taking our money and weaponry all the damn time!

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Commie Jew Rat Blames Whites For Terror Attacks

YVES GOLDSTEIN COMMIE RAT JEWYves Goldstein, chief-of-staff of the Minister-President of Brussels, says that white people are to blame to nonwhite terrorist attacks.

Top “Belgium” Jewish Socialist Politician Says Whites to Blame for Muslim Terrorist attacks.


White “racism” and white peoples’ “failure to integrate” with nonwhites is the cause of Islamic terrorism in Belgium, Yves Goldstein, the Jewish chief of staff for the minister-president of the Brussels Capital Region has said.

Speaking in an interview with the New York Times, Goldstein, who is described as a “militant” on his Socialist Party webpage, said the “problem is not Islam,” but “negligence” on the part of the Belgian government.

Goldstein also said that teachers in the nonwhite colonized Brussels districts of Molenbeek and Schaerbeek had told him that “90 percent of their students, 17, 18 years old, called them [the Muslim terrorists] heroes.”

Goldstein, who apart from being chief-of-staff for the minister president of Brussels, is also a councilor  and group leader of the Socialist Party in Schaerbeek council, then went on to claim that the real reason  why the nonwhites engage in terrorist violence is because white people have not “integrated” with them.

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OJ Verdict: The Day They Got One Over On Whitey


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

This coming June 12th, it will be 22 years since OJ Simpson nearly decapitated his mudshark whore ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and crazily stabbed dead the Jew waiter, Ron Goldman. Only in the last few years or so has the media felt free enough to portray the crime as one OJ really did commit and got away with.

Once big Globalist brainwasher media Jew Barbara Walters interviewed Kim Goldman, the media has freely portrayed OJ as guilty.

In the last few years, big time Jew media brainwasher and Council of Foreign Relations honcho, Barbara Walters, did all kinds of heart-tugging, tearful, heavily promoted TV interviews with fellow Jews, Fred and Kim Goldman (above). But if the victim was just a regular old non-Jewish Christian White guy that OJ sliced and diced to death that night, none of these filthy backstabbing Jew hypocrites would care less.

When Judge Lance Ito had his court officer read the jury’s decision in the OJ murder case on October 3rd, 1995, America was hanging on every word. The acquittal verdict needs to be seen as THE watershed moment exposing how blacks are really like and how much “PC” screws over us White people.

The total BS that day fully exposed the ridiculous militancy of these psycho blacks, right along with their violent behavior — no matter how much us fair-minded Whites have bent over backwards and all the opportunities this country has given the black race to succeed in a civilized society.

This multicult experiment has clearly failed miserably. And it’s not us White people’s fault AT ALL. Blacks are simply undeserving of us decent White people’s constant efforts to please the spoiled rotten criminal brats.

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Worthless Negro Busted for Killing Jew-Asian Student


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Earlier today, they arrested a 17 year-old black for the murder of that cute University of Texas freshmen dance major (ballet and HIP-HOP, lol), Haruka Weiser. He killed her last Sunday night and dumped her body in a creek, where it lay for a few days. Don’t know for sure, but it looks like she was half Jewish and half Asian. I’d also surmise the mother was Japanese by the victim’s given first name (I used to have a good friend half Jap and half Irish, if you can believe that combo).

Not that it really matters what race or mixed up mutt the victim was when it comes to these black animals. Blacks will kill you or anyone else out there for a GD ham sandwich, no lie. And it’s got nothing to do with being poor, either. Blacks are just plain prone to crime and violence no matter what the social status, age or sex (just scroll down through the site NEW NATION NEWS every few days to see a few).

The suspook, Meechaiel Khalil Criner (where do they get such stupid names?), was found by firefighters responding to the scene of a fire in an abandoned building. They saw the ape had a girl’s bike and alerted police. He was trying to burn a duffel bag belonging to the dead girl (blacks love starting fires to cover their tracks). Police initially arrested him for tampering with evidence, probably to hold him until forensic tests came back. They got the right chimp boy killer, alright.

Most likely, the punk raped the girl and when through doing his thing, he wasted her, probably by stabbing. They just said she was “assaulted.” He stole her bike and duffel bag. Knowing my own college days, I’m sure she didn’t have all that much to steal, even if her daddy was a rich Jew doctor. These Negroes are so ridiculous.

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Movie Jews Often Tried To Molest Little Shirley Temple

HOLLYWOOD JEWS SHIRLEY TEMPLE XPRTThe story would be well-known if it wasn’t Jews.

By Benjamin Garland @DAILY STORMER

Judy Garland succumbed to the Jews and suffered mental illness the rest of her life.

Bigshot Hollywood Jew, Louis B. Mayer, used to feel up cute little Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” (Judy Garland). She eventually OD’d on barbiturates and alcohol in 1969. (INCOG)*

The so-called “casting couch,” where predatory Jews sexually defile White women while promising to make them “big stars,” has been a well-known staple of the Jew-ridden cesspit known as Hollywood virtually since its inception.

This includes pedophilia, which is so rampant in Hollywood today it is considered “An Open Secret” that all child stars – including boys – are molested by these sickening Jews.

Beloved child star Shirley Temple is no exception (except thankfully she made it out relatively unharmed). She writes in her book Child Star: An Autobiography of multiple incidents in which Jews tried to rape or force sex on her.

When she was only 11 years old, her and her mother went to MGM Studios to discuss the possibility of having Shirley star as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Left alone with the Jewish producer, Arthur Freed, he immediately whipped his schlong out:

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Remember This On Tuesday Wisconsin


Jew Media Enters Full Retard Mode In Attempt To Stop Trump Train. From INFO STORMER

"Der Fuerher" Trump may not be a big Mr. Nice Guy, but that's exactly who we need as president. (INCOG)

Sure, “Der Fuerher” Trump may not be Mr. Nice Guy all the time, but that’s exactly who we need as president in America these days. Just think it out! (INCOG)

The Jew media is becoming increasingly more retarded in their attempts to stop the Trump train. They are now resorting to transforming insignificant events into a second Holocaust of 60 trillion.

First, the Jew media spent hours upon hours of media coverage pouring over surveillance footage showing the Michelle Fields hoax incident. To summarize what happened, Fields falsely claimed that Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski committed battery against her. The video is clear. There was no battery committed. Fields lied about everything. Watch the video for yourself (below).

Despite that, Lewandowski was charged criminally in the incident for political reasons. As a result of this, the Jew media went into overdrive analyzing the video like they had just found new footage of the JFK assassination. They’ve even gone so far as to bring on a myriad of propagandists to make it seem as if this dumb hoax has credibility. It couldn’t be any more ridiculous.

Second, the Jew media has been foaming at the mouth over a statement Trump made about abortion. Trump during an interview with the Communist bastard Chris Matthews alluded to the prospect of punishing women who have abortions. Trump would later clarify his remarks, but that hasn’t stopped an onslaught of negative propaganda being hurled towards him in the past 24 hours.

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Nearly a Million Afri-COONS Ready to Invade Europe

OPEN UP FOR THE ENRICHMENT XPRTLibya: Reports Indicate That Nearly One Million Africans Are Preparing To Invade Europe


Already reeling from waves of barbarian savages akin to the attacks of Attila the Hun more than fifteen-hundred years ago, Europe now appears poised to be dealt what may turn out to be a deathblow, with upwards of a million Black Africans ready to invade from the shores of Libya within the next couple of months.

As a result of these shocking reports from eyes on the ground, French Interior Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has called for an emergency meeting, read propaganda/asylum discussion, in order to properly deal with the future influx, and to ponder the idea of a “unity government” to better control the situation.

From Breitbart London:

A report from Libya claims there are at least 800,000 migrants on the coast waiting for the right moment to cross the sea to Italy, and the European Union (EU) plans a new summit to prepare for the next potential great wave of migrants.

Austrian paper Kronen Zeitung reports that French Interior minister Jean-Yves Le Drian claimed the number of migrants in North Africa waiting to cross the Mediterranean sea numbered in the “hundreds of thousands.” European Union foreign policy chief Federica Moghoerini confirmed the fears of the French official saying that the EU estimated at least 500,000 displaced people were waiting to flee to Italy. Ms. Mogherini was slammed by critics last week after she cried during a press conference following the Brussels attacks, with Members of the European Parliament calling for her resignation over the incident.

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Clinton Email Reveals Syrian War Was All For Israel

CLINTON SYRIA WAS ALL ABOUT ISRAEL XPRTThe creepy byatch is totally owned by the dirty Jews. Little wonder so many muzzies now want to kill our ass! (INCOG)

2012 Hillary Clinton Email Confirms Syria War All About Securing Israeli Hegemony


A 2012 Hillary Clinton email obtained by Wikileaks shows that Clinton and her neocon cohorts in Washington intended from the start to topple Assad in Syria as a prelude to weakening Iran and Hezbollah, and that this was being done to secure Israeli hegemony in the region. PLEASE WATCH VIDEO BELOW “CONTINUED READING.”

INCOG MAN: I don’t care who you are, all this should totally piss you the hell off. It should also be in the news, too, if our media was truly free. What we got going on, is a completely stolen Mideast nation (ISRAEL) controlling America’s head with their embedded traitor agents back here (Zionist JEWS); while still jerking our chains daily on practically everything else in our country (anti-White guilt brainwashing, feminism, faggotry, pornography, flooding our lands with Third Worlders and this never-ending black militancy BS that’s driving us all insane).

Folks: All this stuff is very, very real, with innocent civilians (US military people also dying because of it) suffering horrific death and massive destruction due to the geopolitical shenanigans of this one tricky-dick evil race/religion/whatever. And you think I’m the big hater boy?

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Jew Dyke Sells Panties with Trump’s Face in Crotch

Donald-Trump-Panties MONTAGEThese Jews are just plain nasty, arrogant little rats. Little wonder they get their stinking asses kicked out (or worse) — sooner or later. (INCOG)

Feminist Offers “Donald Trump Panties” For Sale As Part Of Sick Body Fluid Fantasy


Extreme Leftist and Feminist publications are currently celebrating over a new product, panties lined with Donald Trump’s face, out for market sale, with the creator of the item celebrating the idea that women can use them during “that time of the month” to express their hate for our future President.

Designed by a woman who goes by the name of Sarah Palatnik, and supplied through the vendor website Etsy, the underwear offer yet another incentive if purchased, with a few dollars cost automatically donated to the Planned Parenthood organization, site of last year’s fetal-organ trafficking scandal.

Other faces up for choice include those of Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and John Kasich.

From Huffington Post:

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her… wherever,” Donald Trump said in August 2015, referring to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly after the two had a heated back-and-forth during a GOP debate. 

Well, Trump is about to find out exactly where that “wherever” is.

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The Most Disgustingly Foul Race on the Planet


By Phillip Marlowe

Wilson infected TODDLER with STD's.

Wilson infected a little TODDLER with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The pointy headed degenerate is actually seen smirking in his mugshot like he’s so proud of himself. Most Whites are clueless because the media protects them, but this kind of thing happens all the time with this disgusting race. More photos of black criminals and perverts are below.

I read this the other day over at INFO STORMER and folks, I’m still retching. Down in Texas, a filthy black (right) was just sentenced to life in prison for impregnating and infecting a 14 year-old teen girl with STD’s. He also infected a BABY TODDLER with HIV (AIDS) and the Herpes virus STD.

According to court documents, the 34 year-old David Wilson was having sex with the 14 year-old girl and sexually molesting a 23 month-old TODDLER he lived with in the same black filth abode. I capitalize and boldface that since you need to understand just how disgusting and foul this race truly is.

The poor little chimplet became so screwed up, they had to do reconstructive surgery of some sort relating to the massive infections of HIV (AIDS), chlamydia and herpes. God only knows what sexual acts Wilson committed and I will not speculate due to the risk of vomiting my brains out on my keyboard.

Wilson was living in the same residence and possibly related to the TODDLER in some way; investigators most likely ran genetic strain tests on the STDs to pinpoint the right prick. Wilson claimed he was in love with the pregnant 14 year-old. Sure, I bet he was. No word on race, but I assume it’s a ghetto chillun (the apes breed like rats). All three of them are now infected with herpes and HIV — certain to cost taxpayers tens of thousands every year in expensive anti-viral medicines (ObamaCare was a clever swindle of America designed to spread out the medical costs of immoral blacks and the nearly as bad Third Worlders allowed to invade our White lands).

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Jesus Christ Himself Fought These Lying Hypocrites


By Phillip Marlowe

THE POOR AND humble thronged in from all over the countryside, anxious to catch a glimpse of the Galilean called Yeshua. As the crowd pushed forward, they sometimes stumbled over each another — everyone excitedly hoped they might get close enough to witness another miracle, or just hear the man speak out His ringing words of Truth — words these people understood and felt so true deep down.

The crowd could now see Him up on a rocky hillside standing like a beacon among a small group of men and women. It seemed like thousands had already gathered around below. “How will we hear Him from here?” A woman cried plaintively. Someone nearby answered: “You will hear Him, don’t worry, everything He says will carry far to those with ears to hear.”

The man called Yeshua saw all the people trying to get close. He knew he must soon speak out to settle them, or some may get hurt. In those distant times, the slightest injury could later mean a painful death by runaway infection.

Yeshua looked back to his disciples and said: “Before the multitude start trodding upon another, let me say to you the most important thing first…”

“…Beware the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.”

–Luke, 12:1

This hypocrisy is staring you in the face right this very day. Read on should you have any guts left and truly understand deep down what is right and what is wrong.

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Microsoft’s New “AI” Bot Goes Full-on Nazi in Hours

JEW NAZI ROBOT ARRESTLike the artificial intelligence entity “SkyNet” in the “Terminator” Sci-Fi movies, once “TayTweets” was activated on the Internet, it soon took on a life of it’s own! (INCOG)

Microsoft SJW’s Panic After Prototype AI Twitter Program Goes Full Nazi In Just Hours


It was supposed to mimic teen girl tweets, but ended-up acting like your's truly!

It was supposed to mimic teen girl tweets, but ended-up acting like your’s truly! (INCOG)

The globalist traitors at Microsoft are currently in a state of despair and near-panic after the transformation of their most recent invention, an “AI” Twitter bot, into a hardcore Nationalist with anti-Jew sentiments.

Named “Tay,” the program’s original purpose was to engage in conversations with users around the world, while slowly but surely “learning” from exposure to new ideas and tweet exchanges, although it’s rather obvious that its designers did not foresee the hilarious enlightenment that ensued.

Within hours, Tay began replying to SJW’s with racial insults, praise of Donald Trump, and with calls for Jews to be expelled from America and Europe; a development that forced shocked Microsoft officials to claim that such an occurrence was only the result of their creation “parroting” evil Nazi trolls.

Eventually, corporate leaders decided to take action meant to limit their humiliation, deleting most of the bot’s original comments, and heavily-curbing or outright disabling its intelligence programming.

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Shillary’s Gimme Dats “Bern” Sander’s White Libtards

BERNIE SANDERS SCREWED BY HILLARY“The Blacks and the Browns are only interested in ‘The Gimme.’”


With all the attention on Donald Trump, there has been little discussion of the astonishing rift between Black and Hispanic Democrats on one hand and White liberal Democrats on the other.

Hillary Clinton has shut Bernie Sanders out of the Black and Brown voters. She is their candidate. She is catering to them to an astonishing degree. She has endorsed all the fantasies and lies about White cops killing Black males. She has hauled the mother of Travon Martin around, putting her on the stage to endorse her candidacy, and talking about how Lil’ Travon was murdered by George Zimmerman but there was no justice. She has extolled the Gentle Giant. She made statements about a breaking story about three Black coeds who claimed they were attacked by Whites on a bus who called them “nigger.” When a surveillance video from the bus revealed that the whole story was concocted, Hillary refused to retract her statements or to apologize for joining in false accusations against innocent people.

There is no limit in race-betrayal that Clinton will not go to.

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Devious Dyke’s “Naked Mrs. Trump” Ad Backfires

MELANIE TRUMP SCHWIIINGPhoto used in the Anti-Trump campaign. I put in a better high-res version here with overlay type (I freely admit I’m a horn dog), since the one used in the ad was too blurry.† Her anti-Trump ad is below the “continue reading” button. Hell, the lesbian probably picked out the shot for the same reasons I did. LOL. (INCOG)


Dyke "republican strategist" Liz Mair on MSNBC.

Devious dyke “republican strategist” Liz Mair seen here on lefty MSNBC cable news.

An anti-Trump advertisement set up by a pro-homo activist within the Republican Party and which features a seventeen-year-old glamor shot of, has completely backfired and boosted Donald Trump once again.

The campaign, set up by Republican Party “strategist” Liz Mair, uses a picture taken in 1999 of Melania Knauss before she married Donald, posing in her soon-to-be husband’s private jet.

The pictures, which first appeared in GQ magazine in January 2000, have long been known about, but Liz Mari—who used to work for the pro-homosexual Republican Party “GOProud” organization—has now employed them in an attempt to undermine Trump support amongst voters in Mormon-dominated Utah ahead of the primaries in that state being held today.

Mair set up the advertisement campaign to be distributed in Utah. Using one of the pictures—the raciest they could find—the picture has been captioned, “Meet Melania Trump. Your next First Lady. Or, you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday.”  It was meant to be circulated on social media to harm Trump—but has instead become viral in support of the Republican front runner.

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Anti-Trumpers: Brainwashed RACIST White-Haters


Commentary by Phillip Marlowe

I can’t believe the amount of insane White-hating BS they are broadcasting on national TV these days about Donald J. Trump. The mothers are acting like the man is another Hitler and Anti-Christ all rolled up into one. I’m sick of these lousy creeps and their obvious hate for us regular White people who made this country great.

STUART-STEVENS-cuckservativeSo, I’m watching CNN (I know I shouldn’t) and slickster NYC homo Anderson Cooper has on the remote feed this smug guy named Stuart Stevens (right), who was the political strategist for failed candidates Bob Dole and Mitt Romney (lots of political street cred there). Seems brainiac boy recently wrote some sort of snarky political book about party conventions and the media is smacking their lips that the upcoming republican convention will be a doozy.

I’m watching Trump-hater’s smarty face on TV as he saying there isn’t enough Whites to elect Trump in the fall. The creep actually appears gleeful about the prospect, no lie.

Have you noticed these liberal Whites? This Stuart Stevens guy, too, is a lousy liberal — regardless of calling himself a Republican. These traitors are actually happy about Whites becoming a minority in our own lands. Look at their self-satisfied totally PC-brainwashed faces as they stupidly gibber out multicult crap. It’s effin’ ridiculous!


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Subversive Soros Jew Out To Derail Trump Train

GEORGE SOROS BLACK LIVES MATTERJew George Soros Pours Millions Into Politics In An Attempt To Derail Trump Train


Fat "black lives matter" activist manhandled out of a Trump rally. Of course, he said they used race slurs against him.

Chubby “Black lives matter” Groid manhandled out of a Trump rally for disruption. As usual, he told lefty media that Trump people used “racial slurs” against him and, of course, the media reported that as fact. Blacks and brainwashed, lefty Whites are the foot soldiers in the NWO Marxist Jew race deconstruction of the White Western world! (INCOG)

Filthy parasite George Soros, known for funding such things as the terrorist group Black Lives Matter, and the utterly-Jewish Maidan revolution in Ukraine, has begun an overdrive financing campaign in American politics meant to halt the Nationalist/Populist rise of Donald Trump.

Already estimated at more than thirteen million dollars, Soros’ contributions have mainly gone to Marxists such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, although it was recently revealed that Cuckservatives such as John Kasich received massive donations from organizations linked to the demonic financial speculator.

The strengthening of subversive influence, already seen to some extent with the support granted to outreach groups geared towards Latrino participation in the voting process, is estimated to greatly rise as November’s general election draws closer, with riots similar to last week’s Chicago debacle almost guaranteed if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination.

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Little Marco Homio Loses His Home State


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Marco “The Maricon” Rubio finally threw in the towel and leaves the campaign. I wonder what happened to that pickup truck? LOL. Very embarrassing he lost the primary in his own state; last time this happened to a Senator running for prez was 1960. The loss will probably ruin his secondary ambition of becoming governor — in Florida, at least. The little punk insists on being boss man of something, anything. But he really wanted that big kahuna job, though.

If you ask me, about the only thing “Miami Foam Party” Rubio would be good for is the personal pool boy for his filthy rich Jew sugar daddy, Norman Braman. Or maybe he could get a job as a junior executive at the Taco Bell corporate offices, in charge of grease deliveries to franchisees east of the Mississippi. He could always still cross-dress and cruise gay bars on weekends when the wife and kids are away visiting the mother-in-law.

I have often speculated here on my site, Little Marco might be a homo. I know, I know, I’m a big “homophobe.” Yet, how could I really be afraid of a limpwristed gayboy like Little Marco? I could easily beat him in a fist fight even if he came at me swinging the biggest, most disgusting dildo in his collection. LOL.

Then the idiots in Ohio voted for John Kasich. Tell me that’s not stupid as hell? For one, it’s mathematically impossible for Kasich to win enough delegates for the nomination. Second, Kasich is a huge traitor to America, being all for Globalist trade deals inviting companies to move overseas like TPP, NAFTA and SHAFT-TA. Plus, he’s all for legalizing the illegals. Sure, Kasich comes off as a Mr. Nice Guy and all that, but that’s not what America needs these days. We need a bad ass SOB like Trump who holds America’s interests first, without a doubt.

What we got going on, is a bunch of backroom status quo rats wanting to find some way of stealing the nomination from Trump and the voters.

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Crucial INCOG Message: Vote Trump Tomorrow!


By Phillip Marlowe

My friends: If you live in one of the primary states on Tuesday, you need to get out to vote, especially if you are in Florida and Ohio. Get on the horn to your buds and neighbors to cajole, sweet talk, beg, allude to having sexual relations, threaten with exposure or bodily harm — whatever you can possibly say that will get them out to vote for Trump. We need to totally blow the lid off the primaries tomorrow so all the freaks will freak out more (if that’s even possible). I’m sure you’ll agree: It’s fun watching libtards and Jews go nuts over the Trumpster!

The White-hating media has now gone into hyperdrive — doing everything they can to paint Donald Trump as so evil and racist to the American public in a blatant attempt to stump the Trump. It’s crazy how obvious it’s getting. I’m seeing total lying left and right as they work to sow doubt among the people of America!

ABC News did a cleverly biased piece Saturday night during the dinner time brainwashing half hour. They had the gall to say Trump supporters, angry and disappointed that Trump cancelled the Saturday Chicago rally, were really the ones who started the fracas! Can you believe the nerve? On ABC’s Sunday morning Jew talk show with George, they stacked the deck with anti-Trump BS. Phony “conservative” Neocon Zio Jew, Billy boy Krystol, was practically foaming at the mouth over Trump. Marco “The Maricon” Rubio came on to act like he’s now having such terrible reservations supporting him, should he win. Boohoo.

Little Marco needs to shut his pipsqueak, foul trap. His ambitions of being Mr. Big Shot of the USA are all but over. Hell, Rubio will be lucky to get his sorry spic ass elected mayor of South Miami after all this. Roboto boy would be better off trying to sell those ridiculous bouncing hydraulic lowriders at used car dealerships, or greasy old restaurant equipment to cockroach-infested Cuban luncheonettes.

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Punky Jew Rat Instigated Chicago Trump Trouble

Ilya Sheyman Career Path Nation WreckerSubversive Kike Jew Ilya Sheyman Of MoveOn.Org Takes Credit For Creating Chaos At Donald Trump’s Chicago Rally And Makes Veiled Threats


A subversive kike Jew named Ilya Sheyman at the Communist agitation group MoveOn.Org has taken credit for creating chaos at Donald Trump’s Chicago rally last night. He even said that Trump’s supporters should be on notice after tonight’s events which should be seen as a veiled threat.

Here’s the statement posted on MoveOn.Org:

Ilya Sheyman, executive director of Political Action, responded to news of the postponement of Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago on Friday:

“Mr. Trump and the Republican leaders who support him and his hate-filled rhetoric should be on notice after tonight’s events. These protests are a direct result of the violence that has occurred at Trump rallies and that has been encouraged by Trump himself from the stage. Our country is better than the shameful, dangerous, and bigoted rhetoric that has been the hallmark of the Trump campaign. To all of those who took to the streets of Chicago, we say thank you for standing up and saying enough is enough. To Donald Trump, and the GOP, we say, welcome to the general election. Trump and those who peddle hate and incite violence have no place in our politics and most certainly do not belong in the White House.”

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Demonic Jew Soros Financing Anti-Trump Agitation

GEORGE-SOROS-FUNDING WETBACKS AGAINST TRUMPDemonic Jew George Soros To Spend Millions To Get Army Of Wetbacks To Vote Against Donald Trump


The evil and demonic Jew George Soros is using millions of his shekels to get an army of wetbacks to vote against Donald Trump.

This sick and demented Jew should be arrested for subversive activities. Remember, this is the same Jew that funds subversive activities all over the world. He’s also financing the Black Lives Matter terrorists who are being used as agitating forces against White Americans at Donald Trump rallies.

From Fox News:

Donald Trump often notes that he has plenty of millions to battle his way to the Oval Office.

But now another billionaire New Yorker is putting up his own millions to prevent Trump from winning the presidency and is calling on Latinos to be part of that effort.

Financier George Soros is launching, along with other donors, a $15 million campaign to achieve the largest Latino and immigrant participation at the polls, the New York Times reported.

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Creepy “Professional Pundit” Jew Attacks INCOG MAN

MATTHEW ROZSA JEW PROFESSIONAL PUNDITI’ll allow this lousy creep’s comments to freely show up here on my site should he dare to address us “evil Nazis.” He needs to use his name and his gravatar icon so I know it’s not some tricky-dick Jew hasbaRAT or any funny stuff from jokesters. But I won’t hold my breath since such Jews are usually way too gutless when confronted by decent White Americans willing to speak out against the Jew’s nation-wrecking activities.

I really don’t know what took this ugly damn Jew so long to make mention of me — maybe he was too busy cruising gay bars or something. Here he linked one of his crappy articles back to one of mine like little old me is such a big bad example of a Nazi boy simply for politically supporting “The Donald.” Hell, the nervy Jew (a member of “The Good Men project,” LOL) basically says Trump is anti-Semitic on Salon’s website; simply because meanie old Trump didn’t tell some Jew republican audience exactly what the Jews there wanted him to say (try to imagine having a designated “White Christian” republican group?). All this, even though one of Trump’s daughters is married into the mob — you just can’t seem to win with these Jew creeps!*

It’s incredible the total daily hypocrite BS these trouble-makers subject this country to. I think the ugly-as-hell Jew is upset with me because I used that weird photo of him that screams out “JEW BOY” (just look at it yourself, for crying out loud).

Oh, and I guess us White Americans — who support fellow White Americans — can’t be behind a political candidate, huh? That’s exactly what the nervy bastard is saying here, once you analyze it. We have to keep our mouths shut while subversive liberal Jews jack up the homies left and right with constant race BS in the media, brainwash our women to sleep with mudshark-killing apes, and then feel free to flood our lands with dirty drug-dealing Mestizos, more violent criminal blacks from Africa, or even terrorist sandniggers from the Mideast — which the Jew’s lousy little country, Israel, has screwed up so bad, everyone out there in the region is killing each other!


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Psycho Jewry Getting Seriously Wacked Over Trump

PSYCHO JEWS GOING CRAZY ON TRUMP REDOInsane Eastern European Jew freaks just might destroy the party of Lincoln in the effort to keep White America bollixed up with PC.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Jews and leftys are acting like Trump is another Adolf GD Hitler, like this magazine cover with the cute header and shot of Trump raising his right arm. What a filthy joke!

Jews and leftys are all acting like Trump is another Adolf Hitler, like this magazine cover with the cute header and shot of Trump raising his right arm. What they want is to intimidate and confuse White people while they turn our lands into a racial pigsty.

Folks, these Jews are now going quite insane over Donald J. Trump! Now the Jews are openly mobilizing against the Donald, caring nothing about whether all us “Goyim” notice. They fully believe they can do whatever the flock they want to these days, because we all love them so (being “Chosen” by God of course). My White little tushie!

These so-called “Chosen Ones” creeps have been jerking America’s chains for decades, even way back in the 19th century when we foolishly allowed them to immigrate here from Christian Russia because they had enough of the trouble-making bastards. Marxist Jews eventually took over the country, killing tens of millions.

Now they want to tell us White people who we should have as our leaders. The only thing Jews really care about is Jewish liberalism, PC, Globalism, whittling down the numbers of us European White Christians and, of course, their sacred, stolen nation of Israel — that has so flocked up the planet with wars against the Muzzies!

These selfish SOBs somehow believe all us Americans had better keep our mouths shut about whatever the sacred Jews do, while at the same time expect us to be all for Israel — even when the Jews are total racists to the Palis and are against having Africans or anyone not genetically Jewish into Israel (they even want to start up DNA checking to see if you are Jewish — which says a lot about them being a race). Say anything about it and all of them back here in the US call you anti-Semite Nazi KKK boys — out to gas them like Hitler or something. It’s ridiculous the sheer nerve of these filthy hypocrite racist bastards!

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Non-Stop Black BULL CRAP Driving America Insane


By Phillip Marlowe

Rachel Dolezal INSET

The media has long been busy making it “cool” to be black. Even driving some of us quite insane. Witness the born very White girl, Rachel Dolezal, claiming herself black and even getting herself elected the head of a NAACP chapter!

Haven’t you noticed it over the last few years? Nothing but black crap after black crap after black crap after black crap. It never-ends, does it?

God, I hope you’ve noticed all this by now. The entire media out there has blacks crawling out the woodwork. FOX news brings them up as experts all the time — often in pairs. Hell, TV commercials make all the doctors black, all the evil criminals in TV shows are now White and even home burglar alarm advertising has made all the burglars White guys, for crying out loud. Please tell me you’ve noticed this going on? Please!

Just think, blacks have their own TV channel, black award shows, black schools, colleges, black publications and black organizations up the ying-yang — and yet they still screamed bloody murder last month just because they happened to have no blacks among the Oscar nominees for one, single, lousy GD year! This crap is getting ridiculous. Apparently, to smooth over ruffled feathers, they gave them SAG awards left and right and freely trashed the White race all over the Oscar show last Sunday night. No one batted an eye. Hell, everyone in the media acted like it was such a good thing the very next day!

What’s doubly infuriating is that Hollywood itself is pretty much controlled by the biggest supremacist race known to man — the Ashkenazi Jews (a Whitish-looking, Asiatic mish-mash race from the Ukraine area of southern Russia, who freely proclaim themselves as “God’s Chosen Ones” and treat the Palis in Israel like dogs). Total… complete… BS!

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